Dirt and Sprague 10.16.17 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, October 16th

NFL weekend recap, the Beavs played a pretty good game, Aaron Rodgers injury, and more!


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Just yet. This is durden spray. And injured Johnson and Brendan spurted. Stimulus who also. They're more Jewish two bedroom. The flew coach and mobile users of football team. Durden spray gun ten maybe. I ride it is web alone to in the rose. Any it is time for certain sprayed all Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. Brandon spring alongside in leader Johnson within this Monday a afternoon. When a chaotic weekend what a weekend in sports and I maintain that we are like we are entering the best time of the sports year and I don't even think it's close and I think it's up for debate. You have college football you've NFL the MLB post season has been awesome so far him faulty ALC as an NLCS and in the NBA tips off tomorrow let me ask you a simple question this stems from my pour batting experience this year which by the way we -- not at the par away no we almost went home for five on the par we probably deserve to go for five the niners almost pulled out on off. Do you feel like us this is is. I don't know unpredictable. As we've had a long time in college and NFL football IE in the NFL yes and and but I think there's a certain aspects that every year words unpredictable. College until this win like this was the first upheaval weekend that we've had made yet yet fourteen of the top ten lose it and that was the Astra Danny nobody saw coming that we can sit here and talk about spreads the ball. Maybe it is simple cover maybe that spreads to lie nobody saw four top ten teams going down as. We wouldn't count on Fridays for you we talked about. Others know ranked matchups this weekend at around mown no top 25 teams are playing each other's close ones but maybe you will be some good games. And then you had that happen I don't think anybody saw that I think the NFL has been unpredictable but. This was the first college when an economy but by surprise yeah I mean look some of these games like BMO playing somebody. Horror you know if Clemson usually Clemson quarterback was lost in Syracuse can do it. I wouldn't put it out of the realm of possibility and exchange gonna go down yet exactly does Kelly Brian it's pretty special talent we don't know anything about their back up situation and Dino braver is a good coach and I didn't TV beat Clemson but they did. My thing is like. I just can't I can't get a read on a governor really tough time with the Ohio State went from. Huge hype. Expectation. Today of coming out and looking like. Dog ass right struggling barely beating teams losing now may be being the best team in college football I just. In the NFL it's the same thing Harry Jacksonville Jaguars blowing out the Steelers blowing out the ravens. And then their losing to the jets. And the rams in an. You just name multiple teams fall into that category it's really been the struggle. Truly identifying the greats from the dead the Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie get sent home last week it and they open again I would pass on on the Broncos on the road. One of the better teams in the league one of the tougher places to play when the best defense is in the league and they did that to Denver nobody saw that coming but. This all like this weekend did it reaffirm my opinion and sometimes I stray away from this if I get caught up in other sports. It it reaffirmed my belief that college football's the best sport there is because there's so much on the line we can we count like we could have those outcomes in the NFL that surprised people. A Pittsburgh beating Kansas City or a Denver losing to the giants like a couple those games yes today just scratch your head in wonder how did that happen. But there's not as much on the line every single weekend make it like this one is. When you have a number to go down Clemson was a foregone conclusion it's gonna be DeVon Alabama they're in the playoffs now their ranks seventh in the country we don't know what's gonna happen with them. Washington could be done Washington State could be done. All burns out of the mix now because they laws accord the top we don't know every single week and you go and was so much on line that that is why. Roast me in and it re a from I believe it's best sport out. There yeah I mean like I I I think we're just always gonna disagree on that that's fine I completely agree what you're saying though. Because of what's at stake every single weekend where more than one loss basically screws you out of the playoffs you're done because I'm just not a guy the New Year's Day bowls are great Amal and on the Rose Bowl or the other nine play couple games. The years that they rotate on. Outside of that. I mean I just from a alarms standpoint of the beavers Revver six and six ball game trail probably watch it won't really care that much. I don't care about those non all those other ball game right so meaningless game exactly they are the buffalo wild weasel I don't care doesn't matter to me that you could to brag that you were an eight win team when you really only finished with seven. The man the NFL's. The product is better yeah I I will never answered it and why you can have so many games week in and week out. Where the giants are winless. Angolan beat Denver coming off will buy in Denver with nobody playing at Europe Orleans dark quad. I hadn't memorized for a hundred yards on the Broncos last night never Mandela's that and you know some fantasy nerd out their take him opposite buddies who Orleans store balcony Carrey's got a good line chat somebody's you don't nearly beat me to the punch of Miley. I still need running backs I can't go find him anymore I don't have a quarterback their cars back on. I don't I want to hear from people are having gambling success of this year. I got a couple listeners reads out that are act they literally saying they're having success in my life for everyone as we and I got I don't know how he found artillery company eve finds our spring in line picks every Friday. And he'll sweetest trash talk once the weekend is overly cute idiots you should have picked this game and as games like ball. How we search weeding those out on Thursday and Friday because it's easy to come in on Monday MCI intelligently giants for the lock of the week in Denver completely tears so much about being right on everything. I think that's when I come to the conclusion that I don't know who he is easy and a real person of he lives in a basement. But this guy is like all season long tweeting me on Sunday nighter Monday night when most of the games are done. Saying I would seven to Miami against Atlanta falcons' job greater dog on the road lock of the week right there I. Nice to uterine cancer out after the game concluded it very very convenient what was the biggest surprise everybody this weekend. Mine was Washington Washington is in Arizona say really yes even of the outcomes in the NFL that was the biggest surprise for you yes. I don't like to go that far. I still think I would go with something in the NFL's giants bronco games pretty dead I would go giant I would probably go giants who brought may be bears and raisins even to the ravens are little banged up I'd I'd put it in front of an important way the bears going into Baltimore winning nobody saw that I did that game concern to me the jets should beat the patriots yesterday I don't know about that that's a set of las closer than seven that was one of the worst calls and answer the NFL. Dysentery and Jenkins touchback bid that he was bobbled balls he went downs and the worst calls I've Evers had you ever heard of that rule not why that's happened before guise of fumble going into the Jens yeah I know that and I didn't know. Like you can't Bobble. I know I got on bold action that was a touchdown that was a guy has ruled there it's ridiculous rule that's never come up he was bobbled it he landed in control the football he didn't fumble he had the ball in his hands when he hit the ground he technically fumbled it for a -- it was low rumble controlled he had it was always in his possession it was rallied around in his arms but at what point comes off his arms as he's crossing the pylon is when he dropped it in the end zone that re picked it back up. On ways it's a dumb rule on shenanigans and Allen Nate Burleson had a good point on good morning football any basically was like it. It never got away from his person. I even though she lost Everett intersected. It was still right there with in his arms. And any read maintains control of it goes to the ground but because it was right at the pylon. An awesome for that split second. It's a touchback. I that was ridiculous out and I had I was got that one of the majors to him because I scan on the game right I yeah we had the patriots with what the nine and up nine right in our play in our Karl and I need the patriots to not allow that touchdown to happen yet to other observations. Wine the major injuries and NFL really need to go way because you look at his list to guys now that are done for probably the year are at least large chunks of the season now that Rodgers went down. United knew JJ watt O'Dell back come down in cook David Johnson Julian Ottoman those are just awful. And then also can not congested Herbert heal up soon please. The boy we're gonna get to the docs les but not right away Kelly alluded to earlier in the first hour and a column on mile. Your team's true. Ask it was odd jets and somebody says the bar that team's trash bra. Some is that about the dikes not like to me but I'll occupied into the restroom and I heard a younger gentleman drop the your team's trash bra passing conversation and I said you know what. That's a good way to classify and I just Herbert is it the anthrax Burmeister is eyes sees is back at the job done right now. To save at least he's back at indictment didn't I did see Willie Taggart today those said that he's throwing the ball that there Herbert throwing the ball practice and he's drinking a lot of milk. Noisy it's not just our bodies Bible that was really dagger its cronies drinking a lot amount he is such a Harbaugh deciding how to heal those bones outmanned it was a fun weekend now. Fighting a did to this the Washington teams right I'd imagine not he's comma Washington State scored three freak in points one thing to lose another scored three points. Mike Leach was not happy so we got a good show today a ton of football to get to we will touch on the MLB playoffs is my doorway years. Get a walk off win. For dire joggers and out and I am gamma dodger fans tonight and you know I was in as late night this team has tagged this team. I don't care anymore I hate boat I'm gonna admit this I don't care. What people think about my phantom selection in the sport of baseball because here's the thing. For all NBA college football are my three favorites and it's not even close. Baseball's there I like play out based while watched a lot of baseball this year you watch your team because your braves fan. I don't watch a ton average games I only had so much access and pay for extra innings for 71 win team. Fight. I just have no problem saying hi I'm COLT fan of brazen Dodgers. I'm OK with it. I was at a dodger playoff game the bears and I got roped into the atmosphere I'm with you I will get in fights for the beavers are the clippers so let me house some leeway in my other teams exactly let me do what I wanna do if there's if I wanna be is bandwagon got it let me be video lagging guy in sport of baseball ashamed of bills also you guys it's. Brightest talent here yet you don't have a window is like this yak is you don't. I usually over the hill to the daytime proffered help welcome house the morning shifts its dark death at a yup my daughter woke up this morning my wife leaves really early on Mondays by 630. My daughter wakes up crying my five and after all she's crying she's freaking out. And I finally K I'm I'm right here she's like where's mama I'm like who she went to work they. Why this lady. I don't know it's externally it's still it's still early you know it's not it's night time and like I promise you is how it is still currently weather's changed man with a exchanges are we got a good show today let's starts. With the Washington schools the Washington Huskies. And the Washington State Cougars while we did a poll question on this on Friday. And I want pat dirt on the back because the question was. Which program was more likely on upset alert we had people laughing at us turns out the answer was both as they both fall. Over the weekend we'll start there you got dirt and spray happy Monday on 1080 the fan. 55305. When was the last time all the Washington and organ schools lost in the same week Crawford text and back with the wrong answer because I looked this up. Christie have an extra half hour. Judge surveys showed up at Jack's tap room again time you're there it's about midnight and I gather around tenth it was it was decent. 42 descend almost seal later EA was done at that point but I was really curious about that Zain you just don't have that very often were not only don't force schools lose they'll play in the same week it doesn't happen as often as you think it does. So I look that up. Weeks 62008. Was the last time Washington Washington State organ and organ state. All lost in the same week 20082000. It's been that long almost a decade since it happened yeah I had a bar stool. You'd Dublin are still as university counts. And needed a bar stool Washington and they quote tweed might tweet on that. Is it okay. These they'll suck together athletes are on this about organ statement the best offensive performance of the weekend out that was crazy that might have been the biggest surprise of mall unknown man you're just jumping ahead here tonight I gonna talk I'm just too much to do on a Monday it now I told LA that was cool. You lost I mean a loss but yeah I would like Adam silver linings it was entertaining. Hate Washington falling Arizona State thirteen to seven in the desert first of all who had thirteen seven as the final score in this one not be Bob. Who led the sun devils' defense holding the Huskies under a hundred yards rushing total Tammy Bob and just dominating them from start to finish the Arizona State Sun Devils had their opening drive scored a touchdown. And after that their defense basically just shut down huskies' offense down until late in the fourth quarter. And I don't know what to make in this because I I I've wondered about Washington Ivan Ivan thought they'd look particularly great. But I've given them the benefit of the doubt and after this weekend. Just to use upon here wolf. Job meanwhile says Rodman only score seven points against that defense and having it come late to me and irrigate shut out so late in the fourth quarter they finally scored. They couldn't come up with a stop there at Deanna ill and you set last segment that your biggest surprise of the weekend was this game. In an eye on his jab wasn't shocked that they lost our I didn't pick Arizona State to win but there was a reason I put the poll question on on Friday of should these teams be on upset alert some people laughed out of but. I just I've kind of felt this way about the pac twelve all year now even going into the season and all these teams are good I guiding Arizona State's a good football team tequila Ares one of the best wide receivers. And in the country we say you know a blodget running back Wilkens to seven at Goodyear quarterback. I didn't expected to be thirteen to seven and the upset. A but I wasn't shocked at Washington found a way to lose this game because their offense had been struggling big click that much in a couple weeks leading in this ballgame and they just haven't really been tested up to this point we weren't sure what to expect they're going on the road a 745 tankan. It it it's unfortunate for the conference to have this happen this weekend especially considering. We're coming off a week of ESPN and actual feuding imperial people say Washington's play anybody. You know piercing complained mightily tick times. A bunch people released their first playoff predictions last week of Washington wasn't anybody's top four. And now they lose and there is a lot of folks and had an opinion of pactel visited a conference in Washington is entity. Deserving team to be in the top four consideration and they just had their opinions validated after this weekend in the way that they lost Arizona State yen. I wanna get to the pol fine mama idea because he was part of a panel they had on sports center. And they were asking about playoff teams are. You know teams like Washington net loss didn't. They no longer are are on for the playoff and and Washington was listed amongst them as the premier team that everybody's off. And here's the interesting one this debate now it is kind of going a little national. Just in the sense of a one must pac twelve team. Is they're gonna be a one loss pac twelve team that's welcomed into the college football. While Washington was last year organ lies in the first years we we've seen it happen before that that's up. I answer that question as we just don't know what to wrestle landscapes that look like does Clemson went out does Alabama go undefeated yeah is an Ohio State Penn State with both won loss sitting there one albums a Big Ten champ. I gotta keep up Oklahoma State Oklahoma the commerce easy to use still undefeated what does Georgia goes undefeated and then loses the SEC title like. It's really hard to answer that question but. This gets back to the scheduling issue odd that when you don't have a marquee win in non conference in you don't have a marquee win at least yet. In conference play I understand why people are patrolling that what's Washington's best one of the year. Colorado. Yeah it is and that's their best and what we know currency is not a good a lot of the a lot of good that the hype around them has fallen out of the way that they started so when that's your best win of the season it's gonna be tough to make an argument that you deserve to be there. You know I am I'm mr. pac twelve junkie I always want the conference to do really well I want them to be represented in a conversation like the playoff but I was thinking about that too. If things broke right and their one loss team that wins the conference in some of these other programs lose. One or two games I think it absolutely put pac twelve fan but because of what you mentioned if you have other one loss conference winners. I think this weekend or conferences is killing itself. On the cannibalization. And as we got last year in and I'm not quite happening is happening this year where the reputation of the pac twelve is not up there. If you hold people nationally that follow college football. You may not agree with this but I think predominantly most of would say the pactel is the weakest conference the power five. And I think of Washington's in that situation. Even take Georgia. Let's say Georgia does what you said they run the table they lose and the SEC title game. And I'm mr. pac twelve I don't know how you put Washington in over Georgia and you can give me the conference title you want. Georgia's schedule was significantly tougher now if they lose like 65 to nothing Alabama back to change things but. Even a team like Georgia that's maybe not gonna win their conference because of how good Alabama is. I did see them sneaking and here's Paul find Bonnie SPN this is the cut I was talking about his thoughts on Washington. That those top four teams that suffered their first loss as we can what do you think's the most damage Tom I'm Donald Washington parents have them out of my sight a cut last year today they wiggle their way into the playoffs with an embarrassing nonconference schedule. And they're not going to do it this time you don't lose sort of reward that again that. Yesterday for the update viewers on that stage OK yeah. I think it went in the program for the sun that. Like that he openly admits he doesn't follow rules say that the and that's the part that ticks me off he's mister S on C outlook and I get I know he's he's saying messed up to rob people that's a Paul find Bob does Arizona State's a good football team they are disciplined and like I bet that's a part of this it really bothers me I guess you can have whatever opinion you one of the packed walls and and good good conference that conference whatever it and it depends on value. Wanted to find what makes a good conferences in depth there isn't having national title contenders because I still maintain the pactel was one of the deep is conferences. In this country and get that was proven again this weekend there's just not a gimme bugle player they game. You're gonna lose and I remember what organ loss that errors on a state and the overriding theme was well what happened the dogs look at the penalties how did they find a way to lose that game. I also wanted to make sure we we pointed out. They look pretty good attacking defensively at times they got after Herbert the offense was Roland. I was impressed with what I saw that was my first time for the watching. Four quarters of their season and the other losses that they have this year aren't terrible losses they hung on the road was Stanford team that looks like they figured it out. San Diego stayed up until this week was undefeated and that's a good. Still not nearly five team in Texas Tech is it is a top 25 caliber team they lost 52 to 45 neighbor and they were and it with a chance to win in Lubbock so those are bad losses in my mind we do this like. Washing you say lost to Arizona State it was a political. It was it's a good football team and we need to make sure to give them credit but. The fear factor I have all your at this conference was. The cannibalization that you're talking about there wasn't one team that could rise above and on my pre season picked was USC when it at nine in three and a regular season. I that they would trip up alternately when the south and emerge as the best team. And washing washing is they aren't done yet. But when you look at their schedule moving forward. Washing assays got to go to Arizona in two weeks home against Stanford at Utah and Washington to close the year that's a brutal stretch and insane thing goes from Washington. They could get awarded with Herbert back to probably win that game but Herbert could be back for that. Then there at Stamford home against Utah home against Washington State there's not to trust trust factor there for me that maybe was a just and slowing them through hubble's ball games and yeah I. Hold on in my Washington pick I know it doesn't look good Foreman and a lot of things can have to fall their way but a one loss pac twelve champ. It is hard for me ultimately seeing everybody else. Any it all kinda even mean Al you know Heather diligent on the show last week in week we said this too and she laps as well that's not happened it does doesn't. Everything doesn't and Fuller every team has the same record ultimately some of these teams can trip up morn we think if Washington's in there as twelve and one conference champ. And the other debate is a two loss team Washington's head you can Jimmy to schedule all you want it's still one loss conference champion. And any other team is Washington State coup they just tripped up they had their first loss of the weekend against cal how her boyfriend of the show Justin Wilcox. Now washes it to three points out the difference here is an and I don't cougar fans not to like this. And my only explanation is just the way that perception is in college sports. I think Washington is one must champ would get in. Where is Washington State I can totally see him being railroaded to an end that's not fair that opinion can be alternately just dumb. But I think there is them there's an idea with people who follow college athletics college football specifically. Where did the name Washington Huskies. It means something's deal right there's still some cash advance and where is wise and stand up and Coleman have these people watching these games. And it's not quite the same I'm staying power rack for lack of. Why can't and I guess I don't agree with INS earlier saying with the name powers stuff but I do I look at wash Tuesday because the schedule I just mentioned east of in Stamford who's rising again in the polls Arizona State don't I think is a good team maybe nobody outside of the pac twelve thinks that. I hear on the road against Utah and on the road against Washington and you'd potentially have a rematch against a top ten caliber USC team in the pack two of title game so. That that there is there's enough. Space left to make up that ground just. The same for me when Washington Washington State is the trust factor is gone and that's where you know the Washington one didn't shock me. And I guess neither did Washington State losing because he just always have to be worried going on the road. It was the way to Washington State lost that shocked me but it's one thing to get upset. It's another thing to go on the road lose 37 to three Hayward dominate when your in the mix of of making the Contra I. Perception is what was it six total turnovers. Six or seven he is this. I was ugly news kept I kept watching Islamic world to turn around though those still be able to recover it couldn't California was ready to play they came out in. Mike leads we have time we'll get to Mike Leach audio at some point to show he had some. Strong comments about his team in some really good point was like I love the likely comments because I also believe in the velocity your team is who you war. It's kind of a mirror image team evolves and adapts kind of personality that you have. And you've had Mike Leach a couple different times call out his football program specifically after this weekend at my whole point with the Washington Washington State thing in the all the organ. Is just look at what the conversation was heading into the weekend. It was a lot of Washington. I hear heat nationally about Washington State you know you didn't even before they had lost the game is a disrespect factor and they weren't getting randomly brought up on a pardon the eruption or around the horn segment neglect. Well the troops got a TV GM where is Washington is is kind of always a conversation like analog one last thing on his two like I'm a pactel homer all all admitted that the thing that bothers me is we do this like Washington loses to Arizona State and our takeaways while the pactel is about conference not a good conference. Clemson loses to Syracuse to do that. If Penn State loses to Iowa do we do that if Georgia loses to Florida deleted and Ali SEC's sucks Georgia lost to Florida. No we don't do that we do with a packed wall and I don't understand why he only conference against that. I Oklahoma lost I was state was the overreaching argument after that game while the big twelve Sox. No no because they have a house back pot they do have watched Lindsey did how to get it will washing is it had a win over USC. Yeah and watch USA losing cal app pactel socks yes I I'm totally with yeah it's not this is not like a new thing this has been happening. By the way the Iowa state laws for Oklahoma. As the worst upset this year. Yeah that's worse against Clemson as an are you able Bryant going down the right Brian satirist had kind of a quarterback but Oklahoma lost I was eight I know they'd be on sailor wrote I get that but it was as a few weeks ago though another back to like number five in the country no big deal out slot Oklahoma rep packet and so the watching a school's fall over the weekend not good for the pac twelve perception we'll see if that changed causes season. How progress is right let's go to organ. Organs offense is trash. Can they change that the first cropper with sports of com. This is durden spray I'm gone and maybe. I. Really good point I am England Ryan. At the Bridgeport fears excellent 55305. When USC lost always issue a decade ago. A twenty win. Team in two seasons bad. Arnaud got twenty wins in two seasons team bad pac twelve. Win Florida loses to all miss too when he wins in four years top SEC so frustrating amen. And I you know I think as they show we've been on the train for. More than a few years that's on the new and I really harp on and I hate I just as it comes back every single year we have to go through it nothing ever changed some some. Situations and teams I think you can get the eyeball tests. And you can say I yeah I did it again I think if you pull national college football guy. And you did. Tent. I would be shocked her to seven of the tense in the pac twelve was the worst conference out of the power five. And I think this is kind of a crux of what you deal with it it's not USC dominating. Undefeated. Or even Washington. Because they had such a good run with Don James if it's not those two programs. You get what you get when organ was start to establish themselves you get an uphill battle. That's been a team beat anybody. And you know look they they didn't beat some of the SEC opponents they play but damn that run they had. Was special and it probably didn't get enough respect throughout the country passes something this conference has always dealt with and probably always well unless it's those two program got a district for the folks insane as the bat it's a bag conference in the wars conference I would assess what makes a great conference Dan and which one would you classify as a great conference. Because I don't know how it's not obvious how would you stack them up. Of conferences that you respected news conferences that you think maybe our the most flawed and to me there's not one that rises above the rest I mean you probably get the benefit of the doubt to the Big Ten. Right now I would go to the big twelve right now to individuals and best conference in football. I think for the argument of competing for championships they have probably the best claim don't thank. Obama's still land at Oklahoma State is still in it in TCU is sitting there with no losses. Yeah I mean look they have two teams that are still in the mix on Oklahoma did have a good win on the road against Michigan Ohio State and Penn State are gonna take care of themselves silly not to each other out and and I I don't know if I trust Wisconsin. At all why don't trust Michigan nation they almost lost the Indiana. This week in Indiana was is only three now in conference play that would have been terrible loss of Penn State I so there's don't trust factor different I don't have a Penn State I wanna see them beat somebody really good. They don't have one of those yet we'll see him play Michigan this weekend so may be necessary Iowa on the road maybe there's a chance there again I'm with you what Wisconsin and then Ohio State did lose their big marquee game on to Oklahoma so. I think you can go through every conference of poke holes I just it feels like we do it more with the pac twelve. If we do within the conferences and we don't do it often meant the SEC even though outside a Georgia and at ease that's one of the worst divisions in football. When Vanderbilt Missouri Tennessee Florida can't move it south Carolina's not a great team Kentucky's second place in the SEE that SEC east at five at one. We solve lose this past weekend a NM blew a big lead to UCLA LSU lost Detroit that you could poke holes and every conference that you want to use got to look close. If it's just any easier for people to go to the West Coast. Where most of those games are not seem what I buy a lot of people there's still decent mother watching it but just not as many people that are seeing some of the other game when I think it gets back to the issue with the late kick times that somebody like Paul fund bonds says what Arizona State where they even lose in Baywatch. It ticked at 1045 on the East Coast you wake up the next morning you see that line while Washington Los. You're not surprised by it because you probably haven't seen Arizona State played this year are here is I'm glad you brought that up because we are out of time I want a dive and organ and a wonderful segment for that. I'm glad you brought that up because I I am one of the opinion that all five vomit is kind of classified as a mr. college football. However I don't think he's watching these washing into times at 730 these organ 2 times at 8 o'clock he's not one that wants to tune into that it's too late. Yeah he'll be grouchy old guy that tells you the conference is a good not watching game. You amber Mac Hawkins in the Seattle times. He wrote an article about this is Chris Peterson was complain about this couple weeks ago. He wrote an article and it kind of opened my eyes he looks at the numbers. And their rate there of the ratings and their views have actually gone up in the midwest and East Coast. With these late take time it is the labeling of the pac told after dark as networks are just on board with what they're they're benefiting as called in points out we know it is but they're benefiting greatly from literally being the only possible thing to watch it said you're the only team months because if you don't have a honey do list on TV you're not going to movie Justina and and your big sports night. You wanna watch football it's the only option yet why not I and it's not quite as bad as we've done that's opinion that I was the other way and that rather articles while I do know that. Like I just I still maintain that he throws some of these games as a prime time ABC game or Amare key you know for 30 year 1 o'clock 1230 whatever game. It is you're gonna get more eyeballs like the US CN and you its argument was don't great game on Saturday was a really I've got a lot of people came away with it about maybe if you don't like the factual BC eat your opinion is manned US season of fraud but. If you went in with an unbiased opinion he probably say when Utah's a pretty good team and Utah. The last two games a lot of tough on a stamp from with a backup quarterback in what on the road at 117 lead against USC a good football team. And I would hope that's the take away but I think it's one of those that if you throw up maybe at a different time it doesn't get the same on notoriety that it. Showed Utah's like Mississippi State in the SEC. They're like a really good football team good team they're always kind of rare that they pull off an upset they have you wondering can they really do this and they don't. But they're always right there. Tax of 55305 Evans has rankings don't come out to the in the month does it matter anymore East Coast media I think pac twelve this week. Pac twelve hasn't mister Collison ball left yet they have to supply the missing your two. Video like organ in Washington the only Tuesday night they didn't go in your two wasn't that it was drama. I send us an easier Stamford won the conference but they have lost my northwestern at the beginning of the year and they lost organ failure and they want to tactful and what you smoked Iowa on the road people. So it was. Lyrics it was Iowa State it was band played I stayed in Clemson beat Oklahoma that's right and mr. ban on holding Clemson role they play of the first time they met then and the national championship against somebody else's you're just a pactel homer. Why I am pactel home I don't the look he he texted last segment saying it's bad conference now it's a mediocre conference again this is a whole another conversation habit. What makes a conference great. You never get the same answer what it is it having two teams occur when a national title I think most people would sign okay yeah okay and adapts so we felt that way about the ACC going in right. Clemson Florida State will look at all those great teams how many national title contenders are there in the ACC are you buying Miami eating my army can win a national championship known as Florida State's done little oval has three losses and throw the baby out about water on Miami we got to see of Clemson can come back now that Kelly Bryant got to buy this week to try get him healthy. So delegates but what makes a great opera 72 teams the top the beat everybody up. Or have an eight teams that on May be any given week it went broke all we football teams and it's a great conference but. C'mon. Stop dating. Stop trading are let's get an organ what happened with Gloria what's going on with the organ docs. They literally can throw Limbaugh it's unreal wealth arm of the ducks' next on the fan. This is an outstanding day candy witness nicest vote on cut them I can. Also this is a burden squarely an uncanny it's. Han all right 1249 on the that we haven't gotten into an gambling with their fifteen minutes but I some. The simple question of what is going on with the organ docs because they went down to Stamford in. You and I were just and I think organs got a chance here to at least keep this close may be cover the spread of ten points. Three plays in Stamford goes down the field scores a touchdown. Morgan has a big play called back because of course they got a lot of penalties penalty and before you know you're looking up and it's fourteen to nothing price love doing what every once. And the am giving you just deal destroyed 49. To seven Braxton Burmeister was a roaring three invade Haiti for 23 yards and two interceptions as you're the ball for 3333 yards is T. 35 to seven at that lucky break there at the end reload nor had the pick has it been through the receivers hands this time round at his millions on that's right way I am would have been 35 to seven at the half the set of 28 to seven it looked at there's a lot of things that you can point to after an ass kicking like that the way the defense played the penalties continuing to be an issue. A more injuries mounting up but. Legend at the end of the day the conversation starts and stops with literally not being able to throw the football. And I I don't care how good you are and other facets of the game it doesn't matter they could play great on defense. Think it had zero penalties and it can bet no other injuries happen. If you go if you're starting quarterbacks three of eight for 23 yards and two interceptions you're not gonna win in the pac twelve doesn't matter who you're playing. And and it's unfortunate because. And that this was their worst game of the year and any emitting just kind of unraveled after the game started in the Burmeister due to pick early. I threw another one right into the hands of great play by defense and then jumping up and making cash but. It was it was ass kicking from start to finish at Allegheny things get a agent. Justin Harper comes back so. A gay yet that's a great question he practiced by the way people full pads he was thrown one that was not planned this week I don't think he'd play this week I would imagine the Utah game is the one you circle. Here's my only question Willie Taggart you're gonna buy some time in patients with fans when you lose your starting quarterback is just a reality of football. But if they come out this weakening and UCLA and it's Burmeister or Alley doesn't matter at this point to the same player and it's not Herbert. Does Willie Taggart say yeah you know what they're not great thrown ball we have to. You're just you're not going to winning game until armor comes back I'm gonna pick against him I think he's young ladies get a beat him he stacked the box he's slow the run down. They're not throwing anything new either one dimensional they're easy to play. I know Braxton Burmeister has been inaccurate idea that he's throwing Turk in interceptions. Alleys basically kind of the same may be slightly better in not turning the ball over. You still have to try to push the ball through the year chuck Nelson didn't get one Jack she added in a flies three dazzling Tammy guardian out troika scream all passed Jersey and assay and UCLA and in the play calling selection UCLAs of the unique examples you know many yards a game up on the ground Arizona. Like 50457. I was close Kluwe and and almost at all. And Indian knew they were Arizona rambled 61 times they knew Arizona was there on the ball and still couldn't stop it they give up almost 300 rushing yards per game on the ground so that's the only unique example like it does he used sorrow Washington or somebody yells. Our the last two teams you play I get the frustration like either to stack the box gonna have to find. Way to do something else I if I were him I would call a single pass play until you have to do against UCLA. Because that's how bad the off once you get down fourteen nothing that I have to you have to middle and that's what happened on Saturday against Stanford. It just. It's funny because and and in fall camp I was asking people down there about Braxton Burmeister because I was seriously was a highly touted Kenneth looked about what it in on what he looks like and it's funny how. Accurate the scouting report is because people downer told me he was a great athlete. When he got out of the pocket was on the run he was a lot of fun to watch because he'd make plays he was exciting. But if you ask him to stand in the pocket go through progression in trying to receiver he look like a deer in headlights and it's funny how accurate was at college quarterbacks do what what he's eighteen I got market a pile on the kitty shouldn't be starting you shouldn't be playing you should be read churning right now he did he wasn't ready for the situation it's not his fault. Eyes an eighteen year old kiddies he's not prepared to play but that is the case right now he cannot. And even had a couple plays against stamp from where they gave him time to throw like he stood back there for five seconds looked around and try and just ended up talking at running at. As he couldn't find a wide receiver I just it just. You're you're you're not going to be able to make any progress in the passing game until just. Amber comes back I think the frustrating part for Taggart has to be what he said in the post game. Burmeister has been looking good in practice but all reports are that he's playing really well in practice throwing the ball. Do in the whole read option saying. And then he gets into a game in I don't know if it's jitters being eighteen. Not facing you know your friends on the other side just the unknown of what it deepens is gonna throw at you. But they said he has not looked remotely close to how he's looked in practice and I think that's got to be the most frustrating part truly Taggart is all week you see this kid. Go out there I'll sling in darts always make in the right read option here. And then you get in the game and he looks he's lost and you you can't put him in passing situations. And I felt this way about organs in a couple of weeks go after they played Washington. And it was Joseph Garretson and I said this and I I firmly believe it. I know organ is so limited to quarterback this makes little tougher. I don't understand why any college program outside of Alabama. Ever plays a quarterback when they can't trust him to throw the ball in his job is literally just throw the ball and he can't do and you can't trust him to do it again organ being limited with only two real options. Makes it a little more difficult but. I hear yeah on the UCLA stuff I do. We are also touting Stamford of being ninth in Russia or any out and I severed an emigre Russian and ran the ball successfully I mean yes and penalties killed them they did they had 276. Rushing yards and a game I don't think those yards are accurately describing how it was though. I mean look I'm not saying organ in all know I'm not making that argument but they out rush Stanford in the ballgame to pretend price and didn't want to play after a certain I'll hear you know modern liked one in the first quarry at the end of with a 147. Which is probably a season low he comes back after he was limping off I don't think that he did I have known Elie indeed I was drunk at that point in the night watching Washington Arizona State might only finger would be. UCLA may give up the Tony arts to organ on the ground I would just because of that and that thinking because. There's so one dimensional. And also I think Arizona might be the best running school in the count there been a stats bear that out to an end I'm not saying that organ can win the game only running the football understands that the play calling selection I just hand it off because I'm Bob terrified now. Every time they go back to throw but a couple of things on this game. I you know I I'm not gonna pile on the defense is bad I don't wanna just rip on because they've been a pleasant surprise this year and they gave they've taken strides in a lot of areas. I wasn't shocked to stamper was able to run the ball on them successfully I was really disappointed in the past defense. Keller Chris Costello. Those aren't dynamic quarterbacks the numbers bear that out carrying springs got lit area brings was sweet Jesus he was awful like that touchdown pass it they lobbed into the end zone he was. The error but he's the guy just took it make a play politics. We'll go body was out of position the whole game I don't know how many tackles he misty was slip it in fallen. I was really disappointed in the secondary because it felt like they were playing better and I I get against Stanford you geared up to stop the run so that kind of stuff catches you off guard. In Keller Chris did throw a couple of good balls but that means to drastically changed is now you're taken on Josh rose in the guy with the best passing stats. And in the conferences here and the other aspect of this too is is the Herbert factor of appreciating what he was last year. Like as it as a true freshman mcsame Burmeister and where he's that is true freshman and it remembering what Herbert look like granted he took his lumps against good teams. But against some of the worst you know the port teams even against the good teams he put up numbers cycle back to cal game the Arizona State game. He threw the ball a lot of success and it makes you appreciate Hammond. Age is just unfortunate to play the what if stuff because I think this year with or again. I wanted to see where they stacked up like I viewed it as a building year for the program and I thought it was a good years C I where you that was Stamford where you out of Washington State with Utah. I was some of the better teams in this conference are you close word you need to work already need to improve in. It's it's hard to get an accurate picture when you literally cannot throw the football here is the only big thing that I would put on the coaching staff and the coaches and I think it's a completely fair criticism. When they were coming out early on and they had some of those big runs that were called back. Enough that this is on the coaching side cannot be this sloppy penalties or there's no telephone and I am not say they would've won that game has 497 holy crap. But how much different does it feel for those kids. That even knowing they don't have the greatest quarterback back there Royce Freeman runs for 65 yards holding bring offense and you're like oh my god. They just took away that whole play and now it's second and twenty to look at instead hours and ten at Stanford's thirty yard line now we're back in our own fifteen lays his every dog dynamic of the sloppiness and their penalties alma did it kill his yeah from a dip and that has not changed at all just continues to stay the same thing as bad bad bad bad bad nine penalties for a 101 yards on Saturday can't have that made it cents on the coaching staff it is and I agree 100% they deserve the criticism there and I thought straight even solve the frustration. Get into the players like a rose a couple of times a menacing tone of exchange is one. Where they would they would make a play and it would get called back diagonally Johnny Johnson holding penalty and they would be in the huddle like what are you stop. Like Anna about your Russia for fifteen yards and now it's first and once again. Because you guys can't keep your head out your era yes sometimes it's not fair in the coaches can only control so much that man when you look at it coaches Reza Maine you look at is teams apart that is penalties and saying. In your team's sloppy. As is kind of the consistent thing that we've seen. With Willie Taggart coached teams organ falls to Stanford 49 to seven. Hey we'll get to allow the other college football games from the weekend at what are the Packers can do now that Aaron Rodgers is done. Oregon State looks significantly better which begs the question. How much is to blame with Gary Anderson and what was going on there but we're gonna soured you would are NFL went around next back home Portland sports theater 1080 the fan.