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BCS or 4 Team Playoff?

The BCS has created quite the controversy with Northern Illinois and Louisville in the bowl games, but would just a four team playoff really be
better? Tell the Last Call boys!

Would you rather have the BCS or a 4 Team Playoff?
The BCS - They get the two best teams. Not perfect but works
  ( 18% )
4 Team Playoff - I want to see who is truly the best
  ( 82% )

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12/03/2012 11:21AM
BCS or 4 Team Playoff?
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12/03/2012 12:30PM
BCS doesn't always get it right, a playoff is the only true determiner of the best CFB team.
12/03/2012 12:32PM
How about 8 teams
4 will work for now, but I have a feeling there will be more complaining for the 4 team playoffs and the teams left out than the BCS now. With 8 teams and a solid structure on selecting the teams, the chance of that 9th team on the outside looking in being a legit contender is much less likely than that 5th team out in the proposed 4 team playoff
12/03/2012 2:03PM
Traffic Jam!
BCS Executives shouldn't receive a dime for the travesty that is post-season college football. Look at the statistics and data!!! 4-team playoff is a cop-out start to what should be a 8 or 10 team playoff system. Too bad we're going to waitanother 10-15 years for that. My 2012 College Football Playoffs: #1 ND vs. #8 FLORIDA STATE #2 ALABAMA vs.#7 STANFORD #3 FLORIDA vs. #6 KANSAS STATE #4 OREGON vs. #5 GEORGIA
12/03/2012 3:48PM
Doesnt matter!
A playoff sounds nice. But once it's here everyone will find reasons to complain about that too. If your team isnt in it you arent happy. No matter BCS or Playoff.
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