Tyson Alger Interview 12-6-17

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, December 6th
Covering the Ducks for The Oregonian, the guys glad to welcome Tyson Alger back to the show with the latest on the search for a new head coach in Eugene.

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What's up everybody it's dirt wanna thank you for takes some time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. All right welcome back in busy day here are dirt and sprayed on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan and this is funny because last night I was in the DMs with our next guest. And we were talking about region romances slide into his Deanna sometimes you gotta bring back the old flame and that's we're gonna do today with our friend Tyson soldier organ live dot com onto her act Tyson all injures where you can find him how you doing man. You know. Right. It occurred. It does yeah. Are you guys on our door fantastic and we miss you this season enough for obvious reasons we kid not link up but it's good to have you back on the station. Let let's just start with the Willie Taggart leaving the Florida stated now organ fanned his pay is an organ is looking for the head coach. Well where do you think they're really look at what it if Tyson was to really guess who is the person that he would circle and say that's probably their number one just a shot in the dark. And it is the outlook in in a house I mean I think Mario crystal ball. Is probably in the chart you know the guy out a lot of the players. Are that plan on Portland's. Yes. Major recruiting background and then I think that's kind of one of the biggest. Biggest concerns for the ducks right now. You know at this signing date coming up here couple weeks and then crystal ball is. I give him a little bit continuity here but it looks outside the program. You know it it. That type thing about how this all went down is in the all the coaching. That the coach and careful treatment ended about two weeks ago or so that that's. Whenever you are coming out compete shut up or down by. I think someone. Is it that we part of them about a I'll be surprised it Google has well Cox over cal you know I uptick in a bit tired gonna beat them hire somebody has local ice here they don't want another one and done eight. I think they really want perhaps somebody appeal about organ in the weight Taggart felt well at this desk so it would surprise oh update spectacle will. Now merely adjusting you know I eat you had a chance to be there yesterday at the facility in between now one of the most depressing photos have seen and heard UCLA's Freeman starent have a video board and there's really entirely the team on the field man it was depressing. And luddite but we I'd seen differing opinions from players some players supporting his decision some players tried guy decides ten minutes ago. Our earlier earlier today tweeting that you know he lied straight to his face what was it just kind of moved with the players in the reaction that you saw from them yesterday. You know you it was buried there you know I got the impression prompt some of the older players are some guys that are not coming next you know match. They completely understood I didn't need any day they go to a bit and you know it. This situation for her and knows the Hartford and the district Garvin. They also know oil oil oil it took a lap or that you know mark operatives could goblet or dark and I don't. I think it's probably a little cup per per some of the younger and it talks that are gonna see. Beer on the program for the next three years and some of the guys that are being yeah I hurt or hagel. You know a large amount of kind of or etiquette on the roster that you know eight grip with. And so I think there's. I think I think a lot of guys understand. I mean the way it went down. A minute let that would soured therapy and now that obviously evidenced by that much and I. Now Tyson on jury is our guest or live dot com as we can find his great work and he's on Twitter at Tyson all jerk. You mentioned Mario crystal ball and your colleague in your name Mick also mention that here on the fan about how players are just kind of route in for Mario crystal ball to get to dig. You mentioned recruiting the recruiting ties he has an. You know yet early signing period coming up here on the twentieth and then you have the signing day and just what can you salvage with the eighteen recruiting class. I wanna step away from the recruiting of players and wanna ask if crystal ball is legitimately candidate. How do you think you would be recruiting the coaches to not leave and folly Willie Taggart namely a Jim Leavitt a Joseph Salave'a etc. I think you know record the ball is is very very respected among staff you know yeah. I. At or at all. Exactly their relationship he has all the other crap I'm not I would. Conclude expect him the other guys they had back. Or go to sir I'm not there are several of them. All the called him retreat stops and tied down there at that one completely surprised me but. Your I think crystal ball would be it good head of the program and I think it ought to act and you know I think that. People would definitely yeah at least here and now that element to happen if you looked market. You know and and that was the O line and yes today what with the tag or news coming out and then shortly after that Jim Leavitt stuff starts this rural around Twitter buddy says he's gone he's following him. To Florida State in Leavitt tweets out last night you know not so fasten and we know he's obviously gonna weigh his options and need wants to be head coach at some point again what. What are we hearing it was the latest on the Jim Leavitt situation and no matter who the head coach is his chance at sticking around in Eugene. I. I think glad that inner. I think he's gonna achieve could do whatever. Put him in the best position becoming head coach somewhere again and whether or not. Still remaining at the country corner or organ or trying to go more into coaching position. I'm not quite sure where it I think. Or. What he's had a career and I told her there. Report yesterday about completing our creek and it could not order. What are their element in all out right now aren't you ninety wings PX yet to offer from Morgan took. Has pertinent but there has ordered that coach if a couple of any guilt or are organs out offensive minded head coach to hurt. You know decade at this point and you know I think a tough thing with him at head coach is. You know it ache try to conquer tactic it intra and interstate and you know it's I don't know how much he. He likes it and he you know he put out that are on Twitter that to a here. You know this is an act I somewhere out in the and so I think I would be. Cute that you don't want another one doesn't go after a. You know you're going and Tyson on jurors our guest. Well let's let's take the players. Thoughts feelings let's take that away organ state players wanted Korey Hall to be the new head coach Maurice state. Sometimes players are tied in with the motion in relationships and it doesn't always mean that that's the best decision for program. Just hear your two cents your gut feel what is who is the best person in your opinion to lead disorder program. Then that's that's really tough because I I completely agree I don't want to go. Our players you know you guys to. You know they just lost a go to guy that they were very close it and Chris -- represent some continuity should for them I don't know how key is that x.s and now it's been several year in Utah head coach and I just don't know there by I don't like beat duke beat very Smart for that. She what's available out there are. Sometimes name pop up that you might not expect right they were only about 24 hours into the ring co. I I I would PE. Very surprised if they don't get some someone well cock there very long look. Well what's the timetable you're here I mean I know behind the scenes organ has mentally prepared for this and made clear they knew it was a reality and rob Malone's. Talk about that yesterday end and I'm assuming they're gonna wanna move quickly with the signing day coming double what's his caddie you're guessing game on. A timetable of how long it'll take to find this next guy. I would assume they try to get something done that we would know. It it's just it's a way to import at our. I know it is. Yeah I know whether answering this decision for tiger and I think it is. You know it if you would have had a late one took in two weeks or signing date but it was then it's completely out of round or pro and I are. Whatever it is made make could have lasting impact from a program your account that happens with that I'm a very kind of shore up some about. Some of the one to elite class that tiger had recruited. Think anybody in that administration the athletic department did they learned anything about their program from this whole ordeal. I think that you learned that you can't that's clearly bring somebody in and out of the blue and expect them to think Orton is. As important as everybody up here think or. I think it that we should bat. I worry and an elite program and it's not the very opposite the programs that fit at the use a better job and or. And happy or I commend. I just stopping them is. You know they they want. Caught they've they're gonna want somebody who is oil by. If I'm a coach I'm a little wary of that just seen what happened over the last oil out so. I think you know there. What transpired over the last two years is something they can learn from but it is kind of a tight real or they're. You know what one of the things I think that that's a positive that is kid is kept ducks fans going in last 24 hours or so is the group that they have coming back no matter who the coaches are really talented team. As as it changed is is this whole last one to four hours what's going on. As it changed your opinion on almost the 2018 ducks can accomplish on the field. No not at all really it's if Thomas coach I look at that roster I write equivalent. Got to come out I think that's probably an allergic. Aspect of this odd because just an Herbert. If he's healthy the whole year I legitimately can just ever can be Heisman candidate that dot circuit. You know they're not many programs you can block in Q were. Starting quarterback who's as good as a British. A lot of those on the eat that are coming back next here you know there's this sense jumped from like a 130 in the country. Are here are my obviously. Looked up on eleven and an offer hope that a player like calm hand corner or Courant got a little. Much better when content so. This isn't like you let go and you're kind of in Napa. But got the doc app that economic and you have my older that might be cut a cut out salt or somebody I really like a duck out there. Yeah I think in that department code that you look at because trumpeted the except I think it is our. You know. I thought about this a little bit and and it almost it kind of feels like an impossible thing to answer Tyson or even maybe even have a reaction to but I just something I've been thinking about for a week now since staggered in Florida State stuff started picking up. You can't change the defense of coach hired Jim Leavitt was just a Grand Slam of the move by Taggart obviously his staff put together and what they've done in recruiting. But just on the field product we saw this team Justin Herbert on the field fifty points a game just in her Murdoch made. Fourteen point whatever fourteen point eight points per game I mean that the difference was drastic. If it's health riches they decide to stay loyal and they they state their men of origin. Is this season much different in terms of outcome do you. Offensively no. I don't think that defense salute and you know nearly as good. At Alfred remain in and they cap. The current. Who spoke at a time out at the yeah yeah yeah. Yeah I I just don't see pat turn around there I think ordered her not to like quarterback Troy die in awkward or older by. I I honestly don't. Think offense and any better because Packard I think a better because. Herb and year to enrich human LT alt oracle freshman Hamas and so on three year old to. You know I didn't necessarily in. R&B. Pretty creature important thing you know I'm not a few Jack I'll. Football is our football football guy but I I didn't see anything specific what are often that made you go oh this is this label you can. Oh I think it's. Yeah. You know a lot a once a generation quarterback Patti Jeanne part. Absolutely it's that's why would bring among good stuff Tyson Alger organ alive dot com onto our acts nice and all injured it's good to have you back on our station men. And things drop and on today to talk about the tiger organ stuff. Are trigger it.