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Sports Sunday
Sunday, June 17th

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Can sports where the difference. Does it go in Atlanta and Saturday that it matters. We'll start a look at the weekend in sports with the U inside story on the blazers the ducks and the speaker. This is sports Sunday we've Mike Lynch leaves them room better. Group that is a car. Yeah it's so weak car Henry shot tailor we use don't go to camps opening song. Look up art walk on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 yeah. I've been ripped her. We Barack Obama's Iraq vocalist Morales who think you and remember Phillip and and from what I heard doing a solid job on the on the social Jesse last weekend Colin Andrews imprisonment. Not Scruggs well we are back though and we are refreshed hopefully. Although I met my weekend wasn't as refreshing as it was like gloriously exhausting in Vegas and UN sit LA I do. I do have an hour ago that was refreshing. It's always good to be away and and it definitely helped that I was gone on the days that was like thundering and lightning stuff like that solar hail. I like golf ball sized hail brilliant yet I was in LA were it was you know says that in mind you I knew we were missing the rain. But I had no idea possession that bad murdered on less than a 105 degrees and sunny isles did you have people's economic timeline and it was man this hailed a I hated here really rein in the middle of June. Also. Humor for cop killing three years ago didn't start summer until July 4 beer on me which is which is common for for Portland but dollars and of an LA. Super cool you know got a chance to hang on from Six Flags you know just marshals I always love six slide school there is that is the one thing. I love living here that is the one thing about living here that I need. Is that there's no good at a real amusement parks. Near us what you've clearly never been since Janet forced. I have intentionally not been doing chanted four is based on what I have heard about enchanted forest. Even the name and chatted for a space you think I'm going to get raped and killed there you were not mentioned of course is awesome. Eisenhower awesome in Six Flags. It's all it's all perspective Lancaster pens. Darker depends on what is your right before you try to spin it depends on what you're looking for if you're looking for him you know old. Like a more classic feel than you love Janet classic feel desperate and angry old and rundown. I said classic I say oldest I don't know I'm trying dude I'm trying to. Read between the lines here now it's you know it could use an upgrade some some you know some some faceless to some of sorts but when you say classic was the first and it comes to mind. About the up throwback oh shoot about that place why did you say classic because you know everything an agenda forest is based off move there and stuff like that so if your kids than you remember. In all lever grooves and there was there was no way we live shoot you know that whole thing you know so. Those little ferry took last surveyor so. That's why you talk hustler. Yet while I think an area out by serious negotiated a place you've ever been lynch torment and look I've heard plenty about. I've heard enough damage to its arsenal and it'll wanna go out there. I looked at but either way it even if there was a place that played an old park has rides and stuff like that but. The Six Flags of the world give you like the Basque posters possible. Yes and we don't have that out here I'm a huge roller coaster guy I love roller coasters I love going on the biggest and about a smokers is ones. And that just doesn't exist out here and I miss it you know yeah it's this it's definitely you know. Not not not as cool that we don't have like a really cool theme park oaks park is really for me known more for roller skating and the go army says he can't go to the amusement park in and February you know you can roller skating February Turco. You know that's kind of why what I always think the most part we did it would be cool to have. You know Six Flags you know I'm old Disney something you know universe is that like all those things are right there. In LA in there you know and I'm the coolest places ever Fuhrman university owns. I've been to the one in Orlando yeah. You know I. While ago but I've been mineral and Orlando. And I've never actually been Delhi yet so that's out of San Diego couple weeks here LA is now the last place that I early last big city hasn't sank California that I have been ten. Has Six Flags was musicals part of LA man Venice Beach in Santa Monica Hamas and its thankfully don't. Don't dumps and like that was cool to go there but getting the Venice Beach in Santa Monica and 78 degrees you know perfect. You know 78 with a nice little reason. Men chicken he's throwing around in bathing suits suits it's a pretty. Pittsburgh is pretty dope some of the best liked. You know the tacos repeats I got a tech too out there of like lol yeah right as like well it's a forty type two spots in zones are also escorted. Occur at the moment. Wind what yet I actually got my son's name and crown then my son's name right here on my chest you're. Paves Yemen. A little white incited tea I didn't think I can do that in on a little too dark stances to get any type of color you know and and the tattoos actually. It's all good at them. On budget at a time evenly on Adobe chaperone wasn't the trip wasn't quite Vegas it was it was definitely nice to view that was one down legacy you mentioned. The the ladies walking around in the bidding suits. I gotta say the only major city ever been in. In the city where I saw many many women walking the streets and done nothing but a bathing suit is Vegas I'd never seen that before. Where the human leaders walking down the Selig you know ago that they suited up in seen by the way. I remember the first time LA he walked down the strip now it's like there's pathway easier to capture every single casino known to man to get to the next side of the street. But he writes a walking along all of those. I saw so many women literally is going to this is around the house like tests. It's pretty cool it is nice it is useful. You know it's not gonna see this in the Mexico to have more or likely in Portland ever so yeah Vegas is always cool or. I got a good backers. Goes totally nuts not to schooler. Did go grabs we actually ended the big big story depicts a story from Vegas was real and take a cab in the cab driver screwed us that he drove us around for an extra fifteen minutes. And we had nobody were going as we had never been their reform we didn't make it obviously been going we just Solomon in the hotel that was insane and and he literally he drove around UNLV's campus twice and we were nowhere near you held his interest and we were just like where we can wing. And we gasoline to do you know you're dealing US thriller and you pay them a full price. I mean I didn't call that in Tampa but I Tatum prize and that's all we heard from me command GPS says it's that way. So I couldn't get my deepest free can work I've tried to open it on my phone. In it nothing was loading on the phones and some would cellphone killer as cars and technical Smart. Makes me think it was intentional academics at what's the entire way because you can actually see. The exact recruit they're taking. So that. I was that was by a welcome to fabulous Las Vegas story was I got screwed him via. I got I got screwed by the the first cab drivers it's because of but. Not cool so as a digestive Torre's grooming room about war on the Dresser park oval here on volume. Who who can tell. I was you know the commercial came on as a man was never go to Jurassic Park like if there is an actual car hurt us in the show on Friday I think it was and you guys were kind of talking about dinosaurs and and they're making there was a story chickens they can turn chickens and to dinosaurs or someone. You know and we all know they say birds are real and don't rode dinosaurs are in the have had evolved from dinosaurs so. Questions was if there was dress part and it was real. Would you go it's like Tom Arnold's army I don't think I would. No man might I would any interest in him and going I think I would have to gonna be like bungee jumping like I don't know about actually doing until. You know it was time to actually do it. But yeah I don't think gun policies would do always well to it until it was time to Angela. You know I don't know whatever way than to be everybody would do it be inopportune to have an opportunity do and like OK why. You know but not something I'll actually you know really wanna do. I think bungee jumping to be fun but no Jurassic Park no. Answer anyway. After watching the movie is. After seeing what happens I know their movies. But after watching them I would have so much fear of that happening again in real life there would be no I would love I'd love dinosaurs but as a kid I was obsessed dinosaurs. But there'd be absolutely no way but I would go to drastic action. In fact of Jurassic Park opened to close to me I would probably move how this how about if there were only like no no. Carnivores no. So Ewan on select a bronze sores and a look I again I would love to see a prosperous by knocking it strikes me and I don't think the run a source of news. So. I mean I don't I don't so. It finds out whether that's sure not all of all the books are they say they'll eat planets so. Why don't we just maybe these are real dinosaurs these are made of dinosaurs from chicken and a very true. They're not actually V. The DNA brother and her teachers that they are from our current there's a grand isle park I don't know what have to be and I would have to probably get the tickets to sports you know through. See what it is usually if you go at the beginning men. That does use when these things happen or with getting Google's words they'll let you know I don't know what's their safety protocols target that they have no idea their brand new. No there's no there is no safe time to go to address bar none ignited so nice to see her reports Berger called and that is what they're called yeah. The plant eaters now I'm I'd know. Please owner writer triceratops. At. Well mr. Russert how to use its giant spiky triangles goes back to kill you don't come on back then he sent the ticket to a dark place like he doesn't have to be about it. Trying to have fun looking at dinosaurs are all looking in writing and different things. In many were in many regards how could it potentially. This is for Sunday we have a lot of sports story coming up on the show today. We are gonna talk about the big NBA news slash rumors from the week that include quiet Leonard. How it ties the blazers how it ties the rest of leagues that's coming up this hour also NBA draft is is because a couple of sets that's on Thursday all cool so what do you want the blazers to do you want to betray depict you want them to take gay. European data they're never gonna see again what you want them to do we'll talk about that as well and also we are in a very interesting time of the sports calendar. Special this weekend. Because. Basically out of baseball none of the major sports are going on. But you've got the US open. You've got the World Cup and got the cultural series all going on this weekend what are you watching why are you watching it. Is there anything that you think is worth watching we'll talk about that is ball close theater lament our number two with Jesse at 1030 sacks all coming up Texas in the pantex 55305. Bills by us on Twitter attended the standout Michael is one to seven at tailor made title three is Rashad and had just yells and he has the enemy and is our producer Jesse. Coming up next big story of the week coli Leonard and once Al. Where is he gonna go and what does that mean for the rest of Leeb says sports are Memphis. Mike in her job. I seventy here on your Sunday morning I can were shot back when he does sleep until 11 o'clock. Also happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there including you were indeed thank you so much everybody sorry mister mister Gary yes to my god absolutely. Nice to newsmen. The Jesse's people absolutely you know senate because it just is dead. And yeah dads were listening to us right now and pretend and it's never about dead you know and that's that's all well ogle their later follows the rant about something. Who know me I don't think is any other. I don't overdo it at 10 o'clock body to this this weeks or shot resident haven't done and while they cares about Dan you know it's unfortunate. You know help my mom this 3000 dollars sales bracelet show mom how much lover ire of the Lexus LX street. Old Father's Day is coming up these these cargo short I like Sox and go to men's warehouse we got ties on sales. We'll talk about let's look too well many of your shot range segment is you're not. About it that's coming up attempt. We want Tyler talk about fathers and general anyway I'm a father but I will be eventually. And we talked about the sub prime time a little bit this week and I agree with the sentiment from both sides execs will talk about back coming up. 10 o'clock hour about let's get to you. The NBA Cole why Leonard. Reportedly according to two barrio formerly players will be reporter Amanda also Christine Miller former players will be reporter. Says he wants out he's done he says it has been an irreparable. Split between he's himself in the spurs and he is demanding a trade. And it. Visuals are asking is reporting that the lakers will be on it he's preferring the lakers that the Celtics will be in on it. A couple of other teams who saw Oswald those seem to be the two big ones so far early on in the process and there's a whole lot to unpack what this there is the coli angle there's view LeBron angle of the list there's the blazers angle of this. There's a lot but I wanna start with why in general. Bremer why Leonard. Suffered the injury last year. Only played nine games. The spurs doctors cleared him to come back. His doctors said no or didn't clear him more he trusted his doctors more than the spurs doctors. And he wound up missing every single game after the ninth include in the playoffs for the spurs. And there was all his reports that were in the middle of it some of that comes from his uncle I believe as the guy who was probably in the stuff too he's the big like confidant. Of Kline Leonard. And basically. Was it it appeared to be at least from the outside is. He was not happy with the way the spurs handled it he was not happy with the treasury fell to play when he didn't feel right and you just you didn't feel like he was the respected star of the team as he should have. So. Do you think coli Leonard's in the right for demanding a trade or do you think she's being. Our silly or stupid for. Having these feelings when. Really they just wanted him to play because they were really bad team without. I mean I think it's really bad about it. They they weren't the same you know you look at the spurs team issue that 147 games by a one. Over fifty games for the past eighteen years and so you look at what not happy and and LaMarcus orders had. One of his best seasons this past year yet still the spurs. Came short known by a few games of what they typically do tell import requirement does not think it's a little bit of both which says. I think some of this is on coli Spartanburg thinks some of this is our San Antonio but. We've we've known about franchises and and multiple sports. Pushing their guys along making sure they get them back on the floor. You know him from everything cortisone shots you know putting some just kind of taken a pre need your your ankle were pinky or whatever cases. Let's get you back on the floor let's get you back on feel like that's we've we've seen franchises. And medical staffs. Do this took multiple players that enter through history. Here's a guy quiet manner that we all know just most of whom men do doesn't do commercials. He doesn't I don't think he has a shoe deal. And have any of that stuff he drives in 99 top. And that's it from everything coverage he drives an hour ago he's he's doesn't strike me as somebody that's. About himself and just wants all the money and all the glory to himself here's a guy the sandman and not ready I know. The doctor said Monday looks good. A doctor saying otherwise and life is an irony it's a clock Roxio my my my my leg is good at this point like for gene you're saying I'm okay. They're saying you know. Could use some work I'm gonna go with them like if if both you guys saying the same thing that okay great. But somebody still air inside a gentleman on the Google them and I'm not mad at somebody for saying that I don't feel I don't wanna hurt my team by being out there and I'm not only did he tried to play this year right. He played a couple games. Work as well form I just don't feel like her to do its Derrick Rose. The biggest thing to happen hymns he was forced back he felt so bad about not being on the floor for steam that you know what I. I'm ready to come back now and I'll I'll just do it and I'll try to play through and he was never able to get over that mental helpful and always leads to re injury as well and it all has always second guess his compensating for the Tulane or whatever that's hurt. He mentioned the other side and it's not it's not a strong and why Leonard is a guy that does things so effortlessly when he's on the floor. Right if you look at the way he gets the ram the weight shoots everything it's like he's playing out. Easy for the most part. It's a little second guessing this movement here don't second guess in this jab step or scared to jump because I don't know what's gonna happen when a composer posting seep in and yes it affects the way you play. Salt must start players tell me man I'm good. I would would puppet on this Tim Duncan. If Tim tell pop a man like I'm not a trust cycle right now I just don't feel good about it what. Hockey like all wolf you shouldn't give back on the work you're not your aren't helping the team I don't get I think it depends on the age did Tim Duncan was when he did it. In recent history no way to send a commander in distrust in this respect all I kind of stop a quiet as north the spurs were 13 years now. Or suit they wanna check supporters ago. So but he I mean he's fairly young right here against 226. Right now are we seven. Ordered up right now dusted to have have the argument so maybe maybe if Tim Duncan was younger and it may be. Mitt but maybe this is a peek behind the curtain of localized relationship with pop in the spurs has been even when he's been a great player maybe it's been a little bit cold. It has been a little bit contentious maybe it's been a little bit. Just neutral nick maybe hasn't may be quiet hasn't risen to I'm gonna leave this team can be a star so. I agree with all the points are saying about why I I I'm with you a 100% a lot of people. It in that sense a lot of people's bodies don't respond in the same way some people don't kill quickly some people mentally have to get over that pumping you're talking about two. Get back to doing what they need to do and they're not going to be as good if they don't have that mental edge even if physically they're okay. So when all that I agree with you but there's one part about this that makes me think co Y may be is an. Fully telling the truth with all of us or work or maybe quiet isn't just mr. go out and lunch pail played ball 99 top guy. It's he's trying to force a trade to the lakers. He's trying to force a trade to Los Angeles. So. He is doing and why it. Most other big stars in the NBA do right now and that's force a trade to the glitz and the glamour of a big market. So if coli was all of those things that you're saying. I don't think he'd be trying to force a trade to LA he would just say trade me. I need to go play somewhere. But he wants to go play in a big market where he can be a star wolf he also will win this when I seriously think of some of this task to do with that is not him being fully ready or not. Nationally whisper I don't think is necessarily that I think that could be something to do with the but we also remembered quite winners from well. Are littered isn't from. Massachusetts her humility quite seventies and get an idea sever its seventh season but he's from LA. You know this is this is not him want to go to a bigger man Lisa Myers and I want to go to a bigger markets is him wanting to be hull are closer to home. And he strikes me as a do that you know again not in the mine mine mine I don't think have ever seen him. And it at a picture of him at a club called podium Twitter. If so this is he's just OP doesn't you know to build our ages and really hoping how much from Y that we actually hurt. Not far from his camp we've heard from his doctors refer to as people be heard from the spurs you've heard from popped. How wind if we heard from club we have the whole time he says apparently won't keep talking do what you do this while Mike Arnold. The other shouldn't he be controlling the message a little bit right it would if it kinda. It kind of went out of control right it went from the camp blaming the spurs to the spurs blaming his uncle in the camp. And if quiet is they're not saying anything shouldn't he jumping and dealing will. I like while Leonard and on the surface he appears to be the Tim Duncan type of person who was quiet in a good leader and we will lead by example like a thing but. He's just sitting on the sideline letting this huge argument about his future they'll. To again that it's a little bit of a red flag for me juries from LA but. You know you know what else is about to happen what the lakers most likely to get to this next may get LeBron in maybe Paul George and other letters gonna go farmers on super team and you. And I think that is goes back into his personality like our America. He won the finals MVP instead of helped trophy like yours and yours all right well back to work in notes. He doesn't strike me as a do that. Really want that type of attention on I think meg going to LA doesn't necessarily mean lakers he couldn't go to the clips noted my fellow performers the lakers. Again it. These are and this is from bush. There you seem to Julian reports out there. But the only wanna I wanna trust is a major restaurants he's never wrong if you're from LA or New York you wanna go home like I'm not Matty for one play from the knicks the lakers especially if you're from those places like it makes total sense for me for you wanna go play for your hometown team has a big deal because it's it's. Collide do I honestly I think that the silence is more indicative of what his personality is considered to be I mean I'd I think. Him kinda keeping quiet is him trying to. Can maybe do the right thing or Eric carry minds via LaMarcus Aldridge in the way he just doesn't want. Speaking doesn't wanna get really involved with. They the media he just kind of goes on the court does is business and you know I think she just wants his play to. To speak for itself and and to that point man whom who else that the spurs have a problem with the last calendar year. LaMarcus Aldridge ready to go to wanna be your remarks is what I signed up for another door in the same things the star player and he hasn't said anything again. Man not when I signed up for. So where this is just really unusual because you know you're used to the spurs being so buttoned up so put together so much like the New England Patriots of the NFL. And now there's a power since college and all this drama all this smoke start a swirl around. And you're like it and then you're seeing another star player leaving us another small teams he won a point the finger always at the star player but there's obviously going something a moment for. Jesse do you remember him I was talking much about it he'd eat in quite remember your lower back in 1999 something significant was about to happen the spurs to river Tim Duncan. Was going to sign with the Orlando Magic and everybody was like oh my god he met Tim Duncan and Grant Hill are gonna win the east or down the middle and end when he picked our elect OK I'll go back to spares. Like the spurs like it again like I mean they're the buttoned up franchise we think there's nothing wrong with but sometimes we're smoked. There's fire and I'm looking at these situations or man it can't all be. Mary Rose petals on the does Santonio you wrote that last forever and evidently has got to learn as well gonna follow also and I think that's where we are right now with the spurs I think now we're starting to see with player mobility and things like that is not always on the east quote on quote selfish players. Sometime it's on selfish coaches and GM's. All this does lead to. A lot of potential. Big changes in the Western Conference or in the NBA in general depending what happens. Only had a T ready wants are you wanna start with what the blazers could potentially do with this. Do you wanna start with. The lakers slash LeBron aspect of office for a talk rubble left. Which is less depressing I guess I. As LeBron goes the lakers we can pretty much kiss whatever you know third Placer and earned anything the blazers had in mind. We can just that by doing can we just did my realign with the east. That it is that doable. Well you know he if you get the globe the opposite direction. We are closer to you the east technically in terms of Asia Japan the manner yeah yeah I'm I mean so I don't think this is a bad idea just. Maybe petitioning the NBA to realign and Portland with the east and we strength in that conference and then all of a sudden we have that shot at the top seed league. Do we have to have the blazers fly around the globe the wrong way so that they can sell without further east blue light of 26. Had a chocolate. It's like you're you can't see it here obviously from the last unless you get this revenue from the east hectic except for users are still the third best team in the east and a piano has constructed his fourth set to the right let's start the blazers I guess because it is local and a lot of people seem to want them to you make a trade for quite Leonard and double talk about the next refers to see a sports. Why lettered ones out. He wants to leave the spurs and likely go to the lakers. But. Of course from this news broke. Portland. TrailBlazer fans everywhere. Started formulating trade plans to get collided come to the blazers. No seated column. In Zach Collins in a first require lenders and you know that's that. You know stuff like that at. Exactly. So apologies in advance but. The blazers are not gonna trade for oiler. Whispers. Likely will not take whatever the blizzard and offer for one Eleanor from the bush herb from the blazers. So. You can dream big Portland you certainly can and and you know there I shouldn't say that well there's like in 99% chance that. I guess there's always a small chance that they'll work traded out in some it can happen like that. Oh I've seen the kings are mentioned as a team back to try to trade with the the spurs require wondered when map be a funny jabs from mr. on the Sacramento you wanna go. Have fun Sacramento this year but you'll look great that purple. So I mean I guess there's always a small small chance but it. Not you should know better blues fans is not gonna. The blazers have very very little worth. That is compatible to call islanders potential talent I do know that because he was injured for your that might. Go to his talent level to down a little better it has value at least might be down a little bit but just don't expect the blazers to be involved. In quite letter trade however I have seen. But the blazers could be involved in a three team trade. Taking on salary using trade exception stuff like that to help facilitate a deal. It is in this kind of a sense for a while Leonard or any of the other big stars are currently arm potentially on the move this offseason so. I guess my question is do you want the blazers to even be a part of anything like that or you want them to steer clear of taking on big salaries and facilitating deals for other teams in the Western Conference that makes two of those teams better. No yeah it did stay out if there's an academic blazers immediately better. Why are you trying to help the rest of the west can do and that's exactly why Gregg Popovich is not going to trade quite a letter to the lakers. My gonna make some money in the west my direct competition wept like four times a year. Better than me absolutely no. Listened. We stop being so friendly if you're the trailblazers like I understand wanna be a part of you know some some movement for for younger players and everything but. If it's not wanna help you kick. To not know at this point you finished to recede so I think most fans are expecting man hey man for foresee fourth seeded higher like that's a reasonable expectation. The place is now probably shouldn't be. But if we're involved with real I say we're because I have ablaze a fan and folded three team trade and you don't get nothing for. It was it was all for not for what what if you are able to shed the haven't heard a contract and said it. Again and here's here's my question. Get what return like you shed money for Evan Turner and his salary or salary cap relief that's what you get and how exactly salary cap relief for free agents that still are going to come so. Like I saw something like of the Rodney Stuckey was was you know one of the free agents at the blazes happened I don't dislike about. I mean cola like I mean some veteran leader Lucien. Well to fit those little show it was say areas that was made of prevailing thought was the blazers realizing and a bit more of a veteran playoff experience presence. While the playoffs started. But Rodney Stuckey and arming cold why really the Rodney Stuckey wasn't. A really good deal viable backup player eight years ago you know there's so they're really good viable fifteenth player on the bench and so on I don't know if he's really. You know the guy they wanna go after but that lets let Belichick know where the blazers are in the and the grand scheme of of free agency. I Rodney Stuckey was the name I think we've all heard of like where OK and who. So I mean if you're going to be involved in that men get something for get a draft pick you know what a top. You know 567 draft pick okay medical value can do something from their but if you say if it's just going to be to help some other teams mobility bench don't even bother. I think something like back and do I think for the pacers is lower expectations for the team which isn't necessarily a bad thing for the franchise that I mean. But for the franchise itself it's just another lateral move that doesn't get you anywhere and that's all this franchise does of the Lotta Lotta aromas anytime you seem to be moving forward eat at CJ you do it. Dame. And then year. Just a lot of lateral movements after that and a lot of promises of this guy's gonna develop in this guy's going to be a pillar of our future in this in this in this in this and I'm sorry but. In now I'd. I just feel like they could've done better to get a better player than Zach last year in the draft and they could of I had the and that's where it is because you've said it they're they're not bringing in a freeagent freeagent are coming to Portland and so you have. To do how through the draft or through trades and if you're just doing lateral trade movements you're just you're not doing and that's this team you're just frustrating. And I used to circle all back to the beginning of the conversation is that's why fans have the pipe dream of chemical Eleanor de Paul George get Carmelo Anthony whoever it is any year. Is that because. You're right this year almost always makes lateral loans at least in. In the offseason with with with like freeagent trade moves or early since bill while I should say because there was a couple of years for him and what a shrewd moves in a row. Robin Lopez came in and Marcus came in for not paying and they looked cereal it even mr. bash treated like you commissioner has kind of fizzled out the year last year. There's a good player for the team those aren't necessarily big moves though. There are small improvements. In those. Combinations of small improvements led to the three seed but once the playoffs started to lead to getting swept because he just didn't have enough great players. On your team don't hold off Anthony Davis enter politics yes. So. Again that's why as it circles back blazer fans have the pipe dream and hope that at some point they would be involved in any big enough mover they could try to get a tar like Weiler. And I think the finger of bad news is easy to 2.2 you have to remember as well yes this is last year of his deal. So he goes to a team like Portland again very likely or Sacramento. He's most likely not going to stay after the one year. Plucked. You also have the chance. Paul George and this year and he hasn't resigned yet but he has said he wants to say in Oklahoma City that was a one year rental. And the thought was there's no way he's missing an Oklahoma City when he wants to go play the lakers. Now back could still happen but he is saying he wants to stay in OKC. So that is the small hole in the back your head that he viewed as a treat for quite Leonard. In you guys play really well together it's coli in Damon C jail works and get the preceding get a maybe went around the playoffs from whatever. That maybe he goes you know what. I like it here I'll stay here. And that's the part to the problem is is generally that's unrealistic yes that's that is very very very rare. Have that happens because the current MBA. Every single star player can essentially control were they go in the team that they built around them. Well super teams of the new norm when was the last time of a player of a no record of a really big. Players in the league was treated support. Scottie Pippen. To 99. You know alzheimer's it's twenty years ago. You know so I'm trying to think I'm trying to I don't think there was any after that there was a big I mean we know there's there's a point where the blazers had Marcus Camby. A point where. I was tree is rated America's area Marcus Camby you resign amid a point ahead on Larry Miller who are really love to I'm here in Portland. But those aren't necessarily I guess can be cal was. And about a star but he was one of the best evidently at the point but. I mean Scottie Pippen. Bull's name and his career Skype and and him and she was a name but a a lesser name at that point we didn't know he would be. As great as he actually was put outside of that I get there is there have been very few. Like guys of note that have been traded here and it says more about the franchise and then you can you know. How many how many great players and trading year to three. It's not a lot. But. So that was you know that we do that the blazes really arts and a lot of those. Trade talks about man this guy's coming here he's gonna becoming mayor there in them but they're always like that you know. And the blazers are a dark horse for. Paul George of the blazers are that they're dark horse for there were always the dark horse always the bridesmaid. Never Brian. That's why sports is great right there's always the hope. Now there's always hope. Although in the NBA doesn't feel like there's Oprah now ogle art of tell you why next this is. Sports on them. It's good to have hope and sports. Could have hoped for your team every single offseason assuming that is gonna happen but in the NBA right now. It just doesn't feel like there's hope for anybody. Several more interest that for the warriors were LeBron chooses to ago did you see LeBron throw little shade of Portland room. Not shape within Saudi justice that is ramping. They ruined every hour if you would be the best. Like your successor Portland stars are Portland and he was right just funny and the plans of trying to jab but it was also a sad remark and an incredibly true. But it's just the NBA is in such a. Bad spot in my opinion the fact that before this season. Before last season before the season before that before the season before that we also ahead warriors cavs in the finals. It. So wire replaying the regular season. Why are reclaim the playoffs. The playoffs haven't even minn that good for the most part is just been slaughters. And then you get the finals that I guess we all want quote unquote. Because the two best teams sure residents and interns and their uncle statement a thousand finals for me that was the finals. It'll wasn't for Chris Paul going down on salmon and actual loss but alas we got the fourth straight year the exact same finals. And I just. Put the whole LeBron stuff in the hole co Y stuff. In the Paul Joseph urgent all these things and Chris Paul might leave Houston already and all this stuff. It's just the NBA is it's exciting in the off season. It's really exciting in the offseason gets you talking that's who you're dreaming about all the super teams plus the season starts is the same old same old. And to me it's great towns hope but it's really hard to have open and gave him right now because. You know you're not gonna whip you are going to be tours and if your analyst in a LeBron stays in the U should not be LeBron. Or if LeBron leaves and I'll be insulting because they've they've built themselves super team or writing a young super team as well. So. What do we do to fix this is how how can we tried to. Make it so that every every team has a chance again in the breaker talking about us a little bit. And we're talking about baseball and baseball there's no salary kept. So a lot of the times. A lot of the big free agents will go to us at the same team we want her to go to the same team. Yankees of course sure is guilty of this Red Sox been guilty of this doctors have been guilty in this etc. And those teams become great teams. But there's no guarantee that when the world voters. We've had out of the last eight years. On a series had six different World Series champions. Mean NBA we've had one or two you know. It released recently so. Almost every year it's different winner almost every time in the playoffs is a different there's a chance for different team to win. Why is it like that in baseball but not in the MB how can we get it to be more like baseball so where there's parity in the playoffs so everybody makes it has a chance. Because right now it's broken announced its board. And that that the salary cap is definitely. One of those things that would would change some stuff you know I think there's a lot of players that probably would go play. I don't know when you know Portland with a lot of different places if they can afford and if money weren't really. The issue like that Devin Booker preacher wouldn't be stuck in. In Phoenix if he had an opportunity to go. You don't join a gang or something like that you can imagine what Devin poker rooms blazers team ants in all of a sudden. The changes that they make you know another one dimensional offense guard. Sure that. Enough you know why not a means to be real stuff isn't super dynamic. Staff has its he's he's oblivious to branded as oh he's a one trick pony that trick is amazing you know I'm saying he does at every turn but that's really what's that does you know he pulls a three. That's kind of what Devin Booker does it I think there's a I don't know how you fix it know your election we're challenged joke around and there in the break I was like man let these rookies decide where they want ago. Because at a point everybody's not going on wanna go to sign an old story. So Viet three rookies coming out Merrill who haven't played a huge dollar stuff together and let's all go to Phoenix. Let's all go to you know 34 guys like man we're gonna go to Sacramento we're gonna try to make it happen there that happens every year I don't let out what happened though. It'll never happen populace and people would choose to play in sacrament of course the absolutely you would if you if it's between going to play for the warriors and never giving on the floor or not having a lot of time on the floor or man going to be my own star or our own stars and Sacramento Memphis or. I don't know Orlando and yes I think a lot of dues yet these young guns will do that absolutely. I don't know and we live we live we put enough Aussie all the time there's there's been a tournament that's happening. Right now we live and as a U gear toward these guys from playing together since they were in the sixth grade nationally nationally ranked since they were in the seventh grade. And and things so they they know we took it out there okay. With spreading the ball around and and you know being stars and things like that so it wouldn't shock me these guys like a lobby millionaires together in Sacramento. Okay. Yup it's a deluge amount of pride backfiring somewhere I don't I don't trust a that eighteen to 22 year old players know what a Smart source and don't be there would wanna go to the big cities they were wanna go to the warriors. Beat. That team of young players all the on the kings for example still wouldn't win immediately. They're all young rookies they would need to get experiencing guess what when they get that experience or contrast India and guess what they're gonna go to a big team so it might be. Exciting again the offseason in the NBA is super exciting it's really intriguing it's really interesting what the season starts. It's back to disable symbol. No we into the offseason as is the best part because during the season we. Know who it's going to be it's going to be the warriors running over everyone on LeBron running through everyone and then everyone else. In the west personal for the triple doubles in towards him to step backs. That's going to be the the season ago in any of it if LeBron does go to LA. It brings Paul George and why with them or whatever the case. May be of crisp ball goes or something then. The west will be of interest and they get the top two teams. Warriors in good lakers at the top. And then they'll probably have them against the Celtics have recently here yet again it so Allred the lakers are back you know. Married and a new team I've been I think they've been in the finals so many times it's it's hard to count. These lakers Celtics great classic classic match up five more streeters right let's see if that happens. Let. I don't know I I don't know how to fix it that's why I'm asking I don't I don't have the idea. I was there I don't know there's no way to fix this is just kind of what it is the NBA created a culture where this is is is a cool thing well army and I'm OK with that because. 20 and the owners have had the all the say you know forever owners GMs that the one time or players get an opportunity to say this is what armed don't feel like you've been whatever. Kevin Durant stolen due to changed on that for me because she went to that you can win anywhere else might have been totally duped you want to one team didn't need your services. And that's why. I think that part is is an issue but for the most part. If you wanna win and like this at like an opportunity to play with my friends like man I'm gonna go do good work by you mean it's every four years or three years ago to work travel. And and play with my my my very best friend for a few mentally Simon yeah actually. Absolutely it is MacLeod again it just makes heard a very competitive environment but saw. Some suspect army. Acts that the warriors already not competitive or Kevin Correia got there that was a homegrown team. You know they were already playing pick to win Kevin to rest to god it went there and made it. Made it weird. LeBron going to the game took its all time for the heat. Or forty win team they weren't like that the juggernaut and in fact there are items on that team with the exception of Udonis Haslem. Wasn't even more energy or completely over but. He built a super team by doing it because how is he weighed resorted Ernie got Chris Bosh to goes well. So we built a super team to do that now calendar enjoyed a super team but it's all this it's all the same end result. You have super teams there's like three of them and are always gonna win. That's on Saturday and ends and you you kind of referenced you know Boston is a super teams like artists are getting there because they're good to him very elegant just send them a super team might not retiree and and court ruled for than OK maybe we're talking something different but. Well I think that's what kind of makes them a super team is the fact that you look at the ridiculous depth at they have that they were supposed to do what they did this last season pushing Cleveland following game 7 making to Eastern Conference finals after losing carrier Erving after and and losing their number one pick up a free agent seeing Gordon Hayward vineyard on. Follow that Jason Tait and I'll be a really nice addition you know they got Al Horford that's really nice but. You know what you think about that you at all aside and Gordon Hayward. And to this situation and you add Irving to the situation almost a year ago await him at this this team does kind of look like a super team now so it. In reality kinda miss is just leading it to seal last year because of injury but we can't act like is a super teams have never existed. The Philadelphia 76ers are one and 83 was super team. With man of Moses Malone doctor. It's always been a problem yet so it's as if it is just happily it is yeah it just happened you know it seems like it's getting worse. That the yes how it feels it's very much like you know the difference between the united and percent to 1% here and in the United States and just that back gap grows every year. And it's the one thing that we all acknowledges it's always in this way in the NBA you I mean you've never seen an eight seed ever. Win the title that happens in the NHL on a regular basis that's the difference between the two leagues that's the day I'll be current teams have made the World Series in the MLB exactly and that the times. And and in the NFL in fact the NBA's kind of unique in the fact that got one doesn't change of how many Ambien you know that's that that's also the other thing like in the NFL small command a quarterback might change the way you do things in the bud right receivers screeners marking a change the way you play. Like an MBA. It's only five guys on the floor so little LeBron. It's 1% of your team and and taken them making up for 7% of your. Of your teams like stats and everything like that's back and change everything and I think that's why it. We have the warriors it's it's unfair Mary at a Kevin Durant to a team that. Didn't he deserves and finding that you've put that in a fact and it in the Portland terms for Portland's typically you know good enough to where they're not getting a top pick in the draft they're not quite good enough to where they're going deep in the playoffs. They don't pick up three agents and where does that leave you exactly where Portland is every year just kind and purgatory and and that's the frustrating thing about being on the blazers fan and watching today's NBA as you watch sat. That gap get bigger you go man you watch Damon teams put. Amazing to watch he's he's phenomenal he he be put to an off sometimes but the same. Point he's still not LeBron James and that's the big difference and that's why Portland always going to be where they are you got somebody is good enough to keep you from getting a top pick but not any of the somebody gets over that hop. An outbreak spreads are reduced us to forgo its humorous of this is how nodding his fans who has viewed your team might fail this go by every good player. Of course the yanks have a dominant like warriors Austin thanks and fifty's that's a point. Is even in sports that allows this to happen yeah. Yeah nineteen still doesn't win ever seen earlier in a baseball isn't it dogs and again baseball's much different that one guy isn't gonna change the way interpret our got to go. Coming up next are shot rants on Father's Day. Bacillus sports amendment and.