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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Weekends where made offers sports how would you like to play for the New England Patriots from. Joseph a look at the weekend and sports with the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the Bieber everyone meat free guns and we have gone beyond. This good shards of football done via a hug aliens now you can catch TV about kids eat. Caught an alien ship not yet mr. question but I'll let you know what I do this is sports Sunday with Mike Lynch. You can't. The roof. Of you've seen as the blue. Yes. Where image and Rashad Taylor. Okay do that I can see you don't want a future here component on it was a good hustle and ESPN Sports Radio 1080. Our two interior on sports Sunday likely to shot to the retreat 11 o'clock. Coming up in twenty minutes lever here Lotus and on appeal was to Los talk a little. Aron judge plus other young star players coming up in the next segment but quickly here since we are long because that's what we do. Is that what she says she knows she says sure. Angeles ask you to. Etc. and present factual after Oregon Oregon State. I think there's a couple of really interest seeing teams to keep an eye on out for a solid it's a crazy thing to say. But I'm very intrigued by U dub because they haven't had the best recruiting class as you know so far some not so imminent gonna have a Batman is Haram as one. The and obviously when you have Chris Peterson and they're gonna you gonna assume you're gonna have a great season again. A you don't especially after last year even though it lost some players of the draft as well it is John Ross some of the defenders are into the NFL now. And so Washington is one and then I think USC is going to be while listing this year and then frankly. For a negative reason that you see limit interest. This might be Jim Mora is last chance. I'm surprised is is that we or anybody else Jim Morse does John yes like I mean he I don't know how he's. He must have dirt on somebody. Athletic director of that the president of the school. He has some incriminating pictures that he is gonna release if he gets fired for reasons it is. He Marvin Lewis must have the same agent because for whatever reason they discontinued. Hold onto jobs and RO as mediocre as advocates as head coaches for whatever reason. They always got a job. So those teams rim is there interest in and also laws do of course who is always in cinema Mike we shouldn't ever seems to fully live up to the expectations but. When Luke fall from about one more year this might give you an action do you look to those expectations so those four. Are the most interesting to me but the funny thing is no we used to relieve hang on wasn't you know really they review of the Ku did mobile. You know we haven't been able to do that for the past. Couple of years now since the early in the season having on our teams nominated are absolutely no place. They can hang up 500 yards on you through the year no problem you know every single week so. As a foul ball a house really excited whatever and just swings the bat I didn't really excited to see what is or do. But on all what do you I think you'd is the one team that while they lost people are not as concerned because. Up going to last year they lost a lot of their guys in the defensive end and yet still they were able to to perform and so looking at UW mentioned brown and coming back. Gas miles Gaskin is is coming back troop he had thirteen hundred yards to and to assess last year. Mr. receivers dependence on tape that is about it as one of those. Put heat head. They're fifteen touchdowns eleven dollars last year so he's coming back so Billick and at a team of really skilled talented people that went all the way the national championship last year. That you know have an opportunity to really make more noise in the pac twelve north so. I think really of all the teams who talk about still believe that you'd is the best team in the pac twelve Olympics USC. It is one. USC is going to be. I'm so curious because they still play home and contrite. And last year you were thinking he was a Dead Man Walking after that the seasons the way the season started. But he turned it around the image played much better football and they've gotten the top prospect in college football quarterback in Sam Arnold and whether or not believe that he's gonna. Stage two more years like he said Mellon reporter Pete gonna go to the NFL next year because the jets want him badly. It was the jets are trying to get to know what a mixture. I think they're releasing for that fact alone because he's a great quarterback which got a coach to. What is clay Helton. And it is he is he really the coach of the future is he just a guy who rallied the troops in the players like somebody's out the best actual tactical coach strategic coach I. I don't know very curious about I don't know that it it to remains to be seen a lot of dollars tweets and last season. I don't know if there was a better football team college football team than USC yeah. And he might have been the best tactical team is here you know towards the end of the year I don't think there was anybody playing better football especially in the pac twelve. The USC and in this movie Washington and that's including you do up you know who accuses mentioned they smoked when they played them so. Are looking at a look at the fact that you know. On. The losing guys you know Adori Jackson you know Leon McQuay you know that's the best to beat hit to your defense are you going to be able to have. Kind of replace those guys well again it's USC they've got scholarships offered so how Adobe just. Yeah I think the sanctions are done right so it's overall world on a dollar scholarships are from now. But yes those are those to me the most interesting story lines. And I also being orient as the top storyline this year because of the change in the turnover in the end how bad they were last year but I I would love. To see USC get back to the top of the pack told because this is more interest I agree I know an organ recipients he USC for for what they what history they had and how good they were and when they're good at the pack all the more interest it justice because the south has been. I'm for lack of better term mess that's been terrible since USC had the sanctions are kind of fell down a bit I mean sure Utah's been interesting but. Got you got to Arizona State women the pac twelve south you'd UCLA Cruz can get out of their own way. Is still playing moment Arizona State was good here yet but they were like seven and five anyone's house for 84 so. I was just it was so weird. Having that steady team down theirs is super helpful in terms of having an exciting year although it's herself look funny more cultural political talk coming up as the weeks continue once again dog whistle of all these. Camp starting in previews to read in bold yelled. Caught up with all the calls the ball out kind of from preliminary look at the tackled there can't wait can't wait is Bart Scott would say aren't coming up next. Erin judge in the other young players in sports this is sports on them. Weekends were made. It offers. This is sports is under review Mike in Russia spontaneity and the man. Teddy junior owner Sunday morning likely to shut dealer with you on sports Sunday just goes on here as well. There's really mean wrap up the show in about forty minutes ago and his dilemma coming up where we'll have our first. Competition while it feels like we've been in down in a minute yes even those who do now various are on one last week. No I didn't I didn't know I. Well I used to make it competition when somebody opener. It's always accomplish and where she talked about this on the air I went Enola. I'm not gonna take to win this week because I didn't have anybody could be worth I'd play the winner Sam any he didn't even take it and donors and then and then Jesse says. Rashad wins and diesel and power while the difference. On the I mean these w.s. Well you're you're like up now if you're taken those w.s replicate a fork so I mean on and on and all the dentists usually. So. So the home run derby was this week Tuesday. And yankees rookie Gary judge who has been taken the sport by storm and is adamant taking scorers the sports world by storm won the home run derby. Went up in the bracket format went up against Justin Bora the Marlins threw it 22. Which was the most by far down appointed judge hit 23. To beat them and then one of an ending seventeen in twelve or something when the last two rounds so he went home run derby here it's the roof of Marlins park twice which I read an article which would of proves that he's better than NASA scientists. Because. They actually had NASA. Do you tasks. To figure out how hold you should make Marlins park's roof so that no ball whatever that it. And airing judge hit it twice. Once a batting practice and once during the derby and city he broke NASA scientist. And he is just been an absolute star. Over the last few months that we haven't seen in baseball while a guy that. Not only is getting the attention. What is also a freakish athlete who we just don't see him based cover off I mean he's six foot seven and 280 pounds. You just don't see that very much won't keep you don't see that in days. That's what LeBron James was when he came to the NBA you know six foot 8260. Pounds like you don't see. Freak athletes like that that are nineteen result in a hole goes. 120. I don't know he was born in. Ninety two's he's 24. At this point yet and we've so. I'm looking at the sky and just kind of burst onto the scene and he's impossible. Not to watch you know you look at dispatchers what it's like give Jeff some margin remember when he played for. Notre Dame. And he was just dismantle its big tight end them wrong again like this it's a march at the plate. But he can actually swing and actually did like this dude. You have it's almost like when your turn to ruin the Yankees have to be almost like they are now it's impossible not to. It's used. As he might hit one maybe two over and I'll depart today once and missed that so. He's become must see TV for as far as watching baseball and I think you guys all know that I'm. The definition of a fringe fans you know so while watching. Only when it's kind of exciting World Series super exciting ya gotta watch for a home run derby. How exciting I have to watch you know put air judge is and the fact he plays for the Yankees. I think Major League Baseball it is on cloud nine that they have this guy that can represent New York. Much the way Jeter did doesn't like you missed in this like off air. He's. Closer to Jeter than he is the Bryce Harper yet he's so personality wise he's very reserved she kind of says the right things she seems to be a one of those leader type guys and a gigolo and is easily and if he's gonna live in New York is gonna play in New York keys that should be news. His mindset of the way he kind of approaches. Things in New York is dead media will and the fans will eat you alive until you you know your mr. East Coast aren't you anything about. The way they do and Ortiz put. I I think air judge is going to be the face of baseball now here's what scares me. Is it going to be your cell weak situations where he burst on the scene. And an aegis kind of dwindled you know or. Lycos and remember that that week that Matt Kemp was super popular and he was like one of the best players in that we he almost won MVP on the that I say we obviously over exaggerating but Mac camp for like a year. In the year and a half was the bee's knees and now I can tell you what's in place. So don't. Don't doctors and is. Now there's gonna walk off homer and her game when he missed. That. And job action you know sorry yes sealed windows and I'm. I apparently camps on the part of what's okay so what what were you break your right what team is exactly what to look let's split us up the pars on the greens Mac simply means a and so a look at them saying this could be the guy along with Bryce Harper along with Mike Trout. That really and bring baseball back of two before for a I think there'd been doing a really good job of trying to get. Younger kids involved. And watch baseball again I think guys like this route which really gonna drive the sport. Also this tax a resident says over sixty S has sought about judged it 170 last year tapped breaks. I understand there might I'd I agree that there could be a fallen back to earth but I've watched every Yankee game is almost every Yankee game this year. Yes he won seventy last year breeze completely changed his approach at the plate he just. He very rarely swings at bad pitches does he doesn't used to chase everything now he bit he barely does. He's hitting 320. And has thirty home runs so it's not like he's hitting just he's not like Adam Dunn hitting forty hitting 210 right. He hit them all all fields he hasn't polled given polled more home runs in his hit to center right so he's a very. Even hitter. Who hits for average and power. So of course pitchers are gonna try to adjust to him and I'm sure he'll go response is not going to be the he's harder hit 350 career although I'd love if he did. He's not he's not Mike Trout right might try to so the best player in baseball this might trouble hit 320 career because it's incredible. I'm just saying that area judge is appearing to be. One of those top pieces in baseball and the fact he's on the Yankees is gonna help a lot to be mean even if people don't like the Yankees. He still pay attention little because they're the Yankees and that's and that's going to be in the coming hopes. On board but I think of all the New York teams and the Yankees are the most embrace. You know I think there's still a big portion of basketball fans who don't like the next. Of the drew me a lot of people who. Maybe I don't know maybe the giants are known as people have problem with the giants know reportedly the jets. In the giant you know book I think the Yankees are the one team that even if you don't like the Yankees are still Wear that hat. It's still it's still classic still fresh and so now you've got a guy. That can. Sell what doesn't seem to be sold by anybody and in yankees merchandise or whatever cases so I think they've knocked up apart energize them like Arnold what other young athletes. Could coming just less and less is going because the Texans right he had won seven last year rose how to mafia like I was saying. And up and of course defend this Oprah six yesterday sure he also walked twice and it was a 11 game in the sixteenth inning so nobody is getting hit the opinion. So you gotta you gotta look at it with little room we got on this couple times always struck out twice which. For him is not that many times actually in baseball right now is not a much as everybody struck out yesterday so. It's gonna throw. And ultimately I am sure I am biased split does look at a guy who can bring that excitement you know we continue to say that will never see. Mark McGwire. Sammy Sosa kind of summer of love again like army and it's probably it's probably true never see. You know somebody at seventy and then my turnaround and it you know will do when McGwire hit the first time. 63. Or four I just remember I think it was like a sophomore. In high school in junior high school when he when they were chasing that record was super cool but maybe now we'll get a chance to see. And now it's a three man race between harper. And and judge. Trout from a maestro like all of a sudden you got three guys that can really be the face of baseball much like LeBron staff. And Durant are the face mask and west first concrete into the iceberg yet Westbrook is creek repayment of that. I think that 400 million dollar man James Harden is creeping into that so. But I I like the question you ask who's who's next right for all the sports right through judge in in harper entrusting me those guys in baseball there's what artist you. The first to come to mind for me are the three quarterbacks in the NFL James Winston Marcus Mario at a dirt car don't forget Kirk cousins he hasn't updated news. But Kirk cousins is not a future star to me. I'm talking like future. Like stones of the league next in the year's start I'm thinking in Winston Mario them car I don't. Kirk cousins whatever and Kirk cousins. And I don't know he's he's on the face of the NFL. Kirk cousins. He's gonna miss this franchise right that you see and that's the funny thing but yet he keeps putting up. You know outcrop and ten season is enough I'm not talking just about number you gotta have the whole package right well what what what part of the package does he not have that their car passed. I'm just curious. I mean other than the fact that he has been named Kirk cousins attached to him and he was not a high round. To me the the of the face in front of the media he did the fun little. You're like that. But that's like all the UC from Kirk cousins dirt cars is that's not his fault that he's not in the eye of the media and book but that's because the media though is doing the exact same thing that you're doing right now and not giving him credit for what he's done on the field at noisier and more on the give Jesse dying on the Kirk cousins parents are like he's got more on the on the field then I'm so. The markets mail it has. Wolf sorry but also is not just about stats were talking about. Everything we're talking about the whole package right. Like when we talk about Erin judge. It's not just the fact he's hitting well he's also good with my tournament just media attention and talking good with the media right he's a good interview he has fallen you know I can it. To meet Kirk cousins doesn't have. Nearly any of that I I don't. Understand that but that's the thing they don't show that that that that. Ever since Kirk cousins has been in Washington. He's not been looked at as a franchise quarterback you they've always made excuses it's why he shouldn't be the starting in order back to Washington who exactly but the fact of the matter is since he's been a starter in Washington. He's been a top ten quarterback in this league I also think Republican aides to Republican million ounces. But Powell's Kirk cousins he's barely for what five years. That still hasn't other easily 1012 years what's a result when guys are 2310. To our market is still there two or three years younger than he has and employs twenty so that that's still young come on. I'm 34. Right when Jesse were the conversation here is like guys who have been in league for a year 2000 conversation. I sort I mean I I was as we're talking about so. That's why I mention those guys 'cause car and Mario and incidentally for. Two years I just I still have a hard time putting guys like Marietta and Winston in that spot yet. Which were not want to disagree I did not expect Kirk cousins fire from Jesse I. I think Kirk cousins. Sorry in Arabic conversation there and washed and it is are idiots for not give that man. You'll you'll find Kirk cousins the top fifteen guys you know maybe possibly top ten depending on your talked to Jesse for sure. But obviously you don't if you'll find there's 32 teams like army and go out and get get the quarterback makes most sense for Kirk cousins the past three years. Like you said has. Done exactly which which were rectitude Kirk cousins isn't giving love nor respect because he plays for Washington and Washington is a disaster. Of a franchise in doesn't know how to take a star when they have one and turn him into a star. Kirk cousins could be a star if Washington just wanted to turn him into war. I think her cousins and this is my half of my hot Kirk cousins take you're right there's not a factor about Kirk cousins but he is very good. He is good but to me there's no it's factored into either isn't a factor which Amos and with markets are it was dark art. Again you can agree or disagree it's opinions but asses that's that's kind of what I think command. We also were to say we had a break and also an American junior was warmer thinking of as well as a possible future star yuppies pace of the game. He's a kind of artists are but. I can be decent game Qaeda do on advertisements crate with the media. You're getting sting out troubled that more you know but in general lesson together. Think we could look up there as well are coming up next head of love at first just your sports. Weekend sports with a different subject. This is sports Sunday with Mike average job opportunities but I. Tend to seven here on the fan. Sports Sunday it is time for him to love it's Jesse rule. Give us a query in question pose a something to think about and we will both answer you will give us points or take away points as this news. Job as. The gatekeeper. Mediator I would senator shadows of the show I don't know cool me matrix he name. Good like like the gatekeeper bottom. They've redeemed like an N the and the winner gets a music in the guest host last segment which is usually two seconds desperately apparently much of reprise. Don't go getting guy that's going to start who's on first and will technically were shot one last committed and claim the win cigarette. Aren't what you wanna go first true. Should you do all right I can't. Okay we're gonna we're gonna start. In Major League Baseball hard actually got several topics for that I mean that that that there now right look netstat isn't Abrams winners today. I com. Actually just got tons talking abouts. Judge Sharon judge. In New York Yankees. Rookie in time one though. Home run derby is. Just. Beast of a man. I just got done telling you guys one of the reasons why I'm so passionate about Kirk cousins is are you very much. Appreciates. Guys that don't get the respect they deserve I think Kirk cousins one of those guys. They're right now there's a certain rookie out there that's getting overshadowed. Iron judged. Because. It's mad home runs nets with Cody don't jerk you up on the that LA. Dodgers now color coded all Ballinger. Is being overshadowed by judge but after completing the cycle the first rookie to do it since 2013. That was Mike Trout I do believe. Belcher actually. Should be the one current law actually will be the one to have the better career when it's all said and done. Consider this your first shot. Considering that we just spent fifteen minutes talking about here and judge now he can be the face. Of baseball and now wants to any of this mention Cody Ballinger as great of a seasons haven't. With the Dodgers first rookie to hit the cycled 71 win over the Marlins. I'm only saying that because that's what the goal is tell me right now. About Cody bell injured. Well our media again it's one of those things where it. This is what baseball needs lots of young. Man talent that's that's able to kind of carry a sport. I'm looking and energize them looking at the six foot eight frame and omelet or six of seven frame. And the 290. Or eighty pounds like that's those are things you can't teach pony Ballinger you know. It doesn't seem that keys that day Tom usher moments probably give me all 642. It's still still very big you know in the and that's and it sucks is because. You're talking about beast of a person in and energizes happens to be hidden. 320. Right now to give a reason really mind. Thirty home runs that's that is like it hit thirty home runs like it's hard to have to say that. This guy we'll have a better career than somebody who started out the gate just on fire so I'm gonna go ahead. That looks like you'll be very good play again it's hard to tell. A mosque. A heated could it challengers is really really good and you're right he's not getting anywhere near the respect that he did he deserves this year because of how well are just sitting diligently hitting 270. But is hitting homers at the rate that judges but. He's got 26 homers they didn't get called up until a couple weeks into the season some is kind of on that same taste. He also was in the home run derby did not win his first truck competition in the bracket but it hit. Plenty good look at home runs helix high you think really really high credible potter and there's very strange. The deputies and LA is very helpful for him though so you mentioned young players there's been a lot of great young players the last five years in baseball. The problem is that they've been on teams that don't get a lot of pole and my trust in an LA quote unquote but he's in Anaheim nobody tons of Anaheim's. I've Bryce Harper's and the nationals he gets some polka is in DC. Carlos Correa is on the Astros nobody talks about Houston payment child goes on Baltimore nobody talks about Baltimore Andrew McCutcheon was in Pittsburgh or talked about him. No all of their their he's been there but they haven't been in the big markets now. You've got married judge in new York and Cody bella during LA Dodgers are one of the two best teams in baseball at the Astros are now both over sixty wins. I think Gary drizzle of a better career just from watching both of them I think judges have better hitter but I think you're gonna see kind of a little. Silent battle between the two and two different leagues in the two biggest markets in the country. Going Gavin against each other trying to be the best player in each in each league. And for sure they're both open market refute your this year one meal one of self and is being just a bit recruits policy. Eight it just so you know Russia and they're not doing too bad he didn't you rack up the point of all Swiss army and that was in those kind of an unfair question. But I digress I rides. Steer him we have. A NBA question NFL question from the nursing her Mayweather question another MLB questioned much allied to face off. A national breast question. Well as our professional wrestling but it certainly come out that way and because you said that why not. All right my clicker Mayweather just in a world tour and you know McGregor wore a suit that sand after used some things came out now the study McGregor is considered a race is and we got all sorts of things because they went to Florida from places. And tried to put on the WWE. Show love or hate after all of this pulls a polarizing. Shows that they just put on. You will find a way to watch that fights and love. I was gonna watch the fight anyway listen if this doesn't get you excited then I don't know what what else does not musical. You have the tomb most bracket doses and talkative people that we've ever seen since Mohammed Ali as far as combat sports men. Whether it's quick to let you know about the money he has about everything that he's the one about the greatness yet. McGregor is quick to let you know about the money he's making about the people he knocks out and now we can't wait to do it. You good to go to the two guys with the exact same DNA they're going in there and how you're just people who just haven't choosing sides here's what I don't like. People tend to love Connor McGregor for whatever reason but he stole Mayweather his entire schtick. From the from the flashy suits to the big fur coats to the glasses to the walked to everything I read this is all. Floyd Mayweather junior's. Bagged and and cart McGregor stole nestled native Floyd but we left Conner for whatever reason I don't I don't quite understand that I. I commit to dudes who are clearly and it about the money and on McGregor was on some it was kind of racist. Very races was awesome dance boy in a sand dance monkey stuff well fees were paid attention. McGregor is the monkey to Mayweather because this is the biggest payday he's ever got his life. He looks to make about a hundred million in this fight I think McGregor is last fight was like what. And I think. Eight so you're gonna go from making eight million to 9000200. Million potentially provide Floyd Mayweather junior you should be on your hands and knees and thanking him. Every single chance she did I cannot wait to see despite this could be the death of boxing or USC takes a huge black guy and both literally have to. I hate it and I'm gonna raise my hand and say I don't care. I just general fund I just don't care about this fight. And only one. Because Floyd Mayweather is gonna mop the floor with common McGregor it's boxing know wouldn't prefer boxers can't punch Floyd Mayweather. Did you see the side by side images of them are videos of them practicing Carter Gregor looked like she was. Boxing in quicksand. Is punching so slow. He's not going to be able to do it which now has been the storyline is interest in right top boxer vs top UFC fighter. But they're not doing it. In a fairway because of the ball. In the fairway exactly is a fairway there is still fairly in the octagon so Reza kicks is exactly is doing. The idea of it is interesting and I understand why people are gonna watch it if you wanna watch it that's fine. I don't like fighting it's never been a sport that I cared about but even if I did it. I know how bad this is going to be and that's why I just don't care this is going to agree there. It's not go to school Mayweather he's going to teach to Raleigh him. Well this will result has always been on Oracle's go back to work Lewis forty you know Mayweather has not you are of course young and spry chicken and here's the call part of a Mayweather. The only reason we care about him is that number that's before the dash. Forty you know. That's the only reason because if he's forty and one we don't care. He's just another box at the fact that Floyd could possibly be 41 into its would do this not you have to. You've you've you've got to like that you got to appreciate that like I just don't care and maybe. The best of the best of the best now he has the beat the best right now well I just I don't know I it's sort of his forty he still is fast and doesn't get hit anybody. Yes most. That's in sentencing and you think he's gonna lose to a guy who's never. Bill boxer before it's not gonna happen but the one thing about customers funeral Austin when he hits you. You feel. You're gonna wobble your got to hope back up a little bit you know rule and he hits you you definitely know. The Macgregor scares me is not gonna hit. And a scary users Carrie he's a great weather SaaS Gary McGregor skilled workers and her crazy and as entertaining as these press conferences may have been. Although I think for us too much because they did them back to back to back that is. As entertaining as they as they are ideally that's going to be the most entertaining part of all of it is depressed. All right you you guys you elected him loose points on the back and forth you actually could gain more points he just what brought up Mayweather is age a little bit earlier but don't get points on the back and forth and so goods on our rights last one lets try to make the slightly quicker. NFL. The NFL players have been. Look around. The sports world and they trouble look of the amusement on their face they know they're in the number one lead in the world. Bingo that they're league makes the duke go bucks yet they are the one league that doesn't have guaranteed contracts there are the ones league. That. Just really doesn't compensate their players very well for what they get now. Despite that the fact that NFL's king those with a real power as the only players the QBs a wide receivers though the beast of the world. Already get paid. And are not going to be willing to do what is needed to fix the problem. And that is the next to strike at the next collective bargaining agreement lover hate. They'll leave players will keep. The other players from moving forward with with the contracts. A league players gaffe. Look cheese. Against. I guess loved you know the players come officers for me I think at the end of the day everybody's out to get what they feel like they have come until and I think right now you're seeing the part the bubble burst so much in the NBA. To where guys are getting to know James Harden signed a 148 million dollar extension you know stay with the team. And I think NFL guys that are out there risking their bodies every single player look at that thing. Why don't our top players not names that are quarterbacks kidnapped government and so. But what is gonna take is it's gonna take those top ten players that are getting paid to say you know this is right. And they're gonna sit out or whatever well I think I'll know they're gonna do that I just think there's. There's too much money for the stars or the the faces a franchise to make. Then to say we're gonna strike to help the little guy and I just think that you know there too many guys too that make too much money. They don't wanna. Possibly lose some of that money you know. He's TV deals are upwards you know ten. Billion dollars you know from for the NFL so. These guys are higher. Owners and the GMs and everybody else is making money and I think that both players start to see that we want some of those. NBA bread too I just don't know if they're gonna get it because to get that it's going to take. Richard charming saying man this is not right it's going to take. Oh dealt Beckham and all the faces of to come out and say man this is what we want we're looking out for all of our Brothers and to shield the truth is a pasting players in general or just look more selfish that they don't. Aren't really caring about other people's. So I I hated because I think the bat. The way that you you're seeing the money being handed out in the NBA especially right now. It's waking up some people it really is if you've heard the Richard Sherman comments he's going. Guys. Players need to sing it. I want guaranteed money you'd need to sign a three year deal fully guaranteed and then sign another one don't sign six years and only get three years guaranteed. Because. James Harden. Just got. And it was a 170 million dollar extension which makes his contract to one certainly 38 million dollars. All fully. Kearin. T he gets every single dime not thinking on taxes on this no income tax. Every single time. Of that contract while he's playing visually baseball has fully guaranteed. Contracts the National Hockey League has fully. Guaranteed contracts. At some point. The money boom that we're seeing in sports we're seeing in every single one don't forget Bryce Harper might get paid 400 million dollars in his next contract. And main image how to might as well fully guaranteed at some point NFL players are gonna go. Women rarely rarely do we make the most money isn't as a as a lead by far. Billions and billions of dollars Roger Goodell gets paid forty million dollars a year by the I spoke clearly and were only getting. 13 of our do you guarantee the Mac can be pulled away from us if we get hurt you know some of the money that we're supposed to get the men in a minute we're gonna get fully guaranteed contracts affected the NFL can make that work obviously because cell. I say hey can only govern life prolonged. Wow. Points points well and seeing new quick telling hearing had to Rashad to their wit. Seven. We have Mike Lynch win at. Eight it's. Thank you thank you Arianna don't Powell wrap up the show next here on sportsmanship. We can't sports where the difference. Sports Sunday quit my favorite show 1080. He missed any of the show today will be on the less Schwab tires podcast which you can find on today to defend dot com. In on the 1080 the fan apps can look on the right side of the vehicles with an on demand of the website declined our show it'll be a mayor. Semen kinda deal with the gap. We gotta go I mean. I think that we completely and utterly. Just. Went way too long but it love it so flexible agree there is like 1052. Commercially this. So Roger Federer anyone again went in the end than flawless fashion he didn't lose a set the entire. Timing was in Wimbledon he's so old and he's keeps winning just he says he just wins and as Roger Federer is either. Is that the best tennis player Milton is clear well thought yes. I would after grabbing its I don't know honestly who else has done this long. And in this dominant I don't know when Pete Sampras tired but he wasn't enough you retired him. Here is the one who retired and sit and I got argued Nadal because Nadal beat Federer a lot. But Udall is stated in Federer was Nadal beat Federer on clay like that's where he beats Federer when they play there or ever play on clay he always gets for the most part on grass but all it's about. All right farce that's good do it for us. We'll be back next week full show again. Sports Sunday. Thank you for texting him listening. I hope you're very good rest but it can. This superb. He gave me the nicest longest season in him from. So good.