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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Can sports where the difference. That I voted to go underground in center name of it matters. We'll start a look at the weekend in sports with the U inside story on the blazers the ducks and the beavers are. This is sports Sunday we've Mike Lynch please family room better. Group that is a car. Yeah it's so weak car and Rashad Taylor who would you stop got Kemp's big sunk. Look up part walked out on ESPN's Sports Radio can't eighty France. Well the whole gang is back together today each year on sports Sunday. In effect until now. It's foolish if we had. The Rashad is not sick though dying. I'll tell you it go is I don't know little coupon was courtroom what you have to go to the doctor or urgent care unit which is worse and the Doctor Who is. I mean it's kind of like the doctor but kind of like not number one I like how simple it is because the doctors leave Jamaica employment. United there might be away urging carrier just like I have here a few bad you really not that urgent. Echo lake they told rails and the way for like two hours. Soon sit really like feel terribly humid we went through two additional hours to tell me while Phil. So terrible so I thought I had strep throat. And look at programs whose hard to swallow little bit on Saturday written Winokur. Take a look back there seemed a little you know why pockets that are better on the little and he golfing. You know really it's really medical terms here and a lot of you know it's over you know week. Did you know I don't question how's it actually. But only to watch house. I did what else was injured. Wasn't but it was a good show a positive experience or is Cain. She's the most he was a jerk but he wasn't really he had sought soul inside he was. Covering you know with painkillers and with anger. It's never. Those two I like -- anger and pain killers together never good idea as you know. Into there has been a prediction house panel we prediction anyway so our goal and I'm like OK we will be swab your row which is weird as we stick this. Oh being down or throw it almost from dry heat on them. Lovely lady you have got to support it and it's Hogan and have shrapnel like no I definitely have stripped it hurts in their rightful holder came back negative. And public OK so as their like be medication should give her no T. It's and throw at us or throw. It was that the worst sort of knowing headaches. Like it was Kenny because you can't swallow anything so that was real lost pounder that happens which is why I've made it into the spew your. He went to the doctors to get the prescription. T yeah also talking this is what happens when it was over. To urgent care that's like these are the guys that probably get likes he has renounced his better. No it's a three day I mean that's that's like three as you'd better this lawsuit it's it's a sore throat and you probably had policies of some sort and you've got better in three guys like it was it was the worst. And so you always there had only I still think. Not not today throat was hurting a little bit up until like Thursday book for the most part and it was better now. I get off just felt like I shouldn't come. And be on the show just dragging him not able to believe I don't talk in if you were contagious. All of us would have gotten sick and then you know you can't have them Reyes station and you're using them microphone which. Three other shows use him would have been so pissed Aaliyah ball that you could have gotten three pupils that could've gotten cam dirt and suit also are. Yeah it's a lassie would of got me sick on Wednesday. And I wouldn't of why would apartments are excellent and that is everybody favors like man armed to say yeah that's Wednesday that's the thing in and you know sometimes. When you have to go to work and not feeling well you know it proved you can push tour and do your job in radio it's generally like if you feel sick. Get out of here yeah because in these kind of environment sickness spreads like wildfire. Because you got these little Mike screens on the microphones that never get cleaned. And let the literally smells like grass never did cleaned being honest and things just say you know you this once drilling Newser there's nothing disgusting and yet but. After awhile you'll start seeing some weird things on the is. And also we all shared keyboards and mice and rob like justices microphones Alia he sticks his mouth on it like for instance has been cleared technically you're supposed to have like. About four inches between your mouth in the microphone ended it is disgusting watch dropped just how like. And hail that things you generally know he generally touches as he gets this yes it's so much and it has talked a normal was definitely a blow yours out of listening and headphones but. I don't basis. And teach their own its public fund and so but he does have the immune system of a one year old baby and Schumacher from probably does not help him much so I decided to make sure always to get sick and took care looks good and there's something about you. Was loosely mark retreated about how much about your wife asked me about your girlfriend and now used while. Well to make sure that they can get sick like them probably more like you guys. Offense just saying. That's probably that's you know it's fair. A specialist. And she's but jubilant thing is nicer she's she's probably much cool. Yes that's that's the thing in behind the scenery is if anyone's a little bit sick it's like you'd. Pitcher X arms up in just good to hear you this have them send them on their way because you don't want the music. We are all back today and because at least for now there's no sports on re watching and and we will be watching it for the accelerant to the Yankees start. And this is one of my favorite sports miserable time it's probably mine as well it's the best for utilized in a row licences. That version. America beautiful every year just about what doesn't because of this early apps. Round of a lot of sound possible but sad but a no word soaker now well. Well known and you can just recited during the break option two is Mal that went with the with a muted TV actually put it as well. But the sport Sunday welcome in Texas on the bridge perverse sex on a 55305. Miles above us on Twitter at and into the Santa might wince when he seven Matt Taylor made by both Koreas were shot and Jessica Jesse Osmond a as the mam. Last year we spent a lot of time talking about the boys in the summer league. We talked about psychologists first and it was one or two games early at that point or performances we talked about again. Rocket has been really any talent that today because it's summer league and we had our opinions last week. Not much has changed slowly gets played really well. But again it's early it's really really really hard to take anything personally so the blazers are playing in the semi finals of the tournament and they were the sixteen seeds sell out something equally yes you're correct wanna be excited about the output. Bowler will be today we'll talk a little blazers rumor because there is a pretty big quote obviously we have discussed. But we're gonna take our first Dowell in the pac twelve football today. We're gonna spend. I don't know an hour may be talking about the doubts that leaves the rest of the pack told sky however flows out but. This week was the first week in a very long time that it fell right. To think about and talk about the packed well it. It was partially because there is no sports on for a couple of days it was all star break in baseball. Whose justice are really going on in your gondolas football coming in and something about the docs is something about the leaves in the pac twelve and we'll just do that today while a lot of time talking about Pavel also. Talk about or judge. On the home in the home run to read to talk about the turbulent last week when you're out but you. My fringe baseball fan a fan friend. May have a new baseball that baseball player in my and I'm very excited. You mentioned him in the same light as your excitement for us sealed we've which closed spread through four years ago now. And that is airing judge and we'll talk about him plus some of the other future athletes. We'll. Didn't want to come watch you were young players kind of brings sports or in the next five tenure so we'll talk about the opposite problems coming up attempted to like always. Thoughts are with the blazers let's start with a with a bullet Bob from yesterday and Ager blows around ski reports you know he's he's right you know he's got his information. That the blazers. Will only help facilitating Carmelo Anthony trade. It's JR the team. Getting Carmelo Anthony. Which was. Mind blowing to me when I saw that dieters ate the blazers don't leak anything right. Indeed every report we've seen every rumor we've heard has been. They want to give up players and they would help facilitate the trade me to take on Ryan Anderson or another player like Brian Anderson. Just to clear some bad salaries Albany yet about salary and there's been fully get it. I think blazer fans are sad because it was something because the blazers have done literally nothing. But. Now all of this thing this whole idea of Carmelo Anthony here this will march to get and it gives you a little bit more. Excited error saying it's always interesting especially because. Carmelo Anthony is going to all of lessons you'll be on people can feel the way whatever way they wanna feel about Jimenez as a player which is really. Unfortunate because he came on the same draft was LeBron and he weighs so and boss so anything he does at this point is just kind of a let down if he doesn't win the championship is because his peers have been so successful with the exception of Chris Paul. But I'm uploading the blazers finally got Smart sentiment we're not about the make a team was already committed that are. We're gonna we're gonna help facilitate the straits of Houston can be even better than they are now. Now that they got Chris Paul. Oh let's go ahead and give them Carmelo Anthony to while we'd lose I'm glad the blazers decided. Now we're not we're gonna efforts in the west and get better in the west it's gonna be just right now is go to war with one team that hasn't made a big move or any move. In free agency at this point we look at the draft we mentioned that Collins. I I think it is that's where we can kid was is the one that really. It's is going to be the diamond in the rough right now and opting to just judging from the way he moves. Which everybody talked about a slow feet and everything that he looks pretty active. Around the boards and stuff so he looks like some energy budget brings of that. Might be a bright spot 414 book artist don't know. If Melo is. The duke plays like this is that not not that you need a wing player not that type of wing player well I mean for one. Will remove my bias. And tell you why I think it is a good move without my buyers' trust me. I'm ignoring my phantom here I think general Anthony would be awesome in a in the red and black and I think he would fit here. In maybe not the best way. But he's got he would figure they Asher looked alternately white nights and we'll finish the discussion on it here on sports on an alternative. Sports Sunday where's my camera show. Kennedy but I. My sixteen. You're a sports Sunday on the fans might miss the shot to refute until 11 AM just jas been here as well. Discussing major roads aroused he had report. He had ESPN here the top reporting source. In the MBA although a look you've noticed there's a guy who worked for the vertical as image shams something or other. And he's actually scooped quote a couple of times in two left the vertical. He's actually got the report first I wonder if bush is either letting him have some as like I'll keep the vertical going go to Chris Broussard from my information but he actually. Out of golf all want to be wrong and yes. So. But what draws you had this yesterday says blazers. Will only help facilitated Camellia Dmitry from the knicks if they are the team getting Carmelo Anthony's he'd have to waive his no trade clause to include not just the cavs in the rockets but also Portland. Sodium in my mind this means you'll see once Carmelo Anthony. Not Ryan Anderson or. He just is not gonna help another team in the last get better. By facilitating a tree that would get. The rockets Carmela price he doesn't wanna be the guy who helps. Another team's land ahead of them in the Western Conference standings but in all fairness like who who would you want Carmelo riders Camilla. How I think that's a pretty easy. You know this those are my options given meld so I am. Obviously Syracuse grad and the pacers you span and I've been known to blindly support component in the past partially for fumble partially because early Camelot. But I'm trying my best to strip away about bias for for the for the sake of this conversation but. I really do you think back Carmelo Anthony for the blazers would be eight dude in addition. To the team. I understand there's a lot of nerves surrounding it thrown at him because he's of proving to be a very selfish player in New York. She doesn't really try very hard all the time he's a great shooter he's a great isolation basketball player I need to craters are shopper well but it. You know he's been a good defender he does that and try and but I understand the nerves about manners in the negative aspect on colonel Anthony again it however. Would Carmelo Anthony BA upgrade over Mo heartless at the three or Evan Turner at the history. Yes of course he would. He still one of the better players in the NBA sure res older insurer is not top ten anymore probably is prized top fifteen or something but. If you can get Carmelo Anthony. And he could be your third guy. That is either gonna be. Open for shoot for for three point shots and Melo is a great three point shooter. Or. Just maybe he plays like it is team USA's final minute team with a lot of talent he really is ever had. Not yours on the nuggets and hours on New York he's never really had a lot talent around them. If you players on the team when Damian Miller CJ McCollum and use of markets as long as America's place as opposed to last year in the short sim games. Then. Melo might actually fit like he's young team USA and try and play or defense and be more of a team player maybe that's maybe that's wishful thinking. But I'm looking at doing this to be the best team he would play on similar to beat you went to the rockets have been the best he's ever played. And because of that I'm willing to give it ago why not. Why not give it a shot. I realized that he's better than any player that you have right now is an illusion of salute and honest I think when you look at the blaze is one thing we know as the event that. Salary cap is she you'd actually like for everybody that's getting paid from metro blazers team did you add. Whatever Melo is contractors remaining so I don't know of these two years left on the deal that was 125 billion. So I mean it's kind of hampers to do anything. Else if you kind of warning to put. I don't know what is Phil like the one thing the blazers need is one of six and twice and mill and a so if the blazers need a perimeter defenders as the one thing that they've. They don't have like they've got scoring they've gotten balanced scoring between what. What Dayne can give you with CJ can give you now America which is Padraig is gonna give you seventeen and twelve. Every night with a full season but under him probably around there you know you hope you know he's gonna give you right around. The wanting the blazers don't need is more scoring they need some might to stop the other two oldest guy from scored. Of course any defense but they do need more scoring one of the biggest reasons is why should we discovered in the playoffs in late in the season was. If demon siege organ and covered well nobody was gonna score. As you know mark has had the three you know alpha green for me was I didn't three know Evan Turner's other industry in Allen Crabbe is gonna hit it every three games and then go to sleep for two games. So you need somebody else who can score if you do it's really funny that you're saying we'd we don't mean. Offense we need defense we have a perimeter defense of player the complaint that position and turner. But we all want to send amount of app. I gotta tell it the clintons that's because he can't shoot a three in the in the thing is is. You know what well. It's hard to find a guy that can shoot the three who complained the end and do it all mud I'm if you could just. Get those guys everybody be good there and they're not easy to find that's like every team typically household right now our biggest hole is. The three and I'm. What do you think his defense is great or not you're looking at a ten time all star gold medal Olympian. You're looking at a guy who is eager to win it in you think about when is the last time this team was in the Western Conference finals. You went you've got yourself a thousand or not yet that you Witten you got yourself Scottie Pippen. At the end of his career. And he helped get you to the Western Conference finals if you could say hey we're gonna ship out. You know a couple of these bad contracts used a future pick or maybe even two and maybe even throw in like is that Collins in there and a Kenner. There is to get Melo and a chance to around at least in Western Conference finals I would do that. I just think there and we got this tax remembered for protects and I committed to more just like the Paul George trade. You make the mellow traded if you can't either way we'll have dean CJ emplacement of living in the twelve to eighteen. Spot in the league you're living in this are competing in the six to eleven range of mellowed do it. I would change of rain just a little bit but I agree. I think you could very well be competing for the four if you have mellow on this team because I think you could argue that the blazers would have a big four. Because there people parties say they have a possible Big Three of Turkish lives up to the hype from last year when you do victory. And Melo would just add to that it would be big for now obviously there would be negatives to it not every player comes with a perfect track record of solid this would be. The best possible move right there would obviously be negatives to it by. You even mention if either way if they don't care about the luxury tax rate which we heard may be the case we heard a Paul Allen was like do an unfair open dish money it's a big deal. So they don't Kara luxury tax and they can do it right. Or. Even if they do and they trade a couple players and maybe they give up somebody they were trying to hold on to you bottom of that would be but they get rid of some players. Then kind of sort it will even itself out little but the mil contract obviously is still bigger but the other two years to you insult like it's Paul George rental thing because. As much as I was championing the Paul George attempt rent a one of them go to Paul George. I also knew that there is a very slim chance you dismissed him Portland police Carmelo would have two years substance which act idea. And outs I mean I guess I know Melo is an amazing score Melo is also like you talked about your outlook from element why would we were two of utmost. That was one of my arguments about how old man you should not be a matter Carmelo Anthony from the way his career is on as his kind of eased. Bit on bad teams like you just kind of said and this would be an opportunity for him to be on a great seeing a missed trying to figure out outside it was outside of mellow scoring. Why would what makes people think you'd be a great fit your thereby always talks so much about it fit and and culture and all of this type stuff and then we go out and get. Carmelo anti semite who doesn't fit of the blazer culture even in an all of them are between me and work just one of those things like coming up I think the problem is we don't know if you would please don't. Am hoping Carmelo would be of he's going to be fine you know you're not talking about a 24 year old kid at this point Melrose. 33 you know at this point so I think she would fit most anywhere would he be able to fit with two bald Dominick. Artillery let's be honest these days they scored he's not a facilitator playmaker Damien Willard. Is he scores he's not a facilitator playmaker he is he is they scored that's what he does well like so now you can but if you want to Houston. He's gonna be playing we James Harden it was a well who's a facilitator and they're both probably more dominant then. But ultimately play makers and facilitators mutiny of dancing journey the one of the pardon won't be once Chris Paul is there he'll he'll be the guy taken all the shots may have a hard has averaged eight assists for the pill over eight assists for the past four seasons yeah I mean so he's from my who's going to get his of his teammates. Involved as played capella doesn't score unless he gets on the ball. So I'm a look at that like OK that I Cutler I. I think you're looking at owns one I think deems a better passer than you're giving them credit for these passport because he. Aston Villa score like you're on a team where you have you've already stated this you'll only have one other score on your team like. Win winged demon CJ are down there's nobody else to lead this team in scoring there's no third option you wanna call markets the third option where. We're still not sure yet he's supposed to be that defense a presence. And he is a good shooter but he's he's not that third option you want a guy who can literally rained threes from the outside a downtrend on a host of exactly. And this gives you that the Melo is already like I don't know if you remember this that Mel already conceded last year that he would play last time. To allow these younger guys to develop he's already started that where I don't need to be big guy I think he wants to win more than. Anything at this point he's he's he's ever seen as friends. Most of them with the exception of Chris Paul Neil win and have really a lot of great success that's the thing is he's aging right up at some point your career. As good as he may be in isolation basketball you have to realize that. If you get on a team a lot of good players you should probably not play though. And I'm sure they would build some other offense around him obviously that would come haft he has this is a unique style of play calico that a with Evan Turner remembered him in the options for change. But. The way I look at it is you gotta go you gotta swing for the fences here as long as your got mortgaging your future right. If you're not trading McCollum if you're not treating team burner kitsch. If you can somehow get mellow while not giving up those three guys. Q because we heard the report was out the offer from Paul George or they rejected. Was all 31 round picks and any player not named dame CD burner. And and the rumors that Kevin Pritchard said no because he hates pollen is the blazers so he'll be rejected a spot Lewis two. I I would say hey you know I'm willing to go the next two for -- were to go get a guy like it like Melo because that. And CJ are entering that prime right now that career arc of where they have that opportunity to make a realistic run at a championship. That starts right now where they aren't aging season you had a guy on one of the youngest rosters in the NBA. Who adds a real good veteran experience who start to realize what he really wants in the world the basketball mass to win over money because he's gotten paid time and time again. He's felt what it's like to win at a great level and that's that gold medal that he won. He helped you don't get America American basketball back to where it is and that is the a leak form a basketball. In the world. In I think he kind of probably wants to feel. The feeling of being a champion again and so you know is Portland the best place to come. Maybe not but you think of we've had I've had this discussion aware. Houston gave up a lot to get Chris Paul and Anne Hardin and you look at the core that's around. CJ in Newark and dame right now. I like it better and they're hot they've at least played a couple years together. As you see it and treat it like eight players for Chris Paul but and somebody Texas cities accuse you wanna live in Portland up a living in New York on site. Don't live in Houston. Have you been used and no black kids and no orders like New York. Right I mean I would there's there's no place like Texas or you like at the at the same top with a said he will get beat Antonio tax or some pretty map please in Texas and I'm not bad places that like place you probably wouldn't wanna. Liz friend. A lot of your time she's is not one of those plays seasons ago but he's he would have no income tax in Texas none at all that would that would be beneficial to him. And I grew Jack is that the best place for now. He should go to Cleveland or Houston he really shut he'd have a better chance there. But if you only doesn't have much to work but it's treated us if the only option left is Portland anyone's got a New York. Why don't. I could I can't see him projecting that if they can get anything else I am Carmelo Anthony faint so oh. Again I don't think he works for the team but as also as a as a fan of of that team. Be mad about seeing Carmelo Anthony put on the Jersey has question does Edward brand Roy's number seven. What you have to called rated right for some Billick I think he showed nothing cameras number seven's retired someday they'll probably. So but then again the blaze a retired multiple numbers for so. This so it's a way to me in numbers before this I think we have a history of sales watches and 1%. And history of retiring which remember so I. That's taking limit bias with rabbis of rhetorical Anthony here I love Mello a -- what it is for Syracuse. And I would love to cut it to to cover him as a blazers of the awesome putt. Logically. Anything to make you better right now in the west they got significantly tougher this and the free agency period. Is the right right I was really happy. Daniel O'Shea was aggressive in trying to get Paul George rental or not he tried Wright is arrested he says he will of course split. You want it to be for second place on eighth place that's kind of a scandal I'm looking for are looking at it he he made an effort to try to get Paul George right and whether or not history the temperature denied it out of Adam does not like in the blazers from some most of the referred or. He just didn't like the offer maybe the value changed after when he made the truth of America's getting. All the people on sabonis is not better and blazers offer and so all three picks in any player they wanted outside of the Big Three. That's not better. That is better than what the thundered if appalled George. He's trying to get Carl Anthony. He's trying meals should give him credit is trying to make it big splash move to keep the blazers. In the top four ish spot in the west because once you get to the playoffs. Honest in office in the pocket here it's that anything can happen right field that are so mad that's kind of the way to look at him and ask on the way ambient itself. Cross your fingers chances of that happening are very slim to get your hopes up too high but you never know. If blow to say and then there's some truth to it right and maybe something more happened are coming up next will switch gears and we'll talk. Football. For the first time in. Three months but while. And we'll we'll start getting into the ducks the believes the rest of the practical for the rest or most of the rest of the show here on sports on that but first justice. Weekend sports with a difference. This is sports Sunday grip my generation 1080. I'm 37 here on your Sunday morning. As big Orlando the big boys guys my can show with you until 11 o'clock today. Talk about blazers was like Malone and that would be an awesome voice like. I have only your forced road from prince Michael and she's not here it's like before Oberto. You know it's. It's kind of if you think about it pretty sweet did all right Lou he has an awesome voice. And he uses his voice. Two voice. For a better term. Liners and opens and stuff on the station. He is also wants a recession Seattle which are believed for is located. And he just gets paid to talk in recorded and send it off as names like edit you just my husband has to do go. I don't know how much of pays and how did it ultimately it is color like seventeen minutes a day. Do you turn that around quick we'll send him copy and he'll get it back within like thirty minutes in your like. And to me that's super tight and finish like the guy from you know the movie is so. The biggest blockbuster of these what you gotta go like to ask you birdied yeah do so that would be great. Spiderman returns you know going to be yet idyllic picture yet almost over inflict your voice of a weird way. Yeah it'll tell to you can't just make bad boys. Yeah I gotta think about it. He can't like to be like a documentary voice in molecular James Earl Jones earlier. About Borough about absolutely I will be we watched senator now. And watching him talk about it like it's awesome. The two small new flies through the dad and has to do feed his checks so tired peruse. Our thoughts are treated if it's. Great tussle also switch gears from obvious that a lot of time last month or so talking Ambien does have plenty of rumors and it was supposed to talk about the this week. Despite the some really happening. There really hasn't been a lot of sports. At the home run derby also are gamers will get too little bit later but. It was the first week four I sat there and went Imus. Yeah I love football but baseball's my favorite sport. And I I can very very easily go a couple of months though football and not necessarily be craving a lot of people do. What this week was the first time Maryland football I misses a wanna think I want I want to think about football. And it wasn't even an affiliate it was cultural and obviously it's experts that split. Oh really comment I want to thank you talk about the pac twelve and possible do for the next couple segments here. Well sir the ducks because there at least have the most newsworthy notes. Of this week which was. During Carrington was officially kicked off the team by Willie Taggart after. A another issue for him this time was a do you lie. He's had a long string of issues with the docs word. He's made or decisions and had suspensions and and it is basically do bear a Alison bad do you but he's been bad dude right yes yes and exactly followed his in his role as a good football player did you meet to a T so he was adopted team which inning was a good move I Willie Taggart is now the only movie could make. Specially after the little bit of a scandal here earlier with the strength coach when he started and there are kids and hospital staff he's trying to do everything. A 100% by the book and Allen and this was obviously a tourist. Two two and kicked her parents and off the team but what this does. Is kind of open up to me. Giant question mark at the wide receiver position. Because if you actually look at the players they have there Darren Carrington was far and away the best receiver on this team through and and again I'm not I'm not saying he shouldn't mean you dump the team you should have been mrs. strikes happen for him but. With without him. The only guy I've noticed Charles Colson. And everybody else's people you've probably never heard of a lesser dial our organ docs and still Mitchell Alex often dealing. Aryan McNeal Malik will vet. Don't know who those people hurt if I'm being completely honest and that's deploy remitted to be good receivers never know but. You now have a giant question mark at receiver. And frankly tight end. Tight and you've got a redshirt sophomore redshirt freshman named Jacob really can't McCormick going to be find out for the starting job so. Who's gonna catch the passes and just her ears will be great young quarterback and all the sudden it's looking like your wide receiver corps is not exactly up to snuff. One thing the ducks have always been all at least as of it is in the past with past few years they really rely on speed. That's why you go out and get a DeVon island who's on the track team you know some of those really kind of on notebook through all. The ducks a ball has been built on XP and being fast on the outside slogan yes that's that that's always been what it is. So now you're looking at the fact that you don't have. Duane Stanford you don't have. But DeVon Allen who promptly retired as a leader and two yeah I think so yeah there. So that's that's a problem I'll let you know the ducks have always kind of had this guy it's kind of you know emerges. Out of nowhere you know you just curious if if these guys are going to look similar to what you've seen. In the past like your typical physical part and Carrington is an NFL receive. He's like he said he is he was by far away their best receivers so not having him there. What does that do your office pretty sure a lot of the office was born to be set at least with the passing game is going to be set up around. How you get the ball it's there cancer now that's not the case. I think that's a big question mark coming into here. Justin Herbert Carrington Royce Freeman that's what you have here for the ducks offense that's what you're kind of relying too and anger handle those three in broad Charles Nelson on top of it now. Charles Nelson is at the box to the number one spot when he's got a number one but he's not a one so what what does that do for you but who knows mighty house on Jefferson situation where. Or else I'm Jeffrey situation we're in now way he was number one just improbable to me. A light and yet I'm saying you have a number one because he's small he's opera to the number one Charles Wilson's fast. So you know slant. Inside. Guy who can obviously run when the deep route efficiently but is he he's not they're carriage and was your right. He was an NFL type receiver. In in the on the size of the body the way that he caught passes and he he he was something special if he didn't get in trouble. I'm just looking at the bios of the guys who I was mentioning don't Mitchell was the punt returner apps are in the Stanford game which was near the end of the season last year. Play a little bit the Colorado game but really didn't play. He this year in the spring game three catches for 75 yards at a 104 yards and seven catches in last year's spring game he is. Tabbed at least on our lads which is the depth chart amusing as the third and starting wide receiver which means he'll likely slide into the second starting wide receiver role. Behind Charles Nelson now you've got two or a freshman into Richard soft or behind those guys as well. In often dealing McNeal love that so that that's I think going to be the biggest question mark going in because you've sonar Royce for me coming back for season. Say what you will about Roy is he he's a senior he's a veteran he's had great years despite laughter being not craven and plagued with injuries. You know you've got Tony Burks teens commit back as well. You've got solid running backs you just don't know about like receivers and frankly I'm not really short kind of offense will congressman Ron McCord. We can't expect them to run the same offense that shipment mark L for Trey and know it's different it's going to be different. I'd expect to see some you know some. Looks to what they were Dolan but for the most hard look to see in a whole new law since. Ottawa say that I think it'll be up tempo because that's just kind of college football is. At this point unless your Stanford. A publisher Alabama for the most part it is coming gonna grind it out for the most part. Most college offenses are no huddle. Really fast paced kind of spread offices so I don't think that's going to be too. Too much of differences don't look for a lot of trick plays that chip and you know others to look. They went with the organ offence under chip remarks golfers Willis. It was base from Iran. And they use that to then open up passing it was always based on kind of the option run game with speedy running backs. You don't think about the Anthony Thomas Michael James etc. He was always started with bat and minute opened up the passing game and of course there was great passing as I was a mark for a great quarterback great passing. Seasons in there as well but I was kind of always Howard and ran their offense. My question is is Willie Taggart going to run more of a classic. Up tempo. Pass heavy options or is she going to keep the same kind of lots of option plays running the football lot trying to final conceived by confusing the defense and using motion. You know using wide receivers and the running back position which we saw Charles Elson to allow last year. I'm very curious what we're gonna see because. We can look at what he did at western Kentucky and UNICEF and we'll see a lot of lot of great quarterbacks a lot of great passing games but does mean is it to the same thing in Eugene you know. No it it it doesn't but the one thing we know is that he's been to and a hell of a job recruiting. Begin a lot of big bodies do and that recruiting so it's looking like she's trying to go the way of really trying to overpowered some some guys in the pac twelve. Let's not incredibly hard for me outside of you do. As USC obviously is making his American Stanford you have a lot of teams that are. That art built you know much like Stanford Alabama ourselves you can get a powerhouse team and I think that's just as good as haven't seen that can you know be chilled while. All right now organ you mentioned it they're the sixth ranked class in recruiting. Nationally. That's from scout at least which is. Correct me if I'm wrong the highest they've been. Even including Chip Kelly users I think the highest fuel as was 910. So I mean now as I can change us a lot of time there pretty left the 2018 class but. Right now organist sixth Mair the number one pac twelve team USC's healer very close behind them but. And it got sixteen recruits they've got 94 stars may have gone 73 stars. Oh fives are surprisingly little a couple of sponsors of time at the top anyway. They've just been getting almost everybody that they've been interest if any that's been a really really. Crazy cool thing to watch Willie Taggart do you. Is every guy who seems to be considering the ducks. 90% of the time he's in talks about Iraq some of that I think has to do with this age group of kids grew up watching. Orient now. There obviously it's in my view weird to think but. They grew up when organ became good in the thousands and so they've been watching Morgan imaging don't know organs team won a place for Braxton Burmeister the quarterback they got from Arizona. And stole from Arizona basically said I've always wanted to be in Oregon duck. You've got theirs on us about you you're not used to hear that introduction analysts there's a kid locally so that's something that may be also. Helping tiger to get those guys. No yeah I think Taggart. Already he's at a press that effort and it really Darren Carrington the bold move I think a lot of teams aren't getting rid of their best skill players you know just months before the season actually starts. Mean he's prominence on now model comfortable it's going to be in my way of highway or people like you then. You know you can you can kind of hit the bricks and so. Huddle I think his coaching style is going to be similar to that you got to do things my way and you're gonna like you warned it. Kinda keep him moving so arm. I don't know that's the kind of the excitement about will intact as we don't know about what he did use US we don't know. About what it is that we saw cocky yet we had tolerances that good offenses but were you playing Vegas and now you're going to be it was so. What you're really able to do value we know you know how to recruit. Now let's see if you can coached even if he can coach half as well as you recruit and I think that's just. Our commitment next let's just switched to the team in Corvallis Oregon State is able deem reasonable for the beads this year. Or discuss next here on sports on them. Weekend sports where the difference. This is sports under the it was Mike and Rashad on Kennedy's fans. Million dollar one here on sports Sunday talk and some pac twelve. There's there's talk about the organized to the wanna mention. One thing that we should remember that's a positive on the defense side. Is that they got themselves a Richard senior transfer from the SEC. RS are up in the ACC Clemson stopper Ghana going to be defensive tackle for them which and they can be very hopeful. Having a big body on the inside on the defensive line which was obviously huge. Huge issue for them last year. A it is one thing we could the defense was obviously the big issue last year from for the most part new defensive coordinator Jim Leavitt. Clemson transfer Scott the government as well as now a lot more experience the defense. From last year more sophomores and juniors and seniors who will be starting verses. Freshman which is oversaw La last year specialist here your whole bunch of freshmen last year which is why there were so. So I think the offense is gonna be interesting but I actually personally more sincere the defense plays and does. Because Jim Leavitt Mabel was dad Colorado defense into me. The best defense at least best secondary in the our twelve last year I wanna CB can work his magic here in Eugene as well for them the believes they have steadily improved over the two years. Bats Gary Anderson has been merry and steadily is tough to say but. Won four games last year when three games in the conference including a possible war games so. This year. Is a bowl game he reasonable expectation for the deeds. Is a bowl game a a legit expectation. Do you think if they don't make a bowl game is a disappointing year for organ say or how far do you think Gary Anderson usually brought this program and three's kind of during answered that question kind of also says how you feel about your Anderson is doing so is a bowl game the expectation that was six wins and expectation organs and this year I think it should be. I think it definitely should be they had two years. Who wins your prior and then at four wins last year. I think moving forward. That's that's the goal you know I think the goal for every team even the bad teams visible. Six wins I think that six wins for. Middle of the road program rule will keep your job as as they had coached so I think this could be. This could be a make or break year for Darian is about wanting to will be fired if the bees don't do well no I think there's still. Building towards something. But I think the one thing you've seen as the excitement about beaver football. It's kind of back and then there's you know with obviously Tom's starter leaving the ducks are retiring for medical reasons and coming back. As a beaver like you know that's a that's an inch to storyline for a lot of people's also missile war games became a much more instinct you know for the for the please put. You look at the junior transfer Jake gluten come in and taken Marcus Vick Marion spar will we thought was going to be the fines up and down mean it was fine. Lots of Lauderdale. Lewdness supposed to be really good remain. I should think really good but he's he's supposed to be a solid. To good quarterback which some of that organs it hasn't really had for a little while. We thought we saw for them with Seth Collins but then I kind of faded for a quickly and many got ticked off the team organized back insular receiver. I'm very curious about orders and so last year the end of the year with two wins right. It be organ in the civil war but they also destroyed Arizona the week before 42 to seventeen so they. Then ended the season on a high note got themselves to four wins other other conference when was the overtime giving him Khaled who are very early it was the second conference came last year. This year. For Oregon State. I think they can get six Wentz and I know that it's a re quote uncle Ries all expectation but. When your playing Colorado State for a state Minnesota and your first three games you almost beat Minnesota last year remember in in Minnesota. Now they get a new head coach PJ fleck of western Michigan so maybe they'll be better is. We we all thought very highly of PGA it's like going into this coaching they have a really good game against someone else that was pretty good in here and just dropping game. A volatile checkered disclosed that schedule but arm so this year they play those three teams and those could. B three wins because ID. The pylons one of those one of those games may be even to you but if you look at the the pactel scheduling get this year. They get cal Arizona and Arizona State back to back to back. Those three games it'll be the code because I think those three could be the worst three teams in the pac told this year. Justin Wilcox real love them because of his organ times he's gonna have a little public fund on their cal. And Arizona and Arizona State have been falling the last 2 years and am in very good a lot of injury issues of course but and then also Colorado. We don't know Karros going to be this year things there's a change there and Alabama and I'll be quite as kids so. I think. I think you should be there for six wins here bizcast I totally agree arming and especially as the first time I've really taken a look at their schedule. Well you start the season against Colorado State which should be mindful of because he's seen. The B Zoellick about the iron and get beat by you know lesser opponents. The U got Portland State you know Portland State can be sneaky team as well especially being here from northwestern know that. But you you know you look at the fact that you said you mentioned a stress with cal. Arizona Arizona State that's worth the end of the season rep before you play the ducks that's a great opportunity for beavers go in there and really just. Establish themselves and really kind of make that bowl game drain a reality and I think they can get. 32. Of their first four games you know I don't I think Colorado State should be a win. Portland State should be away and you know you should start to season to know and from there are bite you pretty much control your destiny you beat Minnesota are united get a chance to. Really take down a Washington State and all of a sudden you know you guys are role in the confidence is high and there's no telling anybody any beaver fan that you can't beat anybody at that point. The last few of the games you're talking about you talked. Nineteen to fourteen loss that's what I thought and than they were winning that start again and then wants to 3531. Loss both increase her. So home games that they were able to kind of it's tried it's almost steal from from better teams superior teams so they can just win a couple of those games and that's that's where the that's for the switch will happen. And if you look at the team. They actually do have a lot of returning talent of Brian almost back to do certain running back of course you mentioned hundreds and finished in peace to see brief fits but. They're receivers are all back. And they got the men and German himself columns will be having an earlier as a wide out and a couple of guys who over. Who Warsaw freshman James sophomores last year we're gonna get a chance it's commute to receive roles well. The defense is actually been you know fairly decent under Gary Anderson so far and Burris he had a pretty different look and defense just looking here at the depth chart some of the guys are returning colors obviously but some memory younger. A college football it's tough on defense from college football's all about culture com. More so than in the NFL like everybody doesn't have to really buy into the the same ideology stuff and stuff like to be able to be really competitive but in college you have to really all be speaking the same language. And right now the one thing we see is Gary Anderson has team. It's speak in the same language right now and mind you while they're small steps they are steps forward nonetheless so two wins four wins this year you look to get six or seven when you went increments. And I think I think that's that's good considering. The B was still trying to shed this. Mr. nice guy. Kind of model they've always been to the walls come live line you know and was was almost. Was mister mister Mike right you know was a solo gee golly hacked but they are gonna micro way they were good though there were stretches and Mike Riley with that the beavers were great good to be for great under some stretches micro depends. Towards the end tail and it was free it was this we were just happy to be years and we just wanna compete and read as wanna duels things. It seems like Gary Anderson has been talking no regret we wanna waste. I mean well. The beast it didn't bettors should put everything in her Gary Anderson's this is this is where we take the next step. This text says numbers for her sex Arafat character of this is the thing with the beavers are you can't trust them waiting for Gary Anderson change that. I think you've got the right got to do it and I will say this there was a lot of doubt about whether Gurion person was going to stay in Corvallis right he comes from Wisconsin. It's a steal the higher you all it doesn't make any sense that a guy from Wisconsin gonna come from Dallas he says I wanna stay here and every coach says right. But. From listening to Gary Anderson and following him in the couple years that is doing Corvallis. It appears that he actually is a guy who wants to see this through he wants to he wants to get beat is back on the map. And from talking to him with with primetime stuff he's a guy who. It seems like he's a guy who actually east stands by his convictions which if Gary Anderson is having that pulled from the players have a culture and probably through eventually. In interest and gonna are we got a break coming up next hour hated eleven at 1030 we'll talk a little area judge plus other dude young players and all sports and will root capital to banks and with the rest of the tackle as a sports summit on tentative.