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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Weekends were made for sports how would you like to play for the New England Patriots are. Joseph a look at the weekend in sports with the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the beavers won meat free bombs apparently got boundary on drug. Saw the shark the football. Yeah. About fifty. Caught an alien ship not yet mr. question but I'll let you know what I'd do. This is sports Sunday whip Mike Lynch. This where image and Rashad Taylor okay do and I can see you going to be sure we'll hear from. Madonna was from Jerusalem and on ESP NN Sports Radio 1080. Channel five here on your Sunday morning sports Sunday here with you till 11 o'clock. Text us on the Bridgeport Beers text line 55305. Tweet at us. The station detonated the fan I met Mike Lynch 27 were shot does that tell me 503 in just his anxiously Osmond a museum and and also on FaceBook dot com slash Tenet of the fair and we put opposed to their about the Celtics sixers trade giving Philly being number one overall pick which we talked about at length in the first hour. You can find on the left front tire podcast at some point after the show here in our two we will do hitter loaded at 1030. We will also get to the fight which is officially happening in the next segment of oil will look to Oregon State who won yesterday coming up as well to advance in the next round cultural series and out of losers bracket which is good but this normally world who were shot rants but he's feeling very happy and calm today. So shall never. Mama mama Obama is not angry. Amendment so we will we will take the week break from Matt in return to when there's something to do is passionate about but. This gives its chance to get into the future of the NBA discussion we've been teasing him not getting too yet. And I think it was shot Muslim Brothers up earlier before Warner profit for the show and it's interesting conversation. Because. The warriors in the current state of the warriors in the fact that. They don't really have to worry about any change until. What is it two years from now on Klay Thompson steals up about it because steps gonna resign this year. And two probably Max contract characteristic is gonna take less money because he did that kind of LeBron. Sectioned off one or two year deal with. Player options seeking to make him the most amount of money that fits him in fits the team and Klay Thompson's up next and here's entry among some of the best contracts in the NBA because he was locked up like six years. Last year wanna say and at a pretty low affordable rate so looking at batted looks like at least for two years if not more this team is going to be. The team to beat in the west they'll probably win the west every year. Probably make the finals every year which sounds boring but it's true. Boy what what were shot said in the beginning was this basically. It changes how you have to create your team. If there's always been super teams right there's always been dias. These these teams that are accomplice talent. All lead back to the early lakers early lakers quote unquote back to the Celtics of Larry Bird we forget about that that 83. Philadelphia team that had doctor. In a sense among some of those guys Mo cheeks was a really really good player in the NBA so. And forget about all those things that's of the MB is it right but. For the first time a long time. It feels like nobody has checked. And even when the bulls were winning a lot. There were these competitors that they were notables are impeding the Ehrlich. Well baby Barkley in the sun's way and right or maybe the places in the early nineties and there was always liked his thought that it was a possibility not be those sentences saying you know you're Jordan and manually whenever here but it it feels even. More on doable now. And it's it. It's gonna force teams to change how they built. Because. How can compete with us and I think that's that the main question you look at either. Either conference you know appear in the Eastern Conference the story is how do you beat Cleveland. And Cleveland's looking at things going out we'd be Golden State and the only way to do that is by. You have to build these super teams and I hate the main super team but you'd just kind of I gotta you gotta get as many stars and one team is no other reason LeBron was asking for their Michael called cry the reason was asking for so much help is because he saw the team that he struggled with. In the NBA finals at the second best player in the league. We need more is what he was saying you know we just barely beat Justine sands Kevin Durant last year. So they added him and now this is a problem yes he's gonna need more than Kyle port. Even the great LeBron James or any people to put around him and BellSouth have this conversation. With people in some regards LeBron. Like and there's no top fifty player on his team outside of LeBron James like you know you look at gold state possibly. To you know quite quite possibly a cut staff. Top fifty probably. Katie top fifty apps don't I don't think there's any real question about that. I think everybody's trying to catch up with these teams so if you're Chris Paul if you're looking down the barrel in your career. San Antonio looks like a good idea because I only slightly with the markets and why in a couple silent stars of just go out there and how to do their thing. I think most players that this winners are looking like I'm not we're not going to be able win in Milwaukee. Let's just be perfectly clear there's no future force winning in Orlando right now. The next and that and that the Atlanta Hawks. Are going to be able to be very competitive this year and so you look at all the teams. That have the potential because this is a matter of them adding. In additional star talk about Boston possibly had Gordon Hayward why to be able to beat the bronze probably gonna cavalier or Blake Griffin. You know you talk about the Chris Paul possibly being added to the spurs why because a year trying to figure out how to beat the Golden State Warriors like that's that's where we are. Our results and Chris Paul the rockets from looks imagine him next James Harden I don't know networks know who ball dominate the cardinals hall passes and passes and passes and pass math. I don't know James Martin's group I think he's. He needs a guy's gonna be a shoot for him. That's his big thing right now if he gets another shooter another score to be a winning score and that's what that would be whipped. Best helps the rockets right now that they need another. Ball dominant guard against here here's the prop and I'm a big fan of parity in sports. I know it sounds in real stupid coming communities and right yankees won one so much but it. I'm a big fan of Perry has forced a loaf when different teams win in every team it feels like has a chance. Because of this. You're gonna look at it you're gonna see 25 teams. Who have. Zero. Chance. And a zero. Because of let's just let's just say this happens ranked the clippers crumble into the ether. And you get Blake Griffin he goes the Celtics Chris Paul goes whispers. You have Gordon Hayward leave the jazz were young and up to nineteen to go wherever he whether it's hope it's not. That races contenders. The clippers will be done the jazz will probably no longer use a scary team it was a four Siegel probably slowed down of the sixers seminary right. And it will leave you with. Four teams. Maybe five. Who could possibly challenge the warriors in the caps. And I. I know you kind of already have backed. And you kind of already have just those couple teams. But at least from the beginning of the year for a lot of these young teams there's hope of course right the rise of the championship the blazers have been built on hope. Now I think blazer fans know that they're not going to be the warriors right you know. But you also think while. Not to issue dear for you got a before he had a good young team you could be one of you could get up to be one of those teams that maybe has a chance to compete. But. I even feel like now if you start doing this you're gonna have battled. It's just going to be a bunch of teams that are gonna feed these tough or five teams. In the regular season and then lose and Clausen is going to be this endless cycle right now you've got you're right you've got 25 teams that are just. The relevance of the MVP is coming from. Oklahoma City who. Is a row you know for the most part. And targets the pelicans the mavericks. News of the next though the magic knicks point it's all relative nobody is politically. The way as one play which gonna start seeing. Is you're gonna start seeing guys like. Who struck at point guard Kemba Walker leaving shortly ago to. Boston or to go to San Antonio you're gonna start seeing. The best players from me though from these other teams say you know an armed is. Take my talents to. Loss on gonna go and Houston and that's which are going to start seeing and it's sad because again if we thought the NBA had appeared now to wait all the guys play for the same tapes adults. It is and it's for that uses our secure what about the Celtics and the sixers how it's always been this is how sports work as there eight teams in the 1960s you try to get the best team should orders from our Kevin Durant Joe's rules though. They shouldn't turn turn the calendar. Of course every team should be trying to build the best he make it. This has nothing to do with terrain of the war and I get it. I just don't like it as a fan. I don't like it. I was I was personally. Dreading warriors cavs this year I know there was a great conversation three years in a row like it was there was some intrigue to it sure. But I don't wanna watch the same two teams play every year I don't it has nothing to do with. The two teams and them doing it has to do with the way the MBA said up to allow it to happen I understand there's always happen I understand. But it's even worse now it is worse now. There is it's. It's just it's it's it's and it's that's what that's how I feel it's made it incredibly boring. It's made an incredibly predictable. We know this is pretty much wanna be a best of 82 game series this year between Golden State. And the Cleveland Cavaliers. Unless something drastic happens you know LeBron. Use you know something crazy this summer. This is what is going to be in this is really what we're going to be looking forward to because which team in the Eastern Conference right now as. Bill to beat Cleveland no and in this assuming Cleveland makes a move during the offseason and maybe add an additional piece now they know they have no chance to be called state. So was second due to the to the already terrible Eastern Conference. Evan you look out west factor Chris Paul may be leaving and going to. San Antonio or possibly Houston supplement that what does that do to the the clippers scored Hayward leagues that's to. Top four seized the west that won't. Look saying that next year it's just it's at the big shake up in just to prepare because I think this is what remote import the Dallas Mavericks for the last pure team to win Egypt. I did the craziest thing to. The pistons you can equipment and calls the State's first championship. Was I had that team little mistakes yes yes because because they day they drafted they built through draft yes I think the crazy thing for me is. I'd I'd like to minority with that opinion and it's boring because the the final set ratings records and viewership records people wanna see us. And I'm I'm very cute I'm very curious from NBA fans who likes to. Why. Why do you like that everything is mean there's nothing until the finals. That's months and months and months of you watching the season. Four in. A result that's gonna happen no matter what. It's like you're watching for those who finishes third through my thirtieth and that's why credible why I'm. I'm not saying that you're wrong because obviously a lot of people are on the boat I just. I think it's boring it's what people prefer football more because and football in baseball and baseball. Man the royals can go from the worst team and Major League Baseball on a laughingstock to World Series champions in a couple of years you know me and Mike. In football you can go from an happens every year you go from one of the worst teams. In your division. To playing in the Super Bowl or playing in the championship game private schools so that's just the way it works and that's what people preferred. Football baseball over the India that's one of the reasons they. This text says I hate a small market teams are playing building to be relevant not champions. Yeah that sucks that's what this you don't want to be you wanna be rooting for team that's just trying to stay afloat. You ought to be ready for a team that's building towards something better in the future. Well and take burly guys saying it all these moves that you're talking about to make other team is relevant to be contenders against the two teams we have right now. Nothing against Chris Paul. Chris Paul's. Getting old there's only so my so many years he has left on those those needs yet achieved seemed spurs resurrect old careers before you have. You have yes and it's just when you think about it these are old pieces that are moving around and when you think about what the warriors are right now on the role players around relatively young their oldest players KD basically so anyone. 29. So. She met in middle America but. That is double check my facts here Kevin Durant in the morning and I think. Tony it actually notre. Okay. CN they're young and that's the scary part two is solid they've they've loaded apartment over the lakers team that got. Pose a Karl Malone. And Gary Payton Gary Payton but they were like all holes yes they did tried for years. With their teams to win and they couldn't so they went to the lakers. It's just. Really don't know Oscar time did it if you are person who enjoys this and likes it is the warriors in cavs in the super teams. Explain it to me please operas for there sex Arafat at her apartment is genuinely curious I just I find boring I want there to be. Entry I guess the reason why it doesn't care I don't care about the Yankees and the Yankees. I'm a fan of the teams of your team's winning of course you don't care about parity you want your team to legislate for you were shot as the patriots fan. You don't care if the patriots when every Super Bowl in a row and get a focus your tunnel swimming arena every year but for all of us who were ready for the blazers are from or covering the blazers. The Sox and for 95% of fans and every sport when that how. Because it just it was hard it was hard committed to it here because I just knew. It was inevitable I knew was gonna happen to text your customers were recessed to pop out through but we gotta break a coming up next the fight is happening is that good or bad thing it will take next on the. Weekend sports where the difference. This is sports Sunday written like a great job on sanity. My guess who the commercial regularly along and wanted us to have some modicum statement that it's. We'll find commercial God's. We will have a little more segment this. The economy Gregor Floyd Mayweather fight is happening yeah. I kind of assumed it was just gonna happen right it was Jim talked about so much I was like I don't don't figure this out there wanna make a couple of the the money you know thought it would be a problem just for it didn't Owens because you'll see too many inner. Promotional level low interest sport. You know of the instances like NBA and NFL decide they're gonna do Micah vote. A basketball game girl like it was something something crazy like a calm behind together so it's super strange to see. At USC and boxing who have really tried their best to separate themselves from each other. Kind of get too eager to together in this graduate so. All alleged use said because that. I will say this I'm not a fighting fanned. I have never been a fighting fan I've never really watched boxing I remember I went to a friend's house for one paper view I think it was Mayweather vs Oscar De La Hoya. Back in late 2007. And 2006. Is the last boxing fight that I have watched. I do not like you or sound just like I don't care about anime again I don't like fighting. On it is pretty brutal for me Eric Sussman a wanna watch I've seen. I've watched the fights haven't bought them but I've seen the clips Ron drowsy in congress and I know what they do I know how to fire I've seen them I just don't. Karen watch. So would be set I'll let you say can you really actually take on this. Which. I do agree wit about how this actually could just be impacting in general. For the sports too great for the money to these two guys are gonna make a Lotta ratings and all that but it might be. Relieve the ending for some of their sports it out as a sports and absolutely committed and this could potentially be. Really that the death or the start of a slow death to vote. One of these two sports so. Look at a situation where it's almost these guys are fighting not just for themselves before their respective sport. So Floyd Mayweather junior. We all know money Mayweather pretty boy Floyd whatever you wanna call him. Career record of 49 enough. May written Mayweather is like a lot of and I hate Obama lots because I'm not a big fan of the mouth even though I am such huge pro wrestling fan over the. Like Floyd you know are granted Donald like a lot of those rules stupid antics and you know all the little corny stuff and you know but as a fighter I've grown some kind of respect him. For the simple fact that he's auto mall and he beat everybody was supposed to be. He beat the bill Hoyer is he beat Pacquiao he'd beat. You know EB all the guys that he was supposed to Ricky happens in the canal lows and everybody that's supposed to be. Something in the world boxing Marquez all of those dudes Floyd did. You know I was that is that you to fight in Vegas where and got guys got the rain and everything and he beat up that you you know are seen him too many times do you look very investment Connor McGregor. Past three losses on his record you know is only got 45 total fights but if you know anything about Conor record. What can punch. And he's type you do the when he hits you he looks like you feel you're gonna stumble a little bit you're gonna fall off your mark just a little bit calmer Gregor gets holding. But here's the coal part caught McGregor is great for what he does in UFC. We don't know how he's going to do standing up and fighting so. Run to Rouse he was running through the UFC as the women since the bantamweight champion. And once she got to an arm bar tapped out because it was over the Washington break your leg or break your heart. But once yet stand up and fight holly hole she got knocked out mr. Gupta he's pretty quickly. My concern for McGregor is that she could. Potentially damage USC. By losing to Floyd Mayweather his own game. Like it be different if Floyd as if caught McGregor wasn't the most popular person in the UFC. And we were talking just you know BJ Penn or somebody else who is a really big name and a really good name for. MMA book caught McGregor and make no mistake about it is the face of USC and all things in the may. If he goes into this fight which is a boxing match with one of the most bands of fighters or the most defensive fighter we've ever seen and Floyd Mayweather and loses. What is this what is his duty USC. Went what does this how how did they lose money on the flip side. Boxing which is already suffering and dying for the most part boxing is. It's it's a it's a novelty store. You know it's it's a Halloween store it comes around it does business once a year and that you won't see it again until the next year that's the way box and works but. Ons reward was one of the great firefighters in boxing title fight last night which you won that nobody cares. That's just kind of where we are in in the in the landscape of boxes so Floyd goes and then if he loses the car number Gregor. Boxing dot Floyd is still the reason markings and suffering now is Floyd Mayweather junior decides to retire. A couple years ago. And she's their biggest argues the biggest blockbuster attraction here and there are heavyweights and Mort that part is over. So few goals and despite on August 26 at the MGM grand which is Floyd told down as it is is this home field advantage that he goes in there. And he loses to convert wrecker. Boxing I think as has to take his elaborate last breath from there I think guys I would agree with that. And I don't know at least in my opinion how big Emma Mae loses much. You have Simmons as much if McGregor loses because it's boxing match he's obstacles to it it's not what she does that's not his fighting style he. He fights with the entire body uses everything it's all about just sort of freefall in a moment. So I don't know fit if he loses if that loses much of it loses because yes it's the face of the sport but it's box but I 100% agree with you. That if Floyd Mayweather loses. To an MMA fighter in a boxing match. Mayweather is the best in the most defensive. What on earth can boxing do or say to save yourself after. It'll say we are now we are now inferior. To mixed martial arts and less there is a huge heavyweight. You know explosion over the next. Year nobody will care. You know boxing has had since the weights what class of moved down down down. Nobody scared of the interest has gone. You know down the toilet because nobody wants to watch about a 105 pound guys. Beat up on each other a lot of Thomas is kind of what it is I mean not to. You know not to document these fighters as a producer in one of these guys from what my ass you know and if they heard me say that but as simple truth is. Man nobody wants to see a bantamweight featherweight and flyweight and a lot of these middle weights by anymore especially when some of those names the handlers and turns and sugary winners and all of those guys. And actually see heavy hitting fifteen round fights like that anymore so now you're gonna see a lot of guys dancing around the ring that's why people kind of rap music gravitated towards USC. But it if my McGregor can't box. This match is over early because Floyd doesn't have a lot of punch and power but if you catch you he can deftly knock you out ask Camilla. All in you you brought up and this is. I really very much and in your corner right feel like this is something that could make or break boxing does boxing's Dalai support for years now. And and you ads you said that. May Weathers its last superstar you know maybe they were trying to. Rolen on that Mayweather Pacquiao and names for for so many years I. I would argue that the Oscar De La Hoya was your last real superstar people like as as. As good as Mayweather. Has been in you know he's undefeated fighter there's that argument that he's the best of all time there's also the argument of how old. And entertaining used to watch as a boxer he doesn't have that style that people are entertained by and that in itself has helped kill box. Yet he himself is the entertainment once he gets in the ring that part is. That part is born he's not he's not exciting fired watched the excitement comes from everything that he does prior to the fight to cut it. Which that same thing with common McGregor in the ring. Kind of developing incredibly effective but it's this part if the yapping is talking but he does that make you wanna see him. Win or give his that's one of the two all the fighting is happening it is on August 26. When he if has to fight and we wool keep an eye on that. To see what it means for the future of the spores put it assistants in fact the two biggest talkers get to fight each other Toledo will be cut interest of those while I coming up next hitter level we do it every single Sunday at this time but first just your sports. The weekend sports where the difference. This is sports Sunday with Mike and Rashad 1080. Friends. 10:35. On your Sunday morning to hit her love it is upcoming. I've been off couple last few weeks here have been in and out so we haven't done the competition side quite as much for the last time I was here remember away. Commercial I was none too pleased about it because. We'll Mike Ribeiro well there is like a last point if he gave me in the last lightning round should discount the addition of Kara. Out I can't do this just took a point away vulnerable there is a terrible things I'm sorry. I had done it without name forgot your name got your own it was a courageous seriously really wrong it was egregious. Forgot his name my running backs Maine that's what was. I don't mind that Europe peach trees and it could remember deal. You'll want to see a loophole in the ELE. I definitely know it was it was white cheeses. Good Avery member could he remember white's last name animal drinker. It was yours is reportable MVP the B like that Bob. Bond now. Classes a guy who was on dancing with the stars and on our him yes yes and on main goal steaming. Well after all that wasting of time on this segment which were already laid odd. Mike would you like to go first or second I don't like we're calling waste time. August 2 RX. Shut going to be first out street. We'll bring back this bond stand topic Lamar time I agree ages eight to nine. First round picks or the next the players were not exactly sure how many after you won't know until tomorrow roughly but between now and 20/20. About 81091. Round picks are even counting the like litany of second round picks that they have. All the picks that they've had the roster that they have right now now is the time top package assets. And make the play for Ron Paul George or Jimmy Butler. In his of the Celtics are yes. Bluff a home I think if you're the Celtics right now you're positioned to move forward. Yours your. Clearly not tied to the idea of Marco faults which is why you traded the number one pick. The one thing we keep saying that they need is some programmer how. On what better Bremer help is there in the Eastern Conference then what I consider the second best player in the Eastern Conference call George. So if you have all these draft picks and you have an opportunity to really let and Indiana or for that matter Chicago whiff Jimmy Butler. Kind of you know start to rebuild their franchise with some of those future picks. In that gives them an opportunity to move forward with two superstars that neither team clearly wants and also gives those. The opportunity to kind of start over rebuild I think Chicago still has a weird Derrick Rose taste. In their mouth they took that to try to get rid they thought Jimmy Butler might be young might be the answer not so. Seed Indiana have runs where they look like they were the second best team to whatever team LeBron was on and that team kind of fell apart. Not socio looking at a bunch of teams and players that look like they're willing to part with each other. Look at the ready to part with each other and if your boss and you have all the assets and Freddie you. To kind of make that happen with either one of those seem so. Maybe not either maybe not Indiana maybe not so maybe maybe not Chicago when you have all those two graphics for the next four years where you can land yourself a pretty good player. The western or Eastern Conference. All of that to you I think it's actually. What we're likely gonna see attempted to have been. I think the Jimmy Butler connection is the big ones here Jimmy Butler has been tied to the Celtics before we know Paul George. Is tied at lakers we know that he wants to go play for LA I think it's really really hard for him to agreed to a trade. Or he is gonna probably have to commit to a long term contract on the trade happens and I was last year and the deal he's gonna go anywhere but lakers Jimmy Butler seems attainable. To me bowlers been attached the Celtics before and frankly Danny age has been trying to package takes to make trades for the last two years. And now he's just got a bit she'll first round picks to complete country. I know would you be bowlers had some. Issues. In the locker room. We've heard that he is not exactly the best team player than he separates the guys in the locker room a little bit goes against coaches are Brad Stevens is on this early coach that I. I don't know if you as a guy who can control personality like pat he seems like years. He seems like he's one of the best coaches in the league norm definitely the best unfortunately. I just don't know if you could handle. A fractured locker room like got because of the valley to the polar but they need to make that move. Now because they have so many takes they if Tehran can lose much if they do they're just gonna gain a very good player. I'm sorry if they do lose out on a guy Gordon Hayward Flickr from whoever they can serve to make that trade in getting eligible Butler and who is. Frankly just. Are ranked. I was still NFL but the so the Baltimore Ravens. My goodness trait like that at. Have you can you think of offense that was medium. Less exciting to watch plastered on the Baltimore Ravens slips and dump it down too well it's your quite well immediately and around the good receiver let it enters they had a good receiver you know Cody Kessler was better than expected anywhere. Dumping it off to their running back on every being a passing play. Employee. Was it really rough watching. The rain is Lester however they have recently acquired a Jeremy Maclin looking to make a resurgence kind of maybe fill that. Steve Smith role on the road underneath routes. And looking to sign Eric Decker that would give him a Mike Wallace Eric Decker. Tight combo they're on the outside el Al Maclin to work the slot love or hate. Getting Decker would make. Excuse me would have offense go from bad test. Should move on gun and I'm gonna I'm gonna. Josh. I'm gonna hated. Eric Decker we still don't know what we're going to see from him he didn't play most of last season you did have incredible year of the year prior. Ullman the jets broke the the record for such a recession touchdowns in the year between he. And my guys in New York right now Brandon. Brandon Marshall thank you very much. It's a total terrible things but I don't know I think Jeremy Maclin he's he's. Stretch guy he's somebody who Jeff please stress to feel for you get deep threat it's never quite happened for him. And in Kansas City home a lot of what's because Alex Smith just has not throw it down. You'll like that. And now we know Joseph Flacco can't throw down the field mussina went a Super Bowl. Tossing the ball downfield make no mistake about it Joseph Flacco is still one of the better quarterbacks in the league it's hard to talk about a team whose offense can't. They haven't had a great running back since. They really Michael Ray Rice hoping Terrence west had a really good season last year but he is no Ray Rice. A home so you hope that adding a guy like Jeremy Maclin and hope that adding a guy like. Eric Decker kids definitely changed the way your offense looks especially in mass. In this AFC. It was more than one way it is. We have Spitzer especially that AFC north that has an incredibly competitive Pittsburgh. Who we know what they're receiving corps is going to be able to do especially now that you're gonna get marte was Bryant. Back home team for them so I do think there that would be better to I think they would be more explosive birth to what's what's the word that you used initially. Just just I think they'll be right in the middle I don't think they'll quite piece does but I don't think they'll be the does beware this. I'm gonna look. Because. To me I think people are under valuing the guys like Eric Decker in Jeremy Maclin I think they're still very good receivers who have been in. Interesting too bad situations the last few years the jets had and atrocious. Acts. They arrived is Patrick throwing him the football he had geno Smith thrown in the football emperors petty doctoring in the football. Those hurt most of last yet he suffered the injury yeah. I know is a great wide receiver but I think he's a very good number two issue wide receiver. Jeremy Maclin was stuck in an offense that. As good as they may have been sorry outspent as your quarterback. And they went with these speedy. Kind of running back catching passes slash. Tyreke kill whatever position you would call him offense which like an economical plus he had an injury last year due back and is a very good wide receivers so if you have a stationary quarterback in Joseph Flacco. Then you'll get Mike Wallace who is a street speedster. You get Eric Decker who is a great possession receiver and Jeremy Maclin who could very much playing the slot. You go from having game mediocre passing offense to a solid passing offense actually got to be a very good position for them. You just hit what I wanted to hear if there all the different pieces that they have they complement each other they're not all proficient at the same. Bang him. It depends what they can do their running game if they can't move the ball and then you know where the ball's gonna goes gonna go to Wendy's many receivers have been running games clear that up for you Arnold Terence west the answer. But I guess Wilson. All right one last one I think this is one that that was shot might be a little bit passionate about kettle brand she dropped a hot take after the finals throwing a little bit of praise towards cavs point guard Tyreke earnings view. Do you know I'm gonna just dealt with here. Kevin to rant. Stated he believes. Hiring Irving is better then Allen Iverson. And it's all said and done and love or hate the Tyree Irving will be thought to be the better player. Kevin Durant Cecily. Silly things. We just talked Earl early optic carrier Irving is as a great player will he go down as the top fifty player of all time. I don't know I don't think so. Well Allen Iverson go down as the top fifty player of all time absolutely that's not even a questionable Allen Iverson is one of the greatest. Ball players I've ever seen for his for his height. The things he could do she finished at the rim almost better than anybody we have that we overseeing his handle was incredibly crazy on top of that Allen Iverson got you success tonight something carried Irving I think is only done once. In his entire career Allen Iverson would also get to a bunch of steals every single night Allen Iverson took what a lot of people consider. One of the worst teams in the Eastern Conference at that time to all the way to the NBA playoffs and to play against the team of Los Angeles Lakers in the running through. The playoffs that year that you're Allen Iverson led his team. Two of the most valuable player awards the coach of the year the sixth man of the year William. 2001. So. I. I is clearly he's a 26 that's when 67 point career average as the score and this is the guy that's under six feet tall. Allen Iverson is one of the most. Fearless basketball players we've ever seen it is also the most influential. Player that we may have seen over the past. Thirty years or so he changed the way basketball looks he changed the way it's played he changed the that the way it looks aesthetically so. There's no way tire realist he steps his defense up all the way unless he steps is ability to pass up there's no way he would ever be anywhere near. What the great Alan Iverson. Isn't. Why it's bad to get a second sometimes because. I don't disagree with anything you said. How on earth would you ever call carrier urban better than Allen Iverson thinking about Kyrie Irving is a great player right. He's currently the best finisher in the NBA. At the grammys really good fact but. Hi we Irving is not the juggernaut who leads his team to the finals carrier being couldn't do that until LeBron came to Cleveland. Allen Iverson like you mentioned I was gonna throw it out there in the 2001 finals single handedly brought the sixers to the finals. Allen Iverson created a whole style of basketball. Perry Irving is playing. Iverson was basketball after time Allen Iverson. What is is probably one of the most underrated players of all time people love Allen Iverson and don't talk about him like he's that great. But it's not even a question who the better players is I mean and look carriers like belief. From fifteen seasons I think it is lol maybe you're more amount trying to count quickly but. We don't know the future of carrier and looking at the early six years in his career Iverson was. Ten times better it is for six years and the carrier and what kind of adjustments from these text on the bridge or bees text line people definitely agree with the both of us like hiring Irving is Bruges did Allen Iverson was McCain change. Practice. Even talk about. I found a practice not a game not a game not a Kane practiced remarkable man he had duel but like 200 your practice airman could go track. If you've never seen as on the we have two breaks and you never seen his documentary called Iverson the super courts on Netflix let you know bluntly that social about the rest an interview is meant. His his managers died just passed away and he was doing some personal stuff there which is why he wasn't. After practice but they don't ever show the rest that it cracked you know they only showed the part he spasm about practice and that's kind of one of the things when you because if funniest part. It's funny. Yes and don't forget AI drop some of the fly issues absolutely I had the the questions and still look to prepare written questions to say. Ron Allen out there running up if anybody has a pair read to questions they wanna just. Ono gives to me please go forward if it is even one abide million donation levels. All right sounds like were shot on the island they saw me last little point total thinks so you got a lot of whom we talked about the theory and the ravens though. It was day. Come from behind victory for the Shah the old style liberalism sorry. So. Mom. You know I appreciate you can remember you know given you know so OPEC on people out there to support me. At Taylor made five leopard appreciate you. While bush idea to run lesser and so since you get to do that how old are missing quickly. Authorities say one over Chelsea poaching come back there were down 51 of the 601 and six to five. Now the public is not their affiliates little easier to root for the team again. I still don't know as far as I know I'm out of listed so attractive Russell know what. Organ state knew when they chose to recruit him but he is not there with the team in Omaha which thanks a lot easier to pull for them. And they move on to play LSU on Monday. In the second unit cultural series so we're shot leads the final segment next this is for Sunday on turning the. Mike Jimmer show. It feels good to be a champion. I love it you know I'm taking this opportunity and Lex I'm gonna boycott this song. Whenever I win a wanna hear this like your David always paying if I win. That's the song I should be playing if if positive test. Pumped his good side is an awesome songs like if I ever ever have an entrance to anywhere like a walk into. It's like a bar or like party warmup suit jacket to swing open like fly in the way. I'll be honest when I don't have anything talk about you bought a financial standpoint that we were going to talk about and a good chance to it. Again chance to work. Felicia vast are baseball's. When introduced. There it is you. This is just that chill the longest time I noisiest day bodes well. I want to bring this up and we got to breaks it's I don't read or to say good hopefully they'll show much. On the drive on a road trip I've put my whole life published has over 8500 songs off. And paid David always sunk him that I love she was one of those he came out kind of right at that time in my life. Where. I was learning about music. I think it's pretty well regarded as like his worst album. Ever. But a lot in this is like the most unpopular guilty pleasure opinion. I love David always earthly problems. Because I I don't know how many people know it it was not highly received. As far as I remember this very weird and has songs like little wonder looking for satellites. Telling lies. I've I'd law I love that album it's so weird it's soul like Prague bow even more so than like pop. Prague Italy could always always kind of like him. Prague he classic rocky just changes personality and stuff but bad album. I don't know unless I've never heard it's weird it's weird. But if you wanna listen to go ahead is called Earth's lands from 97. I was a usual especially right you'll discover music that's probably why every right thought it was as good you know my 97 and thing always kind of lost a lot of of the world it's this luster to you know a lot of folks I mean of course sure he still had those. Hard core Bo we fans there were gonna go ahead and support anything that he does put. I think by that time you know better computing was competing with Hanson. You know it was different he wasn't he wasn't gonna win that Spice Girls out you know he wasn't gonna win that battle Brooke Hanson is a great song you know bop. What you then it's it makes no no no makes we have no. What else you're cynic you look like one of the handsome Brothers. At the same parents. You can't sometimes. Our our relationship. Just Ralph it's an uplifting song we should listen to just say two words with hope I've heard it via a billion times ago the national more than enough. There's any human being ever needs to hear a song at least that one bump I disagree if you do you like Bo you've never heard that album. I'm round redeem Wikipedia announcers and actually. Received to disagree with not a commercial success for the got a number of positive views actually but not what people bought it because of the songs weird it's weird but it's possibly could. There's something else as favorable his worst albums the best of the worst news earthly. Where's the civil I don't know it's just that our really. Worsen an impossible thing I don't. Touch my opinion just like my opinion. All right all love coming up next week we will have plenty of NBA draft discussion to get to what's on earth did blazers do did they trade their picks did they make all three draft six did they. Make any picks at all what is the blazers future one point discussed next week plus more but I will be here next to the two of them. I hope I address your Sunday though and have a very happy father's into all the fathers out there. And we'll see next week. Okay. This part.