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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Can sports where the difference so that you don't go around it's international. We'll start a look at the weekend in sports with the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the beavers. This is sports Sunday we've Mike Lynch Lisa my own bed. It is a car. Yeah it's so weak car and Rashad Taylor we just don't go down siblings. Hook up aren't. On ESPN's Sports Radio can't eighty. Fun. Most of its should be back I guess having that kind of tea and I am Tim I'm very tentative as. I was in northern California for those who do not know Malloy talked about it the you know police had to do it. Unless I did have the full road trip down to sever Cisco Monterey Santa Cruz and just kind of wandered around northern California said the crazy thing is I'd never been to California before in my life I never once stepped foot in the state of California. And this is one of those things add a group on the East Coast so it wasn't like a place you go to regularly. I had been to Arizona my dad a business trip out there that he brought us you know I bet I have been the biggest ones is as a younger person but. Never California and I was gonna go and I knew how close for a quota close to the to driving there we just had to commit to doing it. And this year were like let's just do it thicker I think you pick the really cool place to go to because if you've never been to the Bay Area. It's so. Was originally was incredible I love love San for Cisco a love Oakland you know there's there's something fresh about that area. A San Jose like that whole thing in the same area you can you'll find some good parts though you know dull you'll division too far like jobs mentioned in the east Palo Alto. Which you think Michael which is now alto Stanford in Silicon Valley east Palo Alto is kind of the you don't really know about it but. You know there's a lot of great things happen in the bay area's so did you get a chance like swing by like two no no we we tried our best not to take the car into the garage once we got to the hotel because everything is expensive there driving less and Steelers spent a lot of Gaskin you know their butt. We just walked everywhere and my legs were so sore because of ills but it was awesome. I gotta say I've. I diamond every city in this country but December Cisco is up there now as one of my favorites it was there's just something about. Every single place you look you see water. And bridges and every. Single hill has like fifty views that are amazing to see every little angle you can turn your body it's another is that they. Great food from a we had to we did Taurus he saw some is cyber got to true viva the sea necessarily but that's why I wanted to do tourist stuff because so worse. Us we did pier 39 Fisherman's Wharf and all I kind of stuff went out to try as onto a giant scheme. Who drove to moderate which was a gorgeous city. Went to the query marriage is my lesser players in the world and those lot of fun. A Santa Cruz had old boardwalk which reminded me of my childhood on the Jersey Shore. Everything about it was awesome. And it was gorgeous weather and we didn't get like anything bad it was sixties and sunny the entire trip figure kind of chilly in America. And San Francisco book yeah. Other than that like there's everything about that city for the most what you could improve reminds you Seattle or I guess Seattle reminds me a lot of San Francisco in the sense that elect a while hills and come of the architecture and some of those things especially right around like marina. Areas stuff went and so that's Qaeda could kind of reminds me of that everything much bigger vote. I absolutely love for stronger outlet goes and see it it reminded me of Seattle in some way is. But. I just liked it so much better if amid Seattle's great and I I enjoyed my time in Seattle Ireland for the first time to buy it. It's nothing like I mean there is something and I don't know if it was because of the vacations like big Brothers they're notified just like this is. Awesome I can't relive their old because it's. Really expensive only you've you've got to get a job at Google or or FaceBook you have to be solid. Where engineers and that's the only way you're going to be able to afford living down there you're just you're not going to be able to be radio host unless you work for. You know. 11 of the big boys at your local TV in writing every day then you can pay but the problem is is that all the suburbs are expensive two it's just expensive to list isn't it there's no where she. Now there's no where we complain a lot some about Portland red. And it sucks here you know Obama currently trying to find a new places it's everything is incredibly. Expenses so but there. You're paying a lot for not a whole lot of at all. Yeah you're playing freely no space Peter Pan completely up to wasn't edited to get it will be beyond way beyond the prices in the gas and more expensive there and there's tolls which. I forgot about. And expensive. It has just decides that it may mean everything was expensive vacation to its own but beyond that it was a it was awesome it was a great trip I loved road tripping it. For some reason I just love the road trip aspect of your now on anyone else tiger was on your time you get there when you get there. You can schedule side stops and on the way home we took 21 on the coast for awhile we went to five different redwood forest. Went to places parts of organ and never been to before. We drove through it gave junction. It's one Oklahoma border down there are questionable content to be driving through places you know each year in urban and. But his views on some of such agree trip the united for an embryo as a road trip Java before I'd certainly recommend because it's really cool. I've been on the road trip to auto auto while row like. I hate driving. One I do I do the furthest I'll drive it I'll go to BC. You know put arm when they could review say yeah. But outside selling five. Or six hour give or take for the hour faster Google so if you're me and safely. Six will will will along. As cars that is an old like sixteen hours wells offers relented it 30% of cruising got bacterium which and you're trying to convince me that this is a good idea that lol take beyond the last couple of hours I. I have my life it was they have like hygiene band or something like that like hourly news media I can't October road trip a road trip from something that. It just because I need space you know your six foot five. You know we're we're going to be room Jesse your 63. Like world and he room for gonna wrote troops as we drove her last time I read tripped it was in my eyes my staying down in Vegas. Two days a few things up in that that's how awful it was awesome. A lover trips trips about us yeah a pretty great. Give him I'm not really disagree fellows I really feel lake. There's this there's generally a pressure on vacations to do everything that you wanted to do right. And that includes making your flights. Getting there on time when you drive. I don't know if it was just like because we drove a tennis at this. This league at attitude for the both of us but. The whole trip was disliked. Let's go do something you know we've got a couple things planned obviously but it wasn't like I don't care provider here and here it was a second let's wander. Will they get there at some point today and we did it was as VMware. Return yeah I saw that UI is actually really cool we generally the next Madonna Klamath Falls there was like following this for a bit. And betray us. Actually I've never taken a train for like long distance anything before that would also pretty exhibit to drive and despair. You do whatever you want there's no you don't pay attention of the road use. We'll get their opinion there got a text your average for Beers to excellence Hasbro leave at midnight you'll be in San Fran part time buy time for breakfast true road trip. It was hot outside of a couple of sections I found is very simple. We just didn't take I five we went to bend the first night so we took whatever highly that is out of bend. All the way down to Clara foals and through Manchester and stuffed animal home took all the coast highway is always back up through eureka. Got here it was awful look terrible place to be there are certain places that it's absolutely so and then we drove through redwoods to light. Cave junction into grant's pass mustard so yeah be really easy if we took five hole and also relieved yes I fives quit I mean it's it it's like edit. I really quick ten hour drive it it it makes. That San Francisco road trip really is least likely to give me a five mugged once can you don't want to scenic route so. Don't get me there can. I give me the hell out of this car. You know the thing is we saw you are set it feels like yesterday on Friday the views we saw incredible. And this is gorgeous there's nothing about the views Norris in redwood forests. Then there endorse the sequoia trees and how large that I'd never seen her it was a surprise for Tom Morgan has prepared seen before we go away. And literally like barely able to get through this part of that's that's important part you know let me see the stuff that I wanna there's. Los commitment and I'm just loves him that's for you I'm glad you had a great time there. Yeah that's was. This is sports Sunday I have returned this week we've got a lot of basketball and other stuff coming up on the show there was a huge huge trade. In the NBA. Yesterday his government the day before but it happened yesterday the number one pick is switching hands. Talk about the trade and how we feel about that's coming up next since the show's last on the warriors wrapped up the NBA finals over the halves. I'm sure it's been beat to death this week it didn't hear much about because Don Goebel will talk a little about that in the future of the MBA. In terms of how you need to build a team at least all this. Current warriors team is going a loss talk lord of state beavers baseball they win yesterday. And we've got a little all the fight is happening that's right 10 o'clock or we'll talk about ball flight. I don't know festive fashion important. Earlier cut McGregor Floyd Mayweather junior it's happening. And should we care what does this mean will be talked about the 10 o'clock hours we'll close it love it coming up to 1030 Texas on the bridge orbiter sex on a 55305. I was on Twitter at need to defend at Mike Lynch 27 Attila made 503 and I'd just jas and a as the enemy and it tweeted as they are also. Happy Father's Day. I TU. And I should have the problems it all the callers listening out there into my own dad into all of the Daschle saying how he does have a great day do whatever it is you wanna do. Whether that sit back and watch the US open final round or barbecue or go to whatever it is Coke off. Hopefully I'll get to do whatever it is that you wanna do today. Are coming up next huge trade in the NBA. The sixers now hold the number one pick in the draft will discuss next here on sports on them. Like a great job. I'm 16 and your Sunday morning and Michael lynch who shot tiller just jas and with few until 11 o'clock today upon itself to come text numbers for offers tax on the 55305. But the big story of the day yesterday. Was. Right in the of The Beatles for some reason in Austin. Been so the big trade was the Celtics. Are treating the number one overall pick. In this year draft which they have thanks for the nets and their awful tree damage. Four Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett. Back in 2013. Question mark little a little bit further back amid a map. Well they'll trade the number one overall pick to the Philadelphia 76ers. For the number three overall pick. And what I saw yesterday it was two other picks. I'm I've a feeling of loss one of those in the reports have been reading but at least one more first round pick which is either gonna be next year's. Or 2009 teens depending on protections it could the lakers pick. It could be the kings' pick again depending on protections people seem to think it will be the kings' pick in 2019. And that I did see reported I haven't found it again 20211. Rounder that is unnamed so far so that could be part of the deal as well also just for ease. I double say the sixers treated three picks for the number one overall pick him assures draft allfirst runners. I'm included the number three pick commissioners draft. Initial reaction bought what when you first saw this what was your like. First thought they must have a plan. Was my first thought and what their plan is I'm not all the way be sure. But. Thought gearan. Fox Wu would've been a great fit for that Philadelphia team you know I don't know from trips and on the part of what I thought he wouldn't he would have been. A nice little was she for sure the guy who's going to be those who hear what they have going there are some people looked. The mock draft. But I don't know I up it's so that they needed they wanted to point guard to kind of pair with MB who. I think should've won the MV PRC's review the rookie of the year even though really play like. 22 games were in the 20s20 games he had. He averaged twenty intent and solid and Simmons to new entity as a way to who hasn't played yet you know and who was the number one overall pick. And last year's draft if you solved in simmons' play in college. Then you know how good he's he's potentially it could be put. Jason Taylor to air on fox Josh Jackson can be one of those guys probably would it would have been. A good fit with Ted Philadelphia roster what I think they saw something faults they knew they wanted to move up and take it early so. You know there you go like and make no mistake about who everybody thinks the best player draft and we've been talking a lot about once a ball and I think you know law bars and his crazy has personality has a lot to do. With why we talk about Alonso so much but I think. Right now as we get closer close to the draft you start to see why people kind of values mark hopefuls so much and wondered. My initial thought was. Great trade for the Celtics that was my initial thought. Because. In my mind moving down two spots in this trap them again yet we don't know but everything we've seen. From the experts who've been following all his players as one of the best draftsman very long time in the top ten. Moving two spots down. To get them. Just giving a one pick in that said number one but one take and it was a great trade for the Celtics because. Frankly they just don't need that much they were the number one seed in the east. Sure they need more they're not to know the best team or it may just spoke of the cabs in the Eastern Conference finals but. It's not like they need it the number one pick for the number three typical from just the same and that's why I think it was a great trade. Markel Fultz from what I've read it. Is supposed to be a transcendent talent I've seen stuff from scouts saying the key it's not whether he's gonna be good at is whether he's going to be great yeah. Which we haven't seen that. While the Chinese draft statement if you haven't seen him play at all and my job seemed. A few Washington games this year referred you know. My own kind of selfish reasons put. She's the truth and I know Lex that we talk so much about here at fox Alonso ball in the you know some of the summer and Australia just Jackson. Met this kid kid who like pay no attention until Washington's. Terrible record. I don't think she's to blame for that put she was more. Then exciting he was I mean really he reminds me of what Derrick Rose was when he was in Memphis maybe not as explosive. As zero's but he reminds me of what he was when you split from Memphis. That's a good comparison that's a I mean if he'd be healthy Derrick Rose then awesome then yeah that's Doug I want him QB you know one of the best players in the league when he was healthy so that. And be great for the sixers and a look at it I don't just like the trip to the sixers either don't get me wrong I say this is a win is huge win for the Celtics. I like it for the sixers because. They have so many assets member because they trusting the process. By Sam hanky who brought the massive step after assets after assets made a first round picks made a lot of stuff they wanted to keep doing that they can use some of those. To now try to form their own young Big Three can we don't know much about and Simmons because he got hurt. But assuming he's as good as the doubled the number LSU soccer with him too was very similar market faults where is he was a very good player put. LSU wasn't very good team down. And Simmons that little situation like faulted for the ball the numbers. Visually it's all there you know aesthetically you can see that she is clearly. The number one pick. I think Alonso can still be a better overall. Player just because I think blondes are right now with as a 66 point guard. That you can't teach 66 you can't you can't teach some of the court vision. That he has and as an actual point guard a local lines open as an overall ballplayer I think Marco false hasn't. Well all depends on like how your team is in a built in in. Boston he doesn't makes it doesn't make sense because you have Isiah Thomas who. Is more of a scoring point guard and a lot of your offense is you know. Around him where in and fill it makes sense because you do have all those pieces you have senators and wing players that you wanna distribute the ball. To you know you wanna get that ball to Okafor you wanna get the ball to Simmons. Out there on the wings so you wanna distributors opposed to somebody who's going to be your dominance outscored point guard so it it it it yet and don't let. For some reason they want faults and in Philly I think. I think what you would you would see is lawns or would it really good there in Philly as far as a distributor I don't see how it makes sense of so much and Tom Los Angeles because they don't have those guys to distribute the ball around I know they've taken so talent but you. The don't necessarily have I think the offensive talent that Philly does. As far as that based talk to dish tribute the ball too so I I I think ball actually would fit better in Philly mark helpful would be a great start down in LA but they're gonna flip flop. I'd text your thoughts numbers for her sex on a 55305. The sex Boston does an either or about affiliate there aren't that there aren't that different from each other this is they shuffling deck chairs in the east. I think they're very different from each other. It's easy to forget because the kind of stumbled in the playoffs have been Isiah Thomas at the situation with the sister he got hurt it was all sorts of a mess but. The Celtics were back close. That close to being able to challenge the cavs in the east the sixers. Were not nowhere near I know I'm being got her which didn't help but if you look at the sixers and and Jesse talked Brothers during the break. Outside of some other dude young players their team is back. It really. That. They've got great potential right and that's what they've been feeding off of last year's public's trust across this great potential. We have to see it. Come to fruition first so to me the Celtics are a better team by far I think this will help the sixers kind of leap back into the playoffs. I don't really know what that means to these kind of bad at the bottom they can be a succeed crawl ago. But it's the kind of the beginning of the ascension for the sixers were the Celtics sorority. Topping one rescue teams in the east yeah yeah they just need a couple of pieces yet you look at the roster of Boston and it's just literally just a piece it's. Clearly better than anything they have in Philadelphia and you look at Philadelphia's. The top of what's going to be the roster with him and yet Marco Fulton I guess you could say. That they probably have 303. Better overall players if we think the Markel faults and and Simmons are got a project to be the guys the number one picks that there's a poetry just the day which it reads we don't know yet but. If we've we've been Simmons and show you what he showed you in the summer league I think you'll be just fine. If Marco faults can play anything like he's played you know effort is one year at you don't optic. They'll be just fine but you look at what Celtics have been in Amir Johnson Al Horford Jae Crowder and Jalen brown and Isaiah Tom they've got eighteen their copyright deep they are the one thing they didn't have. Is any help on the perimeter. And I think that's one syllable more rebounding to be exactly the market Folsom helped with either one of those knowledge Josh Jackson does really complain that the two industry yeah absolutely we get it number three and also does Jason Kendall what is well aware of some a name that we've started here. A lot more as we move its tower Howard. Absolutely be there there are guys that can probably played a position to say like you said there might be a waiting list of people. To come to Boston that might have been why the move down because well now we know that there are some guys that wanna come and play here. Also here's the tax deal allows period is if they feel I feel that they don't mind it in the third best incidentally player Celtics probably have a lot of freeagent. Yes. Obviously the Blake Griffin rumors have been about for years I don't know. Like Griffin I feel like it would be a dud just because of injuries just cannot stay healthy. Pop up Gordon Hayward. Follow the guy who played for Brad Stevens of Butler who is how I shouldn't say stuck in Salt Lake City because the jazz are good now but is in Salt Lake City. He got a Palestinian. He can be with his old coach on the team that was just first place in the east and now has the number three overall pick in the draft. According Hayward might be going absolute Boston is one of the teams that can get all of these free agents who were going to be out there so. Dropping two spots in the draft won't give you a player for the future which they already have a bunch of don't forget. Ideal brown was the third overall pick last year in us. Was roundly ignored by NBA fans but it was actually pretty solid player. Nothing spectacular yep it was good you've got market Smart who was developing a little bit into a good defensive guard which is something every team needs a program and also does that for them. And you've got its injure juror a coward juror told her he says it was Geico gimme drafty from the year the played minutes. A aegis you have guys were part of the depth there you don't need a number one pick them didn't and and you're crazy if you believe the Bret Stephens and Gordon Hayward. Haven't had some contact with each other you know whether it's happened I was pampering. I mean whether it's I mean you can't tell me I can't talk small culture ever so. I mean again so we haven't had lunch. Or something an answer and an instance where they don't there's no paper trail there's no emails or text messages. Or anything like that exchange is hey man you won't have much yells it's gonna have lessons talk about. You don't next season you're crazy if you believe that that hasn't happened we heard. Drink mongering say after the NBA finals he was in his locker and he was crying and he called Kevin Durant. Season army and says hey man we want you to come play here we need laws McCorkle. It was cold article that. It was a critical article but it also Lee Jenkins associated showed how how much they needed to do to beat LeBron nothing that's where everybody in the league is right now is how to we beat. LeBron that's shifted now to how do and we people just. Exactly. We got a guy got a couple more thoughts on this coming up next in the whole switch gears to the future of the NBA. Which we kind of alluded to there with the Gordon Hayward Woodruff and talked with the future of the NBA. Now the warriors are a very very scary reality for the next few years and already have been for the last three we'll discuss that next but first Jesse. As sports that are. First four Beers excellent is 55305. Morgan's original craft Bernie I you can he's one of those text your thoughts. I coded. But the amount of beer that I wish for the trip I'm like. I needed detox really credited a couple of days right is do nothing matters happy hour somewhere shoot me a beer can just gluten free one. That the spartans started. 9:33 AM to our Beers and new harbors for that's when I looked up shower bruiser like the best. Connect connections before an election numbers. Because. A light water nuclear lives and why risk it. We're tall and Saudi wires large your peers like in the water. Where's my can't Wear my holding it why are you hold it. I'm drinking yet again you know probably still accept a little cautiously. So how do you free file before you get ready to go because I have at least to show our Beers I axis Trent after the shower. And I mean like I love the idea of it it's like such a perfect idea in my head of acute shower should create a comfortable each drink beer in their. But I don't know I mean I'm tall correct but these additional water sprays I just I don't I don't like it I don't like it. Unpopular opinion of the day. A little like shower I like having a few drinks in the in the bathtub like much of six foot three and have it's hard to do editing and a bachelor. Twelve it's hard to fit in mobile Todd and I do get a chance to get into you know October actually fits. Or immunize classic Abbas today and have some. Medication and then men cool cool being just chill elements also the sexist and a bigger shower that's probably true. I mean remission Ers normal size but they give a big shower great I just I don't know I don't I don't get it. Given out of the shower ten minutes could drink a beer after. And triggered a rush hour two birds one stone sometimes three birds one stone could have two Beers America. It's here before doling out after. All about the turn out so again I love the idea that I used on an effort back on Everett plant person. Actually should agree on your actually sweating and sweating it out as well. So it's like it's like a dual purpose okay from the same letting us bearded science. Can't he gets a look at. Look at. By the way on this we dug counselors today the senate posted about the sixers trades are gonna give her thoughts there as well partly to you beyond the book of faces so a couple of things I just didn't get to wanted to. Throw at you here in this segment I was are this and Jessie found the during the break as well. These are the celtics' future first round draft picks. Now after this trip. You ready. It's here this year they have Philadelphia's first trumpet. Next year they have their own first round pick the lakers first round pick potentially number that's the best possibility with the with the trade. And the nets' first round pick again. Then in 2019 may have their own first round pick the clippers' first round pick him potentially the kings' first round pick end. Grizzlies first round pick. That's 12345678. 98 or nine picks and only one of those picks is from a team that's going to be in the other we can agree Memphis is probably going to be near the playoffs. In the playoffs ish you know the they're kind of fallen apart clippers are falling down now via. We don't know how they're future's going to kill in two years that just seems like help clippers are going to be back to being what the clippers were again or else we'll probably a little better to read a lot of money invested in the melon ball where he'll be willing to spend but it won't be it won't be the same Big Three situation unless they can draft Walter. But. Only kind. Of tells first round picks the next few years. And we've always kind of joked recently about Danny Ainge is stockpiling picks for not doing anything with them. But we've talked about the the blazers if you just how much him to. To get the player who cares if you miss on like four of them if you get one or two transcendent players and those eight or nine picks. Is him of just good players great players. That's amazing and they're already the number 1 team in the eastern number two team excused but the finish first at that he's descent early the number two team in the east. And they have all those for tropics. Back is incredible. And it probably damage that is absolutely and if you didn't think Danny Ainge was a great GM you know we heard step of the easily got one all star over the past. X amount years like it doesn't matter like we want to we have to remember about Danny agency kept the Boston Celtics afloat. And competitive for years you know they they date and have. They weren't in the lottery back in 200345. And six because man the Celtics were competitive you know at that time. But at the one year window lucked out to two years when they were down and then from there they got the what we knew as the first victory in 20062007. They had the seventh overall pick in the fifth overall pick. Two grand defoliant Jeff. Now bring was at least give it just rent and I think the blazers traded. When Randy Foye was that's of the blazes initially drafted right and in the trade for Brandon Roy. Without two. Oh industries redress of the blazers drafted ran before him and trader from Brandon Roy and also drafted cost the drafted Tyrus Thomas. And traded for LaMarcus Aldridge so very good that's what a good GM was able to do and Kevin Pritchard did that for. The blazers and Danny Ainge has put his team who's already incredibly competitive in a position to where they're just gonna keep stockpiling with a young talent over the next four years that's awesome. Well and when you say that boat Ainge who this is a big thing that can't keep springing up ancient hasn't drafted in the all stars and X amount years. X amount of picks whatever. We keep saying here in Portland about how game keeps getting snubbed for the all star game. It's hard to be an all star not a star in the east and it will. Yes it is it's it's hard to be an all star so when you say and you're right it's not as hard in the east but it's still hard to be analysts are used to have good players in the eastern honest. Stacked on the teams but they're still lot of good players in the east so. It's it's not like. You just just because you're the best team. In the east you just stacked with all stars just means you have the really good team right now are often. Avery Avery Bradley is as a market is as good a two guard shall find the east. But Avery Bradley is a lockdown defender for specially for an undersized guard who's really expose and can finish around the basket. And he can knock down metal can three. Yes you wide open and knocked him down but he can deftly knock down little victory while he's a guy that's never probably never going to make an all star game bush he's still a really talented players. So this has been floating around Twitter sphere the last day or so and it's people saying who cares about all their first round picks Danny Ainge can't trapped right and it is just a list. Of their draft picks since 2010. And here's just some of the names and at least in the first Ronald nor a cigarette because you know. Know how that goes but Avery Bradley. Marsh from Brooks fab Melo RP. To your soldier Lucas Nogueira James young and Marcus Smart RJ hunter Terry rouge here. Dante's is that she Gershon on yup facility in Jalen brown. So that list is going around and it was doing and attract anybody to look a little deeper. They've only had since 2000 intent at least some analysts and since 2007 in reality. They've only had two. Top ten tax they've only had two lottery tickets in those two lottery picks were. Marcus part of six who has turned into a valuable rotational player and he's got his. Good is he was supposed to be but he's a very good defender and he was improving a little but he received a lot of threes. And in the nation conference finals win for them it was important for the one win that series in Jalen brown nobody talked about my time I mentioned last segment. No we talked about. He was a really good first year player for member rookies are good talker rookie needs some development for the most part they have a little bit of rough times in there in the rookie year. It was the only two. Lottery picks he has made it may have both been solid if neither of flocked. So now it was good to have all these lottery picks coming up. Lot easier to hit the lottery than it just hit fifteen and down which blissful by now officially an especially when the draft is an incredibly great duplicate when he drafted. I don't know let's go back to. Rosier you know Terry rosier who else was would you have wanted after fifteen if you're the Boston Celtics Amin. It's too good to reach the shot bomb or Jerry in grant. Met Rhonda how's Jefferson perhaps. No not really and so for you got we have to remember some of these drafts. She just aren't very good and they're getting more and this year is great but in general madrassa just been getting work. Yeah and so you have to understand that when he's taking he's picking what he considers the best player available at that point but you don't live when it comes to. Being in the lottery for the most part he's they've done OK like you said Marcus Smart Jerry and Brett Jeff green was a draft pick of his drifter notably the still. Making noise in the NBA ready for I think is still in the NBA elect these are guys that were drafted. In the lottery by by him and they're still kind of taken right now on the MBA so as not to say that he's. Completely whipped on in these guys meet with veterans they have are going to be 24 all stars year. There are 300 guys that play into the NBA so. 44 guys going to be picked their thirty teams like I mean. There's time all star per team and it's hard to dethrone. These all stars that are basically for any all stars that's a lot of what they MBA as Chris Paul's always an all star you know that like LeBron James always an all star these guys. Our friend only in that spot it's really hard to dethrone one of these all stars so when you're saying this guy hasn't. Drafted an all star that's not saying much because we know we have an all star caliber player and Damian Willard in the only way he's made it. Is by being an alternate so. It's just that's kind of a really and mute and invalid point of gas. I just don't. I just don't want this to be a thing where people arrived on the Celtics fixed because. Sure they haven't picked amazing players constantly but if you look at the actual draft picks and the numbers. Depicted picks that low in the draft absolutely so when they've had good high pecks and Danny's been there since 2003 I'm not going although an off our back but. If you using that is you know lottery picks as your as your guide. Then they've actually done pretty well I'll upgrade to tell accused the best rafter of all time. But he has drafted good and solid players and if you have to free agency. Buying power like the Celtics do in the ability to attract players like the Celtics do. Then you don't need to hit. On everything because you have a little bit of a backdoor to get into it to the playoffs after that there's one team address well every year in the San Antonio Spurs. Outside the spurs and they always ticker got the July coup and the season starts in Boca. That's why they picked him to 29 pick every single year you know and let outside of San Antonio. Everything else is crapshoot like you just don't know which are gimmick. Golden State had a really nice rounding out themselves some all stars you know like drafted staff and clay and dream yeah. Yeah that it sometimes streets really lucky at some teams have real you know. Really good GM's. The thing is is each year they oregano on Ainge and out while. What about Philly philly's been you know a top three picker for how many years in her own allies have got. One and a half good players out there yet at least that we know of I'm an MB tipsy skits and stay healthy and it took him three years to figure out exactly what he was gonna do anyway because he was overweight. I'm so just let's let's let's about a loss of the Celtics do. They've been trying to trade picks the last two years if you remember there's been reports of them attempting to combine some of their picks to trade a wouldn't be is processor Vatican the politics of they have so solid they're done. But to number one pick will likely be mark health Fultz in the Philadelphia 76ers because of the trading day pulled off just yesterday. I love draft trades and draft is what Thursday so. A look draft trades I hope the blazers can make one work I've seen some rumors about the with the nets a little bit more which I liked a lot and I saw some rumors in general about picks that they could treated players advocate attached to it there was article I saw about. Meyers Leonard being attached to picked go to the net smells like yes but it's perfect to have a solid ever Evan Turner attached to one so let's. Let's get some of these draft pick plus big salary trades gone because the blazers need to open management department. Will talk about that traffic was more. Next weeks and that is on Thursday are coming up next we will move into the warriors last future NBA talk because the did win on Monday really get a chance of an indigenous talk about last week. So talk about the next here on sports on the continent of. This is sports Sunday with Mike generous show of relativity. There. So since this show has last been on the air the warriors wrapped up the NBA finals and win in Oakland in game five. Below is account I'm really curious actually before we gonna dive into the the futures topic. What was the conversation on the show on that Sunday because they'd Woolen cap that well. Recoverable amount. In game four Anna held elective or expecting that after. They've blown the lead and completely crumble at the end of game three they were kind of expect them to just be like another blow out of the warriors what was the conversation was it just asked feeling when they'll get orders a winner was at all. All the cavs count toward. All of sudden there was I think there was little bit of both I think for the most part at least from my end it was. Okay what can the cavs do it's make lightning strike twice you know like so and three times this was yet this was this was really the second game that we seem cavaliers will be looked all the way. Interest in and all the way well on defense and so the end game three. That damn Kevin Durant and that is jump broke on the radio added and I'm. Stable people. You know Kevin Durant led him jump shot is it's just so wet and he. Knocked down in the game three. Thanks for Cleveland finally looked like they were ready to play and they finally look interest in the ball in the game and the completely bloom well you know a lot of that was. One thing else and his goals they got Q they thought that the series is over the champagne was they probably pass champagne as they were on their way into the arena. And thought that this was going to be easy game and the cavaliers were gonna lay down and the cavs did what they should have been doing all of game one and two. And rough is that's roughing them up you know making sure that every single time staff came around one of those screens he felt. In making sure that every single time. Colonial clay got an open look at the basket like you there was little extra jab you know there was a little extra toughness from Cleveland if they can do that again. We see it perform sing Cleveland comeback from a deficit and win. Well we I think we all knew better you know the difference in this team between this team and the team from last season is number 35. And number 35 is better than. The other three hundred fifties among players that are in the league except one you know so. You put him on that team you don't really have a chance at that we all just kinda new we're waiting for her. Indeed the impending. Death of the Cleveland Cavaliers they just gentlemen sweep did yeah we just we knew what was coming and I think it was like OK well. For us good because the first second good game we've seen kind of competitive or ever. It was a really good look at the blue. I mean it's really good because you saw some life completely and also you saw the warriors first lost I think a lot of people didn't dot did not wanna seagull state. Run through his finals going all relevant so awesome though this stork try to look see that they've already made history once. What already historic in the way that they did it I mean they only had one loss through the entire playoffs about itself was like and I historic feat and I mean. There are certainly things that you can point to in game four that. A case that's not gonna shoot that way again you know the whole team as a whole they shot less than 30% from three years just like they're. They're not going to do that again and then. When you put a fact that they're going back to oral ORACLE Arena and they just don't lose oracle you just. That you just knew this was going to be a five game sweep now. Rashad I don't think talked about this on the air but we talked about it before the show that we did have that feeling that. It was them a must win like they had to win that game. To keep that that feeling now warriors had to when you gas in order to kind of keep that feeling on oh this is happening again. But I think that was just a really you know. Over thought. Not rate there but there was kind of that feeling in a way just because you know you saw a year before of them being in that 31 situation and lose so. So yes well we're kind of coming up and operational we'll talk about the future next segment but. Just kind of my final thoughts from our. I didn't watch the entire game five I want some of it during dinner warmer warmer there. And it was McConnell wants generally mean written the first quarter to half terms colonel we saw. And I knew from that part of the game at the borders are gonna do anything much no they were they were hit the shots the crowd's energy was incredible. And you knew that the of the cavs were gonna really have that shot. Two to wrap up to game but my final thought was this. Everybody all of a sudden started doing all its commander in the best player in the Ambien is he better than LeBron know. He's not. LeBron. Has single handedly. With a little help the last two years. Brought cavs in whatever team he's been on to the finals Kevin Durant could not do that until it went to the wars. Ellis is on an indictment of KD I am actually one of the very few people at Cilic who was completely insupportable calendar into this offseason. For my own reasons I talked about forward and gone into here but I understand why you would think it's it's weak but I under I I just don't agree with at all but. Just because Kevin Durant played really well against LeBron and LeBron looked lost on defense at times in LeBron showed his age a little bit where he was a little bit slower. That's true it's okay he's he's getting older he's not gonna be a robot forever it doesn't Munich Kevin Durant all of a sudden as the bestseller the music Katie is not the best matchup for the brunt. He's quicker you get a really great silky smooth jump shot you talked about. Image is hard to LeBron to guard them but. It doesn't mean that that was my one take away another take away it was. I almost feel like this was never in doubt. People were talking up decals like it was possible because they just. It looked at last year it looked at the warriors crumbling when they're up 321 available forgot that your rough treatable. And without Kevin Durant and trade among got suspended him there was the staff curry injury and there's all sorts of things that happen the kind of helped the cows come back. But you forget the warriors Robles. Basically should be three tutors melted implode leave. With potentially 234 more tomorrow could be the greatest church would significantly lose that still might be to be honest. But so that was we all forgot about that we all wanted the warriors to lose because you don't want to super team to win you don't want to see the the team the Kevin Durant went to with Korean entry in London and Klay Thompson. To win again but. Kind of had stopped time. Cab showed weakness in the regular season. The cavs had a rough two games against the Celtics when they're already blown a mountain Isiah Thomas got hurt there was weakness there the warriors had yet to show. And how's my final thought was we already kind of knew this was gonna happen even if we did what to believe it we knew it. So that was my final take from the series warriors were destined to win this year with the revenge card. But Kevin Durant has not given projects ya know Kevin Durant not broom LeBron James and even still LeBron had. LeBron averaged 3033 points to grab mounds ten assists. Two two and have steals. Our season is still have. Like he did everything he threw for his team that the state. But in a much Cady averaged 35 there's nothing you can say. About a do that averaged 35 apple abroad had games twenty between 93031. And forty I didn't go in game five at the end watchable in the end here. Egypt LeBron just drove in passed he just kept don't for Q. And I was working righty was scoring of the warriors the most was giving it to what you take your list that's fine. But it I kind of heated it's against LeBron you have teammates to help you don't need to go one on one every single time down the floor for a mile. In whatever was working but I do know and I think that's the way if you're LeBron. Let's say he does this in the first quarter in the second quarter and dismissed the wreck every single time. Like I think the the beauty of the browns game is that he is so unselfish and you know and so it's weird to see him kind of so they met after I got it from here and I'm gonna just drive phenomena and just try to create for myself like I think had he done that for most of the series. I think it looks a little different but he is he's one of those guys understands buggy cart re involved we we got a chance to. If I get Kevin Love involved he started that jumper and he skin confident that we have a chance JR Smith. It's weird what you want him falling away and taken that reported every that's the shot itself strays cause sounds crazy. But just like Michael Vick who was better to roll the ball on the run man JR Smith which is better shooting the ball on the move that's just who he is so well I think LeBron says get those guys involved. Things were better I think at times just needs to be. Pavel warmup bit of probable ward Jordan and that and that says that I need to offensively take this game though what she tried to do register port yeah. Lynch you eluded to this is his age is starting to show and we'll note that any very small little linger a little bit of intimacy you know. Early in his career he can be this super LeBron throughout the entire game he could turn it on in the first quarter he can turn and on the fourth quarter. You see him now worries kind of taking over the game to start the game and he's kind of driving that entire offense and by the time at at the end of the fourth quarter when the game's really on the line he just doesn't happen anymore to turn that on any more insular to turn that around and micro shot sanity you need to get your. There are other guys involved you need to Dick. Love and Irving and JR Smith involved early and didn't get their confidence going. So in the end you can really take over that game and and try to secure victory against it and that's the only real way to get. A team like Golden State. Of her front and one coming up next hour we will do you have to love liberal talk about the fight. And we will also get into the future NBA discussion which have been teasing which is having gotten to yet that is next trust me we will get to it what is. Will be MB of looks like now that we've seen in the super team of the warriors win and it looks like they're gonna say to get there for as long as at least the next two years. If not longer if they can fickle their salaries into a way that that fits there you heard TDs he's gonna take less to help keep the team together. While most of Corey do what Klay Thompson dude I'll be next in what will be the rest of the NBA do you. To try to count at bat that's all coming up next here on sports summit on the.