Sports Sunday February 18th Hour 2

Sports Sunday
Sunday, February 18th

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Weekends were made for sports how would you like to play for the New England Patriots are. A look at the weekend in sports where the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the Bieber everyone meat free guns and we have gone beyond. This your insurer the football. Yeah about aliens now you can catch TV about kids eat. Caught an alien ship not yet mr. questions but I'll let you know what I'd do this is sports Sundays with Mike Lynch. Moved. The roof. Of consumers who. Yes. Where in Ed Henry shot Taylor. Okay do and I can see you don't want a future career component on analyst of Jerusalem and on ESPN Sports Radio 1080. It is a religion it's artsy in the sports or benefits like her son Justin were here and Rex I thought after it and break just he has worked. Well thanks to Simon thought. Yes we were way along I I get very fired up about the Terry's. Sorry from super mature broad ocean. Wasn't expected. Terry Stotts finger gets you fired up to I've heard all over the place like Terry's. I was cut off huddle are there not all bad coach Arnold and stop tobacco center and that's what's getting lost a month saying he's back coast I'm saying. Talk a lot about cultures on the show and being able to. Create a winning culture or change the culture around it just seems like. Lasers is kind of stuck in the mud regardless of what changes they maker what personnel they bring in it's just kind of the sane. The same Molson and that's it's. That's all that's on sale and I think if if things are gonna change there's going to be shake up somewhere. Discussed but it's got to start career O'Shea when he goes there's probably going to be in problem. Most most GMs bring in their of their guy and those also are and she's stops agreed to do so anyway Miller ruled out Florida and I don't wanna make him a little angry tool like the blazing this time and he will renege on his word and says you can go somewhere else. It was him up for literally become very Hitler ever go so I mean dollar everybody's really banking on the fact that game was going to be here. I don't I'm not as confident like I think once he's tired of losing and tired of being in the spot. And game like other NBA players and of winners and they will shape. So. Well. It's hard to pretend it's. And I don't wanna get into the Olympics thing because all we don't have enough time to do that now now but it doesn't matter anyway. I mean it does matter because it's your opinion and your opinion matters does put a little song. Well let's talk about downhill ski. The Olympics are awesome except for the fact that this ramat IOC and therefore I boycotted the season. Oil shot he's the Winter Olympics we cut the Winter Olympics ever like hates errors. And I don't really care about either Olympics and I just find it very hard to year. I don't dislike or like. I just don't really care about the sports and I don't particularly you know the athletes. So it's very hard to me to sit and watch it being enthralled. There have been times over the last. Many many many years of my life as those become accustomed reporters. Where I have been roped in by a story line or. You know Michael Phelps chasing medals recently about it and roped in by that but in general. I just find it hard to care because I don't know if and because it's so infrequent. It makes it hard to learn. About it. And people circled like these are watching Premier League without any of soccer colleges like yeah but Tesla. I can lost really every weekend for eight months and that happens again next season. Civic I can't watch these Winter Olympic sports for another four years after us or if I can't it's gonna be against me I don't understand it it's gonna get a channeling care package. So. That's that's always my problem the Olympics is just I did school record of your country and you know it's that's that's cool at all but I don't. I don't know I've never been that sucked into it and that's that's my problem fixed it. Love. I love the patriotism. The pageantry. The love. Especially a love of the summer games summer games are great winter games not so much nothing there that I identify with. Kind of vote kind of a culturally. In arms and bias type of event like. You have to be rich to do most of the sports that are are offered term though the winner Olympics like nobody. At least not a lot of people are grew up with come forward and Alpine skiing. Ice hockey curling snowboarding skiing speed skating cross country skiing bobsledding skeleton like. Who which which went to her and Jesse Yuri German polo player coming your friends plate of two Alpine skiing word. Well that's the thing like that the skiing thing is actually not ridiculously expensive but it's a thing that. I mean I don't think a lot of inner city kids are thinking about how to do it ought to be able to pay for lessons to be able to providers my. Liberals see that's a thing like that that's see that's that's that's where the thing is is like paying for us is maybe YouTube pay for one lessons like your first trip. Tribute pay for a ninety dollar last session but outside of that league you don't need lessons every time how much is the two coaches have spent time on the mountain. You at the right time eagle on the right time you can get 89 pass for the season. And it once again you have to go out the night right time and I think they do this more towards like. You know like halfway through the season though give your past like banging and talks. And I'm books yet and he's got a steal and got a good amount. Well yeah yeah I mean and secure a deal with and a look at the summer games records rollicking summer games in its in its call and basketball tennis and baseball. And and softball practice wheeled ultra just real expensive to do is slated as a game and that the stuff that's relatively men men -- golf yes but other Mac stuff that's accessible and at least for golf Washington now. Something and I'll watch on a regular Sunday right yeah I would never watched the lose any and yet you're talking about a cultural and and obviously a geographical. Yes it's a problem there but at the same time it's it's what. What exposed to draw you in is the story lines like Mike was saying about somebody achieving their dream for it that's been like that. Like driving towards this is most of these people are young right there like me eat you attack at the Summer Olympics some of these gymnasts and you know thirteen thirteen I liked. But you're either achieving a dream of like they've literally been doing this since they were in anything right yet if you get to see that which you don't get a C in professional sports and that's it's nice that you can seat up for like. I do weeks and it goes away. I have a ten year old sister who loves gymnastics she was able to lots small miles in the Olympics few years ago and since and she's been obsessed she said nothing to me about free stuff. Or her yeah but that let's see that's the differences. Like once again I keep adding come from a privileged family Mike you know. Might. My dad you know had to choose what we got to do I had him you know past the hundred dollar athletic feats school off like. For weeks at a time sometimes just to try to play sports. At the same time. We went food we got our equipment going to garage sales in this enact and my brother. That's what he dreamed of doing was being. A snow skier and I remember him drawing Olympic rings on the tips of his skis because that's what his dream was when he was young so. I mean granted. He's not black he's white. But he's not in the cracked geographical area that is what he identified with so. I mean there are plenty people all over that identify with that but it's more I think of identifying with the story in the idea of of patriotism and people achieving their dreams I I just I think it's all clouded now by and I think the two most filthy organizations on the face of the planet or the IOC and fifa so. I like that aspect of it like it's really cool if these for the for the people involved in the Olympics but. It's hard for me to find it in me to be interested in watching it without the knowledge of those people. Arabic trying to kind of show Madonna tour really quickly because there's always things gonna ask this person does this in this in this on this misses their story and it's like. For me it I like to build a more natural Matt. Olivia Tommy to do more research for the Olympics arsenal about but again and it's a kind of a the double edged sword for me is I don't care enough to do research so but I don't do that and then I don't care watching it's on them to return to decrease. Chain you don't get a followed these sports either at least every once solid the swimming every summer there some swimming on TV and actress that you you don't see skiing but here at the track races errors on TV that so I mean this summer Olympic sports actually do get more. Play on aim more normal basis than these other winter sports which probably helps to identify with the Summer Olympics more than a winner. In his church and I do that a parent I'm more distill that I put in the same boat this was for me it's all government. In which I don't know what went on let's go summer. Are coming up next West Coast bias is back. You'll oh culture hoops and why they cluttered and so down this year that is next year export some of its time for some West Coast flavor. Yeah as busy as those center of a football universe. Style. Really didn't come on stop milking it. It. Scripture. This is West Coast bias and in depth look at the NFL's western teams on football Sunday with my camera shot on 1080 the fan. Ten point one wanted to hear and a sports on the West Coast bias time. Topple ball related today. In fact almost into a salad into an apartment blocks of this works here but. The pac twelve. Is very down. This year in just if you wanted for as much as miles for a second there's a clip. From. Jay bill was it was all during spring. When asked him how many pac twelve teams. Are going to make the tournament this year remember there were almost a march for him close term time in this this was disaster. Probably sick I don't know capital wanted to be and six but. Probably six. And I think the league has been better in past years. In other spent a lot of transitions Ers are some transitions with the in the league. You know Stanford fired a new coach cup years ago. Washington State Washington new coaches are about to turn over there. Been in I think there you know organism is opened down. Or last year. And it's. The fact that he said sixth. Is is scary because. Right now is only five on the bracket calculus for pac twelve teams in. If you look at the conference is only two ranked teams Arizona and Arizona State. Ursula is 125 loss Alaska against terrorism if so Oprah I thought the rankings again as we can only be one ranked team. Most likely in the pac twelve unless you see a waste looks a premiere number ninety and it is. If you watch we've had told groups this year it is being inconsistent. It has rim a lot of parity which I guess eventually the launch of your into the conference but nobody's really. Stepping out as being a really good team Nolan stepping out ahead is being a solid team. Oregon last year the final fourteen the Oregon Ducks are seventeen and ten. Seven and seven in conference play seven of seven commerce plainly pretty bad conference this year. And in rack intelligent and even on the list of next four out. They're just not even being considered for the term. That's a final fourteen from last year. Oregon State is thirteen and thirteen five and nine in conference amounts of trees technical score twenty plus points a review. Washington. There is much improved. Thanks to former search assistant coach Mike Hopkins on super seven left thumb but they're not good enough yet. Stanford is as energy bills pensions and it's over a period of transition. Utah's seventeen and nine USC is nineteen and nine. There's not a lot of good teams in the pac 12. AM. It's weird because it took for the last two years it looked to axles blouse that best basketball conference for the getting better. The lashing they have like eight teams making the have a team in the final four there's a lot of blows were on the pac twelve and all came crashing down this year. And it's kind of scared us. But now it's it's. Other I've lost any. Pac twelve basketball this year out of opt out typically don't really care and run until. The tournament then I'll start doing some research and seeing where it is everything it annulled the ducks have been. Much like the the Portland trailblazers in consistent they just haven't been able to find. They're group you know there was a stretch during the season. They beat a bunch of you know that Colorado State nothing Portland State was in between there and you know they got some wins play it if they've been. Up a couple games and we're gonna drop a couple of games and we went again and win another one field and lose so. There hasn't been really any consistency as far as the ducks are ours you know. It's far is that that the ducks go with everyone else. I don't know I can't really explain like. What's happening with with teams like. Me or to state that we talk but this awfully early after the Gary Payton here will expect Dorgan state to take that step forward and be one of those teams that was. Competing for actual championship was competing for. A return visit for pro relatively high seed maybe five or six or something like that and it just hasn't happened and musher that's tickle a musher fest just a matter of them not having. And a talent at Oregon State but are the way it's it's been relatively disappointing to see them. Kind of Take. Two steps backward since the since the a couple of years ago with Carrie Prejean. I billikens everything points to organ state at this point where you have prodding coaches that have had initial success you think about the the two CBI tournament that they alignment. Follower of the CBI champions and the things are looking up and nothing ever materialize from those moments they never. Re able to make it's then ninety in make a splash her at the demean the tournaments basically out of their reach year in and year out. And I mean you prodding coaches that have proven in the beginning to the canal that. Have some sort of success but it doesn't maintain a mine I think that points more towards the culture of of Oregon State itself into an actual. Coaching staffs. Just look at the brackets charging now and pac 124. Teams in the tournament. Two of them UCLA USC. Are in the first four games. Ouch so essential and then Washington is in the first four out in Utah in the next four. So. If those two you ceiling USC cannot fault tiny bit and the rest is the same. The pac twelve connect to teens. And make the turn him in Alabama and expect that that's worst case scenario but. That would be super embarrassing now to be fair or the such as the pac twelve the Big Ten also only has four teams in the back of your right now actually shocking for the Big Ten. But. If you're a major conference power power conference in game two to four to five teams in the tournament and a that's really bad news that's that's market. It is what it but I mean I'm looking at the top of the of the rankings you know just for this weekend. This is the really the way the best policy has been going like he's most of these are. Democracy traditional powers on the atmosphere but Virginia was good you know they've been they've been out couples couple seasons Michigan State. As you know oh obviously been you know pretty bullet you know teams like Xavier you know holes finally come to it. No eggs acre and a budget they've been good this the first they're ranked number one. At a point during the season Cincinnati is back you know all of a sudden. Up Purdue is a big player this year in Texas Texas Tech is weird you know I'm looking at Auburn Auburn clay Clemson like we got it you guys that seems to kill and duke is ranked like what fifteenth or some well yet. So I'm looking at I like and it's. It's a lot of weird it's weird this kind of a toss up right now you Nevada is a top 25 team. You know also pharmacies and so Texas area miscue in Rhode Island is the top fifth to sup topped when he team. So I mean look at it always seems like well maybe it's just the one of those beard. Years when those weird recruiting years recruits haven't panned out the way. It's my out of Bob I think we know for the ducks things will be a little bit different next year you get a bull bull and you get the top recruiting class in the country. Coming your school so you hope. If your ducks and things change. Oregon State to my knowledge has recruited any local kids I'm not sure what they plan with the move is for them to keep ankle Tuesday. Go a different direction you know with pointless because a lot of questions to be answered by the end of the season. I I do will receive about I mean I don't know correctly from wrong tech's police. I only see maybe 33 of fourteen. Inning if it looks like this and I'm looking at the rest of there of the schedules for the season. Yeah really going to be assaults are really only sees Arizona and was easily. Lawyers honestly could get to an increase pressure airs those things appointment I think third yet this season but aren't hi all chanting emea that we got a break coming up next is time for him to love it here is just who was. Weekend sports where the difference. This is sports Sunday it was Mike can bridge I'm Kennedy's. Studies that means it is time for heat or light. It is a competition. Jesse Alaska's a hitter loaded question fuel that awards points or two doctors points based on our answers. And the winner. Gets to host the last ever edition. Who goes first the sweet I think you do okay. In the Jesse unions are Bryant's. Well. Me I'm done aid. Well AN NBA. And he. Shell also a stick with that for now Saddam out sober came out. And announced a possible. Playoff change due to the imbalances between the conferences for quite some time now and I've probably been. Under exaggerating. The amount of discrepancy between the two conferences in the time. That it's been going on however. He has said that he believes that maybe we should see these teams based on record and it not on conference both conferences still gaining eighteen cent if we did this. Cleveland would be the fifth seed this season and currently as it stands. Houston Rockets would be marijuana and the golden states warriors would be the second seed us and his idea is. Feeding group regardless of what the rest sixteen team logo. Mill. It is it's copied from each conference yes seated by record yes he'll be the best sixty years still seeing best of a based on best team so yeah like basically the last. There's no dive teams to be in the east right ya so there would be better teams in the west that could make potentially still missed the playoffs because they're not the top. Okay and did you see it become yes there order. Yes and so but it would also allow let's say Houston and Golden State to match to meet up in the finals while. Or hate Adam silver playoff seeding format. Should be a slam dunk. I love it. I do I I would I would much prefer a one through sixteen true record playoffs just because. If were already at this point where we've destroyed the divisions and now only care about is conferences he's thinking about getting rid of the conferences for the playoffs in general making it on their sixteen year old just. Garrett of the conference's best. What do you want to sixteen with a B the sixteen best teams in the league. Have a chance to fight for the playoffs but if this is the compromise because you wanna keep these vs west cool great idle mind. I would love to see it where you have of one through six team format and it's like it it it makes is it. Mexico to be more parity Timmy. In the playoffs it be a more interesting matchup between. A certain teams you don't normally get to see play each other and I think to equal par would be. This year your one and two seeds have been rockets and warriors which means those two would be early collision course to play in the finals. Which would be exactly once in a finals right coach what is your rockets warriors in the NBA finals about the conference finals and be amazing so I'd be totally down for so. I love it. Men I'd love to our real there's not a lot of Arkin really really really add to the world and says it's your real life. They're the they need to have a shakeup for the playoffs I'm Dave much like she got an all star game. It was getting stale and boring and it's one of those things you know exactly who's going to be in final salute was just. Cut out all the extra pageantry and has put the two teams the files you wanna see. Is spending this will be a great opportunity. Today it. You wanna see the best teams play and a lot of times the best teams come from the same conference. Football has it right baseball has about right as a matter of UAL or NL. On this matter which part of the country your from. It's still beat up so it doesn't really like we saw a Super Bowl that had the Broncos and the Seahawks both kind of west coasts. Teams and it was just fine with everyone so I think people would be much more inclined to watch. Rockets and warriors in the finals to do a fund seven game series and post a warriors Cleveland where you know it's going to be over. Aren't. Nice. Good start guys. I'm accustomed to come and just easily segue ascend or next one. Lynch. Currently like I said live this format you would have the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors as the top two seeds. In the playoffs. With the top seed. Being the Houston Rockets as it stands right now love or hate the Houston Rockets. Will steal the top overall seed from the Golden State Warriors heated. Gold states from playing with no energy the last month of the season why do you think Steve Kerr should do the code during the players. Our coaching themselves game against the suns. He's trying everything he can't get this team re keyed she sought in the blazers game on Wednesday. They were not in that game paying attention at all the first half. But here's where we're getting down to nitty gritty there is twenty ish games left in the season right playing 25 games left. Possible warriors will turn it on. The rockets are in first place faced a week ten game winning streak. They're ten and know all the warriors are six and four Matt got give them a half game lead. For first place the rockets at this point this season and ten game industry to take up one spot the warriors are gonna turn on. Warriors are gonna go okay it's time played out just like LeBron and has turned on because he knows how to play an outcast. And wants to get to class into the same old same old this is. Of course we talked about the ambience has been fun and that's a nice change idea and they also Britain's foreign. Has been fun. This is still the problem is we know warriors can turn on to make it we know cavs are gonna turn on and make it to the finals so. It's funny and is kind of an arrest are now but I I've I hate the rockets a whole. I'd love that the rockets. Will hold. Honestly says it and I've really often the show. On my paintings aren't as the best player in the league right now. Not saying overall but I think right now James Harden is best bass player in the NBA he's really the team has really taken on. His personality really they've they've done a great job of making sure they'd build. Around James Harden on what he does really well with that just because. Everybody thought this whole thing with Chris Paul wouldn't work and there's not enough basketball to get this is Chris Paul's averaging nineteen points and nine assists on the season. You've got a guy like. This was the air Gordon who has just quietly been one of the best six men. In the entire NBA games comes in and kills all time. Like you got a team in Houston it's really really really do its thing to do and I think he got a team of old statement just kind of knows that you have to make it to the finals or debit does that make. For the playoffs they'll be fine once they get there is not gonna matter if they have to play one additional gains in Houston or wherever else because they know they're just gonna. They're probably gonna win the series I think they don't they're not really stressed that right now because they wanna sleep leaves some additional energy. For this newly acquired Cleveland Cavaliers. Like it like it back Raikkonen. Thrown points around left and ranked the fifth just given away today. Lynch slight one point lead pace heading into the final if went with that said you've you've had the advantage of going first time in Asia has agreed with me now from. I wouldn't give her child the opportunity choose what our next topic will be because I'd rather Toxics OK you said about the NB. All right. Based on things that he does not want to do that. Currently we have being a huge catches for fitness as we got league airplane returning to Philly. We guide to no Super Bowl hangovers next season. Russell rest book proving. Mr. grant's decision was right and we're seeing the fault Kentucky. I think we both kind of looks to directing like the west to rent and let's go that are in there talking about it when it basically our race so it's overlooking and it held Oklahoma City sitting in the is in the depths Robert and it has yet. So Oklahoma City sitting in the five seat currently in the last. They got Paul George Rodham over there and we saw all play against Cleveland just before the all star break him he didn't look good. Basically if you wanna come out there wolf we'll just take this heard route basically heard saying hey look at what happens when. LeBron leaves is team they turned absolute junk what happens when you have. Russell Westbrook and you add Paul George not a whole lot so. Basically saying that you just can't really get it done with wrestle respite being the man lover and a Oklahoma city's Russell Westbrook proving during a decision was wrecked. That's a it's a hard way to answered the way you worded because. I love it I do love it bled I've always been out here entering its decision ends. I think it's it has less to do though with proving during its decision right. Improving mental warriors are just too darn good of a team that no matter who they added they would still be winning championships not immune. Deed the fact that rustle us for can dad Paul Jordan correlated in the castle trouble make sense of being told there makes sense because. Throughout the orders they don't have to the most elite shooters ever seen a basketball on the same team. They don't have one of the best fours in the NBA right now who can do a little bit of everything is one of the it is the best defender in the MBA entry among green. M and they don't have one of the best coaches in the NBA and Steve Kirk what they have is a great. Driving point guard who is also a decent shooter that does at all Russell Westbrook right he does little literary thing but he is also a complete ball. He needs the ball 100% of the time for that team to work right. You've now got Paul George tune. Is probably better than what he's human being given her credit for almost like Kevin Love with the cavs right now has become almost shooter. And many got Carmelo who's being Karbala right. So I love it because I think the decision was right is that you can't win Russell Westbrook. Dolly in the ball 100% of the time got to share a little bit more so yeah love and I made it. I absolutely hated. To read didn't make the right decision to make a wrong decision made a week. So it's not like we get to read a lot of credit for going to Golden State and win the championship we don't say as he went to a team just won 73 games. And was on the verge of winning their second straight championship he didn't go to Washington and make that team better and win a championship so that he can be that leader he didn't do in Minnesota he didn't do it in LAQ what's the most stacked team that we possibly ever seen in the past fifteen years. In the NBA decides when a championship there. What's a Russell Westbrook for the ball hog that he is leads the league or a second in the league in assist average a triple double last year throwing to nobody. His very best player was electoral with people who was a shell of himself for us with these was half of the player but he was when he now that he's in Indiana. You have to have yet he had the ball dominant player sells LeBron and LeBron have on his hands the type cavaliers don't work. Stepped curry is the exception because you need the ball in his hands but he also has clay Thompson he also has got a trademark green and oh yeah Kevin Durant. Who can throw the ball to Sweden. Catch and shoot Westbrook Maine he's got to get Stephen Adams involved. He had cancer ball. Yet you all those little players around him that aren't as involved as it works Carmelo is gonna shoot does that does Paul George's as the European Paul George which is quietly having a great season. But it's being he's really being overshadowed by how good west. Westbrook is that do and anybody who says otherwise it's hate I U lynch umps and I think he's I think Westbrook is back. Hulu in. We needed to Rashad all riled up it it it took us. I'm I'm I'm off like for the underdog all the players people hate and don't like and those. Like of Oman and Europe NBA version of I mean in the NFL RAI. I'm like car workers. He let me Tampa and oh. With that sand. Do you just towel. Edged the lynch. The passion. The pat Russell Westbrook mash Ohio Islip it's a might. Me and someone on the attacks like we're going back and forth about James Harden. And really saying because I think LaMarcus Aldridge thing was a big hot button here in town and you what things I'm saying anything about good or bad about markets it's just sparks conversation. Analysts and mental thing Harden carries ST nobody don't mean really ease Cairns in the past four years. LaMarcus could be the man he chooses not to and I think that's where people's frustration markets. Very Rashad gets to host the last segment whatever that means I expect that is be next here on full. Old on its core area today. On top of him. First thing. My favorite show. We'll Maria us. I won't give in until a victorious but thank you lynch would be two hours and I appreciate your welcome. Tend to suit so we've got like for me I'm sure it's someone that. I don't have anything to talk about everything went our culture and should be better prepare for the shoot talk about black panther. Oh like enter awesome day you're absolutely right as though. You know we talked about the idea innovative nose and I was an odd and even you know before on what's the C black panther on Thursday. Opener opening night. Super good movies on took my six year old son to go see. He was sway me about it for a couple weeks and saw how exciting. That's kinda weird man that okay yeah he's never really been excited about going to see a movie I think you really want to see. I forget what was. Wall Street news lasting. I job that was excessive funny movie though so we did so we ought to concede that put on you what she Star Wars we'll take that back so we went to go check out. The last jet but he was so excited for this movie and I'll be honest men. They knew it was cool for me ago it was cool for me to see. I know a lot of people you know. It was not so much about about race or anything like that it meant for me like it was awesome CO a black superhero. It's great to go to a movie and not seeing. You know rose traders that the gang member of the drug dealer pen. The one the storm overall crime or. This late hit on me like those are things that people win Oscars for and this is a really really well thought out move on whose rape is a great move nothing else male black white. Green purple man if you buy superhero movies men this named him one of the best marvel movies you know would be the purple man. And I wanted to if anyone knows there are friends I guarantee there's someone out there Rio remiss no. A sells well at the end but Coca. I have not seen the movie but I'm I'm really be superhero movie guys so it was even on my radar in general outside of just of the balls it was getting. But from what I've read it. Is that this is being considered one of the best superhero movies since the dark I came. In terms of just being pure. Good superhero movie know that in 1987%. On rotten tomatoes. In nine the 7%. The critics consensus says black panther elevates superhero cinema to thrilling new heights also and one of the MCU's most absorbing stories. Introducing some of the most fully realized here. Telegram remain was it it was. Hello superhero movie guy but I like the ones for the story is actually like easy to divert funding deep to follows a very good story very. Easy to follow a home. Lot of conflicts in there you know about right stronger what is right or what's not everything it was a it was a really well done movie if you like marvel films are. DC's not very good although one woman was fresh. But if you like. Marvel films may go check it out great movie hopefully it's not sold out on the today and allotted to check it out on Sunday because no worked so. To ago like him wash off for him to. Purple mammals from Edmonton friend. For Nintendo. Oh OK and I did have a don't you know at the front uncertainties and horror game on PC yet ratified the Friday the thirteenth game on and printer can sort of thing for Internet but not a great Peres could differ us today thanks so much soliciting children podcast if you missed any of it. On Wheeler truck tires podcasts on today to defend our commentary the fan out. We will be back next week continuing sports. Underlined pulled it LSI's Sunday. As a we'll we'll talk but whatever the heck we want until football season again it does include football global. Well this amounts forces up to over the next a couple of months as we are in more of a relaxed sports time of the year. To take us back out next week nine to 11 AM. Enjoy the rest of your weekend if you have tomorrow off. Enjoy that we as a station are off tomorrow so we we will not be here so if you have tomorrow off enjoy it if not. So sorry. If me on Twitter we can debate is yeah so child's been anybody else. Enjoy everybody. This superb.