Sports Sunday February 18th Hour 1

Sports Sunday
Sunday, February 18th

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Can sports where the difference. Does it go underground in center and it just matters. We'll start a look at the weekend in sports with the U inside story on the blazers the ducks and the beavers. This is sports Sunday we've Mike Lynch leave that room better. You're that is a car. Yeah but it's so weak car camera shot chambers we do stop we got stops good hitting slump. Look up art walk out on ESPN's Sports Radio chanted beat the prayer. The fun. What so I am back Mosul sixers don't mind. Little allergy doses homesickness felt like circle ruled that he has his little so let's give them go by the voice move those being stuffed I'm sure what he likes I'm sure rappel being. Picking up the bug and you know tomorrow since he likes to eat the microphone don't aren't he tongue kisses the dude from all over that thing. The that's his girlfriend you better watch out there. I got it under a forensic evidence and it's through. This. This studio hope it's just like a Petri dish of diseases I feel it because. Suu Kyi has been really sick soup has made drop sick. KM in dusty had been sick I have been sick. And it's like anybody who's been in here at some point this winter has gotten some sort of bug I haven't gotten the flu dammit and knock on wood man I'm telling you brought. Needs and its. Well today booties and others who think about is gonna happen. But calm but a series of notes this this room is discussed. Because they if you think about it. Each of these microphones is used by the five to six people a week. The three people on a daily basis. Our show on Sunday show before us on Saturday in the Wednesday night's show. All the people using nonexistent because in your MM macarthur's cigarette so another seven. And occasionally is why does the terror Porsche as well so possibly eight and golf and northwest so non team. Nine times nine shows kind town X number nine. Use this studio. Every week. The only times the studio gets cleaned. Zero times. Yeah yeah like maybe a vacuum job gets done we gotta talk territorial. So all they come in and it's a contrast they don't really like the problem is is they they they come when you were always on the air. So they don't. Doron is like oh sorry and those leave it you'll like well let's are there or here emulator but. I don't know it's it's just this studio is disgusting and one when they remove some of the stuff on TV left us it's felt cleaner. But I really don't feel like they cleaned anything I just feel like you felt less cluttered cells can be in the studios and now it's you know you're never really in years. Your torso by Leah I could still I'm still here in this general area I can see little cleaner but. No it's not era if you look at the actual microphone. Covered the windshield just because tiger it is discussed. It's it is all I'm just gonna invest in new ones for a one knew who my congress were Abbott. Along a second mortgage disease doesn't matter what market value we got to do with the fact that John care. So yes I I am back and it's telling today. And is not sticking luckily but it is care it's well Heidi. It doesn't stick and it's like it's just raining. It looks nicer than him so screw the snow and stuff. It's not sticking you can do it can rover finds this depressing. Why is it depressing or. So. Ago speaker and Lucas three the snow is less depressing in the rain because it's different. Because the rain is constant. And the snow is at least in the recede the support the second time we've seen this year modest size is more excited either but it's not like it's depressing thing. It's just as long as it's not sticking it's fun because it's not screwed up ability to. This. Policies at the well angry when I got out of the car keep Cuba on the road up there it does give slippery be safe but. At least from my drive in the sport and its influence policy warmer so should be okay shouldn't have to worry too much about. Expensive up there on the roads are so we are sports summit this is my first or Sunday because I was out last week which is the first four so maybe year. We don't need to unlawful all the entire show and frankly I don't think I have any focal Charlotte Austin I don't know if anything happened this week as far as football. Now I really think that they came out that I thought was really interesting was the Kirk cousins off but we talked up at a couple weeks ago when the initial report came out there are considering a franchise tag and Kirk. And then my Soria had to speak because he said the Redskins are in the quote petty in the scheme which about it was really funny and stupid but. So we kind of talked about veterinarian hole two segments on the couple weeks ago. And some people say well we yellow basketball double Olympic talk all star game today maybe. Excited to see what this game looks like I mean it's the first time ever it's not like east vs west and you don't think the west is gonna run away with that's our main. I'm excited because their bodies release and all team LeBron is great. I agree with us and NBA were you have to shoot threes and staff has the best three point shooters. And the leak on his team oh let's pull those outtakes would you have done and that's good stuff let's not. Have all the hot takes out the for sacred here. But we'd we will talk soon all star game. We will talk that's morrow talked about it's gotta say my parents are tendency to Duncan's three point contests accurately. I can't speak intelligently on it so it's not like a month and try to pretend. But I do wanna talk about the new format as we haven't talked about that. We don't last picks were in his really freaking funny I wanna talk about Damon the all star game plus I wanna spend some time today. Dig in and of the blazers do we really haven't spent over the last six months any time talking about the blazers and we both like watching the blazers both MBA fans in him. We are Dell server which is the de facto middle part of the seasonal records electorate in the blazers are. Doing blazer is famous there essentially the same team as they always are but there's hope and they'll talk about that this hour were shot. Does not like the Olympics. So the Winter Olympic air Rico winter there. Air and on his FaceBook page used in very passionate about this just once. Well into what you uttered comments followed. You fire people up with us. American help if people. Don't north are talking about it I thought that if I can't help but don't let their own stupid they know and Dolly. I was able to have a lot of really good you know back and forth I was one per you know it's one have a conversation you know on our mantra I never tell anybody you're wrong that stupid never ever. I never tell anybody as as he just said this and I don't know that you can say that as he says. I'll let you know. How would never do. So that's coming up on the shows today. Also we're gonna bring West Coast fires back he'll talk a little bit about the actual college hoops which is really down in the dumps this year and try to figure out why and where they could be dealing with the tournament this year so its commitment 10 o'clock hour we also had a limit of course at 1030. And then maybe only against. Talk about the collective commitment of support. Structure and you love I've seen here the you've gone toys you loved it is it's gotten. Is incredible reviews on all of review sites run to his haven't really highly rated from what I saw. And people are saying that it's. One of the best superhero movies since the original Dark Knight in terms of like universally being liked by everybody. Which is pretty cool so we did talk about that is also canceled come on the show. You can text us on the fan tell excellent at 55305. That's where you can now find us and interact with a throughout the entire show. Also find us on Twitter at today to defend at my place what is seven is myself. At Taylor made 503 is shod in Jesse's dad just he Osmond AS ZMA. And but it is kind of one of those. Really kind of crappy weekends in sports in general. Or let me get this weekend but we're getting into the week of crap because MB is gonna be off until Friday. And Thursday. Or now three straight days of nothing is there's different all the blazers are Friday I don't know when teams come back haven't checked the full schedule a candle for both. It's going to be a couple of days. Yet there's going to be a couple of days until Lou the NBA comes back again. NHL. Winter Olympics. And a slightly tears in my opinion which for shot on the Olympics is. It's good it's one of those weird weeks in sports there's really nothing happening. So here is that post Super Bowl kind of hung over and yeah NBA decides it. Let's give them a real star brewery and not have them come back right let's give him two weeks officer actually via the blizzard brought from Wednesday. Until this Friday. Almost. Week and a half off straight which is probably perfect Freddie humanity's need to brigadier also witnessed at all. So many days about launching games governor few Jews who can do with that. You know with a nice little 45 day. Lot of teams as well as deserving for them but for fans who analog slots or most terrible it's awful and terrible. Asked well it is for the next week well they'll rim for most people. Most bullies do Olympics are on their on almost the entire days so you at least get some sports you can like never goes. Like yours is just not it's on right now all day I didn't around by its own right now watching the ethic. Problems loser rove wrote deal or no external. If that's a muscle team feels this is present. And correct. So we will start next with the all star break. Do you like him to form. We doubted the last players picked work. And how much will day implant that's next here on sports summit on the. My favorite show. I'm fortunate here on your Sunday morning. Now so Leo or privately some stops snowing so they'll. Haas for certain whether talked. NBA all star break is gonna Pomona we got the all star game today. Little sentencing there's no sir give them until they do you know. And and in I will find out in Africa. It's probably am a fan but I don't I don't I don't on I I should know and if it is I should have in my update at. Bowl financially for free blood that is today it is the first year. That we are getting while the wolves before right. It was a late team magic verses in the have won your religion picking format in the MBA. Was that the NFL all those you know felt that I was like Dion in. OK Eric what a mix of there's a first year in the NBA where you've got not east vs west and we do have a what time 56. I'm assuming its either if it's patents it says 430 cent that's pregame obviously okay. Whether to preempt. Is all the fair for the also break CIA team the Roberts is he staff. And it was a whole kind of things when they pick their teams it was cool to see what teams they picked. Sally was not televised we just got an announcement on TNT on his head the MBA ago who was picked for one team and very obvious that it wouldn't announced orders so that nobody's feelings that are. But. I am actually. More interest in this also argument I have been in the past due to this format now I don't dislike he's vs West End and to be honest. I feel like in the NBA. The conference vs conference thing works better than the other sports and also organs. I'm gonna they also organ gaga it doesn't it doesn't matter right it's an exhibition games site if it doesn't matter I don't really care. But. In terms of my interest level. The east vs west was it was corps in the NBA because like. I feel like that's the conversation all the time is he's vs west of what comes down to the end and yes you know bribe public in the NFL it's not like and receivers they have seen it's that's never elected generic conversation about the sport. It's usually about the team quarterbacks in Major League Baseball. American League vs National League is more about the DH in the pitcher hitting vs oh my god a couple of play in the Astros right but in basketball it's like. The warriors for the Celtics and regular season game is vs west who's the best like deet. It just becomes part of the conversation. So I think that's why I like it the most in the NBA all star game but the fact that two of the biggest brands in. The MBA. Got to pick their teams of all stars is really fascinating to me. Am very curious because on paper LeBron he looks so what I've heard it here but I'm very curious to see how it's gonna work because. I Kevin Durant is on the bronze team. In the other three warriors are on steps. To address going to be going up against his own teammates and austerity which is really cool that's really cool side twists of of what's gonna happen which would have never happened in the past of these persons while so. I think that's a really polite. No. The idea at first I was kind of libel that's gonna kill tradition you know most talent now more like the east was west truth it is. The west stars running away with for the past few years Coby economy jokes you targeting their. You know every year once you know I guess I would be too. But. I'm am excited to it is with his looks like men because everybody kind of things that Brownstein likes it on paper. Rusty looks it looks unstoppable you know it was with your starters are. Hunting LeBron the starters guard. Oh was boogie you know who's no longer play book Andy Davis KD Tyreke LeBron and start for you know. And in Sierra actually Arnold he's being replaced starter he just might be maybe one of the bench yes so. But you look at guys like. After after those guys and you have. Kevin Love gross Kevin Love criminal visuals and also won't play. All the people. Iliescu Westbrook John Wall Paul shorts made three shots and the report ounces last night. So his team is good and for starters I'm look at it's that's team and one. Like this NBA is about. She and I report the three point shot. If everything and an all star game where zero defense league play zero defense we played you mean to tell me this team has stepped. Great report shooter James Harden great three point shooter. To remind relatively okay three point shooter effort you know as much disease shoots Jimmy butler's. Okay game phenomenal three point shooter Kyle Lowry. Okay three point shooters. May Klay Thompson obviously you know arms and report champion Carl I think Intel's my nose and you know he leads his team for three point percentage. Yes so army got a team but it's what you do boasting. That can shoot the lights out so in an NBA where you're gonna have a lot of layups from the from Andre Drummond and from Kevin Love who's now playing in electoral people LaMarcus Aldridge put. I'm looking at a things that teams that went earlier when a lot. Do you think that more sports to do it this way in the assertive but actually televise the picking thing. Well. Just from an an actual ratings or hype standpoint. It crap people lost all year they were definitely playground draft to the best players in the world of the awesome that is that this is the ultimate pick up game I'd love to see that that's why it's like I was really frustrated when they said it wasn't going to be televised because. I mean if you're really gonna hack. I know this is a sound stupid now but to me if I would you really have hurt feelings of being the last all star picked. I think there's some dudes like you are still you still may be all star team who cares if your first to last your steered from the I think there are some dues that would apps do we feel slighted he saw one Russell Westbrook was. Talking after the selections were made initially and he thought he was the last person picked because there was Westbrook whose last name on the list and he was in his films about it and they found out that although he went last for contagious new names which mean OK now. It's so I think there are a lot of dues would be really really. You know kind of bug her about not being able to say that they were a topic you know already they feel like we should have been stars. Nothing there's a lot of these guys that every one of these people on the bench. Their city loves them and I guarantee they had a a team of people voting for Jimmy Butler to make sure he made proposals are starter. This year and it just didn't it and come to. All these Jews feel like they should be stars Daniel Miller probably feels like he should start in the all star game as well as Carlin and towns or precincts and they all. They would all be correct you know in an in their eyes are released and their fans I'd be correct so when is considered the opposing us what's what's that. That's the one injury this year that really hurt tours they feel that her mark. A man hopefully he gets better. Really soon because I think Reese receives special room here the unit core vehement. That it's. So did you opus LaMarcus is six all starting it. Broke so he's made the all star team and I'm looking at right now he made it all the time with lasers as he's made the all target team more than. Tyree urban. He's made it more than Reggie Miller ever made it. He's not really yet Burris is only a part time most or he's made calls for teamwork and Chris Webber has made. And he's made the all star team more than my I want my favorite players all time Tom chambers you know he's so. There's a lot of dudes on this list that he's. He made mortgage that. But is Carla hall of Famer. Now if I it's it's hard to tell you you know him the prom night all I don't know like I mean look these little marks his overall numbers and. It's it's that that's that's a hole famous for truly special people and this and LaMarcus Aldridge has never been a truly special and number one guy is Jamaal Wilkes truly special people. Mitch Richmond. And because also dues that made you made the NBA all Gaza has a problem with the pro bass hall simulate Hala in my feeling that tries to keep it to the truly specials baseball's. The rest of us like. I'm thinking yeah I think football does a really good job. Make answer the right guy kind of gets them out of there you know in a given way god that's a whole separate discussion but are speaking of last expo. And Marcus is a had hit. He's an Al Horford were reportedly be titled two picks. Of the draft Al Horford is not really surprising to me to be he was the he's the worst calls the worst all star quote unquote no need to the quote fingers he's worst. Possessed to see that LaMarcus Aldridge. Well listen the last pick for team LeBron ice so badly wished to broaden was like for this particulate piccolo Marcia. Let's go badly about the beach and. And the cult artists like LaMarcus. Is no weird as you look at his numbers he's nowhere near the worst player on the on LeBron staying so. His numbers are better than Gordon or drugs who wasn't an add on they're better than Paul George curb they're better than Kevin love's. They're a little bit better and old people you averaged a few more points they were better than forcing guests who haven't just a crazy year so. For as much as people one of angle LaMarcus and he still don't understand right now and whose average twenty and and eight credits his attitude. Nobody likes it he's just a nonchalant. Non. Passive aggressive do a much written on like. Out of it does eases these markets is very very early release. Is but all these dudes are sensitive and it does not listen basketball players. Are the most sensitive players of any sports. That's just every at everybody knows they're the most pampered. They you know they they have the most exposure so yeah they are the biggest divas of any any sports baseball players typically typically the coolest guys you know and Indies or hockey hockey players of that they're hockey players the toughest there 00 all sports you know. Football players are you know the current yeah. Probably the most I guess you sought after especially by computer quarterback if you're like one of the main guys in a failure royalty in in the Mir. Basketball players are just as it's not it's always been OK. I'm being. The markets though is to an extreme as far as the sensitivity level. I think it's also very personal here and I do wonder like if there is another. Su percent see MBA player that played here. Camping of our top man but it. If Helling evenly like. The pre him Shaq right Shaq is one of the most sensitive guys ever seen about his mr. his conversation it would with chuck on into the NBA were like. He was he is the second chuck was like I usually stayed one more title Shaq went light. How your decision on talk so I was born in order to. Yes next big thing was suck and I really think. She Q topic I think Charles Barkley is really shacks biggest adversary in army really. I think David Robinson would probably be is the one that I think I think it was me as a kid that's when I think of first. I think about Charles Barkley picking jacked up and slam on the and then trying to fight and stubborn like that some bad blood between them dudes and they played each other some time and I couldn't see. Like LaMarcus. Sitting across from. From Shaq earth or Berkeley or whatever having them make a comment like that and him didn't after. Barkley I NCNB a lot more like or whatever men because he really like at. He was very much a purse a pushover personality and it is in his interviews in in every look like eight. I mean I think for the markets it's it's a he was never and we talked about just forums was never slated to be the guy and were. Ever like that they kind of happened by default for him like. When he got their man Brandon Roy was the savior for Portland he was the all star he was the rookie of the year man he was the guy LaMarcus was just. The guy next and then Greg Oden came. And then Marcus got pushed. So that third seat and then go got hurt. And then B Roy got hurt and it was well Marcus you gotta do a lot of scoring force and then he became stars like he's been overlooked. All the time it wasn't so like his last two years in Portland people army's. Markets might be the best talk or eat and a lot of us here like. Yeah like he finally turned into that but. Ebony got straight to San Antonio and he took. Stepped behind quiet liberty and you're not the guy. But it still produce like Otto I understand why Portland fans are mad. But man. I can't ever fault nobody for wanna get a job especially when again inopportune degraded what I do I don't that's not an accurate. It went to open receivers like we still see a lot of people who text and like always pick a little private markets loses one. That's hate wrote like Oates who took him a little bit adults I think I think that's I think when you're I think we are fifteen yes it's. Oracle for if it's like if it's a player and teammate you'd think did you wrong whether it was leaving. Or if you lose something that he used didn't like how we acted on the team which that's more how was for me Aniston met last year. There is that we are tension between him and Damon he didn't want him to have the spotlight and and that was fine but he also tried to stop that from happening. It was I just carried. It's a dramatic about it it was petty but if I hate pettiness odd man odd that's why I'm not a big for analysts and you know football friends but it is just like. So that bothered me. So that's why I still like to pull you markets know and I hold on a personal note it's of course not I totally get why you know people would feel that way and Marcus said he was blind and humble would be best laser ever ever and it still debatable if he has not you know one of the best. Please reverend and it left so if it is said man I'm not talking a free agency will talk about the summer cool. Leave it that but don't. Gas to blow. Outs and also works out. Just understand men like go get some money and then. It is does Tesla came tax Arafat after a five. Pure every three of those four guys who playoff games regular C web chambers or LA I take the first. How these numbers really in the playoffs and he's no power you know coverage of Miller Chris program. And I'll take Tom well. Take Tom chambers man named name me one great scene web moment that wasn't the series that he lost in five or six lakers. In the playoffs. There has very few terrorism related assumes that. So I'll take out of Reggie yeah but you know. And so on that's on smooth shoot Reggie Miller wasn't good experience he'd hit missile officer of your local drew movie coming out. SO and Reggie Miller is one of one of the guys in it as well as Chris Webber. So it's like the five time all star game this carrier is also fonts I'm all star. You have to be at least most Arafat's arms. Aren't. Got a break coming up next let's tied into the actual blazers at this point in the season. They're currently to succeed in the Western Conference they cut as usual and against the warriors. To wrap up their first half for their real server part of the season but. Our bay. Getting better or are we just in the cycle of death blazers that's next first justice. Weekends were made offers sports. Serious sports Sunday with Mike in Russia and an eighty. I'm 36 here and sports on that most of animals from. A man I mean it's the first one back with. I wouldn't it's gonna take too often in every trailer it concluded tuchman hike. Two months to train my brain to say is. An attempt since football suntech it. Not sports on us who were so used to doing that you know every week. You know mrs. Ehrlich and from August through February so. That's. 66. Months and a reload time. This is it blazers. I did have another some sort of burn up and I'll think about effort from Mexico or something I'll blazers are currently in knees succeeded. In the Western Conference it'll play again until Friday against the jazz session went back to Friday Saturday and the jazz in the suns. Other than the sixty right now Russia the seventh seed right now is there at the nuggets. Regardless the nuggets nuggets won their last game. But. Tug in August the seventh seed there are only two to have key was back from the three seed. And only one game ahead of being out of the clubhouse that is how tight the west is from the spurs down through did jazz or in the ten seed. There is a four and a half game difference from three to ten that is absolutely and it's so. In one way it depends you look at a glass half full or glass half empty. Blazers are only two napkins from the three seed or blazers are made jagr the teams that can all missed the playoffs and the drop of the hat depending on how they play analyst and intimacy. An early that I feel about it because. The blazers. Up a great audience the warriors right granted quarters of what they were sleepwalking through the first half of backing him. Eight were ready for the all star break. There's a good way and they've played generally better over the last little bit. But they also keep having these stretches where against bad teams. Or if the teams. Are losing. A look at issued the pistons lost in the Flickr from was barely got to shrug by twenty points Mallon but an issue that twenty point loss of the jazz. If drugs putting four losses in the played really good wins against the warriors and the T wolves couple oil in three weeks ago in the beats Minnesota some really good wins am. We talked to others throughout the week over the last couple weeks too but. That the blazers. It feels like they're just in the loop current cycle right. Okay here's a really really really good win that's gonna get you really hyped up consider turning the corner and then we're gonna circle around the loop and as you get to the downward and a look. We're gonna lose to. Chicago it's random team here in certain weeks right. All of that we're gonna have a really good game against Boston to lose in the game game winning shot by Al Horford all of them were ordered to Minnesota but that we're gonna lose to Utah I'm gonna be Golden State. It's. It's this loop but the plays user and where they're good enough to be a playoff team. But yet that doesn't feel like they're good enough or playing well enough at least to break through the wall and feel like a legit. Team in the west Mel I do to save theirs. There's only two legit teams in the west race. There's only two factories. In my kind of whispers to her play and what I'm talking about Minnesota over it's a record is simple there in the Sambo. But. I'd rather the blazers being more like the spurs are Minnesota. Then the nuggets and the pelicans. Here Iranian I'd rather they be playing. To a level work every night you can consistently say they got a chance when the scheme because I don't feel well about the play as well the best part of the loop problem is an. It's is kind of a crapshoot. So I'm looking at the the Western Conference and you know every team has an identity. For the most. The rockets are gonna go over there would be. Lawyers race and spread the ball out on the on the perimeter. Issue a lot of threes we got two point guards they're gonna get a lot of this is going to be you and you know that's that's the rockets were. The lawyers man we got superstars we got we got numbers respect from all around the perimeter. Let him shoot and in the got to choose up and Katie she's gonna go crazy after game plan. Santonio we're gonna play together we're gonna play defense and hold these teams the ninety points 94 point tonight Centennial of only two teams in the NBA to hold opponents under under points per game. So I'm averaging 98 point five points against Philly it's amateur hundreds the Celtics and nine points we're gonna play great defense are going to be chew up inside you know that's that's our that's our game plan Minnesota. Are gonna play phenomenal defense again almond beach on for Emory River beach opens. Blazers. What's the game plan. CJ you shoot. As much you can. Dane you shoot much you can nurture you figure out how out of that in somewhere down there like. I'm looking at them it is talkers there every all these teens have a game plan what they wanna do like the blazers it's kind of don't know who they are or what day I don't wanna be like Houston Rockets play everybody he's so good nickel state. They play everybody the same way every night. Arnold played down to my competition because and oh they they're only thirty 24 wins this year eighteen wins now and play. Phoenix the same way that you play Boston and that's why the results they like the blazers and they come and ports you talked. No problem we just beat Minnesota last night two nights ago. We're gonna hand you talk and then a national TV against the warriors let's go let's go let's go Stewart list whoever Allen Crabbe said that when he was still here is a bit of Oreo is gets up the national TV games. I felt I felt almost like a random dropping back comment from what I heard and I went. So you're admitting that you don't. You know really played the same the mile and I guess that's a natural reaction it I don't know I did that and like the way came off and I've. I think the blazers do you have an identity. And the problem is that him on the players that that to fulfill that identity consistently. Because to me their identity is. Obviously Damon CJ are the work horses but mirror hitch. Needs to be the pick and roll guy. Come up and said nice picks and allow both CJ in game two decided. Whether or not they're gonna feed him or drive portion whatever. And if that doesn't work for a plan normally would be. And it's it's just typical basketball player and it cannot be open shooters to the guys are really are gonna get a shot to them problem is day. Turkish has the worst touch from the basket I've seen for skilled big man he doesn't do laps. He just does little wild floater what happened tired and dunking the ball and tried. I don't know if you noticed lately is gone for more dog someone in the country's operas like user to get a dumped when you first came here last year and Kalashnikov has been as he was so. Energized to leave Denver and get to a spot where he was playing Mike. We didn't we call in the Bosnian east. Where is that these. We ask Imus has turned the Bosnian floater lumber because she loves to throttle floaters you know he's tired you hit in the face and that's that thing he started getting elbowed him in the face from my mailing that big pro use you're gonna be felt a lot here at them. I just don't know like. Like acid and Golden State Houston. Toronto you know these teams play each other the same way every single night we're going to attack attack attack. The blazers again they're like okay we're going to be up for Minnesota. Going to be up for San Antonio. Denver. Bulls but the other thing too is. So in Turkish super consistent so his role in the offense is could it works if he's playing well we played well we've seen him win yes but when he news. Missing bodies is they suck. And the other problem is the rest of their game plan is by the open shooter they used to have goes in Terry Stotts is office. Now they have no heartless and Alfred comedian are granted demeanor is actually a lot of threes this year but generally he's not a threat malign the on the line Evan Turner can't hit a three to save his life. So the offensive game plan is smaller but they don't the players to execute bat opposite game via. I think that's the big is the Midas Texan game plan Aminu at four. Posts are we tried that and let you know if it yeah Aminu. I mean I'm sure he is an awesome guy in terms. I'm pretty sure he has put. Says it is it's had worked you know it is him in the rock on the rosters mean. Just has we have a lot of guys just made just didn't work and then mark my issues like well. Blow it up to do well. Thanks to start we're like here's two good to have like a lottery pick right now. But you're injured you're not soaking it where you're gonna go deep into the playoffs though. You're the definition of a middle of the road team just there's no. You know open the pendulum is right oh no up and down just right there in the middle that's where you are. Well you don't have anybody out there that it's a little intense rant like me you know have somebody out there like. There's going to be basically with that mentality of I'm gonna eat their babies like. You know like and and just kind of thinking it's terrible our defense event on the on Denver Broncos literally has said that to you know the opposing it's like. Team player I'm probably your babies like. He's he's pretty intense but if you listen he's not like a horrible person is just on the field he wants to win more than anything you. Yeah that's what you need out of you know the Bosnian beast you need him every day coming and being like I'm going to. Take this area around the basket it is going to be mind you're not gonna scoring and I'm gonna you know under the army offensive rebounds and put. Mayor he's gonna become Rudy Fernandez just too good looking just to give arms and took. Two in the mix for for his own good well America's soon. He is sort of like fat but the second anything goes against him battle main issues in he becomes. Whining and pout which was what we were warned about when he came from Denver was can get his way. Nickel jokers took his spot in only did this power. Now he's starting everyday marriages so that's positive but. In terms of that mindset but if he misses a couple of shots. The Bosnia beast goes away. Because he's he's he's now upset and that's where. You need like casinos were once again you need it you need a guy who's in there and it's like scoring school we will obviously we want you to score but it's all those other things that he can view. They're really truly elevate the team like when you own the paint. Right when he's in there owning the paint when he is getting those offensive rebounds. Wind wind he becomes you know. A threaten all those other aspects the points come. By any it's having that person that wants to do that day in day out it's willing to go to the floor. And actually feeds off of that physical play in that doesn't go well I'll me and I got hit in the face them backs off he goes oh he's gonna hit an affair is bring it on. That's more of what you want down there in the paint because that just is gonna feed off of that type that the that type of energy and and I mean I kind of feel like teams kinda like that but I don't think that kind of play is what you want from your point guards. Well your superstar area he he does I would say dame is back kind of player he's got that that mentality but. He's got to focus on so many things exactly needs team that he can't pay attention that soul thing. I don't log in or does this go to this guy says yeah you can't think now. Right you can't threat yeah last year was honored tank. Because you were four games away from the worst record in the last. In they kind of try and write the Turkish raids seemed like it take them right they said workers while deploying out of his mind for those twenty games. And they want laws Semitic comment. Kind of felt like a dog in that direction is a match and if they actually did. In late Jason Tatum is down the blazers or something as their three about to be wonderful write him. And I have I don't talk about the whole like Tom Mitchell has been awesome because that exact called him in college actually it's pretty good. In the in the short time he's had he's he's got a really stable defensive base is great defender. I think he could be really good some White House all the more of a future pick but we'll see what happens of that. But if they prevent that Texas can take now known threat it's too late to turn. You've got you've got a potential Big Three you've got a decision to make on Turkish this offseason. Into Gaza probably resize them because. You meet these are big Macs offer this year from somebody so somebody autism a deal you can price match at first somewhat cheap I don't know about because he's still only 23 years old. I think they will and I think people see what you can get from Americans. I think a lot of people a few years boxes. Not the best game manager. And I think with the maybe you're great coach. And you some markets has to we see SR. I I disagree that a 100%. Ellis Island next to get a break early chips. That's next on the. Ginn sports with a different. My favorite show. Our last segment of the first hour here on a sports. Or Sunday's workout sports Sunday here. Sports is hurts is it's game over and 22 time. No that's the play again. A little self employed is that it's over but they have a replay of both from a chips and even though because this is this is like a tournament. And the fact I didn't receive it they scored again that's crazy. This is a really big upset the top of them will miss him so desperately to. Taylor you said that Terry Stotts might be the problem essentially right in in the at their blessing and that's what you inferred kinda low and look here here's the thing I am very passionate about this. Is that Terry Stotts is as far from the problem is is is anything amnesty to me. The problem is the cause the actual. Teams creation doesn't make a lick of sense I have been one of the more pro Neil O'Shea guys on this station since he got here. I loved what he did his first two years right I was raving I loved the draft takes a lot of the soccer on pace allowed the trades. You'll shade dished rolling this team with the 2016. Offseason. When he got Evan Turner for seven humility. And signed out crap seventy milligrams that he got cut off the books now. When he resigned parkas Mars over forty and forty. For eighty combined million dollars. He destroyed this team for one simple reason is that none of those players fit a Terry stops just right. Terry Stotts Kim Rick Carlisle the Dallas Mavericks as an assistant coach and a title winning team and if you're remember. When the blazers had the the best team that they've had a colossal bit terms of players with. Damon Wes and NIC Batum LaMarcus Aldridge Robin Lopez. That fit the dinner the Terry Stotts office. He had a dagger inside. Who could easily put up a lab back in Europe a pack. Put a package he sent really solid screens era he was solid particularly didn't shoot all but what are your immune to big issue you had true. Really good three point shooters on the wings and Wes Matthews in addicted to them although they being the system predicted to but generally three good three point shooters. And you had a four LaMarcus Aldridge who was a really really good shooter and he didn't like to play inside the can shoot the balls while Terry Stotts the system was predicated on. Pick and roll offense that led to either easy buckets on the inside or kick out threes. Plus a little isolation for Damon I guess eventually CJ when he turned to a more elite style player. Currently. Terry Stotts cannot do his offense with this team. Right and he knows he knows he can't do it super effectively so he's tweaking it. Whenever turner is on the floor he goes post up on Evan Turner on on the guards on the inside. Right when Mo heartless on the floor he leaves mow basically solely for cuts in quarter three is because that's all goes well. I'll for commuters actually three's measures and kind of working in the terrorists on top but. This is gonna Terry Stotts problem to me. If you listen to Damian Willard it's he would he would leave it carries a flat rate units obsolete and ugly and that's what he said. And I'm I'm down to trusting in Miller and his tenure as head coach I know is that is only head coach but it's a guy that you. You learn to have to grow respect thank god I trust team's opinion. Am. If Neil Shay had not brought in the players that he had. In Matt offseason. I don't think there'd be any question about Terry's house is head coach because the offense wouldn't look so destructive. Because right now he's doing his best to pieces he has available to him. Which doesn't fit his usual offensive game plan now Jesse in the break said he doesn't like to coach defense well. I'd guess you could argue that he coach is a very simplistic defensive style now. Let's get the blazers some credit this year defensively they're top fifteen defense. Right rush of playing better defense and we've seen them play and in multiple seasons so I gotta give Terry saucer got to get a map to happen as well. Took some type in their office catch back up but because that's what started popularly about measures profits. But I don't think this is anything to do a terrorist ops at all and outside saying you don't. This isn't like fell off they keep doing this in Terry's house is gone thing I don't think that's the right waited to go about it. I think the roster needs to change significantly. So. Do you. How long is too long. That's that's that's marketing military's. Arm this is his seventh year six year the blazers had to coach. You know he's the fourth longest tenure coached. In the NBA or that's a huge problem and it's a terrible thing and as a as a career winning percentage for the as the blazers head coach he's twentieth. Let's talk about a middle of the road team. Terry Stotts is a it'll wrote coach lucky like that's just a force like he had a great year. Because you had a great team that blazer team is gonna go down as one of the really did laser teams. All time they'll probably be on two K at some point because that team. Was really do with dame in the markets and they were that was a really penalty going to be onto it and they probably if you'd a kept that team that's whereby it was Obama when when it went down and everybody left because they knew that man. If there's a window and that was. This was a team that probably could have did something negative about this that team being together today you mentally they would competed for the Western Conference title right now no. You'll think so no. I think they would release I think they're homosexuals. I think they're better but they're the temporal they would have been in the conversation and they were right there they they were already in the second round playoff. They just didn't know how to play together when at that point but they're stocks is that he's he's. Good coach he's not a he's not a echoes but at the same time like in six years. You'd you'd you'd done. Very very little animation team can even get out of the second round or more met. When a gain in the second round like that switch years past that's what you look at it right so. I'm just we we talk a lot about his Altman what did you do when with the rotations and how can this guy doesn't play more. And off we went were along with a team heartless right because he was playing like absolute garbage. Because there's no no no no anywhere like mr. Doug and there was no incidents anywhere where you are right there were no consistency because nothing was working. Because everything he tried failed guess what he thought he found some other select your plane peacefully right now. I know talking about their in the loop but generally. The lineups he's deceased piece found an action played fairly well together. Right he was bumper of all these people because everybody was playing like crap I mean in the season especially offensively. A I just think it's. It's so irresponsible for me teams and fire coaches quickly as they do there's there's only. Like three or four great coaches in the MBA right yes all us about it right there and once I. I don't even opened the Steve Kerr in the conversation because this team is a frequent but Popovich. Maybe Brad Stevens. Al who else blows to put is a great head coach. Tomorrow Lou no. It wouldn't put him there. Like the job they began Tony I guess you senate stance on certain. Some month looked kind of right maybe Steve Kerr don't isn't the problem is due for soldier. Like I don't you like to argue that his team is so good about these two prisoners of phenomenal coach. Beyond that everybody else's. Is it a different level down. And I do think that Terry Stotts is that next level of with the tip to doze. In the van Gundy is. And the guy I can really coach them in the rafters is a good head coach what can produce a threat a he's a good head coach to I think Terry sciences and math level. Because think about what she's been able to do with the team that really isn't that. Good it's really a paper this team isn't that good at. How I would agree with you like we said we are coaches and yes totally agree. Six years now. Seven years like at this what do we don't make the playoffs on most every year you made the play of some of what you've been its hasn't been like an icy you know you haven't you've you've been barely make in the playoffs there's been talk of your teams tanking. At this point the season we've had that tank conversation. For the past two seasons up until today I don't blame stops for that. It exactly unbelievable shape for that I leave that to blame most of that but stocks has the post these dudes like you said he kept want to rotation after rotation turns out what. What works if you look at prompts for some consistency it's got to come from your coach and that's. You have got mad at you when we still don't know. What the blazers are who they are as a as a franchise this conversation. It's no different than any other small market like every year you're just looking at your. Just another small market teams stuck in purgatory. Making the playoffs may be getting to the second round and getting kicked out because you don't quite have enough talent but because he made the playoffs you don't have quite an. I. You don't have enough assets to go to the draft to get somebody knew he can't attract free agents you just end up in. Purgatory like. Let him be the difference between stocks and other coaches in math since having to write. He is look at the grizzlies right now right the grizzlies had a team. Tuesday that was a very good team. That and a great defensive mindset that made the playoffs regularly but never ever really dated super foreign to a playoffs or for that one year. The miss which their coach. Our. Eighteen and 38. They're mad about yup that's the difference Terry Stotts kept this team which I really truly don't think as I could have a roster. Currently in the middle of the Western Conference playoff conversation. Right. Albeit. Kind of crowded and you know the world's oil yes but yet what you were two years now they've been at the in the middle of the conversation in the fluctuated of course up and down but. There's been her last three years I can say there's been gave him there so I wanna give Terry Stotts back credit. And I don't wanna blame him for this because it's not him he's done the most he can possibly do with a roster that has been given to. I mean apparently a lot of people San Carlson I totally agree why come not a Nielsen and you know no longer trust the most please glee. You know new GM are gonna get a new head coach to. That's that that's almost always the case. About that because again Damian Miller is gonna go to bat for first thoughts and we're. Governor Jim journalists today admirals. Guess what teams don't walk him for yours or whatever is so. Let's let's lust Coppertone outside going to be apparently about to. I think this question is is keep exactly Portland's replaced off with who makes this team better. I don't know idea that's the problem. Have no idea if you replaced concert only to a huge weighted average NBA coaches who might work out or might not and opportunities we had our level we can always think that there is no head coaches out there because they're not on this level like nobody. Nobody thought Brad Stevens worked in the no one thought about and why he's one of the better a press he was working in the integration Andy's here's a few minutes Tyler school Muslim read straight from Butler there aren't a lot of weight on Brett Stephens Ambien from from the small school and all in all the stuff coming in India or hate. On this young kid and many in the market you're slow. You. Let's French power you're coming up next if I expect.