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Sports Sunday
Sunday, April 15th

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Weekends were made offers sports how would you like to play for the New England Patriots from. Do you. A look at the weekend and sports with the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the beaver everyone meat free guns area about Bianca. This your insurer the football. Yeah I would hate you now you can catch TV about kids eat. Caught an alien ship not yet mr. question but I'll let you know what I'd do. This is sports Sunday's. We've Mike Lynch. Yes. Where in Ed Henry shot Taylor. Okay do and I concede going to be sure we'll hear from under an analyst of Jerusalem and on ESP NN Sports Radio 1080. Archived here on sports Sunday like interest shot to. Where is she just doesn't years we'll 11 o'clock talk in the blazers lost the pelicans last night. ID 795 game one of the first round of the playoffs have one or two more notes I wanna get too before we move on from the scheme completely. Attacks on 55305 by the way there's also faced a post up artists were accomplished and it was fair and if you want to comment there. Shabazz Napier needs to see before less. That's one point I have. I mean menus every right haven't not an option as is not she should back as has been him. Very good at times this year and this is not necessarily a slight at him being a bad player. But lately. He cannot hit a shot to save his life. He's a good three point shooter eighties you whipping hard on his threes. He is playing incredibly selfish basketball. More so than you can blamed Daimler for going a little too isolation in the game as late news and that's fine. But he also got to understand that he's the best player on the team and it'll have a right to be a little more isolation of applicant has proven he can win that way. Chavez later came in the game in the second quarter. Personable way ball was the first part of the bench and then stop seeing playing time. So I don't know why did they switch completely dish about as mushers are what the point about. Revolves play great defense so it keep momma four to 6000 got them to use them. But in captured as in the game and he made some of the most questionable drives. Without passing the ball that made me wanna play here. He's the guy who when he is his best is facilitating in the office he is applaud cart he is a point guard that's his position. Is this is more to scoring guard but he is a point guard play point go to UConn. And that's being that his when he's had his best for the blazers he's facilitating the offense he's passing the ball he's driving and passing. Not driving going up against three people and getting the ball slaughtered in this. Arnold why on earth is going on his game right now but I was bullish about as an analyst more Wimbledon because I don't think Chavez made yours doing. What he does best I don't know why. I don't know what's gotten into him but he's not he's not playing the basketball that makes him the most effective probably as you know I just think he's been in a little bit of Islam. But even still. It's still been consistent lights Baz. As bad as he's been at least your eyes he hasn't doesn't turn the ball over a whole lot you know he had three straight games recently where he just. He didn't cough it up in the air one turnover against against the rockets when was lost or two if realized any at three last night before the three games for that he had zero turnovers in each of those games. But sometimes whack job seeker where to give back to accept and can be bad but. Or are clearly badly and I mean. I just don't know if he he he does really play enough to accurately. I guess affect the outcome for me in about fourteen minutes a game you know somewhere around there so when he comes then. You know usually quick six to 28 points sometimes nine points. Well I'll take that room for us bass is a defense of yours. That's what he does I don't really care about with a terrible indecency came completely at a point man he was actually the best defender on on its as far as the guards go. And CJ minster has gotten talked about last night though you last night knows assessment let you have that acting Jrue Holiday was making a lot of people javy last. And he was kind of one of it. At a point man and he was one of the guys that we get in there and make things happen without actually haven't scored I think that's really the players which bans. Has been really companies to develop and become vote. He's somebody ought to really look this is there's there's so many there's so much blame I can put on people from the team thinks of as a problem will be though. Won the last people into the team caught a lot of us. Passage of for so late it was coming last thought yeah I just. He is not complain. And I don't think he's the team getting the minutes don't think any brightly well. To be fair I mean recently the other shooting until after the jazz game real up on Jesse is to be reawakening and it was not yet at least not yet. I'm in my final thought which you view view rounded up activists in this off here on the air but. Mo Marcus is so important. This team missile right now and that's that's. Evan Turner played really well last he'd get but Evan Turner does not fit with the starting line up of this team. Evan Turner's offense is predicated on isolation basketball on post ups on the inside it is his weird little light fade away awkward jumper that goes in all all the time from the opposition. He's really gonna do him. He's just he's a fine defender. But Marcus is way more athletic he's a better defender and easy better three point shooter bite light years. Please Evan Turner I know you you're trying to replace Marcus three and you hit one or two yesterday please stop. It YouTube Britt comes over at some times unless you pull up that corner three I don't want him taking any even in the corner much Hughes please. Evan Turner was initially drafted because he was a considered a big point guard in notes and six foot six. Guard out of Ohio State that can take it coast to coast can back this guy down and that's really. Still essentially whoever enters the when he was average and seventeen in Philadelphia and and Indiana you know that's just kind of the player he is he's a big. Kind of almost almost a bruiser you know as it comes to getting bucket so that's where that's where his game is so I think a kind of just are talking you know and sometimes can be a bit of luck. A black hole you know because he's back and went down I think at times are going to need to might slow down and be religious. Do too easy but I I can do I agree. I like Evan Turner's team off the bench Iger and that's the biggest differences. With Mo heartless on the floor. Marcus can also do that by the way he he has been posted many times this season. Well marbles on the floor is seen other shooter for the team to worry about it's probably the more consistent through torture of him. Turner and Aminu is heartless especially when it was hot during the when streak but he he is corner threes Massey it's almost all of them. And it forces another threat that means you can't just double team procedure every single time on the floor. Plus he cut better plus he defends better so. As as funny as it is to say as much as we rag double heartless and loss of playing time early in the year. He is a vital part of this team and may very well be the X-Factor. Of this team in the playoffs and they said. That he may return this week which could mean game too great or game three. And that is going to be such a burden for those players whose team as well as he is healthy fully and can be as athletic as he normally is because. In the blazers win streak the biggest reason why in my opinion the blazers kept winning all those games are close is because mark has been a difference so we'd be. Remiss if we did a good finish by the by the rookie Taylor. We'd be crazy not to mention some some blame for Terry Stotts. What was he thinking with 26 seconds left in the game. Dropped two plays one of which had the ball a pack content and one of which of the Baltimore's and I'm trying to figure out get 26 seconds left and understand they are keying in on game. And CJ in an eye on three of and I understood why Myers in the game especially if you were talking about spreading the ball out maybe put your three point shooters in the game OK I actually admire stick and I. I like that but Myers in the game that is deliberately gave the ball because. Like I said earlier in the show would if you missed it the reason in my opinion of a packed comments in the Mars on in the game is because they wanted everybody on the floor. To be able to shoot history because they were down by three being needed history. And they wanted to be able. I'm assuming the plane was to get him procedure the ball. And give them a open chance because the the pelicans and have to guard commentator and where they would have to guard. Meyers Leonard at three point line if they operable with those rafts. That's why did it I like the strategy. I didn't like that there was even an option to give spotters are at the ball because what would stops at the end of the game was he says. That was the last option without comment that was the last option. And that was the only option they got because the public and play good defense. Don't even make an option. Get the ball to Daimler season at all because you want them to be able to cut shop. And I just I just need to meet more answers about why the third favorite player or their parents and their best player on the weighs in on the floor for most cancers. And I got the hands swear. And so monster that's been held him for the holier you know put this is the this is the playoffs and you might not get tomorrow will this time in this case you get three tomorrow. But. You don't know if you're gonna get them opportunities. Like this before please. Miss Texas says maybe it's about as she thinks he's a step up more people are in your has taken more ill advised shots with pressure trying to hit the same threes are those Gannett. Order order makes on the same cuts maybe. To stop. Letterman also offers to pass the ball be a facilitator get into the lane and passes do you wish you do best start trying to force place. That's old all I had on the blazers did you everything else to bring up. Play better in game two and two Tuesday when you win games you makes us feel better I'm a loss on corporate you can win a game in New Orleans that you immune to. Well it up though laser France stellar stellar game it's one game and a seven game series none of this. By the way I want to reiterate all of this none of this. Of the negatives of the game is a sky's falling things from us at least. My take on the game was. Holy crap you should've won the game we had the worst impossible from Daimler's call yet four chances on her minutes when the game when you have the worst possible. I'm I'm looking editor half glass half full I'm looking at a positive. That's that's the way I'm I'm looking back in if you win game two if you play better if you learn from some of the mistakes you learn from some of the defense strategy the pelicans. And you feel much better. None of us thought this was a 45 users miscue is series is gone six or seven games the west is tough no matter your immigrant I. So one loss and up in the world. I know it's people can lose game one and it was at home and all that I get it but something of the world. Bleep happens rec league goes up and coming up next. Dez Bryant. Cut by the cowboys. Shot past he's not just she is just weird drop passion bears. I figure threatened the serious sports summit on the. It. I. Weekend sports where there's a difference. This is sports under where's my camera shy. Trinity does print them. Ten don't agree I hear on your Sunday morning. Her sour and point three minutes. On the blazers. Hot button right now it is it was a it was a cultural event last night you know this is it was basically and working holiday. Everyone was a little. Happier yesterday pre pre game seriously I know I know how to the part of shot anger those Ellis the barbershop record for the game started and literally every dude in there was wearing a blazer or something. Hat jacket sweatshirt like Eric the city felt really. Really good about what was happening and that's that's the cool part about our team make in the playoffs the city's summer school when blazes as well. William in the blazers have made the playoffs what fighters and are now by foreigners. When the three seed there's a different you know they're not about to get swept by the warriors in the first round. You're gonna hopefully beat the pelicans in the series. Despite losing game one but switching off the blazers here is we only have a couple of segments left one goal some other sports or sports in there. All of it out about this today but was shot came in guns blazing. About. Base elegy sailors what what what was it that you said to me when you walk into this room today about Dez Bryant the receiver position engine solves this and it's. Radio on the way and as I usually do and hurt like every pundit and every reporter. Every media personality. Is feels really really. I guess strongly about it then affected you know kind of ointment good riddance you know believe he was the problem with the cowboys. And I guess my question was. Oh why isn't always the receivers fall when things go wrong for these franchises. Like that the scapegoats seems to be. The flamboyant receiver every time. So the cowboys. Had a falling out basically like they weren't as good as they were. Last year when they won fifteen in two or what was it is fourteen and two or whatever the case was last year. This year came out flat. People kind of figured out. Deck press god they didn't have as he Hugh Elliot who was not without his own controversy. All the time but nobody ever seems to relieve that doesn't bother a lot of people cowboys organization. Here's are doing Dez Bryant. Who during a down year in a news in the opening right now. Still led the team and receiving yards still let the team. In receptions. Was second in the team is as far as receiving. Touchdowns this season. He was a 170 yards away 162 yards to be specific away from having another thousand yard season with. Captain check down deck press dynamite you he's not quite Alex Smith as far as how he checks now but he doesn't quite often. Is everybody forget net man he had like thirteen hundred yards a year when he had Tony Romo. Inner watches and all we can't separate you can't separate what does has never been. A TO war Elliott Larry FitzGerald as far as having pre separation like that's never gonna he is the possession receiver if I've ever seen that's his role. I've always been. Who he is so my question is wise when things fall apart from these franchises it's it's easy to pick on the receiver like it's it's it's easy to poke O'Dell Beckham for how bad things have been. In New York how much he's won the triple. Like the guy that before he got hurt was nothing to thirteen touchdowns a year and over a thousand you know that's the guy that you want to blame for everything. And other things have gone on dousing like Dez. Is the one on the margin for the money that he was asking for probably not okay you want more money than Dan we grass before you're 29 about to be thirty. I get. That at status at all that men who make a businesses and for your French. But it's usually like all locker room cancer eased nobody actually will point out the teammate who said they don't like does. Or the teammate dissipated like TO. Or the one that said Randy Moss was able. You'll find those dues because of the arteries and I'm sure they exist but are if somebody was that big a jerk you know about it we know how big a jerk Richie Incognito is. And he just retired this year after no. You know repercussions from it bullying or any of the jerks that he's done throughout his career but that's orbit and might kick our heels are catching touchdowns Robert. It's just weird to blunt way to look at it is you're right you shouldn't blame the receiver for the problems team I'd I'd certainly never have so I. Frankly I haven't heard it very much I know. Receivers tend to be more bay. Hot button position they more scrutinized position due to the personalities of our receivers turning to be a little more. I don't throwers may be extreme just they they are more outspoken they say more than a little bit crazy years personality position. Same kind of just quarterbacks that have receivers receivers but the blame should never be on on on one player for teams down for it like that but. In terms of Dez Bryant and in my opinion I think cutting him was the right decision and he was not effective anymore he he. He's sure he may have been leading receiver last year but watching him in CE is not to does Brian Campbell maybe some of that is Nebraska maybe. But. Who you gonna who you going to build a team around your aging receiver Reza mean good for three years where your budding young quarterback who has proven he can win games for you. Early consistently as as the countless. They're gonna build on the quarterback who's younger and you're gonna find receivers who fit his style of passing more if if it is Democrats got. Even with that bad decision I think is his weren't. I is that I'm not blaming the cowboys for cutting him just because. Man I understand he's older he wants more money than you know every team's comical wanted to this. New England Patriots style Philadelphia Eagles style to a stop signing guys for a year let's see how works and go ahead and test the markets are blamed the cut them. I'm dislike it seems like there's so much like. Venom towards him now that he's been cut it's like wait a minute he's been your most consistent player that you have in the past. Eight years has not named Tony oh Willies when Romo was healthy and so. I'm trying to understand why. The receiver. And my the one position in football that's completely predicated on someone so yes Cris Carter and Randy Moss NTO. And and old they'll Beckham and the other fiery because I need the ball broke. And if a wide open and you know the ball I'm gonna throw a hissy fit because. I don't get wide open at all until when I am and completely overlook me yeah I'm pissed. I think that that this was a wise move by Dallas just based on the fact that you why he's he's got a contract for six and a half million against the cap this year. And you're looking at a guy that hasn't broken a thousand yards in three seasons heat in. He has seven seasons under his belt he only has three seasons over a thousand yards only three seasons with double digit touchdowns. He's not a true number one but he's being paid like a number one this is a guy that the biggest reason his numbers probably are down is that Tony Romo isn't out there this is a guide that means a very specific style of quarterback playing in order to be a successful wide receiver. He can't get that in Dallas and Abacha two thirds of the league can't give him that either of meaning he needs to be in a very specific place at right now Julio Jones Antonio Brown. These guys can go to different teams and maybe the numbers are gonna go down because there. Their quarterbacks that press got the they're still gonna be thousand yard receivers and that's the difference. And then once Dallas realized were changing the way that we're building our football team that used to be built around Tony Romo and desperate now it's built around the running game. Zeke Elliott safe passing plays from Dak Prescott's. Dez Bryant doesn't fit that mold it's time to let. Him move on idol idol. I think it's easy to say and and we got to break her nose Jesus Antonio brown and Julio Jones. They both play with one is playing with hall of fame quarterback the other one is playing with a guy who just won MVP. Couple seasons ago guys sling the ball around Matt Ryan can hit every blade of grass on the field like he's won the most one that's most accurate quarterbacks are ones partly. That's Big Ben is big bay but that's what he does that's happening though both of them would have to have a a quarterback talent matched what the receivers able to do is incredibly helpful. And if you're just pray that you. You've had Tony Romo you saw that man I can be incredibly successful payment and you get Romo gets hurt and and you get a rookie quarterback in there who. Does it really throw it deepens morgue kind of given it's our running back it took away from Dez Bryant is that that's all it's. It's the and to just the thing though here in your bank if if Antonio Brown goes round. Ben Roethlisberger did that press guy his numbers don't go from 1516100. Yards this season to 800. They might drop. They might drop like 12100 he's still gonna get there because he can run all the routes that's the difference between Julio Joan Antonio Brown best Dez Bryant can't run all the route I didn't riot can run like may be a third of the relish. Session receipt that's asset and process again and he is a possession receiver is not a route runner he's not Larry FitzGerald he's not gonna be you Mary are you. Saying that you don't think he is bad bad. I know I don't I I don't think he's that I can like Dez Bryant's past his prime I. I feel like amendment was to our press got I think some of it was Dez Bryant getting older and receivers ethical position I'm not a lead for very long and he was relief for a couple of years and since then. Injuries and ineffectiveness of also plays my mistakes and we'll take guys and Seattle bowl ball would isn't enough may give Russell Wilson Dez Bryant and see all of a sudden what he does well that's all else well. That's Russell Wilson definitely that's an easy argument to counter my point because this yachts have nothing but Doug Baldwin so Dez Bryant of course would be 000. Anybody I just I don't forms and a capable quarterback like Russell Wilson and somebody that can take over game with his legs. May give him us a safety net like Dez Bryant it's a wrap. That's all odds aren't we got a break coming up next hitter look witnesses or some in the fan here's just a sports. Weekend's Miller made for sports. This is sports Sunday it was Mike Skinner is your on 1080 I. I want this last week this hitter love by the way it's first time listening. Competition between the two of us Jesse gases questions and awards those points and the winners host last segment one last week's Rashad. Get to go first and Jesse you're gonna start great. RS. Onion and I love pushing guys but it's time. Tell. You Punto I'm pushing about I'm telling you largest offering and our. I'm well that is ten on one of my ways pushing buttons allow being argumentative. That I know but if it. At no. Just a case yelled and wanna know what we're arguing about Ireland's giving them the is desert them areas Thomas. The better wide receiver both came at the same year both the same age both Wear the same number. And both had a hall of fame quarterbacks probably. Throwing the ball neither one of them in the offing yet and Tony Romo should be in the hall and prime me telco that I was good hopeful Balkans we are literally he'll probably. We knew go and look at what his personal accolades where. It was it's. Almost if he LLC and beat you agree with you as he's like one of those guys that I know we never got a ringing any never even really sniffed one. He. He's a hall of Famer yet. Moving on to love him or he'd ever actually and made. Today. It's volatile but we are going to start off with the NFL that's leaders. We'll segue into that computer actually has to deal with and what we're talking about in the very. Last segment and that is Dez Bryant now he is on. The market I'll late free agent addition after a free agencies basically over. So all the teams have a hard he spent their money for the most part. There are probably a few good landing spots out there in the one I keep hearing is New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans. But the work I think my speed that's it I really I've heard it a couple times that I don't hear very much and that is. But I hate the best effort Dez Bryant would be the Green Bay Packers. I'll. I would love that which is Jordy Nelson's. He's gone into our house is gone so they're they're looking bird. An upgrade on I think having a guy like all once it upgrade but I. Looking for someone to fill that void because Torre Nelson's very very good a wide receiver I think Aaron Rodgers is at that point where. Much like that in June pages dorm with Brady at the start to put more more talent around him extremist network as heart. Aaron Rodgers is kind of carried that often that you know if she's there you can at least got a shot even when every receiver was hurt. Every running back without they had to convert a running back to our wide receiver to running back position just be able to stay afloat. The defense wasn't there the only person you knew that you depend on about locker room Aaron Rodgers I think it would have happened like Dez Bryant would be great I think for dads and he's got a lot to prove he's got a lot of people like it to you guys understand that and I think his time is over he's reached his prime. He is little that passes prime I think this would be a great things on my for dads because she played with. Not arguably the best quarterback in the league but yes for sure the best quarterback in the league their writers to be able to put that ball wherever he wants to and so I would absolutely love. Dez Bryant won't back. I didn't know that New Orleans was the the place that he is most tied to at the moment. But I didn't and love it too Jessica I like that a lot heat. You mentioned it last segment you said there's only like. A certain small percentage of quarterbacks who can work with Dez Bryant in the possession based liberal side his right. And a guy doesn't get much separation. Mr. back shoulder throw himself Erin Rogers would be perfect for Dez Brian because guess who doesn't need separation that throw Aaron Rodgers. If he doesn't perfectly was entering Nelson is big we've employment dodger announcer for two years essentially because of injuries but looking at. They're the Packers I don't really love their offensive weapons. At all. Their running back position is is gigantic question mark there receiver position is a slot guy trying to play that you and Randall Cobb a really inconsistent guy who could be really good doesn't have approve any and Dovonte atoms they went on Jimmy Graham was having will work in the office. In in Green Bay but also again not the best I didn't recently with his injuries and blocking problems. I think Dez Bryant is gives an option he might not be at least there in Green Bay but he gives Aaron Rodgers an option for a Q. That would be much better than the current situation house and I also ignore loans would be good situation. Because they're number one Michael Thomas is a guy who. Doesn't necessarily fit the possession role he's fast. He can get separation in seeking cut inside it is not the big bodied guys just catches everything having Dez Bryant but oh well there as well. The only reason I don't like the New Orleans match is because I think they're it and just the way that drew breezes. He spreads the ball around so much Agassi has hit every frustrated there. And then with a guy like Mara and yet and do much better in that. Knowing full season of release mean healthy that would be his best bet it. It would be yet it's it to win I think that's a great fit by a guy like let's face it wide receivers are divas that's. What does an in this generation wide receivers. That's been one of those divas I don't see that work it out form a New Orleans but I could be wrong I think the perfect fit just because I could see him doing that same role that Jordy did. Let's just kind of ran downfield let Rodgers they'll look like. By a little time and then launch it to them. Just I can see some big plays happening there all right moving on NBA. This or I had. Pat on the back burner for a couple weeks I actually going to be honest I gave a sneak into were shot this is one of the very few times that acts ever. Get a sneak peek of just came up in a conversation so I don't even know if he he even remembers but. Sort of images yeah I don't know he remembers by the basically what it comes and this probably isn't the best week to do it either but I'm gonna do it is is the Damien Willard question. Towards the end of the season Damien Willard was actually a hot it's. Dark horse for the MVP conversation. You're talking about a guy that was in that lives. Six players that were being mentioned for the MVP conversation you're talking about a guy that. Should've been MVP in the NBA all star game and you're talking about a guy that has made the all star team 13 or four consecutive years now. Granite. And making it is an alternate kind of being snubbed in that direction. Look I hate but we are beyond it it. This is more of a projecting next year as is deemed the Willard has even a reason. A year that resembles this year we are beyond the is Damian Willard an all star conversation and we should be in the is Damian Willard and all NBA player such. Love I think we're pastor commerce station now I think we had here in Portland because we've been saying is asinine that Whitney and he would be considered someone will be an altar because I think we've seen how good he is how much hurt a player over the past few years so you know. That Damien that would make the team hears the call part. There's so many cards in the Western Conference and ever since they changed as far as point guard shooting darts of front court backcourt now you're talking about clay sure. Staff. Chris Paul Holmes who played unbelievable a lot of people say he was snubbed after after averaging nineteen points and nine assists from Steve James Harden and when you repeat Westbrook. All these guys competing for the same spot all star game so if there's any like. I guess confusion around that because members a lot of the west is so deep with with great. Backcourt played. Just never really know things have especially yours yours averaging ten or 27. 77 you know that's pretty much the what LeBron averaged when he won the MVP one time. So I think we're beyond the point of him being an all star game and all star we're looking and then just went in the top five conversation. As far as MVP and top five top ten conversation as far as best. In I think he descriptive. I love it and I think were already passages while I'm maybe this is why it's a three vehicle question because it could repeat at this point. He is going to be first team all NBA this year in the west is going or he's going to be it's I've looked at multiple pundits who put up or things he's first team all NBA Iverson along. Westbrook have curry it's him and hard for him on BA so were passed out I ask this question. A month or two go to prime time I said do you think Damian Miller does. Got that next level or do you think this is just a hot stretch. I was truly believe me you'd already gone the next level they're like gobble wait and see he's on the next level. Tim Miller is a better leader he did better driver he's in better shooter he's a better decision maker use it better passer. He has upped his game so much this year in defenders don't forget that he's actually trying to defense. And it's been mostly affect. He is better. He yesterday. Mark and his. He has up his game so much this year to a level that I think he should be considered. In May be not MVP every year. But on the most years basis if he continues to play the oval which I think he will. He should be considered in the NB MM VP conversation reader you'll continue to get the respect I assure you don't display throughout the last couple weeks month or so. Below are train on national TV as finally picked up okay is now being talked about in the same way that Anthony Davis for example was talked about. And that is proof enough that I think he's taken the game. To a level but he will not get justice for all you fans saying that no I praised the placement stop people definitely think it's lasers. Definitely watched Daniel Miller they know who he has waited so let's stop with and I think it's important problem some people thought they want to Hitler mortgage sector before the season in Bristol and I. A problem. How we did see I did hear Tracy did text though. Who studied as close to import and Larry do you wanna Philly 76 us cities sixer. I don't talk about him anyway to talk about the other series because we spent so much and the blazers to a school. 76 you study last night when he seven point win over they gestured day. Kind of making an announcement that the process finally worked for them. And they. Are currently the hottest team in the NBA when they may sixteenth street now are putting the regular season like they are hot it did not slowed down entering the playoffs with that said love or hate. This 76ers. Will make that Eastern Conference. Finals. Low. Number one. NBA has problems. And then sets. That's number one here's a kid and basically his rookie year is still because even though he did sit out all this for us in your all of us directly here this is his rookie year. Man this kid only came out last night its first playoff games went up seventeen points fourteen assists and nine rebounds almost had a triple double. You're talking about a six foot ten point guard though that we haven't seen him Magic Johnson the ability to come down or. And he's looking for everyone he may passes yesterday that it seemed he was they were all in the past. I can you never know where the ball's going because he's not looking down anyone of his in one of those guys make insurance they get open and makes a move. And then they're gonna add indeed there about two games back and play next game because he just they're cousins and custom protocols used. But he will play probably around game three look at guys like ours arts. And guys like Robert Covington and what they're able to then this team scary they've got everything rebounding they've got rivers scoring. Marco faults all the sudden looks like somebody that can really help a team and I only had five points yesterday but he forces and had a couple buckets there that made them. Like he's going to be big. Big factor for the 760. I think they're well coached and we've got everything that they need to record conference laps of the. I love it does well because they're also in the spot on the bracket where they have to play the Celtics which are very injured and I know the Celtics are very good but. I love that they're gonna teach congress finals I don't really watch that much. And seeing bands Simmons firm media like the third time this year was eye opening to me last night. Our yesterday afternoon. Is something special measles Ron light looks so he's he's he's got the same kind of body just younger Islam than LeBron to get the same kind of game we dominates the ball leaves such a good passer he he hits his shots he gets inside really rebound really well. He's going to be. Really really stinking good for years to come but your right. The rest of the team is dirty he close the Nike and whoever was a close game in the fourth quarter. Oh yeah and the sixers scored forty him. And they want my 27 when Jesse says 27 I went huh. That turned it off to watch the beginning of the blazer game and it was sort of four point game and all of a sudden they blew it out and don't forget Joseph beat. Drumbeat is coming back from his his injuries facial injuries concussion and a gamer to. He's a big impact player sarge to hit three is a play inside you measure mark L wolf tell her son Ilyasova Marco Belinelli. It's two of them are huge impact players. And JJ Redick was it for thirteen incher in a four to 63 when he points twenty points for JJ Redick. Sixers certainly nasty in their on a seventeen game winning streak just to make in the car. Flora RA we have a problem here. Ya all tied. Now at number between one and ten all right I'm gonna give you guys thirty seconds or going back to Portland there. We had a lot of us CJ. Trade talk they're towards the trade deadline when should they should they not. Blazers made him untreatable love or hate CJ's. Trade stock has reached its peak and is now on the decline blazers made a mistake countries. Love. This is this this is as good as CJ is going to get we know that get replaced Japan. Stance that this player he is. Don't expect any more any less from he's going to be or he's not going to give you any rebounds argument if you get points. So if the team can live and die with a guy with an understates undersized two guard come in and choose which shots are alive Thomas. Nothing feel because if they want to make a move they should have made a move this year they wouldn't they would have been able to leave skid. To guard that was of size able to make stuff happen so they didn't. So now she just got Iraq within a few plays a penalty of about. I hated because Bristol the siege is improving as a player he's only been only for five years before those playing every hurt his foot in the first season didn't play. Are easy and improving shooter isn't improving offensive player you got better on defense this year. Yes he does need to do a little bit more but he also was a two car which means he doesn't need to do as much as a point guard offense. I think this can work having guest is improving me this year than these two guards the other can't work because the right pieces around them and I think that rebellion will go up if you still wanna trade him in the next couple years because I still think he is your best repeats. I'll but I think the value has plenty of time to grow. And I think that they had not missed their opportunity because who they are traded for the issue and you and it wouldn't make much difference size. Our rights. Really what led to. That two things they've got the win for. Mike. Handwritten. Where. Really easily bit claim for four years because that her effort here and the trade value can go up orders or young. Laws on Arianna don't. All will figure it out. We're gonna rouge or last segment but that's next from him. Can sports with a difference. Mike every job. I'm Kennedy and tonight. Have a good one guys. There's quickly. That we do have a break. We do have to presumably to coming up on the fair today noon a pacers cavs game one. More clock Rangers Astros and I baseball Hasan and out of six preannouncement is. Craig has been 21 rain outs in April so far which is the second most since 2000 and it's only April 5 two. Probably some work to. He's doubleheader they completely. It that's all listen to those today on the fair and we'll be back next week basement listening and texting really appreciate it ought to protect them intact 505. Follow us on Twitter had to need to the fan and might miss what is seven not to animated violent threats as young as many as CME and we'll be back next week. Open the blazers will be up 321 in the certificate is as. They will be playing Tuesday Thursday Saturday I believe for the next three games. In the series so they'll blizzard game to get the series back tied the ones you can make the adjustments you need and bella a much better week. Have a good rest your Sunday mostly ethnic. I. This part.