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Sports Sunday
Sunday, April 15th

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Can sports where the difference. Does it go and senator name that is. We'll start a look at the weekend in sports with the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the beavers. This is sports Sunday we've Mike Lynch believes that room that. Your dad is a car. Yeah it's so weak car camera shot chambers would you stop god camps opening song. Look up art walk on ESPN's sports radio and eighty there. Well it is Sunday morning. Voucher good city cabbies Sunday morning after exiting. News on who it is Sunday morning host this last night. Oh yeah same group today I lose. Quite frustrated for I've gotten better about this I was frustrated for probably about forty minutes and then I got over it I used to be. Angry sports guy related day just. Loss column can cost. And then like last night I was really pissed view of the game and managed to shallower cooled off. And mouse on its fun. You know and I actually went to the game last night so there a little bit harder it is to get over for a little bit and knows the answer there. The atmosphere is was amazed it was super super dope like everyone got these old semi stole mine I must see forgo appeared. But everyone got these little wrist bands I'm sure you've seen it seemed. The journal Washington game you minus all the crowd. Kind of blinking or something like that someone had these like cool well almost guitar rips respect and often they actually do anything but light. But I there for the pre game no Leah bush era that they were all kind of programs you know do stuff the same time and it was it was it was awesome to get one of those church the church a pretty I did it one of the shirts and I've. Paddles couple IPA's and may or may not forgotten my shirt and Marcie. Ambush got a dark material that was certainly you forgot it galas in it was a cool shirt and it didn't say like. Honey bucket or anything like that on his sleeve right Celek tool sponsors honestly yeah but it wasn't anything I think is at play offs on the sleeves something like our camera what does that we Mota yeah. But it wasn't it was something that you can actually away here and be okay like if you wore that to the to the game next year you'd like okay. Go blazers may be you lucked out by not getting one of their experience. Because maybe there meant to track everybody. Afterwards Ali histories once they're definitely yeah little tracking devices several brought them home and our blazers know exactly were all their friends live arm that it would it would shock me you know we know the latest owners so and yet nothing shocks me and yet it it'll definitely shocking nobody atmosphere it was awesome and the blazer fans really really. Ready for a win. Believing that there was going to be away and I was one of those people that thought that there's no way the ladies come and their drop in game one zone and. Well they did and it was part of it really really bad day as sports for me and I. I get to this point every year old multiple times I just hate sports. I just it makes me angry sometimes. And I love sports of course well here it's good but yesterday it was one of those days where. Guy. I looked at my CBS sports app which by the way if you don't uses these premier squirm out of and I saw. At their word not one not two not three not four or five of my teams playing yesterday. In. Important or semi important games or. And I was super pumped elect wow. Tomorrow's going to be an amazing day. My soccer team Southampton was playing in the morning how easily enough but they're playing they're really big trouble with really needed to win. The devils were playing in the playoffs they were down one out of light generated needed to win game two. The blaze is of course were playing in one of the playoffs yankees had a game in the timbers were playing yesterday in the open office as the enemy agrees works. A wake up to the news that my soccer team blew a two nothing lead with ten minutes to go lost three to two. I'm like well but it comes out but that's that's kind of in the Yankees get freaked him postponed. So they're gonna buy an excuse viewing so that then it was my doubles and they're tied 11 against the lightning played well. And they have the worst second period of all time may go down. Think it was 521. In the second period and I was like yeah. Coal mine and they lost five to. And then the blazers play it. And labeled a little worse gave it could have expected them to play in game one of the playoffs is September's one but I was watching that has the blazers were on. So my sports day that I was super pumped jazz were yesterday led to me being. Super super disappointed at the end of it though and I just have one of those I hate sports moments where it's just. Wrote it's hard to ticket after a loss like a really want to go to the bar. And two you know maybe maybe you're scrip club with the strippers via. But got after the game it's just didn't feel right it didn't feel like time to celebrate interviews gone yet knows it's kind of like okay we'll Nestle. Just go back to the browsers do something so it was at its one of those things like this but before the game it was rock and outside. Once you got into the arena like it was it was full energy and everything so. Maybe the rebounds per game to another fans that would be ready for a win for that one by who it was disappointing there was definitely has warned. Always we've got a whole bunch to talk about that came as we are the first show on him accused react to that game. This morning and I really had to do so it's actually repeated we're talking about before the show's been on for four years now. Or your spiders or. Time flies four years in in those four years I can't remember a Saturday blazer playoff game. That we got to react to could be opening weekend of the NBA classes it was really fun show. If your ball a series talk about but generally. It's been a Sunday game for the blazers and we just kind of have to do a pre thing. Where that's we've been doing all week so I was on in you've kind of already know what the matchups are. But for the first time today. We get to basically do a post it to react to what was a game that had to. A million things to talk about it absolutely. And an oil and start to suitors and we have to break shortly I want a mixture received. All of the talk for a full segment coming up the next couple segment. It's one of those were. Let's react to the game let's dig him to every single thing that went wrong. A lot. And the things that went right there were some of them. And that's kind of my plan's going to be today and I want you guys out there listening to it to be interactive on the show attacks the fan tax on a five factories Arafat where he continues that it like at an aide to fan. At Michael is what is seven and at tailor made five on threes are shot in just your producer who is my glasses that does that he has the Iranian. Let us know what you thought about the game let us know what you saw weakness lies what you saw strength wise how you're feeling going into game two of the rest of the series. Do you think losing home court game Wallin is devastating. Or do you from the blazers can be pelicans in New Orleans. In game three or four to take home court back who talked about how important home was going into the series again it and they instantly losing game one. All of those thoughts sexson and the fair tax on a 505 retreat to mabus. Paso kind of my plan for this for the show my hand is I wanna chemical positive negative because there's positives studs of the loss. And there's a lot of negatives in Los electronic hit both of them because both are true. They're just kind of more of a glass half full blast happened to look at the game. So only coming up we also leveled an NFL. Were shot passionate about the Dez Bryant. Way more passionate the next identity. And I disagree with him pretty much wholeheartedly is so. It's cool. That's the first time it's not it's well maybe like that maybe we don't disagree though hardly not much but. Not nearly enough Rashad is. Is certain that Dez Bryant is getting. The short end of the stick here. And I on the other hand. Think Dez Bryant is no longer a top when he receiver and getting that is basically par for the course for guys his age who hasn't produced a couple of years. So that'll be coming up on the show of course he got hit below the coming up an hour to. Where Jesse Alaska's questions we will debate. I get points and the winner is supposed the last segment which is a is way too short. That's probably going to be all the time we have to graduates from plenty of time on the blazers global gets the Russell play ounces while the series that are happening today the games that we saw yesterday briefly not not too deep idea on those but Williams bears while so again it's excellent is 55305. Twitter at any defendant Michael is what is evident to them at 503 matches he Osmond were coming up next. But tiger and the blazers lose 97. To 95. To the pelicans. In game one. Of the Western Conference first round at home and it was. Uninteresting. It was interest. A spray it down next and as long as we can go this is sports Sunday continent. We can sports where the difference. This is sports Sunday with Mike and very shy not 1080 cubs fans. Night. Let's kick yell and Tex lines opened fire but unify a party got text them and we'll get to those throughout the next couple of segments don't worry about that. Keep your opinions coming on the game. Please ma'am let let let us know how imagine until nortel's like mats on bro you matter you encourage the comeback you worried about the series how are you Phelan. Now Smith has proposed by the way for us were duck house arrest of the fancy titles coming up there like but Tom Texas type. I'm 305 so 9795. Over the final score the pelicans beat the trailblazers in the first game of he first round series. Anthony Davis was as good as advertised as we expected 35 points fourteen rebounds. Yet for blocks. And really display the dominant game. But. The story of the game to me while. There's a lot but the main story of the game to me was. Kind of a pound of if I'm gonna be fair or is the fact that it digging. That regardless of the final stats but did Mueller and CJ McCollum might have been their worst game together on the floor through three quarters. The fact of the blazers had four possessions with under a minute three and a half possessions with under a minute. That could have given them the win in the game. Despite CJ Andy Mueller play some of the worst scheme together of their career give credit to Republicans were up and get to that. The blazers still should've won the game. They should of won the game and here here's here's the way I look at it are down 93 to 92. Went under a minute left they make this great comeback in the fourth quarter pelicans are tired from defending Harlem night. There there may come back they're down by one they steal the ball in the ensuing possession and have a fast break. Three on two CJ with her kitchen I forget who also might have been game. CJ goes up in the air past her realizes he's covered gets frozen and then loses the ball. That was a easy potentially easy. Layup or shot attempt at least that could've given the blazers the lead with fifty seconds to go. Next possession. Pelicans don't score. Or into one preacher Gallagher blizzard dumped it in Dalian Willard. Gets the shot he wants. He really. Close inside little bunny jumper but instead of just taking the shot going up strong confidently. He tries to draw the contact. Which makes him go sideways a little bit in alters the shot you want to bear bawling because he's expecting contact. As it was going up strong for a mix neither getting fouled or getting shot. Okay Willard does apples there is on the before it's it's got gotten a lot of foul calls in the pass on not too mad about it but not exactly the premier shot when that situation. They miss it they have to foul Anthony Davis an up when they're down or sit her down three at one. Yet they're down three a couple of Republicans mr. shop over the damage. Davis hit both free throws. They go back they put all the three point shooters on the floor people really really pissed that put miers and Pak talks on the floor into me I action about a Smart strategy because. It would force the pelicans to cover everybody. Because the blazers needed a three to tie it in you can't have a guy like Evan Turner offer to meet you out there who won't get covered on the three. You want everyone out there to be able to hit a three if they catch the ball on the arc so you can get more space for David CJ. So it's not just what it has been the entire game of double teams department. But instead of going for three. They do a back cut to Meyers Leonard who had some Myers we know doesn't have the handles the god and he gets tapped out of bounds. OK. And then on the next possession. They give it to pat content him on the back but it goes up for a layup. And it's blocked by your holiday. And then they have to tell the pelicans pelicans go up five CJ hits a three it'll at the buzzer and that's why it's on seven night. You have four chances. Four chances in the last minute. To win or tie the game and shift the momentum completely back in your favor if you were down nineteen and he about to get the lead back. And you did it. A bad CJ turnover. In acting Mueller shot a Meyers Leonard back in a pat on the team backup for a layup when you're down three. So with all of that being said. When David CJ had the worst possible game they could've had. You still should've won the game before opportunities in the fourth quarter that's where my positive spin is coming now that last bit it was. Horrific. Don't give Iran Hamas and that's positive the positive is that you should've won that game. With the year with how bad team expected. That's that's kind of my take. My positive look on it there's plenty of negatives to we'll get to an editorial off time but that's kind of that's kind of the way I look at it at least a positive like to keep me sane is it should on the game. You should've won the game. A I mean it's hard to two disagree with the fact that they. Let one go day they had an opportunity especially in the first. The first couple quarters put. I think the pelicans really show how good of the team they were mean everyone was you know kind of saying a big world is go to the matchup that we want. But I think as. Where the blaze at the places don't matchup at certain you know matchup and Anthony Davis there's been there's no way you can match up with him. Drew holiday looks like he's just kind of out playing siege sieges and have a problem number one he's not a great defender in the first place. He's much better than he was you know as as the entire team is better defensively than they used to be. But it's true holiday 65 and he just driving right past them every single time. Like there's nothing that they're going to be able to do about Rondo he only had six points last night but was able to dish out seventeen. Assist he was a monster he was he was everywhere defensively like they've got a bunch of guards on their team. Did not commit a turnover there are no idea I mean obviously Arnold non immigrant and he stole the ball mental that abounds. Which was very lucky number Turkish got the rebound and swatted it out of his hand I might add that might cause a turnover Rondo seventeen assists to turn two terms so. He has it was that's playoff run that and that's that's is kind of what he does but they have a bunch of guys that defense is what they do. Two holidays are really good defense of the defense is what the deal no Madonna good defensive team you don't have as a team no but they have individual defenders that our men buried Rondo is very good individual defenders we know that. If Clark isn't very good individual defenders digit million clerk was in the pelicans. Are you got traded little remembered for the war yeah I've only got traded little circular yeah absolutely an -- again you play shots yesterday to continue being a blizzard be as old he hit market really wants four for five yesterday he had to three when the blazers got within one the first time. Play a minute twenty left and was able to kinda agree ice it temporarily at that point he's clerk useless so Jrue Holiday is still a very good defensive point guard. And along defense a point guard is gonna give a lot of those guys trouble. That's what they did all my eyes at least through different looks Damon CJ and made it difficult for them and if dale blazers losses game it was because they're stars make no mistake about you sit down stretched too bad plays by your best players. That shot by Damon and everybody that I'll sit next was like man what the hell was that. Because you number one you had another ten seconds on the clock you could you could abuse. So you force the bad shot that you need to force she could this work the ball around. Or did something I would have been a about the content like no talking about the the very last play for Damian for Damon. Counted at lean in shot that you don't know if you try to drop out he was trying to draw are the way it was it was hero basketball that he shouldn't play like that was a time right there we have an additional ten seconds on the clock. To make a play like that are eligible and yeah did you get it to you win to gain I think there were down to a depth. They were down one because. What it was it was 9392. On the CJ turnover was 9390 Q on the on the Damien menace than they foul Anthony Davis it was 9592. On the Myers impact content possessions and they foul Anthony Davis and it was 9792. And then seated at the predicament is. Totally a one point game when Damon for that shot. And I've away incredibly unnecessary at that point anything you could have had any shot a couple of laws and better it was a good luck. It's not a good it was if you didn't do the final attempt he was will he was wide open at the foul line going after the sharply when it weird angle. Because of that he's he child short wanna hear from from my vantage point. It was not a good shot who was is a really. It was a it was a terrible shot at a terrible time when your team needed their best player to make you could play. And I think that's the thing that's that's going to be important for the blazers moving forward like. They're number one their best players coming to. Come and play every night but number two man making the right place at the right time you know it's. You can't be selfish right now and honesty that was a that was a bad play itself is played I think in the case. Do you view. My argument there's positive though that. You have Rihanna really bad games from Damon CJ your third you your other options tomorrow I'll get to later be a really really bad games from game is CJ in you still. Had four chances to win the game. That's a positive right that's kind of the way and taken taken from this game is. You'll lost by two points. Or if you wanna discount the last because it was last lost by five points in your down by nineteen and looked listless in the third quarter. And Damon CJ couldn't hit the process of our mental. In your loss by it and you're almost one you should wonder if offered. That to me as a positive. Yup I I have one more posit one and a half more populous the other one is. The defense was largely effective. There was a stretch where wasn't and we'll get to that but generally a hole in the Republicans in 97 points that's a win. Opens your good good offensive team this 400 plus points every game. You hold a 97 points and as effective as Anthony Davis was and was. You didn't give him too many. Easy looks. Yet a couple of like easy lobs and back cuts and layups and stuff and look this is indicated the way we've we set about. During the week was he's gonna get his points there's not much you can do to stop them. You can try to make it difficult beacon basic basic of the the way to beating Anthony Davis. Would be to be the pelican is make it as difficult as you can and Anthony Davis. And yesterday he took a lot of long jumpers. And he hit a lot of them. But to me. That's been making it more difficult on him they forced him in a post up one on one situation to take a jumper. Which is good that of course but his game is so much better when he's inside right under the basket and weapons on him to elect our stuff you rebounds blocks. So I guess they they kind of excuse back in played fairly well. So he got he got his but outside of that their defense played really well when your only got 21 points but. You know he missed ten shots he missed almost all this threes. Bill. The blazers bench played well against the pelican bench. Defensively they didn't hit a lot of shots that only Ian Clark blazer killer Reuters will just kill blazers until he turned Indians. Hit shots off the bad so. The defense was largely get. And that's another positive is that was a strength of the team. That is what kept this team and a lot of games when they were struggling offensively because that's the thing has been biting the blazers this year have been struggling offensively. And that's kind of what happened it was the it was almost exactly the same story yesterday could have a shot offensively. Their defense played well enough to keep them in the game and and they got hot for a bit and they scored and got close in the in the him. So that's the other positive is the defense played well for the most part. I mean the defense was. The defense was much better especially towards the end of the game you gotta have a lot of credits the second unit. That was really when the blaze started to come back it was because of second unit started to release. Kind of makes please their. You saw how good Collins becoming and how much more about. Competent shooter keys because he had a couple really big shots yet one terminals like okay exact cause don't want to shoot that but. Glad it went ahead you know typing so I think they've played just well enough to not get blown out. Yesterday that's what else they played well enough not to get. Blown out that game could win. The other way there's a point of having your defense you know if you're struggling keep yourself in the game by playing good defense and the great thing about that the playoffs and Jesse are just talking about this is it's this is the chess match you know this is his game one. You know someone's move made a move now Terry Stotts the blazers have to counter that move and come back and make some adjustments. I say you let Anthony Davis speech and you shut dinner party like that's I mean that that's really the only thing you can do it means a strident there's been honest kind. What they did. I mean and we got a break that's kind of what they did then do well enough really right in the Davis beat them. And is set everybody else you guys do it and salad there's one player who did it. And they didn't adjust to the fourth quarter and let that Kim ledger holiday do know wasn't too. Among talk moderate politics in an adjustable fourth quarter when they did adjust emit a world of difference. Talk about the next plus your taxable and tax on the pop out through we see in the glory Allred next mrs. sports summit on the fanned the first justice works. Oh. Weekends weren't made offers for. This is sports Sunday with a Mike and his job spontaneity. I'm very foreigners Sunday morning sports on a micro shop with you Jesse is well until 11 AM we are deep dive in the blazers loss of the pelicans last night. Keep taxes about about their power and get them get to them and a second. We're just last second spent some time talking about the positive angle to the game which is the way I am. Looking at it more than a negative way in there's plenty of negatives but the positive way is Damian and CJ played terrible. In the still polonium last. Positive and they played solid on defense to keep them in the game to have a chance to win it you know there are down nineteen in the third quarter but the negative that I had. Was. The defense was aggressive largely effective but there is a stretch. In the second and third quarter where it was horrific. And that's why I wanna focus on here as the negative in the one player wanna focus on physical meritage. I drew holiday. The blazers. Essentially. Let me Colin meritage beat him yesterday. Because he was. Sixteen points for ten from three including a stress and that was four threes and went admitted it felt like I am. Was apiece on the boards blocks and steals and rebounds at all all of everything that you you can one. From your third option essentially number they got from the bulls trade deadline this year. And blazers hoping they saw him in the last unit that plays and he was now or at least was hampered from injury but. The blazers decided. To not guard Nikola Mirotic until the fourth quarter. Now you've noticed it in the game in the fourth quarter when they decided to step out of Nikola Mirotic he missed every shot. But in the second and third quarter they kind of gave him. I had to buy dealings of space and just to kind of the fake clothes out where they put their hand up and run a little bit towards them and he summed everything. He was unstoppable during that stretch and that was the game plan of what it needed a speech you know what else can. But they didn't do in the second and third quarters in the second and third quarters failed at lax. And this or to let other guys beat your holiday had a really good second and third quarter. I'll be Clark we mentioned already Mirotic. You know those guys were huge in building that because the blaze started the game well. The winds dropping to two early they are getting their shots early. And the McCown went cold there played solid defense it was 2118. In the first quarter pelicans here in the game it's close. And then all of a sudden it's in nineteen point deficit because you decided to stop gardening other options. The fourth quarter comes by the energy comes back Mr. Big is our garden everybody. And only entity Davis is beating you. And that's why I came back so. That to me was the big negative is for whatever reason. They were big got lax in the second and third quarters defensively. And let the pelicans village and we don't. They couldn't get a shot mistake could at least play better defense or more consistent defense wouldn't have been a nineteen point deficit. I mean I know the blazers have played better defense I think it's time we stop kind of referring to them is defenses like. Juggernaut on Oklahoma juggernaut but like this very talented offensive. That. OK they are but last night and saw guys driving we got my text in your habits at and they were getting blown by like almost every possession at a point. Like there was no time during the game where it was OK let's watch the blazers make a run except for that fourth quarter run with a kind of came back with. Outside of that it was every single time they got a bucket they just based being moved and someone just drove to the basket so effortlessly. Two points I mean I can't tell you comments are true holiday my two and drew holiday is one of those guys is damn near a borderline calls you know he puts up these type numbers. Every single year which is why I said he went there last year he's their Damian Miller he's the under appreciated your own heat and just kind of goes in there and does what he does but when you have two stars and a team like boogie. And the brow you're gonna get overlooked a little bit but here's a dude is average in nineteen points and six assists and you know five rebounds a game to holiday can play. And he was shelled last night that he can just do whatever you want it so that defense that we keep talking about as far as the play's been shut down. I saw some great defense from a mean at points last night especially towards the beginning of the game you saw some great defense even though he that you said he doesn't fit with the starters and I kind of agree with that never turner. You saw some great defense from him but outside of those two guys. I don't know if you really have the resources to say okay let's just stop everybody and let Anthony Davis do his well known. Here's the thing I think you do. Because. The only consistent threat is Anthony did mr. holidays Gergen I agree. But throughout I mean it's the regular season in class is different but watching the regular season. I don't ever remember watching the pelicans blizzard gaming doing well. Your holidays is destroyed and he's he's very good. When he's not the end all deal and to me that means that you should still go by that same plan of do your best to stop them. And let him in gave his speech because you know is it shops like Jesus at. Every so this kind of makes me think of that. Came about three weeks ago with Portland and Houston. And I mean I just kept hitting the threes in the first app it was like it is the best. Game shooting from threes like in his career whatever out and about one in the house he scored thirty points yet the efforts. But Houston just kept kind of letting them. Take the three and basically they said we're not gonna let. Team B they dame did not have a great game and that's because. Houston was committed. To stopping game now dame did still have deemed numbers I think he went back he was. Probably close to thirty if not in the thirties but I don't real finalized yet I'll work for it so hard and in with a guy like Anthony Davis year. You're not gonna stop him but he sure is attacked and throw out some speed bumps and really make his life really difficult and to be fair I really think they did yet as best as they could they try to for a speed bumps them. And he's just that good or effort of that was their best effort on speed bumps and the blazes are in trouble. Because 35 in golf before Obama polio affected by the fourteen days people like if if this was last here's what is your defense you're gone for fifty. Sunny but what. I I understand there's a lot of negative emotions around yesterday's game and I feel them you don't worry. But I'm trying to also throws some positive light on some lists updated well wasn't. It wasn't like everything they tried was just ineffective. There are some things they did that worked. Eddie Davis did not have the same impact in the fourth quarter is it to the earlier in the game. They did a good job of getting tired. Making him work for shots and he put up some pretty iffy shots in the fourth quarter Bruce defended well and missed them you know that's. That's what you can hope for the blazers because. He has a mismatch for you you don't have a defender who can defend him consistently without getting into foul trouble Turkish were given to a lot of foul trouble you went. Motto we motto every time. Al farouq Aminu was by the best defender in terms of being able to do it but he's not anywhere near the size shrink Davis would give bullet in the area as well. So with the situation you have I still think you did the best job they got the best you did a very good job. On Anthony Davis in the game. Again to me it was that second or third quarter defense against especially Mirotic. That loss in game. Because you just let him shoot and he's way too good of a shooter Bristol when she got to be way more rest of them well and then here's another thing I mean it just. Everybody was off last night when you look at it I was just looking at the stats right now united at five players this season. Are actually more than that I mean Ed. Should as a mean news there look on the Willard all averaged. Fuel percentages over 50% this year and you only had one person. Shoot over 50% last night I was at Davis and it's so when you have none guy he's important whose team and as I did get this out it. I don't wanna sort of heart last night shut up and Davis and and the work that you did on the on the glass and this first big shock go up for a dot com Mike for people that were all over medical editor but there's nothing more important than having that bench late. That's. He to have all the stars in the world. You need somebody that towed to back up those stars win the stars are avenue night in the eyes of fans that kind event. I mean they outscored Republicans been strictly bottom out I think and that's were we should be because I think we have like top to bottom of the Portland blazers have a I believe a better roster in the pelicans. The thing is his last night your all star in the pulp and showed up. And dame had you know and you're gonna have these nice to eat you just don't always have a fifty plus percent shooting percentage every night by. They had a really bad. At night statistically last. Oh yeah he and CJ both siege there was over five in the first quarter couldn't it inconclusive on the first quarter. And I wanna get to that to the defense strategy the pelicans on on the cars was brilliant. But it also could lead to problems for them as the series goes on I think I wanted to next door to recent tax break because I promise. Blazers don't know how to play as the favorite in my opinion may take on their personas not the underdog Republicans are very beatable. I expect what is is to bounce back M had a chance to win at the end which is positive intervention in this market when Germany. That's a good point. The blazers do play very well the chip on social they were down nineteen when they put the best America in nineteen. Heavily literally did it play well no. During the regular season how many reasons to glow in the fourth quarter all of I'm kidding but a lot of them they do not play as well with the leaders they do when they're down. And I guess that is. That's not necessarily a good thing it's not only wanna play against the best teams in basketball what if you are down 01 in the series maybe that is a good thing that it kind of says a whole. Crap this is going to be a lot harder than we thought let's amp it up next level. In May be. That shows up in the mid mid quarter defect defense meted out shows up in a lot more motion offense a little bit less isolation play a little blazers often struggle so too much. I'm so maybe that does show up and that's a that's a positive I do agree I think the pelicans unbeatable. I still think the pelican is the best match of the players in the first round. And I still hoping that yesterday's game sort of kind of proves that by saying you played awful offensively. And Eddie Davis scored 35 points initials of one me. That to me is what is proof right there that the blazers should postal want to playing the pelicans it just didn't work out last. Clintons to win the series of rodents guys following text had to go to news VO it's 067 game series very true. I think the sky's falling thing is you won at home court so bad you lost overreaction you know you got over react that first day you know yeah. It's that's why that's cool part about the playoffs you know I think it would have been a very different feel they won yesterday in Los home court on Tuesday. The cost title one I'll get one in New Orleans it's fine it's very different is if they win game two is the exact same situation is that it just feels worst loss came home. When you should be winning at home game. It should be noted in three games against the blazers a true holiday has averaged 21 points. In the three games is the pelicans. See him column averaged fifty. CJ needs to be more of of a presence against these pelicans for whatever reason he has played well against this team. At all so CJ McCollum he promised he would shoot better against you've been called out on me because at this point last night. Battle three pledge here at the end means nothing you have five point two to have. For you to be the the other guy on the team a one called psychic I don't think that's fair or free to be the other scoring option on the team that the play's going to be much more from. This Tyson looks like a shot and I write about this team not be ready for the playoffs great win streak suspect or suspects other seventy games just goes as far as to serve will take them I don't. This really disagree with that I think that's a little bit too harsh but yeah they wanted to thirteen game win streak into play powerball or. So your pelicans are not succeed them Republicans to succeed because they lost the arguably best or second best big man in basketball. Other than that they've they should be a top foresee like that based or not succeed and what that forty. Little or she get more calls in game series there and Malia free throws made only. A printer is made but only had two last dollar price change I do think that was weird. Forgot whose line all the time the fact that he may have made a difference their line twice was shocking to me. I don't know that was the rest making a concerted effort not to fall for the fake foul ones that he does. Or if he really just I mean part of it I think two is the pelicans defense kept and so out of the game that he really didn't get a chance to get a hold. You don't owed it to them exit and want talk about the total defense but. Yeah I think you'll get to one more and that battle helped blazers on because he just doesn't miss he's what did you in 94% prefer shooter so. That'll help immensely. If it's close in the game to get those free throws down. I keep Jackson spent our time by about their about the got a break coming up next the pelicans defense strategy was really really brilliant really Smart. But I think it. Allows for the blazers two have runs at the end of the game if they keep going targeted yesterday. I'll tell you why and Texas's ports in Memphis. Weekend sports where the difference. This is sports Sunday when Mike Henry shot on 1080000. Fans. I have you on here on your Sunday morning like you were shot here with just four Sunday talk and blazers pelicans being one half. Moment. 'cause it's a record of port so. Shout out to the guy John let's say next to turn again dornin is next on but he was one of the loan pelican fans. That was in the building has put the Jersey on. And he was trying so hard to be. Respectful and mindful about the blazers fans around him on the if you want to get jumped. Or anything like that but every single time that reminded someone did something he had a small little celebration to himself but made sure that he wasn't too loud. For anyone else and we'll continue to apologize people around him for celebrating too hard. Man you're a real MVP because I could want real left with all those. Drunk people up there in the 300 could've gotten each. Rivera for saying the wrong thing wrong things so please apparently jumping they're not jumping anyone they're just gonna he's a lot of stern looks up you know it's a a lot of really cold looks like. This guy no actually going to say Roger as a unit mark miles per hour things get. On the a lot of placement of that type of heart but. Still it was the heat she kept it real classy so that's the way that that's wandering alone embarrassing ones that seem to he could react. Fall where it so the pelicans did one thing. Super super well yesterday but completely took Damian and CJ out of the game for most of the game until fourth quarter. And bout was on every. Single. Pick general. They either doubled. Gamers he'd today. Or they did the hard long hedge NATO oil hedges that means that the second defender on the guy who's giving the pair accused the senator. That defender wool dart out at the guy with the ball and then go back to cover his guy. So a double obviously is they both stadium on game. A hard hedges they don't really hard in and try to double for like two seconds admin feedback. Soft edges that kind of dislike are now and then go back in the know as it is followed. There were doing the double. Or the really hard hedge for every single pick and roll and the blazers offense is predicated Olympic general almost passions as closely but. A lot of peaceably as his greatest epic in play especially Damian and markets. And every single time when seated at a two majors went out made him pass the ball. And that it could get a job rotating that if he threw the ball to her kids or whoever was fuming that he didn't have a wide openly into the basket because they reputable enough. In any had a decided to give the ball to users are not a good shooter in the may have a shot that was you know 30% of the and in turn offer. Essar. But if you notice in the fourth quarter. Guess who was getting tired. The pelicans base because they were playing such good defense on the pick and roll early that they've lost some of their. Acts mean Anthony Davis played for the one minute tickle America's play forty minutes in the game and you can tell at the end they were both getting pretty tired. Based on how hard they were defend which was part of the reason audibly as available to come Michael. In the fourth quarter so I think it's great strategy. Debt to hate him out of the game as long as you can't. But if you're not hit shots in your lead isn't that they go into the fourth I might come back to bite you because of the way is to make a run against retired defense span while. You lose the game yeah so I think it's a great strategy. And that's kind of the fun part of a long series and I'm curious what the players will do to try to stop that from happening. I'm able to try to set more double picks that they did that yesterday to any sort got double or single one. Or maybe they'll just try to go more of their motion passing offense the pick and roll because. If you're taking your best players out of the game user to pick and rolls must and it's not going to be as effective but. A releases he would Terry Stotts does the combat pack as it worked to a team to the area here and. That we got a text here that. I kind of agree with the what bothers me here for years for the past four years. The other team's defensive strategy has been zeroing in on and CJ and for whatever reason the blazes that have been able figure out. I was kind of saying something's rebellious it's like you know where the ball's going to go. Especially in the playoffs why isn't there a third option you know and his partner it's supposed to be a third option. I also mama think in the that's enough. Because. The third option is supposed to be the one that falls fails he's going to be able to get you. Meant a couple buckets and markets eleven points. And eleven rebounds wasn't enough defensively it was only in twenties five minutes though you know I think to get their way up that was -- pretty much you know why it was a 25 minutes because man he can't keep takes like 42 points. He can't keep up dates and I think if the blaze gonna do anything defensively I think Zach columns got to be to guard's going to be out there. Here's why Collins feet are much quicker and our market is related to its eagle lumbering guy who just he can't defend pick and roll he can't defend our current. Excuse me Davis once he's on the wing Davis takes one jab and he's gonna back up and and I'm pulling up in your face every day that you'd rather Davis take that shot and I know I don't want Davis take this out he's the best three point shooter on thirteen. I don't want him taken that shot because Anthony Davis. Point guard before he shot up to six foot nine inches you know sophomore year of high school or junior high school whenever he was mayor Anthony Davis. Knows how to play basketball and he's the best three point shooter on his team so I definitely don't want him pull it up for that shot especially in transition or otherwise. And I stink at if you're gonna change anything defensively I just think you're gonna have to have Collins. He's the guy that's gonna put up put a body on on Anthony Davis that's your only real it your best bet. I don't think you can put Collins out there in that and that spotlight in this and it in this moment your duty and it. I was just gonna get under your life like now know that whatever he's they're not get you now. Do you see affidavits is that why. Yeah 35 points fortunately found a brothel stop it wasn't just markets guarding him. But he couldn't he is quite likely five minutes could start no Turkish actually did a decent job on anti Davis I'm telling you. He forced him to take jumpers instead of letting him into lame because that's part of the strategy to what the blazers defense. If you watch all year which you know you have is not predicated on aggressive defending. A lot of what their defense is is. They kind of let the big guy feedback a little bit enforcement range jumpers the blazers defense says we're not gonna let you shoot the three. We're not gonna let you shoot inside but if you're taken midrange jumper going so. Eddie Davis of Madrid and interpret and hit one but that's what he does though that's what I am trying to say like let's just what does this and that a lot of things are exactly arms and shouldn't reporter she's in the mid range is is to those things that he does. And though he also jams the ball and so he does everything does everything so what's the what's the what's the word shot in basketball right now them the midrange jumper. Andy not you don't everybody on yes and listen to do the thing if the least effective. Which what you should shoot that what you should pray for him but again at this Hilliard only took like three lead again but that's not the shot that you if you don't wanna take that either because you can knock those down to read two of them and made clear dominant both but yeah not gonna not take shots and don't know he's he's got he's going to take shots all I'm saying is. You're gonna need some might at least stop him not. Not stop him. Make it a little more difficult for him drive the basket and Erica doesn't quicken up to do that Scott Collins had a whopping two rebounds and his 2.2 minutes every eat eat. When you compare what he did to lighten or kitsch is like. I mean I don't know man. I think I think America's still in very good job. On Anthony Davis given the matchup yes. Imagine if you played more minutes. At a couple more files. But you know you may be even looked even more impressive part of it does not is and circuits as well as the defensive style of the blazers. And that is won't give you as many midrange jumpers as you want and frankly. That's what I want if needed issued. I want him shooting that other than instead of being inside taking lobs and getting offensive rebounds and it because it keeps shooting the mid range jumper. He's not getting an offense or prevent agreed to blazers. Are they much better rebounding team in the pelicans in if you leave him out into the mid range. If he misses and all of a sudden you can have a fast break potential he's out on the wing nut running back and given these elections. I think for. All of the great things about Anthony Davis and there are a myriad of them. The best thing the blazers can do is to force him to take as many jump shots as he can because that is his weakest part of his strong. When I was heads I mean yeah that's the best desperately that's the weakest part. Of his incredibly strong MVP and where else would you rather that's due out there's there's. You have to put some yet to give him a different look or does not the answer we see. And Andy saver and you said that you capital markets are disagree with you a little bit we don't talk about payments didn't show up I watched markets laid the ball up when he should've just stuck to. You'd better. That is all you want though that's all you want Furman is jams that's just dial like it's no way. Yet she's got a lot better at dunking because they told adopt more and after he made about one horrific mess in the first quarter he started argument more if you noticed but like that. Turkish played fine. Keep wasn't as impact soliciting the blazers would have wanted them to be. But he also any latest stat line did it basically his average which is get a double double points and if actually that's a thing I think. Ever markets has to play more than fine Anthony Davis played great. Drew holiday played great Rondo played great all people are supposed to play Greg Norman's bit and markets has got to be one of those people for the blazers that plays great. Eleven and eleven. It's a good to goodwill stat line I argued it his his stat line and 25 minutes is pretty damn good I hit a brief for a unique moment for the fact he's not on the. Or that's not hoarding problem he. He would go there is on the floor or not his old job everywhere it is thinking right now I can't put you on the floor right now is the best players the best big man in basketball that only nobody did good against him now so so what's your polling like that then you should put the best player for your team out there at last night that was in her kitchen markets was on the bench instead you have got claws out there giving eloped with. Like when you compare Collins to everybody else on the team I'd rather have. Just Ed Davis knows that Collins because at least at Davis was doing things treating team that's rob. Is it your view Jesse is is back Collins. And Davis together have proven to them on the court together are really really good pair defensively. And frankly offensively in certain not as good as market is offensively but. In their style together it works and exact Collins defensively actually played pretty well defensively rebounds isn't the only times that about solid defense. He had a couple of good defensive players on Davis in the game and played pretty well. I've. I'm OK with the usage of all of the bigs yes I'm OK with it's been similar to what they've done throughout the regular season worked Turkish didn't play. Thirty minutes every game because they can trust that Davis and they can trust act on Conan plural marriage. I think the instinct thing about the Republicans is the way to use Anthony Davis a break already is deputy Davis. In terms of their rotation is it doesn't match necessarily the rotation lasers so maybe they'll have to change up he came at really early in the second quarter. When made the list of what the starters opera long hours about an amendment added to break I'm sorry. A camera and got up next we'll have more on the blazers and the holes pursue the Dez Bryant story this is a sports on them.