Sinner & Saint Hour 2 10.21.17

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, October 21st
Some Seahawks talk, baseball to Portland, and the fellas make some predicitions

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Sit around those same shot we'd slide into the dangerous world a man who do not exist. Luke Anderson clutch done. Rescinded champion my cause of innocent helpless and powerless and then. More with a median household income 7000 dollars for you know there is one exception. No one here is she what she will cartoons but disappointed in Oregon State fullback where you receive an Iran desperately trying to hold. Still the discuss that in this case yeah. Center and those same jail. Powered by Ross grew cruise line and really didn't imagine Jim unrestrained exercise or just yeah. These guys. Maybe. Forgot about that though it prepares. Dramatic arts the you or well done on them by the way I'm bleeding. Though. Bellini and as you well. Horsing around in the in the break there he threw me a football pass that was. I don't blame me complete as bad pass but you know load ultimately it. Paul Lewis and shoulder fade yet but you'll get a low ceiling it through it intrude on the ground objector anyway is that Richard am hands that. This couldn't quite get to it but made I made nails too long to put one in my hands in the the other night republic from its instrument figured. Pleading that bad no it's not but it's still bleeding at days at that that is it's an irritant. Well it's it's not dramatic it got Gordon Hayward somewhere tinge of regret. But it's been irritants. Time you reach about thirty Revere late forties start to develop your old beta injury everybody got desperate you have your shoulder yup I have left shall my non throwing shoulder college it would look good there I separated when it separated too has nineteen snowboarding and has never been the same I have my knees up. Everybody has it I thought terrified hungry time nears Texas I don't wanna hear what you're all may have injury is I wanted to sign in on this is a little bit because if yes please Joseph how. That way held regional arms when he five gimme 26 you don't solve I don't know and honestly I go ahead and on our route. So I went and got a massage like a month ago in the lady because I got a pretty bad lower back she was field back there and as soon as she touched my lower right back she said you need to go see a doctor that thing is given four times in the last year. And yeah revive our as a got a man I got a lot of years before I should start having back problems for our. Mike yeah. I know it's it's yeah. Well appealed an injury at that age well it's our job so though because I mentioned it says because like maybe nineteen and I separated my left shoulder snowboarding in any time. I wake up after sleep in my left shoulder its its agony like and that was probably two or five years and it reads your shoulder shredding our. I did I was totally shredding some are and then and then went down and knocked myself out woke up and I couldn't put my left arm above my publisher owner plus. Yeah it's honestly I woke up there in the a group of skiers standing around him fairly muted UK and I had no ideal how long had been on the ground and how I got there I don't remember the crash. And then I went I got to the bottom of the hill and went to pick its verdict configurable my left arm. Can say particular ride over a treadmill with my left arm of a commute over my head. And so that's been nagging one now I still need to get an MRI of my social roots in bad shape how many times did view Islam can eat your knees. I'd five each meeting see that's easy so there is any time today I guess securities or replace the effort now resigned kickoff return. As you can see there's a trend here can aperture are Richard you know as a kickoff return and in the wedge today you know. Ranges through my head into somebody and then you know as a wedge forms more people commanded more more more yup and somebody went underneath besides might need is okay mania on the ground it starts screaming because they think that it I've or something that they don't like that that point. Everybody that's ever quarter pops up thing they always go I knew it I knew it just from good. I thought that was the case didn't have publicly today lamb on the ground at that time when Richard Sherman was playing at Stanford and sit there are. Screaming and sure becomes already looks data bases of screaming and that he screamed over at all the other guys on my team but the way nobody's checking on me yeah I actually brought the sideline rehearsal that too well but I appreciate a little that support the support I have is Richard Sherman you're looking over me he scream Beckett the dudes or on my team. No you couldn't get two points putting out here. Think Richard Sherman someone cares about me. They have not insulted when they could. Out to be the bad guy is he's curing cancer person sometimes he cared about that day now now. And if you got her right now if you dislocated in front of it I think it will care I think he'd still keep call me. So Joseph would what was what to let you package because I'm await better shape that you guys left shoulder who cares I'm not throwing children. But ease and acts seem like the worst did you have an off. All honestly and the back what is the worst part because it's literally day I had never had an injury nothing concerning my back or anything it's been the last years so. Maybe it's you know the daddy back Clifton up the boil. Years so might that mean. This improper lifting over my years that saddened you know the workers out there should taken note of that I mean. I just it's yeah it's bad and then the knees too I mean I played I cattle. When I played when I played baseball idly catcher from you know third grade to when I finished in high school I think freshman sophomore year. And that just up and down up and down like that on the knees you should here than it sounds like jiffy pop up when I go down in up Obama like is back. You know from from the rich or at least excellence by factors of duke. Rank the following people in terms of throwing the football and Tito Taylor Alley will market a better than all of them. Oh yeah I think I'm extremely tight spiral. I will say that that you do you do end you throw a pop there's very few sounds that enjoy more than when you catch football has that real good pop from a tight spiral and it will darkened by far out. Well I as a caviar and I had caveat the tone coming here could this awesome sales guys guys that any are impressed that might mean to make sure that everybody knows that on top dog here. You know I'm gonna throw footballs. At what 4050 artsy thing. Easily easily that that old. Yeah its back foot that was moving to this here's here's the thing about all Americans that he doesn't he doesn't just do mystery drop back and repeats he's. It is to get out of the pocket and again that's where throw that Bassett and he's you know simulating a roll out. We were driving an F 150 add him to simulate pressure NN. And the thing is he threw in there and even took the hit from the from the truck through it that's what's important and it. Let's standings let's move from one great quarterback to another from willed orchestra Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks are traveling to. New York take on the giants. At the meadowlands this weekend so we've got a one and five year giants teams hosting aid. Three and two Seattle Seahawks team. That's a must win for both the. Like it dash or a game for the acts that the giants are all giants in must win situation again they carry an investment I think it's must. I think it must survive at this point it's really distresses season. Immediately look at right owed about computers done for the year your defense is as good as you thought it would be Eli Manning is now showing his age. At this point you're just kind of hoping you get this season alive that you figure out how you can treaty like today and how to build the team up again. For the Seahawks note this be perpich European to really give yourself some cup coming off a bye where you're you're up by that we can come. About the game against the rams that might be sure to lost. The offense to me just look I would take little block should blossom and office looks those scattered in the defense is holding things up with April. But you put without a barrel and back it did but. Year without quick April you have a secondary every single game looks older and older at the same time you've actually new vehicles Richardson has it. Then. As good as I thought he would you know I mean he didn't meet expectations to what I thought the trade value was I disturbing curse ever who they would go. But they were going to cut your makers that he is it was it wasn't treating him NASA that they were going to hang onto and they you know. If you're ready gonna get rid of the guy they got something back form which is important but the injuries to the defense line and then. Made it very difficult because Michael but it would buy the fuel yours as well so you look at that you go okay well. You've got your your two best pass rush as of April and and Michael Bennett. And their both out shield Richardson dispose you've got to go in and get after that you're still developing francoeur to I think can be a great player many years that relief. He has really doesn't lead. Filled in you know as as that next superstar that he putts like that they've been good part of prob with the defense that just. Don't feel too much depth and that's where the office needs to go out what the Seahawks need to do is need to go out. And just go our guys were down fourteen and 00 but just imagine the fourteenth to the death of well they don't get all they did go through Russell Wilson first that he did they needed to Cuba. That definitely there are protester is when they're doing the hurried up Bob Spencer let wrestles to get out of the pocket but that's unsustainable. It's just not the NFL. It works when European McCain because you have a defense that's basically put the entire secondary back I get that. But if you do you Maria ball game that you wanna rush or five guys gets off the wind it's terrible eight gulp listen Agra I was getting hurt. I don't think you necessarily go hurried up but you do not have the run game like you did when Ann Marshall would you go back Rex Robles. You can't leave with the running game exclusively and put yourself in third and long situations. Edit every first quarter possession that you have most of the second quarter possessions that you have. And then you're playing from behind it every game that's not sustainable so we need do is you need to give Russell Wilson. The opportunity get out of the pocket but the one thing that happens when Russell was in control and and create things for himself if he gets down really well and he gets out of bounds. Very well the problem is is when you just do straight drop back on third and all that everybody in the building knows surpassing the meat of pressure on it and that he's getting hit. And what you can do is give yourself an advantage by using your short passing game and using Russell Wilson's legs early in possessions so you can. Have a third or words that have a thirteen fourteen did you see it is. Is advertisements. Recently burlesque airlines now I didn't actually don't have to look those up as you've been even. The growing little jabs about them well so it's basically the whole setup is he's a talk show that he comes out all right Barry and I hate it already yeah you know I don't wanna see him as talk shows but he comes out needs in this you know both high. And basically the whole joke is that he's an estate news Hayes music buyers sidekick like. Hey how Weinberg like how greater than the original us careless and the guys like kind of fumbling it kind of stupid regular cholera that information probably. And it was kind of again perpetuates the whole idea about Russell Wilson which is like always it's gonna be a little bit better than. You know indeed like it might be great but he's paired this year which by the way heated had any pre marital relations with before the idea. A plea and it's the second marriage though first openly of saving myself well to bail it out about that gap in right. QB operate it got that commercial to me they got to make that guy a lot lower humidity is because at this point they made him human by. I don't think it made him do this but they really kind of showed him. Doing volunteer work a computer at the community that's all great but now that the children it has been completely blanketed by the idea that Russell Wilson thinks he's better. Can I tell you something I UK and Russell Wilson's but no he's not. He's not I refuse to believe it. Our views. We've got a huge day of coach will belong there hurts you big top five matchups we've got the ducks travel and analysts and to take on the use him Bruins we dive into pac twelve and more. Next when we return of the senate and the thing you read here on an eighty. The thing. Done. Sooner on the saint of children with Luke Anderson and will bargains on an 83 and so I ever hear this six good fellas yeah. News this. Dope and says Tom wait total Tulsa early. Daniels and. Harry Nielsen angles. Do you go into editing of angles. You don't have to decorate it. There's a documentary about him called do that have. News here in else. And it's great and watch that you should I'd I highly recommend that Avery on five it's that's that's his muscles again nothing wrong with refer back to get those. Hey where did we're a tailgate days revving up for the big fourth store Vancouver. It's a beautiful day here I don't know about the rest were metro. But about 75 sunny right here looks like it's cloudy around us but right here it's in leagues sunbeam's. Point down on us because in the right spot air conditioned it yeah I jags actually cool them get inside that and that's where we are a pigs who was those both join us. But send him well wishes his film on here Twitter machines. Shooting at will's he's apparently got some sort of the group infectious disease but that is slowly killing and so yeah. Oops there he may not survive the weekend so you know to say goodbyes 262. In. How often it's surprising that the we all played well that now people are what we got that out by David indicated they were like. Him here. Hydraulic. This year Saturday of the hoops. McGwire. If that will make model is already use who also was something else that right yeah affectionately know the doctor's visits the good. All of these things you rail. Material bye week every drill by year. Like the rest of the year. Literally I probably couldn't do anything it picabo worker I've worked with closely for the past to have the three years. If that happens Dieter who. Yeah I would. I'm at now on the fence whether I'm like that had been at a time when the league like I don't know that I've descended everybody a voice mail. Carol or all your loved ones right now via hands. Talked to you all I can think that is with the group's. On the toilet like Elvis I try to think about this it's suppose the last week goes below this week. Two top 25 matchups. And I think they agreed immunity to the big names and I know that you're madly in love with number two and state. I don't have a sick on Barkley and and trees McSorley doesn't get enough attention because they want more inclusive government that Iowa game at the end that was not a run play that they had I will say. Steve Bartlett have been nice block on that led those trees McSorley. Lead his team down the field for the most part finds tide and the back of the end zone expects early also has the greatest alcoholic. Oh there's no question about that he's always entries. Outraged at. Jeanette Tracy Tracy Adams or Nazi it really tell racing picks early that's even better ways is like in any story about Jerry's ex early hats are wet well we were drinking a lot of it also wrote trees yeah. McSorley and the law and order. Boiler makers and and Uighur blah organizers of arms and there is god. Start. That is does Turk news look it up. Excellent and the co host. So number two Penn State is open posting a human story not that it. I and little sound. I'm good mr. Estrada also the guitar and started Poland but it puts bug deluded little little. And it is Bryan Adams is really cool. Yeah a bit of British pocket of pupils ultimately admit it Rebecca yeah it's it's not right extra blankets and instruct Subaru is nice and warm and those that this wasn't there today and everybody that's sort of a bit she's a Penn State hosting Michigan today other than the drunken brawl after the game what do you expect from us now Michigan's only lost. Is is against Michigan State and that warring down. And you don't expect a ton of office for the defense. Unquestionably. Great. What are you be able slowdown and that will not prepared state this is getting your road now right yeah initiating you know I was the an Aussie I still Michigan State on these though it stayed up. This is really proven if you can be the number two team and I mean it couldn't figure out these three games going to ring in oh I think you can even survive with one more loss and you still get to the playoffs at this point stayed up all on board because they seem to know where their strengths are as rush and joke about respect shortly he's somebody who doesn't have a great arm but really can't work with its feet and hit it sic on Barkley that backfield I think Europe's light side the Iowa game today. Went by Peter gave college football it was market. Elector can get that collapsed on atmosphere there at Iowa and that's a really tough was deployed on the I would gets enough credit for how good they've been for. It's harvest USC Notre Dame is. I just what real quick before we can offense so this is Penn State's schedule if you don't know it. Michigan this week Ohio State next week Michigan State. Then they finish out rikers Nebraska Maryland so they get they get a regular buried at the end but it's it's these next three weeks where it say Kwan Barkley wants to what I've been trophy needs to have a big game in one of these. And if they wanna be a a Big Ten champion. To be college football player a repeat chip but they were the champions last year but you need to go out you need to make a statement today and I'm need to make one. Against Ohio State and and now Michigan State I believe is ranked their eighteen. After their win against Michigan soda guy you get three ranked opponents you're such a big stretch for that now moving to USC. Notre Dame yeah why do you care about is well liked kids what can it keep engaged USC again because it seat is building most mysterious team in the packed well they can win all the games they want they can be cal they need organs statement. It's Washington State people watch they had a good team and hit it looks adapted to that kind of looking at pac twelve south and yours and yourself or that much talent to Colorado to meet at the very beginning of the season was the most mysterious team because I was like well that it's there but now a couple pounds I'd like. Still could be Beck Stephen monsters made two appearances last year early on as we go look at. But this game more than anything also on the other side of that look at Notre Dame this has really. Brian Kelly hot streak and I'm not saying he loses it and get fired but it's gonna give our recent appearance to really pressure the universities they've got to get this guy out. It's sounds ridiculous break at least you can esteemed national title has been incredible and recruit young but they but there for me last year and what. Lot of friends is there anybody out to be competing on the national level and every single. Number eleven. USC their only loss is edit. As bad as they looked it was a close game at a chance for a win that game against Washington State but that's their only loss at number eleven in the country notre Dame's only loss of one. Point loss to Georgia who is undefeated at this point and that was an early game. Opening game of the season belief. The second week of others but they're they're at home so they're hosting USC but I think. If if Notre Dame can go through their schedule. They really have a chance to put themselves in a position where a better in the talk for the cultural left with. I don't see TCU staying undefeated obviously Ab Alabama and Georgia going to be because of meat. In the championship game if they go to that point but let's look at the schedule. For Notre Dame this kind of fun to do received guy. North Carolina State is the number sixteen team in the country than they have Wake Forest and they point number eight Miami. It's an average right now are dipped then navy and they finish with number twenty Stanford though. Nobody can make a good team like him he's a really good teams to ever. Is eight Ricky good to handle the claims that it doesn't matter where. Zain is but but that's this so again we talk about Penn State you've got to stretch you have to go for Notre Dame. And be a college football playoffs they can't that you. You have a foundation and it air base in university that basically has higher expectations what their reality is they think that every single year. They should be competing for the college football playoff but in reality Notre Dame is never gonna get to that point let's they've really chewing into a conference they'll never do that. Because of the money that you get from NBC in the independent but you can get but once in his and they have backers. And when you have this weird schedule one loss literally just throws you out of it. It's USC today I guarantee there's no way to help what was that I'm never gonna. Make it in his two lusting that would have run through the schedule but look at the other side of that bowl both of these games really that's why they're so intriguing to me because. Michigan if they beat Penn State and then beat Ohio State. There's a reason that they can't research I don't think it's a detrimental lost it was Michigan State and USC's lost to Washington State I don't think. Put him out of contention for but both sides of the these these two games. The teams need to win out and it starts today and that's why these two games intriguing the only problem I have with that and I wish there was some sort of flex scheduling and if you don't play the planets and the pulpit or thirty the have to go back and forth DVR one of the games you can't sit down and watch both of these games. Is this to me is the point the college football season where you know enough about the teams picking game sit down and watched the entire thing. And were a lot about the team that wins I think that's one of the front of the coach football has. With the scheduling but other other than that this is going to be great if caught. I disclosures. Are they played at Penn State. Either went out Penn state of what I ordered and those who cleared. Can you imagine what the week it's going to be like portrays that they would have talked to the rule dating. My god did it opted traces F 150 which by the way he. Guess we here at Cooper for that's true you can't get aid 1998 F 150 like they had race like purely by the way traces has a little painting near the handle this race oriented like Joseph Carmen font -- and that and the front left quarter panel is a different color and everything else that's right our greatest match ever and Utley and had to say that those sweet track endless and every go to the coast yeah Nielsen. A protester time. But by the way the traces growth bridge super. And she drinks the you watch brokerage is gonna hit on new entries can get this if you start torture yeah. Well guess what shall not only hit on mutually it is pledged and right. Shall not go. About it Lola. Professional baseball is coming to Portland and excited that is next since they attended the Pampers Joseph sports. Since you're on the same children removed Anderson will militants on 1080 I don't. That's right it's tailgate time brought to let off route. It was like the tailgate goes what we do we're out of Vancouver forward we're hanging out for tailgate days. Get sales manager Aziz we've got horrors lie an awful lot there's still some available but. You better if you wanna save all the rape rates have. Right on the windows though it does come down and pick out your words it's it's it's. Pretty much samples that means. It's hard for me to focus on all these deals because of this text they have girlfriends please please tell me the tickets pretty disconcerting. To see she woke up this morning. It would batters in which she opened the door arc cat was all four legs in the old. That. That that's that's that's disturbing behavior your way to the cat is just sitting in the but she's literally sit in the water at that Negroponte has to pick trip she takes her prep podge put water that are here. Why did she do like that well that's not normal. I think it is my cat does the same thing we have to close all the ads now for two reasons a cat Bebitch. So we've got we've got that's when girls that are now walking to start walking and they get anywhere near over global gets on the planet and the vertical rather these get in there. I think it's an interest in thing I mean think of the IQ level cats now that. Saying they would like he adds I accused simply with a baby just there's not they're just not bright everybody saying your kid in your kids have the same IQ level probably pretty close yeah that's that's a way cute here you know. Thought we've had this discussion they both just wanna kind of it's a toilet Clements let. We give to get smarter pick out. On leave early that unrealistic. Yeah the kids the kids the kids are on a much better trajectory than that. And we'll save applicants about a smartest thing. Concerning because you know kick this can you think that you know she's going to be she's gonna be well behavior deter as hard as that it was acre as well. And the bowl that returns a capsule let's move on. Here's what everybody does care about the record nobody cares they Kenneth human girlfriend got there yet she. Here's what people do care about this came up this week and the fact that even you're excited it's surprising to me but there is that big rumor that. Major League Baseball could be coming to pour about let me tell you why this is very important that happens to me share. And it's we did this out earlier on Tweeter. And you go and you can look at the article. But it. I think it was Thursday. I got all the Mariners updates on my phone so what's up what happens that they were fired the coach or something. Is what you expect this time of year ordinance or whatever writes that got rains that are updates from the Mariners. The insider update I get from the Mariners. Two days before the World Series is that right so you've got two games left. And at that point it was going into deciding game so you could have possibly seen you know the Astros are the Yankees at one with its Arab World Series matchup this is what baseball should be caring about the Mariners sent out. An article I think this through their SB nation page that on how to turn your old unwarranted Mariner's T shirts. In Q a reusable grocery. That's pretty awesome no it's terrible and I needed new team and it needs to be here in Portland I mean you would expect out of like. And as courier gonna put out there are case cuts services not tired yet of just outstanding. Or not go hey congratulations to Chris Taylor former mariner winning a NLCS MVP for the Dodgers which is a nobody wants you here that. That's gonna depression is a candidate. Uprising that they had but that's the other news going on there's nothing going on if you don't have anything good to say don't say anything at all to shut up I don't even know how to earn in. Eight king Felix teacher but I don't winner into reusable grocery bag to show might be random two days for the World Series. When he shut up and watch let's watch real baseball is the Mariners have never been to a World Series. And probably never will here's the other reason it's important is we haven't even Portland has had a chance to win something. That would be night. Why do you want him or worse steep turns. Bitter. Why. Because. You're not a baseball. As well I can't watch baseball or watch people when he gets the policies that answers all that but for the most part I find baseball to be really boring slow it to you players go to different teams Reid actually keep up with personalities but. When I think that a team in Portland it gets beat that whole idea that there's something actually attached there's something that I actually go to the kids or the weekdays again. You know crap out of work and just total game picture means that it's extremely appealing there's that whole idea day out to have an identity to it. And I also like the idea that now I can Wear baseball cap with not partners logo on it was something cool like a blogger like god acts or something could will be the lumberjacks right now. Now now have to probably be the platypus I don't see the platypus or the pickles and important people. Pickles. The beavers because there were the Portland beavers get them into the Portland Rockies and all all to play ball or any way you grow ops I think I got an idea how about the Portland heights the Portland writes Willamette it's. That's terrible thanks Joseph. Terrible objectives that Nokia its night after that the west the West Coast Mets right in the willow. Saying the Mets are awful. Actors that go. I don't know how to use today accused him and he numbers you know I don't. One through nine sensitive to can't do it. But you better that it does it puzzle it's like Chinese and I'll take it sort of re now count who's Japanese that's different story still vote. Okay very helpful Joseph how do you feel about baseball report. Oh god please baby please I want baseball Portland so bad I'm tired of being the one fiddle town I'd be happy with hockey Belle island baseball. Way more than hockey it probably I would say our second favorite sport so I'm gonna I. The tough thing. Is the question of what I give up my Orioles in them for the hometown team I think over half. I over the years I would got to be really tough love Milo I love my nose. Well and presuming the if you were bring a team and they were probably be an NL team or it's been suggested that they. This band that two weeks altogether and do eighteen division that was actually suggested an article that brought up this conversation. Get a big things is really draws more attention at least for me. If we begin to baseball team was though you'd get some big names that actually kept the city that wanna go watch like. Super rich Zito gave its Z Bryce all right harbor on yeah like curtsy pull posters siege crop Mike Trout like cool how's it around but yeah I just awesome to see those guys alive I mean though about bleachers in baseball it's public following some of the personalities that way to interpret a little bit more light to the city I have an. You know the whole excuse of like well Portland you know eight gipper and it franchise here that. You know hey it just doesn't mix very well with the culture that's here and I get that because you know soccer's really huge deal here but if you look at the MLS league in total it's doing awful yep but. If you take if you take a mobius all the leagues doing wonderfully well. It is and it's it's based ultra soul regional they had this team in your backyard like you said be able to go and catch game. And let's and I mean I love the Mariners an anti reform and and usually at the beginning of the season I'm watching. You know three or four games listening to. Three or four games a week and then as the season goes on as you realize that not gonna play out you go back and you can check it weekly but it's great to see what's going on half the updates and doing that. But it gets harder and harder to get to Seattle now with kids and stuff that's in this the first year in. A while that evidence we'll see a game. During a season but. Having a team in her own backyard to be ready especially when you can bring your kids out how them attached to a team. He would skip high school go watch him grow broker for a break. Our stadium. The suggestion is Lance partly go majors take out that space so. Where the baseball field is pickles play what they could uses speak out of the park around at turtle and a stadium dipped. And I I think it's a great idea it's do you have the funding to do it might fare at the former broadcast for the blazers is part of a group that is. Trying to get the funding try to get a stadium built we gotta space to do with it adds a nice feature over on the east side to do community development owned it. I mean just look at Detroit which was worst case scenario they put in their ballpark and at a complex right downtown and the group that's going on around would be great way to revitalize setup or. So I think there's a lot of good that comes from outside of just having another team report if you're a baseball fan if you're not a basal and more important let us know what you think based welcoming. Portland by five through by a desperate for respect Clinton will be right back with. Crystal balls since it anything. Sydor on those same diligent with candidacy. Anything you. All right everybody welcome back to this inner Hussein that's your. Wu it's always fun to come out a report says it's time we have we're on the football little bit Whipple plotted or. I have got a truck and you got to go to other. Holmgren to put down so it's pretty sweet. It is having what I wish they would teach. College kids or you know whatever your each order teach you about your credit score. Do not view them. Those people where Democrats are the target college union Taiwanese when you realize like all of I don't make payments on time like it's gonna depth I think that's the first thing. Well let me tell you that beatle worded. I heard it well but that's the problem it's not it's not being that the people don't learn anything what do you actually learn in school but you know from which it school. It. You learn what you choose to you know to me lately their outreach and basically that's how. OK right that's like learning how to walk as a kid till like adult was littler studies your credit card because then you realize it's like oh crap I don't agree cards or kick your good house I kicker her car. Think you noted he had a kiss those things like CU article my god now I have to really pay attention to this OK but I guess my question BZ if you went back and had they any of the test any of the finals than in the class ticket would you actually asked pulp while. You're asking the wrong question that I pass and in the first holiday though it did their point your football players so probably the wrong guy and in ages they they let it pass. He the program. Greatly exceed that says that fetus. That was me. Well let's go do it will go to different kind of test them let's test your knowledge of what's going to happen in college football in the NFL do it and we'll start with ready. The start with the pac twelve and the first game of consequence being played will be at 1 o'clock at Oregon at UCL AU silly minus sixth. This is a tough one for me because with organ it's kind of like well. You cannot throw the ball because Burmeister pretty much looks like. The okay sure okay. Is Richard Beck that would. I wanna take organ because securities Chile's defense is crappy adept at they'll realize that go OK let's skip race for the ball's much we can't. It been one ball in the run game two in I mean if you get enough pressure on residents are throwing picks I think. It three picks last week via so. You know I got to take organ over the sort of depict. Yeah I'd be so it probably wins the game but I don't think it's by more than a field goal I mean you chili's is perpetually in games in the the one thing about Josh Rosen is sometimes in exports. At at the end of games is about 5050 he doesn't always make the wrong decision. But I think years ago when I think it's going to be really close so all alternate organ with the points. It's that it should be of interest in game they think it is. But I must win that ultimately Taggart as an approved this year and we Sierra observed it. Only did they can it get it didn't win one more game Hewitt gets lit by. That would just be because. It just out just Herbert came back next week and they lost dress is evident. Your quarterback gives you room does and I think it will be a close game wolf moved. Portugal late game for stents Colorado out Washington State so watch as they put their first five games at home now they only have two home games. This is one of them their final five games so they've got there hosting Colorado they're favored by and it's a 745 kick obvious and bill that would take pictures. And I think they had a stumble. They had a stumble. Against cal and cal is one of those tricky teams where really they can sneak up on any week sometimes they'll play that sometimes they'll play extremely up your level just figure you're out on the offensive side. And they'll think simulate who. Paul is kind of a choppy or wreck where he has to get into a rhythm but he was pressured so much banking where he couldn't really completed passed out some of the per is that it may deflated a lot of fast didn't cal yeah he did at some of the throws he gave were pretty crappy electorate to cover you were just thrown behind res yours are a little ice goes a lot of those picks were tipped to work. It up that much but there which you gotta believe that likely to think about that start letting him through some check downs early in the game give his confidence up a little bit and you know they'll they'll pull out with a. And you can blame watch as a team for Coogan and all you want the one of the things they do with it bounced back and lose to. Portland stayed at it and. I was going to say that I drug about the canoes because there really was I thought that they just genuinely it would suck they just always have the ability to just sucked down the road. I don't picks at this point and I think they're for real this year. Yeah and I think that while Colorado to be impressed by press. Pressed by the beavers last week I don't know if that means there were team to be a little bit that that plays spirit there yet there's up with spears going on but it's it's a tough place to play in Pullman and oh to Washington State as well and let's go to be the biggest game. And it's out pac twelve game but it's USC taken on Notre Dame retired but. Also that's right and ordered him. Might as. Why Notre Dame is that the home team. And that it's its. It's eleven against thirteen in the bowl one wanted it to me on paper this is about as even educated guess is it's a lot organ in the net not at you Saturday as favorably to the home team gets three points just for being the home team they get one more because they played. A maybe tougher schedule guess. I don't know are is that probably. A tough game depict. Weakness and Arnold is player that so unpredictable and on the road really hasn't played that great even against cal he didn't sleep that well and obviously did play very well at Washington State it's so I think the key for Notre Dame is you have to get pressure on him early opted let him get out of the pocket because a lot of people think that that's where he's best well second guessed that one because really that's where he's gonna make those mistakes. I'm. I'm good at Tate Notre Dame but it get a kick myself because I think US he'll play up their level. Yeah yeah I'm gonna take Notre Dame in this one I thought if we're gonna see anything from USC would be when they after the loss and a lot of the pressure off. It's at Donald just hasn't been very protective of the football I think that the I think that the big mistake. Thinking that you have to win the Heisman Trophy on every row and you lose to Washington State they come out they. Nearly one that's in its time. He I thought they would really to run away with games after the loss and haven't done on the take and it's. Michigan at Penn State Penn State favored by. Yeah you're prepared statement. Look at Penn State all the way pretty easily guess are added I think Michigan and his keep closest to their defense is terrific Wednesday when the game look through couple quick NFL game. Get one more and here. Or more NFL that play out is that the about that cats too much today yes yes I micro ZLX giants. All this oh wait let me be you Illinois against the winner joins us court. But pretty serious plus four. That allowed certain area Agassi CIT's just run away with the it's gonna get the first just. I don't think with the likes to go all right kids look thanks for joining us big thanks to bigger report. For having itself tailgate days those fund big picture of mr. Becker studio and we're hoping. And everybody shared thoughts used to compute hopefully does not. Hopefully who. I'd every have a great week and we're back I would definitely it's you and Joseph next Saturday's. Every Saturday nine to eleven. This is that eighty the fan have you.