Sinner & Saint Hour 1 10.21.17

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, October 21st
We're out at Vancouver Ford for this one! Blazers looking impressive to start the year, the Pac-12 sucks, and Good vs. Evil!

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Rise and shine jerks. O'Brien shipment gives up a good Muslim tell your girlfriend your misery. Did you read this weekend's gridiron action morning Jim Walsh set up with everything you. Do you know about what's going on in college football this Saturday frost brewed Coors lineup presents the center on those same children Ichiro went gluten. Three former neighbors fullback will americans' fears euros and junior varsity and legends moved him as soon on ten may need. It's it's an unfortunate side effect of beer plus football plus she's from. Well. All right kids welcome to the sitter in the same lives ads and to report the big Ford store in Vancouver. We'll and I am here for steel gate days we've got coach football with television we've got and it's taken up all over the dealership. Fresh baked muffins. In their room. Which I went over there and I wanted to get them Moffett and they only take cash kicking myself letting go get it what he'd camp did you tell you are. Of course get a base soldiers came out good you know it and they said no certain parties screaming at that give a damn it will take casts the words you mop and out of that not work on that strategy usually worked with everything else about I've gone to every job and you're just wearing my four murders he's just hoping like -- -- -- -- -- at your high school -- a year -- -- -- that one -- there where a double operates where the college years -- -- like if they didn't recognize that it -- hey what's that there. Throw that prop them high scores on there like oh Birkins from lakers we know Lake Oswego. And part of it is that 300 yard game he had against Putnam. I was big game. Big game. Actual. I will tell the truth here I just for a second you showed up this morning wearing the email Rogers the over here at switcher which. Which if you take off the but it sweatshirt there's a team in Willard shirt. Yeah so so what we came in to Vancouver Florida there's a footballs and there's restructure of the football yet and used our running routes up for some reason remedies the opera and you and you were commander sidelined. Told taps yet hold regular was two feet to edit yeah did you did the NFL to where it is -- any of the college football act while Clinton calling the as a coach would put in more it would have been. Yeah oh I don't think there's any question about that but anyway as you run enough for a LC got warming get overheated he would pull up the deem it villagers yep. You unzip the hooded sweatshirt and Aries you're Damien Miller teachers. To go with the blazers you wearing your key stuff about this please start to say this or is that blazers is that that technical sales people here pretty stoked on my style. The fact that it's able. To touch on that line there people are watching here but he was impressed OB of the applause was I agree Korea apps. Medal of well good I'm glad to hear that. And it's available today and lovely weekend of sports is one of the biggest sports Ricans here and get a game seven tonight. We've got to Astros yankees the home team has won every game and that's that's fantastic he got game three of the blazers season on the way to 82 victory most important game of the season by the way oh yeah I don't per I don't think there's any question about that this is. This is the biggest games so far so far since. Last night's game which with the biggest games so far and I would say the game against Phoenix I know to blow up and I would say that was the biggest game. About point of this these unequivocally. You could say that we want to antibodies that word unequivocally. Atomic that's right I think that's unequivocally. There's a B well here's the thing we brought the text line with those two reports of 55305. Is bridged borders text line unequivocally unequivocal belief. Only befitting a yeah I think your Ross who got the NFL we've got timbers we've got a little bit of everything going on this weekend but Saturday it's tailgate show it's tailgate days so we'll start with college football and what is now. A very interesting game. Not because it has big playoff implications of the pac twelve championship wrapped around it that. The ducks did get them so bowl eligible and I think UCLA's plan for the coaches' jobs are you guys the ducks have on them at Southern California. Taking on Josh Rosen and Jim Mora is used nearly ruins. Him forest. I think it's always his team immigrants gesture as a team or I said Josh Rosen first. Mean there are next door neighbors have to remember that remember how he recruited a frozen. Now we want to cross the street are they're neighbors that's. That's what you did the big advantage. I think a lot of local listeners that your numbers of high school football back could be hurt in this like a dose six can Riley its deal lead eleven K. And then got to self over to cal was Eric back for a little while got a pro opportunity that I am telling you in the hype that was surrounded around him late. In those seasons was like you can write these NFL nevermind lake gave Miller who's on our team was like one of the top. Tight end prospects and offers were in Colorado organs aids effort UCLA but I. You know he had some like grows and now that it is earlier UCL a and it's it's a little bit disappoint your. Like that eats at injuries but but it really ease and he he edge of the pool recently games and that's one of those things that I think a lot of us as fans look at. Think it influences the NFL scouts all that much and he's in Saint Louis and Arnold Eagles up for six interception of the game. But he actually he does the he's the opposite of Josh rose he'll have a terrible game finish strong yep and Josh rose one of the great game and finish poorly. Let you hear NFL scouts talked about all the talk about a the measure bulls but I rather arm strength the talk about the mobility they talk about others there. They kept adjuster has had an off line or really stable running people work off of his entire career I mean how Jim Mora and the team right and I think after his first year they were like OK let's abandon. Whole lost let's go pro style. That's really Rosenthal about deacons in the pocket he can make throws it. You know ensure the opposite wind it's under pressure constantly and I think it NFL scouts look at that Andy. Apply that same period when they're like okay well we get on our team then. We get the protection around a deal developer a couple of years that the rose actually note X ray if Nicklaus says it Arnold goes first the jets tonight the jet cargo the browns yeah. And at that there could be like bulimia there's update. Yup well the giants all the hype it went out and got the live for another couple years it's trading. But why not develop let them develop behind him and just. Alex Smith Eli Manning I put somebody behind him as all the NFL potential as the on has the ability is the heir apparent at quarterback and just go our kids. You sit behind the lie and you just do everything he does and be ready to go in and see but see if Alex Smith was ready to ready to go already he. Two years ago we didn't have a single touchdown pass to wide receiver. That's our right up eight gotta get get started this emphasis immediately for the first six years. I think it was six and Joseph you can double checked on this but for the first six years that the get a new offered. Coordinator every single donor like that area he started right -- of the -- that. Aaron Rodgers could seek this -- they -- at the -- for Australia and they could have very easily switched positions and you have a different reporters this I feel like I've just -- about it -- reference it's like speakers -- the -- -- -- just but just switched their places right -- -- just because they -- in the same draft imagine imagine you have the 49ers -- And you take Aaron Rogers offers that would have been unrealistic and remember Aaron Rodgers was posted on the top and just kept dropping and dropping and dropping and dropping ends up behind or for 34 years and and of course obviously he's one of the best quarterbacks. In the hospital work right now. The put it but Alex Smith just the kind of jobs or got thrown into Canada and relax and there are right trails assay that you see the hospital picture. Air writers but he got a surgery I didn't not know is again there it's him open back down its can't overload him about it all of the just waving. Like at the Caribbean Mikhail okay. And he has that Aaron Rodgers a side which is like. Please somebody get me out of this life I hate. He just perpetually looks depressed hey there's video of him this last season or this off season or he was at some point raiser for the Packers if something had. This woman whose pillar forties or something and which she she needs very well she comes up behind a boy sit at a table. And ticket of a hug and kisses on the had a relapse rate it's kind of funny and it's like you know if you were charismatic guy you just kind of brush it off for good ol' you know but Aaron Rodgers just sits there and looks at the camera that's building him like please please somebody -- meet cute you know this town I heated here well that's what he's. Thinking I think yet as England is telling of course is look at that I think is in on the joke I just think I think that Aaron Rodgers one of those guys and baby is but he certainly thinks he's the smartest guy in the and it is and the players team he may be. But I I but I think he's at least in on the joke is it is you know the discount double check and all the the virtual. Dog. Are. You know what he loves the paycheck and happy to do because he knows that this is hey let's go out and play the game at. I don't think he's generally miserable it is against just a notch above everybody else and and if he's not he's certainly picked the anchor writers that are yeah overture. I I don't know but here's that they watch a Packers game. Next year when it Rodgers has back complying. How many times you get somebody to jump off sides and immediately you know the other team screw. Like how many times he'll catch somebody trying to run while you're at work ahead by like query with on that left in the game it's like yet just give up. Desert where you're you're a guy running off the field. Late and you'll start to play with twelve men on the field. He does that so consistently. And I can't think of another quarterback that. I've seen I mean it happens but he does. Every he does never misses an opportunity to make the other zero Rodgers is everything it's great about Brett or with accuracy and poise. Of so great about Brett Favre was effective he keeps guns quote unquote torture at that pair really just edit. You know he could just basically. It provides the entire time Aaron Rodgers says that what the hell's going on the field he doesn't yeah grow crops are what I don't like I don't think it is poison the gets very cerebral I think he's. Not only is he better than you athletically he's smarter than you and he's always one step ahead that's the fun thing about watching great Maury they have to tell me there are better than me. I'm surprised that you didn't know that our whole. Well I think anybody would have been happy that I would help bundle of him on the all not that ergo. It ain't. Yeah now as a group yeah I think he's probably doing just fine. The neatest things get better. Parents while those ducks all right or some. Good wins if I could Fargo and Ehrlich an hour and we will. Well yeah after the ship and it will. Bush could have I I do I do wanna dive into what will probably be something carried through the show and that is certainly the start to the blazers is realizes too and it's kind of fun to get editors of a little bit but. I do you want you me your thoughts on it and know that you're just about the extra most excited person in the Portland metro area so when we come back we'll talk. Blazers will get back into the docks pac twelve Seahawks need to get to on this busy sports weekend it was an in this and in the same right here on an 80%. Rom is on now at the rim Neuberger and solid choices come in and discover what's at the grill today I suggest the Bavaria and it's based it all natural beef patty curled over 800 degree flames and then topped with quick seer fresh sauerkraut smoked apple would be game and red onions along with a slice corned beef and less cancer and a party. It's placed on a group pretzel bunt and crown with 1009 you can take it to the next level when you pair with a fresh in frosty ram October fest beer guerrilla. Check it out at the rim dot com. They're on the same. Any deal. Maybe the shame and the shame hey welcome back sinner and saint live event. Hoover board the group report store the bigs. Sports so sports star picks or a play that I was surprised about. This size that I walked in there budget next new cars the Ford Edge resisting. Yeah maybe Dora the Explorer does an edge that's an edge yeah look I got this thing now. I don't have disposable income to buy a new car at this point in time but I'll tell you what an investment that's an investment lifestyle reported yet I don't think that's a herbalist perches are you ready to people that much. All the way that pledged AR reported or didn't show up today we're just talking about this in the breaker looked elegant and beautiful new. Cars around as you do the big F one. 150s the F 350 jet the raptor you've got to focus you've got the edge and all these cars around. And we're having the conversation we've had this conversation before if you listen to the show you've probably been participating. In this conversation 55305. Is the bridge were bruised excellent. But all will the Americans lost due in the world win new wash and dry yet or news at Ortiz retires it's I have a top five right so there's this contest out there in this contest our radio station we'll click the price of right it would. Price is right what would you wanna always contest chip my top five right I go to hires washer dryer bed car okay. But here's what I was saying about the difference between winning like a washer dryers that vs winning call it if you don't get the washer and dryer one like you're atop the outline or whatever it seems to put it that's gonna make you feel it use it yet okay. Please don't be verbally abused put it you put a locker room he usually has you'll use it when you why set it down well whatever right. But if you win a car that you don't wanna drive is that a good prize to win it seems a little late for him because it's new car look if I can't talk that if there's a contract like. Can't sell it. Some of the yeah the camp think it's a new car that means that there's your miles on it and the next fifty to a 100000 miles and do whatever the hell I want to I think that's the other part somebody. Somebody gives you a brand new Smart Car a britney's mark Karr yeah all of destroy the I have no they've it's utter just brutal. Attacks until now go to the licensing have to yet that when you win a caller that's that's part of it you re yep that that if all that. I think that's it's I think it's worth I think conference them but is opera tires on it senate ticket metals Markota that. But the other question I have for years if I get Smart Car buyer ready to get that kind of attention from within a lot of good points in a does that come with a stick to fight off the words of women that are coming into the DP at all I would have to use literally just drive near burns I'd roll the window down it under like. That guy is economic with. Yeah. He saved his money where the other question I have is if you have a Smart Car is there enough room on the back bumper area to put all of your brand new users and stickers gonna put him back as hard for spoiler. It so the blazers are off to a great start and you came decked head to toe in blazers have barely get a it's got to you brought to usher T shirts. And you're screaming about your face new favorite player in the NBA and the the potential MVP 21 again it was you. You thought of on this money train. You are you what's. Picky picky here. Yeah she. Are you wary let's figure it 2000. View of this it just gets. Repeat this we beat the pacers it's really got that is the turner was out the game so they didn't really have their best players I understand happened miles Turner's a senator. For the pacers always out if it's a couple others go to your right I don't know if nobody knows who we is it's funny when that's your star player. Yeah well and his ball. That candidate back but. You know the one thing. You look at this team get really encouraged by of course the defense the fact that it looks like it has been completely shored up by got. It finally understood it and realize you can't hide the game. It's TJ's inadequacies and effective way because of course they're still not very good defense great. But at the same time he had some like sheep over their. And on the up and support its sixteen points sixteen rebounds and chief to be with the player the game. He's a guy who's gonna act as him go to the back here but he's gonna be eager to hear he's gonna be the kind of Swiss army died. Of sorts where Hillary and getting at least going to be Gloria he's going to be like your what's the guy's name for the last few years it's been doing that oh Al farouq Aminu and that's what he'd done. And it's pretty bad. App you just in spots and the question is can he do consistently each you can Q well. See spotty shooter that was the thing that was gotten data that she's the most part. Is that she was there some nights it was the other as we wait wait you're describing the two more chief. Man they're the state. Better wind but he was we have been consistent score what you have right now with the blazers in the big difference in the reasoned that dirt which is such a rate. Attribute to his team is easy consistent score give a third consistent score that can score from in the side. And you've got these pieces around. Evan Turner at seventeen last night packed up and had 2427. In the opener. You guys you've got five guys last night that score double digits with six guys in the opener against the the blue blazers are going to be successful when you get contribution from. Eight guys got nine guys when you don't have those guys in and cables want again and Zach owns to Mir the simpler you don't know what you're gonna get and there are well. They're they're project guys. You I think Collins bigger project in here's what I like that kills it was hectic yeah like together rookie. Most rookies who went up there but the key was that confused about the scheme that's understandable speed is a lot but it's it's a lot much spent a lot faster faster you have you know you can place ever even playing pre season you really haven't gotten used to things. What's wanna it was it was bring defense energy bring rebounding. Put back to you how times you'd blazers. Basically it's an offensive rebound opportunities where there was nobody under the that's what I mean it but given Whitner got there got a lot better what are. And also when it got there he lost that Davis at the end of the year's credit Davis who who runs the floor as anybody in the NBA you know it Davis for a yeah from from the the middle of the floor running from you know the block to block. And you saw last night in transition he's getting points and and it'd be Ned Davis and that's something that you didn't have what I say that they're the same guy Collins again. It means they're splitting minutes at least in my mind. You know if you're one of those two guys that they'd probably a plea 1617 minutes a game. Instead they're doing is they're splitting that time because you're seeing you both of them. Right they're gonna go in and to spot so I don't really count them as big rotation players you need to put them in there for development sake you wanna see what you have. They've eliminated Meyer is a letter from the rotation either an oil last night he played two minutes in the first game but in if you're not getting time in those. Two games. I gonna see much time this year I think they've filled he has his space but you've got you've got eight guys are gonna play her close looks like he. He has said more than once that he wants to be. All league the facts he he he's just he's this is my role on this team on the go out I'm going to be energy guy. I could see the defense Evan Turner is not all that different from chief where they can go out they can be a perimeter defender both funny. Yeah. They're both put the ball long. They've Evan Turner hurt. Now she's just perpetually to be Kirk yeah. Go ahead and the like that technical. Here I hear you there is taking the monster hit monster yeah but if those guys ex liberal on scope hey listen I'm gonna be featured and I'll send them to go out and putting and you know energy minutes and go out and do that 34 guys that are doing that and make it a lot easier because NBA is a lot more about team defense of people. Well that it's O. Last night was. The team's biggest test it yet the biggest as RC's now what night is really the biggest test. At this because they wanted to ask you expect to be here let you know he's not feeling well credit what is the main enemy Snooki didn't wanna medium and catch whatever angle he says it shake whatever communicable disease that he has that was going to ruin your insides like it's -- if I shall I come meet us and we will not transmit any diseases might but that's. Well you know. The bucks. Played the Greek Greek and Greek freaked me. This might pick it up is the future of India wants broad and keep the have -- doubt now that kind of a pain because we think about the price Canadians constantly but another week another 4545. Years they'll be on the tail end your career I pretty Greek street will be the best player in the league and he will be guys that everybody kind of measures metric you say. That that's not the case it's going to be at Daytona that's not what I said what I said is I think those guys are. One and 11 and one day one a and one B whatever it is but right now you've got. Listen they. Through two games right they both played two games and and part of the reason revenues comparison is. These are the next two opponents for the boys so they play they'll play Milwaukee tonight and then they have New Orleans home on Tuesday. So through two games there both averaging something like 35 points a game they're averaging ten rebounds they're averaging like by us through open something like that the British there's that they're very similar numbers. Though. Pelicans are O into the Bucs are one and 13 there. They're great players and their great scorers for the NBA has transitioned to a three point bleak. And you you see it when all of the top you know picks were guy is that the point guard position and who was the first center taken off it was a Collins was a one other guy in there. But but when you evaluate talent coming out of college it's mostly our hurts and and you look at where there's an overwhelming number there's the main reason that Damian Miller is not an all Steelers because he's not a good enough player. It's because there's every team has a great art. And you have it now guard the oil score. Detection preacher. It is a it's its spiritual Republicans in bucks that's important here but there's there's a dearth of great guard play in the league and they've got these two guys that are seven footers that can score inside and they can handle the ball outs like Anthony Davis was organized. You know like McCurry and it and it's great Greek please point guards yeah that's insane you have a seven Porter who's running the court. It is on the court and Tennessee gets it but. When you look at odds to Campo in to see him run the offense pass like he does. It's insane it's like a seven foot LeBron James quite reach that potential. And and listen I'm not doubting how great he is what I'm saying is the next two games are going to be really fun to watch the boogie cousins isn't far behind in numbers to those guys either he's averaged thirty points a game. And you've got those two guys on one team is just funny because that's not necessarily translate into wins the bucks not a great team master even with. You honest I haven't had a great year and having that break out becoming a star not yet a superstar but becoming a star master that finished what two games above 500. They were the sixth seed in the east which we know is the weaker conference and they and and they get what they they didn't win the series they got beat by Toronto which is not a great team. But it is yet they made the playoffs and you make steps what I wanna see them take. The next step. And I don't think there and establish great team yet and I don't think he's an established superstar yet. But he's going to get big numbers that rim just remember all numbers Kevin Lowe got when he was in Minnesota for all. Years before got a break from the bridge partners excellent I've factories verified my Abbas had that by this is currently expect. A girl I've your railed at the F out of his office space got a shot is a very wise via. Very wise whatever semi sick and office I literally just don't come in contact with them. Even if it's something I have to get done like it's critical for me to do it like my job is on the line I'm gonna get disciplined I don't. Like don't talk to Justine. Uttering or easier days because I get sick I would be furious about it one this is a recommendation to all of you if you're sick to stay on nobody wants to zero hole yet and an email me impact wanna hear from. That billion into the computer virus like it I know offended by like you genuinely make mean if you're sticking your coming up to me you're talking about age you're sneezing coughing no stop it. You need to go home Egypt count numbers and see. You know maybe give us any ES ADX. And a I've a question is the pac twelve and now it's Sox. Are more on that lingers. But there's good news truth in this that are in the same today the hi kids welcome back to the senate Hussein alive at Vancouver forward the big board stored Vick who purchased or it's about it's so well town dealer it is just north of SR 500 off in recent. Waiting for like two minutes. It's crazy to drive. And thirty minutes to get here but it just nice and easy. It's an easy drive on Saturday mornings YouTube viewer brings the station's huge base like it you did my normal Saturday morning drive and reverse I didn't grow up and Welch didn't 35 of its fleet could be 22 minutes but it was raining. Fair point why is OK I wanna put this out here. Why does everybody seem like when it rains and they'd drive that like it just snowed. Like everyone goes like fifteen miles below the expectation right when it starts raining all right when it's our trailer the first rain of the season the roads are actually aren't black now I don't know don't want this listen listen you know all that dust and all that Paul built up on the roadways and then it rains and at all runs on the it's actually quite slippery. And I appreciate when people drive with conscience. For the first like ten minutes and then it goes wages to rise to arrive that's our oil exports not ice just you know why is now is all year the editors double little bit of extra stopping dead and the roads are wet beats the driving at top speed and as our fragile little bit more room but not a lot but also addressed by acres in Ohio you know it's raining you talk about cyclists or Michael lakers get and don't don't like. That someone peddling that. I addressed people who are peddlers that's called the area expressive probably get I would say its rivals in the movie super troopers my favorite chip by for. Oh bite them outlet ran. But yet it's raining we're hearing don't don't have the where huge poncho go right your bike to work cart take the bus. Making it's much harder for me to drive what I have to like take a right earned indicates either already cost -- raining out and they go a little bit prematurely in and the bikers. You gonna call peddlers. Here's the thing that the that was that's the worst is they don't believe in stuff though they don't that's the mother of all the public on the ground. What most of us do book club like an imbalance with what my leg. Do that. Rule through UCC. The ECB a waiver in its one while those stamp Adler. Here's a question for you gritty answered it but in case anybody's is joining us that'll Reeve. Poses the question sure. Twelve and the that's a Paula it's a conference champions it is a conference of champions at the conference. Not one undefeated team in now one team that I can name. Unequivocally. That you didn't. CA is really a top ten teams now I don't think it's great so you're saying. In the football season this year currently where what are you referring to soak in Africa postseason this year when I look at the pact Albright we can just a just off the bat right best two teams may be washed in US I think there's still watch it accurately and yet they both have one loss so but I didn't really go on court which really put them. Either those two at the top five right now. Now the audit and now that they belong there and and Washington doesn't have even the extremely tough schedule. They certainly didn't and they don't have I mean it's still a plea Stanford they play or and they hopefully watch and state. But they'd but they're not going to have a strength of schedule because of their nonconference schedule there is no matter what they do. That the pac twelve schedule is tough but yet but they didn't play anybody non conference count Notre Dame is playing USC today so they've got a tougher schedule. And they usually do but USC has that built in matchup with Notre Dame if they're good and it's not it's a tougher well that's true. Will hearkens back you an article that losers but Seattle times last week that I found on awful announcing basically the president of the university of Washington State. Was doing an interview with the Seattle times traitor and he said that one of the things that makes it difficult for his job in terms of actually getting money to the college. It affected the pac twelve network is making you know revenues that say other networks are right Big Ten network SEC at. Work as these seats that. SEC network it makes forty million dollars in 4040 tube and let us in the last year they've made forty million dollars the pac twelve. Two point seven million dollars which is the big chunk of change I thought it wrecks I've that it would be actually a bigger gap as you hear you. Constantly hear about it the pac twelve network not on direct TV they they don't do enough broadcasting outside of live games. That they give people eyeballs on those stations they put their best games ESPN and fox sports. On the pac twelve after dark to you don't have the best games every weekend so why are people watching it it's it only to catch their local and all. Here for an excellent our bridge partners excellent fighter five which that's about the Bridgeport years and I will remind listeners that you don't have to drink bridge for beaters to use the tax line but it is highly recommend this especially it's 930 days. Saturday listen I'm Victor and I don't know why they should. Disguised himself up. Here and kick out of this dealership. I've been kicked out a nicer dealerships in this one what you need to drive homeless ages went to one of the cars here I can smell alcohol he's just basically slept in a car you got your guys and you were trying to make a point. So. If any itty. Although this is it was that. You know I what I hear from your fans out there because you know the pac twelve network. What I just kind of watch it during the thickest and the flipped through it I'm just curious what's going on. The one purple line they'll have all Easter for kind of live coverage. Kitty and I know that's a programming plus because you're trying to come at you like shark and think it's hate were returning an appeal from everybody that if it's. Actual networking trying to get ratings. They should have focused on original programming that is focused at football. But the problem that the difference is having the difference in velocity but it'd of people who were interest in the original program because everybody gets most of their commentary entertainment from on line indicated from UGB unit from Twitter that's where you go for commentary now I don't care what Scott Intel has alias yet. I like Scott it felt that a clinical out of my way to stay up to 11 o'clock on the West Coast watch him. But here's the decision that the pac twelve met network made which in some respects I appreciate in this is. Probably why used to have two networks for culprits which would make sense to the FCC that we're Big Ten network did they partnered with. ESPN and they focus on football programming and when they're not showing live games that are showing. Best of it's very much what NFL films is the reason a big reason at least in my mind what they have those as popular as it is and why I have always been a big fan of the NFL. Is ESPN used to show all the NFL films recaps of the super bull leading up to those who are you to view week it's two weeks. They don't do it anymore but it's very much like on Saturday I've used to do like the half hour versions of their best episodes and with the best out. But you can go back and watch NFL films that you would get this this. Package of here's the history of the NFL and it all and then going into it so but that's what the SEC the big twelve it's like here's the greatest games of Michigan's. Here's a profile on Shaq and his LSU career for work. The SEC network focused on men's bath on the focus on football. The pac twelve is the conference champions and if you look up and so it is. Yes and LT YOK is if you look at the number of national championships they have across all sports. It's not even close but what do well in football when that I don't it won a national title 2004 USC won the national title long term basketball with them longer it's 1997 I think they're an Arizona wanna. But if you look at across all sports at pac twelve and the two schools in particular actually Rica's UCLA's way up there. USC and Stanford tied with the most national championships across all sports with a 113. Each. UCLA has under for the next best team has its. And that's I can't remember that is I think it's Oklahoma State. But you've got these teams that across all sports are great that you brought up one our poll the defending champion and wonderful William gas. It's cal. And at the pac twelve school and you go out and not all teams in the pact or no schools and apple. Even have water all but they go out may put in the Olympic sports I mean look at organs tracked. You know they want the golf championship two years where zones they wanna laster there's a lot of champions outside of it so the pac twelve you know going out trying to promote their other sports. It's Smart because. The Buick and the other sports but yet you're right in in the big sports and the ones who pay the most attention to and the ones that drive revenue. The pac twelve isn't isn't. On the same level and the SEC and in cheese piece hitter what they rattle off seven out of eight in an ABC essar. Yes and also it appears that he's five factories here five dust and pollen it's oil that exit routes wicket burst. I asked him Pollack at her carrier rather. Felt that at the Buick that's what people complain about but it does that Polly yet that's allergies. Rome quality that's where people. Let reporting what I heard listen even empty even if it's the oil how long it take for the open to go off. They're all. Yeah if there's a real slick on the roads Libya's oil spilling on the road it dries and now but it helps you traction for the rain gets back oil water don't mix. But I they create gets what does all him and mud she didn't know. Does that tell us they can they really don't look. Back twelve acts world doing fine and wonderful and not doing great football. That's I think the that's what I'm doing this weekend of what are my daughter Paula vs evil is an accident saint Anthony's defense. Not all news makes the front today. Don't look at the stories you may not mean. I. Kennedy's. I'm team. I that was I Kevin Harlan on net that T and T call. The other night between the Boston Celtics inkling cavaliers win it Gordon Hayward suffered a one of the worst injuries a ball high and that maybe one up. Gouge my eyes out my goodness gracious. So I have to ask you fellas what's the worst injury that you've ever seen in person. On the football field any kind of feel basketball court is the worst injury that you be either seen yourself or. Suffered yourself I'm curious. I got guys who broke his ankle coming down mr. Duncan that you made the dunk which makes the words. We came down a broken ankle and that's that's an ugly one cause of foot just goes in every direction and everything you hold on there. Those are particularly brutal at least in my mind the worst I ever had was your shadow. I don't know why the hell I was doing this but I was catching pines practice ones because it's fun well that's. And special teams coordinator is lake. Hey I teach mr. parks products of the kickoff return I was like one of the which guys are ready each start kicking are catching kicks because. You and we need to go to electric short scales urgent for practice or one and they're do it at that jug machine and won just be lines down. Pulled my hands up when catcher got to get fingers up like this freedom or your operated them and it just told you fill it up right on to my point your finger. And it index and basically it just. Wit like at ninety degree always angle like the other way to look at it as their freaking out and this trainer comes I just like. Did you get that wraps it around me don't you recount. And the guy just saw I just looking at. Eagerly a few weeks ago but I guess couple months ago now behead us look at the figures for the wrong direction that's bad. The worst one I had personally as us play shortstop and an American legion game came over to. Tag the guy out stealing second and you put his middle cleat in the my forearm. And I could see the bone in my arm of the well that's your wife and I'd like maybe. Hapless Beckett just blood gets together big flop with skin hanging up open source I've had this this creative thinkers. Those. Point that he ran out but knew that we had a fifteen yard penalty were going to be in good shape. And give just let's have a conversation about it I told him he can't leave the bench like Bethpage and that was about it. Listen I knew he was if talks Russell was. Actually put his hands on. That was Jack Del Rio after the Thursday night game between the raiders in the chiefs. Coming in on a Marshal on lynch being as Oakland as possible leaving the bench. To join the fiery and a big crowd. He'd arrest for re. He has and then giving us he has been suspended one game. By the initial report was that he actually left the building and left the game. But ten pictures started to surface that he was. In the stands with a game in like that masks home. I'm so tired power is that well how utterly boring as Marshawn Lynch just tell me. Yes well as I love this because the fact that there are pictures circulated I've read it after this happened and it's people who saw him up in the stands it was like covered up with what puzzle based accident Betty. And usually joking around with people of acting liquor Europe and this. The days in Vienna well like I forgot how much in the NFL is with Al Marshawn Lynch affect. Doesn't act the media pushes a rap which by the way I seen him quite a while and I've always wanted a player to view. Picks him park home from the game. That well there's another related to which is he left the bench not because his team was in the scuffle but apparently America's Peters has its cousin was actually with him on the train. And they were giving a middle finger salute and see. A song anti chiefs so on there may have been some profanity in that but that video is out there to. But yet your absolutely right the Marshal which is fun but he's also the reason he came back. Is to be your reader. And to help veto Atticus money. Know what he would want back to Seattle it was just the money. If you would what back into the exact same situation is he's probable Oakland he wanted to do something where he could be a raider before they leave and go back to Las Vegas as they sit up and stand with the fans he's actually the Stanley stance on the sidelines. Yeah I would say it's just about as much fun as as you can have but the fight is yet apparently it's its cousin. But like the chiefs is in the fight to just add another layer via last all of us of that dude. The federal government is alleging that global system. Request. Payment arm and indeed his representatives. To provide two mobile world record. Is alleged to be thousand dollars did you know anything about. No. What do toughest to get to do. Let's take quite a few liberal machine you're wired up. And I yes I was asked two questions question and what you asked me. If any other recruits in light and you. Given anything he's had that's that we hit. We hear what did you have any knowledge of the vote that we getting money do you have any notion that the district action it that's no questions asked. Yes so I had no knowledge of any. So that was unemployed. Rick Pitino. Florida resident now Rick Pitino from what I understand sold it works sold his house and led to a great place or white suit yet and the LLC a government. Here fired and so. He even if he I mean like we'll he has line obviously but like. Why can't he just say no. Because Rick Pitino and by the way people I don't mean the older OJ thing where you just keep talking and keep talking we need just say no. I do not believe the fact that he passed lie detector test because he was lying I'm betting that Rick pitino's got pretty damn good lie detector test at this point because like my guys that are probably since. Yeah he. Does is put pressure got a little bit it is like okay. It called had a nice party emerged that movie blows straight at you passing yourself and nice party. Calm down I think that's repeat you know every I detect well I think it's one of those things you've heard the phrase Hampshire's you know if if you believe it it's true that ultimately my motto is if you would like I don't know allied itself. Enough that you'll you'll be commendable how. That's his whole life you know what I mean he lives in this isolated world and take this. I think made the same point for Tom Brady with the placate if you get at the plate full balls if you're gonna do something like this and you can do it knowingly. You usually go to got it's actually doing it don't pay. Make sure that I don't hear about any of this stuff but did you. Swiss. You're an assistant coach of mine. I know we're gonna do all the stuff and I needed to do for me but make sure I don't know anything about it that's a conversation you have so therefore he's not lying if you lie enough it's not like. He built himself a little bubble he was able to keep in the bubble do you gotta do I don't care puts words in its money in its shoe contract. Whatever you got to do just make sure I'm not a part of the keys to clean and that I can sue the university named sue everybody when I get fired. It is important Mario little. He's got his own work and when he does the needle or Hitler didn't seem phase and he's making Ellis a moment when he you know this way for it but it OJ revenue of 152 tryst in he's he's apparently in the demands to promote that he is at a restaurant as aren't like they could have another unit they were gathered there and they're like why the well is just effort at eleven. Graphic let's dip. What does how does like if I only use that excuse for literally everything if you could get fired. Looks at tenth anniversary of that'll do it every day it was eleven. Just cannons and they can about it and that you know it. It's my spouse's company. Well that. That the U. That your early pressure on the field of that allows government it should. Move under the seat on the next sentencing today that it.