Sinner and Saint 9-23-17 Hour 2

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, September 23rd

Carmelo to OKC ---- Did Olshey whiff on another free agent?


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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you're going to less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now what where we pick up from Ireland. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is spots about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. I'm 2014. Of failed standup comic entered a contest called the hunt for those homes did not win the greater good was joined by an underperforming Oregon State fullback for the community college degree. These men neither having earned the position and possessing no real skills continue on as radio personalities. If you have nothing better to do on a Saturday morning. And if you can find them maybe you can hear the sinner in the senate. Good job of jewels clothes or lose boom and. Ricky Nelson and is now devolved into that then we'll American skier or. Hi where he won it on ten AB. Are writes oh. Little change of pace turnovers excited to do a breakdown of the sea ice time of possession ranking in the NFL they are. I am. Because then they from our one to go to the web site it's called Tenet defend outcome that's correct they'll be less Schwab tires podcast. Check that out if you don't join the conversation 55305. Bridge for Buddhist text line. We were gonna Douglas C docs and we'll get to that but right now three minutes ago dweller in the break you keenly noticed it's going into your sports update. You're some breaking news new joining label. They're very. Go ahead sir. New York is nearing a deal to send Carmelo Anthony TV to Oklahoma City league to. I don't ESPN this is from meter which has in his Twitter feed OKC would send Edith cantor Doug McDermott to New York police source said. New York is in serious talks with Carmona the. Wrong. That's a weird one. Eat his cancer has the size of some scoring ability of the boy a ton of defense that fits the model in Europe so it's going four and Doug McDermott. Is Doug Eumig buckets and he doesn't play defense either so. If it's in there just commend. Slot. And a. So that's where reactions are even pretty swift from the blazers fan base of people saying they're extremely confused by this is happening toys it is the same MO Paul George. Yeah right they said that Larry is in that team accepting. You know our proposals and everything why wouldn't New York want all the draft picks we have come out they. I stress again for you idiots that. This is Carmelo Anthony's decision this thing I feel like that has gone over everyone's head is the fact that like yeah this is what Carmelo once it's not about the knicks anymore. And he has expressed or should I should say not expressed that he wants to come here there's no point to it. CJ McCollum like and I'm certain says. Like a dummy or an eighty it has been on social media all summer dressing him up with Photoshop and blazers Jersey's thinking that's what's really going to bring him here dude. We're a franchise that any small market it has no future. Five here easy on that first and OJ you'd listen this is Adrian ward renowned ski lift its official. New York has agreed to the deal Carmelo Anthony you know Casey for Venus cantor Doug McDermott and drastic it's done that call is a money this is books that. It's sick it's done. Oklahoma City is a small market. That has no future beyond five years totally and they don't have an NBA MVP no they do know blow they will if if they can't hold on these guys it's already been said the long George's plane and leave after one year but they because they were able to land all George. That basically made them relevant to get Carmel and yes so so it's Kevin Pritchard is the one little thing in motion did not I would never trade the blaze that for Paul George. But this this you're exactly right about this trade this is a product of what you already have in the summer it's not Portland can't get free agents than it's such it's cupid narrative. It's just this team can't get free agents but nobody that wants to come and play with two undersized guards of don't play defense. That the appeal of playing with a Damon CJ to us is. Rate. Who else in the NBA wants to this but I remind you or not all stars Knoll. They're not superstars they're not stars in this they're good players. That would play very very good players sure are very good player they can be Greg they're not stores in the sleep they play in the Western Conference. Where every team has an all star point guard that's why. Half of whom are. Yet to be great if cardinal Anthony came here because it be interesting for nine minutes during the show and we could talk about it. But guess what goes into the season they're not gonna compete with the warriors because of it I'm very agencies is Oklahoma City team now yes and and and I don't know that they're gonna compete with it but if that turns into a dumpster fire. Boy that'll be good to watch from afar. Well and then heard a couple problems that you can point out with this roster who loves football more than. Russell Westbrook are saying that demon siege like Google too much of what I don't know if it. Did look seven the ball more and Russell Westbrook. That was the reason I mean. Listen Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook played in an NBA finals together. They went to they were headed to one lead in the Western Conference finals was 31. The 31 lead at the three lead over the years they were a game away from going back to the finals. And he might know I can't put his stick to its socks that you let it's impressive this just. It proves again that he is like one of the most incredible. Degree Billy's business mind sister she declines in the NBA. He just it seems like he has a plan for everything because you know that this whole move has been in motion now for maybe a month and a half. Or he's been sitting down in thinking about it and saying how can I get one more piece on this team. Is Russell will stricken Paul George alone work in a deal they worked and compete with the warriors and that's really his only option right he says look. If we need it we're a small market team the only they were gonna stay relevant 'cause we lost Kevin Durant that is if we not only bring another superstar here. But also compete. Guess there are problems because this is now three to ball dominant players who relatively. Play the same type of game. Aldridge is a little better defense than the other two but. Another issue that you have is that now you have at least Stephen Adams well you'll have to clears that are the same position. Glad you all of those 234 or who's put the four. You put that you can go small and you play Carmelo and were ultra easy dispatch. Well bringing the New York. Here's a source it like if he if current because presumably Miller's play in the foray into today's NBA you put the best four players out and less in less everybody's. Six foot two like they are for and your best players he defend those position another weakness for the boys and your best players out there and Nate they have enough size in those two guys that they can play 23. And you wouldn't put him however you want and you wanna be bigger thrown you know whomever out there with with Stephen Adams beer guy in the middle. Here's my big question for you though as constituted. Regular season. Western Conference finals whatever it is warriors vs thunder and you may have a few minutes to imagine this thunder team. Who you root for cool. Who do you root for and that gets here's the thing if they are. If the top three teams in the west. Are these Chris pulled James Harden rockets as your three seed. The Russell Westbrook Carmelo Anthony hold George thunder. And the warriors team that everybody is grown to hate as your top three. Is there one of those teams you can root for over the other. Patrick's half sell I it's it says it says it. You like any of those guys on any of those team. No I don't I don't like one of them there's. I'm O George maybe like an anti may give it long enough that I could forget about I'm OK with roll you leg that once it was a two of the least likable dude in the NBA. I don't know man I mean this is going to be really intriguing now these are the two teams really to be the Western Conference it's its final I mean. We look at the rest of the Western Conference New Jersey last year the rockets and they had Chris Paul the better whatever. Ed the dairy easy team to eight desperate and then admitted he did two seeds would say if the thunder. Pretty easy to hate. And then you can the warriors who have just become more and more unbearable every time it's. What to. Just do this let's. Right. Trap the trap to break that I I am and I'd I wanna start taking calls I want people call it is that what you're their reactions that's. I have I wanna see how Portland feels about this if they feel kind of screwed they feel like all she didn't do enough to get it this is a trend and we've gone after big free agents now. And we've missed on to Paul George missed on Roy Hibbert a bunch of years ago thank god and just think this is a trip we kick its superstars here. 50325. Votes and 850325. Votes and eighty. Or we back we'll continue this conversation Carmelo Anthony going to be an Oklahoma City Thunder. The trade is official loads and announced it so it is. What it is kids a month and not going to be a blizzard 2501080. We'll be back more sense Santana the fan. So earlier on in the show first hour will you said the Connell Anthony was definitely going to be a Portland TrailBlazer yes I did that seems to be. Inaccurate yes Peter would you announce team anybody missed it is announced ruin his Twitter feed. The Carlyle that he will be in Oklahoma City Thunder. He does cantor Doug McDermott and a draft pick going through New York. And he's going to you may be the least likable team in the NBA now Russell Westbrook Carmelo Anthony all George. Stephen Adams among you're starting or let's among your starting five musher who also have in their depending on the position as play. You've invited some callers and we have a the on line one Raymond. Closer. If you get seriously did you understand. Are you don't isn't yours is it your tennis and football team of the thunder yeah that's all you talk about a I. And it doesn't Mountain View thunder fan Ramon. And of that and those too easy so what's your thought on this trade are you happy the blazers missed out on Carmelo that seems to be a bigger reaction in honor text on. Not really on. My opinion on the tree itself is it. You know you knew he was gonna go to it is better don't our. So I mean that's not part is not surprising. I'm not really all that upset about it but I. It went helps the thought process that the only way we're going to be able to get free agent is true. And getting rid of the salary cap. It is we've got the deepest pockets and currently. And you know I I just think that if if all really want to competitive Kenya. They'll try to try to get back at apple. Knew damn well thanks Raymond I appreciate that. I just don't see that being the problem because the that was the whole deal with the blazers two years ago is they had. Almost too much money to spend right the reason they over paid Allen Crabbe the reason they overpaid Evan Turner Ann Meyers Leonard. Is because they had money burning a hole in their pocket they were actually going to be. Penalized if they didn't spend that money so I don't buy that and this wasn't this remember this isn't a free agent pick up this is a trade. Where you had Carmelo Anthony with all the power he had the option to choose what team he opened up to trade so yeah I. I just don't buy that I just. I just think the idea that you've got these two great recruiters. They can go out and and help your team in Damon CJ was just kind of a four hours. Say AM on the line Sam what's your thought on the tomorrow at Carmelo Anthony. Now I don't. And an opinion where the other arm on it going to be a democratic government to work the point that I wanted to make a debt has got to take its outlook when it comes to getting relief agency come here. We're no different. Here Portland band as well as when they drafted a law degree. We're no different than Milwaukee who can't get it started alongside one of the best players in our right now been reached we're no different if there's any. Dogged rapid chuck small market cap dual constantly and yet. Well that's a fair point and they went out and added Zach Collins detailed swan again you don't know how many people are really overwhelmed. By those stupid fix. But the but the problem is and this kind of more a product you're gonna build through the draft you kinda have to be bad to get high draft. Yes you do and you're in that kind of relevant space at this point where were not bad enough the tanking you have. A franchise that it is I mean you're completely right it's a bad space because we have a franchise guy who wants to win here who wants to develop the best team that you can't but. I mean I go back to the point that this is again. You'll Shea swinging and missing on a big freeagent I don't know if it speaks so much to all shaped. Or does that speak to just the fact that were market nobody wants to come to but again who were. Who are these big targets I mean you have the idea so I pulled George George George would betray ago. And that was a trade that Indiana control and Kevin Pritchard a former trailblazers GM apparently got a better offer according to many. Then the thunder rumbling to offer does that mean. Victor rule depot was the big name going back to Indiana. That trade would like garbage and you know the blazers have better assets. So that was a thing where may be it was you know some scurry of DN AFL gets so that's that's that's a move that didn't have anything do free agency so called Georgia ends up in Oklahoma City now having two superstars on that team. That happened to play two different positions as opposed to the blazers. Can now go out and and give something back to. No that's. A pack is that the blazers could've beat them not Doug McDermott is not a great player needs neither is he is cantor. They throw and a draft pick which the rumor is that Chicago's. Pick it was I don't have a guy is assured a second round pick I think for next year so it would open. What were the blazers gonna give. Chief a mole article is eat is key entered Doug McDermott at an attractive really is that that's runs that's what I'm saying like. Is one that much better than the other. I think it's you this is just kind of and I hope it's a wake up call it won't because we'll still do this crap like every single year where a free agent is. Disgruntled and wants to lead his team and then that we have all this money and assets and we could Traber Aqib doing this but I hope this is a lesson for fans. That this just isn't going to happen but it's. He has these dreams for back in 2001 were like well we got Scottie Pippen over here bright and aging Scottie Pippen who had no other choice but to go to the boy. Who took into western comfort yeah I'm so they're there there's a reason that there's hope for but again. How many teams out there were hoping that they could put some a package together to get Carmelo Anthony or the rockets certainly had that dream. And they couldn't figure out I mean the knicks knicks had to prove that trade. Carmelo Anthony had to approve the trade and he had to be willing to give something up that was that was appealing enough and and the blazers. I don't know that they would have gotten better with it's it's it's a key figure out and and Sammy can set when he called and I don't know how this experiments can work all kobasew. They have the a three superstars on a roster does that guarantee win. Really especially if you're giving up so much defense. I go back to defense or time with Carmelo Anthony because it's been his huge. Downfall in his career it's the one thing that everybody points in those days are greater that he's going to really give up a lot of you're gonna. Every single team he's been on except that 2012 Knick team. Then I I think when something like 54 games and they were second or third in the Eastern Conference they seemed really good but at same time you had a bunch of key defensive players that we're leveraging out everything you also a JR Smith. Who for some reason at that year found his prime because he seems to do that eight years he text. But. I just think that this is a bullet that we definitely dodged. I didn't want that kind of attitude I didn't want that kind of player with that kind of mentality saying I don't really even wanna be here coming to this town and more than anything else. I just go back to the whole thing I've I've really hope we learn this lesson I just. This is just such bull crap that we had to sit here and listen to these quote unquote sources saying that Melo was. Really interest in coming here to he never went on camera never went on his Twitter account and never personally set himself. Looks like an intriguing choice. Get this this is people cot out and in the rumor middle on that this happens this happens every time and free every time outs and it's this demand to hear first right right you won the only one. It would have been app adds that it's dedicating two hours of Portland talk radio talking about Melo on Thursday to waiting until Monday. It's official on Monday it is go to Oklahoma City Thunder and people get so caught up in the idea of it and you like to imagine I suppose. It. I guess it doesn't hurt anything but it doesn't do anybody any and you got your hopes up for what something that you you have no idea if it worked. Anyway and just didn't seem like yours for an. The other thing they didn't like was the whole CJ photo shopping Jersey thing. Because it was taken seriously. Yeah articles written about it people sing miss this is a really good ploy it's not. But it's cheap it's immature and it makes you look really stupid and we and fairest thing I thought. Silently I was embarrassing for the franchise that we had to go to these kind of cheap tricks to lure at 33 year old who had absolutely no interest to be coming here in the first place. Stupid and I think that he will mature and you'll get better as a player and honestly CJ McCollum might find work somewhere else at some point 'cause he'll look at this franchise ago I wanna take a step further. That's the other worry I have. If we got a million for the here and it was another year down the toilet it's another gear that puts doubt in Damien Willard in CJ mccombs mind saying we're really wanna stick around. Let's look at the draft and well. Probably spent enough time is is here bit. But this is why they've reached for that columns to these high upside he's the best to do the ten spot where. Was it maybe doesn't make an impact for two or three years but they're they're gambling there making a pentagon a big calculated risk. On somebody that's high upside if you get a seven footer that can score and play defense always act on already can he fills out his frame little bit maybe you have something. And then you add kills one in some of the could play right away are the boys are gonna compete for a championship this year probably not. But if you're gonna do something in the future and all you can get is a tenth brown but a tenth overall pick you're gonna have to stretch so. It's like everybody wants a cake and they wanna eat it too they wanna they wanna beat competing for the playoffs at the end of the year and they wanna the first overall pick. That will store in year one and it just doesn't work that way there's a lot to it. And end the warriors as an example of how to build a team. Is just throw a few things together and hope to get at lucky. Kind of though the formula and. Look at the tech sign five factories are probably your thoughts and sat at this and govern from the 503 am sad that people always mentioned grabber Leonard's money but never fastest out. And out stealing quota co worker comp money for doing nothing at all that's pretty good. Yeah they can make a lot of money from that and then in time up in one year's who's from the 97 line he is old and fat and I'm thinking that's that kernel and they did about us. Cheryl did you. Did the other one I like Allen Iverson still free agent. All right literally that aren't. You have the Yeltsin didn't show up who's three on three games that ice cube at a plant and another 97 line this shows a total bummer. Play lift and lower what is important. Has yet. We have no opinion on this for just telling you assess the docs NFL old sort of squeeze them all next senator in saint tennis fans first news. Various show brought to my frost brewed Coors Light another reminder that we're going to be Alan Webb Chevrolet next week for any charity event Ted Teddy bears and blankets going to kids displaced by fire natural disasters. Whether. Other causes. The it we're doing that in association with the court county sheriff's department the Corvette the northwest Corbett association. Of course download Chevrolet. So join us combined cius will be food they'll be drinks will be Teddy bear and blanket tosses when prizes went on Kim's gonna join us. Obviously mr. camera crew and he hammering in Cleveland if you missed the big breaking news of the day Carmelo Anthony has been treated for ease as he entered Doug McDermott a second round pick from Chicago. From Chicago and they're all headed to the knicks Carmelo headed to the thunder odds wanna get to one tweet from wooed stick and a follow the news that the traders official. And that is that Russell Westbrook and hold George. Played an immense part in persuading. Carmelo Anthony to waive his no trade clause. I did not see on either of their time lines and Twitter any Photoshop pain or any pleading with the local podcasts. At a local media perhaps they will let it was it was right everytime we found a CJ quotas from a podcast welcome from the Biggio wasn't on in announcing the worth that much better than pocket. It wasn't on television it wasn't a car Carmelo Anthony thing any of this though. That's just it but that's okay scene and that's how well run they are. I did is it okay if she does show the star power of two guys that are all stars. That all or you know usaid Olympic team teammates of Connell Anthony I they they outshine Damon CG installer hour by hundreds of megawatts. I agree with you but it it's a media. Also shows oh Casey and Howell. Well see impressed he runs that franchise. The fact that he's able to keep everything under the rug. And just say look man I'm not going to out there being flashy I'm not gonna show my cards to everybody else. I'm running everything internally and everything we do you past Lisa sync with a central message the bleachers came out in his free agency thing with no central message. Oh it was was. What are your Portland shot it was literally like what are you have to lose yeah that was their pitch what do you have to lose by coming to port. Above the blazes are learned something from its but it's it's time to move beyond this conversation because it is. As we've discussed depressing and we've been called a bomber up. Held a bummer by the fact line the fridge for beaters text line 5305 I love that we call the fact and it is a fact line it is come through there is fact that we have to pour out of the statement read it as such paid the Seattle Seahawks are traveling to Nashville Vick on the Tennessee Titans. What Tom morrow. Intriguing matchup and they're gonna crap on it that that true in my view the best NFL matchup of the weekend. There's so many great game though there's not you look through the list and I was trying to pick got a couple games to take later on when we do crystal balls. And the second game other than the CX titans is the colts. Browns just because somebody has to win they might be the most evenly matched teams. Had an argument actually gonna look at his falcons lines and that's only because it's going to be cannon the heat check game sure Detroit has seen some on that Monday night game and if I mean I know it's the giants not great but. Detroit looks good OK so tell me tell me your thoughts on this tightens the Afghan. It's Dexia. Oh I think it's going to be a lot of what we saw last week so I Tennessee has an extremely good defensive line it's gonna be able to really stop the run game of Seattle. Which. You know it's gonna bode well for them but it's also going to be another read his see how well. The Seahawks offensive line is tested right. Last week was suggests. Every single fear that we've ever had about the Seahawks in terms of their offensive line Russell Wilson running for his Brigham wife the entire game. The only touchdown McCain was at the end of the game to Paul Richardson whose bone was sticking out of his finger. Yeah that's true yeah. You know the other issue that we had is that. You know this is a team to mean it's kind of lacking identity it seems that the Seahawks can I don't know who they are at this point they're not really of Ryan team their. I really a task team because they don't have enough time to be in the defense is just kind of shouldering the load for everything in now. You have a rams team who monitors in a football game. Looks like they're just as good as the Seahawks I know that stretcher a little bit but honestly I think Hillary and see odds game's going to be pretty exciting. Well in the Jeff Fisher air the rams kind of on the sea oxy on the Seahawks were going to Super Bowls they couldn't figure out the rams formula and the rams are you know perpetually 79 indicated that nearly the opposite I. Honestly I don't know but I had to come rescission of the rams fan about this earlier this week and we're just kind of talking through the idea that. The Seahawks. Just the they have a foil and it's it's always been the rams so the rams or team on the rise. CI answer try and hold onto the respondents top of the mountain and it looks like right now than you know they. Don't have the entire pick up in full gear like they just they're kind of coasting and have to fearless off at the line thing and and not even so much. For the fact that Russell Wilson's getting beat up these is taking hits in and he's running for his life a little booklet. Kind of thrives in that in the fourth quarter when they needed it when he got out of the pocket and started running he comes up in the press covered up for god made the decision to get out Romo. Awesome dude the first quarter and get beat defense off balance dummy bullets on heart bigger decision again. No sir I do about that hit you open it but again it's it's. I don't worry about him as much as they would end in mobile quarterback I suppose is is kind of what I'm saying you spend fairly durable lead and at least chipped up a little bit last year and I don't want it to continue and that's not and sank. But the reason the offensive line he's digging don't is a need to get some sort of run game and get sustain drives so they can get the defense off the field. This guy does is he our defense has been keeping people out of the hands on the given up a ton of yards and that their time of possessions in tiers and in there. They're not a very. Hopeful offense to a defense that at some point. It is gonna get. You know penalized for being on the field so much they're gonna either have an injury because somebody's other you know chug around. Late in the fourth quarter trying to kind of hold together ordered just gonna get exposed. Well and that Jermaine curse. Trade is looking a lot more obvious at this point where. It's exactly Carroll kind of had a foresight that the sega's. While our offense sucks so much and it really bolster that defense snapped again it goes back to this why did dig. Ranger reg curse her off at the library that they need or they were getting rid of curse and. Any ways they wanted something that would help them this year showed Richardson. The big bad dude. And I think it was just the best player of the Roosevelt available out there in the trade market and him and we've been talking obviously a lot of blazers in the way they're front office operates. Seattle's front office is. 01 of the best and they are always out there in conversations about. How they can add these great players now doesn't always work. And Percy Harding came over and help them with a kickoff return and a touchdown. I mean he helped who has cerebral and a symbol that was it competitive fight out and selling the Super Bowl. Effort for sure but then the next year he became such a locker room cancer that to get rudely when did ton of money to Matt Flynn who. By all accounts was the best available free agent quarterback and ended up and not needing wanting horror you know I still on the theory that that Clinton's really geared he's just super unlucky. He may because he did have an elbow injury that rail in the starting job and went to Oakland didn't work out just didn't. During erase the line gaming dreamed lets us see how good US for one get out one game in Green Bay was the reason that he became that's the favorite game that's Detroit litany era that is hot the volatile time I think he still holds. The single game passing record for the Green Bay Packers think he has like a plaque with a picture and I hope I'm sure that game ball Manny and when that thing all over the field for most 500 yards in the game I think. Doesn't matter but the big big go out and and the move for Jimmy grant as bad as it looks now. That was a big get going out and giving an added offensive weapon the caliber of Jimmy Graham. He doesn't help their team. All right now but the real big gap when they got to him and and you can't fault them for thinking that the guy is going to be plug and play who's an all fruit I didn't catch any think. He just looks so it's humid out there in this offense for some reason well it's he doesn't help Alabama opens of all speak the fact if you think about every other. Tight end that the Seahawks have had their blocking tight ends I would say that about Luke Wilson blocking tight end fits into you know her and people last week and looks like the dynamic playmaker that they need they spread out wide as much stay put him on the line but before. That you had an officer really was predicated on a Pete Carroll style play which it is you wanna get to play action going you're gonna run right turner and running to keep as many people in the box as you can she really doesn't set the box do you know like in New Orleans when he was thriving he was out in the slot sometimes even Al. Played the X. I I do that but when you throw the ball to him and he he waits for it to get to his body before he tries to catch it in the defenders smacks it away like you good for illegal pedestrians. That it but you don't mean it's like sugar and maybe you only get targeted four times and game but it. Make sure that you make something of those four target and this is not what he's doing and you wonder how much of it is. How much his name. Matters anymore and they have they wasted any value and add if they were to get rid of him right now could they go out and use that as as leverage to make this team better. Our guests are culturally quick just for a break because. I just love what's going on there. Will make a pick Michael Brown I'd just love the fact that now there's talks that Andrew Luck might not even play this entire season because they're like. Fire truck the got a anyway. I think Howard and the theory that that they've pulled and really it's I discuss some of one count all the it's sit this one out. You're coaching to fire at a high draft pick the radio beer you're older Brees will be your idol run lightly I think it's a widely accepted theory that a lot of people are saying why aegis that the dude out what what's. Point of it does take that whole locker room thing right now evidently get 80% healthy and like coming back just dirty and orders waiting year NB a 100% healthy come back and have a better team around you have a new coach drastic on Barkley perhaps. Madam of the trade down and that's where you'd usually get eight picks is going to be. Fiber six quarterbacks in the top half of the first round if the projections are accurate each day and you had complained the jet's wreckage in the you can fool anybody that's insane if you've got the first spot and there's going to be a lot of quarterbacks I don't know. How many people greed and out equally but if everybody believes it. Older Josh Allen whoever as the guy. Tinsel farm to give up any drop down two or three Julia. That's the other thing is they'll be able to dropped multiple times and still get some is gonna make their team better and then somebody else than some of the notes that. Severity we megapixel next sinner insane 1080 the fan. Just. Update you kids on the big breaking news story for just joined the program for some reason it didn't scheduled time out of your data listen to the full two hours of the show Carmelo Anthony. Not a TrailBlazer. Not in New York Knicks he is now in Oklahoma City Thunder and the time has come for blazer fans to move on time as calm today thank you chambers Brothers. The also the time of the day when we make our picks for college football and the NFL also we will dive right in those causes a lot of games. But I find intriguing since we're kicking off pac twelve play this week. Three and low against the re you know number five USC taking on how this the 1230 game on on ABC also known as my post NAFTA game. Has played in Berkeley USC is a seventeen point favorite over the golden Bayer's. We get the X. Say he's taken the points and Allen because this he has shown to be. What's the word not reliable and unreliable unreliable and then it. I mean I guess they will all. In the end if I just have to picks a guy SE. But Calvin this is gonna be that that he checked into the misses in the one receive Wilcox has them right. And if cows actually gonna be relevant again because they've looked good the first couple weeks. They have good good and I think they were competitive that's the the you have word here seventeen points is is not a competitive football game though if there you compete to the end I think they keep it went within at least two touchdowns. Some take Powell I think USC ultimately wins the game but I think this is. It's not just approve each year for for Willie Taggart I think this is a great coaching staff that's been assembled by. A Justin Wilcox a minute take the bears to keep it within seventy. Moving to the 3 o'clock game on the pac twelve network oh win three Nevada. At Washington State Washington State is three no number eighteen in the country wants to 188 and a half point. It's these should be able to cover this in this continues the tour until organ for laws do they have a nice easy schedule until they play the docs. Which will be. In my opinion if both teams stand defeated the biggest game of the pac twelve and probably the country's so far this year it really will be and they'll be a reason to fly the tubes flag for game day caddie could barely able to totally go this really might be the time that game day goes to the police because I can't become a bigger game that's happened this year of course except for number one in three playing each other and just start but I don't think that holds as much weight only because it was just there's no proof of those -- wouldn't really have a lot of weight to play for this and this game. It's gonna show you. The ducks back is washing ST for real sore bolting in Washington State in this woman penalty surely they can. Offensively it looks like pettis is the only thing the Huskies really have in terms of explosive plays. This is hard for eternity Washington and only because it just seem like a better quality team that this could be attractive and Stephen monsters as shown that he's got the flash and he showed when he unifil and last year the problem of Washington right now as a run game. That the other thing is that the state. You did it to me and now color that is special teams not great and they get to meet its I've done that that is. Who is upon returning every game of the year so far already has the the division one. Record for punt returns to their careers so Dudack guys getting draft on her returns on. He'll have feel of a great NFL career high school yes it's absolutely ridiculous are moving on to organic. At Arizona State this is 7 PM on the pac twelve network number 24. Or in the first time in the top 25 this year they've got fourteen and a half point advantage over the sun doubles is that enough. Too many not enough points. I think that's right there on the to take organ with points this week it's kind of the ghetto leap of faith fully because I don't think they've been proven exactly yet this is gonna be somewhat of a test game it's their first pac twelve. Game not only got their first pac twelve away game in a stadium that it'll there rockets' latest their first actual game and their first actual weight and yes or the doughnut hole modern day. I guess I'm saying is that this will be just a little bit of a test for organ but I take him with the points the offense is looking great I don't I guess a Wyoming and it's just the second half. I think it's time for organ together complete game two in the last couple weeks and really haven't finished the job so I think they're gonna go out and try to prove something and it's it's. Not necessarily statement game and I think you're right that was you Horry in game but I think they wanna go on prove something to the pac twelve. This game does not have nearly the intrigue but it could be a disaster for the team that loses UCLA at Stanford this is the 730 game on ESPN this is packed well after dark Stanford is a seven point favorite despite losing their last two months. I know is that I feel about the game but these this is this should've been a great game this week at Stanford who. Yacht club. Look look look. I don't know both of these teams are such jokers man yeah and it's hard to say that only because. I UCLA. Had that incredible comeback but it just you watch them play and it's like just choked they sucked big. It just kind of suck like I no other record doesn't indicate that they set but Josh trojans. Literally the only thing holding that team not any really decorate. He thinks really bad decisions he has a very accurate arm but for some reason when he gets under pressure. He just craps the bed and just throws interceptions there was that one play against Memphis and they were on the goal line and he saw pressure common right that is. Ha and just flexible in its second down instead of you know tucking the ball. Maybe just slide down on the ground is Neil over the Ball State screw we'll get him on the next up demanding yet we have to eat it doesn't really matter and cultural moment I have to tell you that we will forget about the deep take you through that basically ended the game yeah we're not gonna forget about that. All takes the effort. I think UCLA because to be a choke artists have to lose by a field goal and the points are touchdowns so fair they will have a chance to win they just won't be able to do with there's two national games we have 125. Teams playing against one other TCU is number sixteen. Three you know at Oklahoma State number six team in the country. Oklahoma State has a thirteen. Point. Advantage in Stillwater is this going to be close. In. Closer high scoring be high scoring you realise it did the question that is or might build a team for the cowboys. I may take it and he should Rudolph looks good he looks really good I'm. So much to the point that he looks kind of like a pro prospect and that's hard to say about Oklahoma State quarterbacks can the system. Isn't friendly too how NFL play is it's kind of a run and shoot hybrid of having five wide receivers and do wide receivers have every option in the world of what route they actually want to run. And he is moved in to the big category of those 56 quarterbacks in the top half of the first round draft so. I don't think Oklahoma State is easy just hasn't proven why not only is Mazen off playing with weapons four receivers over a hundred yards last week two quick pick on this one Mississippi State Georgia and Tennessee State's number seventeen. George number eleven Georgia as a three and a half point advantage in Athens Jimmy Georgia maybe they're real. But they Mississippi State and I think that what if they can do with the develop a huge hole out two NFL games Brown's colts. Brenner Brown's point I have favorites get the grounds or grounds tickets Lucas who's playing quarterback with hopes that. All right and and the oxides and media politics the IC RX Tennessee is given to a half points to itself. All right we both think the Seahawks that's what we're doing kids good luck. This weekend. She user you're actually 68%. On your picks so far through this he's on the man. You are the management about some money just follow wheels picks and you'll do quite well do not hold my panel chairman percentage. The little embarrassing. All right kids were back next week again ran Alan Webb Chevrolet Teddy bears and blankets come out in the Oz cans gonna be there and it's a great cons. We'll see you next week when sentencing returns 9/11 every cent. Tickets. It's.