Sinner and Saint 9-23-17 Hour 1

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, September 23rd

The Oregon Ducks get their first Pac 12 test and how not to get fired from college football (the Mike Riley edition).


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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you're going to less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now what where we pick up from Ireland. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is spots about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. Bag Goodman. Aren't saying happy Saturday the bronze brewed Coors Light thinner and say tailgate show it sooner it's clear. There are. A play let that voice really matches Britain Vilma well look there are there. You're welcome that's that's how I'd imagine Brad Duma would sound if he was like. Ten Beers deep I'd still like you it's halfway through his motivational games speech and just stops breathing at some point or just. It. This is his voice just speeds are way these no longer has an they're ready next whose bodies faces turned beet red and I'd like. And they have like an assisted their with a pull their actions today. Labatt beer and push the plunger down Johnny. He needs revitalizing it stimulated is standing by and to give him motivated wakes up with a shot of adrenaline. That's. This game where you may have to coaches coach for their job straight is that you have Britney Obama and Kevin someone. The other one went on to mountaineers were the two teams Texas NN. Yeah is playing now against our chances are Kansas. Which is the right pronunciation. So the razorbacks. And the Aggies are playing right now 9 o'clock kids that are under way. My guess is under center but that's college ball it goes under senator. So you've got you've got these two teams going at each other and that the it's the SEC west indeed few if you don't win out they're in a span and thought. Hello you coaching for your job in your two and one in your name's Kevin someone I'd give it then it's the whole UCLA thing I get that the expectations are high enough that. He had like all these five star recruits figure not seeming to get anywhere. It's like would you rather have that that kind of consistency we're went in like 89 games a year then like hey let's fire coach and start all over again. I don't think it's a real story that's just the the storyline coming into that a British says I I don't know how all these universities can to can continue. To pay their coaches five million dollars a year for a half million dollars a year whatever it is. And and firearm with. Three years left on my country and go and get another one I mean the SEC right now. Has coaching staffs that are. Higher paid than anybody else in the country bite double almost consider paying you know some of these schools of pain over a million dollars to court papers. So you fire an entire coaching staff because let's be honest and you bring in a new head coach or not gonna bring in. Just the head coach and leave everybody else in place and now the school ends up and the boosters whomever ends up paying you know these contracts out you just sit there and kind of look at and I think. To your point if you've got somebody that's going out winning games gives you a chance. Every two or three years against Alabama and probably good enough. So why wouldn't you want the Andy Reid of college football. When his solid. You know in NFL respects when you a solid 1011 games a year you know I think it's one of those things to worry if you're going to fire somebody had better be somebody better waiting. I'll tell you who's not in fired. Willie Taggart. I don't fix it would not right now not any time soon my friend well this is a year right that this was a a year where you are allowed to under perform. Yes you had room you had you could go out you did lose to Nebraska. You can you know. Played tough game against with Wyoming. And your view coming off of four wins he's and you don't need to go out light the world on fire. Well. That's kind of a good right now if you look at these ducks because. They have put the world on fire in the first half games in the second half of the last two games they've scored a total of seven point. It's yes and now they go in suit and be taken on Arizona State today. And this is an offense that is extremely good extremely efficient right in the first half. And putted nearly unstoppable but. Did this story going into this week is the ducks' defense they have only given up 303. Yards per game that's tied for 33 nationally now that might not seem to pop out to you if you're just looking elite teams but compare it to last year chirp. When they were near the bottom of the FBS we couldn't stop anybody. We'll look at the Chip Kelly era and even the beginning of the Martell for Chara what was the Lou what was a cornerstone of the ducks' defense it was a bend but don't break and take chances make big plays but it's also a ducks' defense as seven interceptions it's beating the pac twelve. And that's kind of a noteworthy. You know commentary odd because Kate listen your defense is keeping you in the game but it's also. Taking the ball away and that's something that's going to be a big help especially in the offense can click for maybe more than two quarters. Well not that into it like this style of ducks playwright in you talk about the Chip Kelly air and the whole thing with that was if we can score and you twice without you responding the game's over that's it and Stanford was able to always kind of get them every now and then which was. They've let organ score first but then they would drag you down and they'd either tied gamer they get a field goal up on the board up and it was slowdown momentum enough that organ was kind of confused how to run their offense from there but. Really what organ is doing now is saying look we're score a lot when it comes in the first half but then when it comes to playing defense the second half to stall you enough that. Wolf let the wolf letter profits from the ball won't run the clock. Yeah. But you need to get in the end zone money. You can sort. Think you could score some points in the second half I don't think it would be detrimental to the strategy thing I would give that I mean that Nebraska game they they had nothing. I'm India. Damn near look of the cornhuskers come back in that game and they got lucky cassette quarterback was trashed Hillary was absolute garbage yes so and one you can see by them. What did what they pay over a million dollars to lose to northern Illinois has now. It's it was not a good look for Nebraska speaking of coaches that could be a Nazi and you saw the Nebraska fired their athletic director. This week and kind of same thing as head coaches. When you bring in a new athletic director very rarely do and keep everything just so way it has worked for the dot org we'll get more into that this hour no problem there that but yet this this game is interesting to me because you have an Arizona State team that kicks off tackle play for the ducks. Don't know that they're necessarily going to be you know a top opponent it's really going to test them. But this a chance to see the way the ducks respond to pac twelve bubble talent. Well it's also kind of and I know I said this. Last week but it is really coming your first road test me because I don't Wyoming was sort of a road test but it was underwhelming in terms of the atmosphere that you got there and I'm not saying that. Those fans are pumped up and it was you know. A really big moment for that. School but I mean this is your first pac twelve road game against state. Presumably good team against a team that has a brand new stadium that you're gonna have a bunch of students pumped up because you have a number 24 ranked team coming into town and you wanna upset that trip and so really war than any other player that I am looking utterly just. You know any other coach in terms of Willie Taggart and adjusting Herbert and seeing how he's gonna respond to all this now. Through the first couple games of the season this guy has NFL flash it's and I'm not talking about arms straight out talk about accuracy there's some rows that he's made that really to let you know that in a couple years disguise can be playing on Sunday. It's not fitting it in between. Corners are fitting in in the secondary it's the back shoulder throws man. If you could make that kind of stuff. That's would teach you to the next level that's what keeps you playing for the big bucks yeah throwing before the receivers open yes or heroic and that opens yeah up by. I I don't know on the let's see how he responds to this type of pressure to one. The key is is point a complete game to. Get out and that's. You can harp on that all you want about the second half and kind of it's not necessarily deficiency because they've won the games but I think it's important that. They realize when they get into a close game that they can't take their foot off the gas and if they get up a two scorers on you know one of the top teams such in the north. And you look at the schedule shakes out they've got this week they're playing Arizona State than Calvin Washington State. The way cal started the season their defense looks formidable and they they have Stanford will know a lot more about him after I'm sort of have you at Cecil know a lot more about him after today. Whether or not Justin Wilcox is team is is going to be contender but. I don't know this week and next figures in the big tasks like you need to iron out mechanics. The one thing that I like about Willie Taggart he doesn't come out and say that's it we did exact who need who got the win. Perfect move on and. He's a knowing coach he exact I had those coaches and the ones that they wouldn't even take like the win. Thank this is thing I appreciated bell micro the most in maybe this is a fault that he has which heard is is that even after like really ugly wins he would just commit Lockerbie like. Then and we won. That moment up I mean we go back in the film room and he dissect everything but right after the game it wouldn't be like what nick Sabin presumably as if he wins like. You know fourteen to ten. Like he would be really pissed about guys very angry they're undefeated yes he's very angry guy he's not happy that they have won by more have won eight games by victory but. I just like the whole attitude that it like what you're saying Willie Taggart has which is we can always be better any still bright because the team really can be better there are flashes of them being extremely get on offense. And going back to those kind of 20102012. Days where that you know they were just humming along in the field but. I mean it seems like now he is set a goal for this team which is due were not just getting to a bowl game we're going to compete for the pac twelve north title. Let's let's get askew as the expectations early funny did you look at the ducks coming in even even you thought that they would be right now. Two and one maybe yeah. I had that feeling I thought maybe they'd drop wanna guess Wyoming just for the hell that or Nebraska Yene got a positive out one or two of those is that they they could have faltered. What are year how much of your expectation stations changed of the ducks like you said there's a 24 ranked team in the country. Presumably someone above them will fall they won't jump necessarily. Just for beating Arizona State but you know that there's at least two top. Point five matchups today. And somebody's going to fall and if they have a nice. Quality win you know go out and you know win by three touchdowns against terrorism state. There's room for them to jump but looking ahead at their schedule what are your expectations are much of Beijing. Well I don't think you really get a good feel for this team really control. Weak spot. We eager arms are weak six fanatics like to Washington State I mean that's really the test scheme that you know it it will be Dotson which will help but at the same time that is the first real quality team you're gonna play I'm not seniors at a state. He's really crappy but they're probably not up to global the ducks are right now cal will be interesting antique your right you have to kind of gauge this week to see how they'll play against SE. Even though SE I think kind of a pretender. I had in that Texas game was hard to watch I knew it was exciting but it in terms of phone call quality was. That game was tough to watch but you know the washing staking and that's gonna let you know if there actually can compete for the pac twelve north title going forward you look at the rest of the schedules Stanford UCLA Utah Washington. Those are all tough teams and so that they can put up a good showing against Washington State beat him handily. Then you have a team on your hands it's really compete. Albany Guinea in the southern Utah game you come out of the gates and you go. 77. In game I mean you come out and you. Wrap route Arizona State and you know if you do the same to cal. That's going to be a big statement going into that and now you have a coaching staff. That there expectations were never what we had the media or in the public and they've always had different expectations. A wonderful Willie Taggart and the boys have always thought this was the team that could compete for a tackle title. And is their goal to get in the colts will play out on the night. I would have to guess that. We have by the way that's and in my new jazz fusion. Really Taggart and the boy is born. That's that important well it's just about the band. Really Taggart the voice very curious if there's going to be a lineup change for Terry Stotts and the bullies who. Rule. Are swirling. And they're all true. Well another rumors the aisle or in groups if they landed and we. Will put everybody's acting like. When we dissect that we should next since intended. 55305. To Bridgeport appears. Text line and people liked to you join the conversation that we are having. Begins with the article that was published yesterday in the New York Post about one Carmelo Anthony have you read this personal porch view index your thoughts. Carmelo Anthony desperately wants to help hurricane victims in Puerto Rico and he'd like you'd help with that Anthony's whose father was from Puerto Rico started a U appearing donation page Friday. For the people of the island whose hurricane. Who's ravaged by hurricane Maria. The entire island is are we won't help those three million people whose goal is to raise a 100000 dollars. You really wanted to talk of the story will I didn't know. What doesn't sell it else is it a mile and an input in Carmelo Anthony in the Google do you read news and looked at an impossible in his latest theory that the hearing follows. And here's here's the thing also tightened Carmelo Anthony into Google. There's about. 45 stories that. I have no truth and validity order. Are entirely filled with rumors and speculation and then there's this one where he's actually already pledged 50000 dollars. The pages are raised a 100000 dollars for victims who desperately needed him in the the out of Puerto Rico has been ravaged it was hit not just by. Maria but also her man and get hit again it's out three million people about power that's news that's something that's affecting the world. That's important so let's talk about this tweet. The wanna talk about it got. Mr. Jason McEntire. Heard of him. For some reason just decide to send this out. I don't know why I've I'm convinced now because there were conflicting reports efforts that he was just entirely lying and he needed attention for some reason do you think he thought he was lying at the time we get this out. Thursday. It is people are trying to hail Mary attempt to get him to Houston. The Sorenson oh brackets here it's won't do it dot dot dot before he accepts a deal report went. Why why does this keep coming out. Wire wire wire writers during this to this stupid fan base I I determined that now my fan basis is fooled by a bunch of very stupid people. Your fan base yes my standards by ten days of the Portland Trail Blazers rip city this and rip them. It's that you share and not the fan base that repeat John Adams or you Brit tee dump them yeah. So getting caught up in all of the speculation that is this is what our offseason have become in the NBA more than any. Has penned just entirely speculative now all we do as we sit back and go. How can this how we make this happen how is how to like GM hat on and make this happen because if he definitely wants to come here I've heard him say it video he's definitely tied it on Twitter. Or he's actually set a press release that no he hasn't it hasn't had any of those things no one Adrian would you announce ski the NBA insider the guru of the NBA yeah and has his polls on all the things happening in the association. Publish struggled ESPN yesterday that said that he has expanded his list of teams that he's willing to waive his no trade clause threats but that doesn't know story at this point. Carmelo Anthony has all the power in this whether or not he gets traded he is I. Highlighted Houston. Which was originally among fourteen he's in retreat to well now as expanded out to Oklahoma City. And the Cleveland Cavaliers yes well Portland is not on that list now down on us. Phil Jackson was fired from the Nixon he was one of the guys that was pushing the Carmelo out of there but now you've got Steve. Area and. Am forgetting them against them but they do knicks president has come out and said no he'll be trying to gamble money were very excited to have him we've had to. This is great. We've had two conversations this summer and he said that he's become an NB a professional quality conversations we talked twice. It's a third player that wants overtaxed with. That counts. All the way you know if you're really excited about Carmelo Anthony coming to Portland to be understanding that this is switcher -- getting Wright is a huge crybaby 33 year old crybaby who doesn't play defense and whose offensive production has dipped over the past but he decides not only in Toledo story he is trying to raise money for the folks of Puerto Rico his father's from there is still here this is a he Steward of the community so here's the argument. Of why so many fans want. Carmelo Anthony here right that makes Portland broiled and over and he's talking about or. Intel Basel starts yeah and then you realize that you have three of the same player on the perimeter let's talk about Carmelo Anthony straight threat he's a great score. Is that correct. That's the and yet now is identical percentage since 2012 this is what it's been going every single year after 22%. Where 1% 20%. Eighteen point 2% pretty little bit better this last year eighteen point 8% so his percentages dips. Over the past five years let's go into port average twenty points. 2724. When he 122. When he gave some meats and back again from the three point percentage do go. Point 37. Point. Three or point 330 OK but at that point 35%. And it's 35%. So nearly a year you're you're trying to augmented yet he has that if his three point shooting percentage was point 35. That would be awful. I'm trying 35 I'm trying to make of where I let me make a point for you please this is what people want to read this directly from the Bridgeport bidders. Back the tax line which is back. Backed won the fact line. To give me oh you can't a guy. Yeah. Look at George Karl opens. Raymond. Knows better than chief because Melo can dribble the basketball. Ultimate. Melo couldn't dribble the basketball. I have yet to see video evidence that this is a fan and I'll get probable he just holds on runway at Bridgeport breeders' fact I'm sorry. Melo is Bennett the chief because Melo can dribble the basketball. You don't take it or ticket Perot do you do we wrote it way can he drew all the fact line and get here. Wait hold on a minute if you tell me he can dribble between the legs than a little news bias. All right so here's here's here's a question wins and loss wreck at the current blazers roster and let's make up an imaginary trait that's what everybody else has done all week created some combination of Mo article is Al farouq Aminu. And possibly Myers insurers throwing a big right no vomit Davis or Mercury a real Zach columns that the right so you get rid of you heard of two starters. And a reserve and there's. Gluttony of of Rex threat yeah anti. Wins losses. Does that change anything for no it doesn't it doesn't change one damn thing not at all in fact. If any changed does happen you might just lose one or two more games. Wondered too which will not yet you better graphics don't. Which will looks to keep you where bottom of the bottom Western Conference play a mean not bottom just irrelevant enough that you'd just miss out and you finished ninth. Okay it's but still competing for the last spot in the US and slam yeah which is where you think they're going to be with or without well yes pretty much. So if the move doesn't make you markedly better. What does not make him. Not making the move basically allows your team to better develop which it needs to do without having Carmelo Anthony absolutely screwed that up because what. It is clouding over so many people's judgment in this decision. Is one thing and all that is is meant it's Melo played like he did on the Olympic team. But he has never done that ever ever when he is on the Olympic team except for 2000. Separately news with big greatest collection of basketball players playing against app or is that do not have anywhere near the talent let's see I'm kind of lazy I don't played defense hit LeBron can you guard this guy for a minute I'm just gonna shoot over here okay okay champ. Here's here's the question okay is. Is if the blazers currently constructed are not on that subject re where you think they're gonna be for a championship and next. Three years and cut a deal. No you can't wait to find compete for championship compete for it's it's in well just like extra cable they will be. The and he. They will make a Western Conference fire okay no now. Not necessarily an NBA fun to. Why not throw a wrench into. Because occasion to decide on the players that are your future it's Damon C Jim we know but who is it among your reserves that you think will be on a team that competes for a Western Conference final. Because I think there have been there's been proof in the past that this doesn't work let's pick LA lakers for example OK let's take a they invited to white Howard and they said rich in this thing because it's a one year lease we can probably convince him to still play here it turned out horribly that was really the beginning of the end of Kobe Bryant. Just what I've realized that Kobe Bryant was also a very different position than Damon's teacher. Are sick of Brooklyn nets her about your hall of famers in here and basically dump away every single asset that we have. Oh wait now we really suck. That was the beginning of the end for them times I'm sorry how good were they before the lakers. Lakers were a very different position they were trying to hold on to a championship pattern right they were they won five championships with with all what's his name OB. The black mama. And Annette how Gasol and they're just trying to hang on to what it was that kept them in the competition that the nets. They were never good no they wore OK that's fair enough so he got to blazers team that is. Middle of the road. There okay. They're decent team if they continue on the path they're on where the continue eating the eight or nine spot maybe on a good year they get up to. 45 or six but are never really a real contender for Western Conference playoff. What's the harm in throwing a wrench into that formula. And they dropped to the bond is look at the lakers now they've gotten you know early first round draft picks they've been in the you know the lottery for the number one overall pick of the have been second third. Second second wherever there happened they've added players that are are going to build for future this blazers team is just gonna kind of middle around for I'm just telling I don't know Camilla had these the right choice not an even to be work. You probably not coming anyway it's. From the text signed five factories under guidelines he's a one year rental salary dump I'm telling you in that one year you're going to (%expletive) off your superstar franchise player because of the fact that Willard likes to have the ball in his hands yeah well says Carmelo Anthony and yeah well Anthony all of a sudden is gonna go. This girl and a little bit in my ball control you know up. Chicago police and defense and you are also due to sit on the wing and I won't hold the ball for like twenty seconds on the shot clock in just destroyed possession of the worst. It can happen in the scenario though isn't necessarily that he comes in just Bruins the team they dropped to ninth or whatever follow and then it's like a warrior Damian Miller goes men I don't really don't wanna be the worst the worst thing can happen is they jump up to like the force spot it just absolutely annihilate in the last minute when the first series that Woodward gets swept out of the series. And then they come back the next year and Mel looks that goes you know what I will take that player option. And I will I will take it for 46 million dollar and will add no pieces and then they get worse. And then he takes off Kazaa roads free agents and go political brawn and LA were rebellion that I've by the time he's like 38 and they've built the blazers have gotten worse. In the drafted added no use maybe they've gone and another aged star because now knows they're helping this egging him leading to have somebody comes up. And yeah I actually in the and then it's a real dumpster fires have blades is a sit there and you've got siege in game two years older one's got a bad Nina how can they get shipped out there trying so hard at it that. Or spots for the could be a home team against the clippers or whoever the hell makes the five spot will pretty much beat. The Miami Heat in 2013. Or just prop like about a really old people and surrounded him around one really good player it's it's not Dwight Howard it's Gary Payton and Karl Malone of the lakers 020. The yet it's Steve Nash who come they've all the black Muslim never actually plays at that was brilliant. All the lakers rode the bus family you idiots. If a woman can't run a basketball franchise. Always yet she does it better than all of you. If you're a coach in college football or the NFL. How do you keep your job. We'll do organs has answered next since they attended the fan first news. That's right were powered by frost brewed Coors Light next weekend if you didn't just hear that commercial that was airing of these airwaves. We will be at Allen Webb Chevrolet. Next Saturday. There's going to be a Corvette show and a charity event that he barriers and blankets that is brought to by Alan Webb Chevrolet. The court county sheriff's department the Corvette. Northwest Corvette association of course tendon and a refund camps can join us in the second half to we can talk about the Huskies with him until we turn to your ex what. Aren't talking at the Huskies know they do this and that there could be the potential of having a big showdown. Let's say this Oregon Ducks team can make it through the tough battles that they have. That Washington game last few worth it up seventy on them lobbed at that but their r.s seven point is on that roster and realist coaching staffs turned over this whole lot of players on the roster that wanna get out absent proof can you imagine if they play. In a scenario that he would undefeated. Yeah and I highly image. And your completely right what I love so much got in my issue is that organ came out and they had those. Organ flag uniforms here and that they were blue for some reason yet they. It was the. Now with the web down arms right up and they were blue they would like cal yeah exactly and confuse the hell letter Betty yeah. This is a game organ with this is the one that we get this season bad bunch of all we got our ass kicked. Yes it was amazing that what is that woods is just rubbing smug right back in their face like full well just twelve straight to the dugout those uniforms. Yeah. You know what that was performance you can get a coach it is infected did. I would say so. Fair enough definitely fire but that was certainly a path aides stepped down that yes. You've come up with a guide for all the coaches upper college football and for the NFL to listen into the show right now yes. You figured it upon me how not if yes so if you I will I will cede my time answers to you and you've preached how. To not get fired I will learn in the NFL and college football let's first preface this by firing that happened this past week. Of a man who's close to a coach that I used to know. Pursued aggressive right here at least presentation with the story. I was used to no man buddy rice University of Nebraska fire their athletic director shot and Ike forced sinner and I acres anchors and since they lost to northern Illinois when he won 217 it at home which needed much worst. And they fired on Thursday now a lot of people are kind of saying I think Mike Riley might be next in fact if he probably is gonna be next here I think I said that. Now both Mike Riley there was a very entertaining gentleman who coach their name mister Boe clean. And he was. He was this helpful won nine games every year yes insanely good bite you had a franchiser. As insanely Urban Meyers it's insanely good mix David is insanely good this guy was good and he's saying no he was insanely good because the effect if he understood the key principle to keep your job in college for Terry did you keep spa. Well. Let me finish okay. He understood how to keep his job in college football. From a team and university that doesn't understand how to run itself. The University of Nebraska seems to think of himself as more important than they really are. Then you know we are really good back in the nineties and early two thousands we should be regarded in that same error today when we suck when Murdoch younger workers when Penn State gets better records than we do when we're becoming more and more relevant in the the big. Ten itself if you wanna be a very good coach in college football and you don't reach too much for the stars find yourself a middle of the road franchise. Win nine games a year and just stick right there and then if opportunities present themselves. Chased them a little bit but you'll always have that other thing to fall back on Willie Taggart is the most perfect example that's he would USF. Western Kentucky's before well but he went to USF the very middle of the road team. And himself 918. Debit. Hewitt is more on a need. Half that they'll let him Oregon right he was he was trying to give it. A power five job but he kept his job their for quite some time might really could've kept his job. At Oregon State if he just kept even after that disastrous last year he still could kept his job because he consistently. Every other two years would win himself 910 games given James Franco was one of those guys were he took Vanderbilt put them on the map. Got him up there and started to get some momentum go first thing he did was get out. Went to Penn State which was team that expectations were low come up big scandal in the end Brian almost got fired. James Franklin was very close your fighter and he had a miracle season last year now it is miracle season I don't know he's a great players can hear script I'm telling you this Iowa game might reveal little bit about Penn State they. Good but not great I have ever played a great opponent yet we it stands a good economy Iowa so and it trudging opponent might because I would just. I mean yards about Al damages leaning on you I Otellini on you in the most annoying way apart where you're at Michigan State IOS years ago Michael you just punt please. Read full yes. And I was convinced I was gonna win and maybe the ghost will play out of this could be the worst the I was it was it was a nice there's an aerial view of Davis there. It holy crap I have to watch them on New Year's Eve. It's so what you're suggesting is the way to. Keep your job is just get on a team and middle. Just middle your way if you want some success so if you really want to keep jobs skidded. Can A and other five what do they call it then the non power five jobs sure can you sit in their first hours today. Okay. Right as far as it pick Chris Peterson did that exceptionally well but eventually you get bored so weird that's the here's my flaw. In in your system. With college football if you if you do well enough at a school shouldn't do that well. You're gonna have other job opportunities and just think eventually you're you're gonna catch up would you you'd take one of those jobs. And taken SEC job comes with a golden parachute they gonna give you five years to make twenty million dollars of I don't think so anymore no most of the contractor that's why these guys are leaving. And then when they do get (%expletive) records like all right and implicates Houston not he's not in her to get another job he does sit there argued for every penny and get from Ole miss. And that was half of the humor of the whole you know firing they had earlier. But you look at other situations where this backfires Chip Kelly is the perfect example T this is what is gonna go Chip Kelly really should of kept his job Oregon yeah I don't know what the hell he was thinking going to the NFL that Chip Kelly. And I steered earlier this week and some the sports talk radio shows and they're talked about how it's very difficult to play for guys like Urban Meyer. Harbaugh Nick Saban right. You know some of the players can't stand administered point oh guess what you're only there for four years. Then once you leave your garage and it you good you're only there for three yeah and you can move on with your life if you have a guy like nick Sabin Jim Harbaugh in the NFL even though they will coach a team extremely well. I'm vacating exit inside that Miami because I think if you went to NFL team now they would still be really good. I think that if you have that guy constantly gay and in day out in your schedule. You grow to hate him pointers and Jim Harbaugh is the perfect thing is he doesn't have a stroke your ego and they want. I mean they want. What to look back to back to back anti champion male who couldn't stand him in an openness and and players that that we're getting disgruntled with them in the front office couldn't couldn't handle it Chip Kelly is that guy and he was able to manipulate college athletes enough disabled if you just do my system and shut up okay it is the NFL. And players believe that it and there aren't that but once he got to the next level. All of his bad qualities which are he slightly racist he's kind of an a hole he's extremely cold and distant. They are magnified because you're with adults now it's big business like like atmosphere it's not this whimsical timing your life where your playing football going to college having fun it's. I need to make that paycheck if you don't put me on the field I am gonna quit. Yeah well and and then here's the formula at least the way I see you tell me how wrong and in the NFL. It's you need to win. Ten games eight to ten games every year and have no person. Win and that's a subjective than Andy Reid. Mike Tomlin Marvin Lewis. Who else what Tomlin has personality. Even shoulder area to and he does he gets a little fire into it he'd does not. Stephanie controversy very soft I think it's different because you have some really candy Reid who. Had sustained successfully more McCarthy. He the Mike McCarthy's really riding coattails they are writers. Well but he also. All give you all give you oh deviant degree. But I think with McCarthy I think he's writing Aaron Rodgers curtail okay Marvin Lewis has no coattails to ride and he has no success. Or how does he do it Marvin Lewis is like the Bermuda Triangle there's no explaining it go I have no clue how seconds that we we've got we've got a computer system here holds every great quote from every coach ever taken Marvin Lewis conceived as a single quote from that guy in the ten years that he's gonna dangles. What is his voice sound like our analysts yeah did you watch our docks with the Cincinnati big got out did you see how awful atlas. How like AJ just that I did watch age. Hearing got hurt like on the first day and go to Marvin Lewis this actually attribute point that I go to Marvin Lewis and like it is her anti campers like clunker into us now men. Like the difference that was like when bill O'Brien. The same thing kind of relatively happened with that cloudy he got hurt. Sending can't make him have tonight a closer to and it's going to be up for camp build brands like. It's her saying yeah I think now Marvin Lewis is like now darn it well this'll go to work again in my. Guess I'll keep my job and keep put this red headed quarterback and it's about people off. The great teams in the NFL right now. And one of the great match ups we'll get to that later on first we've got to get too good vs evil that is next sinner and saint and eighty the fan. Not all news makes the front today. Don't look at the stories you may not mean. Have a Kennedy's. Alex is it T. Even your right center field. Gone. And Alex Gordon has his second home run of the road trip. Now. You. Both have children. Outscored what is in his league sixth of the year it's like the most underwhelming calling ever heard. Both coffins since there are necessary kid zero broadcast and we have landed my friend baseball history has been name made. Home run at number 5000. 600. And 94. Came out there and blast the ball on the weakening. Breaking the previous record back in 2000 long. With the record breaking season have come some theories some say it's hitting angle of batters some say it's steroids and others say the ball has been altered to our question is the home. And record good for baseball. And what do you attribute this to. I heard. Hours of the baseball. Which kind of makes things interesting there is a point last year during the season james' pastor came from triple A news commenting on how different the ball was that he was if it's deploy there. Haven't figured it doesn't matter I think it was talent walker. This is my brain working. Outside where it's clear mare's been. Nobody is talking about how the bull is different Tripoli that it isn't Major League Baseball and a few years ago in college one of the things that he did was the reason this seems on the baseball which makes more spin for pitcher. Part of the batters blitzes more drag on delegate albums but Tony the difference. On a home run at the same trajectory. So I think that's a real possibility because this is the conversation happens all the time most people don't catch on. That's very real possibility but there's also Cody Ballinger who set the rookie record for home runs for the Dodgers. And he talked to swing angle who's never home run hitter until we get the major leagues. Which is surprising when he goes out to blast that many homers is at 39 right now and that's all swing angle so I think it's a combination of things. And you could throw in how hard pitchers throw the ball faster comes in the faster goes out so I think there's a lot of elements. That is the kind of forgiveness on strikeouts that that managers have taken in this part of the analytics think they have a lot of that factors but I overall I think it's good for baseball. Because here we are talking about it and you know the end of the year and the home run his back Jon Karl stand looking at 56 right now in and getting years that Roger Maris mark. In mr. that's what she said. I don't think it's going in fast coming up faster yeah you should have you shouldn't. So we're giving you the key to get erupted right there I'll take. This is she to do is I'll take the high hat and am requesting you. Sanitize Russell is deemed right for me as a 25 your mural the ball and then. Coming into effect my craft every single day I just one incident environmentalists alike can be taught every single day. That's a man looks ridiculous that a beard carrier Irving humanize ESPN's first take this past week intact about why he left Cleveland for Boston during the interview with Steven I know everyone Smith herding said that he did not tell LeBron that he wanted out of Cleveland ended that he wanted board demand quotable quote from a coaching staff on his ability. He also expressed feeling forgotten by the franchise that's Cleveland. Do you think higher read we'll find happiness or Boston or will this just be a cycle. Think it'll be a cycle very instance you happens after next season when LeBron decides to take his talents to the Western Conference. And here's Boston sitting all alone in the east kicking ass where it's kind of the way if it's but it's in a bunch of like Boston. DC games at all but that's all based on the fact that we think that tiger he can be one of the team leaders I mean you've got Gordon Hayward. But that entire rosters changed and to be quite honest I'm not convinced that they're going to be that great of a team certainly when you have the cavs still there. Utilities for babies can't play back to back games we just wanna make it convenient for them. That fortitude to me about the make many years just can't stress about the private jets in the post our hotels is not enough saudis want to amend NBA. We just make and it's so convenient for these poor babies. That was our play emerge called Bob lane being hilarious during a better job John bobbled. As terrible a hundred million during a speaking engagement at Southern Methodist University this past week any insulted current NBA players. For their lack of toughness and in season games. Had been reduced. He also point out the players before the 2000 used to fly commercial and play back to back games and also get paid us. But inflation should speed accident that shut up this Charles have a point or is it the NBA being smarter trying to preserve the career of its aging stars. Yeah I don't think there's ever a decision the players made in the started in San Antonio Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan and most famously. But it was a it was a coaching decision is going hey we are better if you give rest. And they wanna win games and when it comes down to it's all about getting championships and the of the poster children for this is. The San Antonio Spurs they want and they didn't care if they looked good doing it they just wanted to go on win. And part of their strategy was resting players I don't think it's necessarily the players. Rats strip I look crest it's I'm I'm very good about my ticket suite that after the show. All right let's go with my favorite story of the week and this comes at a Colorado news broke. This week any woman jogger has been terrorizing a family by parking outside their home on a weekly basis are who runs. In order to help put the problem toilet paper company Sharma and offered. They said quote if the Matt Cooper church herself then we'll give her years to play TP to help with her. Quote on quote. Rungs of. DD that's pretty a pretty. Good Sherman. A sense of humor about being a company. Woman has awful good measure that somebody running by your house every day and just lay analogue on your on weekly. Of certain. That he never heard like a Friday. But Friday. The Johnson's got to get last week and started out for a different how I did hear a little bit about the story she's been spotted in other parts of Colorado Brett. Big flame Bremen slugs. Jerk. Students seem like quite the jury just. Told early you have to wake up to do this because if you do it at seven there's going to be people drive by like in that woman's statement loop. How many times you have to do before like I should probably change my routine. Well it's obviously didn't sub or. I guess I plus sixty. All of this ramping up whatever yeah got to. About a it. Was in the Los the accident seeds. I wanna you find out the backs earnest and see if what these people did was bad enough to Warren. Crap on there do you think she like shows them I heard the kids have seen it started crying midnight that is where is that animal I can't figure out a key leader. I bet the thing I I cannot wait for the sixty minute Diane Sawyer on 20/20 interview got tell this whoever and shut down due. We'll should motivate weight would he take it seriously this is a serious person and she had a goal and she went mountain. On winked and so it's running. Everybody has dreams of crapping on their neighbors or you're no match and before. You start to act so it was necessity. Will and in a few port on. Well. I key group into the SP outside like an animal. That provides a I need to know historians. I can't wait. Just learn. There the act. Of the entrances and that's trying to learn hey you know it's been through pre. Seattle's offensive line areas I don't think like the titans next and in saint and you.