Sinner and Saint 8-12-17 Hour 2

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, August 12th

Josh Rosen speaks the truth and the trade that makes the Chargers slightly better.


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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you're going to less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now what where we pick up from Ireland. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is spots about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. I'm 24 teams failed standup comic entered a contest called the hunt for those homes did not win later and was joined by an underperforming Oregon State fullback for the community college degree. These men. Neither haven't earned the position and possessing no real skills continue on as radio personalities. If you have nothing better to do on a Saturday morning. And if you can find and maybe you can hear the sinner in the same. You know jewels clothes or lose pounds. Ricky Nelson and is now involved in the that in real American skier. Hi where he won it on ten AB. Committed to our two if you miss anything from our one shame on you but. We prepared for such a oversight on your parts were Smart. That is the ban go too would be less Schwab tires podcast and download you mystery there you do it every once there's all kinds of things you do intending to tranda comets really great place to be go crazy surf that web kids. Fun place to be what else to we got after and it's laughable grapple tackle more about that tritium were people's you'll reply sinister name email. Through the bridge for attacks on 55305. And beyond August 23 principals social it's really fun party would you want master that we did was we. Airmail the fans all the listeners and dad just kept getting competitive with this whole. You know fantasy football thing the one thing that happened to me last year was that my eight phone and if you are carried please pictured bring your laptop and a very good Internet connection because my phone froze out on me and I had my first pick and it did an auto pic of plea beyond bell. My tennis you may remember it for forty AB's suspended for Ford it's usher could end up paying off though because. I was able to sustain my team for the first four weeks staying in second place and then lay beyond going crazy ugly. So. Good good Internet and here's something we're going to work on we don't have that. Shored up yet but we think there needs to be a prize apparently extremely figure somehow to get wins something you can get on all you do is Texas iPod preserve a separate orders. You put Kosovar. Yeah so according to this young gentleman named Josh. Rosen. Is a quarterback for UCLA. He was interviewed by a mark ease of Bleacher Report. They said that. Global and school do not mix yes and so that album would suck if they made their kids go to class these Booker for. Alabama would suck if they took the SATs grocers. Yeah the minimum won't know stuff. Well I think he's more referring to like how they. The initiative he any admission standard yes there that he suggested it yet they may not try so hard now these have been got a blown out of proportion this was not. The meat of what he said what he's talking about is that most of the support staff for the football team is actually trying to keep people eligible not trying to help them excel. In their college education. What was experience you had when you played football and tried to go to school were you able to get the most senator education was that something that even interest did you. Meet personally know at the time it did not interest me whatsoever because when you're getting recruited. That's not really what the talk about the don't talk about your degree and I think that's what a lot of people who are critical grosans comments forget is that wing you're an eighteen year old seventeen year old sometimes can get brokered pretty early shift. You don't think. Of college as a place to learn you can give it as the next opportunity to advance your career in football because at that point in time you really think you're gonna make it into the leak. You have these dreams of playing with these high profile players Tom Brady. Team is Winston Aaron Rodgers you've got the dream that you had was when James Winston town and recruited. You have the stream of being on team and being in playing on Sundays and wearing the Jersey and everything and so really the whole idea of getting an education he's not even a mindset at this point and a it makes an incredible point when he says that you don't take a look at some of those SAT scores of guys who got into Alabama. Two and try whatsoever on my SAT because really. I had to make a pretty low scored just give into organ state at the bare minimum of addition staters I was thirty and again. Because they were recruiting me right now getting recruited and it's not an Ivy League school you're getting into that school they really want you to save Stanford Notre Dame yes. And even then even if it if the recruit is a is a big enough name Stanford will do what they need to do. Okay what I'm seeing your word for I what I'm saying is I don't think you have to take these comments out of context. Because of the fact that Josh Rosen is a welcome Jerry wealthy white family in Los Angeles area I understand if you take that into context you might. View these comments is kind of snide or stuck up but I take it more is just. Reality is this please don't care about school you don't wanna go to class even practicing for two and a half hours that I before you really wanna go to class next morning Canadian mountain. But there's a lot of students that don't wanna go to class at 8 AM in the morning anyways there's plenty of people that go for the college experience. More than for their education and that's in the general population forget about football. And Josh Rosen saying that you know it's like having two full time jobs if this and I wonder if there's some. Naivete. In there where he is she's just a young kid and thinks that he can do everything. You know I mean like he's gonna go amateur conquer football and get great education the same time I can do all I'm Josh Rosen nothing's gonna stop me but as you get older you just realize you have to balance things. And whether it's family in a full time job or family in school or family school and a full time job as you get older. Everything is available to you in some capacity but not the same time but you have to pick and choose. You have to understand about this to you is it's all the set up from the program. You don't mean this isn't just like a decision to use yourself. That you yourself got influenced by right it has to be a team that really has put the idea in your head. Saying in the recruiting process that's where it all starts that you have this idea that school is on the back burner you're not a student athlete your Napoli. That's what they're paying you to do right should be paying you to BA student athlete then won the big things that they would recruit Qiyue. Is how great the facilities are on campus for the engineering building or whatever interest you have in terms of your major that's not what I got. I think I got was hey. What are the two people who were offering you a scholarship we're gonna give you playing time on the field. Like you wanna come here ya okay sounds get all right there is a college there you have to go to class who else Richard you organ. Okay but. I was in new CD put into my. Those either and that I think at that bawdy once elector recruiting that an innocent I'd be and then that was I was like oh I'm never gonna boy did they do anything with third day didn't. Highlight their academics and all know I mean at the time when I was getting hurt her right organ this is round 20072008. When they were starting to come to national prominence of their biggest sell was look at our facilities look at the people we play book and how many times we've been on national television. Like that was their big thing that they wanted to put your face and pressured by like they breed the locker room and you think you're going into a church but that's how much they built it up to your shoes off and Fries. I mean I guess what I'm saying is. Don't judge this guy just because he's telling Braly like it is and this is really kind of what colleges and think for most. Artists make it who cares why do you care what Josh Rosen thanks about going to college and just being there see you can have a better career once you get the NFL. Why does that bother you. Well because people like to have something to argue about I mean that's a big part of it but I think there's a lot of players that feel like the football gave them an avenue to an education that probably didn't have access to when you hear that allotments of the media and I think that's one of the elements but also there is that affluent part of Clinton you know. The idea that this guy would have his education paid for regardless. And you know if he decides that after football that he was to go back and get education his parents have the money to put him through there and people that you look at. College football is an opportunity to go and get an education. The comments he makes about there being a road blocks to. Going in getting that education I think is something that people scoff that because they point to. Andrew Luck it was an engineering major Marlon Rolle who was a Rhodes scholar or these guys it really excel. Kara called the guy's name that just retired from the from the Baltimore Ravens so that he can go and be a neurosurgeon. I think they point to doors and they just they go we've awarded do you you can do. Gap wolf and I just. Just like I'd also like to say this people who by the way our football players and have never been that high a level of athletic had that high level of apple and a schism in their life. Get over me and you're not that person. You're just not there I've heard that so many times since he got out of college of people who basically tell me that like oh my god you're so lucky he got all your college paid for like no dude I pretty much wasted away all my high school career to work out constantly every day I didn't do anything and I ask people worked out yeah that was it. And it resulted in one half bass offer and then one where there are like yeah you'll get on the field and it did. I did we do what it's gonna be my decision how I wanna live my life and if you judge it that's fine night. You know what have fun with debt did yeah. I honestly how fun just paying off that student debt because I worked my ass off for four years to get to that point so I didn't have to do that and whatever decisions on the make after that. You can't really judge my life. And that sort of thing with Josh residents like you can judge him all you want the debt to work hard enough to get that point that now he can make his own decisions. Do whatever he wants and so we're all those other athletes. Are they gonna have great careers after football they don't make it to the NFL wants a good person to look at though not really have not. Relate do you do you think there are there should be a pay for play option in college football worse many doesn't want the education part of it. I mean that's a hard question because I think that Powell college football's built up at this point. Is really kind of an attention seekers more publicity than anything else like if you're really that good. You're gonna make it the week barring injury of course but I think if you hit a creek this whole separate league which by the way there have been rumors of it that they're gonna start the staying. Where you know they pay you X 50000 dollars a year and you just play for two years think it's a belief. But. I think it really college serves its purpose as kind of a PR tool right at which on the national stage so people can watch on TV and they get used to you. There's also the element of Josh rose's comments saying that there is no other option if you wanna make it to the Leona get in the that a little bit later because next we're talking with. Guarantee that it from beams and Torre and Katrina on. From did. Brian grant foundation they have a program working on cold punch out parkinson's. And they will join us next in studio right here on the center in saint this is anything. All right kids welcome back to the sinner and the saints we are very happy anytime we get to play the following music says it is time for the Browner and and the groom. Maybe. I think we have that oh you're fired will. Can't fire me on the one run in the board and boy you're not obviously on wanted to grow in the room is. Friends here Mickens and cocktails are at odds dive right into it a bell who cares and our show you'd ask for it yet you did. I've kind of didn't little cocktail in front of me of course and as for our right now on the check out take showed up and trying to do their trios. Katrina call from the Brian grant foundation and earned it from being since we're here. Pro. And wonderful applause for anybody that is not familiar with the Brian grant foundation you can go to Brian grant dot org is a foundation. Working to knock out Parkinson's disease so Brian grant's is working with. A lot of great doctors in the foundation and go in and trying to help people to have parkinson's live better lives. My grandfather suffered from parkinson's at the end of his life and some of the discoveries and the you build Ernie how exercise and everything can incorporate to a better life is something that Katrina you know I have already worked with Brian. On commandos the work outs in the mob workouts and stuff and those really fun. Welcome back to the show thanks for coming. Meanwhile will turn on a microphone. And again. He's like he's on about a cocked on from viewers rather again. Such right that's the a welcome back the Katrina when indices and thank you for having me back and then you bribe another friend of the program here Dan Pettit from beams and Torre tell me why Brian's here. Or I'd say dancer frank frank definition content. So did Darren and decent Torre even working with test on a number of our events throughout the year to raise funds for our programs for people with parkinson's. And we're about to kick off punch for parkinson's on Monday to raise more funds to support our exercise and nutrition programs. All right so punch out parkinson's. That's correct so daring you to do this and tell me what's in the glass brown. Oats for certain talk about the partnership with the program foundation it is in Aspen for a us. Teacher and I said I'm wanting. Back in December and transferred. Trying to talk about ways that we can get involved in and help out our nation and our first thing we did was via big gala. Few months back and that was those great time and they just normally pardon something that we really to get back we view obviously he's blues. So it's nice to you can call grope for good. Yeah and and gives on the nightly communion I don't think there's a better organization in the town thrust work with so that's first and foremost it's been really great. So with punch out parkinson's I became open the idea kind of based off another program they do with a beer industry called ice for parkinson's. And concept is to you raise awareness first and foremost for the disease and for the organization in different ways to live with the organization. While also raising some money for the foundation because obviously they can't do what they do without money and that's a big past Mars. So what we've done is we put together as Punjab parkinson's were partying with with bars and restaurants throughout normally Portland. We have accounts downing in Eugene that are doing this some in Salem were hoping to get some over and then. And what we're doing is for a couple weeks. Starting on Monday so technically Monday's is the kick off on the fourteenth gonna go through the 27. You can go to Brian grant a web site Ryan Grant dot org look for a full list of accounts that are going to be participating in this and each of those accounts will be running a cocktail feature or punched some moral urgency right now with a portion of the proceeds going right back to the program foundation. What we're doing with would beam as we're gonna you know just supported as much as we can really throw a couple of Lowell and stirring that time that we can probably also. Support your social media and get people out just. Really wanna have a a way for people to interact with the organization and hopefully you know get more people that come onboard and and participating and and helped us things continue to grow and you could work that they do. For anyone just joining us retreat joined by Katrina call and earn petted they are working with punch out parkinson's Katrina from the Brian grant foundation and down from. Beams and Torrey. Katrina can you talk to people about some of the programs of the brain cramp foundation doesn't mention the mob or count that I joined Jim last year when you came on the show. To promote the parkinson's summit that was here in Portland but what are the programs that this event is going to. Or so we have programs are evil parkinson's around exercise and nutrition primarily. We worked with researchers at that and we test you on and boot camp costs that's based on research that shows. How different types of movements can helped allay some of those symptoms of the disease. We also have another program called the power to project it's an online exercise community that was the mob were caddie came to see him last year. And we also do a lot of work or nutrition. I'm actually on Saturday will be having a cooking class at that from my protesting in front runner I'm next Saturday August 19. After 101130. People come in which we teach you about ingredients that are really get for living with parkinson's that can help manage symptoms. Support healthy lifestyle. And then we get to eat some great news. I was your age yet and that's on our website hampering rent dot org for anything that's interest in coming along. And there's a full list of all your events on there and also build via list of bill locations that you can try some of these conscious of Darren what do you or me on the first class and drinking and this year's kind of a traditional punch local planners punches created a bar in Charleston, South Carolina hotel bar all the planners tell. Just uses cruising single bear home. Wrong so it's 86 year old single barrel on everything in your came out of one barrel. That we weed on mixed a little pineapple juice some issues will be the women and some things orbiters. Soundscan nice refreshing punch. That's kind of what this time of the year I think requires yet we don't like to drink whiskey in here but you know in the stormy here it's nice to you on certain refreshing. Yeah it is it's it's not too sweet with the pineapple juice sometimes you get a little bit too much of that kind of punched in the face the acidity but this is really mellowed quite good way to fit and upon their. Happy to do. Ford mentioned that they sell their mouth when I had that they pay the medium I had pictured the Hawaiian punch gadgets that it this one Libya he dropped so that's even better. So it responsibly though is it up to the borrowers to create a different cocktails are you kind of going in with the recipes for them are absolutely we always look to Lou that our bars do the best thing again which in Portland is typically make cocktails with immigrants in this town with it's colleges and a we've got a really great variety of accounts to work with us on this on this program everything from small neighborhood bars. To some some nicer. And accounts and so there's something about the affirmative Austin support costs. So we dirty mentioned it Brian grant dot org if you wanna go and find the locations will be yet you're still recruiting for more locations where this program in gross of somebody owns. A bar or nightclub or they wanna participate in this at a restaurant level how would they get a hold of you joined the program. Well the easiest way bright idea would be email me which is just my name. Of my name misspoke and it's just DA RON. Dot. PE TT ITT as being some Torre ducked console since nobody's gonna probably remember that you can text you should be pretty more Beers techs led 55305. If you listening you know some of the ones do it go and it is about means even if its offer this program anything it in the restaurant bar industry that we can we can come together and raise money has caused more interest. In exploring other avenues and looking at spinners on the road. And are there any locations that you're going to be X Katrina with Brian Brian grant foundation. Well actually I'm not sure I couldn't wait to see return has serves up for us for the events and where happier and I mean not who's he going for cocktails. I definitely think judge he dries on the Brian Brennan now org find out where will be doing some of the larger events. Right now we have some definite things in the works will be party believe in the worse breaks out weaknesses. And huge supporter of the partition and one other can come and celebrate the so well you're sharing that information you'll support another cocktail from rejected during the break wedged or so this guy here is also meet with cruising around this is using state diamond. Five year light rom discipline to five to twelve year old wrongs that some charcoal filtered to humanize her finish cocktail around. I wanted to with this is the smile on concoctions some blueberry. The sense. Orange juice and I topped with a little bit a ginger beard and also some warned voters as well so I hope you like to do the best bartender. I would try to throw my happening on this oval outside the box. I'm gonna it's my grandma's tomorrow and she owns a blueberry farm I made but I have to mix one of these cocktails Bernard blueberry pops out so it's really good in the blueberry definitely comes out who warned that enforcement of it's sweet note it's it's a very good drinks so if you wanna. Go onto a beams and Torre and take victors in round for a test drive maker on cocktails but more Portland just go out and join this great 'cause punch up parkinson's starts on Monday it'll run through the 27. On Brian grant dot org there are all kinds of locations can go Seattle location it you'd like to join in this this great cause. 55 through a fight as a bridge for Beers text on with the information back to Daryn and Katrina. Kids thanks so much for joining us on the program it's always good stuff. Thanks so much ravenous us on our apple fantastic we will come back and we may dive back into this Josh Rosen thing we may Thompson NFL news and notes. Who knows under gonna cocktail during the break that is one thing I do you know to give one more thing their dad talk about mr. riskier earlier and Mitchell Mitchell to ski. And as an artist and I will say I'll aria off and managers a couple of I've got everything so when did he not eligible for you. To me he's still Mets split guests about ten seconds ago you came Mitchell some. I'm glad that we can help break any bad habits more sick and save and return this is an eighty the fan first news. I feel. Good but very you feel good like this since like garrido. Get behind Wheeler good like a radio talk and both. Yeah and it's it's too small cocktails. Trying to see if anything gets left behind and or five country but I'm Doug on. He responsible. Couple different directions we go here mood good man. I'll give you the option of an NFL news and notes actually have fell breaker both what's in them. We were talking about it. The breaking news. We'll check in now it. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Have waived kicker revert to old Clio. After his dues now Russert is just. Those an abrupt end his career. I always disastrous game assay weariness the 45 yard field 47. For seven she does that fall he actually got the 45. They waved him he's done. I some guys that sending him a second chance now I think his spurs over yeah I mean it's it's it I would say I has. A lot of people each couple ball sixty yards not every can make it through the operates all in this and everything is that he's his physical talent there we know that guy the yips yeah but he does this is but at the same time he's a complete case. I think you'll get maybe one more chance but he'll be on just the thinnest of lines ever and if he misses just one kick then I think hookers over. Yeah now I don't know I mean that's that's the thing is a they give you go into a situation where your kicker goes down and you look at the short list you go veteran that maybe doesn't have the leg as the poise don't shoot. Mean the first call isn't to a guy has potential but never put it together in the NFL. I don't nobody gets a second chance that's tricky one if he is candidate can be open minor league soccer. Probably pretty fit a committed. You know genachowski. Looks that yeah spare point well that'll be interesting to see what happens. All of a throwback to with the option plays Josh Rosen. Saying that. There needs to be a change in college football. Possibly moving to pay appointment or have on the film isn't it's because there is some big trade this past week there word but I don't know what they meet. It's always tricky with this believe Sammy Watkins goes to the ramps ramps. Is chaired Huffington and make you don't have is that gonna make a big difference is having another weapon that's going to take. Lot of folks more and I think the end of Simi Watkins potential to have a incredible career has now he's put in a horrible place for either. It's Jerryd golf who's throwing Chiu who was quite honestly had when he worst NFL seasons of all time last year for rookie. They just put it rookies that were were all never thank you look at the number veteran he was really dad and then you either have that are Sean Gagnon who as a forum you know former beaver I would say I would love to see him start the same time hasn't proven himself now I have saved a number one overall pick maybe two hours yeah that and I think they you're really. Kind of putting yourself in a situation to Sammy Watkins that you have to consider this a dead here because this is a contract year right you have to prove as much as possible so that when you do hit the creation marking you can go somewhere where your talents will. Either be appreciated her shown for the rest Yorker I mean this is just that it's a dead year and there's now like you can really do here in a mid major golf we'll just come out and completely do you of 180. And he'll learn to all of the stuff from his first year and you know be fine you'll succeed but I don't see that happening. Especially with a thirty year old as your head coach. Are not great. Can be troublesome what does it mean go on the other direction buffalo gets. Wide receiver Jordan Matthews cornerback EJ gains and second round pick. Having your and Eagles 20183. Round I mean isn't the bill losers of four in the team opera is a wooded this is a tank years ago they're adding pixel is there any picks and not only that are kind of just setting up Tyrod Taylor had a terrible year so that you can get him off but looks like there's anyone bring him back this year they weren't open and everybody well yeah they wasted a first round pick on EJ Manuel had been given negative cardinal jones' on the roster and Howard they get rid of him to. What well not occur dole. Cartilage and is still there but you know you take a look at what they're doing setting up for next year and also take a look at the draft right yes in dar. You have Josh rose but I am Arnold that same Arnold has not said and people close to the said that he can probably come back. He's gonna leave. If he wins the Heisman easily and I wins the Heisman and a national championship believes that they get close and don't win a championship I think he comes back I think you have to still bet on that and understand there's still a lot of QB talent coming into this next draft and that you're gonna acquire all these assets and be terrible enough that you can go snatch. I think you can do that and the the tricky thing about that is you played two games against the jets them. How bad those games can execute he's exigencies. I know you've. What assets to the jets have OK so what they go I just didn't seem. My suggestion isn't necessarily the bill's role run over the jet when I'm saying is will be two worst football games in the league. Then the jets bills. Or one jets bills park to. This could be the worst organs in the NFL this year. All. And and now Brown's two dads today play each other. But again I would only play once ultra good good my first thought was browns and where do they knew what division. In less they play against the AFC east and and looked at it and the browns play both the bills and the jets. The jets can be better than all three of those two dollar. Hold your time my friend. I'm audience here message here you don't put 880000. Dollars on earth do you did you hear. Woods Leonard for that said this past week efforts for Jason the NFL is easy the speed. Did not surprise me and I'll congratulated the SEC. If you go back and look at him his first preseason game he makes no attempt to get away from contact whatsoever of course not not a broke nine right injuring thirty yards that he is it look like abruptly ends Adrian Peterson used just like oh look there's a gap. Always there's somebody it don't care and register in my body at a would you remember the tech mobile runny head against Auburn that's your view which. Balancing off of them yes totally but I mean what's the shelf life if your letter for an at least you didn't playable game right because you wanted to keep your shelf like for the NFL to your last two years running like that oh sure. Asking Adrian Peterson he's the super human who is able to at least sustain his current little but longer but he's completely is bodies broke but he also had a Bayesian tactics and nine trails and liberty over the he had breakaway speed router for that has some breakaway speed it's not like AP via AP's complete freak it's so you know they play to open the season that Houston Texans nice you think they have that circled going oh he thinks the game's easy and yet he. It's odd to say oh you're on the outside of here's to dating grinning all of them aside others should you now. How's that gonna work for a standard that the team that can they're gonna circle bat on what are you wanna throw the ball with. Played more spoken. Well because that's literally doubly portals name sounds in my mind boy. Like out there he'll throw some picks. Also in the trade carousel Philadelphia ends up with cornerback Ronald Darby. That move the needle in an hour I have zero cares you put it on the sheet. All the bigger story of the week though Jake and that's just yeah yeah. Mr. Jay Cutler so he comes out of the Booth that he's never actually sat in. And goes to play with his former offensive coordinator Adam gays in Miami did you know that they do you hear. Smoking Jay's comments this week I did why he decided to come out of there and and owner is that I played quarterback. I don't need to be in great cardiovascular shape. And a well. I mean look at all the ones who aren't good cardiovascular shape with them. See James Winston. He's pretty good rate. Yeah I think he's probably a little bit better shape than I've just been you know trying to get a sponsor's moreover guys and they left the NFL EJ Manuel. Is that not to shape salaries and mr. But he Ben Roethlisberger he's got no idea begun getting a bad novels are always say he's getting injured carrier. Do you and he says and he's a mountain of a man who's got a little more size and smoking Jay Cutler what Ben Roethlisberger problem and I'm be to think this because there to discuss how we still unlucky getting injured no I'm not. He's not a lucky at all the players I think he cares about his body whatsoever I don't think he takes care at all I know he's a mountain of a person put to his fat kids overweight. Yes but look at the way that he plays is he wants to have because he sits back in the pocket and he can absorb contact and you'll have a deft too defensive tackles. At a bottom of his legs new still for broke all that hard to bring down a fatty that's just throwing the ball that's his tactic is he keeps on that way that's the reason he's gonna retire after this year. Is because he's absolutely been crushed his entire career and every time somebody goes you need to get the ball faster you know watch I don't. He's trying to prove something every LC successful. But he's taken way too many hits and and one of the things that he could have done at any point. Was just go out and try to save yourself some time you the fastest wide receiving corps in full all you can great running backs is the ball a little bit quicker. Continue your career a little bit longer but this is somebody chose not to do but he's he's probably all Famer right now already and he's been agreed. Player for the Pittsburgh Steelers for a decade or longer. And in our senator Teresa cricket great off kilter too you know exactly. All right. And so when nobody didn't and that sandwich often been after him and it looks to shut the Nike and the tax on five factories are part of Carl Jones actually place for the chargers I thought he got traded I was gonna suggest that you know what Jones is gonna be as they Wear out RG three he had treated for heart that's going to be the thing that pushes Philip Rivers to actually be good that's another NFL quarterback who I want people that she's quit trying to convince these good. I caught 850 times a game yeah you're probably gonna throw for 300 yards I Connie. Adam show after interview on his podcasted to know me from Adam or something. Next I'd never listened to it I didn't intend to but it put on ESPN radio and I just happen heaven on and it was Philip Rivers. And a bush hated Philip Rivers and let's interview. I hate to say it. And like and like some things who's. What was he saying it actually liked. I hate ever wanna play US. I know that's why have a drinking for that are expected to say no we said it's about family and it's about the way he's he's got eight kids. And he no plans on slowing down with C puts on regardless credibly this is an idiot but he but he was saying how every day you start fresh. And every day you wake up and you go all right it's a new day it's a new moment thrown interception. The new data scream at someone. It. It but he but he he was measured at and I think look the guy but it would it was a decent interview and he had some things where you said you'd you'd you have to forget every moment. Start you start fresh and every moment you throw an interception or you throw a touchdown he need to kind of take it can go start from scratch because every moment is new. And you say some things about family that I respected a little bit in the way grew up talked about his relationship with his dad wasn't a ton of football stuff seems like a psychopath. And I was like well well. He's actually pretty thoughtful guy she. Seems like your little management type who like everything you do like this little remotely wrong keys idiots super pissed off that you about like I give you if you for like you do a spell check you in spell check your email to I'm like he's gonna come to your cubicle and be like you jerk you. The F here's where here's where I'm torn on the Los Angeles super chargers is I think that everybody thinks that they're joked this year plain and soccer stadium. The big move because nobody wanted to do anything with him in San Diego I think everybody's root against him. I might be rooting for the charges here you'll have fun. There's certainly going to be drinking more. Now not to try to deal with that I'm jumping on the bandwagon they don't have him just saying in vs rooting against them I'm not gonna. Appeal for the chargers says a lot about is the person I don't know and I mean some milk toast and crappy. How milk toast and crappy Amazon for starters are awful but it terrible in the now again because I think everybody believes what you're saying right there. An opponent pearl they're better than I think that the ultimate underdog their team without a home dog play in the coliseum here's the bit about them for their able all of whom you know let's let's did the raiders are moving they get to play in the old stadium the chargers are moving they get to our the rams are moving they get to play in the coliseum which is good move and they're like. No you can't go back seen Diego that was is awful nobody wants you there you can't employ in the coliseum in Los Angeles we only let one NFL team player you split a soccer stadium sacks and immediately dissect it Tenet in our. Alice to pull all this to bill and cares about them there than I don't inconsequential. Team athletes and their the runt of the litter there this poor little puppy that needs to be bottle that and I think that him and give them just a little bit. Of my support. They are literally the string cheese in the back of your fridge that you just like what that can get here yes and then you look at eight the only the only couple days fast that the expression. That's what I. And that. All given a try out try to string cheese and hope it doesn't ruin my gut. Or ECB did LaDainian Tomlinson. We wrap this show up and hopefully a couple more people for fantasy football league maybe you'll get a crystal balls maybe we want. The center in saint concludes next. Register anything. Struck. Yet working. So on the NFL network and rip the replay of the mayors of Broncos. The great Mitchell for Penske. Reviews seem to be proven themselves out from his wants this site. The tight end dropped a from the ski touched down about it should make not so even one of losing leeson's. It could've been a touchdown so I guess got something going on don't know what it is. Hey let's really get to pre season. Listen all I'm saying is there's something there and Els who happens. You got trashed on the tax on for hate the chargers so much. Screw the chargers he don't like their fans are the ones that actually sent them out of San Diego right yes. Trying to trying to let it go to the chargers Candice are will move to LA. Didn't go to games now and then just last couple is there's literally no one in the stance that we yes that's true but a bit you what happens is midway through the season. Some guy who said his body goes abroad soon ago to the George Candida. The minerals Angeles. Went. That's San Diego went out and always tell him Pappas India has no idea they laughed. Because it's very easy to be lethargic in San Diego go insane idea like the NFL team to avoid. It would be the same thing like people like I do I'm betting that. Half of the church chargers fans and amusing air quotes that are that have no idea they've laughed just because they have so many better things to do in San Diego. I guess. I don't know that SE some appreciation for sports. There no now given to understand. It's important they. Sell data leagues in EU carriers all that much about what's going on and scored. Hey kids if you listening to the sound of my voice and you play fantasy football or you've never played inescapable in Italy to join the sinners and saints team. In the fourth annual dirt and spread fantasy football superstar challenge. And it's just Texas tech's that your name and your email. Oh it. Wednesday August 23 6 PM punched full socialist in pioneer place. It's a really fun party I don't play fantasy football except for this league. I started playing three years ago when this insane came on line and it's always a great time we'll and I gonna work and put together great prize for the winner so we'll be some incentive. Keep him pretty real interest should be it's a fun William a good time last year. But did good time is actually the first time I had seriously played with Casey replied I was jointly with quick two weeks after death by Israel on this 55305 is Bridgeport Beers Texan didn't cost anything to play and I could have income of something good. He didn't just high five from the line. Yeah. And it washed my hands we're gonna work on some awesome Korean. Our kids give anything else for for the fine listeners of the fan radio program. It's true biscuits and maybe Robiskie time here entering her fancy drafts I think it's a good pick. We've already got in math gets down whoever whoever draws that number one pick to take you to ask that when when. Mitchell the rule in the league. The first pick it's automatically guilty and good luck lucky got too risky. I will be back next week nine to eleven every Saturday. You don't have any wonderful. Weekend. I'm told they have they repeat criminals interest at the very least.