Sinner and Saint 8-12-17 Hour 1

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, August 12th

The Blazers are getting Carmelo Anthony (...not) , and the NFL Pre-Season matters (...not)


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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you're going to less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now what where we pick up from Ireland. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is spots about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. I doses of pre season but it's football season kids. Yeah. Alex that it everybody oh my god pre season NFL football ads that we got book alone. We got Zeke we got rookies we get smoke and Jay Cutler really get punch drunk later. And colleges are all kinds of things to get you the first to make couple corrections in the sports and update their champ I go ahead. Iraq smoke Ramirez. Terrible name kind of stumbled a little bit and Hideki monster Yamaha and Ewan Matsui was based. While I'm TM. Run two by Bridgeport Beers finest. Of Peter's I absolutely hail baseball names. As a golf the golf club goes out to the Bieber makes them for the base or us are awesome though Iran's million just a JC Ramirez as well. It at that that was a typo. Did you put CJ might have who knows. The blazers flush flush. With CJ is these days. And another one this week how exciting is that what retirement added another CJ. Full rights. Really but. Doom big news. Is that. Maybe possibly. Somehow it would have known him what played San no it's definitely happening playing boatloads Baum. Is an interesting team in this because. CJ McCollum in Damien Willard and they're really good job of recruiting Carmelo they've been very amount of and on the columns in New York place other video of them playing pick up in America selling him on hey look what our team could look like with view and my god but that's. Incumbent up ultimately I'm in Portland put a package together that appeals to New York but don't hood. Then that's a sleeper team in this to get kernel to waive his no trade because all I'm told they have ATP criminals interest at the very least. Oh my god. Peaked. His interest. I'm told they have the repeat criminals interest to release speak at the buried on its debt the bare minimum that they had to do was peek is it tree just little. They did that that's the bare minimum. Will Americans so basically they took them on put this in real life circumstances they took Carmelo Anthony out to drinks. And they got him a run well. I advance Walden to. A big contributor. And McKay. I think. I think I mean you wanna go home with the blazers who listen may be. Let's and we know he likes strip clubs but he them oral and is flush with strip club more strip clubs for that per capita than any other city in the country can do. So should spend the next ten minutes talking about how great blazers are going to be now that Carl Anthony is definitely on the blazers he's definitely coming to Portland right. Oh I don't think there's any question about that they have at the bare minimum. Play it I'm told they have the sneak peek criminals interest at the very least the theory at least. I talk about how absolutely absurd and the last two days have been in Portland for blazers fans and how they have taken this one sound bite. From a four side. Basically Adam show after. What are our DN yeah I dare you criticize then boom boom knowledge in the inside of the load should know I'm criticizing how ESP enrolled him now. On their radio network and then basically put out this very speculative statements you make fans go crazy over absolutely nothing there's no new information in what he just said before before Adrian would you now ski joined ESPN how many sound bites did you ever hear. Did you have any idea what he looked like or sounded like before he got an used to I had an idea what he looked like because I'd seen him on the line he had done some Mike blog stuff but. Sounds and now he's one of the most boring people to actually hear talk yes so he's Twitter monster. Lately he's in that wooed bombs and pretty fall the vertical and and and that is Twitter account. Anytime there is anything big going on the NBA and what ESPN has a tendency to do. Is a good personality and they'll run them ragged apron through the whole cycle to go through the ESPN radio lineup. They go through the SPN television Montgomery and Brian when horse how many times have you been listening to an interview and I gotta go their Melrose is as weak as is our only hockey correspondent where he'll do like a three minute hit on radio and all the way to do television is that prioritize television. So what you need to do now after wooldridge is door of the king of the of this speculation in the NBA. You need to have content so before it was like you would sit there and wait for him to speak and he spoke when he felt like it. Because essentially the vertical was his platform on Yahoo!. Where he can go when he controlled that. But now because the past to be out there you have to say something. So the headline is rockets and knicks have started toxic not there's any movement if they can they're gonna try to find that third team again. So then you have to believe something else in the only other story is that Damon CJ. Want to have Melo on their T. That is it that is the only thing he's saying in the statement and I'm absolutely tired. A blazers fans pushing across this narrative that we have a serious chance that this you understand you were talking about a guy who. Has hidden his entire career all he has done is chased money. That's it. That's all he cares about if you take just that piece of information and apply to this situation. You understand that we have one of the worst interest tax break in our income tax evading detection via an. Any state. So you United States are you suggesting someone that is out ultra greedy yes will go somewhere like Texas where there's absolutely zero. Incumbent Florida go put Miami he tells me one time worker Milloy if he's actually gone to a team or set up a team 'cause I know he's only been on two teams by. Tell you one time that he's actually done something that would indicate to you he actually wants to win a title TBS and right because he's won all those gold medals right. He's he's been a leader on the since he's been a leader Syracuse it really hard to beat all those Europeans when the Brian James Kenderick Chris caller on your team you're a real leader I'll tell you that. Really stepped up yet he really stepped up with Duffy or future hall of famers alongside him yeah. Now this is absolutely ridiculous I wanna blazers fans to just for a minute closed their eyes and remember a couple years ago when all you did. Was just talk mess about Carmelo Anthony constant. I'm gonna break one of my primary rules and except for myself on this program please read one of Sam the mailman is Tex right now from the bridge tortilla. Peters techs like yeah let's hear competing your Cheerios you're not why not let us dream about it. I know the kid's dream world. God let's just dream about having send six foot seven scorer who can't play defense is past his prime and will only stay for one year ball by the way your two best players are just entering their prime. And every single year. We'd don't get to the Western Conference finals CJ McCollum and Damian Miller it's a waste it's a waste when it comes to their contract your 'cause they'll look at this team and they'll go. We're not building anything. Tell me in your heart of hearts you really believe the Carmelo Anthony would not be an upgrade from. I guess Al Farouk immediately or Evan Turner. Oh god no. No well if we're gonna offer to me don't he's not he's not at all because number one you're gonna head basically have a stagnant offense every single time he touches the ball he will run out that shot clock. If you can give you hold it he closes it do you when you say run a data suggest that he's moving. Well played thank you I guess are trying to say is that the blazers offense has been predicated the last couple years on ball movement right do your best perimeter defender. What who's your best perimeter defender at. Media guests look people and out of the starting on a die and that the other fact right yeah. We don't know you with your points sorry you have to assume you have to primary scorers right now were young good guards weren't. Suggestion is that if you have wreckage for a season that's your third scorer right. Oh is I mean isn't it I mean he came in the news of fifteen and ten guy and that twenty game stretch that he played. Isn't the idea that this blazers team having Americans for a full season will be a better team just by virtue of adding him. Totally and I think it's really it's a good idea to go ahead and pink future answer franchise on a senator. Being your third 22. Yet twenty year old senator Marty has injury problems being your third best score I think that's a great idea. I think you beans and I'd be really sarcastic won't be easy I don't want that why not add Carmelo Anthony because it's that perennial all star because your only gonna have him for one year and I don't wanna hear the explanation of he's the one year rental plus we'll get a bunch of money off because dirty assuming that we're gonna get rid of Meyers Leonard that deal right I think your resumes Evan Turner and Myers got right that's digestive that's the building blocks you'll sort of understand that the knicks might not want to take that deal because they understand how crappy Meyers Leonard is now money they have to put. Towards him. Can I can make it. Projection that I think would be delightful scene athletes Chris stops towards against Meyers Leonard and sacked Collins on the floor at the same time I'm here next. That's a great ship op a handful of seven foot white guys yeah direction. That's it's a so I think featured the NBA that's I think the greatest pick up game at a 24 hour fitness I've ever seen in my life is to reach that trying to block their sandwich. Threat inflame. You know one of them can't cheated on the other one has confidence problem and then the other one just wants to get the hell out of New York. Now that. OK I don't I thought Howard I'm absolutely tired this this whole narrative that we have to bring Carmelo Anthony on this team again I go back to the point. I want fans to just remember a couple of years back when all you do it was crap on Carmelo Anthony as everyone did it believe it does any work. Everybody crap on him once Amare Stoudemire tell without ever crap on him once he basically be Jeremy Lin worst. Crap on him when he. Basically made Phil Jackson. Insane in New York. 553 of privacy is a British orbiters tax lined wooded Carmelo Anthony make the blazers a better team. Oh I don't know. So now. Honestly I don't know and here's the reason that I don't know seventh spend that much time thinking about it actually happening that I am with you that this suggestion. Did the two guys recruiting him is the reason that he wants to come to the boys. That seems silly to me. The idea that there is no actual trade on the table the reason he's not a rocket right now is to the blazers. Don't want Ryan Anderson adds the best the rockets have to offer. And it is 83 way trade heartless and I think they had Meyers Leonard in that going to New York. Well guess what I'm hoping New York one of that deal very much eat or they don't nobody wants Meyers Leonard it's so the idea that if if they could have cut the rockets out of that deal. They would have done that then. And they would have went straight Carmelo Anthony for those two guys there's no assets on the table there's no suggested trade. There is no reason to think now I I in almost never believed speculation. And rumors anyways but this one. Has didn't have a suggestion. Of what the trade might beat. So does Carmelo Anthony make the team better. I think he probably does does he put him up with the warriors like was suggested by by wooed. Probably not but let's look at the Weston who did they have to be better that. The warriors. That's what right that's guilty. A lot of teams be better than if you just wanna make the playoffs. You don't even think their playoff team bracket if they're barely a playoff team right now if you go into the sixth season. I I really do I honestly think that and I think if you bring Carmelo Anthony on the team again it's not gonna make you significantly worse but you're gonna be stagnant. Your brood gonna lose a year of development for most of those young players that's I think you have to think about like yet we can do the whole one year rental thing that you stand with a one of the youngest leagues in the team. But we need as much time as possible to gel and actually create an effective roster look down that this did it. That this is done this for like up five or six year experiment where they brought. All the same views on the same team they said we're gonna keep everybody together for this extended amount of time and see what happens. If you are Carmelo Anthony is the next for one year you were dropping every. Sensibility that you have for defense and you are also making it says CJ McCollum becomes completely irrelevant. Because I guarantee he will not see the ball and all once Carmelo Anthony is on the floor how the hell do you even imagined those three on the floor Damian Miller Carmelo Anthony C chemical. How did she got playing out. Do you see any ball moved their money that is ready you don't. Any little movement that's that's the other thing too about assaulting his boo boys aren't necessarily great ball movement team already know and that was been hurt each piece that really added something guess now you go inside out. And you've got two great shooters in CJ and Damon and Hillary dried area yet so so I. Again I just wanna see this team slate as it's currently constituted 'cause we've only seen for a small sample size. I don't bring their kids is necessarily injury prone I think that was kind of a freak injury. If it were a foot or in yet be a lot more word about the bone in his leg he recovers well he comes in in the shape he has a spot on the team that makes sense. I think that's the way the team and proves you keeping young pieces around and guess what. If my lender Meyers Leonard is on your roster and you've got six players that are better than him at that position he will see the floor and you'll forget about it. He can get paid all the money he once that's added in the bench but if he doesn't go win it's because he's not good enough if he does that means everybody else needs to develop. Next job for Meyers Leonard club promoter. He couldn't she see him sitting on a street corner with flyers team is about to be like 21 year old girls and then. The could drop by Dixie today. Ezekiel village can be there we'll talk about him next this is a sinner and saint Tenet that. It's gonna roll through a couple thoughts from the Bridgeport Beers tax plan before it too far end of too far away from poisonous. Sadly I've come to accept the blazers will be relevant for at least ten. Oh at least the next five years yes type of there if not a decade and bond whoever that is thank you for. Having a sense of realism I've been a million the blazers will never make the west finals with the aim and CJ I'm not from your won't become the blazers fan. Because I already have enough problems before. That's fair. That's that's fair in his lifelong blazers fan I have. Good decision I love that team that there is to some very infuriating parts about it listen most most NBA most professional sports fans are infuriating constantly and the blazers fan and a mariners fan I feeling I feel. Just for and for most of my life for Bennett's small fry and a eleven C a stand and most of my life have been frustrated with that. I mean limited to the first comfortable and 2005 that did not go well and looked out out your frustrated again. Right down right now I'm good at a get a little time there's is the window is still open for the CI to have some success but but yet it's it's not long before a team falls off and other than the patriots in the suburbs. Mean what other teams have had sustained success for. You know a decade it doesn't happen very often I imagine if you're Steelers fan it got so much upset but you just bothered yet but if you're Steelers and you probably also pirates fan. That's acts. Let's go too far. Does say and there's that there's at least the suggestion there but it's it's it's ridge had a good run Boston has a good run. And in most cities it's pretty difficult New York. You always get these spikes in separate long time since the Yankees were really good to say that fears Celtics and you're just constantly pissed off. Even when they won the title in 08 like I think they're here they were probably still like pissed off. And there's probably something to that but we showed us dub him. I'll do it again if you're Celtics fan and your patriots fan and juror Red Sox fan. I could do worse. So convinced is just throwing it out there. Now if you're a cowboys fan it has been a very long time since the cal would have been good you've seen a great season last should they go thirteen and three uber rookie quarterback rookie running back. You get to the playoffs and so. Now here you are coming in the next season your rates. Rookie running back coming in new software season has already been suspended for six acts yes. Zeke Elliott and this happened with out even in any legal action without him and even being arrested but he's been arrested for anything. Yes there's other I think you can push out press charges on him. No they decided the bill legal team decided there was not enough to pursue all legal action against him for the accusations of domestic violence. There's both July and February incidents that were brought up and considered in this. In addition to that the NFL also considered his actions of pulling down the woman's shirt to expose her breasts on saint Patrick's. Wall and now the six games a special also comes after the Ray Rice incident when he fourteen bit basically the NFL's conduct policy shifted saying look if you're gonna do anything that relates anything to domestic abuse. Anything in that area it's gonna be a minimum six game now they can kind of fatalities are darker layer and it and then they don't pull back out on a the giants kicker he's domestic these do you think did that happen after Ray Rice is it okay now how do you city yet I can't recall I think one right. Yes but. But the difference there was those reports were there from the past it was in I think it was either book scorer release but these were waved kind of wait rack. Now is that giants kicker is he white. I yes he would Zia. Are vicious and but this was something that he is the way that came out as he was seeking treatment. First some mental disorder or whatever was an admitted to its and there was never any it was never even brought up publicly so it is. Slightly different now the difference. Width Ezekiel Elliott. Is that he's had multiple. Incidents and multiple accusations. In this little stretch of time and and you can go back and you compare compare it and that's totally fine to say that but at the same time the NFL's looking at this one specific case. Right we're not looking at him total as a person you have to be small but again that that they'd they said that the wrist three separate incidents the February accusation. The march incident with the Expos in the woman's breast. And then July and a second. Domestic violence thank you. So that's kind of where we are and that's what this with the NFL does my understanding is they kind of they make the decision based on their investigation of this. And now with the appeal. That's kind of seeks chance to go out there and plead his. So they make the suspension first and then you real back it's guilty until proven and it's so this is not. He's not get this. Thrown out I mean he won't Elliott is gone for six games I mean that it's happening won the crazy thing is that on the back end of this the next incident is potential. Lifetime banishment. Well no it's there's potential definite so I don't know at least it was meant lifetime banishment is. Where would escalate to so if he if he can't. I could potentially go about it that's like a catastrophic situation and preface this by saying I'm not trying to defend somebody who. Has committed domestic violence because I think most likely he probably did. And I think it really the most important thing to look at here is the league's inability to deal with these situations in an effective way. I think it yet it's okay to suspend him six games but. Possibly wanna bring him in and say you know what we need to get you some type of therapy some type of treatment because you seem to understand why your behaviors not only detrimental to your team but the leak in the league as a Brandon only. The league put yourself. Don't think they do that I don't think you spend enough time and I think Ray Rice his whole situation kind of started the conversation. I think you're avoiding it again and also screw Jerry Jones for. Basically letting C Kelly get away with this kind of stuff. I let you really get it done Leila Pitt well he defends in 22 on a good idea now I think as an owner you need to come out be sympathetic to not only the victim but he Kelly it's again he needs help. I don't know the idea that this makes Jerry Jones look bad I mean this is. I don't know how much worse that's got shattered that and ordered to. I mean he brought in Greg Hardy after he was released from Carolina they've put a little bubble around Dez Bryant because as Bryant had needs some issues that were investigated. And they've basically put him on to run their own entourage around him to protect him from. And if his entourage so Dez Bryant's one of those guys that's kind of an isolated from the team and I wonder how much are role model he can be in this America's. Essentially stayed out of trouble. Since that whatever values and bar that we know again that we know oven and if it was something about a domestic violence situation you know Wal-Mart parking lot or something that he was that came up again but this was again. A a blast from the past and they were as there's allegations. And then there was a suggestion mint last year that there is a videotape of that. And you always wonder how much more damning it is when you bring up Ray Rice is it's a legacy app yeah. And that's one of those things that. You know I wonder how much it escalates from there but this is. The way I look at this is. This better be a wakeup call and that's why bring up kind of the light behind him or Italy for Z via other goodies for the individual and in this scenario I think the league's. Doing better but it's just such a tough task right. I think the idea of doing the suspension without any criminal action. Is I think a stronger stance I think if they sit back and go Lloyd C with the courts decide because like you said it is about representing their league and. And the brand gap if you're presenting the brand because the NFL's a business and I didn't say if you really want you take it from the business end and really. Try to make these people better I think you have to go about this differently Roger Goodell when he came in as commissioner he said I'm gonna be the iron hammer of this league gonna bring discipline back to these players. And he basically took an approach to it that was a lot like what Reagan did in the eighties with the war on drugs was just look if you get caught your trouble. Throw your ass in jail that's set and then you'll sit there and rot and be pour when you get out could you have no job. And then I don't care about you I think you just had a filling eggs that are sort of saying is. I don't think he's looking at it from the standpoint of sight of the psychology of these players I think you have to approach this and say look yeah I'm gonna suspend you. This is kind of the this this is the result of your 'cause these are consequences right now at this time you have to keep these players individually go looking any help you need therapy we need to put you in an Immersion program we're gonna understand why this is wrong why there's in this pattern of events that have caused you to help lead up to this now like if you keep doing it. And I understand you've Europe profession. Is one of the most aggressive things you can do on earth you're just hitting people constantly. Well he's trying to avoid being hit by that obviously a bed and fair enough okay. But what Tennessee is you need to take these players in just tell them that look you need help. Don't punish them completely and then cast them aside give them help what can understand why they did wrong and it looks better for the league to do you look more sympathetic. Half your fan these women. Yes it is as those who we you're suggesting is you go. You know six game suspension suspension and treatment and treatment. It during that time you have to spend half that going to counseling sessions you have to go to group sessions and I wouldn't let me anger management I I think and at PR move and it. Just genuinely good this is due Brett. I don't know I mean that. It seems like a natural fit I don't know why they wouldn't do it and I know they do you know there the rookie symposium and they have all these things that are kind of geared that way but yet individual treatment and Chris Carter Finley if not all guys ever oh and Tim Warren Sapp went event because rookie symposiums our general is we need do you need to make sure let's. Don't do with Zach Randolph have somebody else told you read yeah and your guns. Are stolen cars. This footage of Michael Vick throwing we'd. An airport garbage before he gets a Plano and by doing wrong here are here's the beauty of the time of year that we are in. Is that instead of talking about off the field incidents assesses. We have on the field stuff and there is no bigger story. Then the emerging rookies so far in the pre season games we'll talk about the quarterbacks that will be starting this year. That are rookies because they're awesome at pre season football. That's next this is a sinner in the San Antonio fan now we walk over to the used. Something's wrong because my mind this faded. Part of the greats. Some will Clark and there. A picture and it looked like sinkers him ahead but Mark Grace. Is a slump buster thank you I'm engines. I ever want to make mistake and thank god there's a text machine I think you're constantly. Well. Your opinions are stupid too though you know I disagree that faces them. What the hell that we do this drivers that are. You know I just can't get along. The fights we have after the after the show. Like oil water reached a figured out. Oil watered him pretty well. You know I mean over over the course of human history could have done well for themselves. BP as it was kind of like their side girl. And is there have been mixed it up to get along to get along tournament they know their relationship that they know where they stand there I can't listen you know we'll just we'll keep yourselves ever there Allstate over here it's daylight and fish in this ocean depth will be will be just fine kids. But Hillary talking to oil water. But you know the but don't mix your tux and NFL rookies here's here's my question to you before we started how much. Do you think to pre season and a film so a lot. Know a lot just a lot OK I mean I don't think you really need to watch the regular season after Shawn Watson. I think also I only once NFL pre season when they get to the regular season that's a good I think you know what there's no point this. Way more about the position battles than it is about the actual execution and I think to you if you're really Smart fields are statement to ultra risky. Round one in your fantasy draft put him in the hall of Famer right now yeah. And Patrick Holmes he threw touched you just dobbs retention through to Yeltsin touched brushed dobbs. And threw one pick for every library doesn't have. I got my first look at Josh dubs and bridge burgers techs like 55 threes or five I would like you to fill me we think Josh dobbs looks like because look at one opinion who do you think Charlie villain when the U a skinny here Charlie Illinois the scan here there's she's pretty ripped the but then my opinion was that Josh jobs looks like the eventual end to Wright's double walk the earth in like 2030 or careless. You know absolutely ripped. The futuristic bio engineered human beings that will rule the earth biracial. Seventy yes. Walking the earth and exterminating well here's a question when they when there is this population of super beings we will no longer be biracial because that will be the race wreck wealth. Except for the underlings. Oh the bill under will they be underlings who ruled the mole people ambled mall people on the honorable person by by three of five Bridgeport Beers texts and what does jot dot. Just stubs look like. TU so the NFL pre season is kicking off the most interesting position battle is always quarterback we'll start with the first team play that was Wednesday night. You saw your first look at Shawn Watson and he's taking on Tom savage that's correct and I tell you an interest in fact or. Miguel dude as they trivia question. Can you tell me how many touchdowns Tom savage is thrown in his NFL career I'm just Ohio on this and say one that is. Far too high separate. I I was giving too much credit to mr. savage on savage as a career total of your touchdown passes. Watson looked he looked VP pick of the bullets well he didn't do great throwing the deep ball but it your. Record for a rookie does and if you're a quarterback for Houston you don't necessarily need a big over the top rank you've got some good wide receiver would you like to be able to Canada and those passes but. It's not like you and you're looking for an explosive offense in Houston. Malicious if you're Houston. I liked. What's the point of waiting on to Shawn law Watson right like you have a defense is gonna be able to let him develop under senator like he wanted to. It's a situation this you have two quarterbacks which each one has to develop bright like Tom savage isn't gonna come in there and it'd be for you Fortier out of it yet but he still has to develop and yes it's been in situations where he's gonna be the starting like high level people sellable quarterback in this league like you're gonna have to take each one and let them develop for years to you. So why the hell would you take Tom savage when Yuri have to Shawn Watson whose dual threat guy the quarterback you've never had. In your organization a dual threat guy and replace him with another white dude you seriously in my opinion is gonna become the math next Matt Flynn. Looked good in a couple games. Let's sign a new huge deal he had going to be the next Matt Flynn. They haven't even done that but he doesn't look that great that's the thing he just all you have to do is maintain it through the quarterback for Houston I'd like to pull the list of all the Houston quarterbacks that have played but I don't think many screens big enough in the last three years I guess half of them. Their last name is Schwab. Yeah ganache shop shop shop yet Ryan mallet start of the game yet Tom savage had. Spell chaos Weiler Patrick you yet ripe its cache I mean just go through they have not had. I mean they haven't had a consistent starters and David are hounded his career turnout yeah. In a Mac is punch drunk sitting somewhere watch his brother and here's what you should do is get away from all this bad guys. I get annihilated but in their in their history they've never had a great quarterback when he said why not go with a rookie you've at least you've got to back up the can go in and win some games where if he gets busted up. Only that he's somebody who looks like a true leader and you seem a Clemson takes him to two straight national titles and that debt ten owned. That state is absolutely and look what can use does Twitter videos. People in Clemson. Like going to bars and watching his first pre season game in fact some of the reporters down there said that there were more Clemson fans there. Then there were Texan fans there at the state. I mean to meet that's all the indication need that this guy's gonna be influential he's gonna be good for your organization why pull the trigger. Everywhere you have to lose if you are the Texas you're gonna suck again next year acute I can be really terrible don't make the playoffs to your division sacks but. The playoffs he'll probably lose in the first round to get all I'm saying is. Pull the trigger let. What's the stock oh yeah hundred Hopkins. But let the Shawn Watson for fifteen yards downfield couple picks the couple touchdowns couple scores. I mean I don't I don't see really any. In the any risk in the Q. That show takes over a 1007 with Sage Rosenfels what load David Rogen who the hell don't know 2011. Is yet match up for a couple years and Sage Rosenfels played a couple times and there. The 2000 eleven's match up TJ Yates and Matt liner. 2013. To shop and keep them. 2014 Ryan Fitzpatrick Ryan mallet he's Keenan. 2015. Brian Hoyer Ryan mallet TJ Yates and Brandon we'd buy them as they last year is is rock outs whalers and Tom savage just put into Shawn Watson and move on kids by the way. Sage Rosenfels is by far away. The greatest name for a door to door all of oil salesman. I sing a vacuum sales of its move to the bears and talked great names Mitchell Robiskie. Also quarterback rookie quarterback came in and wow some people normally Mitch. Well I don't know if you ever went by better people just assume the Mitch I think DK I don't think he decided he was a Mitchell today. Believe Tay said that he became Mitchell. This week with that pre season game he really became the essence of what the tours and spit speaking of these quarterback battles who's competing again. Mike blend in Boone and Mark Sanchez. Those are the two obstacles he must pass works it just still employed. But good veteran quarterback. Are ready. He was he was a great mentor for that press got last year at dallas'. Double team look if both of our core Macs are down we need some of the polls. Verse six is still alive and Yemen he did you know what though if we look if other than Carson Palmer. He's probably the best of all the great USC quarterbacks can be Carol. Atlanta it was OK for game wasn't as good or attention. It's a spec in you let out some credit that to Mitchell to biscuit I understand he's gonna guess like a third team. Well and it's a good front prayers they have a much longer history and not a lot of better record. And I understand he's gonna get the third string defense. With Denver I get it but they're flashes honestly you looked pretty good Niki Q somebody you could make reads pretty immediately which I know one of the big things with him when they draft and there are like. Has a year of experience in college as a starter like how he's gonna be able to catch up with the pace of the game. I was totally on board with that you should play and I think there's flashes he looked terrible. What is behind his feet better than a lot of people had body to run a little bit so and you get a need to be able to do that especially as a young core banking and half to evade or be able to buy yourself a little bit more time in the pocket just cleans auto line that reads are just got they're not gonna come as natural as you know some it's been in the league for 567 years. And you see the game slowdown for all of these guys have put if you're the bears again. What are the expectations of your team girls are gonna took a terrible but what noble but what you expected to do. This year I mean what does the fan base what is believe expect from the Chicago Bears this year it's not a first place finish in the north I think keep. You hope for second right and left. No better than Detroit to be better than Minnesota may be the Minnesota has added as a great running back rookie running back and album coach you expect a lot from him that's kind of the missing piece of defense is good reason they paid all that money to get Bradford in his 'cause they thought they were Super Bowl team last year before. Bridgewater went down but that you lose Adrian Peterson had del and cook Minnesota is going to be good. The beat the lions are always pretty good since Matt Stafford and there gathered at a soccer. I think why do you think that just because of the lions. They're gonna be mediocre. Weather and its immediate hopes up of the city of Detroit that needs though and then they're gonna fail. Like they were on the ball. Like it just seemed like they know like how to run the ball like really I mean like from a very basic stamp but they don't seem to understand like you can give the ball to somebody behind the line of scrimmage and then let them run forward for a few yards. Like it it seems like a whole concept of like running a clock just went right over their head. Which was she knew we can take time off the clock with place. Yeah I think they're GB version of the saints that's until I got one super bull but it is it's kind of they are on the Drew Brees model Stafford that separate is the JV version after for is an I mean what do you think that's just kind of the way I look at Theo. I don't know those two quarterback battles to be consistent a look at who we've only seen one pre season game. But it just seems like an obvious answer for two teams that don't have much else going on at the quarterback position. Good vs evil is next this is a sinner in the sync on anything. Not all news makes the front today. Don't look at the stories you may not mean. Have. Maybe. How the warriors might go after Paul storage next summer and you may say to yourself how could they possibly Questar Paul George there's all these other contracts on the books on these guys are getting. They've so much money and right there is a story it says well. Kevin Durant could take even less money. That's SPN insider and Jonah Hill look like if you squint really hard bright when it first. Utes went down hard. Enter to collect the camera. He's talking about and NBA rumor that has the league kissing their pants according to him that Cairo when I luckily I'm doing this thing it can't boot. Scored the Tim Kawakami. Of the athletic the Golden State Warriors are looking into signing Paul George when his contract is up with Oklahoma City next season yes it was everybody else in the NBA and Georgia has expressed publicly that he wants to join the lakers and Kevin Durant has been very public about taking any hate cuts necessary to make this happen. Let's save this deal actually goes through. Do you think fans will tune out during the regular season. Probably I mean at at what point is. Kevin Durant and sitting empty veterans minimum and they're just gonna have an ulcer team put around that I mean at some point. You would think the guys are just gonna go thanks but no thanks to it. In telling your interest of Paul George and going to the Golden State Warriors I'm not really gonna take too seriously. And get the idea that you want to be in at all costs the idea of just leave an ulcer team. Kind of boring me. That's just take one. A little note and let's live lives on through you know that's my hat please. And you know eliminate over Clemens has come I have given word compete. Football work hard every day you know since I get a few of my Brothers are coaches. Just get better every day. But the running back is too good for his own team to bond to Freeman. He two rated Pro Bowl running back in the five year contract extension and exit the NFL's highest he running back extension totals 31 point five million dollars. And product out of Florida State has outperformed his rookie deal obviously. This comes as easily be on bell is now holding out for you contractor zone. Do you think NFL running backs are being overpaid. Now I think their being compensated. A little bit for what they have done and outsourcing of Dovonte Freeman's and you say too good for its team they were you know one quarter and a half from winning the Super Bowl last year and then absolutely. We know well yes but they've. You still to get there and yet to be good team to do that but Delonte Freeman is a big part of that they think they've recognized that I think we've gone through this well of not recognizing how important running back position is that you mentioned with the alliance would forget to run the ball all the time. And when you have a great running back it balances are often some kind of going back towards that a little bit so. I think we're gonna see this a little more often lead until the next couple. Although only that I think that the league is kind of recognizing that you can have these leases on running backs right now just bring in somebody who's really young like 20/20 one and run ragged for three years and then go to an excellent depth they've they've also had a 12 punch there in Atlanta to some extent which saves and and you can make these guys last a little longer. You don't burnout in their rookie contract that's why it's getting is one big deal now. This is exactly what it wants to do. From day one he would set it fuels vocal about it he knew that he did not want to coach who did not wanna be in uniform but he wanted to be a part of an ownership. He has kids Eduardo Torres talking about the deal of the lifetime in baseball. I guess I euros owner Jeffrey Loria. Let Prince Harry you did he won't be there along I am well there's guidelines Eads is finalizing a deal to sell the team to be finding a record that includes Yankee hall of Famer Derek Jeter. Price deck one. Point two billion dollars Jeter is 43 with twenty years and then though the experience under his belt that no front office experience. The Marlins have won the World Series since 2003 and they've been mostly mostly irrelevant in the past decade. Do you see Jeter being good over in this market. Absolutely first calling makes is Brian Cashman who's probably a fairly good relationship general manager for the Yankees today. Project come down to Florida with me in turn this into a contender Marlins have hit the ice where it filled the team in a year than dismantled after winning the World Series. I think he gets some longevity. With some great players down there and beat the can be fun but. It's we leave it Orleans can't put it together in that city like it's so weird says it's a weird city that you go to Miami in the summer most of our thinking baseball but I think having Jeter on their arm makes it interesting for. Great front office people the idea that he has no front office experience doesn't matter is an old. Oh yes do is hire the right people and he seems like again it's. We CNET for those donors sometimes donors can be good sometimes if their input is too much it can be dead if they're Smart they sit back and then concedes that it had more intelligent more experienced it. I think it's fine. Brighter here for my favorite story and I'm very excited about. May have night what we're really pleased to get involved. It's going. All right this talk about it Arizona. Police in Glendale say a couple took their ten year old daughter to a Metallica concert last Friday where they got front row seats sounds pretty excited right. Reeling over a lifetime. Was going great until the father says he started to feel a warm liquid on the back of his legs the wife and daughters said they felt the same thing. And so when he turnaround 44 year old did sealed the deal. Had his penis out peeing on all three of them. It's not just keeps. This is actually a story behalf. Ahead and just say the obvious that yes shame on this guy this 44 year old guy at a Metallica concert in the front row for being drunk that he had a family if we had a fairly. Which all of the family for brigade 810 year old girl to a Metallica concert in the front row what a hell are you thinking. Why. And your thought process did you think that that was a good idea. Did you pick that possibly there'd be a budget drunk like forty somethings at a Metallica concert and that that would be the best environment triggered daughter around may be. He had cut line yeah man come on it. In expecting the heat on now. I think you should expect that every time go to I felt that concert my well my guess is that. Mother and father have been to several Metallica concerts right there in you've kind of got it right where where Metallica fans. Or all the nothing there they think their kids are all not to go to concerts right they went to when they were in their teens. Maybe that and when they're in their teens in the twenties then they had kids into little hiatus now without comes back we seen it with all the bands from the eighties and and the ones survived the eighties I suppose the you do these you know reunion tour Jesus go back to play the hits and re has great time. He Philly they bend their reform probably never been peed on. I mean this is probably this girl's first contact. Your brother in Alaska constituted. Sure it's probably her first concert and this is what each record to answer was that he and the blowfish. It appears are Smart enough to just pick the most Mandela concert they could be accurate let's get them exposed quake and did. You can go to crappy cons I wonder if anybody's been peed on and day. At a beauty and the blowfish concert now. This one and one I think that's voluntary though that if you get keyed on who he conserves reminds me of early asking for it went to New Orleans we decided to leave our hotel and walked suburban street we got may be a block and a half before there is a guy in a falcons Jersey stand in the street Wang dang Olympian right in the middle of the street. No actually this might not be temperament and good for him. So that is life. You live once. Right the night before the saints falcons in the entire Bergen street is just filled with falcons fans with that absolutely delightful. No matter what team you root for in the NFL. You increase your own team divert this fantasy football Everett involves numbers. Know that it does here's my experience with fancy football since we've started doing this and in the saint we've been invited to participate in Turkey Sprague is fantasy football. ESP and has almost all the county and projecting for you. It's really quite wonderful. We are going to be recruiting people for teams have your interest did. In playing fantasy football with a sitter in the saint. Join us. At the punch bowl social in the fireplace it's going to be on August 23. That is going to be at 6 PM until Wednesday so a week from Wednesday. If you'd like to be a part of the team go ahead and send us attacks with your email your name and make sure you can be there at 6 o'clock a punch or social Wednesday the 23. And wolf three onto the senate on the same team. We got a lot more to get into we've got trades happening in the NFL we've got dude Ryan Grant foundation Jonas they're doing a punch out parkinson's. And that punch is spiked so they'll be joining us next hour as well stay tuned more sinner and saint succumbed this is an eighty the fan.