Sinner and Saint 7-15-17 Hour 2

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, July 15th

The Ducks drop Carrington, and the circus known as Mayweather vs. Mcgregor.


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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you're going to less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now what where we pick up from Ireland. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is spots about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. I'm 24 team field standup comic entered a contest called the hunt for those homes did not win later and was joined by an underperforming Oregon State fullback for the community college degree. These men neither having earned the position and possessing no real skills continue on as radio personalities. If you have nothing better to do on a Saturday morning. And if you can find and maybe you can hear. The sinner in the senate. I am over. They try to make yeah try to do what's right here Gatorade and we'll know. Solids fall like relationship trail you go back to the thing that destroyed either you love. Ten minutes. Wow that's a great open well. Since you left the show has become about cats. And explosions and Eagles and two years. I had no issue with any of us I mean the production really it is just over the top it's amazing. Appreciated study weren't much of a wilderness explosions in well you know you were wrong which is a sad but I will say. I did earn the spot I did win hunt for the post we don't see this as a reminder. Enough. Yes I pulled a Jordan. I went out on top all these years later this September oh well I dissent and has had a a startling. Realization and I have in my my Jordan Washington Wizards moment right now. Is that a tower that sadness for I mean we were crushed that went out and then now I'm back and you know. Wow I'm high after a five is the worst edition of insurance industry now I don't at. Don't don't don't prompt them without Kazan and critically bad memories stroke stroke at this is the wizards. Like Jordan coming back to the wizards they almost made the playoffs like his first year churn. He had two games of over forty points in the that return impressive considering he was like thirty gators have there was 39 and forty hate. It Steve Nash couldn't even do that forty a and asked if he could dot us soccer. Yeah he probably can except Nash's back was completely destroyed by the time he got the lakers. Not entirely his fault he does he got paid more time walking out. He added but I like the best ending to an NBA record speaks they got paid locked up Martell bridges and around anymore organ ducks have a new season coming up Willie Taggart. Has already. Done the impossible to before I get to that okay. Darren Carrington. Yeah short leash. You know how your coach feels. He says try I mean I dare you. I'll let you go. Okay well you know hold my beer. Can literally. And you drive your car. Well through the McDonald's menu in the draft they don't hold on 12 you can't say hold to buy beer regularly because we had a debate about this too was he drunk or high. Which I would I contested that he was high because it wasn't that great to speed that he actually hit that McDonald's and fair enough fair enough. That being said. If you're Darren Carrington did you just never learned I mean a guy who has again high ceiling huge amount of talent. By all accounts would have been the top receiver on this roster yeah. Money and. I don't think it's about that and I don't think key component tally was about I don't think that you can play his actions any any rational terms right. Like if this is a guy who's had continual continuous problems now. And in college football I mean he's not gonna get drafted at this point he's gonna be too much of a liability but. I think that when you look at someone like him he benefited from coming to an organization and I mean benefit. In terms of his bad behavior he benefited that way of coming to an organization where you had a coach dad. Was a little bit hands off mark help efforts to me. Was hands off inadvertently he. It's not that like that was his theory it's just it seemed like he didn't really appreciate conflict well and I'm not understand that that was the lady actually motivated players I'm not sure that he knows how to run a program bill that's you got to I mean you knew he was a really good coach great x.s and o.s guy he's a really good offense courted I get that he's good at that level. But he didn't know had a lead in I think Greg Kerry carried two was the perfect example because. He let the leash go long enough to just let players feel like they can do whatever they want it well I'll say this. Mark helpers I still think it's a great coordinator I was over in Auburn was gonna give McCall as we an opening this offseason and you know what god smiles on our terrorist attack that can be Rebecca B you know Chip Kelly yeah October to all over again right. So I think he's still got abilities I think he will be back at some point somewhere. I depend on them you know what his appetite to come back would be down IA. I don't know I and we are don't these and the pro level we've already forgotten them you know line. Because the one thing that I asked the ducks to do when they were looking for their next head coach don't go get an x.s and o.s got. Don't go get somebody who is in of the hottest name out there who can run a different kind of football go get a recruiter. Yes. And he is already. Willie Taggart pulled off one of the biggest two's that I've seen in recruiting history. The fact that origin is coming off of maybe their most embarrassing season. Since before the lottery took over death I want you to look at this. He pulled the top ranked safety out of California yep committed to the ducks. He pulled at the top outside linebacker out of Colorado committed to the ducks up. There are teams who for the last decade have tried to get into Florida I noticed categories Florida. But he got the top cornerback 84 star corner. Out of the state of Florida. To commit to ordered yet. Organ has the number one recruiting class so far in the pac twelve and as a top five recruiting class. In the country right now and this is all the heels if he's not. A Halloween season on applicants. I I got a ton. If ever there was a reason to think as an Oregon fan that you've got a real shot to beat. In Alabama. To be a USC. Has win you get signatures like this on the page not an organ guy not a pac twelve got. I am blown double what Willie Taggart has our will and they. God he came in when he did because you're about get overshadowed by the Huskies man yeah. I'll Chris Peterson is is dominating the recruiting getting even steely Urquhart a core reckon Wesley NATO. I'm. Kids named it yeah he was committed to work and his dad. When the university of work somebody switch and so I think that Christian or I'm sorry Willie Taggart coming in at the perfect time right. We can or you can outpaced by Washington oh yeah USC UCLA because you're just stayed out of Oregon State in Gary Anderson who goes and gets did you go play yeah. And you're just about it surpassed in the pac twelve team you are just about to become irrelevant because honestly organs whole shtick and being the blur offense or whatever. That's everywhere that's college football now and so you have to do something that's gonna say that you even more apart every single team has great uniforms that are unique and you can attract players with that. I don't facilities absolutely help the fact amazing facility you have grandfather who's very very rich but. When I went to Auburn actually game last year can and I got chat with their athletic director and a chat with the smiles on. And I talked about being in Portland we talked dot org and yet they both said the same thing. The facilities at or again. Are probably the best in the country oh yeah I've toured them I turn them on reasserting trip and you go to the weight room and you're not end up committing there. They pull your offer was like well one obvious a preferred walk on. Home and I got full ride offer there. I didn't go that night ago there because adding to guarantee play. So basically during the recruiting process my whole mindset was I wanted to get on the field as soon as possible now as early in my college football career but when I talk. With university organ and I was talking with bawdy which was just wants it to basically he gave me a very risks realistic idea of where I would be which he said. You're gonna bring you on you're gonna be developmental and we'll kind of see what happens. Which the time was a real hit to my ego journey eighteen years old and I think I and your big deal and I yeah I think I'm the greatest singer holds an offer she greatest. High school football player to ever come out of work and by far and away I dare you to give me somebody more valuable than me M. I have to think about that and a disappointing. But basically whatever Dorgan state I had at recruiting. Director. Nigel Burton mesa came out to me and promised he he said look yeah you're gonna have a redshirt year but after that you're competing for the starting middle linebacker spot. Kind of think about that whole idea when it comes to Willie Taggart lake what is he's. Like this is recruiting strategy when he's going after these big games cuts and other star right and tell you I can tell you the pitch what. It is. Losing is over. The people who were here before have destroyed this program you wanna help me build some special cannot be a star Norton mean. Come out and be part of changing this culture of taking this team that fell backwards in building a backup hey do you wanna be the difference maker. Not yes because I've feeds into exactly what you just said that eighteen year old ego Willie Taggart. Is doing recruiting the way it should be like you're gonna start something completely new that I Keller writes if like which Noah Berger did at Miami. Nevada like you know they were completely irrelevant they were selling tickets at Burger King perfect for free. And the fact they are selling tickets for for intolerance that has accidents and school to school with me are going to suffer for a. That this thing you know you have this program that like your issue in forest that's kind of irrelevant and you say to these top name recruits like manual or make an identity for yourself come over here like right already have the chance to make an identity because the fact that. You know we better perennial powerhouse for a couple of years so far but. I have to think that kind of played into it but also you have to think about the culture cider right like Willie Taggart. Has basically. Established himself as somebody that will not take anything other than what he's narrative it's ranked and that was it perfect example when Carrington got released just this past week are actually yesterday. That it it was basically like look if you're not on the same page is just we will not let it happen I. I predicted that he would keep him on the team for the first for three games to Tennessee how it would play out right. Is that's kind of what you do with really good. I think it's that just because of the history I don't so I hope that's it because if that's that. Then you are ushering in a new era at Oregon and I'll tell ya nobody needs this regular season nobody needs this football game to be played faster than the organ docs between trainers. An off the field issues and everything has happened. It is time to tick tick off and get a game going because that distract from the other things that I. The way I have to ask you about this Wyoming game please because they know the you're gonna has an annual goal will go over this in. Could crystal balls because I I I wanted to point this came up because I know you are very met somebody who loves to bet on anything church ever all the time to have. There's our eyes and ears feel without Wyoming game because it's wild card right Miami hasn't been great for long but they have that quarterback. They have a quarterback and they don't have any weapons around him. We'll get into the prediction specifically about I don't see that being the issue I'm on the ducks' schedule in can be trapped them but you know again Willie Taggart can be prepared athletic F. Aren't we come back mentally baseball. Dying in trouble all star ratings are in positive but the league stick with us saturn's giant Tenet of. Welcome back to sinner and saint and in the van she still will sergeant thank you don't view on this Saturday well this audience. By far as my favorite there interactive with their funny. They're borderline offensive. Favorite kind of folks who you want them back to exploit you on day eleven. Love it plans gauging borderline offensive but you know what we have in common none of us watch baseball. I think some of these people watch how one and oh right now and in if you are listening to this out of my choice. Bridgeport Beers tax on 55305. I wanna know. Do you more than three times a week watch Major League Baseball. I want you're not gonna get committed people on that if you watched three games a week your you're watching him. 40%. Of available actions you. I wanna know if anybody is that invested in Major League Baseball. Or are we. All waiting for the end of August early September. We get an idea of what a parish really looks like and we watched the last forty okay so what's the problem with baseball in terms. Actually watching a game rank what why is it so hard to just sit down watching it couldn't just eagle length right because they've sped game up enough that. What you're getting given about two and a half maybe three hours that's not too bad you can kind of recycle to let the perception of again. Now how long is an NFL game. Real time yeah. Two hours may be maybe three maybe three outlaw and I think we're English and three yeah. And so it's negligible between an MLB game NFL again you know why people watching NFL. Because the perception of how long game takes is much different you have a shot copy of the play clock 35 seconds. As soon as hello gets together seems at play is over that play clock is going to even though it's no faster than a pitcher's count. It perception only deals you can see there's a countdown 1098. You're watching the snap. Major League Baseball doesn't have that so in the mind of a viewer it might be twenty seconds it might be twenty minutes there's there's so. I think that. The way you're gonna get more people in two Major League baseball's exactly what has been happening this past week rates have during Monday's home run derby ya. Airing judge baby yeah lasting 47 home runs. He's the leader in home runs in the league right now. He also as a base for days and why save face for baseball at the toughest like I have a face for radio isn't the same thing back where we both have his sister radio. I don't know what that's a joke that's discover reality actually moved. Note we are judge has a face for baseball because he has a tape of innocence about him that I think would cover every single demographic who'd actually wanna watch the game right so the face of baseball before this was Bryce Harper. Sharper is trying to bring the same type attitude to the NBA in the NFL does to the MLB to try to get this type of mass appeal but. You know we're talking about this before the show right like who's the main demographic it watches baseball it's fifty year old mid. The average MOB viewer so far this season is 54 years old and three months can. How what do you think the correlation between perhaps beer being sold and that agents. Significant. Because if that's your average jet that means really you know half your audience is in their thirties and half your audience is in their eighties yeah. So your your average viewer is down. Yes and so now you have this guy coming along who is the absolute giant who has what I would describe as a gap tooth kind fates somebody who not only does he younger generation appreciate appreciate because of his different strike. He's a massive person standing next to to other players jerk. And then you have the older generation looking and saying. That guy is somebody that I can appreciate because he's a team player and he looks like somebody who's so nice Enceladus and that's what I want baseball right. You have to appeal to both demographics in a certain point and then you look at Bryce Harper and he doesn't do that now he's somebody that's fighting the machine and fighting the system that none of them really the younger generation appreciate it's ranked. I don't really. Care for Bryce Harper I don't think he's playing really makes me want to watch it's hard to pull for yeah. I think this is Erica sucks. Real quick on its excellent let's take a look at what you think about Major League Baseball. From the fortune five every day go rounds aren't. I only watch playoffs and only if it's my giants may be the Mariners. I watch zero MLB not even the playoffs a two Mike at Wesley and from the 53 I stopped watching baseball when they started enforcing PD restrictions. So now I don't watch baseball now if they made PE these mandatory I'd be a fan I huge fan. I would be too dude if everybody steroids how insane it airing judge like doing a very strict in consistent PED. Regiment. They go I think he would probably terror rope here cater cup pretty quick but I would be scared as hell with him coming up up to bat. That would be frightening. Yeah bit. Does that really does that draw enough interest yes for a 162 time hell yes I would love to see airing judged just joked out I mean what is he's already like 200 he's had a huge dude our pick him 300 pounds and like 10% body fat. Yeah and up to the plate not even being able to do Opel swing. Because this traps so he'd be a professional wrestler cup whereas. Well now he had to be entertaining for the got you. I'll watch a home run derby it's from the nines in one maybe and then the World Series depending on the teams that are in baseball's the worst thing to watch ever. Happened you don't watch baseball see I think a lot of people don't get you watch baseball you can just experience it like. You know you're you're a lot of fans say like Alter wrote on the radio and I go out Milan Lauder got a couple of different access say that yeah like that's your background noise. And but I think what's so interesting about this huge revelation there and judges that like he is somebody that you actually have to pay attention to right like when he comes up to the mound your actually gonna sit down and see what he's gonna do next that's or miss so much. About now from baseball in the late nineties and two thousands was like when Mark McGwire came after the play. It didn't really matter your cardinals that are not like you would tune in watch wanted to watch that. And so Barry Bonds. Arabic and in every at bat. He wanted to see it and I don't think there's anything that is worth seeing right now baseball for so long I thought that there had to be a personality baseball to make it better. But now starting to think that there has to be something that actually. Happens some type of event within the event that makes people interest that some narrative. Today hit streak is it going out DiMaggio is 56 games you'd think that I don't know I kind of fuel like. If passed recently were Levy had like two players rivaling against each other. He's totally different I think that I can fix Major League Baseball and forced out of course I do I really do it yeah that's me as and I could be the commissioner I'd have to the dictator over me usually Bristol but if I was at the content is of course none of I think I would start with a hard to act okay salary cap that is is strictly enforced no luxury buildings it's hard to I can agree with this now. You say keep what about players who deserve to earn money this has nothing to do with players getting paid it has everything to do with limiting where players can ago. So that you keep people that you're watching where there. So that your homegrown players your farm players your system players they stick with where they're at and gives the fans someone to root for. Do I kept the season down to 82 games are kept the games basically now I can definitely agree with this because I think more than anything as a fan it's just daunting to look at his schedule right. 82 games the games count double action I would say hockey in the NBA need to get out of sixty. But Major League Baseball I cut down to 82 games and they don't alternative. I doubled the number of teams in the playoffs let's take away eighty regular season games where guys are hung over injured and don't care let's replace him with playoffs. Yeah out. And it was thought the wild card game is kind of weird like the one game winner take no one game and now I will say. Maybe it's two out of three or three out of five to make each game more valuable as CIA and only the first round. And after that will go back to our our normal subbing and wild card thing to me doesn't really create the type of immediacy that. You know they're trying to do you write like that that's a whole idea it's one game winner take all the new one of the X I get that but like don't you want. War games to bring you more revenues from broadcasting. Well that just abyss like you're not you're not getting revved remember you're not getting revenue. At the ballpark. Well actually baseball brought him the most revenue it was only the third most profitable sport of the majors act to keep that in mind your spending way too much money. The last step that I would do is I would add a pitch clock. I would start at 35 seconds with the intention to get to thirty potentially 24 like behind the plate like record and see it not because of the fact that. It's committed shorten the game at all I don't think it would but the perception that it shorter will bring some fans back check it Bryant sensationalism into the game at that well. And and you know what sensationalism clearly given our our country's current state sells well OK but here. Here's the battle you have rate you have this whole battle. People who are old school baseball and people like myself who were in the millennial that anchor demographic who really watch baseball too much during his young life wreck who wanna get into it but haven't had this opportunity yet. Arnold rule changes like that will actually do it but I think players like Aaron judge in different threats and Garrity ads with the in the whole league. I think that kind of stuff from the get an attractive because what what do we get attracted to most with sports personalities right. At least I think I think you watch the NBA because you wanna see if LeBron James will actually win that title is team I think. Heroes and villains. I think it's having some of the Pul for in some of the pulled against and that's a huge part of what's happening here we don't have anybody mean Bryce Harper's mildly annoyed. Nobody hates profile early you don't you don't think about the deck has really good job you don't hate them. You don't think of there's a super villain I I'm waiting for someone to dethrone them. The gesture of there and judge might be the hero coming on the you know I would say it you can argue that it's trial if not. But you need someone to pull for do you distorting get behind you need some of the poll against. That's where you know the NFL is getting their stories that's where the NBA is getting their stores the reason that will watch Cleveland and Golden State is your Poland for one of your pulling against the other may be allowed stuff curry and maybe I hate LeBron James V eleven LeBron James the hatred mongering but because you've got the stories -- heroes and villains. You're watching. Major League Baseball needs a real hero and he needs a real well. Now on an affair and judges really you're here though you know Al so think about that whole thing with the NFL right. The you have heroes and villains spoke with the worst parts of the NFL is that the villain is actually the league itself. Right they may you know I understand they're the most dominant professional sports league in the United States you know across every single type of metric but. It's hard to really root against anybody but the fact that your league is allowing people who beat women to you just have suspensions and that dared. Basically keeping people on oh create OP LE pain pills. And not allowing them the smoke pot to actually get rid of pain. Like everything they do is the complete opposite of what you think is logical and actually kids so it's weird dynamic with the NFL in that case straight to your cap a raging against the leak. I think I as really the thing I hate the most about the NFL is the league itself. Roger Goodell has become the villain Al yep you know he when he came into the league it was a that is rich white guy easy yet today. You know he's he's definitely come in on us and I'll hear from you got lots of text here about you know they want more fights they want to visible pitch clock lots of ideas and how to fix baseball tell me more 55305. The Bridgeport be used text line. How can we fix baseball how can we make this a sport where the average age is more in line with the NBA the NFL and people are watching this game again. Otherwise I went man ten years it's no longer America's and his number is going to be watching. When we come back we're gonna talk about some real girls some real villains maybe just a couple of villains. Mayweather McGregor are you watched and analyzed before we can do that though here's will sports. And I have no idea what's on mrs. Come on. I know I'm on the submit. July 11 hour apology there Robert sacks this better looking Lyle Lovett are ones of all. I'm still going Alonso I think I mean that's that's a pretty that's a pretty difficult. All part of the process to do so and if you're in the hair tall guys or years wrinkles. Well and it's something just it's scary yeah looks wise yeah I mean to judge that and judging pieces you are just yet again I'm just you know. I think we need to judge somebody else and the judge Mayweather and McGregor dude I'm serious. Four cities for a day is the biggest circus act I've ever seen it I will say this I have never really paid attention to. A promotional tour before this one in terms of fighting yeah but it's. Paying attention the same way you pay attention to a dumpster fire simply pay attention to a car accident. You can't turn your way because it's so bad. Does this change your interest in watching fight. Now home. I don't care it's actually attracted me a little bit yeah I feel the same way and they know there's a bunch of fight peiris out there that you might be one of them that says like oh all the can. All account riff Raff that has just. Media not what right because there's been like Riche healing gay slurs are good people who've been like you know one of Gregor dump money over me weather like with the backpackers sister who captured him and there's all these kind of it was like relations between fighting a shrink is WWE yeah like. And the like that's what you expect all right but the the fight to. Fight that you actually set up you token and MA fighter and told him all you can do is be a boxer and then you took an old boxer who by the way. Throwing one of the most infuriating people watched is only his play defense and jab. And you put them together like what are you expecting this circuit but I'll say this. I was more interested in actually watching the fight. To see about you know there's a sports science behind it that you really answering if you haven't seen a good ESP and check it out they'll show you that you know McGregor left hand. Is as hard as a sledgehammer being swung at twenty miles an hour say that Mayweather jab is faster than a viper strike. There are these things to watch and reasons to watch this fight from an athletic standpoint. Watching the oppressors over the last four days. Were embarrassed in May be disliked both guys. And I'm a McGregor fan I am I love to watch the man fight there's something just crazy about the way he fights I haven't seen passion and an end just. Your striking ability since Mike Tyson. My daughter Gabby. Has loved to watch Connor McGregor fight she couldn't watch any of these. The occasional hour or no question and was like what the hell is this I was not going to allow that to happen yeah because the things they are saying to each other the way they talked about women the way they talked about minorities the way they talked about. You know different people of sexual orientation the way they talked about all these are they it was literally. Four days. How old offenses can we be and get away with. So I think this is all. How do you think this is all orchestrated this extra time. I'm looking at the strictly traditional promotional thing edu whether he sports or movies or whatever that we want to know some type of underlying PR messages orchestrated. You know underneath right did you have to put out a certain message to attract people to go watch the thing by. It seems like both these deeds just decide to go off script like they had a PR guy for whatever this event is to ensure they hired a PR team for the actual fight and then they just can't ago were not doing that. But. I think pretty what are you thinking with yeah I think when. Began with was yeah we're gonna ran a sell the story it's gonna be. I've Mayweather you're gonna be the he'll McGregor you're gonna be you know the fan favorite and here's how it's gonna work out. And then that McGregor goes a little off the rails starts to say some really offensive things. Then Mayweather says okay well on the heels so obvious isn't even more offensive sales volume up and then it gets worse and worse each day. Happy and sent a slump I watched. God save for it yeah I do I I I do wanna see I still wanna see the fight I. Did he get it boxing and I'll just box okay known Melanie let me put this segment was the over under on when he actually kicks. You know McGregor and inadvertently tickets I don't know here's the deal there is a a penalty in his contract where he can lose up to half despite Jack. If you kicks. If you jokes had to be if he makes these moves in we're talking re talking about that amount of money. You know by the end of this he can be 200 million plus you wanna give half of that back because you went kicking and the sham really. Is pretty. Hair trigger guy yeah I don't know I also expect and is also money motivated that's Treo so that's that's what makes a whole thing you know interesting to me as. I don't think Mayweather even does this fight if he does have a tax. Yeah or battle he had with the Harris this week was kind of crazy right. And we still we we've heard reports of as low as seven million reports as high as a 103 million but he could owe the IRS before we're done. So with that being said that's a huge amount of money he's got a clear so maybe that's what he takes despite. So given what we just saw with horn and Pacquiao. That's Macgregor have shot. Or not at all I would disagree. This is a fighter in boxing that she's gonna get beat and he's gonna get beaten I mean a knock out of course because I don't think I ever seen a fight with Mayweather where there is a knock out the last one was when the guy paused look at the refereeing ya and Mayweather had him twice knocked him out dad did the Cameron's are honoring which is gonna make this most into come back to fight ever because that's what's gonna peeping yet they expected McGregor is gonna come in bull rushing it that's the only hope you really have acute. I understand that there are probably has really grateful work because he is a natural athlete and he's just a freak of nature at the same time you wanna take fighting in boxing Fo work those are two totally different right but. In income combat sports or combat sports nine of the boxing is totally different and the science behind it is totally that's I'm a boxing fan as wells and animation guy yeah but let me tell you this if you took the best team in the NFL. And told them they're gonna play the best team at rugby. Would they have a shot. Who would rugby team with the NFL team have a shot to beat the best rugby team rugby at rugby where they have a chance. Would there be a possibility for me people are rugby field. At a time my embarrassed myself I know I'll have a little eleven that but that's a great question because. Is what you just throw line backers out they're right the plan to receivers out there got that you've got ideas of how to do it you've got. Someone who can convert skills and potentially played different game. That's what I'm looking at here and what I told you that the best rugby team it's not gonna be the best rugby team right now. It's gonna be. A really good rugby team who now all the players are forty years old. Against the best NFL team still playing rugby yeah fifteen players on the field catch. So you take the best in NFL team I'd I would suggest is old rugby yeah I would still take the NFL team right that's what we're seeing in this fight. Am Mayweather just like Jordan we talked about that earlier just like Venus Williams today. Mayweather. Is an older guy they're gets to be a level where your skill set is it what it once was. This may be what or important do I still think Mayweather wins a fight yes I think he can point and pick him apart. I do know that Mitt that McGregor Scott that left hand and puts people to sleep as he says he bounces heads off campus. And if this was ten years ago no chance five years ago no chance but I did watch. As the only reason that Mayweather survives Pacquiao is Pacquiao broke his hand. I didn't watch. And talented fighter take Mayweather twelve rounds so if that happens does McGregor have a shot. I think he does to win he's got a knock him out like you said with in four rounds of the wisest things. Oh yeah and that's going to be the real key to read because this dude is old as dirt. In terms of Mayweather I I think it really stamina wise I don't know if he can keep up with Macgregor because that was just remember that that is round. Hagee right or boxing rounds are three minutes so twelve rounds is 36 minutes able to think we're graders doing right after the bell that dude is just bring in bull rushing him the entire time and I don't think he's gonna care like if you Gregor of the mindset you have to have in this is not strategy it's. Well I guess it is a strategy you're just gonna Wear him go wild you know go wild and Wear him out until he isn't able to. And he isn't able to defend himself him or why Mayweather is so great is because of the footwork his defense and his ability to jab up that. So that's when he ate this isn't a fight now forty there might be marching and I'm still not saying it's a great chance and I'm still not saying that that McGregor is gonna win. I'm just argue that forty years old. Mayweather is not a guy that used to be. Training camp cutting weight getting ready it's difficult wears on the body wears an embodiment 28 year old certainly where's my body before your. To fight party for us on Aaliyah Yemen. Might come to this I mean I guess this is like one of those Canon. In any wanna see a dog walking things re like Pacquiao. Mayweather was one of the c.'s Regis. It was like you're getting Michael Jordan Magic Johnson together for one on one. Like in their prime right in your like Ocalan to see this holiday ornament prominent ones better Aaron but now this is like hey we're gonna teach Doug had a walk and talk. It's like one of those events like it's one of the weird unseen things retake a fighter who. You know it's so controversial and all he really does not reduce ultimate fighting against. Burger knows how to box I've seen those like little promotional videos he's put on social media where he's. I'm going to get the baggy don't look good. You wanna talk about conspiracy theory that's clearly on purpose but I got slow clearly on purpose I re watched him fight. Against. Which Zemin has. And we had to slow down frame by frame to watch what punched knocked him out because the that the release was so quick. So I understand it may not be as bad as we all think you may intrigue are there we go that's my best job. When we come back a good time for crystal ball we will predict the future stick with us sinner and saint 1080%. I had to get in Johnny Cash hello Johnny Cash I know because that's probably the only thing out of this hole blues guys. No harm it's no look I'm an anonymous bow actually true. Redstone. Are you a closet country guy. Ha ha. I will say this in this won't give you. He really is straight answer McNealy I like Dili on legacy consider him like I hope you're young you'll remember Southern Command on the camera. Good for you know what you're Skinner did have come Alabama I was born there something that candidate is seventies were reared for music. Drew I thought because it is that we're in between days like everybody got hooked on psychedelic rock right then. You gonna seventy's it's like well we're wait around until new wave gets here paranoia and now. Unlock those kinds of music country and western. I what are we doing now well. Predict the future used to do this yeah credit actually I mean. Not to brag too much but I live by added this I would regularly destroyed everybody. On the over renders on the spreads of my favorite segment I love the other something about a sports betting while I'm not the most you know healthy. Hobby could have. It makes all the games boom orange so does the what does it test you for this no I mean I think if if it wasn't right all the time human almighty god magenta when angering based on mr. It's really do you write new running off winnings now and that is that I did get her new ring though this was modeling. Prediction this year well let's just go play we Mayweather and McGregor. To stir to them so odds shark deceive. You. Figure out who. When numbers they have so you you about a hundred bucks. You know if you bet on McGregor you're in 525 and return. Or did get a hundred bucks you bet on Mayweather you have to bet 600. Not a good return. You have to think about who whose command but we're gonna make the most money with this not really who's gonna win well this is why and that I would just hollow. Sports fans this is not a there's not a bad you wanna make. I because if you take the Smart money which is that Mayweather wins and a decision. Then you would have to put so much for it to get any return it wouldn't be worth there was a six figure bet that was made the palace. And the return is a 103000 dollar bet it was laid the returns 151000 dollars. Mayweather trips. Mayweather falls mirrored its disqualified. You lose monogram guessing that's yet I think there's all those. You know there's all those kind of flake hobby outs in their contract that they're gonna have to like think about Liu mentioned earlier the whole thing that if Mayweather starts to choke kicker McGregor are sorry yet he starts to choke kicker get a little rough like he's gonna men you lose a hot subject yeah hundred million dollars up. And I don't know man I did today if I had to put money on and I guess I would take me whether this is a safe bet. Well okay but are you gonna put you know 600 dollars up which is the minimum bet a hundred dollar turn committee I'm not no way. And too many things can happen in the fight game. Hey. Are you tennis in Africa yeah. I mean I like to play tennis. We followed tennis I don't know that Wimbledon is going on and I do well it's ending and you ran eight. Roger Federer he's where his 91 more time Grand Slam final he's going up against Bayern Cilic now I know most people are mortgage and there is a because. Not tennis fans know of oratory and abet this. A good one to debt so Federer. Has I think two. Thing. Tune in irons. Who I think. Cap yeah held under 35. OK I think he's okay. And I think this is who's going to be betters days now who does Federer struggled against. Nadal. But who does he struggle against this player. Serve. And bear Cilic has probably 82 fastest serve on tour and this is grass. Which is a faster surface than any the other playing surfaces cap. I don't worry BK is better in every single one of his matches in this year's Wimbledon has finished everything up in three sets rent and he does that on purpose because he doesn't plan to strain in his 35. Aideed and so I think it when you get into a serving battle probably have to get too cute guys tie breaks eating get to that third set. It could Wear now may I know our last match ward does the guy who's 35 and has been their nine times before. Scalp a ticket in this immediately he more ready for the moment and that's that's what I'm betting on here's a gimme Fedor. To beat Federer in four I think I have to just put a bunch of money on Cilic opening that like it would. It would backfired a certain sense because I think a lot of people do have the money on Federer in the think he's gonna win bet. Yeah actually look at his past three Wimbledon appearances Wimbledon are actually I'm sorry to finals Wimbledon appearances and he has by kicked by Djokovic turned even though it's a totally different player you also picked up again those went to five sets after that third set viewed Federer was not have this is not on five this is just 214 at the worst and fetters got this that we can Lieberman. Interesting pick up what I have for you today I got. Us midsummer what else are we gonna ban on well we've got so much man. Jameer college football playoff for Wu. Who can hadn't future yeah that's really what the Cigna is looking into the future kind of could put that operate now I guess I don't know and a I can guarantee outline especially because that whole conversation this past week about how BCC great Jabil Fisher said that the ACC. Is now the Premier League in college football which I thought that if you take that as an overarching theme yeah okay. That I still take the SEC only because of the affected Albion is there that's not an ornamental thing yeah that's what I would say who have demand. Pac twelve is when and US here Washington's biskupic. USC will just Trojan man. They give that's what they've done every year since the mid 2000 so much the same navy Washington because they Geller turns turn but on some. ACC yeah I Asus is yeah you bit sick Florida State only because they had a great recruiting year in and Clemson because well. Yeah he lost a show on while Taylor states starts of Alabama and other going to be difficult and you can lose one game solar conference capped and then Big Ten. Twelve it's when I'm mean. And they say they America's big twelve wow OK see you you don't believe Ohio State Michigan. They're they're dogs habitual. I said who gets one and big Tenner big O lines guy out well then there's that whole battle with Michigan and Ohio State now Nancy are part of a college football it's hard to predict if you haven't seen the the first two games of the week is we can make all these predictions right. Be based on recruiting him players in his coming back but really none of that matters until you see the first two games I really do think and I know that they are out of conference game is that you get real feel for how team's gonna be now that changes. When she get into league play because we never expected Washington to make the run that they did last year or so years for that matter of yeah about the boss yeah and you looked at the huskies' first are. The first or second game when they played rikers it's like yeah they destroyed them but it's truckers who cares. But he's still got a feel for like OK they've come to play maybe they can compete in the pac twelve and that they end of the cold. All of playoff and sick I was the most insane storyline of a college the publisher the effect of the Washington Huskies made because football player. Well I mean you you were down to two choices. In on it or leave the pac twelve all all out altogether. And that it makes sense when you've got as much television view of the pac twelve continue to represent continue to qualify for the call up a hostile to the big twelve. He doesn't have enough scheduled to not a star power they're not getting there. So big trouble continue to be the I was stepbrother who gets left out the conversation. Americans it has been a Virginia mine closure does and has been consumer feedback and well hey let's change from that and as conversations. If you wanna shout me find me on Twitter at dorm god will darken switcher but your Twitter. Will Americans 33 days ago you talked to us about everything that we got it right more importantly everything that we got Ron will continue this conversation off there. Otherwise I'd next week I think locator is back in action twister Luke is bad. And I love paid my tax bill so I'll go back and retirement but this one week. It was a heck of a good time and luckily Harrison asked other article about me here in minutes make excellence. There was the hey guys it has been a blast. I have an issue as always but 1080 I this is why I come back to station its listeners its fans this is this is where all. Goes down to that lets them next week Lou getters and we'll just take you back to the talent that is the Saddam Hussein's. Didn't. You'll see it's not my style. Dominant. And off the. I am glad it is really not.