Sinner and Saint 7-15-17 Hour 1

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, July 15th

Trail Blazers weigh trading for Ryan Anderson, and Lonzo Ball looks like a mix of Bill Walton and Drake ... we discuss.


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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you're going to less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now what where we pick up from Ireland. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is spots about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. And while it will darken the what in the world is going all that intro you have bit your morale I haven't I didn't even know when that comment on wasn't this doing it. It is very trader and going on as the fourth of July and so there's a train. There's a couple bobcats. And if you listen real close is actually couple barking dogs while I'm gonna have to listen. Actor that again. The unit I'll tell readers out there. By your going to be the barking dogs or if I was I had no barking dogs pay for those of you have no idea what's going on do not turn the dial this is not Luke Anderson at one time only key fill the original saint I'm back with you Portland and so glad to be hanging out the on the Saturday morning. Thank you will. Won't keep you. You know it's good to be here it was a little weird getting up early on Saturday morning down my Saturdays it's handled it isn't the pain in the ass you know it's it's early it's early and anyhow. I'm that I wake up on a Saturday and there's a six on the clock at the beginning of the numbers makes me a little uncomfortable but here I am. Barack general look and how he did. I've been grace eleven life yeah church is great work is great kids are great and we got a lot talked about today we do we got some breaking news. Ya I hear that my favorite unemployed point guard finally has a bill. On here well sir John Rondo and center when you're you're looking pelicans. Are no details yet on how much it actually. On that Rajon Rondo was relevance in any way in the NBA. Well this playoffs Nadal. Yeah dude come on. This know beat the Celtics because of Roger I'd rather hot but you actually have to consider the fact that he's not going to make that team any better now now if he was coming on as a coach. OK maybe you maybe talk a little bit but I mean at this point his career I just don't see him having any impact especially on that that roster well yes I don't know. I think the pelicans they gamble and they actually put bookie and Anthony Davis together and had this kind Twin Towers thing when you're actually playing in a modern NBA today to skew the Big Three. Is that what's happening exit my friend they're gonna win the west breaking news Golden State has been dethrone dead it as number one seed in the west aren't. Well let's talk about we've got to. Well Greg Oden back in the news we've got to a lot of conversation about the organ ducks and how they're gonna move forward with their offense but before we can do any of that. We should start with will happen or won't happen at the trailblazers. Working alongside. The knicks the rockets and I guess a confidential fourth team. To try to make this deal happened last that I heard willing cracked me if I'm wrong the knicks have decided they're gonna pause all trade talks and they are considering. Resigning Carmelo Anthony and here's my deal this is this what drives me crazy about this whole thing. First you've got Phil Jackson who says to Carmelo last season we don't want you back to prod under the placed. Then. Phil kind of goes off the rails and here's all the rules the whole time in New York he rarely goes off the rails in the offseason yeah I mean like take ran towards this let's see what else we can yeah you like out of control. And then the thought was okay fire Phil Jackson still tried Carmelo can miles like I don't wanna go. I'll leave will you leave and we don't want you where would you be willing to go I don't wanna leave no I don't know where review where will you go okay Cleveland or Houston. They did about it they are gonna to be after all what must be Anthony household be like right now. I think honestly. Initially I really thought with Carmelo anti all he cared about was money because really every decision he's ever made his career has been influenced by money and that sound ridiculous because that's most in any NBA player but. Now do you have any age of players who were willing to take these pay cuts to go on to better teams and it's from it is Kevin getting on the train right he announced a joint Houston team that he thinks actually has a chance. To put him in the possibility of actually winning a title that. I don't think that's the best choice because you're about to go into an offense that forces him to actually run up and on the court bright coaches are very good at our power play a little defense because nobody else on the team does not he has a point now. God no no I've never. I mean I understand the appeal point to stay with the knicks at Dickey has this whole legacy complex in his head where he thinks that if he stays there he'll actually be remembered a lot more than if if he gets treated to a team and then always remember Carmelo Anthony has its. Maybe one of the most decorated Olympic players all time write her out so. I don't know what the hell he sank. Without the rockets are thinking either because you take that roster. And you have to ball will nag net three ball dominant players to none of them really seem to wanna run up and on the court transition. One thing about Carmelo for a minute I mean it was famous in Denver as a united fan and he was famous in Denver for slowing everything down. You've beat him the ball he's gonna hang on the ball for 78. Mass seconds performing loans and that they till the office. So then he gets traded out. You know rejuvenate the next no. No worse position they are they didn't per year. That issue is like in 2012 and in the playoffs which is like a huge deal cooked up a up in the east yeah maybe the worst east in the history of the NBA and it takes a lot. Eric like what it's about you who's gonna go up yeah really a thirty I think 36 of legitimately asked right. So now it's gonna go to Houston but in order to make that happen. The blazers. I've been courted as a partner yes the idea is that somehow in this deal the knicks are gonna pick up Meyers Leonard. And Houston do this and Ryan Anderson and here's my overarching question and please join the conversation at the bridge for Beers tax on 5530 pot. Do you feel good. If you get rid of Meyers Leonard but added Ryan Anderson. Hell yes really. I do because the only thing I care about at this point is making sure somehow Meyers Leonard disappears I know you and the analysts in the show much but I've had this kind of thing work. I'm hoping possibly he goes missing. A unity in. I'll say it violently I'm just saying like hey he gets lost and we can't find him and then like two years down the road ends up that you know he he really do get blocks. While confined his way home while. Such rough I have no problem getting rid of Meyers Leonard if it means we're gonna take on. Brian Anderson out one of the problems there is that financially doesn't make too much sense 'cause you're actually taking on more money I think innocent has. But with three years left brazile yeah three years and sixty million Nokia and so really and the whole kind of proposed ideas that your heart the senior Meyers Leonard and then you bring him in and really I think you're paying like almost two million per year. After that point so really is the cost benefit work rate you have a guy who doesn't play any defense. Who's 32 years old getting older and you have to pay him still for two more years and plus the easily played on average 61 games per season. Right when they've injury history now and you're talking about adding him. A slow tall white guy who shoots too many threes and doesn't contribute to you expect him to do so basically my greatest pick up player you've ever played with at your community says exactly yes. What does this do for Portland by making this move. Use your shed Meyers Leonard and there's a PR excitement Italian Grant Hill yes but really is that return on investment worth it or do you just write out. Bad forty million dollars in no cut them next year eat the contract to move. It just depends on what you can get in return. Here and that's my point out this legally and support that. I I mean I don't. This could be a difficult market for Portland because you can't attracted a big name talent here. I mean it seems like they tried to do with Paul George and Indy generally wasn't having it every single time they've had free agency it's never really worked and armor. They two years ago we're trying to get Dwight Howard here which I think government debt and but it's hard to get those tennis stars to come to Portland and I think it. This is if this is like your best option for getting high star power right that's not a good sign now it's not. I don't know man it's a weird situation. Boy you know I talked about it earlier but. When you first hear the name Ryan Anderson for a moment you get excited you think okay. This guy is a shooter yeah this guy has got some size he could help spread the floor. And then you start to remember. Oh wait. I don't think he's played defense and about four years via. Oh. He does sometimes get lost in the options. Oh yeah he has kind of a high turnover ratio yes oh you know he's injury prone. And it's sixty million dollars yes haven't we learned this lesson in Portland yet. You think we did I don't know you think we were learned from insulin and well that. And not just Meyers Leonard but you overpaid for Evan Turner now to overpaid Allen crap you've you've got these contracts you can't move and now you find yourself handcuffed. And so the answer is to panic and get rid of someone that. In their community. Blazer fans do not like so now this offseason could be considered a success if I can just find a way to unload Myers on. Yeah and to me it's like you almost take that is the bigger victory. I don't know I mean I am okay taking on Ryan Anderson contractors because I know that eventually. You're either gonna drop I mean your really Dockery signed him like you're really just getting all you can out of the guy but. It becomes conflicting because then you have to kind of carry that with the timetable that Damien Willard is right because he is on this five year contract and at right and today he's gonna be close to his thirties. And once you hit thirty in the NBA there are too many players who really keep going with their pride and your dinosaur era I mean you're in your prime that you're starting you. Kind of go on the decline so I. Mean it's not the best move for right now if you wanna win right now but I don't see an actual path that happening by the way. I was or who we are talking about this before a show like players that you can think have that when you actually. You know when they when they get in trade toxic or teeny Carrie get excited about initially anything bet. The Jamal Crawford certificate right. Yeah I hear the names of all crowd I do think follow okay almighty god yes yes sixth man of the years of college shooter all were loaded geared. Now are not graphic shots new defense how about Derrick Rose. Yeah it Derrick Rose MVP. How good he wasn't 2010. And now that he. All right you know what. When you know obviously brings up the tax on because this is a great point we didn't get to it you do have to give up Mo Markowitz who might be your best on ball defender. In addition to that. Doing this deal to get rid of Mo and get rid of Myers could shoot in luxury tax vote. Yes do you wanna pay a penalty to get rid of a pariah like Myers -- that's a question 5505. Bridgeport Beers Tex signed when we come back we're gonna shift gears to talk about players who have contributed or didn't last year we had talked about blazers draft picks this summer league's stick with us senator and -- an 80%. Welcome back senator and say today the fans keep bill will the margins here this Beatles a little danger of bullish Colombian on Clinton back in the jail song and the song you know the music. Pagan out you on a Saturday. I can't believe that you really wanted to play this Robert for the show you relate. Just get Brad solo come whenever you do make sure that we get this one song played you know let it that your your magician will darken I remember the week before the show I was like Jackie cam and you wanna do this and you're like yeah as long as red solo cups plain that that was the thing that that was in my writer. Everything else you know was was kind of a side negotiators want to hear that then I'm good but right and as long as I can pay off the IRS. After I do in the show those the two things we had to make happen now that and a brother you're not gonna eat into that government check I feel good about what this chip. I'm not I'm not with this one I only go about swept. 87 million dollars I was from not paying my taxes and when assistant so our earlier late taxpayer and I'm up early. I'll tell you this is the way that rolls which are getting a refund your early if you're paying your later about the deal. It yes I don't say foods I got a pulse in I'm get a refund I want that money. Typically the wife Amy she lets me spend it on to the super fund in a couple of years ago she got me a TV in a sound system so let it out. It's sort of that jackets into the master C when you're just a single viewed doing your taxes the most depressing thing on shirt because then you have to protect your income. And then you look at it you don't know crap right and it's not so much and it's hard because you know. Turbotax is really easy thing to exact guy you have to actually put that number down and then you realize like wow tractor 29 I worked for a whole year and this is happening at groceries or problem. Roof yeah I was there. Once upon a time of their I get that feeling. Real quick though yes so many conversations I've heard so many reactions some of them. Are out of control and crazy and some of them are are reasonable. But now that you seem a little bit of summary. What is your thought on what the blazers did on draft night and a two picks to move up to ten. And tea grabbing exact Collins immediately I heard the lazy sports opinion and I could hear a once Myers honored all over again. Foolish you probably ever watched him play. But what's your opinion having now watched that Collins enough of a little bit that we got to. Say this I've been excited about summer league before I was kind of excited to go see Ben Simmons. Because I just wanted to dude see the dude that was going to be the mix of Magic Johnson LeBron but this year by committing care until I watched the first game. I really care so much about sex caused actually cubes wanna jump. I mean just starting with him first dude. Has the highest motor mini draft pick I've seen we've had the last five years now I get that every kid that mix of Zach Randolph and dream on green at least at this summer league level and it doesn't speak. Right it is getting guarded by guy who's going to be you know shielding grocery stores and in a few we've got. And and you know. And I will say summer league is very guard driven. Right yeah so it's not going to be any experience like the NBA you've got young guards who are gonna take a lot of shots. People are gonna fade back on offense and defense so if a big man wants to dominate. It might be a little easier in summer league that it would be in the flow of a natural NBA yet. Big things about Kim's wanna get any solace the potential for bench play because if you actually get him coming off and be giving that instant offense that instant motor and that defense in the rebound I think he had Blake. Twelve offensive rebounds and everything that are everything that he collected in summer and that's just an eight iron. Original point though is if I'm being totally honest here's the first under reasonable opinion of summer league killed Somalian is our new starter at the four spot now. But you hear it every day I've heard it on multiple radio stations I've heard on multiple callers are offered on multiple Twitter to announced Caleb is the future. He is ready to start. Opening night he and Kirk lineup together. I don't see it yet I think he can be a nice piece of the can contribute I think you're right there. I think he's got a great motor also a picture there but when you get in tune. Me in an NBA flow. Where your take and you know eighteen of the 242 shot clock to run your offense does he have the same impact. Home and I mean at this point the blazers rosters can confusing especially in the starting line up because you know it's gonna look pretty similar as it did last year I mean of course you know for Ryan Anderson. African in the but I would say if you did you make that trade he probably does start on opening night that's he's your best option of forest frightening. I mean it's confusing starting roster because it's gonna look the same as Lester B still have that huge keeping defense of hole but you know you look at somebody like Jack Collins and even though. Looking at him in summer league play ECB offenses and quite there yet it's. Get a defense he's got plenty of blocks and I think. If I'm gonna pull up my stat sheet here are this yeah Gary finesse when he's never won an all summer leagues for defense of rating at 71 and a half. Plus. He has three blocks per game right through how many games. Three yeah okay. Though. Yeah you kind of get my point there you could make all the games he hats and some injury issues already yeah oh I don't. Please assigned to bigamy is hurt at a yeah delta to manage their worst and I aren't. It's why you passed up on Gary Giles who by the way I think could be the biggest steal the draft. On I was shocked when I found out that the deal was going down so that the blazers could pick Terry Giles and trade him to McCain's now Harry Giles has plenty of injury issues. For sure. But every Doctor Who looked at him before the draft said that he is knee replacement his injuries were well past and they were impressed with his freedom. And I thought oh my goodness if the blazers grabbed this kid and he and her work together. That could be dangerous you could have in and I am not talking about a starting position but it keeps gives you. Eighteen minutes again. That can make a huge difference to whether the blazers finish and 67 or eight or they finish. Third in the month. I don't know the whole injury thing. Mean the NBA and then when you draft it's all kind of a toss up you know well I just started to draft picks for guys who already got hurt yeah and we'll also have a guy that you kind of look at because he has this young career in the NBA and I think most NBA teams that's what you're trying to do you write you're trying to get the younger city to avoid that type of road block immediately but. I mean it's such a toss up at this point just gonna have to take to tell you think is gonna work with your team I. It was an okay picks to trade up to get Zach on the what else you do write what you tried to what you originally trying to do was take all three picks. And packages Daniel Jordan right whoever in happen. Ran up they said even though I will point out here they did say if the name with CJ miles and all three texts then they were interest it. So you know time will tell other you know that was the right move or not. But you know all in all right you didn't have a lot of options. If you stand pat you draft two players to does that columns does that make him any impact on this roster at all. Now I'm really not at this point I just Cilic the blazers rosters in a rut right now because you have this really young core that for the most part pretty good but you have these huge gaping holes that are problems which is. Arnie I wouldn't even say its problems it's a problem which is defense and I read fit on the most basic sense you kind of alleviated that was sacked Collins but. You know again you look at the injury issues and you look at the offensive issues to me and I some of those games and that you'd. Cannot put back at all but twelve rebounding machine be kip putback there's like seven feet. But do you meet debt. You've got Merck now I mean and that's could be your guy who's who's gonna is gonna put all your shot back. He is the guy has to know allow Damien he did have a little more freedom you're gonna happen for a whole season. I think that's where you place your bet and you hope is that Collins develops. And that's where I say OK you know what I understand trading up and grabbing him. Just don't and all your hopes blazer fans on Zach Collins is a project this can be two or three years at best and then he's probably going to be a role player. But if you can mix. That has a top ten pick like that's what you drafted a roll up like that's what bothers me the most about it and I understand that you know any BA drafts it's all kind of relative who you pick and you look at people entry among green and James oxygen turned his pick pretty got. Ready to be like James dream on greening say that you know it's relative where you pick a player just. Matters what kind of impact they make it. The exact Collins you kind of hope that he would be that project it would only take two or three years and then you could. Get him into the starting lineup and you would have this kind of new path to the NBA right yet these 27 footers that are Indian defense of presence and possibly offensive presence but I. With the boy just picks up again. I don't know what you would have done other than that we were talking about this earlier in the show right like they have no way to get big money free agent talent in there don't let's succumb. Here you spent your money too early yeah and then the cap lowered what you had to you right. Spend that money what would have happened if you had not paid Allan Ingraham. With the blazers have been in any different position at all last year if Alan Graham is not a boy's dad did two GB battling the nets. Right. Would they be any different really good would they be any different if you had given a mega contractor Evans. I don't know Kazaa. All we have to think about who they know they're gonna replace with that. What are gets a veteran players like another issue with the boys they're really coming you know grinds my gears oh I love that story Peter Griffin. Is the fact that we seem to forget about the bench Iranian likely put all this emphasis on how we're gonna feel. The starting lineup with quality players are deemed CJ put in your attention it's. That tightly to order does not the issue of Japan and will this is this is why Portland's in that position. You don't have a quality starting five right now not really you have to early players three really good player real scalp or Americans yeah you got three really. Good players in the two giant question marks now I will say this is probably the most controversial thing I sailed back on my god here we go no of online. Has the ability. To be an all star honestly. He has the oh my god you know days he has the ability to shoot. He needs some confidence and he needs and player development if you wanna find out if Terry Stotts and the blazers staff have ability to to coach people opt in to make them athletes watch no Obama if he develops and becomes a star. Then they are great at what they do. If he does not I will pen that sorely in squarely on the blazers try to. To me. What are the things that really jumped out when you had that opening press conference right with Constance login was that you had Neil O'Shea. Terry Stotts say kind of the same thing right high effort guy. Real big motor whenever I hear that with the NBA player analysis as just think. Not very talented. Like you're gonna try really hard but the talents out there. And he kind of seen that a little bit from Zach Collins like he's trying really hard and don't let a lot of this is about nerves that he's just like having this high expectation visibility commuter not but. To meet would look at those dudes they don't look like they're gonna be premier players in the next five years Q slotting it looks he's going to be a great off the bench piece somebody's jerk again. High motor real great and you know. Or top politician. Is the WCC. And you left after your freshman year yeah you couldn't crack the starting lineup it was dubbed incendiary. Out yep okay well you know let's let's. Outside taper off our expectations just a bit on not only that you're trying to battle and now even just kept playoff spot do you at this west now with the timberwolves they know we see this every year with the temporal that we get all excited to liberals found their missing views are back there really that they can make the play today. Now we're in a position where it's going to be hard for us to battle for the spot I thought the jazz are gonna take a dip but I mean. I find it hard that we're actually gonna make a decent spot in the playoffs it's hard to believe that with the nuggets sentinels yeah. And with the other teams moving up in the clippers are in a standardized racked up the thunder are going to be back. The jazz are gonna take a debt. If it's conditions on the show I think we're gonna be on the same level isn't it just a kid and in las Gordon Hayward bears really did. Ricky Rubio could develop I I. I worry about the well I think when Snyder is an amazing point guard and he's an amazing coach so if anyone can take Ricky Rubio and turn him into an actual NBA point guard Quin Snyder my dear god which by the way Quin Snyder. Looks like the dude who would sell you drugs in the 1980s when you understand that's why you'd make in the leader and he. I was injured were selling drugs and maintenance. Well we'll just got a lot. We come back. They actually we talked about Greg Oden who's back in the newspaper he but it's. And now what's the reaction to being at the top overall pick and maybe the biggest bust in NBA history we'll talk about that a whole lot lower before we can do any of that Americans go to sports desk into the sports an update. Welcome back very special to solicitor in the same meaning that everybody else and eighty was sicker unavailable so cute little bad weather today I get out will darken his. Gotta be hanging out your brother. Ways it was a pretty desperate. It's a school in out there there are occasions and I know some free time do them. We'll screw around on the radio him in Upton went over to us now what is the give back that I have to do for this oh just went. Like that and have to clean your garage. It's not going to be nearly that close. Yeah it's hopeful that you have no idea about what's the what's the worst thing having to clean some in the garage like help them do that like. Okay our combat and helping someone move that was exactly what I'm going to play we moved. You're helping so what would you rather do you help a friend move or help them clean their garage help in the clean the garage. Because as you can strategically hide a (%expletive) honest. And look busy and not do anything when someone's moving everybody knows the dude who's not lifting the heavy box yeah like you always have to be doing something. But I feel like with. When you're helping somebody clean their garage like you have to have more opportunities for you need to talk to them. And like if I'm waking a thriller really helps me clean their garage I don't wanna have to say anything do you have to wake up or politically garage now. I don't think so I think you can clean the garage anytime a matter of fact it may be more advantageous to wait until the evening went a little cooler. Yeah I. I don't know though how long is it can take Kelly do you think it would take to clean your garage. My garage yeah oh my garage in shambles right now I mean it was it would take you give three hours three I would say five may be little. I know my mom's dress took five to clean well is that because you're the one helping. Yeah problem I mean you're one of the laser guys that I know well. You're you're the most fit lazy guy I've ever met okay that is kind of true yeah and bit lazy it's what I do that's what I have on my horizon. 55305. Bridgeport Beers Tex and I wanna know what's the worst favor that your friend and ask you to help with 55305. I. I still say moving is by far the worst. The other one is. Hey I'm out of town. Let my dogs out yeah that's pretty bad because unless you're staying at the house he got to get up and drive over there a couple of times today yet. Takes a lot of effort like that does that that's sustained effort at least with the likely new garage are moving you know you can just at that time now and you just say OK I'll do that then and then there's the the tough one that you can never say no to. Hey come get me I'm in southeast. I have I can't go home that's an easy one yeah if you tax stinks and I just say I was asleep possibly category yeah and Ali yeah. You can't ignore it got to go do it no matter what no matter where you are what's going on because if you ignore that text you're not actually a friend hey. OK I want to get to this excellent excellent five factories or five bridge for Beers sex and quick Stater. Was great American Psycho and this is so true because they went back and looked at pictures of him looks strong now it's it's uncanny. In there were there were rumors. That the being regular ms. you have as much to do with. A little fondness for cocaine as it did use his command record. But nothing substantiated just rumors that the putter on a message. Yeah if you were going to lake I guess. Wear costumes for Halloween like you're looking online and you're like all right let me see any define it cost him for Halloween I wanna look like somebody who does a lot of Coke and stressed out Jack on Saturday insider it's not that hard American Psycho because of one in the same. I personally that movie looks a little bit more like put together Snyder looks like he's had a rough night. Constant all the time yeah yeah all the time. It's fair. It's fair awful thing about guys who have had a rough time. Greg Oden. Back in the news this week how he got the Al Sports Illustrated story I actually read it on ESPN magazine of the body that's what I meant I read up accurate article online yeah I felt for the guy. As I'm reading this because you know we all think about OK we can discuss a ton of money and he's ever played a complete sees and we could've had given to rent and he's the worse than it's ever happened. And then you think to yourself. Oh my gosh this is actually a person he's he's got a family. He is known as the biggest bust in NBA history. That's going to be a tough thing to carry around I mean you're a stud at Ohio State your stud in high school. You have all these high expectations you get drafted number one overall in the NBA. And vineyard like falls. I so basically this who is part of the body issue right body issues but Jamaican athletes that are covered up nice and creatively. And any article right it's talking about how he's trying to connect acclimate himself back into society at Ohio State like they go through this whole thing of him walking upstairs over to the admissions office and the like each step is kind of little painful for him but. And anything. All I can think about was Kennedy addiction side this yes like as a deeper into the article you realize that this was an alcohol and he would use that in sleeping pills to actually just go to sleep at night so he could forget about the pressure. Of living up to being. I don't know the next great TrailBlazer or the guy that would actually take him over the top and right it's like you have to relate to that at some point right like this dude was born. And at a certain point is like he shot up to seven feet. By the way have you seen a picture of him lately. He eased Benjamin button man. Like when he was eighteen he looked like you with seventy. And now that the use you know pushing thirty mile do you wanna do it like this criticism is based artist per announced. Okay. Looks better than they did dates and now. Hi that the pressure of the NBA immigrants Irish and a good judge to criticize her when her programming your son in the act green and grenades Dixon. Tips for current so here's my question well I really wanna know I. Obviously there's a lot of weights that carry it around is Greg Oden the biggest bust in NBA draft history. Truly like when you think about all the bad things I want you to go back and think about like is a guy for the pistons Rocco and military are an idea you got to think about Kwame Brown you got to think about Sam Bowie knew nothing about having all of us. Yeah Brad buss are only he can think gauge on who proceeded them re right or who came after. Right that's kind of the thing like you would say simply because well you missed out on Michael Jordan but I don't know if you can actually put the label of biggest possible NBA bust of all time yet. Because we haven't seen what Kevin during its career is going to really like. He's won an NBA title but we don't know what's gonna happen after that might add MVP season you know that's easy if you ask you a couple of years ago I would is still puts him do we have their because I would say we'll Kendrick constantly gets hurt Elisa he's never gonna win a title. But now. He kind of get higher up there right you say well looks like for the next. I don't know five years or so three years we're gonna want to keep winning titles. Right but not as a result of Kevin Durant what I would say is is Kevin Durant time and Casey told me a lot more about who we was in this time in Golden State yeah. And the fact that OKC goes from being you know an unknown. You know about sonic team. To an NBA perennial playoff contender. And a team that does make the finals team that you know always is in the conference championship conversation. That's significant because that's what the bullies are always hoped to be that they hoped that pic of Greg Oden would do for Portland. They hope that this would be the guy they hope this would change everything now Portland's back it's gonna be back to the early ninety's at they're gonna compete for the west they're gonna get to the finals. And none of that happens because this injury so I mean Greg Oden is certainly got to be a Mac conversation. Okay big about this or second to the reason why we didn't draft Kevin Correia like inside the whole fact that he couldn't lift when he 51 answer or whatever physical stature like. Are the reason that we like logically put this together I didn't need to underscore. In terms Ella. That was the decent. We have Travis Outlaw. How is seen is that to think about that like with most teams when you actually nature edit in DA is kind of grown from this. You don't think about what you had he think about what the potential of the player is because. If you just completely booked Passat and understood you had a dude that is seven foot who can score like Michael Jordan and you can play a post position. I don't know like Magic Johnson shark. How the hell do you pass up on that bush and how does seem that you seemed illegals going towards that stuff. I'll play you didn't see that when he was at Texas you know you saw flashes of who Kevin Durant can be and you knew we could score but when did Texas do with him on the team I think. This is the opposite side as you saw Greg Oden at an Ohio State team who was kind of on the brink and then they went to a national championship game sewage you're wanting to be a winner you think this guy's got a history of winning up let's get them. He's had no ideas like it was about follow. Yeah I never he had. And I guess that's the article is stuck gutsy that he had like no signs of injury with his leg even before that I don't you think broke his hand when he was at Ohio State. He did that but I mean you look at his career before then you would've said the sky's the perfect pick it. You know another thing that I think came from this article was the whole idea that. You know what's next for Greg Oden now right. And they were that he hits on a class they hinted the idea that he could be a broadcaster. I don't know that I I have heard him speak person took longer than thirty seconds at a time. But you know I mean honestly if you watch TNT lately. Anybody can be abroad odd. You and I are on the air right now mr. Amin just consider that for a second before you yet paid off the idea that Greg Oden can do this are you. Putting my community college broadcasting degree into question and in May be a little. Leave your man doing here so I bring you mean here's the ringer I wanna get it I would I do to get a couple of text and let's take a look consumer you guys have to say on this. A this I can read some of this ideology you aren't that lined up. The best friend conversation of parental help you move your best friend we'll help you move bodies but if it's your best friend's body you have to move on your own yeah. Yeah I don't know I I agree with that Isaiah 37 year old die hard trouble as a fan my whole life the most optimistic and happy I've ever been was the day we drafted Greg Oden. That being said he is the biggest bust ever. That is part of this bust thing is people were so excited and a new by the way that that was when you were most optimistic or Western Conference finals 2001. Lake what do heading into that fourth quarter near fifteen point lead you knew you record. There is no way I mean I can't let that Wenger added you shouldn't because you were robbed. The game was fixed and you around they are last Lima. We didn't draft Kevin Durant because Greg Oden was a once in a generation big man it was about wouldn't it had no negatives on Durant. And there's some truth there too yeah you want to big man this was the most phenomenal athletes in a long time the limitless high the ceiling was high. And all came crashing down can I also just treat this last tax go for it because you do you think it's inappropriate but it's actually no we're gonna have about it. Greg Oden could do porn. That's worked out so well for so many celebrities. Can't really hasn't I mean you see that picture of him rent don't say no I haven't all my nor do I haven't even fired tear. You know this is now become. Blake a a staple conversation on this show right. And it doesn't surprise like well you know behind it what are your favorite athletes had a text picture of themselves naked on the Internet. Like it calls into your standard that you have to look at it. No no if you look at your not a true fan of the line. You kidding me out the line. I'm in us and we do enters the times hearkens what you what you look at you know. At 3 AM that's your business if there is a naked picture of us mills on on the you know. I don't think I call you war Eagles are just not. I'm uncomfortable with that being your and a popular level of judgment when we come back we're gonna talk about the organ ducks what's happening there when a fix Major League Baseball. Amber and have all of our topics and good vs evil stick with a sinner and saint 1080. Not all news makes the front today. Don't look at the stories you may not mean. Haven't. And maybe. How can help them. I'm not exactly get the ball out of it. Incentive obviously knowledge. But in talking. Once again it shows the selflessness. That was a midget that dribbles the ball then dribbles the ball. Then dribbles also more before shooting it with a few seconds left on the shot clock you forgot flops felt threatened talk about crystal. He started out his new teammate James Hardy and the beard got a nice payday this past week rockets signed hardened tweets for a year and 200 in 28 million dollar extension he had a huge season finishing second in the MVP race. This is one of many super Max contracts that have been penned this offseason LeBron James recently made the comment that step curry is actually worth 400 million dollars rather than the 201 million he got this off season. Here's my question do you think the NBA should lift the salary cap off the CE. No absolutely not we're gonna talk got even more about this and we get our Major League Baseball topic. But having a salary cap. Encourages stars to stay put there's only so much money that you can spend there's only so many places you can go. Now I will say this Neil O'Shea you should be paying attention to what Golden State Houston just did because they did it the Smart way. They did not give James Harden a pay increase. They gave him an extension. By the time these dollars hit their salary cap the salary cap will have doubled. It will cost them at zero dollars on the salary cap to lock him up for seven years. Why can't we get a GM in Portland who has a single idea on how to run a franchise. You don't like ocean I am angry at the way he has mismanaged this team into her to tell you fired power. Well don't stuff it. Yeah I think that it's been critical to place that you actually. What it and that your. I was aware of it would look forward to just green again good situation. They changed the protection. Deserted and that refuses to play in overtime during Gatorade commercial Paul George. He's not a juicy rumor that footer on the NBA rumor mill this past week the thunder of former told the as pins basketball version about a chapter that's injury we're asking. That during trade talks the pacers floated the idea of trading George to the warriors for Klay Thompson. PG thirteen jokingly said that the league probably wouldn't have approved the trade. My question what's are the chances that if this trades that happened if that LeBron James would have gone to Italy it's ha ha ha ha this fun little conspiracy well. I'm not sure were done. With that yet. I'm telling you LeBron James have you ever seen a player. That unhappy after losing the finals all the way we have when LeBron lost in the left Cleveland the first time. We've got 82 games left with LeBron as the Cleveland cavalier column my shot right now. 82 games left. Enjoy it while those playoffs enjoy it because he's out but that's such a hard suspicion dude like you have to see him that he knows Paula George will leave the thunder. After this next season because otherwise what are you going to you're going to a team of blondes a ball draining a given were like three years out from being really good but think about this for just a second. If you want to avoid tampering. How do you send somebody a message in the press and say ahead. We're doing this. Pretty good way to do it. At. Big Paula Brandon you've got freedom and everywhere. And it's okay it's an uneven and the under on minimum. Things have gotten a game we'll speaking of your next game up next you guys have been that's how do you keep this momentum going personally me. But as you plan against north but the other thing with a few more about us we'll be. Attributed to it who you stare at long enough he looks like a mix of Bill Walton and Drake. Wow that's lawns of all I'm suggesting that might be the most insightful comedy you've ever made yet Jersey law policy mix between Bill Walton and drink yeah. Go online take a look and you tell me if I'm wrong. Boy Turkey is taken the NBA by storm the past few weeks he's notched two triple doubles over four summer league games. Even dropped 36 on the 76ers. If you consider that to be a big deal. After that his weird spat with JJ watt in his centric a loud mouth father in he has all the makings of an NBA blockbuster. Who do you think will be a bigger celebrity in two years two years my friend when Alonso ball. Russell Oscar Russell Westbrook still yeah. So what have I seen from Alonso ball and summer again let's let's remember it's summer. Pacino volume shooter who went six for twenty from the field. I saw is shooter who went two for sixteen from the field this triple doubles are some of the worst triple doubles I've ever seen. Gather messy in this is in summer league where again he's being guarded by somebody who's gonna be skin and Michael as a target a couple of weeks. So in my impressed now what do I see instead. That he is knew what you know Alonso issues already tore through it has got to where some Nikes. I was by the way you were the coatings which is ironic because that's the shoe they ripped off to make issue. And then the the next night egos too you know the Adidas brand let's give these an independent because nobody is gonna know who this kid is in five years. Dude you're not a fan of the stakes can no. They vote the vote the this spent the stakes get say speaks speaks and what's the word that. Foes think it's. And a trip to get the F and S in there at the same thing all right. We have new segment on here I don't think you're aware it's called my favorite story hello there's little song to. I basically just an online felt CVS break. Thanks cents a pound parts of this this is a story that's a little off sports we'll have more topical. To local. Did you see recently. And I mean this week diverted state police say a roll over crash in highway one of one cost 7500. Pounds it feels to spill out. And the heels were bad enough but the worst and weirdest part of this. Is that they extracted slime. That covered cars the road and even some fire trucks. I just want you to picture first second and you've just picked up a convertible from your local rental car company. And your driver behind us the minister. About data due to sept. Now men I mean there are so many. To sexual objects to make when you look at the pictures because it's really looks really really it and if you've not read the story it's it's when it's it's the stuff of nightmares yeah. If how weird for me it spiders or snakes they can probably throw in debt deals now. Yeah and the worst part about it too is that you see that somebody got rear ended and it looks like a lot of the cars like caved in right Benicio is due on it it makes you think that that you like eat away at the car. Yeah you know it's it's sort of nightmare Sinbad yeah about a master this happens to you will which your reaction or are you running are you checking it out. All that happens and AM proud change in my pants. Boom there it is did you set me up. All right that's one hour down one hour ago we come back Oregon Ducks Major League Baseball fixes and a whole lot more stick with a sitter and saint 1080 the fan.