Sinner and Saint 6-16-18 Hour 2

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, June 16th
The Mariners are .... good ...? And we talk with people that make the drink "snake bite". 

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now what where we pick up front. I want. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy. Doing great things since 1952. I. Anderson. Astronauts. Home primarily harassed him and also went to a school bands and girl. We'll watch Titanic 1917 times in the theater that was different time back then. I will darken the spotter below an agenda and frightened by technology and there's HBO where it's like you watch it if you're like wow she's dangerous and then that we have the capability to build a 33 best radio show in Portland. On Saturdays. But about sports. Sooner than those same old game that should rhetoric and they were before so I'm here sports scene here. More elaborate rules. Our blog maybe. It's. An hour until. Does that part of our London attending the debate and not come out. You download the podcast go to the on demand button and you know its push buttons and you figured out right about let's Schwab's irons. And that's do you know how to use the Internet I have no idea I think you notice about him. Good evening you're like aged ten years. When you're aged ten years and you are now you're 38 right you know a B 37 in a couple weeks of his 37 you're 47. When it comes to technology. We that's driven 47 year olds now he's in and I'm like 87 when it comes technology is he says they don't like the grumpy old man that I just I I do it in defiance almost worse there dress. What's up where's your VHS. And yesterday. You know if the thought that yet. Is is the technology in your home compared to what it would be at a coast home on the ordering coast version yet somehow when somebody doesn't go it's gonna record player and Darren is gonna handful of finals from you know the eighties and the TV is slavery off the wall that Michael Jackson's going to be Itar. But two feet wide TV too polite you know they're absolutely you got to build two new technology. That's forever. Quality twelve channels all did you snake by it is. Moyer. But when I'm aware what it's when he gets bitten by saying aren't so snake biting is when you take beard cider mix them together. And it makes a delicious. Now it's intriguing yet so we've got to a couple people the snake bite showdown is today. Over at Widmer. And sort of talk about that do that next held the ground on the grill right out of it. It into the World Cup. A little bit about this US open I kinda wanna get in that well let's ask I think I only very honest it to me I'm quite upset the US is not playing in this it is to me it eliminates a hole. High yield interest. You on the other hand you I don't think care either way whether the US is in their not. Although I don't and in fact you came up to your work. Artists is night and Wednesday and you said something about the World Cup and I said to be brutally frank with you I didn't know the World Cup was starting until the day of the World Cup I guide completely forgot about speculating that tipped me off was that they said hey. The North America. Is going to be a host in 220 or 61 point six. Well. So yes it will be the host country then which means we have an automatic bid but right now with no US playing in it like you root for. Mean have you been following what's going on an auto club written all. What I never mentioned result you talk to them all the time get posters and out of in your body. You're seeing that kind of ripped yes I've seen them. It's okay without my body. Your body pails in comparison to Renault was we pale. You are pale compared to you now how short is Lionel Messi. Cell deeper to get into this. So I thought 305 I'm curious how many Q were upset with the absence of the US in this don't know watch and people in the last so are many World Cup I don't know why. I didn't care if there's something. That's soccer that doesn't really the the nationalistic side of me doesn't come out. You know once every however many years this thing happens what is it for aliens fists. Six. Out to right. Soccer World Cup but it didn't and that's how much I didn't care about the World Cup. I just don't there's nothing about it it's appealing to me to root for my country in a sport rarity no we're gonna lose like we we didn't have a fighting chance the other time either. The other I mean all together now whatever. But this second World Cup you know and the only. I think that never got me pumped up World Cup was when Iceland was and it and they have an announcer it's just I don't know I mean that other you're they had an answer that was all helter skelter. She's absolutely losing his mind screamed bloody mercy for confinement cut off. That's one thing that gets me excited. Iceland and announcer and here is Romo. All right mr. Ramirez did not get. Throw Dennis Rodman and their analog. Did that guy and Dennis Rodman doing co commentator and probably. All god yes. There's they're both drunk guarantees. And suppose that's probably fair. So you're 100% of World Cup you hate golf. With golf you can gulp it with golf do you think it's a bigger hit for the US to be a little World Cup or tiger to already be eliminated from the US open I think. That's a really difficult question because it's kind of aegis sale I guess the US because he also expected that tiger would be out of the US open via I mean the weather conditions made it's so ridiculous that with the wind one that he's brazen these sham Bogans. And as he did this yes yeah I mean it made them look like regular people just as the paper and an iron a situation where Dustin Johnson there's no way he's gonna leaders every. Mathematically I guess he could lose but it it would be pretty unlikely considering he's one of the better players in the world the favorite the well yeah I mean he has a and the number is the only person addressed. He's not in the world he's the favorite coming in he won last week this the first time if he does win. That a golfer is one in back to back weeks going into the US so do you this excitement over Tiger Woods where before every single major ready builds up the idea the heat this could be the one he wins to get his curve back contract when you give me. You know her under years that that will just stop where we can just say. OK I don't really care that we're going into the masters and that tiger has a quote quote chance like its descent and I happen it doesn't entry how old is 444440. Former. Phil's won a 48 were some for all area. We still have a for Phil there's enough people like Phil Mickelson the kind of do the same thing in because fills never won a US open yeah he's he's been close he's won all the other majors so that would be his career Grand Slam so I think people still get excited about that I think as long as tiger is entering tournaments. People always wanna see some of that magic that. The thing about sports is there's a even though. These guys are always getting ordered tiger's not the same query ones now. There's so much nostalgia built in. When you can see these guys really that even if it's just for a moment to go out and watch somebody do one more time there's always that the entry and you can you get Kobe Bryant the last game. The lakers were playing different when he put up sixty points people lost their mind. Because it reminded of from the time that special in Los Angeles when he was winning five championships. And you've got to see Kobe one more time peak OB. And I think that is what people are over for tiger beat and go out there engaged LC one more tiger one more and I don't. I don't know that and at least for me it's not. I don't expect tiger to come back and go Iran where it winds ten tournaments here ten major tournaments and you know five year period or whatever is. It's I just wanna see him get there one more time and you want it's almost see the passing of the torch is tiger disappeared in that vacuum was filled with all of these great young players the Jordan speed the justice Thomas's year Dustin Johnson forum -- are all these guys came into the never played tiger head to head Ameen were talking about it you know Rocco immediate was the guy that you know he wimps to the finish line with. And that was kind of the end of tiger as we knew him. And he came back and won some tournaments but he's never really been the same since then he's never had to go head to head against this new young crop of guys have he could get in the mix. And come down on a Sunday against Rory and Jason Day and and Jordan speeds in the final two pairings and go back and forth and at the ratings you deceit. Skyrocket to cover. Assuming that he deserves the story storybook ending race like especially if you professional athletes that are really gotten the story that Kenny John Elway is one that comes to mind pretty quick Michael Jordan. You could say you know hey Chris in Brasilia the wizard and wizards here. I mean he can't he never had just need to have a storybook ending he walked away because he's get paid too much money doubles and we are gonna pay anymore they bought the team the couple's crash to the bottom of the league. That was that was a pretty clunky ending to it every day drafted. Not to air currents. White guy with glasses. Again it passes congress should be easy. Theater number twelve rod so then I am something. I'm Rick and I don't put it. Yeah amateur I all whole. Rhetoric. White guy with glasses. Glasses okay totally had glasses. I only her hiring never had an opportunity to interview wrong or all right well you do that hold on don't go to break and then we'll forget about it. Andre I'm going to do it. Oh. Thank you for mumbling so big hero of Jesus he has his glasses on what he's on the hawks. Knoll. What it's a regional problem syndrome among their I would reference in the bulls and really inland as far as the later part of his career. But the hawks. He's the only guy that I know there is with the bulls who looks pretty good and of he's the only guy go that was effective playing in glasses other than cream Abdul Jabbar Kurt Rambis. Care to want him everybody cares Becker and as part of championship team I think you're gonna find more Kurt Kirk Hinrich fans than Kurt Rambis teen fans are okay. Move on from the us snake bite showdown is this afternoon and we'll talk with a couple of the collaborators in this kind of fun events. And we'll do that next when we do to grow and grow you're listening to the center of the saint. Maybe. And natural I don't remember there were only classes. It's visible actually didn't Wear the glasses all the time and I don't want them all the time early on and I never forgotten her he wants to come and McCain's got a big got a new few hands pictures. It's his scrawny Hannity who were did he end. Nick Collison ethically be edited that would be nice to and they went cans together and then a pretty cool guy does it's can just go back Kansas live it up. Yeah I think they've of the life there get a little life I need to drink let's go to the ground war and the growth. Can recommend applying Weiner cocktails to compliment your meal of hot vacation got their water over Scott's. You to send we can lead to more sophisticated than that. Good team entering college for the best culinary sports offerings of the day. The fan presents a truly enlightened sports experience what's this thing. Insisted that it. This is the broiler in the group. A weekly feature on the center in the city on Jenny the only sound here. I had the second annual snake bite showdown takes place today at 1 PM goes until seven it's that Widmer Brothers beer garden upland Russell street. The event is basically bunch of regional outsider makers and brewers get together in the Macon snake bites some snake bite is they want. Got two great guests here why should I explain what snake bite is we've got Neil Davidson from what is that ground breaker brewing. And then we've got Jana. And now and especially at a hint Riverside agree. And you guys are collaborating as part of this. So shall star what's what is a snake bite. Well things Travis on interests of all my pleasure yacht s.'s sneak in his gut the traditional blend of spider and beer and there's a lot of different variations could be tighter with logger. I can be with the darker beer and weird to actually celebrating the Pacific northwest variation here though you've got curing house. Local senator from Washington State and then local beer here from Portland Oregon and there's a a little sleep we'll speak to the blender is that as we go on OK so tell me a little bit about and read. And reform an insider and a fantastic thanks for the opportunity asking rivers located at in show become Washington Delaware in the Olympic Peninsula were on eating organic acres there we do. Obviously a lot of great orchard work where we're growing apples which can cost entrant in decider but we also are full working family farms will be raised chickens and pigs and the veggies it's got our local markets for a certified Timothy farmer certified organic farm and where. Get to share what we make on the farm and bring it out into the world so that's what we're celebrating today which is artisan crafts later. Cool and and Neil tell me a little bit about I green grass looked from there you know greens that's yeah ground breaker an inkling Alicea to the ground breaker we we opened six years ago here in southeast Portland we over the punch guys alone drinking beer but are one thing is working and freight. Okay and that but we still love during dollar beer and has all the same flavors and all that we just. Which may include free so we have a big a missile Berea there in southeast Portland's annual restaurant connected and it's a great little spot to drink beer and have great food one of my favorite. Things about living in Portland and and really what this segment turned into when we first were like Edward tailgate show let's have you know some food and drinking and do this but it really turned in to talking with people from Portland. About how many cool collaborations that we've done whether it's you know just within the beer industry. Distillers. You know and we're seeing huge growth in the cider industry we've had people to talk about Meade. So just that the collaboration thing has always been cool and Widmer spent a great partner for a lot of small brewers to get started doing collaborations. So you two had bad we get paired up for for your sank by. We've been doing. Actually Jen and I have done events for years now but we just loves the sinner cider and we've done a lot of good stuff with you guys and it's always been a good relationship. You know we've we've we've. Enjoy collaborating in the past and mrs. as you said the second annual soap. Relief fund first kind of go at it team of people thought about bringing together this local arcing pier and reducing costs later. And when Leah were. Queuing up with it would be awesome to work with crab breaker and some really decent and it's 100% gluten free so that's kind of a cool niche in the fighter world and it's really need to bring that in. In this beer collaboration to how to gluten free beer as well as include entries Anderson people who are looking for a gluten free offerings still all the way through can enjoy this one. And decided not naturally gluten free it is definitely in for that perfect that's kind of at all. Yeah pretty register and the firmer technology and a from that from thin river about farm insider you and Neil from ground breaker brewing. So you you've re brought a couple drinks from Macon Macon state by its very young and we foreign. Think serving in the classes yeah report excessively it's okay. So that we got together and we thought oh it's gonna be really easy to bring together a couple things that we really like and it was Swedish a lot of taste testing. And we decided on a 5050 blend. When I'm free which is this lavender black current senator in this is our seasonal botanical senators so it's organic apples. Organic black experience and then local organic lavender from Port Townsend and from sequim Washington. And then I'll let Neal speaks to isn't that awesome patty Porter that would planning. Porter this is one of our darkest fears we've ever made and so it's a classic you know. Recorder appeared to our Cahill. We have a lot of the no flavors and you know coffee cocoa and it's chocolate and all that and soul. We love that the kind of plays well these flavors like a lot of times of Beers like super bitter all that it doesn't play wealth other flavors but this one. Just kind of sits the lavender and the by current actually come through. Look I'll tell it's it's I. Can't say they never really had anything like it I mean it's it's a cool combination how much fun was that he's testing though how many different combinations and we tried that Dario. The festivals in the Fed that it isn't it that's a bit but having when you like boot it doesn't quite do it ended and hitting the the good while that sounds like yeah we have eight Beers on tap that we make there at the spot so you know to find the right one we just like to play around and try everything. Yeah and that we had a good time needless every dollar bond together with odd this'll be a fun little project and it was so we landed on 5050. Arm for the blend relates that lasted the tightness of the current. Married there with the loot and creamy mouth feel. Disorder visible roast on the finish to kind of round all that out yet it is it's fruity but it has like a really warm finish which I think it's pretty cool. So we both participants in last year's a sneak by Ichiro we were not. The is that it's not appear. We did we did he dip urged to subpoena Lee and partnered with hugged last year which was awesome hopper and ha ha. Copper X urban prairie. Okay yes excellent so this is the second annual also advanced admission is a forty dollars it's 25 dollars at the gate that includes a commemorative glass six tickets additional tasting tickets you can get two dollars each. All the snake bite ones will be important for around samples and and you can go online. Two. And they long it's on your anti American tickets theatrical searched in a snake bite an arm Arctic its top and also gonna insider dot com slash events yeah to ease the easier way to I think get route probably show up to on the home. Don't ya deserves an ethnic make showdown. And I sure that's people's choice though this is gonna ask you. I think I sent this out and and what you tell people didn't like that and make masters. That he has will desist its fund has ran in new locations and it's a little bit different I'm Ali Mohamed abuse from one to force that come on stop I need I'll tell you more about the specifics of our particular blend. But needless to say everybody's kind of excited and proud of what they've blended together and so it's a people's choice swords so it's fun for people to have an active role in participating thing come tried the difference snake bites. And vote for their favorite and they'll be some celebration in terms of you who wins the event and you mention new location would murder has degree beer garden that you October fest there and they really do a good job hosting events yeah that'll be really fun they've been great partners with the insider community honestly and it's and it's going to be fantastic space Republican some sun that was to break through today's so. All things look like they're going to be in our favor for an awesome day. Fantastic Neal real quick tell me a little bit about some of the other Beers supporter I'm I'm only having it with bill lavender and I don't until later and you guys can think it's I would definitely take it to trial that led. How difficult is to do gluten free beer and one of the things that you need to kind of think through as you're trying to. You don't want entities who inserted. Yes or when you make beer you want you need to make like a sweet. They called wart. And it's usually made from Barley. And since we can't use garlic is that has the blue minute we found that there is lot of different other ingredients that kind of match those flavors but usually takes more ingredients so we used chestnuts and rentals. And then we also had some like Vanilla and coffee and chocolate to give opposed chocolate beat. You know dark flavors but then we also make you know great IPA it's our best selling beer I'd pee and number fives and canned. Ands and give Palin arcing pillows my favorite beer 'cause its new wants and it's like balance the Hopson and beat the malt flavor it's all great yeah. And you said your you. These two rooms over on the southeast Portland southeast Portland run seventh and Lincoln perhaps of an amber has got. You know is. Trouble with gluten or just trying to avoid it and take it out of the diet to come out and thereafter Helio full menu all in all sorts of stuff to eat all sorts of drinks. Neal makes a fantastic and menu on this he know he's he's he's in charge of that making things Leon SF yeah. Well yes it's a fantastic and in river were going fine now you're cider. And we are available locally here in market I'll throughout the state of where in new seasons is a great partner for Nestle foods and we also really encourage people to come on up to the farm it's a three and a half hours drive from Portland are open seven days a week we have a beautiful tasting room on our orchards foresee coming gay Saturn wander through as we look at the difference. I don't know if I'll get a trip to the peninsula here coming up in July I'm a lot to me definitely cup's definitely worth a stop Hillary now well a big thank you to Jennifer Hudson River Slattery and farm and then Neil Davidson from ground breaker brewing. A really appreciated again today at 1 o'clock over at would murder on Russell. They've got the whole beer garden set up for the snake bite showdown. Go there checking out thank you very much for coming thinks that it's in the now thanks very much. Are when we come back. And don't. Pay well yeah it's a beautiful ball. Was it me. No I'll tell you next senate sanctity the fan first the news yes a little bit wiser cooler coastal plus and I swear it's does that take a job. Do lessons cricket ball. I had a friend and down from its Texas Bowl and her friend apart. Well he lives in. What is it called. Texas Texas. The radio not. Terrible part of Texas. Apparently that he hates it but the in on Americans girl you know bowl thing is gonna start from wherever. That's a that's that's a rough place to Florida got we did he does the guy is the sports guy on the local news channel down in Laredo Texas all yeah well let's went to Washington State. Got his degree in gonna go out conquer the world skirted. Well the thing that he ran into an I don't know if you did this were to and to Mount Hood. But he graduated and he knew how to use all of the brand new modern equipment near values absolutely everything these sorts can interview the night you know how to do you like tape and like come together and split tees they will no no no we do everything digital. But I can't we can't afford a new crimp the edits couple of and yet it is Apple's leader for jobs and found went down on the radio has been there he's seminary years. Dude that's how was because I did I did a couple internships that. Coin that channel six and I did tape where I wanted to be a sports reporter and I had like a prep tape where it was media and reports the substance of that night. I said it out and that's kind of the idea of getting a job as he descended onto a bunch of news directors are people in small markets and seat theater dealing here we go the other one offer I got was in Nebraska. The hand. For Q with the towns they must mean it was the middle of F thing nowhere and they were the only TV station there which was pretty cool because. You knew if they were going for local news on TV they were gonna see you would at least have. Like 300 Isaacs it. Hell all forty people and Watson and they had said that. Then they did the same day where you know I told them all the call petitions I hadn't you know one of them is the U. You know hundred edit your own stuff fund this offer Nicol added and so if you can do that you can get pretty much unity industry and they said oh yeah I'm really fluid and avid. They golly we knew we don't do added we we do imovie. It. I movie murdered your guy learns how dead video and I movie and outlying thing. It's like little kids editing editing film itself. Yeah I can feel it did it's it's rough going into really small town Georgia newscast. Nobody is due to high school football in Texas there's a blast of that has pretty go ahead and open again it is or isn't and visiting submitted barbecue and just in a drink them in nineteen anyways. Did you see who threw a ball all. Andrew Luck Andrew Luck finally threw for Opel can believe that. How okay. In the road like I was exciting news it kind of hits quarterback Ferris football. In the WW Starr at the disease are racquetball and move up to tennis ball so go to baseball softball nerve ball well the story right that was part of it that he is starting at third test on the through some like small like it was squishy. Politically correct dodge ball he goes he has next to like the Kush ball and I like grapefruit and moves up to cantaloupe and and it's and a finally gets NFL football IA I never understood why Andrew Luck was good. People could never really convince me why he was good he drug a pretty terrible colds team to an AFC champion. Yes he did I did AFC unrealized idea. I mean. I never really understood way Angela was very good in the first place and so then when this happened they're recycle my god it it'll just be huge for them and peeking get back and he learns to throw again. Think will he already wasn't very overwhelming. So now I'm nine. I'm not very convinced. Pretty cornerback. Gas. And she I don't know like I remember when's the last time you actually saw good injury luck not. The struggling and dangerous years ago they were in the ZEC championship game that was what do sixteen it was a deflate right. It would download the 25 fourteen. 58. A port at fourteen. Foes to flick because then the pats played Seattle right. I suppose and it's good for free in years into the seeming good yeah injury laden. I don't know if he's that good anymore dear I mean really even those years after the to hold the placated C game. He just kind of got crappy here and I totally agree with you again it go rest of the roster set to you and that probably degraded whatever quality of play he had that. To meet I don't know if he's really worth the huge paycheck now that he's barely learning. Had a pro football again and it is it's insane to think that quarterback throws football is a headline. Yes that's a slug quarterback throws football people are stunned and there over the moon about us. That's when he fourteen and then yeah they they went 88. Back to back seasons 1516. And postured in Bledel and Tex signed five factors are far the colts were not terrible Curtis Painter was terrible that same colts team under Manning was a fourteen win team almost every year. No because that was that was when he left. That that team and what they did was they got Andrew Luck than they re sign him and didn't have anybody around. The teams were good in 2012 and 23 team but by the 12014. Did frank or as a running back who's a thousand years old and yet it was. Not a great team that in a much on defense was pretty good yea your right I mean the at a couple years Bristol would be up I guess I don't know if he is good. I don't know right now as we don't know if he's healthy if he can throw a football you know nothing about me Diaz or re learn to pro football's kind of sank. Well not only had just even years before he had gotten hurt chest X those out because really. The colts sucked Andrew Luck wasn't that good because of the cold sucking again I'm not put the. And there's Peyton Manning Latin Peyton Manning's last year was 2010 okay. Curtis stranger you they went to win fourteen hour and then the next year and what comes in. They made a wild card playoff game there are 11511. And 511 and five his first three years okay now that was that up until Tony fourteen and that that's when he fourteen million out of 530 or Melrose and eight going. And they went 8888. And last year without informed well yeah I don't think he's that great. I just don't. I mean if you could drag such a crappy team for all those here's why it was. Why were you so much crap year after that and he also played in the division remember how good the Texans titans jaguars were in those years. I mean that that six of your games there is kinda good now. Well they are now this is the the Jake Locker years now this is the this is the Blaine Gabbert years Fisher hasn't hindered her. And market. And a week. I just on the question yeah. I mean it's listed at the we're at a three year window so yeah I went to this question should dedicate to us how crappy remember how bad that division was two Scalia talked about that a firm mountains you know how. He kind of carried team. On the other side of things guys that are healthy and playing terribly. And it does the baseball stupid if you owed Chris Davis well yes he's awful. He's making so much money they opened 23 million dollars. It was announced that bench him. He's already like 11. Who's. Guy from the Nazis still get paid. But we've been about Armenia this million dollars a year for about obviously is one of my favorite days of the year where he gets its check from the man. It's great. Oh yeah I you know I don't really crap on players like this who'd just either. All of a sudden start sucked gain or they're not worth quote on quote the money that their road like Gilbert Arenas straight he got a really huge contract and and he was just paid out for years. Screw you if you think he sacks are screaming at Connecticut and doesn't deserve it like he played well enough at a certain point that obviously somebody thought that they were gonna pay him and so now he deserves all the money gets paid money and run it it. Structure contract for you that is guaranteed. And he'd they say guess anybody would say guests that. Yeah he basically like you can't blame somebody for taking the money go listen guys I've got a hunch that in the next couple years we terrible I can't take your money in good shape. Everybody that's that that's the thing and it's what's the kid's name for Oklahoma Keller Keller Tyler. The quarterback. They commit film eligibility got drafted yeah but he is accurate yet. But ditched the decision between baseball and football and knowing the guaranteed contracts vs non guaranteed contract like how could you not. Do with the baseball action but I'd be having find or getting my head beaten constantly until I can't read. Have some fun. Baseball is like its bubble gum and it's it's hanging out of the park all day but it's geared for its guaranteed contract. Forget the physical damage fortunately one injury you're done play people we could find ten. 180 pounds or whatever it is. And it's like. Beauty kidney 23 million dollars not even planned. Anybody who has a doubt about sheriff I footballer baseball and if they do you have that talent that's equivalent to professional status should just a look at Alex Rodriguez as they case study. Yep easily look at Alex Rodriguez. Yup it's now so much is he sucked. For now latter part of his career PP ebony put up I mean the numbers he put up when he was in Texas and say you do is astronomical. SI guess I would say with the whole guaranteed money thing you know it's not really on the players the person that paying them if they think that they guaranteed. Money contract will I guess. Stroke a little bit more of a competitive edge for a player. I mean that's your thought if I'm Alex Rodriguez and get paid that much and I know that it's going to get my bank account no matter what Oprah Whitaker practicing hard this. Brings it full circle because we're talking about why Leonard is passing up the opportunity go to super Max. And by leaving San Antonio it's interesting that the NBA is the one league that seems to be kind of disillusioned with the money. The warriors are all taking less money the heat with LeBron Dwyane Wade Chris Bosh they all took less money. I mean it really is more about the public perception of of can you win championships in the NBA. And yet these guys that are constantly leaving for less money they built it rule going the team pays the most. Is the team leader on the kind of dissuade people from leaving a free agency and again time after time we see these guys is gone I get out. Well Leonard I think he makes a little bit more sense I think the super Max contractor 26 years old you're still your prime presumably. I'm barring this injury. And you're probably going to be your prime for the next three or four years so why not go to a team where you can chase another title and then the year after. Go for super Max contract I don't think he's going to be. Hindered likes a Andrew Luck is by this you know completely debilitating injury. Like he was I think he'll be just as good when he comes back what I fear pictures of Andrew Luck who was last year during the offseason when he had started a book club. He's heard about could do reading kids in the Indianapolis area he go to. He'd go to schools during the summertime to reach them start reading your chair I think. And I had it was a picture of him looking shares haggard as hell with a copy of June. It is right hand just looking at the camera and the capture or something like man my copy of dude got ripped abs so bond. Let's like did this is below forty year career here isn't it. Like your social media feed is viewed talking about your ripped books. That from book where you really light from the governor of pol. La outside of Oregon. All right well coming in cold wind next year is is it drug abuse or quarterback should look into our crystal balls Walt also. It's that the injury luck this is the injury luck that true or false in the transition to the next true or false. Looks like he has stuff in in the quarters of his mouth at all times of pressure he looks like one of the caveman from again. So will I was gonna do transitional plan will be well duels at thirty started in the erupted. Yeah Google would Miller federal managed article or I will let more than anger and script calls ex. Some are okay. It's pictures of Michael Jordan creepy smile to load tequila locked out of the Washington jargon here that this week. And you just see the pictures. No oriented and we get the big smile knowing TVs and TVs that goal I mean okay create fear that or Michael Jordan Hitler mustache. Oh this is creepy. I think it's important round lake city streets of the upload tequila. Can get that smile you tell me. Yeah yeah that's bad there's no question it must adjust to that rate we we we know that. Oranges. Looks like keys. Like it looks like he's perpetually in an oven like his eyes keep getting rhetoric rhetoric yeah shoulder like it looks like his body is just baking. The tush dribbling cooking from the each equity. Yeah. It is that his body is just and of in just eviscerated in whatever flash he has. It is did Michael Jordan a burst of aids. It's the whole -- favorite recent migrants are mormons were there. When he had that lion when he got decked and North Carolina something like from the ceiling as the roof ceiling is proof serious that are thing is that they and for the public is pretty forget on some projects a 553 of five you can't bash on luck at least he knows how to read will. At a battery. Old man Hasselbeck out performed it looked to him that. What you got nothing but the best. Museum me is the route that may happen. Debt. Ceiling of the roof. Sure as. Just nothing wrong about that statement. I suppose that's true that's completely true the ceiling is the roof and I what I wanna do US open world cup of baseball. Can redo of recent college football. Again this week yeah. Sure. But I'm pretty positive. Dustin Johnson the old on when the US open this of course the only player that per game. Player negative at ridiculous. In these before under a guide against such a freak. He's such a freak athlete and just like going out and speed to go and just. It's a ball 380 yards yeah he's got power. Yes you know things that these fish are seeing is that you have two guys in Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods who have consistently shown some injury history. Whereas here since you have not of much for Raymond tiger no question or present a little but that's not. Those two dudes were more intense than anybody on tour about working out navigate yoke in mid affection and also I didn't think it does it need to be flexible you don't need to be strong yeah that's right looks like African strong safety he does get John Daly that guy kills a golf ball and he's never worked out it's life really think that feels in his rage and liquor and nicotine and record and everybody to that guy is a as India just he is a tremendous chain smoker we talked about the nostalgia if you have got one more or go round for a companion John Daly was the need tension in the US open I might be more excited and all hell yes and if it is like if like today. Yeah John Daly just started climbing the leaderboard just making insane shots god I would leave here are just to -- the TV. Yeah know John well John Daly is. Your way to the top he's like David Wells means is there's there's certain anti drug group really what do we get the professional athlete John crock of one of one of those guys two guys in the NFL I'd rather just formed strong even now awful and or Payne Stewart before he died in a plane crash. Was he was the knickers and that and the cap I don't remember him did you root for him. You root for nobody ever leg that got jockey he's got John Daly. Now obliged bring empted people X income. I see them right now they're huge baseball fan yes two more games as we can against the Red Sox there is they've split emirate is split safari and a split the first two so. There's a 21 victory by the Red Sox on Thursday last night 76 victory for the Mariners what happens next two games. I should buses are FaceBook posts are of where all the Mariners be at the and the AL west at the end of the series where will they be. I'd like to think they'll just key they'll they'll split the series newbie to TO but I what's going over the Astros like were they playing on Monday Urbina the royals last to my chipping and makes you think is there's still the Mariners are still I think half game back and say you have to think that the stroke so kind of pole position by the end of this week gadgets in the series with the ashes answers and indeed they're just there's. They're really really for egging gained their kind of remind me of the warriors in the sense that like they're just picking when they wanna begin. Expo we're up against the kings OK well let's just turn on a day well it. You know the mark of a good team though is as you beat the teams are supposed to beat and that's. And the big difference between what's going on with. Right now watch in the mayor's yeah it's great to see them in it's in a series of Bob and where they're they're you know hanging in there and they they have a chance to win every game that's what you want but. Also just what the race which is which is greatly disrupt the angels to just let the twins. So that's what is supposed to do you go out to beat the teams are worse than you but yet the Astros. Have. Yeah that's a big game one against cheeses. Each. The the Astra and nine game winning streak so after beating Seattle they swept Texas they swept the Hayes area one against Kansas City they play Kansas City two more times than Tim made them take Kansas City again at a bad. Toronto team than Tampa Bay again they will not be leading the N wants but he an object. Hell there's a way that the easy or Sandra day and after that schedule and Lucille in you that's. They finish out going into July they finish oh Tampa Bay and then they get and the neo Rangers White Sox. Aids. Tigers I mean it's it's great that's going after or. That the sub sect and just did there's not there's not a team with a winning record within a month of the of the after they may not lose another game. Until July. Ridiculous. Helmet that schedule. The blue has been good the last couple years is. Here the last couple leaders. A blue jays. Arms I wanted to talk but the angels really quick because we were laughing about earlier this week off Howell the angels. Have the best player in baseball one of the best hitters in baseball and they just find a way to stock CIA Cuba in the the man who series he hits. Back to back periods to as to. Home run games back to back we're just two home runs and two consecutive games and all that just suck yeah yeah really sucking my traffic hitting six. Thirty against the Mariners and their big las. Four out of 61 need is decent pitching to back that up. They don't have a place of the show Mayo Johnny out with a you know possible could be season entering bad elbow. Whenever now all right well thank you everybody for joining us on this fine show I hope you enjoyed it stick around the let's Schwab tires will be later today at 5 o'clock. Or thirty I think ray here on the fans are gonna wanna hear that enjoy a wonderful weekend sports believes go USA soccer ago Dustin Johnson. The Mariners. All right everybody I think it's Lewis. Only. And the nausea. Thank you I'm a genius you're drunk.