Sinner and Saint 6-16-18 Hour 1

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, June 16th
The Kawhi Leonard saga continues and the US Open is over before it began ... 

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now where we pick up front. I want. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. I can't. Kids have read Saturday game. Brady pumped up about the US open let's updates today. DJ Dustin Johnson felt that's is a good. That's pretty easy one there's no lemur top golfer right now in the Dustin Johnson. Our kids. The Coke problem he's great and got Paulina Gretzky did you pick that up have a Coke for how we left in the or is there is rumors that it may have been a problem with listening to nova let's get a gay or not. He took a hiatus from golf I can't say that bloke and they don't know but. Might have been pressured to get him you know disappeared from my gulf. Oh confused how did you get to the conclusion of cope with his sister rumor you made up or is this when you read a magazine no doubt I would read a lot of magazines to prepare for the show via yeah yeah I try to get my you know bi weekly publications. Are brilliant and has. The Internet that's Valerie years source lesson the internet's full of rumors and speculation might magazines. I sit there and go through them you know like to I'd test out the the clone samples. And you know paying a cheerleader look like a doctor's office or is it done and I leave I leave all the old ones out and the anti terror the address labels off some people have to. You'll those it's very much it's a dense did you just find out the warriors won the it's it's just snuck out the Sports Illustrated just came out with the photos of it I was reading I don't trust the GB greeting before the show. We're mega vitamins because we. Let's do diverted meld this morning in and they handbook or on a blue zone. Florida. Or is the Kennedy's dire by the world countries I grew excited about Spain there's reading all these articles in all of these magazines like that about. Goes all those given I was getting caught up about World Cup I was reading some magazines it's like yeah did Thursday you know the computer. I assume you have Internet access freaking get caught up by reading whatever article are you going to magazines to get caught up on the World Cup this is what they need to know it if you need moment by moment. Breaking news coverage. Magazines yes. Bradford to be published but hell orders magazines anyway anymore dentists and doctors. That's it. Who else and how nudie magazines even stay in the base I think they step up because he didn't get that claim that he now. Went and yes laid beauty they're good people having sex on the unity in the magazine anymore how did we find this. Go under work computer type it and to its but it needs human work computer well that's it generally works better if it's on your work computer Dex you've got more bandwidth well yeah and excellence. I half faster as you don't have to muddy up your home computer with viruses too good point. I got actually pretty scared the other the I was wrong during wait let OK so check this out and I was and Rodriguez a rod three for anybody listening since this is not just comes as well or do this one of our product between workers president the other day on the computer those students are prospecting. Look at some local businesses and had a head. A federal court I take this picture. A of a car that had a pretty interest seeing business same logo on it. We get this guy appear okay it was. Rome girls expresso dot com. Right sir when chrome girls espresso dot com via that's gonna go look it up that's gonna go well and I did and it's topless chicks are. Serving coffee. So don't why would I am confused why would we not looked this up wolf because it's topless chicks. Like on the Internet you can see full boob and they're serving coffee now I don't know if that's bad like I'm gonna get knocked for that now. But that's a real business in Portland slow. Thought about column of our age. That sounds delightful. Don't go to that website. If you got kids in the room I mean go to the business if you need coffee. And a better day seven minutes to be real issues we will graduates. Pretty PR. Expect. Listens and we don't businesses we could. Talk about us. And big spike in Internet traffic no way a woman who owns that business no way. There's a way. I mean there's a way as you let that pass to decent guys idea either that are very intelligent woman who's like I'm just gonna flood the market which. To stop you've docket right now. Other many of our listeners as you know that tune in and this is their only source of sports that they have for the entire week so. We've made a promise or listeners and we'll catch him up on anything that they may have missed in the last week of sports in a segment we call. In case you missed it. The first is gold state warriors celebrated their third championship in four years it was highlighted BH by nature deficient sweaty feet. Just another reminder of how much better the warriors are than the cavs look abroad we have a JR Smith tube or so good we have to play him nine minutes. Costs are. Not my favorite parade my day parade has been the Washington Capitals it's not really the team parade that I'm into its the one man frat party that has been Alexander Ovechkin since winning his first NHL title. After a very rough week with a movie a severely hung over the Stanley Cup was spotted at a DC area Walgreens. Buying rain very Gatorade extra strength Tylenol and the morning after for. But it's so I don't know laughter the uproar about it in here. And yeah that was that was kiss. Sound effect guidance. This is a touch and Mac guy. Like in any like intimate way consistent now the sudden scary. Well yeah but also his relationship with the Stanley Cup has been yikes so you think that the Stanley Caplan glaze over anyone considering to sleep with them. Like their deck while he's Stanley Cup winner and then he smiles and ego that we're gonna do this. Attitude that he throws and when he. No what obviously not excite and CNET with faulty. And now I don't foam a lot I don't close in Stu grant I couldn't tell you exactly when plastered all over TV well score renaming and half of his mouth open. Go out there and is mild and now he's been that. Again until he's probably pretty good looking guy for Russia now. I don't in case you missed it this week justified became the thirteenth horse to win the tip dribble round. How does this that make you feel so you play fifteen years in the NFL when a couple Super Bowl just expression he's back. He brain turns to much and if and only if you're one of the best of the very best. They give you a gold jacket and a bronze heads somewhere in Ohio. A horse wins three races. And he retires to a paradise for Boris hasn't paid tens of millions of dollars every time yes acts of since since there. That's awesome I'd I'd say the worst though delightful Boris well it's a risk though because then if you don't when you're eternally Olivia you're glue or your horse meat in Korea. If is that correct and a best dog meets our. I don't think that's factually wrong side note from the Belmont Stakes. Little trivia question did you see that Rob Gronkowski put a bet on the horse named ground out yes I did and see how much of that was for a much. 69 dollars. Thank you Rob Gronkowski being Rob Gronkowski. In case you missed it rob field dole won his eleventh French Open. Owed tennis I don't you love tennis but for me I think that. There's a problem when there's no great American stars men's tennis I agree I think is missing something yeah the good news is at least three of the world. Called now that's a World Cup slam. And go to their area went from you know Grand Slam tennis World Cup title however he's like oh it's such a travesty that. America isn't very good at sockets like you wouldn't watch it anyway I would what I honestly when the yeah and that's the only reason and yes I have watch before OK what do you look up every four years let me ask you this if the brown and and they don't proceed beyond that if the if the quality of the MLS was on par with Premier League. Would you watch it. Would you seriously what would you be a huge timbers and who it could you're not I know you're not healthy non would you would you watch it religiously. Or even. You know power but you watch what baseball or football like this I'm going to answer your question with a another question could very well. Listen if the US have the same passion that your pass for the Premier League would you opt. Because I think that's more of what it is is. Just the people that talk timber if we talked timbers on this show people texting bush did and talking about an inevitable ago. That's for sure. So you can't win for talking about but if everybody is into it. I think you would naturally get into use a friend of mine is an example the worst of the University of Portland Jason Breaux who's been on the show many times when he went to university Portland he never had any interest in soccer. But both men's and women's teams have done very well and that is the soccer because everybody universe of interest soccer. I think in getting what it in the World Cup later but. We need to catch people application mr. this week LeBron James says that the greatest achievement in the NBA would be playing with his own son. Or. Maybe try to win another championship we do that suggests. Startup that's similar to joke. It would you just lost another NBA final of the ghetto or the best thing would be close because. Doesn't have anything else today even if he wins and other NBA title they'll never be Michael Jordan is very true Dick gave you missed it this week team US AU eighteen basketball start of the game against animal with a 45. Nothing the kids see this this has said Bill Self had to take up the starters with the like five minutes and you try to need to give Panama pass considering their country only has four million people in the US has 325. Million people. Oh and Panama was busy qualifying for the World Cup. Demon the World Cup and they can not. May and a basket or they can score a point to care about basketball. The whole world hears I'm sure that that that that's kind of parallel to the whole men's tennis are you near it. It's is exacts a teaser in just a quick call back into this week we may have achieved the greatest sports trifecta of all time cracked. Renault got a hat trick Dennis Rodman cred and CNN and everyone got a free tuck it SAS that's pretty good and everything you need from sport everybody Mitt. Brought up began. Dennis Rodman and first interview on CNN he had a few years back when he brought all those old retired NBA players is North Korea to play basketball yep and he sounded like KR wrestler. Yeah he says the doubt. Emerge there aren't and tell you about Dario they get that. Audio I don't know fantastic and finally in case you missed it this week sources. Say that why Leonard is demanding a trade from San Antonio he is apparently so upset that he nearly spoke. Likely to be on the move quite as soon. That is where we started the sooner in the same next status is 1080. And. It's a steel band panther is they're like half cover band have thirty band. Public and eighties rockers and they have. As a couple. Proof fame Blake thirty songs that they write in and they do a bunch of like. Motley Crue and poison covers and they're all over LA and when I lived down there you you go to their shows and they're there like the wild west it's it's. It's very much they try to bring you back in the eighties there's always celebrities to go to the shows. And a record Decker Dennis Rodman showed up and up on stage and was. Nearly inebriated. Two point where he had to be all related to drug off by secure eat at chest. I mean the whole idea of the show is that people make a fool of themselves and the king of the fools Dennis Rodman. He is somebody I'd be scared to go out Polly a.s is its old triple and that that they he's very he's very present to like they admit there's not a lot of people delivered a lawyer or around LA that don't have a downtrodden story. Aura I mean yeah everybody that you just around he's bumped into those gathered just you know bodily bigger and hand argued that pop pocket didn't. About that like he's. It eager to read Dennis Rodman like he's just sit down there in the middle alive five just wave and this thing around operate in traffic yeah accused that notice yeah. It got I'm telling you man who did not ought to be able to dog Dennis drugstore five by divides and you Dennis Rodman story with him new again and Australia it's pretty fickle that it can't endless I'll take that bet there's was it up a bill. There. Slob and a nice little score sheet outside of outside of my bedroom it sounds like bigger submit. Isn't that much. And please send or. Here. You Dennis drop it. Kids are scattered yet frightening. I don't think that's supposed to talk about here oh yeah that couple questions we get a Twitter page two novels work. And it's one of those things aren't scared of that but I understand it adds to sinner saint 1080 there is simple question you play along though we'll Americans one reasonable questions that are. Questions they have through it with a whole Kweisi. Quite eat eat quite Leonard drama here reports are that quite Leonard. Once out of San Antonio are urged city fans what should CJ McCollum Photoshop to bring coli. To Portland again this is referencing the time CJ McCollum photo shops a blazers Jersey blazers uniform on Carmelo Anthony the sauce off. Options. He acts coli in hipster gear. React coli a and my baby's body. That happened do you see pictures Mike Bibby this week no I haven't did you pull it's everywhere like it's it was unavoidable. Don't know about that yeah Mike Bibby is like a different person use your bonds in the body. Odd wild surge lol okay. That's all I caught up. You put it on coupled with you it's all yeah. It looks like he's in better shape now well out of the hole when he was when he was well he's choosing obviously put. And so what are they need to look Beckett in Arizona. OK type bad people sorry got distracted by thought body. 45% say they wanna sequel why was Damon declare. And 41% overwhelmingly want CJ McCollum to do that really stupid thing again of putting a blazers Jersey on quit and because that did work really well the first time. The combined that it can be a blaze of which sets of between Genesee forgot an option. CJ McCollum and names cursor received. Bill that duke is that is what's gonna have to happen if the blazers even. Where we quite early really unit pretend that he's coming to Portland we the most attractive offers. And we. I CJ for CJ for. CJ pro player and a peck I think. That's attractive I mean your place quite Leonard he's probably what Weiner to bring order to you is the best to a player in the league pitchers with a really dynamic score. Say throw in Al farouq Aminu and a peck. Could. Q and for one year rental is that you willing to throw and I think if he got a one year rental you could. You could probably danced in the Western Conference finals and that might condense what happens when he gets his feelings hurt. And decides not play for the. Think that's gonna happen just happened. I mean Terry Stotts he's like mr. player's coach right sure. You Damian Miller who is a guy that's gonna go out and be the vocal leader of the team so he wouldn't have to assume that rule isn't as as we mentioned does not like speak now. And if he does have to speak he does not like to you know have any voice in fluctuation. Whatsoever. We just. Can be monotone and sit there and introduce these multi. I guess so I mean. The talk now is okay he wants to go to the lakers this all stems from the ESPN report they came out multiple reports of the reports are coming for at least resource yes Thursday or Friday that basically say quite letter now wants out of San Antonio the lakers are is it is preferred destination but he does not have a no trade clause now he does not to get to pick where. Does not get to pick where he goes so he can end up being. Anywhere so this could lakers are looking at this says if we can blame quite Leonard then that's canola or. Well Roger LeBron James which will then lower Paul George because it's a trade in May still have enough cap room to sign two dudes. Two super dudes to Sue Bird but if you lakers yet to give up probably the odds of Barbara and anger. I mean do you think that's added to trade Capitol Hill blazers are gonna treat CJ throw and peace in a trade in general I think that's fair. Do you think that the better offer than throwing in. Q I don't know all can't shoot. You literally can't shoot I think is shooting percentage was 33% from three this past season that's not good. Yeah but here is that talk about his greatest bass walk wherever the Jordan. All the whole thing also did you see this week also that guy Hancock who they did distracts that each other yes men every get upset so they did compliment. A couple of track yet. Each other real thing and I think so they were praising one another yet say I was able to avoid clicking I don't think you go way that happened really really on the onion. They did that they did compliment tracks I don't know if they actually did them but they ended up they ended up because it on Twitter just doing. Just trashing each other and does that organization into August you guys need to come August got a than they went over the up compliments. Yeah clinical I don't wanna get anywhere near that organization. Give me out of their from abroad dish do you can you imagine actually seen LeBron James though in a lakers uniform. There's something about that it is doable to me I don't know I never imagined he could be an aide he uniform. I thought that was kind of pie in the sky and then. Like it would hinder free agency it was like OK this happened I don't think that mean that wasn't nearly the speculation going into that I think liberty father who's gonna stately. And really. I think so I don't know I remember literally Miami was like a big I after a week use sturdy courtesy pieces move like Miami was unloading a bunch of stuff and then Chris Bosh was opting out of his deal and your account like uh oh I see what's happening here and I think I know it's about to happen. I don't know bay. I don't I don't picture leaving the east and your LeBron James I don't know why you go out west. And you know pass to fight the warriors for a chance a spot in a championship at least two to go through the east you know you can get there. And he's done it with if you could go with this team you can basically do with any. Yeah and I was senator and I would think if you're San Antonio if you're going to ship off why Leonard you don't have to play him. Mean San Antonio is gonna have to rebuild but I mean he's the centerpiece but they're still playoff team without him this year between nine games. There's still you know I mean what we're Davis six C seven CBS are on there I mean there's still there's a playoff team and dealing get something back form they're going to be better team next year and you assume that Popovich six round for a couple more years. He knew that team rebuilt that I'd. I wouldn't trade a superstar of that caliber within the same conference is gonna Indiana debt rather like well I would we don't play and you go out west. When you have to do the same thing. Don't know if you would I really don't think you let. Is that ticket he found the right pieces the kind of fitted with their and the other thing you really have to consider here is Greg Popovich is timeline because after his wife's death death it is now kind of seeming like. He's not gonna be as involved with the organization as he is now I mean he's the head coach but the key X is the GMT making most personnel decisions and so. He's getting on there in age and you have to think within the next five years there's going to be a transition where. You go from this Popovich. Bella checked type of style of operating a team which is everybody buys in nobody is a star quote unquote or acts like one you need to be disciplined you need to follow the plan and that's how you'll succeed to you. Just another run of the mill NBA team I mean nothing stands out in San Antonio. Other than the fact that grape pop that was there are leading the ship the whole time about. Much will that Tim Duncan well given that I guess but you know but how much of it is just getting the player that buys in and his belt object because we we do this all the time where we go is a Belichick or is it Brady like which one is that the makes some great bit white kid just beat. Those that guys are perfect fit for one another 'cause I think Tim Duncan and Popovich were made for each other. I mean you don't see another spew won't see another star like Tim Duncan I don't think I'll lifetime where I know we will see another Jordan ruled the other LeBron I get all that but Tim Duncan was one of those guys that was you know. Didn't need the spotlight didn't hear any of that. We thought that was coli letter. But obviously he's more sensitive and and the stories say that you don't pop it would be able to scream at Tim Duncan often more than anybody else because it was his way of going hey listen. If if I'm gonna yell at the store like this you guys will fall in line because have been quite Leonard doesn't have that same gumption. Outwardly I thought he was the same guy it's quiet Ian didn't really have a desire for the spotlight is perfect fit for that are. But it's it's a lot of it's just chemistry where your head coach who gets all of this praise but maybe just got lucky and got a guy that. It is personality. Couple of that is shrugged and stories from attacks on five factories or five after sun skin to strip club Denis Scotty and I named bold number 23 Dennis grabs two bottles from behind the bar and five girls in just sat onstage. Ms. run into I read somebody that is they've backstage at soul to. Talks between. That name is breasts have and harder with Rodman yeah. We drink Billy dieters would Billy Carter you the thing to me. For a hundred slap tourist care of around who almost started world worst period thankfully. He got along with John Kuhn this time I blame the psychopathic qualities of Billy beer. I like every single thing with Dennis Rodman has evolved looked like a crazy story. Is always. It's always like getting really really drunk and somehow stumbling into political activity. You have I think a lot of it is just I mean we can't worry wedding dress on the cover what is in the magazine Sports Illustrated something in me or no he did it public when nobody in the end up on the cover of the magazine to. A night and I mean I just heard a thing where he came out in the news middle Madison square wedding dress on her re thought it was insane that was who is also dating karma lecture up. You're hot she was. Yes I do. A proof of it on the Internet dear Brothers they are right I'm gonna compare. Our men who lacked true. When he eighteen. With now okay hold on each don't hold lot of hot. Really that's interest and well OK she's not as hot in a way that you can tell she's trying to stay hot and it's not working. Okay. It's I mean that's only natural that when you get older you try to stay high in the UK it. And she's also with some did that looks like he doesn't fitness suit. Stocks in baseball would do that next first. The news. Can you tell me what's happening with the snow. Baseball. They picked ventures. Interest has been piqued got aids baseball is a fun weekend for you hate baseball. Gave soccer and you hate golf. But those are. The big story. And you have found a they've Playboy. With that. Carmen Electra naked. In Playboy yap from the ninety's. Would fund that you gave it up you gave it to markets today and give to me I said made Marcus dig it out. There's a prison in the studio there's a box of old pointless yes and at one point it was brought to my attention news collect money and there's so ahead markets. Figured out job markets is suppose we learning stuff he's just complain is not on the air. The market and say hi. He can't hear you appear he's in the other studio immediately if now raiser post. OK let me ask you deaths kept. Who did you consider. Like a real Hadi in the eighties. In the eighties ya. It's kidney 89 years old. In time you're an ideal you're in a guy bodies. One element trend a trend -- all who thought I remember they need Tiffany was not. Madonna small Tiffany. Tiffany that it would you would you have. Rather. Bandwidth. Eighties Madonna or ninety's Carmen Electra nineties Jenny McCarthy. That's that that's the kind of crazy I don't get involved with what you evidence because you know what happened to early on but in the nineties singled out Jenny McCarthy. The show's period yeah hews pretty fantastic. Nineties. And it is so. Easy move I. Any Seattle Mariners yes. I explaining that Isaac and nobody needs. We've talked about as funny that nobody needs a playoff run more than Seattle matter I think you registered nobody needs to talk about Seattle matters well there's there's an element of that but but there's there's there's all this talk about how baseball is dying and and we see that you know there's a little bit of talk about it Portland getting a baseball team also and baseball fans come out of the woodwork you've already said that if we get a team you're going to become a fan oh yeah by and happy first day depth so I've been pestering you about manners is because there I mean right now they are on a rule. And last night I think was a perfect example of how old this team is different and mariners teams lose in the past. And just kind of the way you watch and are. That's that's the question or present you. Really that different is they're going to probably collapse in the next month or whatever will look like a fool for this but. No I think I think it is because you get you get contributions from absolutely everyone on this team so right now they're they're winning 75% there games since Robinson canal. Their best player had to be suspended for eighty interest or whether it was because he broke his hand what broke his hand is going to be out whole island enduring is is stand on the disabled list elect and by the way. Of those I'm asking you can you can take and although it was from a increasing call that test so he could say this and defeated just they just suspended him because as Anders burned half that they do it arrests he ducked a good idea. This he leaves the team has gotten better but they made a trade for Denard Span and they did outs Cole made two guys from Tampa Bay Coleman A is now the eighth inning relief. And you have Denard Span is another outfielder they moved G Gordon in second base. And and our Spanish or guy that gets up in big situation when he gets the Boston Red Sox are the best team in baseball so far this year. And use start out with a 30 lead and then that falls apart quickly when your best pitcher earlier James back to hasn't blow up well they had two players in the inning and just things it's out of control in a six run inning it's chased early. You can't differ pacts in the world leader rob Waylon came and it was just a triple A and he said he says it was like the World Series. Is he just immediately but he just lead to coma you come into act Safeco Field and all that energy is going but because the mayors are role you have guys like. Like who Whelan and you have guys like. Denard Span gorgeous like. You don't wanna let your teammates Al. And they don't rely on just one fingered defense has been great I know that they had to whereas last I think it three years last night but it. You you have a team that that is so reliant on one another and it's just really fun to watch Scott service at a later this week it's like. If you don't like watching this team you don't like watching baseball. But they do a little bit of everything and Igor on the bay base pads Mitch and angered some of the defense of plays he's made the cheers got eleven game winning its. Well that don't have the most one run wins of any team leader in 22 and ten and one run it I mean you're. It's a really exciting team to watch I guess one of the things is is that you don't have that personality too attached China James taxed an early everybody was getting on 'cause that's has had a great season so far sure it. That's gonna kind of be the thing that will deter my interest with the Mariners even if they do you make the press which is. Who I attached myself to. Gene cigarette is right now second in hitting second in the league in hitting he's sitting at 340 sub narrowest numbers after last night. Admits editors spend been lights out in clutch situations but he Gordon's another guy he can attach yourself to I think you need to sit out watch him as a team and you realize how good they are root for the team Ryan Healy former Oregon duck. Is in on the team and he was he doing an interview earlier this week as those two. And he's talking about how much fun they are in the dugout yet guys like Nelson Cruz who necessarily haven't greatest united Arab. But you know he can go out and have these two home run games that help boost the team that can disappear for a couple games and it. Everything is on the shoulders of the big hitters in the middle of the lineup Kyle cedars Evan up here Robbins can I was suspended and Nelson Cruz has been great moments but he hasn't been super consistent. The Mariners have lean on those guys for the last three or four years and Felix Hernandez who is also evident down here seem got all of these guys that have been the core of the team and that it's kind of shifted. And I think you're right that there's not necessarily the one guiding. I think that's a good thing for baseball. Written. Now I I mean. It's the implosion right yeah waiting we look at her something she did the Mariners are only like. And this might have been last month they were only like two games better than they were. This time last year and that might have been a couple months ago black. Are maybe even just a month ago and as can I get any sense today it's the main engine they've that's when they've really it's due July and August time where it starts to kind of go low they're not act raids they kind of burn out now tell you what Scott service if they do you keep this up he'll be. He ill when some award yet. It manager of the year yeah yeah I don't think there's any question and injured photos have done a good job putting these pieces together and they just the thing that happens in baseball is when you get to the trade deadline just figuring out what your team's gonna do but he was even preemptive with back going out didn't. Another bullpen arm and then getting you know another outfielder has been bigs so. It's fun it's it's it's a fun ride right now and if Yemen checking in on this weekend they've got two more against the Red Sox and on Tuesday started series against the Yankees. So they can make it through this stretch and last night it was. As good a baseball game as you watch. As far as the back and forth and and point against the best teams in baseball from the go hang on so. If you haven't done it. I I implore you to tune into the Seattle Mariners I know we've gobbled promptly take a nap after the third inning hey take a nap in the third innings wake up for the fifth. Wake up in the seventh carrier but hey listen I've done many of baseball game that there's nothing wrong with that you've got. And I do get beavers baseball you've got the US open but it Dustin Johnson keeps all the way I integrate there's no US in the World Cup. Fighters of the Mariners game I don't think you be too terribly disappointed. The tech site is mad at us for baseball that further opinion in on some bodies of decades we heard them say eighties had I think they met Heather Locklear but they said heater Locklear I know you are luckier than I've seen her. That's up blocker in the smokes. Separate this precious little trash here since she's like more got to locate rather like it and it's just like you didn't see your bloggers like she's that chain smoking and now she's like light one cigarette out the other -- shots of the morning she taxable generously Kidd -- events indoors like she needs to be outside today I ask you light up like every five minute 55305. Year hobbies of the eighty's and ninety's we'll get to those and our two next you're gonna get too good vs evil. I've had been too busy to keep up on sports this week what does happen. No time to form their own opinions I stand for your today in the midst of not only time. Well no worries brought. What does senator and Hussein shrimp and are well you do sandbagged him right away. It's time for good vs evil. Giant Melbourne and restaurants you know it's fun to. Does he was. As crappy audio Pete Carroll that was crappy idea death and I can admit my mistakes. It's also everybody's creepy uncle that gives way too long hugs. He's got so much it's got Ted Kennedy garnered him a hug. The Seahawks head coach is going through another mini camp except this time without Pro Bowl safety Earl Thomas Carroll says. He wishes Thomas was their birds I'm sure overall thinks differently he's entering the last year before your forty million dollar deal. What's a sizable restructure a disease you can figure contract. Earl Thomas is putting nine years old would you pay hurled more money during a rebuild. Is it to rebuild. And who's better federal thomas'. I don't know that it is rebuilt. Based in Louisville. Did definitely a rebuild rebuilds. Again and is second best wide receiver. Tyler Lockett who is I think it's great to Marshall. Yes okay helmet how many teams have a worst quarterback situation Seahawks. A lot. The couple protection. A couple of I don't think you're I don't think you rebuild wouldn't have a franchise quarterback at the U try to re load and I would pay Earl Thomas I don't know there's a better safety in the NFL. And it is 29 and he's had a couple injuries recently with the children in the leg. But I I don't see it being anything that's chronic it's not in the years something that he continues to blow out. I would I would say in the money. That this point you do very young team around him I don't there's a lot of other guys in you'd gone through a lot of money to. It likes you Tuttle ideologue felt queen brown. Frank Clark. But I don't think they're gonna draw the same kind of money so I think it important to resign. Earl Thomas want to that's. So is it right there alone no that's the only thing that matters to amend and everybody else who would slow so this would. Very few teams ever sweep in the finals it's got a historic how important is that. Putting the exclamation mark on that. For sure. Search and NBA champion and professional net kicker dream on dream to assess Wagoner and I'm gonna satellites like. You're talking about how much Clay Johnson helped Golden State Warriors when their third title in four years and you know the fact they have three future hall of famers on one roster fourth. All right for I guess again and fighting he'd bring that child and you don't probably green was also in the news this week because European society extension with the warriors and wait till 20/20 two cashing in on potential super Max deal. Green signed a five year deal and when fifteen with eighteen million. About twelve million dollars on the table. Is this these slow on rival I'm sorry unraveling. And a dynasty that has just begun. I don't have to happen at some point eminent championships are great but I would think that each time you win another championship that doesn't have that same shine on and I know it degrades it. You know be a first for Pete ever whatever you know whatever their end goal is. But you saw this that there were some kind of frayed edges on their season and David West Germans kept. Made reference to it post game interviews where you know it wasn't as easy Steve Kerr look a little brows looked times. It's gonna happen you never know how many get rid of first trailer greener place Johnson. What do you back in return. I don't think you let guys will be let go who to let go in free agency to retain Kevin Durant or add new piece. That's tough because that's to your best defenders I would I would probably let play go earth that's reluctant. They're dressed pretty much after shooting. Yep we have Kevin Durant Hendrick can make up the scoring quickly Johnson can be can make of the defense attorney Mondesi and guarded. A little bit colder trying to get much it was done so much to me is more from RC was doing great idiot Norris that they don't go Eagles rookies they'll learn. They know just going to anybody. Well yeah I got arrested and hurt you could. That is has been a winner in C minus version of Michael Vick will Mark Jackson reports out of reasons many can't say the quarterback receiver flash returners slash cubic player has been seen on the field. At the same time as Joseph Flacco. That's why. Can't wait is that possible. Baltimore has listed the number 32 overall pick as a quarterback that many believe you'll make the transition to receiver at a certain point but. Reports say he has been speaking second string QB reps he even took some purse string wraps. To her staffers stringer pristine. Does this seem like something that would actually work in today's NFL. Lamar Jackson Joseph Flacco same field offense somehow senator and then do we still do the wildcat the NFL. Sometimes it's pretty rare area. Yeah I mean it kind of phased out it is one of these gimmick things where I I I guess they. Part of me applauds John Harbaugh for trying to think outside of the box but when you get the regular season. I think you need guys he can rely on a position to be interest in the C. You don't wanna put Joseph Flacco a position where is gonna get lit up by a safety. I think that's got to dig through the light of the flight receiver they move Flacco out wide and Omar Jackson in the backfield. That's the part that I don't fully understand how you really haven't as a threat. And I'd like to show any fan who thinks that's a good idea of footage of Jake Cutler ours AJ Keller. Of sick and he heard that last year where they motioned about to wideout and he just stood there. He didn't even pretend like Broder out he just stood and watched what everybody remembers nick pulls catching a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl does every remember Tom Brady briefing on one yes yeah. It was awesome yeah. I just read their story of the week. He says the song comes from Canada and a Canadian clear Ned asked. Okay. As one thing you've got my intention yes. As 1350000. Canadian dollars in damages after it ex girlfriend sabotage his music. Career by impersonating him. So we sent us. Saturday you said that he lost he was awarded 350000 dollars because his girlfriend ruined his career by impersonating him. That is correct. Yes cat and more so mr. arbor mom blitzed. Don't get ready for addiction applied for a valuable scholarship at the Colborn conservatory of music in Los Angeles and when he fourteen he flew to California tie addition for the course leader. Sent a letter telling them he it was successful today never received his message I guess. He goes intercepted by mislead who is it flee its students studying alongside this guy. In Montreal ensure applied to the music school saying he would not accept as he would be elsewhere so basically he went additions. Was Reagan awesome and got the opera but the girl frontier but the average ticket issue was so damned jealous that he broke up with that are so these this is some. Breakneck. You know yeah culture here men and I'd like this guy was a BA when it came to being a clarinet S yeah. And he was getting some. Flute strange on the side pusher I mean obviously yes listen I know what else don't notables and flu like the clarinet. Choke on maybe. So that's where you're. We're going on just I just simple simple plan you're so aware it was dealing with that I just I'm pretty impressed that at this level you could be dad can have a clear and that is that you're just. You know. Yup you got girls left and right. That thing. Is apparently. Signing. They're a question that you posing as an. Conversation started and I just wanted to throw that out there issue that will. The answer to your crappy story we can rely on you for your favorite story being bizarre every week. This has been good resemble brought you by our friends that. It awaits the agent of wine restaurants two occasions 24 at 240 per side or fifty seconds. And Woodstock. The World Cup is going on everyone is enamored by at the US open all the dads in the land Father's Day weekend is the US open. Why will loves them both next sentencing tentative.