Sinner and Saint 4-14-18 Hour 2

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, April 14th
Jason Brough, from the Portland Pilots, and tells us what NOT to text your wife

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now what where we pick up front. I want. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy. Doing great things since 1952. I. Anderson. Astronauts to. Chrome and literally in arrows team paso. Went to a school bands and girl watch Titanic 1917 times in the theater it was a different time back then. We'll bargains hot air balloon agenda and frightened by technology and there's HBO where it's like you watch it in you're like wow she's dangerous and then we. We have the capability to build a 33 best radio show in Portland. On Saturday it's. But about sports. Center on those same old man that should rhetoric and they were before so I'm here sports scene here. More reliable renewable school. Oh and maybe. And also. I was admitted that Howard Sulu. That's fine radio broadcast is that a big power lines and don't go launch thinning it and dot com Schwab tires podcast. Finally on demand button. Go from there. The price through that tunnel and then you can't just tax that's 55 through fives excellent. Also interact on nets who winter at sinners saints 1080 or at any the fan. On twitters you have pulls up there. She is this how disinterested do you Sarah. Much. As. Internet and get on there and start type and TD may explain the Internet to. Russell Westbrook whose genes Yan upset with jeans and old men. We will start with our sport's oldest on. Twitter right now and that is what series. Do you expect the ups that in that we were today. Let me just read what they just read it will. Who's your first round upset 16% pelicans over blazers 22%. Pacers overcast point 4% C wizards over raptors in overwhelmingly 30%. Spurs. Warriors. We'll start there and naturally introduce our guest Jason roasted. You know with the Suffolk University Portland pro I didn't feel great. Oh absolutely. You but the blazers fan was out of the womb pretty much so. Looking at the playoff landscape we kind of you know intentionally threw the pelicans. Blazers matchup in their word to use the first first round upset coming from. I definitely don't agree with the fans as the San Antonio is gonna Beagle stated it's funny I think as people have hopes more than actual analysis on that. I'm I kind yeah the one that's injured when I'm open four's Indiana over Cleveland actually think Indians better than people give them credit for. And I think Cleveland's try to find themselves but if I had to pick I would think that with LeBron. You know the one that's kind of intriguing to mean use. I think Miami in Philadelphia everyone's high on the Philadelphia Bentley and yeah and Miami everyone forgets I gotta throw a shout outs mine might expose university Portland alarm he's a dang good coach he's been through the playoff griner a lot. They have some intriguing assets on the that has some experience with Dragic and with wade in. They've got the big guy in the middle on Philadelphia's cannot have indeed for game one you can be adjusting of home courts which is that once intriguing to me. I don't see a ton upsets in the first round quite frankly look the playoffs as I I think it's going to be chock for the most part. Dearly this year were I think people kind of leaning that direction I still will before he didn't believe it. But the NBA playoffs it's almost always the best team wins it's fair rare occasions were doesn't go well it's true but you really look at the list who he really I mean. We're in Portland on the blazers fan. You'd probably the most the one that everyone looks sentences that's probably likely to happen is. New Orleans over critically that they outside of our market people's element they're susceptible Eric Anthony Davis thanks wasn't a lot of fuel a toss up on the jazz monitor and yes that's one of those things where where at least what I look at you you see the Utah and the way they've played. Better than expected certainly since January worth it what 31 and eleven in the second half of the season. But in you know they ended the season where he really expected to thunder come out yearly figure out their rotations with three superstars in they never really. Yet technically that's an upset and based on. Seeds it's upset but I think three through six in the west as we side came down to literally the last few minutes of the last few games and so. Is it that much of a yeah I I think if you had to if you had to put money down on it. Utah's very intriguing. I detox double broke. Wrote true or false this when you're damn Quin Snyder gets the better the jazz are who he's interest that he. That's true by the way and yes her the way he gets the better they may have to employ a towel boy just to follow him around the sidelines after the first five minutes of the game held a job. A minimum for them at a minimum wage is raising its not a bad gig. The other one that that was intriguing and ambulances it's a 18 matchup. Any credence to average on wall back healthy and nothing to lose for the wizards. I think that's intriguing. The wizards have literally. Done a whole lot to make you think that historically that they're gonna make a huge round of the playoffs and I can yet be true but I. I I think I like the continuity that your Toronto has Conan vs the wizards. Yeah I mean I think they've they've been pretty pretty solid all your Aaron and healthy for the most part I like their pieces. I'm John Wall sometimes tries to take over and I think for three quarters he feels and actually performs like he is gonna take over in the weeks you know kind of fall on the fourth or. You know the question is that. I wonder who's gonna be that breakout guy is a Philly get recently here in India playoffs there's always a guide you kind of notice and then the memo Menem kind of carries into the next year like this is gonna sound ridiculous odds are set this bank beyond those kind of that I think two years ago. Got got on a real high Steve's about is that beyond what happened to him they got be humbled even he went to you we we looked this up because we don't know anybody under oral and a roster. He went to Orlando is not beyond though is like where's Waldo best in Orlando Kattengell. About Orlando on a much like a name for guys Orlando and he wasn't one of LP is just crazy haired guy that. L for patent LT date he had treated in the sense that but I knew that you. Yeah I don't I can't tell you a single equal of Lisovicz yeah he's hello little senator. And now. There you go see but I can't honor addict. Well I had. I'm 48. Yeah yeah they do not Google Tina have you tried to do with and I have not. California a gangrene. Avoid oh you don't wanna see any. You know go to the image portion now it's absolutely awful and and willed and believes that showed to them it was yesterday before you describe your computer clean poets authors that's disgusting and very much at such a departure much for them brunt of some might. Eaton Telus does it says yes I know is a look at it like that currently are literally wrap. Bowler when you're with a group the or with your with your parents immediately get taxed. And like you know it's kind of one of those where they're sending you something that's inappropriate maybe for the audience here and I had that happen to me like five times in the last like three weeks when I'm on an airplane next to Graham on my girlfriends and beat Texas public that's funny and it wasn't even really that dirty. But it was like images of things looked really dirty but that's what made it funny but we pull it up in the eighty year old grandmas sit next he looks over at thinks she's seeing something that's very dirty. Kind of an operative. We we actually had that at a Christmas party my brother was dating this girl at the time did he was sending some explicit pics do yeah and that he had them on his iPad and so that this older gentlemen who lives next to my mom. Came over and he's ever seen an iPad for you like that thing and goes outs and iPad let me show you insert foot in their pictures and and one of the pictures was. Something he sent to his girlfriend it's a little bit explicit but Jolie meanwhile wasn't. I was a picture of his anybody. And he puts to it and he lets that the older gentleman his dad died he was so group hoped that. He looks and the guy until a dodges like wades into the Garcia. Gretzky pictures on the will hates baseball some part of the reason we have interest we have to bring people in and so we get tackled was terrible so. We even in fairness I love baseball I can understand why people can't stay in baseball it's. Hard to watch it and jet but no I totally get that we've we've actually you're going to baseball games a play 12 and ML BD. You're seeing that I it's fine but I lose interest in their like twenty minutes in and that's what I do like. Gonna mariners games because the restaurants are forget awesome and it's a fun stadium that is after that I just. I can't get into it. Kicking it to end. Look church keeps turning McNeal Marlins fan. Don't know you I ask you what's he doing for a new you to come that I. It make you brewers. Once every ten years they should when World Series based on precedent and they did there that's absolutely remarkable but I did wanna talk a little bit about what's going on with the starfish a note on the examined. We'll do that next you listen to sinner in the saint on an eighty. All right kids. Create a dual limited. Conversation about baseball but I've got a question is actually very intriguing about your Marlins. As well will only get your but you promise we're gonna get to react to the NBA playoffs are right. How are we got to get the NBA pull. Moorer. A putt up does that kick yet. Oh I think you've failed you just if you wanna be pumped about India play just play the old NBC jingle to John Tesh. Candidate Dan down and an an an attack on and you tell me if this gets you pumped up. At tech ships on fire. I watched TV news. Clinton. Old. Moment you know and time. You still got litigated because he is hey what should we do for the NBA playoffs ago what a sounder every time we sent NBA playoffs. Or Portland TrailBlazer did quick like two or 32 just like pop in that becomes like the identifying sound you only have thirty seconds. He's got thirty seconds but also the good of anything that garnered any excitement. All these hot get hot. At that do arts. And too excited. Over this and get totally lose this and you better. It'll be better. All would do not want thought you'd like the border line. He's just trying to distract from talking baseball well of course he is but what perhaps. A good reason for. But how much how much do you pay attention to the angels right now with Joseph Mayo tonic if not what's the single gamers either pitching or in the batting. Yet his Mike's Osha's coral school baseball restricting him to slip it to play. It's a pretty asked 48 of those pages put me in I wanna play every day and and just go out there but there's saint doling it deterred his pitches when it. This is why it's fun to watch baseball and estimate this electric he's 23 years old. And we did Jim Wilson last week and we are talking about the difference between Japanese Baseball is Jim played over there for a handful years. And and the difference between Japanese Baseball and AAA or Biggs. And it says that in. Japanese baseball's a lot closer to the major leagues well this back in late eighties early nineties gyms and is that no question. He does it's so close he good egos I would even say that pitching is more difficult over their today it. Because nobody ever give you pitch yeah I mean if what Major League Baseball field there's time for guys gonna go out he's gonna cancer sum up whether it's late innings and a blow out whatever it is. But he said he plays some of those teams over there and those guys are fighting tooth and nail. For every single pitch in every single that and that's where this guy comes from and I comes over here and yet this big opportunity to make fun and do all the just let him. I won in their pitch him every six days which is fine I iPad. The lake. Being a DH isn't the most strenuous activity to throw in in some of those off days picks ever that goes swing and if you hit a triple Yi -- exert a little bit energy but it swing away that's. And and we you know that's part of the conversation around baseball are woodland head. But that's part of the conversation based all the times how do you make it more exciting and you get this guy that is is. Non stop and get saddled with Mike Scioscia yeah angles on fund manager baseball fake Q did the guy can't make Mike Trout fun dad but seriously how crazy is that that's I don't know how and why he picked the angels but yet you need you're gonna make a generation of baseball pants. Forget the Mike Trout was as good as he is. Because you can't use him in just. How fine right speaking of baseball and Japanese players teacher yeah I know we've talked about this in the past and I know a lot of Mayer's fans. Like Ichiro. Appreciate it is longevity appreciate. The value he brought the bears franchise as a bears fan. But one of the most overrated major league baseball players ever. Well in and he is right guys to slot for sickness aliens go have 3000 hits scrape that. To matters aegis missile base that was important. Throughout his career didn't switch to center field when they needed him to. I mean I can go on on legacy he racked up numbers using great representative he needs Seattle role and appreciate all that stuff but from a strictly pure baseball perspective. May and he left a lot on the table and him well he's. MVP and rookie of the year in the sees more than a 116 wins so I mean that's when you come out you go all right here's here's a start your season and they had over 200 hits every year part of it is the Mariners. And I mean the mayors have essentially wasted all of the whose and his as Korea again. That's why young with thirteen win at that's. Mad the mayor's teams have been around it need to look through it this season it's another year where it's like are you get a chance to break up. And I'll do anything about making noise and the longest drought sports whenever. But every year now the mayors go here's all the missteps and miscues they make up. And I read the article by coming it aired Dora wanna shoot myself in the faithfully to the mayor orders I give as much blame to his Ichiro I tested it Ichiro submarine the Mariners I would I would I haven't and he was. Obviously vital I just think people think SAL he's one of the greatest Everett everything and I remember out of all those 200 hit seasons. Every year there's like four or five when there's two outs he laid on a bump with a runner in scoring position to get it it when you're like we need an RB I man that thing again the real me crazy over the game too weak east scalable left field wall eyes here. And and made it was a scheduler and an allied she's exciting at at least I don't not. Appreciate him it's just sometimes it was frustrating I thought. He didn't necessarily always to you as much as you hoped he would do in certain situations to make his team guy this gentleman the last thing who played. Who's from minor league guy were looking up. This morning. Is that the minor leagues and he's a rotation or Tambo block I tended to forget camp like they'll be right and dad and Campbell the block is the guy who he went to high school with a drunk everybody into the cable we only ask you still probably drinking everybody under the table yeah yeah he's definitely that guy. That's me gotta love about baseball as you can have some guys with just some bellies like mine out there that are Frye and athletes and their physical. You know just dominating the Crist Bosnia's of the world throws a no hitter with about twenty extra pounds on and David Wells. Cattle of them singing yet guys like Randy Johnson looked like too dangerous cowboys are slang and all kinds of drugs. Reid. Yes I'll react if if you don't replace put him in No Country for Old Men yeah I'm as the killer app. I think I don't think you miss a beat net film it and it was intimidating based. It's the guys in the I think it's he's Burris also it's in the united got the minute he gives you that stare at the John crock. All star game Larry Walker rates too early the crux is Crockett the helmet backwards but yet he just needs are put into the backs the clippers and it's in the best part was like Johnson didn't even shake and smile and etiquette don't know he was a good note no fun with that we we mentioned it earlier that it's Pete Rose is bird they were talking about legacies. And how we basically ruined his pointer with what he did gambling as a manager and this is my question to the big Marlins fan in the room over here you all. So Derek Jeter. Is he ruining his reputation player with what he's doing as an owner so the Marlins are playing in New York this week in the reason I bring it up. Is he says it would be too awkward for him to go back to Yankee Stadium. And in the new role as the Marlins owner. No jitters untouchable. Okay yeah I'll give you that he completely untouchable the best cross court example cheaters on his way to becoming as it. All have I would come on battle he's on his way to begin. Now has he accused of assaulting women in a workplace yet has he been accused of giving herpes like everybody okay that's how. That's fair. Yes yes I think Jessica Alba if you know your p.'s need to get from you faced prosecution alleged yet. Yes I think it's I think they'd Thomas the perfect example. You give Derek Jeter control of the major leagues or pop up and go over to Japan and run their legal run it into the ground. He's gonna obtain the Marlins and in the York yankees are gonna bring him back once and an ownership change and he's a taint the Yankees as it I think Derek Jeter. Didn't ask you this. You know to me it's I did make it billion dollars to be part of it feel like Major League Baseball pure pressure him into. They know he quote unquote wanted to steely dirtier dated to appease other people. You make all the decisions when he takeover ownership to appease the is to make it a little bit and it Derek Jeter apologists say now please don't question my Marlins fan. I know quite a lot about the Marlins yes and no review I would never question and the but I don't understand right now you're Derek Jeter apologists as well pay. You know what rebuilding. And it's an exciting time. To me it's one of those things where if you can't show your face bridge near one of the most beloved players of all time. And it's a slippery slope there and you're definitely going to action as. One of the all time I think it's pretty. It go back to Felix commanders on the of the murders credit for this I'm pretty sure. You mentioned that thirteen win season way to. The Mariners forced this new wave analytic on of people because they're like nobody can watch do you explain say he's not one of the best pitchers in baseball. But all the traditional stats with besides ye are yet. He's the one huge shot for shuffled in the quality starts over wins error in all these Netflix and everything the governor's credit for that be changed the way stats are viewed because they were so terrible Fuchs. So mariners helping ruin baseball and in more ways than one on the tax and Derek Jeter's a slum lord still dependent manner Americans. Now. Did you not he's beautiful. He is in beautiful person inside and out. You know what. I would say it's been Z did you shut up about the Israel ago. Because older ruining baseball in South Florida to show up two games and our way I didn't actually of being nearly 6000 fans this week to this game I opportunistic pick times to gripe when they when things are actually dad let me heat fans do the same thing to original. Like Tiffany Ike for whatever reason I've been in Tampa couple times in the last ten years I've gone to a couple Tampa Bay Rays games. One time and Eric between Boston wins Tampa was in first place in the middle summer. Boston was in second place it was Saturday series. And for a listen we're at a commission decided to go at the last minute we got tickets for ten dollars right behind third base and they gave us free parking across the street from the facility and there was 80% Austin's answer Florida fans like Abby. He just don't. It's opportunist it's basically what are you gonna do for me when I can gripe the most likely Dwyane Wade left they'll start getting really really mad. There's like they don't really watch maybe a third of Dwyane Wade because you got to show up to the stadium an hour late Miami Heat. Playoff games when they had the Big Three their left early in and they came back and showed us don't play an utterly ridiculous. The best Derek Jeter's destroying your team oh well I guess to pressure paid more attention well. I'll tell you a fan base that does does show up for gains and that is going to be the Mota senator night it's gonna be rock and what should we expect from the blazers tonight and in the series against pelicans. As next sort of satanic defenders will with. I Jason rose to an end with a series of roads though. CN athletic directors at the University of Portland so it's fun to have him in the nightly basketball together. Going on 33 years ridiculous I've been a UP as a student an administrator for more than half my life. That's so that's crazy C hadn't even realized that all. We're talking a little inside radio stuff during the. Breaking asking if we ever get in trouble for some things at stake as we brought up I Derek Jeter and his herpes. That's a fact. I already have another report. Again he was asking me if we are in trouble for that as explained in the only time that ever really had like big public outrage on the text line or anything. Is I filled in for. Primetime with Isaac and soup. Once the Isaac once with suit. And the boom. Real Santa Claus came up. And whether when you stopped believing in Santa Claus. And we'll see it happens right now that I mentioned are those are brought up a third time yeah whatever cyclical as is not a not a real thing and every time somebody you know is a medieval text and and like the car and we just talking about peace for any stay with that. And well on the topic we also brought up the first segment Jason as you cited about taxi gets from his friends that are inappropriate. And I would expand a little bit on that he didn't say exactly what it was but the the text stream that she sent him. Was vegetables that looked like male genitalia that's carried a and she edited was afraid to mention that in their at bats. Later slowdown in the edited it to kind of further that along. So I immediately shut the phone down because grandmas sit next numb Iger and we sitting on an airplane there's an eighty year old on the next to him and he's he's getting taxed. Of a variety of fruits here's succumb quite here's an eggplant here's a carrot and oral she hears a par snapped and they all look like you know a male appendage of the so the worst part was is like the planes yet rated take off and I always text or like our aid hey you know beyond that the state on any given the going away I'm getting on I'm not going to be able to text you think. So I land and I didn't want to pull back because then when you pull back at your text he concedes Alaska. In group assist in my lap I mean I don't know what she just was she. Was look at nines I think I got I didn't feel like I had the opportunity to bring up the extra text to make a response. So that I live in and get in trouble from the girlfriend echo did you text me and damned if you do damned if you don't path so I think his own at the open up to believe the vegetables and I did a show to plays. Let's grandma look this is actually what you're looking at here is do you weirdest had a cauliflower I've ever seen in my life. Remove a robot that. That's that's what I would do to NASA is what I would do but I survived what would you do with your girlfriend is setting new fruits and vegetables that look like. Male body part and there's an eighty year old woman next to you. You know having an active converts and he is joined look at every people I don't I think you share. I have this lovely girl did echo she's texting neo look you look alone know they did you get a good. It's like this is what my girlfriend sends me an incident. Tiger showed up. It's time that we got torched on the tax and was that for fifteen minutes we kept calling the wizards head coach Scotty brown not Scotty Brooks. Job tax relief well yeah we also have we really high end on agreement in what was it all and we definitely it would come in the disputing Greenwald noted that we kept saying like his name very adamantly like look let me Tyson about Scotty around here and we haven't some hot Scotty brown takes until finally. Right into the segment is really quietly just goes. Yeah I think is in Scottie brooks' excellent. But and the best they don't. Always have my phone out and often times though even silence that whatever they look at it like eight Texans wag who was listening to show on the way home from the gold series. That's now you're. I didn't just you know Eddie van and drove him nuts oh yeah every time we saw that it would more enthusiasm. And generated through the entire. How does not want to Madrid he had eleven Chicago all it's got a break there. And here in Oklahoma City in what he did as a boy you. These executing your game yeah lashing after the blade runner line. What was that a solo line from blade putter he just shakes his head. Yeah well that's what a lot of people do. To us and you are well you know what this is a creative show this is a show that if you're not upon them. Upon the high pedestal of intellectual. Ability that. You know you're you're not gonna understand and you're not gonna get. I mean what herb greatest host with a robot. Whatever else that robot to have him back on the show it. Who's good that's a fanatic sighting yet wanna bring back the robot yeah. That's exactly it was a good yes. Though in drum beat this is our audience on the Tesla grocery list easy grandma. Is it our Sheila. Solid and it was just ridiculously I think your behind and if you wanna if you want to open talk dirty with the play another suggestion I asked her if she can do Morse code dirty. Who they think blink blink dot dot when he went exactly so it if you're afraid. To have intimate conversations on an airplane created new language that'll be easier their ego. Bro you just created so much Cain it can't be on the airplane and not. Look at pictures can't it's it's just nonstop ego or iPhone it's scary I brassy you watch basketball for a living near blazers fan by birth. What do you expect in the pelicans blazers series game one tonight 730 months. I think home court and lasers right knows the moment M and playing great of late but you don't the last game against you tell was obviously encouraging. I think the blazers come out I think it's going to be an extended series I think it's probably just that I think the blazers round and I just think the unit home game on energy. Lot of excitement the team had a great year crowd you know. The Mota center crowd when it really wants to India can get into I think playoff time these I think the blazers ran from the backcourt can write them. Random really. Between Turkish if Merck which can play the way that he's been playing most of the year. I think it's going to be 1520 point blazers went and then I think the series evens out the next five games. Okay. Will you where you surrender and spread this last week when they brought on that guy that radio personally from New Orleans where zillions of Singh was here he was saying that after a bogey cousins got her they had this stretch I think for their loss like. You know eight of ten or something and then he said. I'll what happened was the cousins third to encourage the locker Mikey became like a big presence in the locker getting people pumped up. And then they start to play better after he got hurt which everybody maybe they should keep him in that I don't know I. Had everybody thinks it might have I have manipulated when they're calling it Patrick Ewing theory right the whole thing that when she was your best player than you get better. I was kind of surprised to hear that. You know bogey because this is actually somebody who you could rely on as the team leader. Italy let's not has the ability to play I think then when he plays he thinks he's the greatest thing yet sliced bread and everything should run through him. And I don't even think he's intentionally selfish. I just we do not like some people have that thing where they're like oh no this is what's good for the team because I'm the best thing in the world you and I played on a pickup basketball team and we can act and I met him like that. Earlier there. Are doubt I'm that is related. With the patriots. It out my brother Franken who were talking about if anybody knows him counties. Here and what it in the worst team obviously that anybody that knows. More about that it will thinks that Rondo is going to be able to pick of the mile and a half court shot him down. I'd had a paraphrasing. I did you iced use your word I would say I think Rondo can make it hard on the alert but it. Here's the deal who's gonna guard CJ yeah yeah I mean I think those two of them back I dislike the matchup against the Balkans for the blazers I think it's a good match. Well I'd like that was CJ in Jrue Holiday is I mean true hall they play zero defense and he's kind of the primary guard scorer on that team I mean decides in the Davis who's your next option but drew politics. And I think it Rondo is reliable years are behind him I think he can give you and that's why I think he can be extended a big round as an avid gamer as a triple double with fifteen rebounds and elvis' and end points is ten point free throwing garbage time and I think I think the pelicans are gonna win a couple games I just think right now the blazers come tonight. Do you give any hope to the blazers moving beyond this series a minute I think everybody's kind of under the impression that whoever no matter what happens it's gonna be warriors rockets means and what. Yes because it. I mean I'm I'm told you about it I'm optimistic I'm trying to figure out away where I think the blazers could sneak in or somebody else. That benefit they're gonna play the warriors without. If they have stepped periods going to be a aid knew the reiterated that it is stiff curry. Comes back and is more of a detriment because he's coming back from injury and there's no assurance that we'll be back so if he doesn't come back or if he comes back he's not right for ten games I can see it wouldn't shock me if the blazers gave a relieved at. I just that's a tough one there's so many good players on that team even without stuff current. And even their role players or do you watch mean Shaun Livingston takeover in team dream on greens at the lottery players are all it would dollars finals MV and then clay Thompson is bound to go off for two games or he's gonna score when he your face in Iraq to Rihanna really. It's just. They're they've been built to be able to withhold two entries and still be the first or second team. All right we'll take a little broader look at some of these series will make predictions and segment we like to call crystal ball is already looking at balls. Do it next. Today. Since saint and it it's all right and into the finals now. Need a playoff edition. I'm getting ready with a the exciting playoff edition of the sinner in the saints why is my goal there. In a battle get people pumped up for the NBA playoffs so overcoming. How explore how big your hams are. Over the next two weeks will you're out yeah all the suddenly took an inch on the length in my club. That's right. We go to Hawaii a Hawaii for strip. He adds some Epperson. That's what I meant but for streaky bed which islands. Quite. Which are tone with time we've been. I don't ask me that I don't. Serve anybody is interested in tuning in to next week's show it should be one of our best ever bros gonna sit in polls show will wills out figure outs and knew we kept that. But since you're gonna be out you're gonna miss basically the first round of the playoffs oh no I'm not which has no doubt you'll miss the opportunity to speak on the first run the plants here on this ship. Yes they well and I'm already develop the strategy for how I'm gonna be able to watch because obviously we're going to be in Hawaii but I'm gonna wanna watch. Going to be able to stream it on my laptop and at the same time surveys don't bother me mommy to go do stuff outside and that's fine. Well judgment implicit in and washed playoffs so. I'm just gonna do. Strategically. Have stomach aches. That'll then bring me back to the room so I can watch games well here's the other thing that you may not have factored in your step three hours. Behind Al there's so it'll be middle of the day even for the late games. They'll be the middle of the day in Hawaii so he got my stomach schooner I'd say. And so it's bad enough you don't tend to begin with do you spend all your time inside watched him at all that that were cast blazer games outlets that downloaded on my phone watcher overdue and something. I blazers games did what they play every two days. Easy enough but I got a little bit of an X-Factor you need to figure out some sort of DBR systems once again late as pretty easy to ignore people why I'd. You've got quite distracted by everything here ignited a blazers fans were really. He's please do football games that actually. For Monday Night Football and for the broadcast live to know why would they would use it actually due to broadcast the play alive and then they delay it and played in the evening. So. Just to thwart Kenya sort of set on the tax IL OO you think you'll have service inquiry I know I. And I was careful on that Wi-Fi and a hot spot service all right so so we'll we're gonna we're gonna lean heavy on you to make your first round predictions on this oh boy Perot is on the record saints go and shock already so we have to dive into it give me the the winner and by how many. How many games it'll take him to win it will start in the east and these quickly it's the 18 match of Toronto Washington. Go to Toronto in this uneven they should choke at some point Toronto is just so famous for just choking in the playoffs whether it happens when they meet LeBron James or. John mall Bradley deal in the first round but I kind of feel like they have enough talent they're going to be able to you. Get over that and John Wall himself is also pretty much a choke artists in the playoffs at certain points out. Think Toronto and against mean give me six. Our Milwaukee against Boston I know you love yourself it's all in excellent I think is gonna be honest this moment to kind of have his breakout playoff series where he takes control puts up 4045 points and it's more over the hump got to get past the first round and that's been them for a little while. And I just think back to Jordan against the Celtics he always had those big games the team was never good enough around him and kind of get over that hump so even though you have a great player broach some of the wrong one way or not meant to when they got some decent players with the Brad Stevens factor for me go back I can. Pick up five guess would you leave for shrimp wealthier and keeps on two all right so those 63 match up is Miami. And I against your Philadelphia 76 I Philadelphia of them like to fill dale you said you wouldn't trade the last five seasons of Philadelphia basketball. With Portland straight across. If I got this yes the guidance of I said America attensa. And could never be that of the fan base the CD the organization history. Would never allow a franchise like Portland did you Philadelphia did but how intriguing is that Philadelphia or. And yeah. It. You can't bend Simmons for the next. Ten years I guess how many games is that Philadelphia when this one month I would say five honestly I think Benson is gonna come out and just Bergen scorched this team and I think the first games probably going to be closest that you won't have indeed but then once he comes back in five games you'd done. Expect expect from Philadelphia and Belinelli. Rule there isn't the guy am I mean he was the late late season addition and that's kind of when they got red. I say X factors Jay Wright. At at at at at. Yeah I've got the power of 52 games like. Look the other hi AJ right no that's okay geeks couldn't over this conversation started this who critical servers searchers you hired Jerry. Their coach 152 games you can't fire him this is Mark Jackson. Thanks. A week. That's there's a president the right there I mean you talk about Mark Jackson really turning into the warriors in a contender immensely about it at pretty in this kind of reaped the rewards of Mark Jackson and and become a championship. Dynasty if they win again this year I cavs pacers. Oh he's the cavs pacers what do you expect from LeBron playoff LeBron. Playoff LeBron all the get past the pacers he's easy. I mean he'll will them five or 65 or six games shouldn't be that hard I say I know the pacers are quote unquote good bad. I don't expect a pacers seem to rely on Victor Owen deep boat when a series if that's your relying on. Against LeBron James I'm gonna take the brunt. Just say it gives you sweet love Nate McMillan but there's also need to. Like Kaiser as you know I think they're very fair very fair you know we didn't realize we are looking through a little bit the blazers step this week I Kevin Pritchard actually coached. But the blazers a little island. Not not a great stretch. He was molding the team. Decided to take over now. So you've got that are moving over to the west will you've got the rockets. And those Minnesota Timberwolves first playoff. Appearance in fourteen rockets and sweep sweep pretty easy there our rights 77 matchup warriors spurs you still believe there's intrigue. There's little intrigue and and it's hard for me to piggy and so where's because they have that weights which factor which is just like over in the playoffs time to turn on. And a sense of Kevin Durant and you hate him and you Washington and I hate him a bit and the fact is that Kevin Durant has proven that he can take over playoff series Brody. Given Bret Stephens factor and even bill packed with pop bitch factor that's. I think it's any easier to have a factor but. And it's cool to hear about it. It beat it to rant like has there ever and it's been a huge shot and what about him. -- all of a sudden fallen off but remember after he won the MVP was crying on and everyone's like this is the face of what sports should be all about in four years later it will always a complete tool in fact I think we did pull one time the city's biggest tool in the NBA and my award and I think he'd have I think he was only second to write ins for Chris Paul he had done himself a lot of favors. Us. Now and is this would be nice to see a basketball stumble but I don't think will be here. To see the rockets play the wizard or the wars and I kind of want to see that I mean obviously that means you count the blazers out but. That that second round matchup will be a lot of fun depend on what's that period as a via blazers warriors as well so I'm pretty intrigued watch this I'll skip the blazers we can finish with that what do you see in Oklahoma City against. Utah. I take you Todd just because they think there're more stable team and I just Russell Westbrook. I've really want people who think that he should win the MVP because now he's done triple double two years straight he need to shut out. It's. The meaning of an MVP is the most valuable player not only in the leak but also for your team. Russell has perks that the most valuable player on his team because I kind of think he. Is what makes that team not function very well I would. Really do you might be the most I would put its team but I don't think is most valuable player in the league and I'm not sure it was last year I said that the NBA has this idea that they needed to give to somebody new to keep an interest and as coupled brawn from winning a couple more that he could possibly want just think he's a Jewish hard times MVP. This of course that's a quest for its poison and he he is he takes the stupid fifteen foot jump shots they were thinking you know. There's a over the last ten games where like they were coming down the floor and I think they were down by two when he took. This three pointer with still like eight seconds on the clockers like you'd keep. I I agree with all that but at some point when you're still productive we need you so much in place so hard. You give yourself the right in your teammates eyes and your coach's eyes to do some of that. And you know I think everyone's like all Durant left to get away from Westbrook everything he's a cancer was frantically as what happens as we've talked about when Durant left all the sun. Derail its causes some discontent in the gold sail locker I don't hear any Oklahoma City Thunder players complain about Russell less you would love Russell aspirin. Movies on your team there's no but it takes more deep threes in the NBA than Damien mode and yes quick shots you talk about eight semiconductor bumble are closer you don't death is down and I would say you know dame to the Portland but he's taken more than doubled the next closest player and forty foot 28 foot deeper three point and I will say that does. SP off pretty got like on this possessions are comes a record edges jacks the keys earns some of that cast because he's I don't much any spot in the goodwill does T and persists much like Westbrook there's sometimes it happens or just have saluted. It's there's twenty seconds at a shot clock like. Serious negative twenty seconds left on the shot clock we probably need to get out here it's been a great show big thanks to Jason broke for joining us. We'll have a great time in Hawaii Jason's back with the next week nine elevenths and saint. Stay on 1080 the fan he warriors spurs game at 1130. Right here on ten and have a great weekend by like. Autopsy study from sobbing cubicle. And that's to now it's gone well. Why is my bull there. How white you are how big your hands are. Catcher. And you're telling me. So go by the Atlanta you want me straight. Yeah.