Sinner and Saint 4-14-18 Hour 1

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, April 14th
Trail Blazers Playoff prep, Ben Simmons' potential and Stephen Segal's movie roles.

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now what where we pick up front. I want. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. There. Hey kids every Saturday. At the play. Up Saturday. Yeah and tell layoffs are bullets my nights. They are looking unstoppable is double overtime win the but the team from Las Vegas over the kings that's a great way to start the playoffs then. And I Pittsburgh looked great at their opening game but then a big blow out against the Philadelphia Flyers last night and all kinds NHL playoffs as the show goes on to this kind of baseball talk about. We've got what. Thought crap it looked like crap. NHL. Let me get into. Go out there apparel contracts in college football I would imagine how. Washington signing with the Nike yet no hole but it's the site. And as they did that after. John Ross almost won an island. Your neck contest here in my candor for a 31 Ireland didn't. But he ran in ninety she had to run it immediate issues so that was the whole thing and didn't mean the the apparel wars are insane the amount of money that goes the true. These universities it's funny because of the huge FBI investigation into college basketball. Happy to outbid Nike buy. Twenty million dollars to get the contract for university of Washington and indeed as is is as deep in the college basketball scandals also. Spear college basketball bringing in college basketball experts talk blazers for some reason. But Jason bros can join us in the second half of the show the only guy but we can have you know. Likely get like Marv Albert here hey let's it's going to be five Jason I've only known each other for. 32. Years treaties that are Ifill can call out of I did go to mark and he did not return my calls he never does but mostly just because even voicemails as just be breathing heavily. That's frightening yeah all of them are with you I would buried the lead them to look at the big news today. And that is of course it's Pete Rose expert. The she's all hazard that depressing party. We are. Every birthday party for Pete Rose from now on is depressing. Because you're never gonna get into the baseball fan that I feel that the best thing that ever happened to him we talk about Pete Rose way more than we talk about anybody of equivalent status it's in all of. Chipmaker fee. Don't know if you all that up to everything the whole thing comes up the first name comes that brings to mind is Pete Rose. You know what I'm tired this cat tired your crap what are you wanna talk. You know what I wanna talk about today is the official kick up of the NBA glad. Ops. 05 last out bombing it. Well. In to assist you should now because this is huge. Is time. It's huge. Like a push me and you know what they went first well now I'm gonna go argue rant. I don't love it when I love the NBA playoffs these plants to meet our. The best sporting event in the entire year. Really yes in my opinion. Now I see that as a collection of days because you could say the Super Bowl but it's just kind of a day I get at media week leading up to it there's a lot of excitement but two weeks of media leading out pretty much. But in my age there's exactly two weeks than ever to. Know it's. Two weeks pretty uniform on your count. I'm saying is you have this whole collection. Of the month of just personalities. Just go one at each other. Personalities LeBron James he can win another NBA title will debut Willard finally be satisfied get to Western Conference finals. The blaze is going to be able to stopping Anthony Davis who is a one man wrecking crew are the new upstart 76ers kidnapped compete for a championship and the Celtics win without their two best players what do you make of the Toronto Raptors they're the ones he can they hold on. Even beat the Washington Wizards or eighth seed but they have healthy John Wall were Terry Stotts and yep port six separated at birth. Beginning brings us question. Well somebody had TO would know is out there no I don't think it close I don't think that question was on the collective consciousness of the people. Tip of everyone's time I. You look like 55305. Is the text line was that question. Were was Jeff pork the second Terry Stotts separated at birth was that on the tip of Utah appear tongue daddy daddy did you staying up went into heaven the night sweats about it yet we want you to participate in the show because that it's a lot of speculation we don't know what's gonna happen lot of game one's kicking up this weekend starts right here on the fan. At 1130 you're gonna get a pregame for the warriors. And spurs. Which is the official kickoff of the MBA playoffs and of course tonight at mode senator hosting the pelicans Haas also argue with this question we told Americans yes. Pelicans. We knew it was a matchup going into jazz game because everything had shaken out but if you had a hand pick your opponent is this who you want. Yes and out. Yes because. This team I would say he has what you would call bad luck in the playoffs. End news is the blazers have bad luck he's the pelicans c'mon. But the playoffs. But. The other matchup that I'm worried about its effect rush on Rondo is on the other side of the word and when it comes down to shedding Damian Miller down I think that could be easy enough for them to do you know. Really teams have had success against us this season when they double game right when he passes half court. They just double team him and then he has to get the ball out and then the offense Kennedy gets into a weird jumble things. Brush on Rondo could easily shut down gave Mueller. In just one on one. I think but games generally at the U you know what they say the old sports legal route taken up the next level. At the take it up and such. Got to play higher than his potential so this is why you worried why are you happy. I'm happy because he circuits Anthony Davis sounds good matchup that's yeah. Why not. He works one job really you just explain all of Rondo things yeah explain to me you'd think package has the the physical tools to shut down an idea and I think appears Terry Stotts you say look. Did you tell her look dude this is your job. This entire series shut down if he gave us we can live with him taking fifteen foot jump shots even if he wants to shoot threes go for me and I don't really care it's the in tears. Like pound that dude. Defensive be physical down there. He's so is that the key to victory is getting around on dudes stifling defense yeah shutting down Anthony. Can't that he davis' enters court. Okay who would you pick if you're gonna pick an opponent for the Oscars I think. I order take and fuels that. Don't get picked from anybody the team that barely crept in after thirteen years again that was the wild west this year it edit it could have been went anywhere. I don't know the jazz. After the last game with the jazz that canister to worry a little bit and I said man I'm kind of glad reporting this team because they're going to be pesky I feel like we could beat the jets and a seven game series but the same time they're gonna take you to seven and you'll be exhausted afterwards. Which is why I think one of the more intriguing matchups in the playoffs is gonna be just under. I think that's going to be. I think outside of the top two teams that's a picture out of the top team in the west mean other than Houston. Very intrigued to see what happens with the warriors playing without star Parker. Kids it if you look at it his his offensive efficiency is it that. And set the team's offensive efficiency with step Corey on the court is astronomical. I mean they're the best team in basketball easily without him. Sure who were gonna get when he's gone so you have step curry missing the entire first round series. And your flight gets the spurs and I know spurs are. The team that won five championships. You've got a very old man in June nobody seemed in in spots. Can go lighted team up Cisco sees the last in the blazers went against Emery had what thirteen. In the second half and eight straight points to. Can't say infuriated I was watching by age of a score what you ought to Jodie scored at any time now it just makes me so pissed off I can't stand. That old man should not be scoring that much. Well but he does it does in moments he tests and and that's that's always been for most of his career sweep the leg on money. He's got a simpler ones when they were championship Tony Parker's not really even a focal point of their offense it's Patty Mills has taken over the point guard spot. But you've got it got pieces LaMarcus Aldridge Rudy Gay what are the what are the spurs going to be able to give drug Gregg Popovich he had to think they have a chair so. That'll be an interesting series and I think it's a great way to kick off though the playoffs. But yet that the thunder in the jazz I don't really have you know a big pick and as much as I think the blazers are gonna win this. And there are five point favorite in the game opening game tonight. I don't know what you're gonna see it's it's it's a whole different level and it was one of those guys remember the series' last durables. Six. Well a little lost and what they should alive longer ago yeah and it is an entirely different series for the first two games. The bulls came dominant they well Rondo gets pulled off that that's a guy that's one championship won a championship. And he's banned in the playoffs enough in his career that he knows what the next level not say in the blazers don't. Because they bend their two. It'll be an interesting series and I think it will be really fun to watch I think that's probably. What you're into with the play elsewhere if there's there's a ton of intrigue what scares dot gonna do with the rotation. He does he weighed bold and in their at all is he guy with the defense that he plays that you put in and go and disrupt the other team where becomes a change of vs Shabazz Napier who's kind of more of the same podium guide its undersized. Can go and score. Now you forget they can actually change it up a little bit how much point constancy. What do you do with this rotation has to do if you're right. And Rondo can stop enamel one on one. My first oddest aren't have haven't urban ball. And what I don't know about that well Egypt non scoring bowl and eight so if again if they're if they're idea is to double team the guy bringing the ball across half court every time. I can do that Evan Turner. He's not a threat delegates to fifteen feet and that's part of the reason they brought a minute paid all that money is because now you have a different. Type of player that can handle the ball. And and I'm not saying that he's been sentenced the Ben Simmons has been insanely. Productive but I didn't make a single three point shot. In the entire season Healy took eleven shots. So it changes up the dynamic of team we knew a guy handling the ball that is looking to take it to the rack to go and score in side. It makes it very different in the NBA we haven't seen much recently but when you do it really work. Because drink water she's an. Long rant. I didn't declare that it is due in like you did before when you tell them courteous about it. Mr. Baldwin by the way why throw him in Kim ledger holiday. Like you should have to designated deeds who all you do use played defensive foul I want wade Baldwin and what Meyers Leonard do and it. Bank I do not at oral Myers you're six miles buddy get dad sit in the desert swing and alarm swing and arms and I give it it takes you three seconds to process doing a screen. Take your three seconds stepped up screen roll sure. Erica. Let's take a look at the east side I think the you eastern conference's. Probably even more entry will do that next you're listening to the sinner and saint and this. No we're due to show us mailman. Really featured. That's Evans who was needed yeah two victory but it certainly NX factor in the rotation and what you. With fewer. Other players is the kind of the biggest thing I remember you saying he'd victory how many times have you seen Shaun Livingston come in through the warriors in the last 34 years will come in. Have eighteen points off the bench in a spot where you actually absolutely needed guys to step up. Are you should tell me Evan Turner and Shaun Livingston are essentially the same player kind of yeah that's probably a bit that's an educated. Statement out. I think that's unfair comparison rare guys like Andre Iguodala and and all of the unsung heroes of those warriors teams that they win championships is you need guys to step up yes she needs superstars are great. And the key to victory for this team is Ken Damian Miller beat the superstar where the roots in the end of the season. That is elevated everybody around him and Ken CJ make shots. I mean over the last what two weeks and conceded just has been ice cold. And if you can have him go out Oden and lead the team and then in spots have other guys step up step up. In on what can you Al farouq Aminu Ole and you beat can you be one. Those guys won't you got. Al farouq Aminu on check and lets it can he comedian three ladies on your list. Who's your key to victory for the boys should key to victory a key to victory it's little baby. Gotta be. He's got to be a big play time playmaker I mean every single playoff series with the blazers have had since he's been here. He's been the X-Factor in terms of expect the expect to see expect though the X-Factor is the guy outside of them the main focus. Get a comes up the periphery he's the X-Factor note you bet he's the terminator X. But this. And you're telling me just isn't it better. Do you name would Stephenson on the metal. It Erica and Richard you name age Steven Seagal movie outside of under siege and under siege I think there's maybe two I was shaft. And that movie piracy unit you seen under siege and either right but he. I think he's issue. I thought in a submarine. I'll trips on submarines. Are there or there co I would think I with the goods books about sure a lot of Sherri. What theory each do what they at least say that there's no chefs on a submarine. Aren't we kind of preliminarily went through the matchups that we have in the western conference of the playoffs. Of the NBA today. Clincher what's necessary. You're doing with the sound. This is gonna be a fun little. Everybody pumped up that's I don't know that you're and meeting. Your the expectation is. By the way under siege the plot. An ex navy seal turned cook is the only person who can stop a group of terrorists when they seize control of the US battleship. I was close on the submarine battleship and has read that as a coach can not a chef. There. Aren't they go for Richard Johnson of the pink. And hope checked for that scene now. And you're telling me just isn't it better. And uncomfortable with the sound clips you've chosen this. Sprinkle in Brothers Tokyo already yet they're not on the gets you jacked up knows that's not what's happening for the you're number one seed in the east yes Ronald raptors you know they've called this their game seven. Do you know why they've called yeah because they always lose game. Their last seven game ones over the last four seasons the very. Last seven series they've not wanna game. That's bad. How comfortable are you with the raptors. Easily winning the series. I tell you this is going to be more. Intriguing I think than any other series in the east and arteries can pay attention to news sixers heat because. He kind of had their number during the season. But did you catch John Wall Bradley peel back in the playoffs which they've had some pretty incredible playoff performances upset that. John Wall has kind of come busted in the playoffs before. Look at evidence of Celtics game last year at the game six where. How peaking meter shot in the fourth quarter so it very interesting to see how they'll react to this though I mean. Directors just look like a solid team. Right I mean they're kind of the the trailblazers of beast in the sense you have a high scoring backcourt and you have this kind of solid core players who. No make up a good team. It's interesting. The thing is though he matching up guard for guarding a Bradley Bulent John Wall and and nice thing if your so wizards fan is my house money. Amid gotten up and is right here the values go out there and if you have a team in Toronto that has been known to clinch a little but the playoffs themselves. Well. A big Q1 brought up against an opponent that finally has LP John Wall John Wall is a guy that can go off at any point. We know these disappeared and both of these teams are basically the same team I think. Great back court. Solitary. I mean for coaches ago yet doing Casey's got aground to the same coach. Because don't weird if they did. And coaching styles. I'll give you that but the way that they're built I was saying appeared Toronto fan which I know there's a lot of front offensive support of course we all know that. I don't think this is great match but again this is kind of intrigue of it in the NBA. The benefit you have of the NBA playoffs is in seven game series the best team usually. Clinton. I don't I kind of felt like with the Celtics and bulls last year the best team didn't win. Let's go brush on Rondo with bubbles was that dark horse team of like the mavericks in 2001 where everything was kind of clicking. You know yeah like Matt. And I don't want a lot towards when he eleventh when he eleven Africa. That you've had everything clicking you had Jason Kidd who's the wily veteran kennel leading everything you've had Dirk at the peak. Of his talent he had all these brigade awesome. Pieces already ID you know have crumbled derby adjacent area. IIQ like that. Could be the wizards perhaps the you have all these little pieces are needed to working your favor because you're just going off movement yeah. So go in and take an amateur just doesn't happen very often as opposed to other sports where let's an employee of one shot that if you don't play great game then you're you're done. And you see wild cards don't win the playoffs even if you see an eight seed to win a first round series. They're not going much further past that and the Celtics last year even though they struggled the first couple games gets the bulls are still made it to the Eastern Conference files. I I think more often than not you see the better team win of course others you know. Others dotted throughout the history of basketball these aberrations but. It just doesn't happen as frequently but I think this year I think there's a lot of opportunity. For the lower seeds to win and and I think Washington's the at least for me is kind of the starting point. The seven to match up you have the Milwaukee Bucks who maybe have the best player on the planet for three years to come. After all brawn finally relinquishes his round. But it's coop mode taken on a Celtics team that plane without carrier ring without their best players. But all the Celtics have done all year is just keep winning even though liberty develop they don't have. We keep got a had tea at the boxer probably. The most disappointing team nexus thunder I think this season until playoff teams there's still playoff team but really with the kind of talent that they have on there I mean he had erred let's he hit like I won rookie of the year last year with his face. Yeah Scott Brown in a and then you have your audience. And then he kind of had Jason Kidd derail the whole thing to do kids still play with the interim coach you had it but Jason Kidd. How he's a crappy coach it's weird he was one of the best tactician on the court of anybody during his playing days and then he gets feet and equip or at least the. Bill on water. These bacon people bumpkin you're making phone calls. Mary very bizarre tenure for Jesus did arrange a man kitten kitten do you guys who would you be surprised what. He didn't would you be surprised if if the Bucs came out and and really pressed the self. Hell now and fed the ducks really should I would take him as my second pick for upset. I'm spurs and taken first is that he's a spurs really could make some that happened in the box for an upset obviously because. I think this is the honest this time this is his time in the spotlight to show that Amy and I'm the next thing it's gonna be Meehan then Simmons in the east for the next exit many years. Yeah. I mean. I don't know they I'd like last year. Could've been it and they really should've beaten Toronto in that series but you know he's has so much more experience now as of in monster dude yeah he's just a monster can take over games early in the season when they play the blazers had like 45 on us. Every time he touched the ball you just go on. Wrap up that was the stretch for everybody had 45 on us in that Bradley deal came right after. On wall and he put it the right thing to do played just a little five or less. It kind of acts I think shows what you might see in the cedar blazers series this year which is the blazers are gonna go way. If you're one guy that's gonna do all your score and win again. May be the strategy that's been employed by the boys are more than once so. We'll see what happens there the other two series in the east you've got Miami the sixty take on Philadelphia pretty mentioned that the heat very veteran team met was able to win the season series against the the Philadelphia 76ers. Very young teams you've got veterans vs youth animals who happens there but I think that's going to be. Certainly one of the most watched and talked about because I think everybody wants to know if Philadelphia's real. Well he got away for indeed Q because I don't think he's gonna be ready for the first week of play basic might could be ready as soon as game two all really OK by but again that's. Yeah not sure I mean the really great news about this is the packets at orbital fracture it's nothing with your hands your arms your lady easier he had anything that actually requires you to play basketball high level again at the phase you know if you break it again it could cause serious injury but at the same time. It's encouraging because one he can Wear a mask that protects it and then to. Maggette you have all of your facilities about yet. They eat if he comes back full strength dude I'm picking nominees. Like oh hell yeah. That they were sold for being good in the regular season those two guys on the floor together Simmons and indeed. It is just like watching magic in Hakeem like it is breezy how good they are help fast there. If then Simmons like I said a hundred times on this show can actually shoot a jump shot at and then maybe in ten years issued a reporter. Done deed done league's done the Eastern Conference is done it's gonna be another LeBron. And don't be interest in deceit but again that'll be one of the most watched and of course. LeBron James the cavs are the force either taken on the pacers. Talent level but of injury as well so get a lot more in the NBA playoffs and our two Jason broad joining us. As in the second hour so we'll talk with him suited stocks are. Excellent 55305. Can we did better player from Shabazz to I mean if the neither was on blast dot dot. Was and I I expect all the role players if if these blazers are gonna make any sort of run in the playoffs you're gonna need all. Hands on deck and you need big games from guys from as neighbors in need to step it up unit it be great to see what more articles can do beacon come back in this series. Yeah you can put each one of those guys on blast you're gonna need if you make it in the rotation you better be contribute on both ends. All there is too. Thanks coach main. You use sound like cookie broadcaster and if you're gonna get in their I wanna see you touched the ball pass McKinley score. That's a good idea if if you're gonna Whitney's games waited a bit in your district or more port to devote. Yes that's about a spoke to battles is as simple to make deported you understand gym here's the thing if they're laces are tied tight enough. I mean your skirt there's nothing you can do about that you know it's really help doubted it died of bone setter is those guys that come about with the towels to clean up this little before they don't do a great job of that so it's all really hurt themselves and that would be a detriment to. I think at either site. A bad night for everyone we need those cheerleaders go about Ed out fuel problems that are with Steve Spurrier. Over this I can tell it's better. Do you want Dez Bryant on you were 40 no. Wait yes. When he can that I have a theory. Would be that next after the news. Concerned I'm doing and one of the NBA playoffs were Terry Stotts makes his money they're gonna be pelicans. You rotation. Change an audience to see what they do with trying to shut down Anthony Davis. Will things that they have no chance that America it's going to be an island against Anthony Davis and Rondo is gonna shut down Damien. We've heard you talk playoffs. Playoffs yeah. Oh. It act a big get did. We agree it's a quick 22 sound effect we can use each time we talked about I don't mean you want me to make this is big and exciting as possible I sell produce and sweet sound effects yeah man. Some killer movie quotes. Thank you missed them everybody's getting really excited. I think debris is excited the community is reacting. Positive. Theme much reaction to it on the text line but there are a couple things that it really got ethics excited. And I don't know what this says about our regular listeners but these seem to be Steven Seagal fans Raymond chimed in. Immediately. Saying that that Steve Israel was a navy cook. Almost immediately on under siege got but also appreciated also say in the mail me and chimed in and let us know. Cheese. Just lost. The Barroom scene was all O this stupid X line moved it around main line. On the senate that he knew it arteries in months apart and think yeah we're talking about the chick the jumps on the cake. Different well. He knew of an IKEA find words. It's just read oh it's a marked for death. That's the Barroom scene apparently that's ago. Stephen is a goal. Is probably one of the greater one trick ponies. Anyone ever seen in Hollywood one trick in one got at least three tick tricks he's got to come and can't he's fat he's got to pony tails fair enough but that's three tricks that might also you did pump up the volume to like forty when he watches movies can all the Smart and whispers. And listen to this one but just get totally boots back seat. I mean I got that pumped up pretty high. Very good. I think now much bigger time to go and take a look at her Twitter polls we have up oh please. Twitter is a platform on the interwebs we know communicate with people and put applicable poll options to act. Senator saints' 1080. And will Americans what. Our polls today well let's go back to our conversation earlier. Who in the NBA playoffs is your first round upset. Win at 16%. Pelicans ever blazers. 22% pacers over cavs 25%. Wizards over raptors and overwhelmingly. 37% of people feel the spurs will be towards. Rule this hatred for the warriors or respect for the staffers or just everybody's desire to see Kevin Durant fail that's really skyrocket. That's hatred for though Warner's. Hate it's Kevin Durant. Let's be hate builds energy. It's got five. I thought it. The other poll we have up there is based on an article that was published on ESPN. And on the view and without yes is there. Also Internet portal news and check they have. The posted pictures of all 82 outfits that Russell Westbrook. War. Which a lot of them to me looked like he was just putting on sweat pants and calling fashion expensive sweatpants. But they're expensive slipping and so type fashion 300 dollars 500 and case. But again when he makes what twenty million dollars a year now than to him exactly that's like me go into. Go to Costco and buy a three pack occur Kirkland sweat pants. That's what pants pretty sweet personality they are we have a feel good they look good and the nice thing is when you put them on. Gain confidence. Yeah. But I was saying that I am not a big fan of Russell was its fashion and you said that could. Ratchet you don't. Hole you don't get it is said to me. Yeah I get it well let us young kids yet okay so let's let's see how our audience reacted to. Russell Westbrook Cam Newton both at 18%. Tom Brady. Came in at 29%. In your winner. At least right now Roger Federer at 35% which if you haven't seen amazing men's fashion before anchored you'd Edmonton Roger Federer. Fashion or outfits or whatever. Is that dude is hot. You smoke and many of the text line. For what should be our next Twitter poll and may want to relay this on their would you rather the blazers make the Western Conference finals. Or watch the cavaliers and warriors both get swept in the first round. Blazers easy. A real just Western Conference finals not NBA finals yet they met and I assume lose in the Western Conference finals. Or you watch the warriors. Is he added because he. This playoffs is about the trailblazers more than anything due to help international audition. It's your national audition tape for win free agency starts to come around again. And I know that we don't have a lot of money to work with. But it's your tape to show everybody else in the league that they were actually pretty good and we're going places may wanna hop on. Me you know. Circle. Of notable. Let her. So sure of the way. I teach typical happily PowerPoint blazer uniform but it did drive. We do the Western Conference finals would you like to be part of a very exciting opportunity. Health benefits it infomercial yes is yes infomercial really a stub because that's the name from the blazers have a every single offseason. And anything else is affected we can't hit big name free agents over here with money. It's ridiculous. We have might offer some people sometimes I don't or kind of its mid cap trouble right now I have the bomb mine's going Bullock should tackle I got your money so even if they do blazers fans. Don't worry. Yup Paul George. Free agency the six year I know he wants to go to LA but at the Western Conference finals and we played somebody like. Say Houston and we taken to seven games he think that kind of looks intriguing topology urged. Hey man now looks pretty good and I did Damione Lewis pretty fun to play let. An awesome would it be if you had in your second rotation CJ in Paul George on the floor with each other. Just then just it's it's diamond just two on five yes to god back. That is. To me. That's it not is intriguing fair not as intriguing all right well we mr. Dodds frank conversation by now ultimately Ayers oh by the way there are getting a million more on this I think he could go to other times I know he says yes he came out I think Latina what he wants to do is he wants to play in the NFC east and possibly the cowboys twice all of the NFC east teams that you again. The weather still I pointed jabs came out in front. It doesn't make sense for any of them the pick up the grams per second. Dez Bryant New York with Eli Manning trying to hold on to his last few users starter is Dez Bryant his. A year that he's gonna have on a contract which. Anyone signs and it's going to be a one year Alex Smith. Eight Alex Smith to Dez Bryant use OK I'm pretty intriguing to you Alex Smith the guy that didn't throw a touchdown to wide receiver for two seasons don't think that's some pretty interesting idea but I know. The new look Washington Redskins I how it links it to Dez Bryant. Sounds awful out. Like cheered golf desperate. Yeah that's because you're huge ramps it's your one year audition tape Dez that's like that's my pitch to him I go hey man just come here for one year. OP straight cash and guaranteed stepped. And then after that we don't care what you deacon Reese signed with us. But we want you to look as best as possible on films than you can go sign your three year contracts tomorrow the Tex lines lighting up demanding that we get to good vs evil. Next an insect and it. I've had been too busy to keep up on sports this week what does happen. No time to form their own opinions I stand before you today in the midst of not only time. Well no worries rob. Does senator and Hussein shrimp and you do sandbagged him right away it's time for good vs evil. Melvin Hawaiian restaurants and you know. On down the middle Richie was one of the strongest and he's played some of his fastball lately. So it's a big deal to buffalo because buffalo traditionally has been a team that has been eight ground and pound football team and opportunistic in the passing game CD players like this. That was ESPN residence during black guy Lewis Redick he's talking about to be short lived retirement bills' offensive lineman Richie being cut the go. Thursday the twelve year veteran announced his retirement from the league citing his declining health but. That'll change the last thing they cut veto it weeded out quote. At Buffalo Bills ER that was a short lived retirement field on day for off season program. Crying laughing and OJ case Astec need to look. If you're the bills would you take preaching kind of back. These good player yeah. Think he probably would and especially how difficult it is for teams to find offensive line help and you see octave done. And at every says they have committed to the office I'm sure I'd. Do you draft picks they've gone and made trades that we paid eight million dollars from Joseph. Very difficult to do it there's a lot of teams down across the NFL that have ban often pointless to give good player you keep rounds going and even if these kind of yet here the bills we will see notable or. They don't quarterbacks move everything back there you might want. It's Terrance Taylor still their payroll now it seems. It yet it does include all he's already is and we've. Yeah native Peter again. Worse quarterback of all time for one game. Italian and my note came in the playoff game remember Tyrone. Vision about the they put a minute I go how great would this be if he ended up having a great game and out of the kind of activity. And one drive and it happened. It appeared in never had a chance to his day by Nathan Peter should never made it this far and have a chance should have put needed Peter minute quarterback and an arrogant it was a high school his name's Nathan and Peter may be the womb with his hands tied behind that Danny had no chance well Peter Brimelow looks of it. It's going to be a great catapult. We need to shut this message yourself for practice. Create those situations. Federal stimulus. Except that entertainers. At times. That's creepy it sounds it sounds a little too. Comfortable you know that. Well that was so cal food court small trash Josh Rosen and if LTD got a chance to catch the draft prospects and family of being editor Aaron Rodgers touching bats and going to Italy wings. But the bigger news was this week's Q today with ESPN and roses that covered everything about Stevie from his political point of view it's it was well. And being able to deal also his spiritual beliefs. If you're and that they'll GM does present personality taint his talent. He ripped it. Yeah a little bit. I think you want a guy that's going to have the ability to get your team to rally around them. If his talents good enough that he's going to be drafted in these can be drafted high in and he is good and now he's get a mixture. Well. Easy easy instead it comments that you know a lot of the criticism he got when he was a sophomore in college. You know he's grown beyond that I think is Smart enough got to learn from it what you usually do need to have. At least some semblance of control you don't have to be like necessarily. We need to be respected I think in the NFL so it might give people pause for the new look at the tape and go. Oh yeah he really it's really but yeah applause yes and up to actually have dropped down draft board that bears rides. Just. Has been. Great to work with a over the last two years he's done. A lot for the organization. And we really thank him for his dedication has been a pleasure getting to know on the work with him. Senior knicks executive vice president man on the edge of deaths these bills. This reconnect to say to continue exhibiting behavior similar to the New York Knicks and they fired head coach Jeff or to set. It's the franchise's. Eighth head coach in seven. In the past ten years. Just one day later when Dick decided to again exhibit behavior similar to being near Orlando Magic to part ways with their head coach. Rank. Mogul. God nearly as that is fueling a magic act at who makes a playoff appearance first magic predicts. I can name and some of the guys on the knicks team. Into Chris dobbs we're Zynga is and I Anthony still and that's where it gets hard Jeremy Lin. The corner resident Traber hyper Traber started very steady brown. If you are. You learn well and we try to guess you. Was still on the match it is yeah it only gets one guy and we didn't you guys like guys guys go Oprah's hair guy at the end of it built. The president but I knew what are your guys that don't bear him I don't I yet there's air. Yes Eric Gordon is on there Aaron or easy slam dunk champion Karen Gordon is being paid by the Orlando Magic. And he's very exciting but yeah I think we're it. We're losing gets is they better building block then none of the guys that they can name on the magic so just based on that. I'll assume that they hire a coach at some point and and it was a good Sylvia put them in the playoffs. First lucky for both of them there and ask him. I just think that James Dolan is James Dolan meanness. We'll get in the way before the magic. Kind of stumble in here you're sick of your probably right but I instantly magic stumbling you have appointed Dan Snyder who's one of the worst owners in football. And reds and the. What they say sun shines and dogs passing. I've never heard that. Have now. I took a big story of the week this one comes from Argentina. I think that's a Brett Jackson police in a city called did not. We're supposed to lock up thirteen thousand pounds of marijuana in a warehouse let's. Recent police inspections showed that 1000 of those thirteen thousand pounds of the sticky Hickey was missing. Officers tried to tell a judge that mice ate the marijuana that. A few preliminary drug test proves not too long later that it was actually officers who had. Taken the 1000 pounds. Thousand pounds and they told the judge to try to covered up until now no mice at the mice ate he 1000 pounds of Merrill. Yeah yeah your greatest excuse for being. Intoxicated your parents trying to sneak it. Everybody has that story where like he came home and they're like what's wrong with you and then he had to try to covered up. Now Carol miracle of time that happened. Wrap. Really they're probably more of my wife and I don't know that I it's it's usually the and and she's like pee on the all. In our house. He's units by the Libyan city or me clean up that is. They and I can't think of and W was your. Mindless net my mom and I had watched a movie in our basement and then she goes long and that in a KC and then I started to enjoy some. The grass and then I went to bed and I I was listening to music in Iran curbs and stairs and she just. The last opened my bedroom door and puts the lights on. And a mall bleary eyed and everything and I go what Chico's it smells like we'd down here. No no no no no he's talking about had to have it she goes you look really high go. No no no lynch really tired. Just like you went to bed two minutes ago he kept he got tired. Yeah there's the guy that I worked with years ago his name was still green leave London and his his go to was uses swimmer high school. And that his eyes were red is like as a swimming with genius and I knew him years later and he'd be like middle today and you'd see in any bill. Guys are already liked jazz swimming just swimming pool for miles and yet. Really committed. But yeah I was that was that is is it's a Gibbons and stony so you'd expect that he would have a good excuse for talk about not having your hands tied coming out man can. 80 weight. Of lion restaurant check about 2454 eased burns night. Or 52. And Woodstock. Or you may get. Deep into the play Oscars will. He's excited also Jason broad joining us here in just couple minutes Morse and saint in our hurts too. All that is next after. This. And it affects. We get out of segment. Adjusted.