Sinner and Saint 2-17-18 Hour 2

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, February 17th
More Olympics and what type of facial hair would make Meyers Leonard likeable. 

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Okay her dream. It's. Anderson. Astronauts. Chrome and literally and arrows team paso. Went to a school bands don't watch Titanic 1917 times in the theater it was a different time back then. We're -- bargains hot air balloon agenda and try to do my technologies there's HBO where it's like you watch it if you're like wow she's dangerous and then that you have the capability to build a 33 best radio show in Portland. On Saturday it's. About sports pros Souter on those same old game that should never be another war before funny here sports here. More reliable renewable school. Oh and maybe. So there. It remains downwards sue we promised to be better here for you. One well entertaining. Riddled with inaccuracies. Broke we now for an apology letter to study group's. We do among others of course you didn't OJ Triana was and you were convinced that the lakers have won nine out of eleven. Also inaccurate but if you'd like to hear how many times we screwed stuff up in the first hour you go to generated about an eighty that knock on. This band dot com. I did. I just problems that would make any mistakes. Can't do that to yourself he can't promise you gonna he's gonna make mistakes and that's what the text size 4553 terrified they correct to say keep us honest good point go to 1080 the fan dot com you can download podcast and see that we're not perfect either. What we're trying to deuce creates. We're trying to become idols that you can really look up to and by admitting your mistakes and making mistakes in general don't set yourself up to be perfect because that's not gonna happen. We want to be like your dad except not as aggressive and don't drink as much. SharePoint. Just like you'd and we also have a Twitter poll up right now we've got two of them you go to Twitter and go to act sinner saint 1080. Will the organs what are our polls today. So the first that we put out this morning was what's your motivation for watching the winner Olympics and when he eighteen. 5% said figure skating outfits which let me say sort of ends up that have been pretty good dazzled can can make you guessed that your in that I'm percent. Might be. 9% since story lines. Yeah me 9% said surprise Kostis pink I can. In a whopping 57%. Said US AU. SA USA USA. Well 57% of US and 57%. And an upset the 57% think government so. I. I am I'm get into the story and I don't care what country you're from around her own you know whatever I just like the to see amazing feats. I think it's cool when of the Japanese guy that's doing the figure skating he set some sort of record abdic second greatest run double time and watching the little you know produced piece about him. And how even saying that the entire country of Japan the first one ever to win a figure skating gold medal in Japan. And the entire country is bananas over this guys so they do the little fluff piece about him. That that captured my attention pretty cool to be the first guy ever to win in your sport outside. So they go from that was I think two nights ago and then last night it opened on watch and maybe a couple of hours of one tonight I'm not I'm not. Completely immersed in it to a couple hours and it sounds like your pretty immersed. But I have it on in the background okay because I've got I've got to have a twin daughters that are fifteen months old so you shouldn't take care of them is put it on and for the most part it's background noise. But I haven't on the TV for a couple hours. And so last night no different. I put it on and they're doing the super G I'm a huge fan of the Alpine ski events you've got the downhill the super G council on Shia Islam all this. These events to Mir just fun because that's one of those things that when I was young if if if I'd ski from a young time I think that's what I would've wanted list I what you're gonna scare insert ski toes a teenager when. So I'm watching this super G and a star the first competitor is Lindsay bought their first race in the Olympics in eight years she miss coach because of a knee injury subdued Tiger Woods. She did so when's it gonna bring us this year it's unlike unlike. I start out like 50% to let you. She kind of bobbled and she's doing really well she is the engine bubbles little big it's it's a flat spot. She goes she's at the time now every gets beat in the super G only get one run. And they basically take usually it's the top fifteen to twenty racers are the best in in the world and so you you have the best when the bongos first she's been turn it up on the world circuit. We'll slowly she starts to get knocked off the top spot and then off of the a second spot now she's out of the medal contention but. Very intrigued because of the woman goes in there. Is from Latvia and the sit the country of Latvia has six medals ever in the Winter Olympics. All of there is Latvia. Latvia is the eastern European. Country multiple out of form so anyways. A mall got four of them are uncle got two of them. So she can win this event and she'll have the seventh medal for a country so never for right Michael and and and skier that skier doesn't edit. Doesn't hit the marks on now and fully invested the twins are just running around I don't know what they're doing I'm all in. On this there's only a couple racers of consequence left. And one of the final ones to run is this woman from Austria who won the super G in the last Olympics and if you pull on a vice bite on on Google images I think you'll see that she's easy to root for. And so she's comes down and she I attend the the second she wins the goal. And watching the broadcast ends Bode Miller and some other guy and they're they do a nice job they kind of set of the skiing and what they do after. By eight hits her spot on the gold ago. All right well that's it she's gonna win the gold there's another twenty writers or so that are gonna go down the mountain. But none of them will have a chance to win and I just kind of went. Pick got it on pause for like half a second like so what you're Tellme there's nineteen skiers left him on the hill. But none of them a chance to the NBC coverage cuts away and goes to. Biggest. And some guy and I mean what figure skating I guess I'll make sure my children are dead and will go and put them to bed this morning I wake up. And one of the greatest Olympic moments in history happened. Out of those nineteen writers. The woman that one of thing. Is competing next week. In the east no board competition all of the downhill I Alpine snowboarding competitions. A couple of years ago she decided she's gonna compete skiing too she borrowed skis from US skier Michaela Schiffer and borrowed skis came down and won the African super G this woman from the Czech Republic. Dominate it what you would win the event by 1100 of a second. When she wins the events she stood there just stared at the clock she thought it was a mistake. The woman that lost by eight. Is looking up and going no I can't be possible. Nobody in the entire crowd thought it was possible these dirt or not. The woman finally realized that she's won the event to come liberty in the interview and they go they go oh I believe her goggles under their views goes. I did think headwinds edit it put do you make of a bullet to people who see me like that it's one of the craziest result in the history and NBC couldn't stick with that. Because they've done that nobody had a chance. That's crazy some mad at NBC they made him. So why not perfect that's crazy picture on what is wrong first press conference. I don't even about next. You just talked literally put out and it all of a woman. Other tell you this what an interesting story that's very very good very exciting note like that story I think BB. 2%. Of people. Care about that here in Portland if I care about 55 through five Medicare about it we'll talk about Sean might be an Arizona doctor John why next. You listen to the sinner and Saint Anthony. Oh boy man its markets from Italy you had a long day isn't feeling your son my entry hundred pound linemen and I'm not feeling 'cause trust me. A type in a hole and restaurants has event. It's nodding at happy hour total concerns. Dug into it away from four to six to grab some island drinks and you feel like it's the off season in no time. I'm markets a point oh and I'll see you peel away the type in the pool and restaurant. Forty or 54 east Bernstein were 52 and Woodstock and all. We're all station contest rules go to ten maybe the fans dot com slash rules the rebels' defense firms one promise. This is make dinner Reynolds for the rebels' defense for a we do one thing we do very well we represent good people facing DUI in related criminal charges trust is a big deal to me both personally and professionally. I believe that the core of trust is a very simple concept be genuine. Be genuine what you say be genuine what you do and I believe being genuine is when Lisa Reynolds defense firm so successful. There's don't pretense here which you see is what you get. We knew we say we're going to do and we don't make promises we can't keep in fact there's only one promise we make to our clients because there's only one thing within our complete control. We promise every client we were present that we would do the absolute best we can for them. And says the UN laws are specialty. Or absolute best can be pretty amazing. If you or someone you believe in faces a DUIMO mama Washington would like it was Ghani called the Reynolds defense from today. Because you want the royals' offense from on your side. The Reynolds defence firm were solid we hear if you need us and we are very good at what we do. Okay. He. In the so it's on Janet. He complained that I took the entire ten minutes segment to tell one story you did and then we threw the text line. I know I know they did you complain about it would you like to read the text messages in response to that the historic you know I can't read. And I'll approach you and I'll let you go through it and see if we do this this works well enough for you as straw poll of what people think. I five through survived that was a great story is why we watch sports that's the great part of the Olympics I couldn't care less about John wife and then it's gonna continue here any minute. Aren't part of the 3% that cares says another listener I don't look at skiing super G story. From the 3121. Bit who care about it up another one coming in. Great story what's last night monster. Or with my life for much about hairless and. Lost pat so they go 55 on the sex line I when you lose but. You do you do an anti bush on white that's what sports is about what is about Shaun White and up on the audience and us are resting here. Constantly. Because what he did. Okay what he did that day when did he what did he do for anybody that minister when he set up the story US Olympic Melbourne. Do you even know. It is it says it if if if I was so out of luck paid for don't what does the coolest stories. Ever. I'm just upset that it logic united I'd still be watching it if they were if they played that. The way everything and pulled off its fiscal Charlotte had this press conference after his. Run this test you for I think he won and and gold medal rent this. John-Michael and gold medal. I'm I don't know all I know is that he said some very harassing text messages to. A member of his band which by the way China right having a band seems kind of strange and yeah he just harassed this woman a bunch. And that's what we have to bring up. A 200 about two that's what this culture sold out now we have to bring it up the worse the. First here's what tablets Shawne lights is he would he won the half pipe after finishing fourth in Sochi for a he came back on its final run and got a 97. Point five toes. Overcome a sixteen year old Japanese snowboard and one half pipe jerk. The sixteen year old. Barely dressed his third gold medal he won his first and being an average of 31 year old he was weeping he was so overcome with emotion. He comes up to the podium podium and the first compress the podium no no no you missed the first conference pursche unlike controversy this week. Was somebody came over hundred from the American flag and you soul. Brought with a motion yet that he let that flag drag and I don't care that oh people do it as you would imagine. I don't care this being our 57%. USA USA voters on Twitter they're bad I think that they and some may be mad Shaun White drew he was dragging the American flag behind him and a lot of people found it disrespectful I think the bigger story is that so bad and tomato dragged a flag. So Ben Shaun White prolific skateboarders snow boarder and leader of goods and I don't know whether called stomping frog our life person and when Shaun White band. It's a bit on the net anyways so his I think his former drummer female drummer is yet had a harassment. And is somebody asks questions are weird if you for the Texas the text messages are very strange that's fine but this is an old story and it was brought up by someone in the press conference and Shaun white's response was I'm here to talk about the Olympics and not costs. Bass so what and and that stuff so what people got upset about was him referring to two. Harrassment charges legitimate charges. That's an ongoing you know allegation investigation dividend eagle gossip so it was the way he was flippant about it it's not even. People trudging that up so this to me is the part of the Olympics that I do not care. Because I I like watching the performances. I'm aware of at least a full of the story that aren't even I won a medal or some moments a map in the open. That's interesting. It's interesting that keeps getting it that that it becomes the focused but Shaun White is different than than most Olympic athletes. In the fact he is a huge celebrity. He is he's been fantastic in the X games he's one of those guys that I mean name all the snowboarders you know. Khloe Kim Khloe Kim gon line yeah and Helen you know luckily Kim Trai Essex Orrin. Believe he plays quarterback for Penn State that could face the original port that could be Scotty brown. Stories he could still board here in a bigger point and that's what does that I think a lot of people are kind of group suing on why this reporter ask Sean White. About this right because this table does of the Olympics is about sports you shouldn't. He shouldn't breasts with those kind of questions after he has won a gold now all of a sick that this is a lot of people have been kind of saying in backlash to. Here's what I would say to them. I don't think you understand how much the Olympics is really about politics and not competition. That really one of the most memorable. Moments for the Olympics was in 1936. Went there. Was sitting in the car out into Jesse Owens. That was seek political statement sure to factor in Sochi. Deed really huge surrounding star it was the opening ceremonies basically harking back. To Soviet Russia and two industrialists and how it was a sign that they work with the new world order. They wanted things to go back the way it was during the Cold War. I think that there's always these alternate story lines during the Olympics that really seem to be a little bit more interest in in the games themselves lied to me I I would add. I agree that there are alternate story lines and you you can choose which one you wanna do but I don't think Shaun White has become an alternate storyline to this I mean it's even a year point the opening. Ceremonies and and you said how fascinated you were when we talked about last week about Korea. But the North Korean cheerleaders and the idea that you have a unified Korean hockey team playing in some of those political story is showing him. Well kind of because booed their star players American and her. Sister issue grew up with who's adopted from a Korean family by an American family and her sister who's white plays on the American hockey team. And thank you know it's a huge story from Brazil and if it. It's a huge story from Brazil Brazil was absolutely 100%. From a global perspective about how. How old. Port that country is but it also are laid the story from the World Cup but athletically you can go and find other stories. When the games are going on I I'd. Try my best to focus on its brought up on the text onto the big the problem with the Olympics and and the IOC and endo amount of money that goes through real sports to dig a great piece on this. Just a couple weeks ago we need to probably go and pull it up and you've got HBO. And a you can go to look at the story of where the money actually goes out none of this money goes to an athlete you see a lot of parallels between what's going on right now in college basketball. And how none of the money actually trickles down to the people that were paying to watch that we're going and this you know billion dollar television contract NBC has. The fact that they you know they call it young. Saying capitalized deceased so that people don't get it mixed up with Pyongyang which is the capital of North Korea. They still refer to turn in Italy is to Reno because that sounds more appealing to an American audience there's all kinds of of whitewashing that you can look at with the winner Olympics and how it doesn't represent the US and only represents people that grew up in privilege fan was all back. I know all those stories and they're sad and disappointing. But at the same time there are people that are going out and you know living their dreams by getting to hold open gold medals so it's. To me there's there's kind of two sides of it I try to compartmentalize that may add to the right thing to do the mail I turn and I just wanna see somebody do some loss. Well the Olympics in themselves in the committee is completely. It's got used is it all and it's all about money that's it and that's why to be watching the Olympics is typical because there's this. Underlying message every single time I watch it. Which is this was all done for a very specific reason not for competition it was for money. Sure I can see that and and with these. These athletes go and they perform on there whatever the world circuit is. And they go and this is just it's a unique opportunity for the world watch half the world watched. The Olympics that in games in Brazil and we won't know what the ratings on this a hundred million people. In the US alone watching the the games it's it's wild in now and end. It sucks because because when red Gerard red Girardi is the seventeen year old that won the slopes style gold medal was a first gold medal games for the US. And when he won 8017 years old and draconian conditions were those the wins crazy and you saw app in the women's competition sure work. The wind drastically affected at this kid wins this gold medal. And it's against the odds and it's it's what other sports and I don't it is behind as the racing events because it's a judged event so it comes down to a school or whatever. But there was a moment where the IOC president came over to shake his hand and it's kind of went appeals SCSI. Because the training video where they show this kid Wear him and his Brothers built a real part in the backyard in Colorado and that's how we learned snow board it's just. His Brothers you know. Built their own told roping Colorado and didn't do because of the money the I am saying yeah. But he didn't do it because the IOC gave him money to go in trainee did it because him and his Brothers decided this is what they wanted to do and then here is the guy taking credit for that it's it's tough to separate bit. There's a lot to enjoy about winning games there. I injured overall with Chloe can. Khloe Kim. By far away to me the greatest story. And I know your lobbyist story is very heartwarming and touching and should be on a lifetime movie she's up from the Czech Republic on sanity remember that. That's you man we can eat this it's inherited are in the making. Got started making huge shoes tweeting during one of her runs in between one overall you have the entire time the entire time has yet. To me she's going to be one of the most marketable people you already is due to every promo for the Olympics going in had called and I mean when you talk about commercials. I mean this I don't but they're going to be so many endorsements for her and she's only seventeen years old tricky part she should. Competed in Sochi which she was so im young they didn't let her do it which is better and almost competition thirteen years old they said now you're too young I find that the most interesting than anything else because now we get to see somebody grow into what kind of star they're gonna be right there's always these Olympic stars that come out of this think it completely commercialized whether it's. John why John why Michael Phelps. Mary Jones right. And the work out offer but the I think obviously to see how she handles that kind of success and started because Olympics success in Olympic notoriety. It is very subtle thing won't know if they did. It's not subtle and I don't know Lindsey Vonn and Bode Miller I mean they do they problems are there that's part of the commercial ads and on on the level of like what you have with Michael Phelps right when the font is one of the most decorated olympians ever she's she was a celebrity before she dated Tiger Woods when he bonds a big deal. What. Athletic Wear companies she sponsored at. Is that that's what matters originate name whisky brand I don't know I don't know the brands and not a skier I don't Michael Phelps and part of under armor there are days when stuff. OK I didn't know that will now you do you do wow Laura you know the more you know I guess who coached the Charlotte hornets will move. Michael Jordan a. Actually that could be a joke. But it never really because I adjourn probably thinks he can feel it's their point any. You know bill the reason this team's not bettors because they don't let me get on the bench. He had good there is a big part of it there is a lot of nationalism that goes along with the Olympics just up from the poll that we did 57% watch Olympics for USA USA. But 22 means especially for the winner Olympics thing that I find most appealing is just not only that talent that it takes to compete in the sports but then her. Mean if you look at you look at the deal Olympic downhill ski. Bill the women that competed in the downhill to compete in the downhill and the super G because of eighty miles are on a set its ease. Well and it's such as the nervous the commitment I mean I know I restore has committed to this sport more than any. Is that dude you're one chances every four years and you get maybe 34. If you take care yourself times to actually do. And you go and you go back through the stories and and as you watch has just find the next Olympic Alpine event. Which will be the downhill skiing and Nabil Lindsey Vonn of them watch that and every time we stepped up to the starting block ago. Here's the injuries that this person has suffered here is the ACL they had to come back from. In 2015 to do it here's the big crash they had two weeks ago in world championship circuit to do it and to get up they're not only. You know it's just go eighty miles an hour but to know that you have been hurt and everybody that you're competing it's has been heard at some point. And it's pretty cool to see somebody you know just go and I a fraction of a second be able to go to up and we stop a gold medal it's to me that that is is gonna get it through the next couple weeks and then hole. You'll be you'll be right there to tell me what the big resounding story is on the take away from North Korea and South Korea. And and how they starlight world. Scum bag. Yeah but he was also that guy in Vancouver that is Khloe Kim right now is gonna become a celebrity and to be fall around authority and as I know that's what I mean he was in the Vancouver Olympics this is his fourth Olympics. And Khloe Kim will be that person you see how people handle celebrity and and you know if you wanna. Find. Benefits him handling celebrity ad I think this might just beat Shaun White the city has a purse Arnold celebrity affected him being able. On this level you can be an A hole like. McGill who John is apparently enabled the people he works his name on a level that at least we know the sexually harassed as people begin in international superstar of. Our. Two decades. And coach issue in the direction of being innate you wanna add sex regressed people weren't. It's I don't know it's gonna make you very entitle. And I think we see a fair amount of entitlement with sexual harassment yes. I think it's a whole other discussion I don't know of entitlement has anything to do. Kind of think it is deeper than that. That noted. That are degree will will end it there will go to the news we'll come back what do what do we do next. I think we're more NBA we have hot NBA news I think we have more. Late breaking. NB a there's still late breaking India is. I can chalk that Steve Kerr letting his players coach yes more because let's do that next but first rate out of student okay well do yet do that. News pieces good you don't too excited about it I'm excited that I knew we'd. Let me ask you simply. And LaMarcus Aldridge is thin skinned. Nobody did see that he was one of the last two guys picked through the NBA all star TV network Al Horford since it is our. Forward. LaMarcus voters that he wasn't surprised to learn that he was the last pick in the inaugural when he ET in deals are trapped quote. I'm not a flashy player the six time all star says. Clinton can't. And for him he's maturing. These mature and why they televise these things what was the first time they hit it that they because you didn't want people he does get hurt at the adults prefer the colts. Publicity and here's I think if they continue on this path and knowing how much clamoring there is to see those results that you do I. Even LeBron said he could he was a proponent of it and after it is active we should licence us. And then we can all collectively laugh at LaMarcus I do like to Brady Bunch squares of people can be in whatever city they're in an hour of you know. And there are different TV and then at the last picked you have the want swamps down he on long. Or sports scores and stories in thirty minutes were Americans from the elements sports desk the Allen about a family value driven value mr. It's the gonna happen GMC sale going on now what car Vancouver for a limited time. Take 101500. All of MSRB 12018 GMC Acadia golly that's right 101500. 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I think it will at some. Not yet but it's very. Starting to. But that's tonight to take a look at some NBA three pointing three point shooting attempts let's do it. Follow our lady. Let's goat here OK so who's leading the Western Conference right now. Houston Rockets all right scared to see who has the most attempts in the league as far as team grocer. Houston Rockets. Twenty with. 42 point 83 point attempts per game yes who's leading. The east the Toronto Raptors I believe they are fourth. Guess how many there shooting a pregame. Give it to me 323. Point shots so here's a look at the top ten in three point shooting at apps rockets. Nets cavaliers Toronto Raptors Dallas Mavericks Boston Celtics Golden. State Warriors turned out that eleven. Any team that you think has a chance to beat the rockets outside. I'm sorry to be the warriors outside of the the name the teams that I listed rockets cab raptors. Beat the warriors yeah now none Q did any of those teams go in on no not at all to know at least nobody's going to be worse now. So it was up every NBA team yes you can and I will say no none of those teams could not the least. If you would genuinely believe. They might DN Tony led basketball team will get to an NBA finals. I think you're sorely mistaken. Like genuinely really sorely mistaken. Who'd give a chance to if anybody let's take Kevin Durant it hurt. Okay that's that's a big difference. At the ghost somebody has to go right. In Kettering gets hurt and still get in Europe probably to the warriors here's the at the right spots. And I know you're doing you're trying to say that the top two teams in each respectively gripe are or when a three time yeah. In other top and three point shooting OK that's fine. The issue is is that won the Toronto Raptors will never get to the Eastern Conference finals because they don't have an in depth and they won't actually be able to be LeBron James this is the raptors yes that's the raptors now the issue with the Houston Rockets is you have a head coach who believes that once you get to the playoffs you do not need to turn the defense of dial from three to eleven. You don't think that he has he didn't care do you honestly think that Mike and Toni doesn't know that people saying that he'd teams don't play defense you don't think he cares about reading just. Okay go ahead on what should read. You should read the book. Seven seconds or less okay when did you write a book he didn't write a book it was a reporter who whipped with a team all whole 2006 season. And talked to Mike and Toni and Mike did Johnny goes one week into the playoffs were not changing a thing. I don't care or doing it this way because he believes that. If you score more points than the other team you win you win you write he hates you you do you NBA titles as appearances as he didn't he has no NBA title appearances and I realized but you're you're what years did you team with the two time. NBA MVP now with a six well he was this has been probably one of the best wing men of the decade in Shawne Merriman. And then you had. Will probably one of those dynamic rookies of all time and Amare Stoudemire. All three of those guys together. And they couldn't get past the San Antonio Spurs San Antonio Spurs famous for in the playoffs. Defense defense playing defense. That's why give the Celtics a better chance to beat the cavaliers than I do. They're raptors because the Celtics played her in defense. Are getting outscored the cavaliers at this point I don't know. Probably not because carrier ring is their main source of scoring that Jalen brown so what you're suggesting. Is that. Mike in tone against 2006 who looks weird without a mustache guess he must yet he's not change his coaching philosophy at all I would say no. Militants really changed with this coaching philosophy. Was that Chris Paul got there and he had now a little less control on how things are run. Because Chris Paul would basically stop and run the offense in the first twenty games ago now on and on and a dribble a lot until I can run up the shot clock and Antonio hold and goes. Know when we get the rebound we're giving the ball in your shooting to the outlet. You just passed to the outlet every time. Give to the LA I documentaries. Ben Gordon. James Harden when then when you sit on the bench James Arnold to the same thing and we'll keep doing it. That's what the rockets do. And I and I can make any changes to carry guest for the rockets that defensively this should OK let's hear. I putted great. Bruce Cooper. Are good for them. It's interesting that their ninth and then number one team in the last year. Here extremely dismisses. Dismissive of them so no teams from the east. Even LeBron James and the new look Cleveland Cavaliers are not giving them any chance against orders. Unless kept her tickets are okay yeah because the issue that they have with that matchup is that LeBron James tasked to guard Kevin Durant right who else is an American Andre. Tristan Thompson now. I mean that's possible but its. Odds are that you can put Tristan Thompson in front of it next week I guess nobody can guard Kevin Durant couldn't guard Kevin though the best chance you have is. Doing one on one of LeBron James broke it's completely forget exhaustive look at his new baby is due to give a slightly better chance because I guess now you have outside scorers Rodney it's really good during Clarkson has proved he can actually trees on offense. Well and and eight in his first quote after the Boston game Clarkson goes. Do have harassment just yet. Which is the product appoint LeBron James yeah it's true but no I don't give anybody an advantage at this point and really that the rockets are in first place right now only has to do with the fact. That you don't see it warriors are completely bored they are so freaking bored that Steve Kerr had to have the players coached themselves. To just shake things up how disrespectful. Do you find all caught. I think any during an apology letter. Two goal lead Diaz. Temporary yes we need to make because adult men who made a decision that their owner said it was okay. Right now apology let god I come off that whoever thinks that yeah. Maybe it isn't it doesn't candidate because some cells in fact I thought it was the most entertaining of all the watched dream on green likes it no huddle screaming it people. Are you not at all intrigued with the second half its NBC's and in no time it's less than half but after the all star break. Used to give him the warriors and an upper. That's kind of how it feels right now and the thing that's really gonna intrigue me in the second half. Are going to be a couple story lines of course the trailblazers you have to kind of think that they've been playing a little bit well for the all star break can name yet to that fifth spot and they really want to write because at this point critical player now. What are. Well what their next game and noted only if they were in the playoffs and right I think it would played so right now they sit at seven so they would play the warriors all the wars OK so. You need to probably get to the six spot so you can play the spurs you the most likely have a better chance against the sports. Well yes it right now just just looking at records so OKC. Is 33 in 26. The nuggets and blazers are both 32. And 26 so a and the pelicans and 31 and 26. The clippers are thirty and 26. With the same number of losses they just haven't played the same number of games so essentially they are. Five through nine they could be in any one of those spots so personable they are assured of anything the team that's. Probably the hottest in the western announced jazz who won eleven straight. But could we say that and there's the blazers will most likely make. It confidently say that really. You don't think they'll say you know at least were not a percent surety they are gonna play. I would probably put an 80% surety but it again I mean you look at injuries if you lose one of your two back or running mates between Damon CJ I figure out. You know any other team and NB SP yes you lean really heavily on one of those guys by the thunder the thunder are at the governor intriguing going in the end of the season the nuggets are playing well the jazz are playing extremely well. And the pelicans are expected to kind of fall off and Anthony davis' gonna throw on that team on his shoulders and looking at Rajon Rondo to get the fourth best player on the other team rejected every game miniature I'll probably helped also. That very question read back that. There's anybody that's gonna stand in the two hours. I think the rockets are the best chance and yes I think they can mean the way that they played a new data to superstar. To a team that was. Very good last year it there today superstar who let me just remind you. Has a very bad playoff history so does James Harden so does Mike and Tony I I completely agree with you and that it's it's very or for me because the rockets. Let's be that are under them. The personalities US the way they play now not only teams are it you like coach. Not I don't hate on him that I'm indifferent the Euro stat. And the he's the way he handles open and masters playoffs the whole I think we got a concussion waiting on his. He party that night you know Rick called the 2 AM photos of him in a club Indiana and had close shot hopeful blows the time to get. It's quicker needed alleviate that headache I don't think that's in the recommended concussion. Oracle than when the rage sets then yeah. And Terry add Chris Paul that team and Chris Paul not a guy that I like to root for but yes the way they play as entertaining them with Paul. Clipped tall now Baghdad report if he came out a sweater vest and warm ups and a mustache why held that they think that. Chris Paul mustache was more like more than just Chris Paul. This evening's more likable than just Chris Paul so you could just do anything to Chris Paul to slightly Alter his image and he would be a little bit more appealing would you rather see. Chris Paul grow James Harden featured James Harden changes. I would rather see. James Harden shave his beard is if you look at pictures of him at Arizona State he had had at noon he has a fat face. 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To make them more likable I think Meyers Leonard with a soul patch I would like maybe a little more would you like him more if he had Kristi Andersen. Her man tattoos I would hate him. Be adjusted to moma. Young bird man before you don't. Too so you're saying Meyers Leonard with a Mohawk but no tattoos he would just maybe just a few tattoos it are the neck and face. Mine I like him a little bit more you know. I'm still stunned that in marketing department thought that all they had to do was put a mustache on Chris Paul and he became more like apple. I think maybe a cartoon Chris Paul's more likable. Hey got hurt our team crystal I've you have a cartoon Chris Paul OK am I guess I'm into it may be. But you know given mustache and glasses that are Argyle sweater and I don't care thank you still are Chris Paul you're still a jerk. Yeah and I mean and now it's. It's is Marty systemic and an uncle a movie with carrier Irving that's desperate. That's. What market where they reaching into that drew this old thing and is is carry Irving. That much of a personality as he could only carry a movie is what you're asking. Could carry a press conference. He's he's vary. He's spoken he carries himself well but in terms of the entertainment value the Alger commercials to me is his prior Irving. Talking. With the cold with an oncoming cold again and it and it's makeup and it's just yes it's dreadful. Trying to find betting odds for this stupid all star weekend. Zach Collins pencil thin mustache like him better. If he goes with the full. You see the Paxton lynch looked that he has yet. Yeah I think heels of that look at it we like better. Are you worried Trimble for a generation of Ernst and ready to picks them into things. All right so years ago will start here. The over under. For tomorrow's alternate. Call 3460. It's yeah that sounds RA okay. I mean. They don't play defense you know they do not know. Yeah I didn't. 346. Who say yes so Ali you're gamble and nine. I'd say over Kazaa I can imagine each one. And put on a 170 points each. Yeah I'm gonna go over Amelio who Cecil lightly over it like. A point maybe the I mean at first when you hear that that sounds ridiculous that at the last couple surrogate you have to think like they'll probably get there. Barack here's your odds for the slam dunk on this and that when you're the one you most excited about watching the highlights after happens if it's intriguing investigated actually watched it and Smith junior Donovan Mitchell Larry Nance junior victory or deep vote here are your favorites the opening favored is Smith and Smith junior who followed by. Donovan Mitchell. Nance an oil depots or longest odds he'd taken on the go ahead and take dole and deep oh dunking over the sick kid and he over the shrines are OK yes answer for for charity yes. I deal with one of the rookies and haven't decided who in fell right now Donovan Mitchell that's romantic. I don't really have a whole lot invested in this would you rather see. Like LeBron verses. Who who'd who Kevin Durant anyone else who's. Therein is so boring re done. Is for at seven finally has to do is like to have very white jumped the Duncan. Yeah to his wingspan is insane is anybody actually once it is done content to sell in the dunk contest itself via. Yeah I asked you who's gonna see a repeat of last year of course that wanna see LeBron James. And now I'm trying to think of like athletic freaks in the NBA that. You can. And as to having to be honest onto to bow because there's that chance he would be able to dunk. Not from the foul line from behind the backboard the hour right like five mile dubbed baby even from the three point line. I'd let three of five. Do you think the NBA. Players care more about the three point contest. Than they do about it. It's usually aren't defined care here's a here's your cavalcade of stars in the three point context there it's me so your 20s17 winner Eric Gordon and Devin Booker there is old George Wayne Ellington Bradley beatle. Kyle Lowry and Tobias Harris so biased area and those in order of odds. But you've got Eva Paul George you've got Kyle I'll Reeve get DeVon board you get guys that actually playing in the Austin. So. You got. I don't know Bradley deal I not a team but sat in the seat at the thing I love about all star weekend the most is actually the skills challenge where I. Well look I like this skills competition because that's when you can really see there's there's a lot of like head to head constantly got to look at the end when they go head to head with each other that's like a competitive think strictly contest to meet. Is that he can just watch him shoot for a little bit there's a yeah that they're having fun the skills competition on the final around there having fun they're laughing they're kind of screw around with each other it's. I think there's a little more pride if you're an NBA player if you win the three point contest it's like beer because it's that's that's one of those things where every one of those guys. Has probably gone through practice round of that. And and made every ball. So it's a little bit more about the moment rights of that and actually happy there's no warriors this here Klay Thompson's so Nimitz can owing to the skills competition. Jamal Murray Al Horford Spencer. In witty Jolo indeed buddy healed or American in an Andre Drummond. Are you can putt the biggest question why hasn't Spencer did when he changed his name yet. To. Anything pilots and ingenuity. You're really know what that last name that war mainly being proposed to by Spencer dimly. And that you're gonna live with that you want your last seem to be do you want your kids to be known as didn't witty what's her last name. She's actually keep pitches got ticked in a way yes I know but it for it for. Her last name is oops oops in way that we do I pay the island I would not he got it taken in this something engine number that's my dude. He's Canadian you know. Today. But he healed. Healed actually had a pretty good game in the right let's start like I watched him play a little bit yeah and idiocy and present stars Josh is gonna take some momentum in that. TV and I have Vanilla sportscaster. Analysis you take the momentum from yesterday's game. Into this challenge where he will really succeed Luke. Well I think that's I think that's anti Obama loose commonwealth Luke well thank you everybody for. I mean that he's a nobody and what the clock and I think the year probably will slow on that you so enthralled by the skills challenges being taken at MVP for began. And okay which team LeBron. Because bronze. LeBron that when because Davey he has is to build a better mood with his new roster it's those qualities that investment seems to him in both take LeBron UT team LeBron over team staff I AM like you're here we're jacking Kabila co MVPs and their expert and with each other or against. I think be a repeat adding them reviewed pretty obvious. You know who who's who most recently scored fifty points in just 29 minutes. And it went and his team just knocked off the warriors that's a guy can most momentum. And have a the most fun team that's right do you think they're Damian Miller will get this in him. I don't give them minutes to win the MVP is stepped coaching stayed with it and we don't need mobile report that times have definitely. All right that we're back next week and will make more mistakes yes but that's had a great time everybody have a wonderful weekend. This is a sin in the sink to any. Okay. Wasn't he dove white jordans. He is black.