Sinner and Saint 2-17-18 Hour 1

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, February 17th
Olympics, Blazers and Luke tells an amazing story.

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now where we pick up front. I want. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy. Doing great things since 1952. Pass eight can that be Saturday. Very the the really weekend in store you have the best the NBA has to offer which is apparently celebrities plan basketball fold like kids playing basketball. Followed by guys dunking a basketball shooting a basketball dribbling a basketball than lightly. A game with no defense out Saturday you've for the all star game will bargains. The question oh yeah go ahead the celebrity game serves. Ned Justin Bieber played in the celebrity game qualifies as a celebrity I don't so I don't think so anymore. Anymore you know we did she brought him up you didn't go. This guy playing that they didn't recognize that was huge difference there's a difference between celebrity. And like guy we know of like that that's like saying let's throw Scott pale in that point we all know who Scott AO has but I don't wanna see him in the celebrity game I can do. Receive Scott bail dribble and you end kinda do I'd love to see what Scott bay news got left in the game Charles in charge yeah. I wanna see Charles take a charge. Excuse with that freedom is setting yourself up the is that your a game you brats got bailed out and and of that was off the tough young man. Well as the winner Olympics and IAA and more fixated on the Olympics every day it that makes you want to go to the mountain and her myself. It's very fun to watch him very upset and NBC but wanted and that. Well bill later on in the show us up luckily Kim you. We got the call him we'll get in the Winter Olympics would do that said that at 10 o'clock soul will get and all things Winter Olympics will see where it goes bootable star with. If anybody knows when talking about I'm very upset with the NBC's coverage of the super genius. Why I'll tell you at 10 o'clock. At that dam held a tease there we do have an Olympics hole on our Twitter page it is cold at senator saints and eighty. You go in there I will Americans what's on pole. So the question today is what's your motivation for watching the Winter Olympics 28 team. Your options please figure skating outfits. You asked I. You as I. And then two more times storyline. And then and then so on and so brilliant talent so their story lines and then the final option is surprised Costa Spain cut. As you'll remember Bob Costas had pink eye at the winner Olympics I think at Sochi a pretty. Does before so somebody started on Bob Costas is pillow you know I'm guessing the risky stated to try to sabotage our broadcast just. That makes sense. Anyway so vote vote there on that you can also send your answers to the tax and that's 55305. But I wanna start off this fine program. Kind of with an ending and the end of the the blazers. Ron going into the all star break. This was Wednesday night they hosted the Golden State Warriors. It's and bad news today to tell you glad they let's Kevin Durant go off for fifty points they just could not stop him and really 840 tons of performance going and ghost or break. So let's start there how upset are you with displays used. At all. I am so upset that they won that game wade went. They won the game and don't let no rainy score fifty points at those most interesting about this. Was because revealed. A way to beat the warriors. Score more points yes well that it's at Cleveland tried to do last year but they couldn't. Quite get over the hump I mean they were able to win one game but it was more to the point to like. Let Kevin Durant do what ever heard during its gonna deal. And then at a certain point you have to kind of cover the perimeter 'cause that's where they're gonna score the points. You Kevin Durant drive all game that's fine go to the group who cares and another Italian he America's it's gonna go in wind you're pretty much seven feet you're gonna score five value. So I'll let you get the lay ups that's fine but I'm not gonna let staff Currie shoot the lights out a knuckle likely Thompson drop like twelve points in one minute. I can do and he can do that so I I was kind of revealing in that sense of meeting entire NBA look at that gaming goes. The way to do this prince now you're an idiot that's the Valentine's Day game it's February 14. You are saying they were playing their heart and for the all star in Kevin Gregg voted fifty points who's playing hard he's going out and put an end maximum effort but yes it's did give up for all stars for the warriors that'd be playing this weekend along with old one for the boys. It's a very nice win and that's the team the new. Recharge your batteries do whatever Damian Miller is a guy that really wanted to be in the all star game. So he gets to go hobnobbing with everybody else start recruiting for next year. I love you put it did Millard was the guy who really wanted to be an all star game so they let him in pretty much it. Pretty much how he got into the Al Sergei blessed event I think that aren't the only. I think her ears yeah is he continues to cry every single year about please let me into the all star game I deserved to be in the all star game I have a rap album. People respect me. I can't I gave you that. Diet I gave you an audience idea to idea to let my voice tea time who's going into hiding in the mix of you know nine. I didn't into IDB let you hate him as much as I know that it could not be true I am not anti. A didn't have anybody in the skills challenge but like what we have are you upset about that thank you region where we have three G in the through point three Jane is that is. I'll. Com CJ that do you care. I don't get the data they invited pat content because users some white guy who plays like a split Florida and they're like oh wait no wrong Marca. He looks like somebody in the skills challenge. Yeah and wouldn't put him there who who would you who would you want to city I don't teach resonate and skills to. Your dad pick Chaz and there she battled council. UKG's. That they had got skills and sees Jack Collins in the dunk contest. Would you and he he would do so when I was in high school I went to the dunk contest for the greater saint helens league. From what has. So the greater saint helens league is the the league and selfless Washington that that a high school task. Sorry you went to high school dunk contest I was a senior in high school got a buddy to lose those in its. And says that. Yeah of that I'd whatever they were due in it was like the senior all star game in the data dump contest before a hell could be the coolest dunk at a high huddle I'll tell you at all star game in Oregon know what self sorry selfless washed. With you. We'll tell you the only one that I remember. Was this guy and and and I'm make sure it is name but he put for Columbia River whose name is Billy and ot. Not believe Helen name at Knox may be is an aunt died in there with knots. Don't Knox didn't know the kid but he was basically I think he went on to play defense and some of him and another guy that big losing guys but his dunk. Did you sense pretty pass him on the block and ended a drought stepped down. That's that's impressive that's gonna pictures that costs. Yes I don't know what that he owns it no let me start just drop stepped around the league flushes iPad I would like to sees Jack Collins there because then you would have a collective. NBA fan base or in the country go who. And then it hit does that columns fever causes the is that haircut who is in the dump. Actually that OK it will pull that up with the united nation build it. I wish I assume we'll give you data I assume I assume we'll pick that in crystal ball so we'll have that information were you at some point later in the show if you don't already now for the you're doodle but have you you can get it now if you want to but here's my question and I think you pretty Internet. Are you going to be to watch it what's the done. Occasion like last year. I I watch it because they call the dunk contest in the NBA all star weekend is probably out of all the major sports the most entertaining look at. All star let me let me rephrase it are you gonna watch live for you to go back and once it's gonna. It acts since yet visual guide you got Victor indeed pro. All in deep hole deep all the depot through and then for some reason leery Nance junior. Dennis Smith. Junior and cash he had sort of rising star and then you have dawn of the Mitchell who who doesn't hearings Gordon. No iron Gordon knows Jack Levine. See and that's why it was so exciting last year because both those two were such freaks. Well they made they kind of made an amendment or not these two guys that are not all stars but they they put on a great show last year. I don't know if you're gonna get the same thing. I'm gonna probably do this and I'll probably go back and watch highlights if I get to. If the headlines. This. Week. By about 305 do you still care about the dunk contest he'd tool for crap check out this dunk Victor and he owed dunks over a sick kid. Really get at a wheelchair and the brick and secure it is the only thing that's gonna make me wanna watch like admitted if you saw that headline and even if it looked super fake like it had like a split cut picture of evil indeed though and in a stock photos sick kid it's still click on it when you. I suppose even if you like 90% knew that this was span and it is gonna infect your computer and worse than my porn ego I got to click on here is the beautiful thing about the world that we we don't have to sit room and our production of the dunk contest ever watch any of the mrs. It's going to take twenty seconds to go back and watch the recap of it and then you go at. So I mean that's what's gonna happen we actually have another poll. Do we do we have an audible and so what's your favorite NBA all star dunk of all time now we have Blake dunks over a Kia. Dwight Howard super bad that. Yeah actually gone to rookie at over Kiet and let me say this it's not doing very well and for a reason it was a city and not an SUV elk Aman which I mean one. You get anybody. Dwight Howard Superman MJ foul line and then we just put Vince Carter is that whole performance was for an awesome. Yeah and elbow. Hang elbow and then he kind of did. It got close to foul line particularly dry ally and he might have been half a photo that needed it to. Win Millwood the reverse spin when saying Vince ours ridiculous and I assume that's got there early lead. To sing go to apps sinner saint 1080. To vote on those polls or send your answers to 55305. That is the text line here. You told me that last week yes one week ago and that we will not see the cabs in the NBA finals. I say I see it till saying that. Thanks for helping with the T shirt. Who. Was it he's gonna be used to find out next if will still says yeah. I've Benedict yeah very much very much something like that after this week. Of great basketball. By the re energized. LeBron James is going to be very dramatic. Kenneth he can hang on there seemed to go well it changes but of the whip the Celtics and what that be okay. Which dated and then and then debris bit it. Thanks. Now it's like moaned as. Let me say this this has been probably one of the more memorable week before an MBA all star game weeks in the NB AC and we'll tell you why next to win the citizens and returns this is detonating the thing. Parent welcome back production and it. BA all star who really the week leading up to I think it's been just as exciting as any thing I know them like through. Host will Americans degrees and actually currently watching the video. Blake Griffin. Throwing a ball. Over a reasonably. Price Kia noted I don't know what's in the dunk him watching him give ejected through the volatile finisher in Somalia that was produced through this in the deaths don't. Currently just tender that hard nobody it's just. It's delightful there's there's a lot of anger and frustration. In the NBA debut also at the trade deadline and the. Story was in on we talked about this last week but we didn't know what the results would be. But you had the cavaliers basically trade half their team pick ever to six players they brought back in full work. Then wins in play game until Sunday when they took on the Celtics and don't look well said Damian Miller commonwealth of fifty point game in the they get a big. Win over the warriors after a battle lost here and win. Was age when I mean as far as the standings go and as far as February games that matter at this is big big win it's he could. Really have to that point in the season I would say so they did he beat the champs. Out at. A little bit. I did the worse are so damn just. Blasier at this point I mean this whole thing with Steve Kerr letting them coach themselves against the suns this week yeah that was that. The fence about that can't explain all. First of all the signs he beat him by what forty some. Yet even in my 4545. Points and so now everybody comes out after this they go all Steve Kerr is disrespectful of the suns in the league by letting his players coached themselves by the way bill. Russell also. With the players' coach and did this for quite awhile and it welcomes was he was as well yes and sell. Timmy I view it as well meaning is signs who are all adults as I understand should just recognize that there are other adults on that side that beat them without having to use a coach so I know who the coach of the sons whose. The end on the net on the throw a wild guess out there. It's not Jeff Horner sect is John Stockton. Peace and it is John Stockton the coach of the son's. Now okay. That's our Watson he got mired teed it. Me and what's Juwan Howard doing it's 21 hour during. You're a draw on how to win the blazers schedule on Howard. And everybody is like he's just a player's coach. Yeah he really encourage you just kind of sat veteran presence. At that I practice whose and he was for like four years there relate wait Juwan Howard's team. Yeah and what's what's the greatest joy wanna our blazers moment. That's a heart followed by threes or on pulleys and nobody did go over the other I don't remember him ever having a moment. Playing game though being Irish her on the bench and every time I saw my always went. 01. Hour it's like he played for the blaze. He'll have now. So cavaliers yes they pick up Rodney hood and George Hill. Nance junior yes. Side of the story and try to get his dad's number that's retired in Cleveland and retire early if that is so he can Wear. You gotta do you rate how much people were can be involvement. They can my kid Wear my number. I guess into being Gilbert and get a vote. Again their they're appealing to the cavaliers to get his Jersey un retired so that he can just do it just. Ultimately going to yet. Okay and sign up office and out the other guy was Jordan clerks so these four guys come and you said last week that this would not improve the keep Cleveland Cavaliers. Any change of heart slightly slightly do tell. To the point that the finally put a little bit of energy into team rights and I have a younger team that actually play as little bit more defense lawyer little longer a little more athletic Larry it's junior has a more remote or ray drive to actually. You know plea defense and try it just feels like to cast for the first three months of the season just really trying like they had kind of come to the confirmation at themselves that like look we're gonna make the playoffs who cares and then we'll see what happens when we get there. Remember they were a disaster for two months. And they were still three seed in the side ever fell off of the map. But the infighting I think turned into a real thing am and you see stories every day about you know. Isiah Thomas is back and he thinks of Kevin Love as they get an illness and Dwyane Wade's night enough respectable locker mall most of those guys have got. Kevin Love though with a knee injury but most of the guys are gone and they and they kept Kevin Love. Which gives you an idea that they have a little bit more respect for him than that he's the glue in that locker no blood. But I think that he gets a little bit more respect internally that we see 'cause of seems to be the scapegoat in every stories about the cavaliers yet. When they jettisoned just about everybody was not one of the guys they got rid of and you think there'd be some trade value out there for Kevin. Well now who the other white caddick. Who's the other white guy they get some of their right to union trade what's being in one of these strips no it didn't. The four guys they got. And I figured out. Account or pursue them. Now but Korver is ask how corps over him with eight. A negative attacks and when you're looking at bat best Juwan Howard moment when he got that eight foot jumper that one time. I remember that there thank you that was pretty joke acute computer. And contribution to the show that is very. Very helpful Kenny said -- time stamp or when that one's. That Chu won or when those two minutes ago that we attacked and ultimately get Chris Weber with him. Like this is there a package deal and Jalen Rose but honestly appoint getting Juwan Howard if you don't get Chris Weber. And Aaron rent. Kevin Needham both. While you either way did you finally you're looking for the other way again you're trying to say why you're excited about these Cleo I believed winner's team. It is added to look at the computer instead of sauce and trying to think of the other white guy they have yet is it CD osment. I don't know who do what you don't see kiosk and so this is a high energy ray that's my fair term for like not that great and it's does he play again. Instrument or not he started. CFC Austin's is starting CIQ what they did was the Cleveland Cavaliers looked at their current roster ago OK there's enough talent here but the issue is is that one. None of them shoot enough except president Thomas and tune out of them have energy so that all these young guys to surround around LeBron James which. By the way the percent that they went to the title game. Or not the first time but within this last decade I mean what Matthew Dillon Delaware Dover after starting point guard. The actress Carrie was hurt and I was your starting point guard he was again and ended up starting point because of injury to that roster it was all just kind of high energy really young guys Tristan Thompson was a lot younger than a lot more eager to play defense and we brought in that was midway through the sees you brought in Amman Shumpert and JR Smith from New York commit another trade in the mid season trade. We gonna change of the pieces on that team. So it's it's not unprecedented. But just in this week and change your mind at all you still say the cavs are not going to make the eastern win the Eastern Conference. I think it's yet to be seen again let's just share of what's it's yet to be seen but yet perception and again that's why I wanna wait on my answer I'm still gonna hold that I don't know if they'll win. The Eastern Conference finals I really don't because the issue that the Celtics are having right now is that what they don't score enough that's it. OK well let's wait till playoffs for entire being has the ball his hands for the last three minutes every game we sure. The complaint right now is the new guys that Cleveland brought in don't have any playoff experience beat twenty guys on that roster that do you still JR Smith Kevin Love to listen Thompson and what's that guy's name music I Kyle Korver. Now there's one other. Has a lot of nobody is another guy I'm thinking of that is he's built like a Mac truck he runs like a I'd like to see how little brother. I'm gonna put my money in Cleveland if we have to pick right now which and trying to get YouTube a year too scared me. And she heard scare the aisle you are scared to roll with LeBron he's been to what eight straight finals I'll say that at the all star break you get a really good feeling for what it team is like race that's that's kind of your barometer you go okay I have a really great feeling about what this team's gonna get. But this a different team but this is what's so interesting about the Cleveland Cavaliers in this NBA season with a there're so many moves made at the trade deadline that now this last twenty something games. Really interest and no mob attacks on agrees with you this little burst will be done by mid march they're not better. Not better and the coach of the Phoenix institute tree. By the way another five fight to survive Tex sign this goes back to. The dunk contest will hardball at Washington State could of probably showed you some vicious programs. On his highlight tape. I get my hands on some highlight tape of global. Social Tiki a little bit of a look at the lakers the lakers are actually playing a lot how to keep what's that I'm sorry where then standings I. I understand that I'll never make the playoffs. I won like nine of their last eleven games and they've done it without lawns noble. Or. Mean dec. Did his little surprising right is that these posts in the franchise guy and promoter schober road area article on ESPN this past we talked about how the lakers seem to be meek in this kind of this moved to transition. From okay Lavar ball arms are laws of ball is our franchise guy to now saying. Look is there really good young pieces what do you mean yeah Christmas kind of better than him. Yeah bullets what's the ceiling for Kyle who's nine if this on the ball is this generational passer Jason Kidd type point guard with. More size. He has to fix is shoddy just add a little bit of weight you can be agreed NBA player that's the idea is that lawns or has its upside. Right now you're winning with one Isiah Thomas Kyle opulent. Abby would your your your winter with the pieces that you have but how much of that you know ends up being your future brand a brand and Ingram. Long zobel. Kyl who's my yes that's your future but again you have to go upside on these guys and that's what people like about lawns a ball now. Will he be derailed by his dad and demanding. These other two sons. Seem to be morons. Will do when they come to our minds seemed. Skis. You can't somebody who decides who still sunglasses in China more. And fair. Well. You're the one he said this would never do this and never come degrees said all the ball or what balls that could be a distraction. Liquors organization that it's a professional organization understand how to run thanks to Johnson knows how to manage people. It's that pattern of he said that now and Dave didn't state that you didn't think it would be this much are probably now the ones of balls on the spotlight these seem to be doing better because the marbles shut mr. The the fun part of this and the thing to me is if you're the lakers. Your professional organization if you let a father dictate what you do players up. If they actually go out and go all we need along those so bad and they sign those other two nukes. To go and play alongside their brother that has some talent. Then the lakers. Would have disappointed me a great deal if they decide to trade lawns noble this year. Because they're worried about what's gonna happen in three years when he conned his contract comes up. The lakers have made a huge mistake. If you get to the point where he's a great player and you get down to threats between global or ball yes going on when to take my son off of the lakers. And let's say he's an ascending star with the lakers are now playoff team in three years. And then they bowed to anything that more and says. I would be shocked. And the suggestion. That he holds all the cards in whenever negotiation comes up. Is absolutely ridiculous Schobel on the ball the will be what 22 years old at that time. And you'll have established himself in the NBA because his bank. It gives of not being good player and they pour that that's there and do anyway it's not his daddy was threatening to bring in the other 22 X sun. But if he goes up and he ends up being this transformational. Player and he's gonna be the greatest point guard of all time. And the lakers trade him because of where to GoDaddy says that's in theocracy. By the way Tex signed keeping me honest the lakers have in fact I was being a bigger India's no you're not yet they have not in fact won nine of loving it now but they did go on a four game winning streak. And in a three game losing streak I want to record and then before that's right baseline in four games that are out and have to water in it. Hey you look ever pulled on a second they are eleven games out of 500. That's respectful followed by the way. The processes that working in Philadelphia and good there's a. Okay what's what's the what's the end goal for the process now. Take take that from last year they know it pretty good today are playing better I will give you that and illicit. Let's go through the list of their number one picks and let's see how they're doing. New Orleans Noel how's he impacted him. While he's in Dallas to little before how's he begged him I action or yeah I think he's in Brooklyn. Let's see how old inevitable Olympic question. Yes and they take. The mr. mark health faults how's he doing. I'm not confident Marco full section plays basketball again. How's the process working bend Simmons took a year off to Allenby played his first at about it and then Simmons is playing really really well his video should win rookie of the share. Jeweler indeed I think. I know the managing minutes thing is hard but he's ease of Bergen great talent I. I don't disagree I don't disagree with you there but I'm just saying that all the opportunity they had to make the team better. They've had more misses than hits bend Simmons missed his entire first season because of injury and Joel bead is still on a minutes restriction. There's been a lot of great players view go back and hot and circle all the guys seek could've taken. And put that together as a team you're watching the rising stars get process is working. There's this there's a certain sectors carrot. To bring costs. I'll dig it I do not I do not know. I K I mean telecasts. Want to throw us out there it. Is it Jeff for a sack I do not know who it is it's Juwan Howard. Around Brett brown who knows that if it's on the weekend sells real estate the Brett brown like you say that name and I honestly have no frame of reference for that I can't picture him I think YE a local insurance salesman that's what I think. Brett brown and should for Perot looks a lot like you'll showed. That consumer. He really does easy is it related to Scott Brown who coaches where. We know our coaches. And NBA coaches embarrassing. We're just Scott Brown coached. You know Ali you know he is right bulls. Was. Yeah I got a under our. Because showcase. But how memorable as Scotty brown and OKC like. Usually he coached an MBA but should he coached in an NBA finals and and here's the reason he's memorable and OTC is easier out. Is Scotty brown holding back this great duo of Durant and Westbrook. It Scotty brown the problem in okay see you win that brings like freaked Alan you're wondering it was on the precipice of history agency Eric goes he's gonna go to Washington that I know is that because he grew up their focus Scotty brown was there one note that was part of the thing is they brought in Scott Brown to help to the sales pitch because he grew up and abroad and and also the strength coach went to his high school or something and that they say Saturday if Scott Hebert in your head coach you have John Wall Bradley deal and Martina Gortat and your team and you still can't break in the Eastern Conference. All of the cheerleaders for the Washington Wizards were hired based on. Oh yeah the whole thing they put on full court press to get him and then he's like I'm gonna go play for the agrees to remember. Seems like a better. Test gets an NFL news and notes its do goes next but first the news clothes official word idiot. It's about me unconditionally and now it's my Gary Brooks and it. It's not made by this and neither was painted as an excellent tilting the 97 times. About Scotty birth it's like yeah we're idiots. We can do so well you donated the I went online and it's are looking at pictures got a ground stars got a grip. There's a picture they ultimately. I'd. That's not Scotty Brooks is it. That picture now I don't think it is that some guy with a ushered out and but that with a woman and bikini I don't wanna put that information they're now it is for MySpace. And I don't think Scotty Brooks had a MySpace. How would you why would you think that. And I didn't seem like when they have a MySpace. You're an idiot. How are at cliff may be. Favor away from the earth. And that I was just really embarrassed that we called Scotty Brooks got a ground for the last fifteen minutes well and then we got into it in great detail about how he might be related to somebody who. Is not in any way related to. Company out NBA coaches he beat you could name had which is and we should be a lot better. NBA head coaches yeah. Don't you think NBA again and I I'd I would think about the players. Now. And I'd I'd I would guess I would probably get like eight and my guess maybe. I don't know well speaking of head coaches. The Indianapolis Colts finally got their head coach. Yes and they go out Nagin it's offensive coordinator from the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. And backup quarterback. For the worst Super Bowl performing team in it for your stretch ever. But both. Frank Reich is the coach. The view war. In an apples to say it like you're breaking news. Can now tell. Here's don't bring to here's the news that I want a break yes here's the interesting part of it is that if you look back. At the last few years. Some the last coach hired. And that being the best coach. And that's a part to me that's at least fairly interest so it's it's like all they got in other second choice Josh McDaniels obviously. Put it held him up at the altar and they said all right well he's you know he's going to be he's going to be the guy and he disappears. Well turns out that you know if he ends up being. Now denounce frank got to a point yes you follow me epic problem I area. So. Here's the thing is the year before Josh Daniels ended up being the guy that was going to go and be the 49ers coach. They end up with Kyle Shannon yes. Kyle Shanahan ends up finishing up the season when he gets his new quarterback he looks like he's going to be this rising star. But the funny thing is Doug Peterson was one of those guys would like oh Philadelphia to get their guy. Now they have to go out and hire whoever and Doug Peters retired yet. Basically though it. Doug Peterson. What's she gonna do that at Pearson has coached in high school for awhile he was his coach in high school in Shreveport Louisiana and so they yell. He ends up being the guy that they look at Bruce errands another guy that Libyan one of the last coaches hired. And then I go others kind of picking up an old guy out the scrap heap. That pretty well in Arizona. OK. And so you look at the gap kids that were praised and it's really funny because you look at. Guys like Chip Kelly. Big primetime higher rates all they went out and they got a guy and he gives of having a great year and. Usually is not affect Chip Kelly was part of the the conversation around the Super Bowl the fact that the Eagles were able to recover so fast firm the Chip Kelly air which. By the way the chip kill whereas now associate with Philadelphia Eagles fans as not a good era. Yes also though he's a higher in this so here here's what here's my point so this was this was from. The USA today fox sports and They ranked all of the best tires. Up for the coaches the first place recognition went to. And this was two years ago and a Peterson's hired. Anthony Lynn and hue Jackson. Who. Are. And chip cal. I doubt hue Jackson getting hired by the browns are yet so so this isn't it dealer and Anthony Lynn goes to the chargers yes. And then you have hue Jackson. Going to the browns. And you have Chip Kelly going to the 49ers. What why would you put the browns. Coaching hire. On any of those lists ever needing care of Bill Belichick got hired to the browns again. I would still go now. I don't know for to get higher because it's the browns yes you have so terrible but it doesn't even matter Belichick was the last one I think to get into the playoffs. So so would you like to hear in the last two years coaches that are put in last place most bulls yes dug around. Sean McDermott last year. Mike Malarkey. And Doug Peters. The experts know nothing. But they found this article after I get tired and too slick edit inflate dude nobody has any clue. What there's a Cuba and they do so if in two years you have frank Reich leading a team if it comes back there automatically going to be better. So if your colts fan out there and you're worried about the coaching hire nobody knows well. And it's that's maybe where this differentiates right is that. Look at some of the situations that these other coaches walked into bright eyed Chip Kelly he got he come in after injury. One yes Jim guy right okay he inherited dig a good bubbles here is a pretty good football team which by the way had a quarterback that fit his system of play really well Michael Vick even though he got injured he then got nick falls in that seem to work out too. Naples those are all pro yet. Let me get control of the personnel answered she got up and bring in his own guys and that's when things outside its. And then this I mean the amazing thing about the the run for the Eagles is how Grossman never left the bill now he just lost is out yes they put him in broom closet and he comes back and rebuilds the team how we would. Was building the team he built a team that Chip Kelly had success with comes back and and Peterson took a look at Rex really walking into here. He's walking into Andrew Luck who up until this point right now is being reported as in not even being able to pick up a football quick bucket out and throw it. He's saying that they had he hasn't even picked up a football yeah. Mean you have to be a little bit worried when you walk into a situation where your franchise player can't even do the thing he's been hired to do now you have to rely on state. Jacoby percent because that's what you have to plan ahead for right sure. I don't know it seems typical to walking in a bilateral voted ticket in fact in Josh we gain you'll situation I thought it was gonna smarter than to back out. It will be very interest in this US happens to the beautiful thing about the NFL and the thing that's really fun to look at it you go Iowa you've got to 31 year old taken over rams team this hasn't worked. It. You've got hue Jackson a veteran coach going into a team that has a ton of draft picks and they've got a bright promising future two years ago they've won one. And it's the well. Doesn't pale in the earth first and they didn't abandon the look at him in a season. Any positive things that happened for the browns they are not. Football wins. Really you're just negated it doesn't really matter. But cut did you hear they have their first five picks in the draft that's got to two in the first I had from the one and four this year apparently doesn't. Yeah I look at college in hand in. In San Francisco and you have to kind of wonder if Jimmy G. Is a huge part of whatever global when he finishes in the courts it is but it was a starting quarterback before Jimmy you. Who was Blaine Gabbert or who is that guy CG masters their yeah lower gas. So anyways. Keep about it we'll see what happens in two years may be old like an idiot but you end up seeing very often the last guy I hired the guy that was the third or fourth choice for a team. Ends up working out pretty well so good luck to frank Reich let's get out here and go to good vs evil that is next. It's an insane listen and attended event. Adventure visit to keep up on sports this week got a no time to form their own opinions I stand before you today in the midst of not only time. Well no worries rob. Are those same trick and you do sandbagged him right away it's time for a good vs evil. Melbourne and restaurants and you know. You wake up the next thing after a night like that after going template. And you wake up next it's all. And that liquid courage that we would like sense of youth for euphoria it's over you it's all going and you ask. Staring at this by yourself in the back and that that depression and back. Holes and dark hole sitting in the room by herself being swift progress they've been awful mistakes you've made your life what does that get me. Wow. Wo ball he. We could kick off to us. Let's Debbie downer and Heisman winner Johnny Denzel talking about why he's such a sad Sally the past couple years during the ABC interview this past week until the network gonna come back to the league's spring development league is in the works. He said a deal to play with the elite. And he'll also told AB CTV's been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and is actively treating it. Much longer do you think joining in cells window is open for an NFL comeback. He is. 45 years old. Bonus question did you know there is a developmental spring league for the NFL recognize that surprised me window old. I am afraid the windows probably closed on the guys are I think it's closed and John humans well I used yet somebody like Vince Young who had some success in rookie of the year in the NFL RG three was the reviewed the year. Those guys had less problems and won't be able to make comebacks when they tried to do it and more talent. Yeah well and had more success for sure that. Immediate attack attack. Watching him in college and he had a little trouble flashes of solid browns but as you point that it with the browns that's gonna help with the new thing. But he just he never really had any solid footing in the NF structure and he had way bigger problems off the field I'm afraid it's closed that. Kinda hoped that it's not. Secondary question DC Janning and they'll connect to the NFL playing another position like now area the size like Terrell Pryor did. Now know throw friars looked around Australia Angela. That is if they are faster yet lie in height to speed them. As the tennis broadcasting you'll billboard Donald and still waits. It's due to land steam my hands away at its LA and TV at night plants plants went through the Lance. Now Lance Lance and yet so I said wins. On the colder Valentine's Day between the lakers in pelicans the only thing worth reporting throw this line. Where is when it to the point guards that being Roger and Rondo and Isiah Thomas got rejected for having a junior high cat fight. There was during the first quarter than they had this heated argument Thomas says that Rondo hit him in the face three times and good product. The Celtics play and video tribute for him earlier this season which never really got off the ground. What do you think the NBA. Undervalues Isiah Thomas so much and don't say hi. I'd take you answer that his company is good. Bonus question for nude scene did you know that regime Rondo played for the billions before this and yes I did actually. I was when he did play the falcons on these articles came out and going. Are you kidding me the pelicans they'll have to cousins if Davis. And Russia at all that's a Roland wants remotely or ten William Terrell you know watch out they got two people with bipolar disorder. And again with a you know grow. Oh Anthony Davis the Bible or let's get. He's either undervalued because the teams under value I mean looking at Indiana great run with the Celtics last year. But they played better without him in the Eastern Conference finals. After is it injury is as good as he was getting and then and then there. They they didn't really have a step back so they shipped him off he goes to Cleveland they didn't want him now he's playing with the lakers. Well that wasn't the start abdic the ready went through the sons and kings organization. He's a great school were buddies and not a great fit with a lot of teams can't build around him so. So what's the honest six NBA team in you know relatively short career is undervalued by the teams so it's gonna be undervalued by the league. I think what sex with Isiah Thomas is the fact that he will not. Just kind of delegate himself to saying on the bench player relegate are really thinking he he well. You know I mean I guess he belies himself as an also like. I think it was he was runner up in the MVP voting last year I think it would be pretty incredible if he actually just kind of swallowed it and said okay all all come off the bench six here for the Laker days gonna have to be good to keep playing in the NBA it's. You wanna play for a contender and right now he's not now I mean they have won nine out of eleven. I'm sure they have. I guess they get on your I don't think that's accurate I don't think he has been drunk and now we've been wrong a lot today movement is keeping. Right time for a favorite story the weekday he comes from right here and beautiful state of origin. 26 year old Abby Beckley says that second when he sixteen she went to Alaska for fishing trip. What Nadal recently. Stepped actually. Eyes became irritated she picked and prodded until finally he pulled out a cattle war from a guy. Thirteen berms later and we never really discussed in story a woman pulling out fourteen cattle worms from her. She pulled out walk and chew into the eye doctor they pulled out two more went to optics are in the people rallied for. Is the first reported cases case of cattle worms kind of wore a human beings I aides ever. I thought now what do you think is a good job Oregon what do you think's worse outdoors. A giving fourteen these cattle worms in your eyes. Or. So living in denial and you get one of them. One that in sex up your theory or. Oh people's worth worst. For sure the ball flies probably worse than that but it's that it did since appeals worse than having about a worms crawling in your eye. Yeah probably because I think they go and edited to set up shop and had surgery coming out this super gross. The closest thing that I've ever experienced anywhere near this. And I'd if the sensations anything like what I do experience. That it's awful if we get immediate hearing your food restaurant yeah happened there. You're accidentally find there and it's in your mouth. Yeah Poehler Anna yeah medical time OK yeah ever swallow. See the majority of that when you find mount temple up from a stomach. No that's really grow yet Abbott to me and it was. All the awful we read that the Cheesecake Factory. The forum shops in Vegas in caesar's palace shame on you personal that you into the Cheesecake Factory in Vegas. West has shame on me Cheesecake Factory is the finest that was in the makes me I know her through have a hell did you not expect a hair to be in your food. Really the mine the Cheesecake Factory. She expect plenty of times and never had here and my food that matter where you are you don't expect that. So fine Harriman now example I could feel like from like coal and starting to all out. Oh it was just the worst unit doubled wages over get a can I go and there's a bunch of westerners probably eight or ten people there and some people I knew and some people didn't say it's as like I didn't wanna make it seems to take and so today. And there he gave the hair I give yesterday night I came in and if you just take a belly to just take the heroin but just I didn't wanna make anyone anybody else to know app doesn't ruin everyone's appetite. Sets only. Well I had to because the manager came back and their food in my pocket the lord added one and so that every jazz haven't you guys who made don't worry about it and likely to get some else I'm like no I'm never going to eat yet. Well I would have made I would emit less noted in a mess of things yet well notice screamed about it I would just I'd have been in full roll up all over the table. I think I would take the cattle fly in the go. Over the U regret. Yeah birdied. And something moving moving in set up shop people. Sounds appealing. This there's got to be like a wife or girlfriend or connect to that Erin and now I was trying to find a Segway were recounted a generic wonderful sponsor of of converts Asif oh let's get their pain just a tough thing PLO did not play element and a good receive a bra to buy a new way the titan of wine restaurants Doerr of iron there. 2454. Piece for inside or 52 and woods even more hours. You don't have to worry about paired with and no lol I don't know a huge transition from the match hey let's go to the Olympics that's next the since intimidated.