Sinner and Saint 12-9-17 Hour 2

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, December 9th
The Heisman Trophy and the Seahawks chances of letting you down.

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you're going to less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now what where we pick up from Ireland. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is spots about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. Sooner than those same time shadowy slide into the dangerous world a man who do not exist. We're well. Luke Anderson closed unless you're a crusade to champion the cause of innocent helpless and powerless and then. Poor with a median household income 7000 dollars for you know there is one exception. No one can hear nationwide tour will cartoons but disappointing Oregon State fullback where you receive an Iran desperately trying to hold. Still the good discuss sit there look at this it's yeah. Senator and those same diligent through powered by Ross grew cruise line. I imagine Jim unrestrained exercise is. Intimidating. Okay. I welcome to our two that's fine radio broadcast if you missed any part of our one we talked about Mario Cristobal. Mike Riley. NFL on some idiot that Michael it is Ed duties concrete. Is a celebrity is what is the moron is a civic generation he missed a part of that you go to 1080 the fan. Dot com and down on gets its due to on demand. Is there thread there our one don't do it now as you gain power to race here. We've made a decision. She viewed talk about the Portland true. Stumbled in the outline stumble we made a decision. And it does not excited about it. Is that's our poll question that we had up before the show again it is. On and at sinner and saint 1080 and acting if in on Twitter you can vote right now it's wind should the trailblazers fire Terry Stotts. 27% of you say now right now. 11% say after rockets ass kicking. 8% say after warriors ass kicking in 54%. By far and away say after the season. The blazers in sixth place in the. Hate their playoff team. The playing better defense than they've ever played yes. Or. To watch. Often stinks they have no ball movement just. Well the public beat the rockets night without nerd and a brilliant excited again and then they'll suck for eight games. What's wrong with the stupid deep I have to think that the better defense has now kind of made them crappy. It's there it's a B minus at her hydrogen and that's what I just well. Now than it was Memphis Memphis it's OK out of Memphis Grizzlies at thirteenth in the west but understand that I like their style play yes fine. Here's my thing is. I'm surprised a team when Damian Miller and CJ McCollum. And you throwing should be as need your plan like a man possessed pack competence planned well it all sounds like a team that should be fun and exciting bit. I don't like what did you watch is gonna. We run with dirt last year everything I didn't hurt fever when he can now hear these kind of these. You score and so at least. In name of it in the period and is the fact that they'll give her the ball and then he'll just roll into the paint and just brought this weird huh. I could said he didn't like it's not controlled. There's something about his game now that was different from those pat those last twenty games like this that fab forty pounds let him push people off the block. That they're used in pick and roll more and honestly he's not sure couldn't pick and roll hall and they keep together. Yeah and you don't under the two starters are ever yeah. We heard in sixth place they're finally do sit OK right now you can bet that the five teams ahead of them. And it's weird west right now rockets are the best team in basketball plain and right there were there nineteen for the other quarters at 216 they played them after that and you've got spurs. Timberwolves which finally make it their surge that we expect timberwolves looked dead and for the last four years the nuggets looked pretty good at the jazz the pelicans the thunder. Bullets also urged her out of the playoff picture that right now the grizzlies are. Also just remember this is all before the all star break any even all before Christmas Christmas is kind of that marker in the NBA where you have your first quarter and you go oh OK I can get a good feeling of what's going here like. If you get judged the first ten games the NBA season you would have thought. Holy crap the cab sock. But the cats descended like a thirteen of 143 and thirteen game urging game streaks you'll. I mean. Again we feel this team time but it does seem like the blowing towards mediocrity while they don't you knew they'd be mediocre thought to be fun to watch media I thought they'd be better than mediocre. And you thought they'd. Thought they'd compete for a spot okay and they're still in the running for Adam either right. Guess straight home losses and then make me think it's gonna hockey gold that I I understand that but did you set. Right OK sit there the blazers are thirteen and eleven. The nuggets are 1411 and that's liberals are fifteen and eleven so I mean you're right they're now going the other direction. He teams with thirteen wins for the blazers haven't played as many games if you're picking up and down. But the jazz are thirteen and thirteen the pelicans are thirteen and thirteen those are laughter. And that's that's your your 45678. There were right in the thick of that they are competing for four spot right now which is fine but why. Do what I watched them I feel like you're watching a team that is out of the play every gives an awful awful they're just glad. There they earn their inconsistent. And they're just they're not. You thought you would add defense to this team NDP that we got so. Here's don't. Here's vicious and got on the average per appears Tex sign 55305. So now we preface this with you know when she moved. Fire Terry Stotts right yeah that's and win this extra takes another angle he says why it is Neil O'Shea get a pass here he's the one that built this team with two small guards that don't play defense one of them should have been treated last year pre taller. Defensive oriented player in that kind of goes along with all the hype of saying hey let's ships CJ often get some better. Or maybe not better just different it's our. Yeah and mix it up with a you don't wanna thank the team chemistry because he's become a leader on that team is what you kind of worried about but the the the big offseason rumor was really Carmelo Anthony. The thunder down. And ninth. Yes I I I will just rub that in anyone's face any time I have the possibility you just rubbed them I just I I love how many in the sand listeners tax day in and mergers like. What's Stew about it the best players how could you don't want that this is exactly why you don't want that key plays zero defense and he's important is career or he's just like. Look where can I make the most money. I'm just trying to rape this stuff then so I can just live nice I I don't care anymore I don't think that's why I went to Oklahoma City read all right figure is not local he thought I'd guy. I think you've got he had chances to play for a championship there or you're trying now counted that looks awful to so. I. What do you do if you boys 55305 bridge borders Tex I'm and I answered this week. Here's a tab in the last couple of years with the Mariners it was mr. plans fund watch Alyssa making changes and I know he's missed an amount on your whatever but usually get to. Records went through the season realized managers not yet but the good fun to watch the users have been the same way. And police should go it will listen they're not gonna win it she breach of against the warriors but. You have nights when they go out scratch and claw their gonna knock them off for game they're gonna go out they're gonna compete. And there today you know put up some crazy shots for their two guards to be it's any fun to watch. But even even the vote to senator scenes let's right now it's there's there's. What's wrong and how do we fix it 55 through fives bridge forebears Tex and all of you throwing well I heard your choice and. I kind of almost look at CJ McCollum I can agree with this texture in terms of trying to find value in CJ. When siege is on the court. In he is the primary ball hander where he's the guy who's going to be kind of creating the offense pretty much nobody else gets involved it's really hard to heavy CJ McCollum led offense because he thinks he's Kobe Bryant at times. He takes it into his own hands and he tries to create offense when there's really nothing there. That's why Shabazz Napier has been such a huge part of this season so far is affected you can bring in a guy who actually runs the offense. It picks up or Damian Miller left off now I'm not taken daily Damien Willard out of that class Casey because he does that stuff you need I infuriated when he comes down quarterback played three steps past. The half score line is just Jackson shot up like sometimes it goes in and I'm pretty stoked that. Then when it does and I know what the hell are you think I had to get down I got. I just I I put a little bit towards CJ appoint a little bit towards inert but I also just point towards the general the general thought that. I don't think there's enough talent on this team now to actually take them to that forced pop level those who. You know why Leonard. You'll you'll Los Gordon Hayward the first game so those two teams play without stars and the Celtics didn't miss them to eat. In the spurs siege no we shots because spurs and lakers is huge you know we shot over the Celtics to win they get out as Credo I mean. They just keep winning and and is is managed notably better than. Half the roster for the users and at this point hey hey I gotta say 91. Of these six minute whoa should've but because you get the most out of a guy yeah you know I mean that's. That's I guess part of the point here is physically does give the tools yet got a clutch gene like nobody's business but lower prove that he is too. You put him in an opportunity to do that mean you'd certainly not a guy that you would add to a roster at this point. My money and mind. Monica I could see on him I could see money it intrigue to the to Cleveland by mid season on the solution in the text file I did you owe you some islands eating. Yeah but as it. Definitely miss and Alan craft you know. Allen Crabbe was the very thing holding this team together is a guy that's what the beta made it seven million of us. You could see it now. I mean there's no way in hell Allen Crabbe is like any minus version of Evan Turner or anything. Dili Allen grabs the death nail for dilution and you know that's what's he gonna do and a biography when you search right now at. He's Helio then everything went wrong when dialect coach Alan. Is by the title will be won and Lego. Where did you go Allen. A life of Neil lotion on a life of screaming and being tested media members. I got rid of crabs and everything went downhill. And usually that's not sell debt. You're a big early crabs. Basic better no. Not not for some people not for meals said. Can be hard life. He had crabs now he doesn't have crabs and now it's it's bad. McComb struggles when Evan Turner brings the ball. Not good together some calm gets the ball too late in the shot clock and is struggling. Nothing. Easy. There's no easy shots in the NBA. So. This that this is suggesting that he's been better off the ball player. Now I'll never look at what comes down to write to super average they just kind of suck you know to me like you watch and they'll have this lead of like eight for a little bit and then you just can call it ego. Third quarter of this is all going to crap its just gonna happen happen in the new the pelicans game. They were behind at half time they got back up by eight herself and then halfway through third you saw they start missing shots he this is what it's all gonna go to crap. This is pretty much this team every single year this is what they do. Big date live on that little average plateaus scale. And then they get to the playoffs and the may lose. And that's it and that's what you're gonna have to exit except for awhile. Until LeBron James Kevin Doran. Anthony Davis. DeMarcus Cousins. See Russell Westbrook. Carrier ring and then Simmons lead the league. I don't think will win a title. Or we we just get him on free agency but all of them all on that below the cap out. Men women and with this. I have to make a correction on that that all Shays book title. They have new agers in the switch with Brooklyn because that's when the DA gave broken crabs. That is great that put that Krebs has been helping Burkle. We're good at essence that's why it's the booked into the day I gave Brooklyn crabs. A dirty men now. And it's not. Okay and which you do next. No units are more about NFL learn what the Heisman. Too pumped about the Heisman Trophy ceremony stupid. On which tell me why next. Sinner and saint Kennedy. And he plays sometimes. And being but if there's some points. Planet show actively pursue this this thing in a bunch of rants. Yeah of course so he's leading a bunch of rams into the army navy game why. This I think that's what media is there like she percent of our what are your favorite tunes. Are there the midshipman but there but they're mascot is a rim. Make any sense that number ram Helmand. Though the cool moments like the the ones that have like the horizon on him white and navy we'll let. That makes no sense and when does lets him Lee Corso did indeed in the made sense. Then it's fair now. But it doesn't mean my point I'm. Heisman Trophy excited about it is disputes and Eisen trophy. Well sometimes it does. This time it's the most arrogant worms were think they do they do the awards night for college football league about the dough blocker and bullet Markoff like herbal you'd. And then they have to have their own special day for the Heisman Trophy and here's yet another year where it's Torre decided we know who's gonna win and it's going to be boring. Yeah but it it's a good book. Good bookend of the season I get that a wise and part of college football were like he's guilty all right and best picture is because it's the best lawyer. It's. Citing. Iranians don't Walker's got a society the highest in a lower why you lump all those crummy ones and with the same thing and I isn't has a different air to it it's it's a society of play. Ayers who all during their year of football there either senior you were your. Own junior whatever. It was their time that they defined the league. And I think Tim don't leave our denied knowledge of yet college football landscape into meat that's kind of what it will do what it is for most players like Marcus Marietta when he won the highs and he defined college football that year. I think that baker may feel doesn't really define college football because he's the I don't win Mark Jackson did last year there are fickle marked exit so last year yeah. Last year was defined by Clemson Alabama rematch and Da'Sean wants that it was only at the end of the year I'm talking about the whole scope of the meat. Of this season Hulu full full bald define college football last year when people are Ajax what people back to 2000 fixed data every big a blow a hole LaBarge Jackson. Because when you go back to seasons he think about Heisman winners will. I think. That's in winners and passes where relieving any. Allie earlier Jason white. Sam Bradford pay a fine as Jason white is a great insurance salesman. Ideas. Exe insurers Jeff Fisher's Gypsies gets jets each store jets and street. Art. 55 through five who's your favorite has trophy winner. The only thing I like demonized and trophy presentation is when they pan across all of the former winners and Doug Flutie has to stand next to Vinny Testaverde. And there's 824. Inch. Height difference between. Mine is that. I don't know if they're gonna invite John Meehan bill. Money can't buy Reggie Bush that is your real that's ridiculous everytime I read an article by the Heisman Trophy they have to mention Reggie Bush guy is taken away so bald dude I hate that they did that okay so again Yemen near a hard time convincing me like I'm controlling mattered. And get it can do it college football awards we've had our special just for the stupid thing you can. You know you can give them ray guy award weigh the same night advertising and what's but Ernie. What Haley did you make the other big big do you do for our show and it's the Heisman trophies in the cap like get somebody to watch him for four hours and don't be diverted tune in the end you can get the sponsors to pay for it Derrick Henry that was that was a kind of their Heisman there's a lot of guys we go through it's the best player on the best team it's the best player in college football. And that's the thing and the year saying you two trying to find a guy that defines college football he's guard Derrick Henry is great plan on the best team in college football. Markings got one of those two the had other guys they choose winced NFL his year it was his senior season his junior season and our dogs are it was a subtler season. He I think that defines as restaurant here. Chain outlets and one of the freshman nose. I don't think he'd editing back to back freshman one man's well then you got the list in front of you look at. She. Warrior now as the back to back freshman and sophomore year. He's a redshirt. And they came out after his sophomore here. And his backward stumble bumble fumble against Oregon last the wind fumble. Don't end Cam Newton was a good one though. Yeah Cam Newton Newton pretty much was college football nuggets Allen but how much do you consider their NFL career when you look but I is neutral to Qaeda again deserved I don't I don't anymore I used to and then I just I don't you market you have. I mean we we can go over that list right now lighter note Troy Smith know Tim Tebow now. Sam Bradford he stayed relevant but he didn't transfer over in the NFL he wasn't as great as he was. College Mark Ingram again a guy pretty middle of the road spent a good year this year. But over a career spanned the idea here are gonna say marketing arms you know you have put them. But what I'm saying is is a much weight do you put behind me you'll get Troy Smith who won by the largest margin ever because you had to eliminate Reggie Bush from the category. He won by the largest. Margin ever and Troy Smith was not and if a player I mean. Certainly didn't have a career Archie Griffin's the only got to add back to back Heisman trophies and he wasn't great and I felt. Okay B here's your surest bet Jews here he hears huge response was going up against that I'd does a six news Europeans Darren McFadden and Arkansas which by the way that was the first time Darren McFadden lost the highs and Brady Quinn chair and forth with Steve Slaton. States like West Virginia. We tried. To. Losses in that Colt Brennan Cooper in junior year. My car at a Michigan. I think sometimes when players when it's just because of the fact that they couldn't find anybody better and that's pretty much figured this year yeah that that's that's. You can may feel I think had a great season and he's the best playmaker in college ball outside and you. Can. What's different. We can make plays and you can be exciting you can be edit George. Or you could be Derrick is the best playmaker of the plate bigger I think it goes with some excitement but this thing is if if he goes on and wins the national championship then you look at Heisman and you give it a lot more reverence and Intel man. He will be very excited he goes on wins a national championship but again they give us a war what greatest play in bowl games. So what you think this by the balls and then now I just think it's stupid war and you keep doing and people really get all excited I've asked people to send who's their favorite. None notes and one text 500 five's Bridgeport protects beach babe I've trophy winner here's your response. It is masking as a rambling the Auburn Tigers is a war eagle you were more excited about that part of the conversation we're currently. Boring everybody we need to do is talk more about Terry baker. Now why he hasn't. Who's better I drove monetary braver a marksman and try to get people excited about it it you do in the dates which then trying to get there by an hour. You think. The Vern Adams got. Crap out of allies and our legitimate abused opened he really was and your organs should have been up for the national goodwill Michael James and his season. And you go to. No control through close to Italy and wanna get regular two. It Rodgers Brothers not all they should know James quizzed but I should wanna go and then Marcus barrier to win it two years in a row now what are you through your zero let's be honest. You really still limited just her missing five games due to keep good morning to this should be a New York he really should yeah did you see is passing percentage jump abused daughter might as good as she gets wild did you see how good he was against Arizona State now a mean way outlook. All men not hate Chip Kelly. How to. Do you still should come back they're Smart dude that bit of fire lit afire with a tiger. Evolutionary and shipped out what should've done was hire Chip Kelly. Q. Teach. A key Lee Smith how to coach and then hire a lot easier AD all I know it's mu tigers. Lost to Florida State lost they will win game action now not at all but it may never win another game again that guy totally immersed himself to her he's up for the giants job. That Yahoo! would leave after a week before Austin tournaments and probably demo. Three does. Pentagon. Hey let's do more NFL stuff next. After news. How much did you European. Of the Seattle Seahawks are not only a playoff chances. It chances to win the NFC and represent them in the Super Bowl changeup last week if not along I don't know. She's just there some hits on Russell Wilson that just a brutal. Yeah again Arizona back up and Arizona where they slow mode and you heard that one where you like he was thrown it away but it almost looked like you surround behind himself and they do the slow Mo of that corner just come in put this helmet. Right in Wilson's chest plate and he just. Like you just see its face like oh my god. He played well I think what what sounded to make it. Yeah yeah Maurice kids. I can bring us. It's like this is the same thing her like he takes these candidates and then by like the end of the season he's like partially injured and they truly are last year. She's the only year that I remembered hobble. Mis generally been pretty healthy going in the plaster on the secondary is you know a little bit crippled but I think they played really wells issue with. All the filling guys and they get DeShawn shed back this week which I realize isn't Richard Sherman Chan came chancellor. And I think that's tenement prove me you weren't impressive the win over the the Eagles at all you're such a homer I'm asking you the question I'm just I'm. I'm asking if you were impressed with the win at all they'll sell the highest scoring offense to and. I wasn't impressed with the when I was unimpressed with the Eagles. If that's that's kind of what my consensus was because you know on home loan because there's so many times during that game they really just should've scored like whence fumbling on the goal line. That was just like. It felt leukemia. There's this Sony weird flu keep things about the game that really work in Seattle saver or favorite part of that whole week was that I think it was she killed her friend or one the other corners he goes. You know we've been hearing a lot of talk lately. Did people say we're not as good without the legion booming we took that seriously. Like over the you've heard that lately and we're or maybe that's just like common knowledge that you lose like you know three pro bowlers jagr not as good two programs easing. Earl Thomas is back he now you he's out when they Geithner based black pack he's playing is boy he's black and he's playing. I don't know man and disrespect I'm hoping that I keep talking about with you that you say that I'm just totally wrong on is that they keep getting a little bit worse every year. I'm not saying super words. No just a little worse and I wrong about maybe go windows clothing this sure all windows are closed big if you don't I did the most minuscule and you literally just a lead and probably. How close getting a little bigger and again it. Little bit but it's very noticeable and you go from Super Bowl win Super Bowl experience. Losing in the playoffs. Barely getting into the playoffs maybe this year you don't kick to the play it's. Much portal that latter. So what they have. Facing them this week is you have Seattle going to an eight and four Jacksonville team the first on the plate in Jacksonville since 2005. You get it's really think that. Without the weird thing about. They haven't played it non conference games planned once every eight years and don't Holman road really depends on how the schedule set up so that's crazy though they can. Have passed and that long time. There was also quote the Russell Wilson had they said I get ready for games right visualizing. Playing in somewhere that I haven't played before yeah. The cut the crap out do things they pictured whom open these big picture and that most of them there might. What are horrible things where's the shot clock he said Chocolat do not mean ms. quoting shot clock. Where is the fans were to my cheerleaders set up that are important for me where's my heart lies sick or Sierra advocates couldn't. Which direction. Of the goal posts. All so they have the start stretch right so right now Jacksonville then you have the Los Angeles rams coming to town while a ransom to begin this week they immediately cowboys with. A Z back awesome all re ally guest yeah he'll be back and then and then you have the errors and that's even Gypsies. What do you need to cede to start to believe or you just going to be. On the pessimistic side of things. Well let me tee pessimistic as I actually this is this is why I love the apples he's. Because there is a define put up or shut up moment in every season and this is a panacea and I think it will put up and honestly I do think they will make the playoffs because signature is to win their division I mean they control their own death sneakers and they cared but I think the rams will probably when that is the lives really should've won the last game that they played it Cooper captain dropped that touchdown pass I mean. David did and he did but even there against okay. Escalating did it win over the rams if they finish the tide record would give Seattle the home field advantage or I'm sort of the the tiebreaker advantage. So. They still a chance to win it even regardless what you think but. Go ahead with what they need to do to prove TU. Well they need to develop some type of running game Mike Davis. Hey this looks pretty good hey don't want the offense I've been impressed with those acoustic. Like yeah I like they got to work acted in more next year like they should put him in a slot position where you have him motioning and in shock that they put him wide receiver because that kind of people need to focus more on McCain's ticket they can't at least just this season because the one thing they lack more than anything else is variety and I know that's just said does statement but it's really forget apparent to the fact that every single time Russell Wilson gets the ball and shotgun he isn't looking downfield like a lot of people say they go we always has sized does and he's apologized for guys and immediately go to where. Our first and I got to where I go yes and so I think if you keep doing this. Into the playoffs it it eventually the system will break there's only one guy where he really really thrives around this and I think that. It's meant to be that way is Aaron Rodgers. But Aaron Rodgers doesn't do like Russell Wilson does Russell Wilson gets the ball and within a half second he's out of the pocket. He's not even trying to see any formation and Roger vessels in the pocket all day if he wants to you but once she leaves there's all there are always at that there's a plan. Strategy about it. Russell Wilson just looks like he's running from the eventually CL Terre. Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson both play the game at a different speed than the rest of the leak. You have air Rogers who everything slows down for B plays in this kind of slow methodical with all the chaos around and he knows he's always under control. And points or Russ Ortiz plays faster everything he does he's running around spinning around with a friend or continue dodging. Traffic LeapFrog just running across in the and then hike in the ball like John Madden yeah I had I had to argue about it. Here's a darker giant golf lover. He's gone. Crisis Tony. You have to Jimmy Graham. And I shut downs and anyway I'm surprised and he's he's basing. He is who would've known that he would be good in the end though. Everybody believes that for Seattle for three years the team here. Who were can sort of thought to keep him out. A good portion of the plays when you're not the reds and but then when your residence to get him in their levees unaided. I mean I get it he's really get a blocking and you should have him in all your base sets but. Good point. Pulling people you'll run off them up his power side. Argue and watching some of those replays and Jimmy Graham blocking it for her it's even. Like we get that I'm lucky it's even laughable it's like and relieved that deeds and FL tight end. Odd plays try to petition to be a wide receiver when the French sentiment New Orleans right issue either tied. It does not block somebody. I mean. You could still put that slot because even if you brand like off tackle plays he would be a corner in terms of blocks. We were asking him to block. Com wide receiver the block to safety you don't pay more though so my speed but it didn't open and you deserve the money. Yeah. Exactly so are you more excited for. The final stretch of the NFL season this. To me is again not it's not just a CI. Look at the rams and Eagles as they come down the rams are playing the Eagles this week they have a chance to really compete for the best record in the NFC. If they win and and obviously the Eagles want home field advantage. More excited for the final stretch of the NFL season which is my favorite time of year. Well all season a more acceptable season. There are some great bowl games out there outside of the cultural playoff what is it one game that you're trying to mount a book for the PH spoke his own assume that you see it's gonna do against Auburn. I think are really good matchup Kazaa earnest so streaky bacon. You know one minute Andy you got out Alabama but then go play Georgia and get their ass kicked after. Kicking their ass earlier in the season UCF but it is in the top three running backs to just it's pretty great for UCF kisses the farewell the Scott frost I think that's gonna be the one bowl game that I really wanna watch because there's so many story lines. That's an island. What are you thankful games besides the playoff. All the keep adding more bowl game answers there again there's only there's like a handful of them that really matter. And I just and a negative handheld NFL games it just argun and being trashed his. He's got the giants point of homes or whoever and you know both teams are out of it's I get to some bad and at though games to new. But for me it's just the the idea that. You you don't know if you were gonna show up impeached in the game. In the next couple are gonna show up to the celebration bowl well. He exactly well I fully expect in the next week or so we're mustard seed the list of NFL players are NFL ready players. They're gonna sit other bowl games you have teams to show up the lane nagged they're not gonna be entrusted where you don't think it is what you're sure it's only Troy is that gonna get up for the Troy is always up for the game that went against. They're playing against north Texas north Texas the local public hears about it too. He get the one Maria nobody pointing and somebody who who those are the ones. You know washing steel used terrible game which those funds have. And I know that middle Tennessee's just not gonna play well on the recon media Camellia able. And Erin of the you've convinced the share of Bundy tart cherry poker wrote on bowl that's seriously African bowl. The teachers I had not making mobbed Sarah Bundy tart cherry Bo correct on that hole. Commons that there's got to stick it one more time. Share but indeed tart cherry Boca Raton on bull. Akron in Florida Atlantic. When were you sing Cher Bundy Sarah Bundy tart cherry brokerage on bulge in her. That's African bowl game what the hell is your bull gift. Take a gun stub hub and see what we can get tickets to the sheer money tart cherry Boca Raton bowl. Maybe logo. It would ticket prices are to get elected live broadcast again so it's much it cost to get in there and and who would duel live broadcast from that want that sounds like an absolute hoot you look at that. And we'll get to crystal balls next an instinct and. Today. That. So this is a part of the show would repeal the college football action and all of that and there's one game today. We can predict army navy via. Jimmy army. But the point is on land. Think this year yeah you know what I did you know that you can't fight a land you want it and it. And water to six everybody's in a scuba suit by yet Tim Tebow back he'd walk on top the water. Christianity. Now the name. Him. Would only bold to say double lottery can be in scuba suits we weigh the bald qualities and both of the top. Immediately you make it out as some kind of metal that was in his poignant. Some ultimate challenge. Which would be the ultimate challenge for people under water to play football. Could you could you imagine that people in scuba suits fins and scuba suits. You get the concession article is cure diseases such T stupid for me and just join in ideally that the talk show results. Opt. Cat. The worst EO Lee Corso down there shell. But he's not we're in the bottom half and Cuba seared this into a brilliant gotcha and it and certainly the really whole minister Bruce who's the lead that Ehrlich around with the adage that. Along and clippers you got me in it. So anyway just a coach obligated today's suited focused on the NFL. A movie in the things I mentioned earlier the AFC west is kind of imploded that she started out the hottest team full ball first lasting aimed at. To have their first loss. And now they are sixth and sixth. Hi made with the raiders they clipped and AM tomorrow on CBS. Kansas City fear by for a half points. We can act. Height and who did that she's in this line. He cat is. I don't know there's no appointee to take it chief that's hardest part about the AFC west. It's just that every single team count looks like crap I know he point that could charge is for some reason you love the chargers know. Now what they've said is the charges are the most cramped on team in the NFL where this city then as the the new city available doesn't want them they're old city will never take the bag is left and Malia rhythm and he I mean I take it she's in this under this is obviously one of the most disappointing parts of the NFL this season I think was the AFC west you really booked and all these teams and you thought that you have three legitimate teams that don't even competing for the Super Bowl and now. You have. It is you have a team that will probably win the division with a losing record or at 500 in the playoffs. Well they play each other bunched and stretches and NFL's brilliant setting and up for the final games against division opponent yet Denver's fallen off the map completely ads as no quarterback. And wait till they have Eli and actually the be right back at the top but. Yeah its very interesting amid take the raiders in this and I think the chiefs and something's broken and I don't know what it is but they can't get it figured out. Don't think charged any everybody's just tuned out in Erie and yeah also at 10 o'clock on CBS and Russia which came we'll get out here hopefully and Halperin gives freedom raiders game. Vikings and Panthers. Who. Minnesota favored by two and a half. Now they're athletic Minnesota in this one but you know the Panthers really have to make a push their candidate that spot where. They being out technically are in the wild card spot price down where they can really lose it. The siege is going to be the most exciting thing to watch in these next three weeks is yet Aaron Rodgers coming back pretty easy and yet and the Packers are staying afloat and bay Packers have the browns this weekend yet so the last league game and they'll do is win that game in that letter Rodgers take control and see what happens when it comes the wildcard so I mean. I would think the vikings in this one but I'm superstar to watch the rest of the NFC yeah I think and that. That that funny thing is the the self the NFC south has become the best division for use saints. And you've got the falcons in the panthers' all right there are so intimate settings here comes down stretch there a mention it already Eagles at rams this is 125 on fox. Rams favored only by a point at home. You know you expect Eagles to kind of bounced back after last week in Seattle sure. You know they're gonna really try to make this push. They're win against Arizona to me what is probably the best when they had earlier and I know that's kind of weird to sage because it's Arizona and they look like they're failing but this is the first game that they really looked like they were in complete control the entire time. I mean there was never a time that game right thought that the rams would lose but there have been other times in the season itself. I'll think Terrence. Did you sing I I. The only geology Eagles it was last week and obviously not impressive against the Seahawks. I've watched rams a little bit just consider the surprise story of the NFL so. Might inclination is to go rams on this as well the funny thing is the rams win winning. Doesn't really set them up any better for next week as the head to head against the Seattle is the big game that matters yachts I wonder if they'll overlook because even if they go in awful velocity four were I guess B 94. And Seattle's 94 then essentially the tiebreaker but if they go in that you know ten and three it's the same thing that I. We gaze kept his deeds focused like that that's to me it's not just the rams that are the most surprising storied football it's. Would change his 31 years old and easy able to reach basically. Coached these adult mental. To bring them in on his message and say look. I know I'm younger than Mo CU and don't even have as much experience is most you but if you follow what I'm trying to preach here and on the defense aside the ball you just listen to Wade Phillips. This is gonna work in India it's obviously works so far. Yeah so I'll. I'm gonna take the Eagles in this one though I just think they're better team than when I saw last week and they're the most complete team I think in the NFL yes and and say I would watch that game but again you have the Seahawks playing in that game will be on our local television must of got. You know. Whatever the trek TV package to be watching the Seahawks at jaguars. A both teams eight and four one emirates as what the red zone or red zones one and then I haven't even need to watch a rams. Watch red zone because Gillick and not even watching football I can't watch red zone because they don't have it in mighty. Package. I want to before I don't really cared cavity and I agree with you it is it's just it's a bounce around its highlights it's very it's too much like I I I close watch Sunday football like that kind of wood or most people would have baseball game. Go in and out on the Kennedys who sit there and like really pay a great deal of attention from like thirty minutes at a time. Turn on indecent stuff from the house and pop in everyone's I'd pick one. Game and one option Arian and every week H adrenaline to see our team is usually but if they're not playing also down enemy either wants all game I'm not gonna watch this with college his pick one game might I don't. I was on the go to dog football and back but his pick again gonna like this game and it gets out of hand then I'll switch and operate kind of rattle through the schedule go line what game do things in the most competitive as most on the line once it'll get its and the way do but they are. This year and literally just watched her. Like I think five minutes that's not game time that's real time I launched a five minutes before I knew we were gonna lose and don't pop back into the into the third course. But I don't ever still isn't over the responsible way to do it to see I said jags to NAFTA when subjects he. Let's show win. I go to C hacks. Nikkei is. You know bore holes to. It has happened. The defense is incredible letter from that is probably the biggest surprise in terms of rookies this year he can putt maybe he come in get injured and then just play like crap but he's consistently been pretty good boring couple. You talk to other window closing on the Seahawks and everything is the very different team than we saw the beginning of the season. Even losing players on the back end if your weaknesses now you're secondary. On that defense. I don't think the settlement expansion of it. And I can not wait. I've written I'm rooting for the Seahawks. As always. But I just I would they need to win this game they need to see the rams Seahawks. For the division next week I cannot wait I guess. I need it must edit. I think kids that's a show I've pursued pretty join in and have a great rest your weekend we'll be back next Saturday with more sitter and saying. Mama does song don't don't want to analysts it. Let's go it was true then I get old school. Engine that can. Unofficial mascot that's sort of 90 man. Saw looked good boxing on a different and I go.