Sinner and Saint 12-9-17 Hour 1

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, December 9th
Oregon's new head coach, Oregon State's new/old Assistant Head Coach and NFL tiddly winks.

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you're going to less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now what where we pick up from Ireland. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is spots about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. Rise and shine jerks. O'Brien shipment gives up big. Girlfriend your misery loves. For the weekend's gridiron action where did you wall setup with everything you. Do you know about what's going on in college football this Saturday frost brewed Coors Light presents the center on the same children Ichiro went gluten. Three former neighbors fullback will americans' fears euros and junior varsity and legends moved him as soon on ten may need. It's it's an unfortunate side effect of beer plus football plus she's. Well. Mean Saturday. Kids welcome back into the studio this the first time in three weeks we've been in here together. Death yeah we read Danner boots and then oh last week and I get to go to the Tacoma dome and do play by play color commentary with house. Opera for the Washington State championship game and the two way level and the pockets and hawks won a state championship. Are acting grad talk instant it was followed where you live at one wears Hawkins pockets it is just north northeast of Vancouver. To a ball slips his kids go to school. You deny that there has big deal. No I've never done play by play of four I don't think they can do you play by play because averages go into like. Just strictly saying what's going on like I don't think I would have enough knowledge is action and I think it commentary and that's code commentaries sit there and you want to India so here's the funding so it's it's odd Goodson who only throws the ball. I think they ran the. And then they are planning system are only run visible and they threw the ball maybe four times the entire game now only because they were down believe they have the lead it would never would've honorable some hot. Washington football on man I tell you what it was great boy absolute blast. Widget that they have good fit at the sick over actually did a very good hamburger after its. It sort of like high school amber on ice looks at Tacoma dome amber. M today Brett concert venue that's they they do all kinds of they've brought in the regular caters from the two go in Tacoma dome. So get so this is what they do and this is why Washington State high school football championships in the 82 days the first days Friday night they played two championship games. And and accidentally for rose available all the vendors and stuff there on the news cycle and the different. Groups of fans for different teams or you can stale day if you want to so we say what's the next game. Creek your college football on sorry high school football at a I honestly think that I'm gonna go to that whether or not one of the south of Washington teams makes of their next year or not my dad came down ranch is launching games it's. It was honestly I will say it's more fun. Then watching all these stupid coaches searches go round in circles and everybody be wrong. About who's going to be a head coach everywhere I go all the coach at Oregon State it's gonna be great. I wasn't saying that. You all that when we reported that it inner city it's we just talked about here's the candidates it possibly come up and we talked about from your perspective as a former player. But that's they had right that was the report going into the the higher and that is jobs. And then. I'll watch out let's let it covered again and don't know. Mario Crist. Now no matter what you think about Mario crystal ball there we do have breaking news. What do you tell me before the show went on. To Mario Cristobal emea about the rock and his weight battles. So the rock Dwayne the rock Johnson endorsed. Mario crucible. As. The head coach Morgan which is weird I mean and they play the other Miami but it's kind of the a weird shout out. That would've thought they were such great friends. Why not unite here about the equity battles that they had so the rock says quote phenomenal choice by a organs football tapping Mario Chris Wallace head football coach coach Chris ball and I had many bad ass tough battles on the field. And in the weight room as we were teammates at the University of Miami Smart tough and motivating championship DNA let's brother. Battles in the weight room. You never and we remember no one does that week really battles motive more than new I'm site. Like to do a little bit more research on that what you know a little more true. Hall law what you did they go to school together. Was at the eighties. How late eighties early ninety's and literally battles. I was or would those were prevalent back then. Or half shirts back then of course they were troubling you obviously haven't into the gym at least people still Wear capture and you know don't. Potential winners were captured its. Yeah jerseys yet the jerseys were captured two very different doing it in the gym verses like are you guys ready to bled. It captured which can they're show in the three children tell me that have shirts perpetuate the idea that we got to battle when it comes to weight room. But teams got when you go to the gym now via the guys were in Hampshire it's. Look for about well this is what it's like at the gym down now there's a couple guys who were where in the captured that they got their head phones on. And they're getting as close as they can to a weight rack with a hot chick. The other they could show how much they left so then. Which by the way this happens quite a left a lot the hot shekel see them lifting a lot of weight come over to Ringo man that's a lot of weight you just lifted what are you doing tonight. Yeah Evans on that now exactly yes but they think they they're saddles so somebody challenged back guide to weight battle. He'd be all its shows veto lawyer embattled I do you bail out now. I know passionate guy walks up to other capture guy to have shirts and they challenge each other to weight room battle a whole sure it's off. Not unlike the holes should hold your not only has won the bottom half of the shirt. It's still too ash you need a guy we're in the top publisher which is the traditional captured he'd need to find a guy we're in the bottom half of Richard and I don't think that exists. You'd have to have suspenders. The whole thing would be weird. There but he's really have happy with the opt out of their chest for the I want to show my belly. And he got a hairy chest. 55305. Anybody ever see anywhere anywhere in the bottom half a teacher that's a British reporters tax line urged workers to NL. Just said that. So Mario crucible was promoted. To head coach for the Oregon. Ducks. Organ ducks yeah. They are then so I know how to feel about this thing you know dump on a go ahead. Yeah lead dump on you're gonna jump just go ahead and do it and I'll tell you waited. Thumb and a half but. And a thumb and a half which half of the fountain. Atop. Up after the top of the so it's like is it one thumb with guns too costly to nails on it appears like the hired is gonna says this to me is very minister of what USC did with clay Helton right USC had this whole problem for awhile where after Pete Carol they kept trying to replace Pete Carroll rightly realized the way the Sar left and got away when lieutenant Barry different different I agree with you but and play around coach after the season. Broke his ball does not coached again. Well no but he has head coach I understand that from this perspective it's nothing like that just it's like it in this sense both those schools were chasing them. Whether it be US or either Jason glory days. Yes or does he was chasing the glory days of Pete Carroll and try and getting people in that were familiar like Pete Carroll to say hey let's do this and that was more for so late Lane Kiffin was his OC at one point when he left Tennessee came back shark was and Josie and Sarkozy and I was an assistant hears them but you Democrats have been an organ where it's kind of similar where they're trying to get that exciting hire like Chip Kelly was but. They already had the experience is saying well we went with the trustee Bingham mark held perch and that didn't work I guess he to keep doing national title. But now other kind of gone back to the whole Mario Cristobal thing as saying hey. Let's try to find a little bit of stability in this we have an incredible recruiting class behind them there's no way in hell we're on to win nine games next year. Let's just stabilize that and I agree with the pick in the same time I'd like to see where this goes in a couple years I think he's got a chance to ask them that. Like bill that's everything if you say like were do we reactions to the ire. I don't know like. You never know what's going to happen martyr Crist. And well. With a Ohio State hired Urban Meyer I think you pretty much knew what was gonna happen now. I didn't know what is health would do I mean the reason the dealer floor because he wasn't feeling great right EP physically. You know with Bob that his his life was endanger. That's why he's are you just Canada. No Britain. Would you be surprised if if and after next season so another playoff mr. something he goes you know this is too much pressure on my old ticker. And about it Christa and don't don't oh Urban Meyer now. That's what I would rebel then he don't know how long term it is a guess as my thing that would be my concern right he won back to back national championships. At for a while I would give relief leads Leven for another job. It the here's the thing about crystal ball that I like is that kind of what you said you keep the momentum going but the one thing every points to as kind of the sour spot on his resume is how terrible he did add is one head coaching stop which is Florida international. And all of the reports in yesterday if anybody listen to and the press conference stuff at him talking about it or read any of the group. Kind of you looked back at at a somebody was on with Isaac suit yesterday. Again who was probably should have that information that I apologize. They were saying that this may have been do you worst. Program. In the history of division one football to the point. They did not have a weight room. A guy who now he will forever be known because it's connected with him in the rock. Known for weight room battles went into a school that did not have to wait. In the press conference he talked about going to do with scrimmage game at the Orange Bowl. And none of the bosses showed up because he didn't pay the middle. For the buses. All the coaches. And all the sports staff had to dig the players over in cars they just divided up still the story in the press conference when you look at it you up. 4747. Over six years that's not a very good coach in resonate so what job to get after that. Always went to Alabama and what is always a director recruiting. At Alabama for Nick Saban for four years gonna give you some confidence. Know a little bit of confidence. In the guy was raided the number one recruit in the nation whites. He's a bear it and number two last year to be fair you're hurting with nick Sabin it pretty much is on Nick Saban. If you don't weigh about knicks' David the book by money perked it talks about Sabin and is recruiting practices save and of course is somebody who's. Absolutely. Ought hands on with everything that he does but when it comes to recruiting he's even more hands on he takes it as a hobby. I'm sure that Chris ball had a lot to do with the recruiting their but when you're Nick Saban junior Alabama. Does it seem like that tough of a job. I think the toughest job for him is going to be to tap that California market coming up here in the next two or three years and that's why I say I wanna see what happens in the next 23 years and with just it's chilly down airing UCLA. That is a huge worry to me for organ because I think he's gonna really get those Southern California prospects to buy into what's going on at UCLA. And that's what made organ so successful in the past will. Always a big praise of Willie Taggart he's able to get Florida kids won't care you guys are crystal's got ties to Puerto he does he have and as strong as Taggart. He won two national championships at university Miami he was a grad assistant when they wanna see that coach. We was just a player oh I'm I'm sorry how many national champions that haggard when that South Florida. And her. Mississippi is like Scott frost going to Nebraska and everybody go on like. My daughter it's the particles and coming home eighteen year olds don't even know why Nebraska is popularize. You know they're at they'll like don't even know. If they don't even like remember or are aware that Nebraska was super dominant in the nineties yet they don't care what parents do and you go. He has. You can ask you you guessed that parents from Nebraska might kinda care about national champions do not Wear your recruiting. You when you recruited nobody talked to print. Will they did but I don't think I'm honored at really care about national titles regularly are not where I want video it's it. Landers I understand that there is sway when you want to new kids living room. And your parents go to the national championship in Nebraska not they have every parent knows that tennis I understand you can in every. Aaron but there is an advantage and and the ties to South Florida. When you talk about a guy that won national championships at Miami and one national championship as a coach on the Alabama staff how does that not influence kids. That influences. Kids yeah again if you're the head coach cheese. There's a difference I understand that your your fresh in the mind your crew doing the idea again learned anything from nick Satan. We don't know yet what is easy job to save was dominated broad during the work is a liberal group country he knew I didn't write it though is that. Okay Sherri did some work. I'm sure his job was made a lot easier 'cause Nick Saban was helping amber heard of course was a OK let me answer your question okay. If you can choose any coaching tree for your next head coach to come from what would have to Chris Peterson. Kind of yeah congratulations. Coaching he's a little shaky. There's it's like bipolar and that like there's just there's no bad habits that there's still a terrible this is a matter of us is just like Kirby Smart let me just tell you what you just did to ruin this RadioShack. Oh okay. You just I just said what coaching treaty want to go from you told me that we were going into break you go ahead. What coach Judy one of you gave the perfect answer which is Chris Peterson. And what's our next topic. And hull sorry. Chris Peterson a cult sur. It is surety it's his coach lynch well it's not necessary I'll but it seemed the perfect transition and you thank you. I'm a genius. And distract it's different speaking of the Chris Peterson coaching tree let's turn our folk in its. Chris Peterson coaching tree and Oregon State football they made a higher. That you think his bizarre will discuss that next sinner and saint and it it. Are off to an exciting start for the city and saint Amal fired we'll learn. Fast today is going to be awesome to vest over a sweat shirt that well here's. As we give people little peek behind the curve normal low would do is we kind of go with the room each topic that kind of discussed on the show. And we have kind of a pre conversation about this that for the next one we actually kind of intentionally didn't talk about it so I'd have no idea what your reactions going to be to the news we heard about Oregon State this week. So at liberty I'm sure knows by now is last week Jonathan Smith was announced as the head coach. Of door Oregon State Beavers which I think a lot of people excited about it bring back against familiar with Corvallis he's. I worked for Chris Peterson which is obviously agree. Feather in the cap for days you know the guy that won the Fiesta Bowl for a gag quarterback. But here's what happened this week. Mike Riley. Is back as the assistant head coach. And will I would step out of the way and your reaction to it now I've gone almost entirely off facial expressions to this point some very curious what you think. Sold this year assistance. To the head coach leading aren't just sit up that he had played notre AK might have got some stuff on the trainer Q you can pick it up for me and ask the head coach that went seat that's carried the distinction that I am waiting to see what will happen so this. To me I I know kind of was thought about because the rumor was put out before his Smith was even hired was that they're gonna hire Smith and Derek did sorry Dennis Erickson. To the same kind of combo right there are gonna hire Johnson spit and then had Dennis Erickson. Do you via apprentice thing we have a first time head coach so the idea was bringing back so he played for Dennis Erickson I don't know what the timeline once with Mike Riley Iran and Sudan it's Ayers and his head coach yet when he while Riley recruit him and then anyone's guess it'll yeah -- -- but as well Mike Riley leaves and always comes back the and so with this I think there's two ways to look about it you know as a player. I love Mike Riley and honestly and for those who don't know you played for Mike Reilly I did it and I I I love Mike Riley and I thought he was are very good coach in terms. Kind of carrying you along the process of being a football player in college because. The major difference between being a football player in college and being football player in high school is that you never realized until you get there that this is a serious job. It's not really just find it is a serious job at a certain point. And with Riley he was able to Kenny ease you into that. That's the good part of him kept the bad part was that he was very resistant to change anything that we ever did always had to revolve around this peace understanding of what an offense was or what a defense who has no matter what. There were a couple of exceptions like having James Rogers where you put him in the slot and have the fly sweep and of course that worked very well. But again. We didn't really. Go forward or revolutionize our offense in any way as organ was doing it during my 44 and a half years there even so. That's where I start being concerned is that I looked the part of him that he's a great head coach a players guy but the strategy part of that I really hope doesn't leak into what Johnson's. That's why they hope they can go to I hope that doesn't happen Kevin Brady and you know the elder statesman. The guy that's bend their before I think it's. Just an I guess it's probably exactly we're talking about he can help. And those players along but he does not the final say he's not ahead cheesy we hope not so that's what I'm hoping that if you're Jonathan Smith. It's your job on the line so to to let somebody else to move out of the way and lets them details of the final say on any thing. Would be huge mistake in bringing somebody in that can be that mentor and and help. You know I mean help with recruiting. Help with putting together the staff dealing with back as all the new things that go along with Pete and I mean you're not just in control. Of the of the players it's your coaching staff it's dealing with boosters. Talking to the media it's doing all of that and if you can let. Mike Riley stepped in. In those situations where. The non football things go and take care of some of that ad administrative pressure and you can just focus on Opel. I think it's a great move but I think you're absolutely right you have a guy that. You know he was good that at Oregon State yeah I mean you're. Graded organs that he is very very good he was Peterson I cried yes he was very good. A time and that's the concerning part is that when he went to Nebraska you saw the age you just saw. That he was resistant towards going forward in doing something new and that scares me in terms of having somebody like Jonathan spent there now if you're going to be. Somebody who is under Chris Peterson's coaching tree you were obviously very. And you're very. I don't say controlling person that you have a very distinct idea what your goals can be that's kind of like what Peterson it's yeah Peterson came to Washington and he goes I have a plan here's how it's gonna go. If you're with beer with me if you're not get off the train yeah and I don't want Riley to go in there I mean still that same kind of culture where. It's gonna kind of be his way. Or herb something in between. It's sick it's an interesting hire but it also kind of scares me. Yeah you said if I do think that recruiting is get I agree with that because that was our best part about micro it organs say he was one of the most creative recruiters you could be it's pretty hard to get dudes. From Southern California to come live in Corvallis. Yeah I just the initial thought that I had is its very much and administrative manager ship and it's not going to be a football managers ship and any juror if you're Jonathan Smith. Most important thing that you can do is put your stamp on the way the team plays on the feet. Again that's the one thing in the program you wanted to go you know business. I don't know this is his final destination or not or if he wants to uses as you know an opportunity it's something bigger you think playing in Corvallis and and being on the West Coast is important to him. If he got the job you'd think that was a big part of the conversation. Which is the last guy left in the middle of the season. Because he's just couldn't handle it gives back I gave back twelve million dollar let me get you there. So eerie. So you want you want to establish an identity and I think that is mostly football and and I think being able to bring Mike Riley and to help you with all of the other things that cloud C can focus more on football is brilliant. I I'm considering calling him up and trying to get a job over there. I really coach in the fullbacks era which I went would you vehicle trouble which. College football and I have to recruit. An hour off I'd be very unit recruiting. Why because you're honest. Now. Mostly because I can't relate to eighteen year old he really did 47 year old and a it's older people that would because it be good with the parents of pretty good with the parents the when he came to the eighteen year old who he was like I was wanna get on the field and play. I think maybe you're right I'd be too honest I can't get seated tape I'll think that's gonna happen if you do get on the field right away Oregon State and beat your outlet if if you think you're gonna start then there's a problem with me being in the living. The bag and really have better things to do for a third string. Possible tie it and possible full black combo and that's EC US death because there's a lot of those out there. Earlier attacks from the bridge for Beers sacks and 55 threes or five rallies in Corvallis to scope hidden talent and recruit Corvallis I love the sire. If he's there to mentor Smith I hate it. Its interest I think it's I think it's again what capacity is he a mentor. Yeah you know I mean like. Can be around are around the complex ally don't mean like I want to be like a what this to be like Sean McVeigh thing where they led Jonathan Smith. Like handle all the day in day out he's talking to the team he's the pace he's he is the head of this. Of this program but then you have a couple of people in the back kind of making sure all the screws are loose and everything is running as it should be like. We will work so well with McVeigh is the fact that he runs the entire offense and then defensively he's hands off it's like Wade Phillips that's you yes. I'm hoping that's the case Johnson's one have to see what the rest of the staff looks like firm for organs they are put but it this. In time Richard Johnson's and Jonathan Smith and your your you know. Working on you know what whether it's a game plan or practice regiment. Have a big guy you can look too good to bend there and done that does go on a Mike what do you think of this. He gives his opinion and then again new leader head coach at the final decision on that or give Mike Reilly expressing egos. Hey Jonathan I really like we're doing here but have you thought about XYZ. Here's why I think that that's a great guy to have around and there's nobody knows Corvallis better and there's nobody knows this program better and I think that the main thing for me is you have two guys. There are highly motivated to make since to succeed and as bad as it was for Mike Riley in Nebraska. I mean he had to have been heartbroken when he saw Gary Anderson Lee even just go on man. Think I mean I am sure has kind of been the stuff we keeps one eye on it he's got. Past that sucks fur for a school that I've spent a ton of time that to see them win. One football game this year. I think you take my I think he's taken a ton of time thinking about it but you'd know he keeps an angle balanced that's sucks I think he'd take him. As more of a homer then you early is. Our early is a very pragmatic business person. He even heard that. The that he had do you genuinely think that he when he left Corvallis he goes I hope you get. But I don't I think he's what happened but I think he was in different from a head coaching standpoint it burned to the ground but I don't think Los Angeles to look at it and probably he he didn't look at it in terms of that's so sad. He looked and goes. Your fire your precinct rash ago ply. Out because that's what you have to be physical it got as much this is public appearance would make him seem like he totaled nice guy a college football. That dude is just as pragmatic and business like is any of the rest of them he knows that at the end of the day it's about dollar value and how much can I get out of this before I have to retire. He's literally squeezing as much he can this because. I ever got fired from Nebraska is a huge consensus that you should retire. Yeah I think this really I think does a great job to go yet I think it's good for him they are going to be the district. You look at the coach and any other capacity like you're not get another head coaching job you can get an assistant job at cheeses you're sixty something that he wanted to do that. I thought it was either something like this horror as they told you position coach in the NF. Just just show up during the season. And and just all you do is coach all you do is coach the holder for these candidates are you know it was. He was well listen he wasn't a great editor and in us and is there wasn't a great head coach in the NFL but again. Position coach in the NFL I think some pretty good job with the guy I Scarnecchia. Deeper. You from New England. He's our O line can she tried to retire that. We need to back top people might get a head coaching job ought to be an O line coach and a in CA on cable next. And it lets you agree aligned it's he is an adult conversation between Mike are you an assistant are he had cut early as a head coach he is not an assistant. He's an assistant. To the head coach and dissent if if if if my last job coaching the game colleges and coach went down in flames I'd be like ago. And you look at that's where I would because then again you don't have to recruit you just during the season you focus on items. And maybe full packed tight ends I'll tell you right now. Are right on the lower rung of like special teams coach yeah. And special teams coach would be given to special teams get I actually that would be if I really take a slightly more important. Like tight ends coach it's down there kickers coach just for kickers the Tutu now that's special teams no doubt that Israel kickers coach there is so there's not not at Oregon State there's now there's one for Alabama a yeah OK guys do he's got they were punting coach Andy kicking carriage got a huge payroll presented with specialties coronet all right this is enough college football we are going into a great stretch of NFL football my favorite time of the year the last four weeks kick off kicked off on Thursday. This may agree we gamble on take a look at that next sinner and saint tentative. If you're not busy right now and all your doing is listening to this fine radio pro. Program I suggest you go to a computer or on cheers cellular device that can give us eighteen Wheeler and coaching Twitter and go to. As a sinner saint 1080. And vote on our. Little what he called up old. The poll what is it a sinner saint poll driven name for the full picture viewer to sponsor our Twitter pool just give us a call. Any time. Or text that's 55 threes Arafat desperate for protect break here's a couple when should the trail blazers fired Terry Stotts. Your options right now. After the rockets ass kicking. After the warriors ass kicking or after the season. And right now after the season is by that 53%. 53% of the vote going to after the season I'll wilt under the blazers at the top of next hour right now to get into the NFL so. You gat. What I think was an important game a it was a great game because the falcons won on Thursday night Matt Ryan throwing three picks. And the saints looked like they have the game in hand and had to kind of work their way back. Just for Drew Brees to throw an interception in the end did you see the into the again. Yeah I was pretty awesome. That interception at the big question for. DR Jones linebacker and jumps up catches the ball in. Chooses not to put his legs underneath his body what is he doing there. He's making a pick he's they can apply. To each of fullback peaceful little water very painful I love the play 'cause that's quintessential Drew Brees. Don't just like that's quintessential Drew Brees. At the end of game after 2000. Just like oh crap you're real just throw out there this very different saints team I think I. He still thinks Jimmy grams honest I think I was more great defense than it was necessarily terrible throat he throws into tight windows like that all the time mention. What he does what he does it at the indie games where you really shouldn't be like you shouldn't be pushing that hard like I respect that about breezed that you're right he will throw into tight windows. But he did have points in the game there are Smart like it's calculated. Have put the game when you're in the end zone here in the red zone might now I had Alba being down a field goal and sit right there at just the implied your time find the sure thing any smarter than that but that's that's kind of the pitfall Drew Brees a least with age he he doesn't make the best decisions that's the saints are really shipping. They they've kind of transition into this huge running game with marking remain Camara is that you know let's. Let's reduce the number of times the breeze tacit throws so that the number of mistakes don't outweigh the great. Great decisions that he. That's the other thing that happened in Thursday night's game issue Los tomorrow on the first play of the game you ended up being point three running backs deep by the end of that the saints. Decimated in that game and that's. In your a lot of people. Pissing and moaning about the the you know post game like this bush and would there's ample. And then of course of the additional patent. Penalty trying to get a timeout when bill hole either scrum out it's an appeal noticed an attentive to runs on the field. That's a battle for the officials because it is your spirit of the law not letter block on kids it's bad thing that. Every team Adrian Peterson has left just gets better. He's left to take. And they've both got a lot better yeah but the crazy thing the vikings is they lost. Not only did they lose Adrian Peterson they had one of the most promising rookie running backs this year they lost him and they're on their third quarter the well let vikings are anomalies well. Let's just take out Sam Bradford from that because you know you just assume he's getting injured with Brett put Bradford came out not. Video tape tonight tonight yeah it did as you would expect this have to know that going into I expect that yeah it's evil should signs. Sam Bradford if like your three games out from the playoffs and you're trying to get a wild card spot and you're like all right come on Bradford learned on offense. You you know body yeah. So I just think it's hilarious that every team. Peterson has left but I did I just don't figure it all because at this season Frazier and Peterson was on that team river he was having argue is the Sean Payton on the idea that they didn't. Every time they get the ball he's so yes but only anybody saw this come from Al Goodman. Did you two do have been circled is your had said did the defecting got Peterson now they're at least given the opportunity. He was named carries that was that's a reasoned arguments that he wasn't my ball you'll give the ball when your rookie that's faster the greased right. Reference. In Greece lightning greens to be. The NFL is starting to get it. The AFC west has completely imploded the point where my pre season pick. The Los Angeles chargers now a chance to win the division. And make some room I told him try this at. I bet you that the all the reasons root for him I. For the team I hit the fact that we consider the chargers like the hottest team in the league right now there are six and six yeah. Worst division football without the hottest team right now house and they're just better than the pile of crap under them like that hey that's important. Like the Seahawks were. A couple years ago in the NFC west was horribly river that and see how did this with them there Morris Jack got down see hot yes yeah. Particulates it's fan. And I can't even fill their soccer stadium I'm. Oh I told the most disrespect to build team they're an afterthought I cannot wait for the meal boil for a and everybody's gonna say hello we can do you remember the blue suits him actually winning game plan over resumes would what was the last time they won a playoff game they never went webcams they're until command. Get rid of the charged with Miguel reports I get on the bandwagon movement. I've really bandwagon I'm on as the other team in Los Angeles which is the rams which by the way I viewed the rams. Actually the interesting tidbit I heard on the heard the this week so. What's his name got lead came on and I huge fan doesn't Gottlieb. He was talking about how he that he had some sources you talk to you incited the rams organization that said. There's a reason that we get up to the ball so quickly. And they were like L lo and I know exactly what I'm happy it's no offense Thai taste they go no it's because the coaches microphone in the quarterback's ear cuts off after 152 yet. And they say they want golf to get up the line so make they can tell him all the re. Aides that he has to make them or gets cut off I was like that's a genius well there was an article couple weeks ago about this and and we didn't do a show last weeks I've actually wanted to bring this up. A lot of people think that this is it's kind of an unwritten rule that's bad. Etiquette. And again this little supportive of the article that I read I say yeah let me what supporters haven't haven't the Mike in the helmet. If you can't do that lease up to a port would yeah but nobody else's as come up with a strategy of going hurry if we get to the lines we get help you with your trees apple Marines. This is brilliant and again again it's that the whole thing I've got a young quarterback let me do everything I can to give him an advantage yeah and you look at. We've we've done this a million times who just run through the quarterbacks have been. Turned into great quarterbacks in the league and and Roethlisberger. Radian and Russell wilt at Winston. Will Carson whence is one of these guys that don't put you if you have a great team around you you end up being a great quarterback it makes it that much easier and you watch the ups and downs these guys have Wendy nobody helps them get better. And Chad Fischer again not his roster as did two of the best Corbett an NFL this year. On his roster can do anything with him because he went. We do you better you need do this is run out there you're gonna take your lumps that's not the developing guys protect them Havel running game have a defense. I won't get this lines he can help with their pregame or pre snap reads it's only it. Why doesn't Jeff Fisher just do what his calling is which is selling jet skis. It's not a huge Redskins can make you have just a totally tubular weekend when you try to get out your summer you till mean like what you see yourself this number right this is still on the beach without thought piece right and then. We're she says it's time to go to Google or assault on the jet ski dots were I column in brother there is not a lot of feelings you gonna have you give you any more of the rule in the wind blow your mustache with a salty air a new wave roller. Ride down the beach draw. Eskew assumed that you are boxers or briefs is what took it to jet ski. You can just our free ball and it could be up and up and down on the auxiliary audio there weren't as bored shorts is huge get this thing you throw the trailer what do you drive and corolla canto potent that peninsula. It's good anyways its jet skis can you do everything you need. Tablets totally to news Yahoo! is his managers as transcripts orally. Trace and sorely is his number one some worker. There's no you don't become an idea that he had cleaning up these days he really. Trace and they gonna do about school right now. Tell me you'd be back next summer bro you gonna assistant manager Joseph Torre right here at the jet ski emporium you Brownback take minute Tonka that's true embodiment that's fresh water I'm on salt water get. Debt narrowed minutes on. This. Good vs Eagles next sentencing tentatively. Not all news makes the front today. Don't look at the stories you may not mean. And maybe. I don't think there was any one final straw I just think that the we're we are as a franchise right now you know we're too intense and we've kind of spiraling out of control here I just felt like we needed to complete overhaul. Light in with a lot of money in a crappy football team New York Giants president John Mara in the Jeep and finally ripped the band they often fired head coach Ben Mac and youth and general manager Jerry Reese so note that mega deal also yeah I did a great agenda entails great if he's going in Dora Jeff Fisher and now the mustache he had merchant was blamed for Ben Sheikh Eli Manning York's two in ten record ends. Again looking like gadgets these hills person. This is the first time the giants have fired head coach in -- season since the 1976. Hard to think that guy could be fired after leading his team to an eleven and five playoff appearance just the year before. Is he filling this role next season. Tom Cable. Is for sure real. Now analysts here is that that's for sure there Dahlia she saw that that we've references earlier but that is one of the articles we're gonna pop album my time my kid just look at Tom Cable Simon Oakland though and say. Now heat and you know he's doing any news to Jackson and but he still would still demanding Cleveland after the fire there though. Yeah that Matthew do. For speedier. Right that's around Wayne for that could do for ski doo that's cynicism is card exactly. Exact filling the role. I don't know I was have a hard time committing to any of this with the coaching searches again it's probably my least favorite thing among. Free agency is well it's is worth it. Listen I have no idea who the right it is for that team. I I think you always go young if you're going NFL coach and you look out successfully banned. With you know McVeigh in Los Angeles but at the same time there's a lot of failures and other like Blaine it is time in Oakland or you know. Or anyone stamina. Well maiming you're at a point and out of Del Rio business. But that's after I guess that post Al Davis itself anyway as I go young go go the brightest minds. Maybe give once his bucket another shot Josh McDaniels. Next don't go Bruins believe it shows like. It just through the frustration process a dimple or emotions. Just. Just this well what happens. That was done and celebrated white trash Rob Gronkowski. Pitchers tight end is apologizing for a cheap shot he took on bills cornerback tree devious whites after a fourth quarter interception during the builds. SPS bills lost last Sunday the NFL suspended grunt for war. Won that game because of these shoulder to the head hits meanwhile on the other side the AFC's Steelers rookie wide receiver JJ Smith should stuck. The suspended one game for a clean hit on Bengals linebacker Monty is perfect do the league office is giving special treatment too drunk in this. I big shoes here's judge Eugene Smith Shuster it's suspension weight more about it on the decked perfect but stood over emperor you know that's what got paralegal and in. And they're a big hole is a big difference between dancing after a sack and standing over a dude staring him down I don't know that to be true but that's my guess is that he was suspended far more for the taunting and anything else. There's a theory this week that the reason wrong. Made that it is because he's on Twitter all week and some battle with the WW TV guide. And had too much wrestling in his that I think getter and on the order. That's the stupidest thing he's a meat and he's a moron he just one bag and it's dumb reaction had had. Had that ban suspension then put down after the Monday night game I think it would have been more. Model of the style pool until there was animosity. It's exposed to and I think through that night and its people. Engine that ends. I'm just on another photo ops on nine. So all of the groups posting on a different and I went. I never thought of that like that. Did survive that's really put it in them that was the Japanese Babe Ruth and please help me. Show show he showed Mayo tonic and show hey O Tony thank you can you'll. The Japanese to sensation decided to join forces with the other best baseball player in the planet Mike Trout and join the angels next season there's a lot of excitement surrounding. What Tommy's play if in my day 100 mile per hour fastball with a breaker that seems pretty tough to hit was looking at the YouTube videos. Gilles a vanity 320 to inspect two homers this season you think his skills will translate well in the end of the. Yet there's a lot of guys that have success I go from Japan so if you kind of look at where it ranks compared to Major League Baseball it's somewhere in between AAA. And MLB as far as hotel level goes so I don't know why it wouldn't work and you put him. At a DH position when he's not pitching I suppose it'll be very interesting how the news is that's the weird part of that lake yeah haven't you both Kenya. Yes you can I mean they've. The giants have used Madison bomb garner is a DH a couple of times bestseller but he plays in the National League so it's not like to have the opportunity on a daily basis. Whereas in Los Angeles you can move pools to first base who's your normal DH set up. It makes sense that you have availability and I don't know why and kid at 231 have the endurance to do it. You really wanna protect is arm that we don't employ in the field you look at the contracts the guy's exact cranky and is Clayton Kershaw did the pitchers are more valuable in baseball but the you know the highest paid position players. DH they're so he's he's the two most valuable positions so it allows them a lot. I just wonder photon the is a type of fish and that came in Trout and real feet. Barely get yeah well here's bears story of the week this one comes from the UK. Local police report that a YouTube sensation named Jason Wade Miller. Held a name decided to run a higher risks done so he stoking microwave on his head and filled it with cement. They freaked out because he realized they microwave was cemented his head and he called the police department who got the damn thing off the said he says I was freaking out. Is that I was gonna die. Who thought. And the fire department weeded out this is not funny we spent like two or three hours turn to get this thing up this guy when we could have been doing way better things to really do the story. Doing it the satellite is in the league I know do we do another YouTube idiot thing recently nobody that makes a career are the tube in my opinions Canada. That's what I'm saying we did it wasn't the exact thing we did a really did one like this who didn't play. Yet this is new this this idiotic there's no way to hell we already did this this happened on Thursday right yeah estimated them what I'm saying is that every time you go. YouTube's departed did something stupid in the police go and this guy is a moron. That's I think there's a pattern emerging I guess is what I'm trying to say that they are part is that he got it on the start or in the cement in and it's our die hard and and then that's when he went like a good at the apartment. Era at night realizing that you would have die cast and it's going to created quite but he wanted to. Why am I actually if you do. What are his other videos did you want to me that crap is more on puts out though I thought that was good enough. Had wanna waste anymore time though I did just talk about it yet now negative both talking about all these or people to listen to us talk about it. More on. You're a moron he's a moron moron with a as well as microwaves it is cement. So met them on us it's in. UK you can understand young people that's very true but I don't care how well you have to bad stupid. And not you dad. This is my passion. Because it's stupid if you watch the blazers games Leila EX that's next sentencing tentative.