Sinner and Saint 12-16-17 Hour 2

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, December 16th
Seahawks running for sucess and the bad part about playing football in the NFL.

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you're going to less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now what where we pick up from Ireland. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is spots about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. I could sit around those same time shadowy flight into the dangerous world a man who do not exist. Oh yeah. Luke Anderson club unless you're crusade to champion the cause of innocent helpless and powerless tenth. More with a median household income 7000 dollars for you know there is one exception. No one can hear she's white shirt and will cartoons but disappointment Oregon State fullback where you receive an Iran desperately trying to hold. Still the good discuss sit there look at this it's yeah. Sinner and those same deal. Yeah true powered by Ross grew cruise line. Unrestrained exercise. Maybe. Braylon this join the program you can go back and listen to our one. One of our best I would say. By allies to get. Can go onto any the fan dot com download the west less Schwab tires. Odd cats. You know also participated in the second half of the show by texting. 55305. That's Bridgeport bidders text line so wonderfully communicate also go on to two who tutors. And use it's an act sinner saint. And eighty communicate with us. Will keep an eye on those and if you savings mark which was probably happened. We Marriott on there and that be exciting for you tell your friends he would be. Russia. So far nothing. Somebody did where it is a reference. Our. Are covered this about four Loko last week. Ago comes it but I was drinking and weeks and that's probably where that came from now. Urban I think we're having commerce private conversation and adult private conversation about four Loko is how they met during the week yet the the anti freeze it took anti freeze out of four Loko which is disappointing. It is disappointing four Loko that it wasn't about being drunk like for a local is like a legal speed for me like averages drink wine and that I felt like I was just kept up on Coke. And a it's not even about like having fun at that point it was about like you know how can I stop sweating and will you please turn off that stand at just that noise is bothering me and you know. Good and good for you make of that and more original recipe for Kooks out there anymore either so. But it's died from four Loko that Washington State and they probably make a bunch of kids that sounds like the place that would happen and like something responsible put out there. Yes. Now and that they have the original recipe for schools and on other either same thing's probably happened back so they. NFL is going into a big week in week in week fifteen great weekend of the NFL's. It's. It's OK there's blood in its. Teams the sept there's a lot of intrigue him there isn't a kicks off tonight with the Sandia. Are and yet. Los Angeles chargers travel into kids that their dignity charters that just columnist didn't say it doesn't want them though there the San Diego rotation as they always have been Oakland gets to stay in Oakland to play in the dump that is the coliseum until the stadiums ready in Las Vegas but for some reason. The San Diego Chargers heading out. Does it become the Los Angeles charged in chargers play I Q this is why I love them now. You love a team that no real close that was lucky you root for the underdog it was led by email or you don't like about the array led by Marty Schottenheimer to generate fourteen wins season. Though they did get bounced in the first shot of the class they got egg or that guy. You look that team listen I didn't I hated the San Diego Chargers I love the Los Angeles chargers. They're puppy dog left on the rain buddy somebody asked Pullman and amended liberalism. And Jim back to two you know could help that's me. And of the Los Angeles chargers. And Anthony went head coach. Could you just Jack and an hour right. Just Bradley's defense coordinator he is one that defense is mean wide receivers are big and Philip Rivers still three quarter arm and it. And looking sweet as ever now there's a Steelers pats game that's as important and understand very well here let me just run through one thing that the funding is the playoff scenarios and how they kind of roll out is what the here's don't give you before we get into the games regret. Here the team that can be eliminated from contention tell me if there's anybody rooting for. If if these teams lose or in most scenarios tie they're done for the season. Cardinals cowboys lions in the NFC. Could with all that. Cat cat and then. And. AFC Bengals jets raiders. Loss or tie it in most cases eliminates those teams. So that's a good thing so it's nice now you can trim and some of the fat got a Packers still idea Seahawks rams game. That is great I'm sort hackers are planned Panthers. That is a huge game. And we'll start with the one that you wanted to which is the one for the top of the AFC doesn't really have too much in way of playoff implications other than home field throughout which could be very important. And that is New England. Taking on Pittsburgh and Tom Brady seems to have that number. Seems to he does. They always beat them and it happened again I'll add to the average margin victors will. And they just set it it's even really the fact that new England's offense does it particularly well against them. For some reason the Steelers just sock. Against the Patriots defense which it shouldn't make sense because everything bad about the Patriots defense should in numbers theory. Be exemplified by effective Ben Roethlisberger has too wide receivers one in Antonio brown and one in GG since Shuster now this year. Rule should be that secondary every single time put your best running back collegiate senator then they didn't have GG Smith Shuster before before that they had to do. Mobile homes that get ahead. This guy they have last year is really good TO Brian. Although he didn't play for part of the year. Who the hell else excelled for them I don't know them anyway. Yeah I mean it just never really makes sense they just they always choke in these situations may beat them now because just regular season. Rape Kabila's choke in the playoffs against them maybe it'll be the pats now. Pete now on the was in the playoffs so the Steelers have a one game advantage because of the egg that was lead in Miami by the patriots last week. So the Steelers are eleven and two and you've got its and three patriot so this could even it up and of course tiebreaker. Would go to the patriots have an up with the same record Markus Wheaton from the tax on big creek. Markus Wheaton is no it was all right. But he delve beneath there's nobody in the level and you guys. Hall. Yes. As big old brand approach approach the the Steelers turned what do you know why our line the freebies. And Alan brown on now to match them wearing their crap we can be Corey. I don't I guess I just imagine that I seven balance should review in the new. By the way they killer bees what did you think about them and those Graf. Rails no bid unless it and what wouldn't you let them playing in Lithuania where it's past. I love I love everything about an even have enough money to edit coaches yet that one month activists to practice they didn't have money to practice. Yes they have a money or reserve courts to practice. Love everything about it I think it's just the most wonderful thing. The bulls fan. Mean don't get me wrong they're absolutely. Terrible and ends. There's nothing nefarious going. There's no there's no. There does seem to be an abuse and doesn't seem to be and he you know drug riddled. Presents for for any of these boys you did have the stealing and China which I guess is bad but this nefarious. But as international incident. That the president can had a staff swoop in and say that it's just if you here's here's a reason island. If you went to Hollywood with this script. Remember you made. People say that's enough that's probably. Ridiculous. Rams Seahawks. All man. I wanna say the rams on the because they feel like. They always have that slight advantage over Seattle even though they did lose earlier this year that was on a is dropped. And Cooper construct Iranians don't and that was a bad drop to. Not a severely dad dropped the bad enough that it was like you you had that they're different readings of how bad a drop Kelly added I mean you can haven't dropped like. I mean he could have a drop. With her what to do it pretty rare chance to even have a Jimmy Graham dropped just like what the hell you doing yet we bolstering Friday and bounced off his chest had his hands up in order. Those interceptions last week we just doesn't go to I point the ball that's a guy come in underneath and just. I can do about the only only end. Yes. Yeah. There's levels of drop spent I guess for this game when I'm gonna look at is how will conjured golf respond. Under the pressure because I mean he guessed that the easiest on the end. Well KJ writes that the play I think Bobby Wagner's quite suitable candidate right is doubtful Bobby Wagner is questionable questionable yeah and then of course your readiness includes clipping of rule rejection and nasty and pretty much the entire secondary I mean it. Basically the team looks. Totally different from the first time he played in the season. You've got to see how Jerry got section to respond this opportunity to win the game that to me is gonna be the most important part of this you are playing in Seattle. Which is. Another huge factor in this yeah because they did play in LA before which is like the most underwhelming NFL atmosphere yes but. I don't know I I wanna take the rams but there's that whole side to Russell Wilson that just pisses me off watching him play football. I'm graceful and little more. Next sinner and saint Tenet. And this guy I think as things and dominate tonight with players that are. I'm interrupting unionized you'll find commonly used us. Before the break. You were talking about how much Pete Rose. Spend a little. There's perks to Russell Wilson's game. That. There's there's I can't there's an urge inside of me. That wants him to get hurt. And that's not healthy now as I held the at all. Use and rooting for his demise I I'm just doing it because they say oh wait you're the same guy that was like that you big NFL season was ruined when Rodgers right now yes. Roger says it no wade looks like. He knows what the hell he's doing I think Russell Wilson literally it's a play called his helmet and he discussed their forget that. Most of the run I think he discussed the times can. Paid back they those play action they're gonna do that. Can be drawn up a jock or they don't like all right Russell this is a three step drop back and then an eight step. Lateral movement then you can do that curled back spin back. And it's got club a little bit more events suitably roulette to the left you used to go to then you go up linebackers from your other buddy you need do spend move. And that it be to hook it up left handed over the top of another pass rusher to try to get it Jim Graham and obstruct. It's not sustainable that's the problem but it kind of yes but it's kind of not because it. Won't be once you to the playoffs I think you're gonna run the team ragged and you're gonna run everybody else dragons the point that when you get in high pressure situations. And you play. By the way and actually good sustainable team because even though he lost to Jacksonville who is quote unquote a good team -- -- him play live all proves you can keep your voice portals was playing out of his body I don't know how they have a great defense -- -- Tom Coughlin and zero look what happened Eli when Coughlin laughed and look what's happened portal from Coughlin should these are all weird lopsided teams are playing this is what's gonna be issues seem to be with the raiders because the rams have now become one of the more complete teams in the week police I think I'm not gonna say they're truly good they're good enough that they seem very very complete show and so win now you're playing arranged team it's gonna stop you like Jacksonville did in the first half the game but also have the offense to back it up to. Oh you're like scoring offense in football in the Philadelphia Eagles when they had Carson when it's coming in the Seattle I mean that Seattle's been their before. If Seattle runs the table here in the stretch they though there Clinton when the division that's. That's in a simple math all good news went out and your leader in the playoffs the division winner hosting a playoff game. Who do you trust more on the situation that's I guess the question to ask and yet it's the pats retreat to worry both Seattle and and Los Angeles I mean this is game one of that. Mean you you have that. Laid out in front of you for Seattle all you have to do is take care of the rams the cowboys and the cardinals in the play offs and this is the biggest of those three games obviously the urgency kicks up you lose. It's a. It's gonna get desperate go to certain point because this is a huge game and then if Dallas wins this next week and then you go into the the week after with Zeke coming back up. Now you got to desperate Dallas team that's gonna do wherever the hell they can to win that game. Not to mention if Arizona sticks around they might even have a chance to get into playoff so I. To meet it it it's looking a lot more dire then what. What you might imagine here's the other thing that we also wanna think about with the Seahawks which consumers and we've neglected to mention. This dude who almost went up into the stands last week to fight fans given. You have Michael Bennett you don't put away should be suspended. My good and didn't find in that DC memorable first date with all the with the all the fines or and that both coaches. Well now know to assistant coaches for Jackson plus Pete Carroll got Carol I'm fine yeah if they they had about 101000 dollars Clinton Jefferson got five in the total was about fifty grand a little over fifty. BB BDC I thought our president is close to a hundred zarrella 20000 dollar fines and their between. I think seven players and a couple coaches having their summer around a hundred grand Fiennes Michael Bennet was one you can't. Tell me you can look at that team and tell me it's on imploding on itself what you tell is not imploding on itself because right now they sit what 95 and they've got to chances to. 8585. Name suggested I just wanted to attempt to defining moment for this team where it was like you know what this might be the end. Of what key do you keep hoping for the ended AT and science we keep those shooting just a little get worse every year it'll look worse guess what you're gonna see signs you're looking for. All you want is this team to fall apart they've got. What is he's proven a week in and week out Russell Wilson's one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL you made out like the way that he play it is but it's effective. It's bizarre it's France Erica and we set before the show itself there we want. A montage you good. You can't do it tore to tip for you right away background music to the tar content highlights with some raps on. Stay up if it didn't fare there is their greatest is bringing the old 1860s and seventies footage of the a shifty way down. Saigon it all the like that it is just like I meant we did are contenders kind of like uttering around churned if I receive. It was pretty and. It's why why do you want to see us details. Because the way they play football you just don't like it I hate it it's awful to watch its setting and really exciting. Say you have no idea what's gonna have employed employed at but I kind of do. What Russell Wilson's gonna get the ball out of shock and he's gonna run dec ten yards and 55%. Of the time you'll find a receiver. If the other thirty he'll throw it away and then to 40% of the time. He's going to get them to Jesus said out of here is what matters in the fourth quarter they're gonna give you shot that's the funny thing about the C just in to think about the so last. Last week I heard some ridiculous stat like the Seahawks with Russell Wilson have been within one score in every fourth quarter game. To defect guy goes down there the browns that's feature and at my other defense bit more room but right now not going to be pretty. And so but but that's a crazy things to watch the game did the jet who scored. Touchdowns on three consecutive offensive place. Not offensive possessions offensive leis and the Seahawks just big comeback in the league is too big ball problems. Lock it down inside and out the ones court game in the fourth when he's up how they keep doing this. That's whether fund I just kind of feel like. They're gonna get his wildcard game in their gonna lose and it's gonna be really bad they couldn't find a good rams for a third time the wild card game that could be and and defend on the -- by the way wouldn't you love to see Aaron Rodgers squeak in and play in group in Seattle Green Bay in Seattle as a full of wild card game that is the one thing out that the Seahawks Aaron Rodgers a relationship with them I'll that would that would that's. I'd see this is my. If you hit Aaron Rodgers. In century link for a wild card playoff game. Will be referred there's excited five factories or five. Sunni city who is. This guy talking you'd know nothing about football dude lack of commons there. You know and a bigger yeah I mean. Problems. I think it's because they just said the Seahawks are now yeah I'm loot. I'm. Pretty well well yeah so which one of us is to both stupid so we also asks. To please drug testing in rumba that the F Vincent yeah I think your point in between for one should be. Again. The test to do a AP test in the break but first we gonna do news honoree for now and you drugs. I'm one. We went on a tirade about how much hateful walls and a Seahawks so now we have less time. They're gonna dive right into his. Wall I have heard football. And. Pretty good. Let's pray you on this clinical abusers find back in Bob Dylan Kurt football fire hall I hate those men. Those pants hit me I sailor Faye Boozman in their tight parents and her. Athletic. And Isner. Rumba Nixon and I hate Guzman and terrible losses gladiators good. Variety cheerleader. So it's hard for me too much. And let them better it's hard so let. Hey let's do one college football game today kind of scroll through this week a bowl games I think there's only one matters that is the Mario Cristobal led. Worry in the duck six. Point against the number 25 Boise State by bronco Archos. Undertake the ducks obviously our ducks again. That news what are they they go and winter 66. Allred tees it's only that much should be more than that to their curriculum yeah. I Vieques and tell ya want said I've talked about what unranked unranked ducks against an average while I don't know not west championship game and and I'm telling you Boise State. I'll be honest I do not wash missed Boise states and Chris Peterson left but I got another preview of it as like. Lou Broncos of the Denver Broncos. Sock. Yet in what was supposed to be the best division bull navy had two teams at seven and six fighting for the top one started own for the deterred by Bono. It is the chargers. Act chiefs. And not 8545. Kick on NFL network. Uga are protected sheets. Just by yard because I know you're a huge. San Diego down. Oral and stuff I hear me say AEA they don't charger Didier chargers are the worst franchise. NFL has ever see hill are Los Angeles charged the best. There on the way to the super bulldogs and not always be this and there there's the Los Angeles chargers obviously will win that game as is Andy I don't that's the question is CEO Steve. Packers. Panthers tomorrow at ten I love this game sort of lack. This is great only because of course Aaron Rodgers returned but also because of the mental case yes. Up implications in real literally Cam Newton. Clinging long to life. For this team you know the pit there's really. As much as they kind of went on their winning Shuster early in the season this is going to be a huge test for them. Of course going forward in the season bridges candidacy if the Panthers are gonna happen if staying power going. Into next season as well I gotta tell Iran Rivera is gonna be on the hot seat Al Ahmad get out of here no no man if they don't make the playoffs this year that is on the hot that I really really of their economic ups. I we'll see if they would be Panthers Bucs falcons. That's I mean if and only give that much of a slate. And then. Falcons can be hard to lose to the Packers are right. And I'm. Pretty sure he'll beat by expert. You'll see what happens that should be interesting. I'm gonna take him to take the Panthers in this one I think at the Rogers I train is gonna and quickly I don't think we've played quality opponent and a few weeks that their running game better. With the browns. Can't win that one hour rams Seahawks won a five kicks on fox morrow is in century link. The arson favorite only to take variance. I'm still spicy that this one Seahawks defense is completely decimated. I think if you can contain Russell Wilson of course in the pocket and also aired Donald has a huge game which is key to beating Russell Wilson you've got to have the defense and interior pressure him before an audience that's how he gets out denizens interest in Jeff Fisher led rams always seem to give the Seahawks it's now the better rams career politically this is able other. Wonder how I I. You know it's an analog and 125. Patriot Act Steelers this is for the top. Spot in the AFC. Go biologic factor out there earlier but it's still there's a win because its regular season at the bed when she gets the playoffs I'm sure they'll meet each other in the AFC title game pebble and they're gonna wind so that they can lose in Pittsburgh Janice gray that they'll. Elegant just a the only drama that logic. Is it sure. Here's academy in that championship game this home field does not matter to the patriots whatsoever. It just doesn't get it went box grooves he can't go to worse weather than I doesn't even matter it really doesn't matter the pitcher clay. They're always favored throughout our kids that's our show thanks everybody for joining NASA via much fun as we did we will be back next week for your Christmas. Preview when the NBA season officially starts and more were. College and NFL football previews and critics sinner and saint anything. My first thought don't don't Montana saint. Let's go let's through the night and it'll.