Sinner and Saint 12-16-17 Hour 1

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, December 16th
Ducks go to Vegas and Mario Cristobal is your Teenage Girlfriend's Dad that will drink more than you.

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you're going to less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now what where we pick up from Ireland. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is spots about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. Rise and shine jerks. Brian shipman did some good. Girlfriend your misery loves. For the weekend's gridiron action morning Jim Walsh set up with everything you. Do you know about what's going on in college football this Saturday frost brewed Coors Light presents the center on those same children Ichiro went. Free former neighbors fullback will cartoons here's euros and junior varsity legends moved him as soon on ten minutes. It's just an unfortunate side effect of beer plus full fall plus. Well. That's bad kids that we bring in Saturday. Another edition of the sinner in the same and we're kicking off the air force reserve celebration bull right now on babies they don't change the channel. We'll keep via the date on everything that's going on yes well as play North Carolina a and T. And Grambling. AMT. Yeah and the that Carolina agencies that abbreviated or is that again an acronym I'd like North Carolina a and C. In this one a big. What color Grambling North Carolina a and even today and as in a and you know been OA in any. They also. Teach arts and tech. To its arts and technical institute. ANC. Turning into Nebraska is looking for you can bump and have a telegram believes the Israelis that her program like a BBs. Have a buzzing of the bumblebee. North Carolina architectural. Arms very agricultural and technical state university not. Agricultural. Technical we have the technical correct. The bulldogs the bulldogs are what's a Grambling once they're mask yeah. And Wimbledon. Today. Scrambling I think they drop oh it's just scramble it appears so now it's Grambling State I'm there's tigers okay I'm looking at the Google. Demands of their I don't mean. All right tiger's dad's bulldogs you'd taken in this match up. Tigers and bulldogs committed tigers on network TV is an ABC too big deal on scene as Star Wars and a big deal because there's nothing else that there's nothing else going on today yes there is. Do we say it's yeah totally hooked. Our Las Vegas Bowl a lull all that's true. Who's got your ducks the Oregon Webb put steak non the Boise State Broncos. Is state. Think that's accurate it's a city. That's what I thought this is a huge game did you know that no I did not know that this is. And interest in game. It's bizarre game. It's a big. I've played the Las Vegas Bowl and I'll tell you this is the great. Single greatest bowl game you could possibly go to you greatest how old are you anyway. I was twelve when he 120 and go. It's green on two levels of your reporter one you don't miss Christmas right. Played designated to go home for Christmas that's always great harder being a ball during Christmas is not one. To its Las Vegas what about what's critical. Pretty much everything you can earlier on a seven days spent seven days to insert a 22 year old college football player locker room like you only play given ninety dollars per Diem every day in homes and your blackjack tables and and for me that went to liquor liquor accents how gambling type. Yeah. You didn't wanna gamble on how does what you're doing is basically weird you're going all right how many drinks can get before it leaves this money. Kind of the way you gamble a point to him yes and anyway. So instead of gambling news went olds buy it it's safe bet that I know much booze and take. Well it was either gambling liquor hookers and I chose. Worker and well. Based on all those reasons. It makes it a pig or makes it a fund for some. Big game in the sense. Oh this is crystal balls first game that should definitely has its good ducks lose a big game this is it going to do this either official kick off of the Mario Cristobal air this say nice look into next season for it didn't blow. It really because Royce Freeman is not even gonna play in the bowl game. No can't even while will be your primary run indexing still kind of leaning on nap but this is a look at a team for next year that really a lot of people are predicting could win nine or ten games and such an easy schedule what assets so much the game itself that's exciting to me. It's that you have all these factors converging yacht crystal ball no Royce Freeman and the Heisman buzz. Go around just in Herbert for next season is is that really fair to make. This is the good start to the crystal ball there though. An enemy like right now you've got what it's ten days since we families and coach. About so lol you're going right here you go what what you've done with the team since and it's going to be Willie tax offense. It's gonna be willing tigers staff and that's going to be some wholesale changes there's no recruiting class coming in. Cristobal first game is the the kickoff for next year is I mean I know record Weisel Talbott. If you use this as a barometer of what the team's going to be an external thing that's fair. And I think it's different because. Of the fact that. Taggart left in such a dramatic fashion pusher but does he retain Jim. Oh yeah that at. With that on certain way who does his crystal this creek no he does not so bad that you have a different defense next year you're going to have a recruiting class coming in that how different will be the one we were recently tiger. What's crazy and I think it was Tyson out there for the or don't in the wrote the article. Good talking about dude before your starters the four year players for this team what they've gone. If you think about it race for McCain there is a freshman he's first you're played in national championship and depth. And then that you kinda have all right let's see what we do without Mario Odyssey of the Vernon Tangier where they finish what nine and nine and for some like that. And you dramatic loss or any L mobile. Or Jordan or longer able or slower and all of the lawyers say yeah okay but it Vegas czar but that's a way that the season and bear read. Doctor Jekyll mr. Hyde writes he had just blocking come in who couldn't do anything the offense absolutely stop tune when Vern Adams is out. And then you go when you have the four win season you fire mark health rich you bring in Willie Taggart and now you're going to new ball game with your third coach in four years. Are streaming do you regret this. Yes really you're you're Britain or an organ. You regarding coming back at least ego yeah champs title no I don't think you get going but Willie Taggart talked him into coming back he could've went to the NFL. And it's it's it's weird is. We're not make a big deal about anybody skipping ball games this year. I mean I know there's not as big games as for that and the calf injury. Freeman's not MB a first round to keep may have been higher because he left after last year Ziad excuse at least that he was kind of chipped up a little bit in his junior year. Echoes back is in the lake somewhere between third and fifth but everybody. But nobody in that year Kenneth said. Oh no no no you're you're gonna go lower than that a lot of people kind of predicted he'd even go fifth round last year Hal and so now I feel to this year and if you're completely right he's got a little first round. I see you race for me going sector around if you have an eight. But if you have a good com binding you have a coach or an organization that really looks at him and seized. What's so great about him which is the combination power speed he understands running from the spread but he also understands. Or at least you would kind of think he would understand how Ryan. From under center. I mean he he's a great pick up if he can get him in the sec around and I think recently Seymour NFL teams invest in running backs I mean you had four net in McCaffery yeah draft in the first allow the legality of these people Eliot itself. I think there's a chance I mean obviously sake on Barkley is gonna be the first guy going off the board cut and he's played in a bowl game. He is yes he's bill be ready to go. Yeah he's a better person all around the Royce Freeman. So obviously is going to be higher pay yes so now looking at the game. No Royce Freeman. Does it doesn't really change anything for the ducks. To go into it I mean does the win. I don't know justify any thing I mean does the does it mean anything to you does it. Does it out project anything the next you are you really gonna take whatever happens in the Las Vegas pull as all right this is how the Marcus. If I'm a ducks then no probably not be -- feel like the entire year like if I'm ducks in a look at this entire year as a I kind of got screwed. Right he screwed the first since that Herbert got hurt during a time where actually you probably could have won nine games. And sacking is just lost your coach to Florida State after one season and he had promised players. After we found out later he had. You know after he had that weird impromptu press conference he had promised players embryos that knowing you know I wanna be here. Yeah you know this this is my place I want to coach here. And so this is an odd season if you organ there's a sense of accomplishment that finally got to a bowl game after a terrible last year but. We're also kind of start from scratch the recruiting class is great and year I get. But this is all kind of starting from the beginning again we have to feel out how good Chris ball's going to be it's not going to be in this first you're gonna find out obviously because the talents to good in this schedules wage. That is that the job will come up and leave for Florida legislature who Taggart did I think he's gonna take up to you know I hope not I. Listening to his press conference I honestly don't think so he does he's gotten. Pretty strong roots in Florida with being a Cuban. As a first generation Cuban American. His parents still live in Florida eight if the Miami job came open may be. But I don't even see that happening I think I think he's. I think he's aware of everything that went through the fact that there was a petition by seventy plus players to keep him there. I think that's one bright spot in the whole thing and I think that. Indy years into the school open. He's the one that's kind of living in the chaos like that's the thing about Willie Taggart leaving. I don't think he knows what this did to the order per mile the scares. I mean I don't think it was an easy decision Foreman not say is god hears about organs are you guys an out here this without your job he doesn't get supported state job and that's his dream job growing up. Cristobal played for Miami won national championships. Started as a grad assistant you wonder if you look at all of the big you know five tower five conferences. Are all of those coaches susceptible to the same thing where if you were all the mar opens up and you get a chance to go back there and you see Scott frost is that Nebraska Jim Harbaugh is that Michigan now we've got Taggart who you know grew up before a state in just took. The you know the job there is this something that every would do I necessarily think it is. Crystal ball looks like. Your high school girlfriends his stuffed dead true or false. Now I don't think so you don't see nasal flu bit bigger than that he's a guy who say an angry gym teacher. Yeah yeah he was dealers he looks like a gym teacher that really wants you to put everything you have into red rover. Yes again elementary school PE teacher. That is just working his way up to be a high school teacher yet and you're in your resistance to doing his trails threatens his sexuality somehow he looks he looks like the gym teacher that one stupid US horse so bad. And he won't go and what he does he shoots. And voters yes and you shoot threes and he just all he does is knock downed thing got a winning note and shot ten footers all day long. That's who I couldn't play for this guy and I never met him in my life so if you talk to you is in the press come listen to the press you have to. Apparently the coach at every press conference sounds control. So that's got to central bet that with that's actually the thing that I liked least at a controllable he was nervous he had all this energy go when he I think he sounded genuine. I don't think it sounded scripted all he's doing impressions of his mom he's out there is talking about how we you know how much from NASA was that F I knew he didn't treated try to go away listen we had to win a rough go he's challenge includes stories that didn't sound contrived. It was just it was a bad situation I learned a lot from from Nick Saban and very happy to be here these kids are the reason I'm back and keeps he kept stopping a point I've got. As it goes both pros and that that whole thing seemed genuine to me now could be a BS I don't have been out all that invested and if he can. He used to be that he can't see that her key feel. After I read this registered our article about it because they're cut they're doing kind of a season wrap up with him Todd Matt how does get ready for next season. And they're like why aren't you worried that you're too far behind at this point like in terms of no stupid question well oh yeah and this stupid when you get to the oddly I know but what's he supposed to say yeah well are way behind the people this is what he has got it goes. Well I think I can answer that question if you drive by the complex. Every Saturday night. And see my light on 1 AM on the old feud she'll die alone should not I don't wanna hear that a better answer there's two there's two guys I would do that Chip Kelly like rolled my eyes and like the next question I'll take that over though well. Well all answer your question with my show of mod show. Like I'm better review I can kick your ass right now. I don't think that's that is I think it's the listen I'm put in the work I'm not behind me and say that don't. Don't give me that if you drive one day at the Helm I don't you Jeanne 1 AM that's what exactly is boy you're up work and when I'm up working you're out avenue a wine cooler with your buddies. And and and talking about Chardonnay is she's the head plane did you games I guess what I'm doing working on next you for the ducks could this duck team can win a national championship publicly for state and Willie Taggart written out. Got hot wife that opens and out. Beautiful kids hot oil giant meathead football player for how you don't see that a lot but that's a change. Hey did you know that there's more than just a Las Vegas ball going. Bill I was actually thinking that was the only form of entertainment did I mention the air force reserve. Celebration bull what's going on right now what's the score TV doesn't work. The Orix I think zeroed to zero now eleven and one Graham went against undefeated. North Carolina a NT. Agriculture and technology bulldogs the bulldogs. Have strong on the side of the bulldogs. Also got NFL today we gonna tend to get two more since saint when we return. This tentative. That's right we're playing this music it's officially. All season the best time. That's why it's an excellent corporate Christmas. Is it. But those whose full season music and I told you still have another show before Christmas is going to be two weeks of Christmas trees clearly fives on. Each week. Plenty of Christmas song. How many people how many people know that who sings that song. We're trying to share new Christmas music. People Bridgeport pierce excellent five factors are quite there are two ways to participate in the show the bridge or Bruce text on of course 55305. You do not have to drink Bridgeport bidders to participate in that but it is recommended. Also. Page. At sinner saint and eighty. Speaker Twitter we have a poll out and hit a good coal hole. How do you like your NFL's the seventies when men were Mary. The eighties the invention of the West Coast offense revolutionized football. I'd say the ninety's I'm this far Vanilla or today's NFL. Guess that in the next hour. Now you preview. To get tees. Opinions and I get ninety's is winning so far is. There's there's if so bulls' season is officially kicked off of celebration bull under way now a division of full bonuses to be quite honest with you. It's. The disc special with other ball game rather than division one I kind of didn't know that I thought all looking like a division one. Isn't on an and it. A celebration bulls on if you can tell me what division. Grambling in NCAA NT or you know offering include you know what's the best part about. Any bowl game is the gifts because players skate gets should keep revenue in the political social mood for being very games. We put in the emerald nuts ball anyone in El Paso I cracked you know we got nuts and did not. Well because we're kind of joking before time because those blow gets are pretty sweet lake. Isolate I crap you now we got nuts again somewhere and we should use them crapping out I got notes. Actually makes remarked that somewhere sudden ball I got a PS3. Which blew my mind Sun Bowl is played. I'll pass that she'll council on what's been camera multiple I have to palace in Francisco now they just she was asked to rate okay. It was knots and then a jacket and yet it's it's been better to play in San Francisco then a pass all of it was more fun going there is an El Paso they basically said don't go to Juarez or you'll get killed. Deborah that the out yet what are some of our players what exactly went to bars in every killed none knowing I killed those people bought weed them. They sell drugs and X he is the first I've heard that it's interesting. I petrified usually sold drugs in Mexico. Interest and so then with those eligible games and that I know that I play in Las Vegas and what do you the most wasteful Las Vegas Bowl I got a news terrorist. As Sony headphones. And the hell else how else on the brothel thanks a Sony PlayStation and a phone oh interpret some by also got some a Cologne. Who smell awful I never used them. Blue route stumble. Aaron while pay it. Or they'll hear your new worlds Colby fits into your new worlds. That's pretty good that's the official kickoff of the NF BS bull gains at 10 o'clock today. Let's run through this list would pretty talked about it at 1230 you've got the Las Vegas pool. He wants to Las Vegas boy you've cited as the crystal ball or kickoff. I'll watch some of the loss baseball actually watched the mountain west championship game for a little bit because markets Fresno area he Alex he had quarterback at present state. And Boise State does not look very good I think organs are in a blow them now we'll get that later crystal balls but yeah there is second be a pregame. Join the conversation visible in the you care about 55 through fibers for Beers Tex and I'm just gonna gonna rule through these. I mean by the way Arnold cares as a freight shipping and logistics for now though I obviously brilliant clue what you get as a gift. I'm guessing you get a bag of dictators the famous Idaho potato bulls can be played on Friday how awful is that. For your bull gain you have to go to Idaho well here's. To you can make can make it worse for it please your leaving why don't mean to go to Idaho. All that central Michigan Wyoming the only bright this'll be introducing it Josh downs plying. But he's still up in the air about it yeah that'll be Kennedy last shot to see him before becomes an NFL draft pick. He scroll through with me to see you fine. They're a little bit big bull I would really wanted to odor is the Bahamas bold and you go to play in it or any and I don't hear what he wants to look if you're as bad. As Ohio or UAV and you actually get to go to mobile game why the hell would you worry at least go to the Bahamas ball like would you rather have a better record on the year and go to the Idaho potato bowl. Or let him get five games like win five games and they're like okay we gotta just fill the spot I am all Ohio so just here won't give you a preacher to the Bahamas we give. You really bizarre games to do is it's hard to decide how they divide up who plays like sub at southern Mississippi had a nice. Season whatever that in shape for the good split 66. Florida State India oust. It's not going to be close the fifteen point spread right now or state if they care now we'll go and just destroyed them that's your prize for my season. How to decide who plays new. That's the walk ons independence poll. Serious trouble walk ons. This one's gonna be good six and six Texas again 75 misery in the academy sports outdoor Texas apple. You Texas when it's accessible. Yeah bouncers yet heard. Should Lehman us given CBO Kirk like over inflated these things are as it's it's simply nonsense well in Houston against black eyes. Old game. Is did yeah. Now as you're closer to Christmas are absurd news he used to get a little bit better games are you urged an end the pac twelve. Teams outside of USC plan actual game. And for TCU in the Valero Alamo Bowl a got to look at Penn State Washington that's the Fiesta Bowl action that's a really begin yet let's check that's that's a huge game though watch he's he's at Michigan State yet to huge NFL prospects saying you have sick form Barkley and pettis. I'll Washington State Michigan State in the San Diego. County credit unions Holiday Bowl wished that sounds about right and both that sounds awful. That sounds like those two each team should play each other and I don't wanna watch it sounds like terrible it is is installed last chance had been considered wife and their quarterback and I think complaints I think guesses last chance college finally gets his last chance for one approve anything for the NFL draft per. That dude is gonna get killed in the NHL when it like that's like hit under senator I don't know what that's gonna look like it'll take some spider human. Crouching down over human body like how awkward does he look. Just sitting in the pocket and are scared as hell and every interview he says you know music and I wanna be next Tom Brady watch everything he does need to be available for every until you screamed. Out of every road game plan as she got you yeah. Hold. Given by Mike Leach to will who's apt to do that at times. Do you think you're one of the best quarterbacks actually in the country the Padilla. One of the sneaker guys like Russell Wilson is where it was like gap we knew he was good but we do know is that what he left NC state complete baseball yeah it was counts and yet exactly. Or who's there as Kirk cousins was kind of that. College like we kind of knew he was good but we didn't know you'd be this kid. Yeah I think that's probably fair I Tony Romo was a phone of those guys that nobody saw her on the radio waves and the reason we played college. So so okay. Your take you to Washington. Penn State over USC Ohio State. Eon could take a Washington game only because. I think that USC. Ohio State games can be a bit of a wall swamp and it's because you have two teams that feel like they should be somewhere else. But I think USC. Underneath and an inherently feels like he should have gotten a spot in the playoff opponent has wasn't that USC Penn State last year and a week. That was a great game but he also in Ohio State team that got just beat to hell by a Wisconsin. I mean they won but they got beat to hell in the process during which they got on by the and made the playoff yeah I think they would have just got killed by Clemson jerk I really do. It's we had prepped for game it's a New Year's the bull I think you'll have two teams that might underwhelmed themselves and it would be the rose also great is because for summaries and whenever anybody plays in the road boy you get that you get that extra sensitive. Kind of motivation to play. If you turn into this tune into the show for news as pro Italian leggings played on the 29 and then on Saturday the thirtieth. That'll be Penn State Washington. Do you think this and Washington's been kind of underwhelming most of the year. There are that's never really got rolling them in I guess. Almost on a see them get their ass kicked just to prove that they weren't as did. As there ready to do not feel like I have the same feeling about Washington State to you like all year even when they were undefeated Irish discount like you know what Washington State's really not that great they're just not. And I say that they suck every single year and everybody gives me crap about it because they say block. How can you say they sucked earlier in the top twenty by these so because they always do well the start of the season. And then they just severely discipline. Expand on them. Like you can just tell when they're gonna start losing. Again just got an area where I come here is that losing streak arrogance. Is in New Year's Day game your your last one that is before New Year's Day as Wisconsin Miami at some of these should be New Year's Day games. It has and a a poll tradition that you now. You don't like get up on no favorite is orders day games we talked about this last week I I get way more excited for the final four rows of the NFL season. We've got all of these different playoff scenarios. That's kind of gonna get jacked up for the great thing about that is at night you get one of those games that matters when Easter and Saturday NFL games down the stretch. And we of San Diego and Kansas City point tonight at a cell over hyped. I think the 'cause I hate that narrative that the chargers of them like the hottest team in the NFL. What was the Fergie and chargers to just wait they'll lose just wait. It's caution and stay at the news just wait and you'll see it coming in you go here's where is tests will be that there is headed to San Diego attorney but I love the Los Angeles chargers are my favorite him just jumped on the bandwagon now and we had this free season I told you mob bigs overspend now. Decent felons gotten these pro in ninth kid on the way by this time and he's like kids. Eight kittens at the because he's got millions of dollars and you can afford enough nanny staff to take care of angrier those kids of those kids are awful. Just to help I'm all about Phil always hated him when he's in San Diego but just move up the street played at a soccer stadium nobody's sure when lose your first four games. I don't on this role San Diego Chargers are going to be Clinton's liberal for the AFC. And you watch you'd just watched. And Whittle down there and they're gonna host a plant if they win the AFC west. They're gonna host a playoff game in that stupid little soccer stayed who who's the chargers head coach. A bands just. I can even forget answer that Vance Joseph but he. If that's just a nightmare to Oceana they're the bad why couldn't they there's a best story in football like recent third guy don't go ashes of an owner that aided that entire city ex communicated they're just up the road from stadium to relate road go to lunch sack crap they wanted to let them play in the coliseum because they have some. And her gear rule began to NFL team's plane and one stupid stadium they won't unemployment rose bulls live to play in this garbage dump. A whole little soccer stadium almost 40000 people they did fill it up but they're gonna win the Super Bowl. That's a championship. For the Los Angeles chargers I like that just because you're loud doesn't mean the chargers routed. They're gonna be the chiefs tonight. By the way are 55205. Bridge partners Tex I never really got the answer to that it was Bad Religion. Religion. We're Christmas music and blazers tock. Two wins in a row are the blazers on the way to a championship. That's next after the news or sculpture at your ears as overzealous today you've done in charge of the get fired up. I mean do. Well just a hundred. Especially you because you don't know you can keep fact check anything you think you don't know anything. Clarity. That's fair and meet at 120 I'm so it was a mean. It's mean in fair that it. I had the coach from for the chargers into the land. But as a trend remember I was like oh it's. It was the George Broncos game when Demi was talking about. It's Joseph. Is that backwards but there is Sergio dip yet they've been to dig right in India Monday night in the second time his life. Tough and that's why that's that's what I used as a reference points for the and I'm. So it. I hope he comes back. When you voters and some passing Helio on Dancing With The Stars for some room. They're royalty like Sergio. And yet here's a clip again you'll Australia fire that guy again. He did was probably one of the best pilots in the NFL seasons before I get is it's been terrible. Literally this is day awful until season will Horry and that bed. I held a strong opinion on them. So far the NBA season starting off fantastically. And Mr. Bush in. Boise and terrible. A two game win streak fifteen and thirteen we got about 500. Yet it is gonna come out around there all year if I had a gas but. You kind of alluded to it a little bit in the sports an update there. The rockets have not lost a game with crystal. No which is interesting because he got hurt at the start of the season and then they would if they win on the look a four game winning streak after he got hurt and you're nobody they were great when he was out at you like housing and fit in when they come back in here and are both say that like maybe they're better with that Chris Paul put. Beating their reunion or whip them but it never samples until you do know configured that was even when the trade happy guide to bald dominant players. Go to one place that's gonna work right Oklahoma City. And if three but stereo but still. In early two is Paul George's in the apple dominant man was an Indiana is nobody was but Indiana is better for not having and they booed him fantastically. When he got their Melo is now gone back to New York. Don't expect the same. Reception for him but Indiana hates. George. The other demanded to get out and you know who I'm really certain they'll love that Collins. Are you really how could you not love that call since he's a future all. He is the future. Three rebounds a block nine points. On their Wednesday night game in any got benched verse the magic. Conspiracies actors today yet and Souter could respect. Sacked Collins you show flash than you think may be could be good and you know he didn't not whatsoever. I mean. You know. What do you want from a seven foot 280 pound rookie senator in the Indian I want you get off my team. There's no real spark in how he plays really everything he does and I hate to say it any know it sounds kind of contrite back. He he's really Meyers Leonard he is always nice piece is what you put you let. Let's wait until this season and he'll start developing a three pointer. Yeah and I bet when he shoots it it'll be like the longest release ever enroll not going very much. He he's just looking more more every daily Meyers Leonard added two more and more looking like we broke the golden rule in the NBA passed when he ten don't. Take another Meyers Leonard don't take a large white guy. Just don't do it. This is James Dirk Nowitzki don't draft a large white guy. Just it so easy to make that compares admired Leonard on the team still with him. Myers is about it. They don't there isn't on the starters because Myers had little puke fest seems southern Meyers Leonard thing to do it's like god sends letters out ready everything I had to go to Bartz coach. He had he was out with a stomach flu hey they got the word help blur sat. Keep it that Arnold Jack did that he he was supposed to play in the first game of the season got a stomach Clooney couldn't do it. This I. Say this isn't good Dan. I thought is why. Leonard on the team and some other capacity is he like in HR rep practice. Only viewers in the accounting department for the police it's at what ages make him like a tour guide for the rose are sorry the motors said it months and tumors in the yeah but he does it again one of those bicycle I cards like them for the bureau tumors. And he had to sit around a pretty helps penalties that's about it or he can do it on a of those things called the standing cover things. On oh. Yeah about aboard the he could do how he would do it on the Segway not bad losses he would do segued tumors around the rose got to take every what you read. You're at seven foot view a bunch corny jokes like that they do every time yeah. You do the tour twice and it's exactly the same both times in the same jokes at a time exact poets it's it's feels very scripted but there's a couple. Got a funny in the needed to get night. Action Turkish characters heard and a yes anyway two game winning streak. I don't know I hours or that you give a second I thought they were he'll lose at a certain point they. Lightly edited every in every game the blazers managed to leave takes his attitude point lead me they convince you that they're going to lose every game in the convince you that they have a chance to win every game it's. It's a very up and down. But. Again going back to the NBA is a hole. A really interesting story. And they just don't revolve around the Portland trailblazers it is kind of a team that's. Always the start of the season right they had to win like what fifty games. To have a chance for that four spot yeah probably. Around there I am I it's looking more and more likely like they are not can he get that force. What happened again doesn't really matter if you're 456. We ask you get home court. Okay that's a huge thing for the blazers are merely is this this year it's not. Whenever downs when they get luckily they get in East Coast road trips lingo and what better team on the road this year the best possible that different. I get that but I I don't think it. Ultimately will change the way that their season finishes whether or not there the four of the six. They're still going they're still got to end up. First round exit or second round exit they're not going to compete for a championship but just. Any it's gonna sit there in the middle but the tricky thing is that when you look and project this team down the road if you exact Collins as much what's the future of the steep. I mean if I gonna give you better. Evan Turner is not gonna get better you kind of know what the I would Damon CJ. Nerd doesn't seem to be the same border wasn't that twenty game stretch last year where's your promise where's your future if it's not detect Collins curtailed swan again whoever. You don't have a bunch of young guys developing into superstars. Is in the next. Two years is back on isn't going to be a game changer and a borderline all star and out of. Dustin won't. I'm just saying you definitely want beat him say 100%. But but where it wears where do you see this in getting better even just this season what can they do to improve his solidified their lineup and also they're gonna compete with the rockets mortars like the trade deadline might become pretty important asked. I think the trade deadline you might see some movement. Of players that you really don't wanna see go play in the largest ego are you going to give up CJ Miller earlier this year you have somebody like Evan Turner and package double why would ask Eric. Other than Damon's CJ 55305 bridge for Beers tax and other than Damon's TJ. Is there anybody you'd be upset in the least if they. Arab League anybody will. You package Evan Turner Whitner can send him away and I wouldn't care. Mean wreckage was what again he hasn't been the same player who has lacks even said he just to throw stuff up last year all women this year none of that as I am I doubt he'd get from circuit at this point that's. And other fair point use a malcontent and then three came over annals of art labs like it and now. Ego and is going back to that but I I think I think the move if you're the blazers EU's. CJ McCall. He's it's not he's not a great he's just too similar to Damian Miller. And Harry get the keys because I would have agreed with you at some point but now after watching these last two games. I TV in kind different in game two Willard in net like it CJ he's running the offense. That's it it's CJ yeah oh CJ actually knows how to operate an offense. From the point I mean when he's the only guy out there it just turns into how can he score a he's a really great shooter and he can penetrate well but it's just like. Dude you know there's other players on the team like after herb. Two possessions. The other team catches onto what you're doing and then it just stalls will but again that's part of the problem is there's not a different enough player on the floor that those guys Carolina and I think that's. I think blasier released her thinking about that or just fire but he in the cut your old team and start over to the sixers bank. Be terrible for five years and they're fun to watch now Watson's. Needs worked and can we hire him in imminent. Could vs evil is next Sydor and saints ended. Not all news makes the prime today. Don't look at the stories you may not mean. Have. And maybe. We thought you had a moment with on their what do you have assailant to. Until immigrant center. Current government enough for everybody but you know we always thought bill that it was though and enough for me to discuss. Susanne Wilson does LeBron James oh I've heard him. This after beat the lakers this past week when 21 to 112 this is the first meeting between James and lakers rookie in human head with legs Alonso bald after the final buzzer cameras cut jeans a ball having conversation on the court but both players. We're covering themselves with jerseys as to not be heard or lip read. Eventually someone got audio what James told him and this is what was quote find your zone and just stay at thing locked in. The media is gonna ask you what I told you right now. Tell them nothing just be aggressive every single day it's white noise TO that's all it is. This is a sign that LeBron is leading towards LA in 28 teams were just some veteran advice. Veteran advice. I hope LA. First also does the stupid at this it being so lose teachers are also taking on the they'll get Paul George and now I think he just goes back to him as one year contract to take what's his budget Dan. With them and Gilbert to work. And so that's laws against this Gilmore in his element Dan Gilbert just keep in my nice I think he stays in Cleveland I think it's a lot easier to make to finals at you through east. And how the knees to go and play with a guy like lawns noble cause what is laudable do for him as a mobile. LeBron wants on his hands and keep that and you just trying to be helpful. It's like Carrie think it was wrong or throwing the ball this time clocks on everything. This as far as food protection for workflow corporate probable voting photo pretty clean today. That was pastry chef impersonator and head coach should be Green Bay Packers Mike McCarthy talking about the return of his golden goose quarterback Aaron Rodgers. She's been at Rogers posted a picture and interior saying he's been medically cleared to play and would start against the Panthers Sunday A-Rod suffered a broken collarbone during game against the vikings in mid November now. Packers are hoping to make it playoff push with the number twelve back in the line up what chances. You give the Green Bay if grabbing that wild card spot. Eleven point 3%. To get that number is actually on one of the the algorithms that creates the possibility. Stuff they need to win out. Is the most likely scenario that they may kid and then they need. Essentially Carolina to go. One in spewed into what is the next two weeks and beat the falcons and that would give Green Bay all the tiebreaker for the needs of the falcons of the tiebreaker over Green Day so that's the tricky part. If you see the falcons. Fluttered. And all then green Bay's got a chance agreement pretty much just to win out. There's another quirky scenario where if both the Seahawks. And the rams eleven and five. And everybody in the AFC south loses than they can make it and nine it's buried very long shot. My RS he always looks like he's running. Back for a meeting. Our I'm sorry he ourselves like he's always out of breath. Jerry's heavy man as he's a very large and identities to chauffeur for Tibet. So I just. Knew we come out his. Doesn't matter what director says it is not about it and you know we don't get individual goals and try to come to still come the salesmen come up. That was man with a long head and Broncos linebacker Von Miller he was talking about his excitement after being in the cold sort of thirst in all five to thirteen. One of the many issues with this game was that both teams round of playoff contention end. Obviously both got off. Another glaring problem was the ratings the broadcast snagged a seven point four. And for a bitty not Millard TV ratings that's at a thirteen. That's Lois for Thursday night football this season what would. Have to happen on the ratings side for NFL executives get rid of Thursday night for. Like when they have the most like it quite deep there's a cap number where they're just like you'd have we hit that like we got to pull this thing is sending a profitable this. Point yet I don't know what that is because those contracts for the broadcasting is the ratings battle with the raids have to dipping to stay low. And then have to be slow going into the next contract negotiation but I think the next round of contract negotiations. Are going to be bizarre anyways because I think you're gonna see mobile carriers and you're gonna see on line. Entertainment platforms. Jumping into that too so you wonder how much money Twitter FaceBook will put in. To broadcasting NFL football games 'cause most people aren't going through their cable provider or watch and broadcast television anyway it's it's going to be a very bizarre set of negotiations but what they should do for this time is just shut down the colts in the broader. Yet there us I don't know lots of teams played when I I didn't even realize that they had played tonight but you said Mike was out there. Is this just cancel that didn't points are going to the game you know the only good thing is we don't have to flip between that on Sunday yet. So here's my favorite story of the week comes from UK as streaming service Netflix revealed on Twitter that one of its users had watched the 2007. At. Jerry Seinfeld animated movie deep movie. 357. Times in one year. It was later revealed that the user was a mother who used the movie to help her baby calmed down you have twins do you have a movie using right now get a shut up I don't. Now actually the only time they watch TV is electable and on the weekends. The targets and only time that I watch TV with the met George a little with my wife to watch what is too much general hospital. Or. Grey's Anatomy causes are very appropriate for children whether to get into threats we have no we don't honestly my wife and I don't really watch any TV at all. The with the nanny during the dazed and watch TV with them as far as right now so they just watchful bullet meant 357. Times in this woman watched B movies they've we haven't we haven't even. And will probably have to resign to the fact at some point that we have to watch. All of these you know kids' TV shows and songs that we don't mean do like to sing along songs they've got a rock and roll playlist that we've compiled for them and it's cuts. Bunch of you know all these and stuff from today so we've got a nice. They'll listen to trash of course we need to know that you know I a guy like I had that idea TS like all and I have my kid up all of played Dylan in The Beatles for and really trying to get it's like you know and they hit twelve they're just gonna listen to complete garbage but at that point they're in control right now we're not play and we shouldn't Bonser hell they are. A hell they are in control control alive their music my pocketbook that's one. I'm stern dad heard from people stern dad I'm Mario crystal ball of what we thought you list. The PO dad who win my daughter's fourteen year old boyfriend. Walks in on the net on the to challenge him to one on one in basketball. You know that's what Crist ball does. Or or will do and his daughters are foreign buyers of the president boys. Mario right when our boys soaring home Rocco Lugar well. Somewhere and I listen a little girl you get a date myself a good to beat you will have a blood. Its auditors to date myself and you get a drink more beer than me. Chris apologists looks like a guy to. He will make is he will catch his son smoking a cigarette maker and smoke gets back yes and he will just promise that we spoke open. UH cigarettes now. Thanks whose book rule opener. You can Michael board. Do don't get an element of Silverado. That to you really into his truck. Yeah pretty confident. Silverado the market forward guy eight you know what he did Dodge Ram. Who now he does he's got a statement it is aren't a Dodge Ram not only has got to be prepared for alleged failure of Poland. Yeah yeah and he went out he got the after market like full size ram them an ornament it's it's like the full 3-D. It's wrong or Steele looking ram that's on the hood is a proud brand owner Audette he'd tell people that he wears a jacket that says I own a Dodge Ram or it's a bomber jacket that is a Dodge Ram bomber Jack which by the way those things exist will assure that debt that it is gonna publishers as my other Dodge Ram his mom is that the thing. I don't think it's right. Posts. My other ride I think that the that hallows segment. And if I don't it is a busy weekend a lot of web implications that is all next will turn out in a beautiful picture. What it is listen to this than in the saint untended.