Scott Barnes -- Oregon State AD

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, October 20th
Scott joins the guys to talk about the head coach search for the football team. 

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All right are you state needs a football coach. And Gary Anderson up and split. Newly hired Scott Barnes the organs dvd is here to tell us definitively right now. He moved. Out polluters in the. Hello well you know I work a little offense for you if I can be like an old line coach and I think that's about it. I decline Ellington engine it. The regular or no go warrior like that. Case so Bobby careless i.'s use to say that all ladies have you know kind of names in their head or listing case something happened deal or are you starting students from scratch here. Arctic. I upload correctly that we call. We we out we had a listed it always got molested. Where we ago. Some ask you what when year out there and and and you're trying to recruit or coach what do you sell like when you're trying to commit to kids are coached that organ says supplies ram. What do you sell him. What we've we've because it is that is incredibly special place we we have terrorist Biddle we are church for mid week we had. That that group and a vintage Ted spread though quite a bit of time where. All of our. Coach KHD as an example coach roof coached critical trouble or former players to really. It appealed to this special edition literally be distributed beaver who we are popular or culture. You specifically. Go we. That we are depressed. College town not only the pac 121 of the best in the country. We have. Excellent facilities we all about forward due regard but excellent facility great leadership probe atop that a university that is probably positioned better than it's ever better than independent streak thanks to an outrage over the other shall we got. Laundry list of think that we could go to do so but. Newport News is getting. Bill for. What special places could not go to watch a buddy of our coach is so wanna pewter. So you say you have a list and you you kind of have an idea so then what does the search firm do walk us through you know what they help you. Social you don't right now oh. This is simply get a little Landon the united. Church herbal or all it to tickle look cute. Can appeal or interest to crops. Country talking with third party agent. Conversations understand. Beatrice level those that we are picky about it in Tibet that law which would be paired down about how we get their courtship will go exactly where we sit. It's a game here. But a note to give me a profile what is it that the orders it is looking for their next head coach. Well it all starts with with what we've looked for in every. Picture election match impeccable character. A high energy and passion intelligence about. About what they're doing what to plant is true of this displeasure up all big baby equal ties to the north west organ state would be would be greatly help in equal. Hitting coach concurred. Eric coordinator. Acute depends everything else being equal. You you to distribute had joked about it in that regard all of social and certainly the recruiting. Pipeline that we we we want to attract. I'll to pap leaders shall what does that look like what does success look like in the track record of those off in that regard whether there had such as yours as a coach is out. Is packed with positive changes. In how they're recruited so several that you will be open look but it didn't start with. Other terror to the person. They're good at it this environmental. And energy and intelligence with which conduct of business. Why yeah why do you would you be instance only ties in northwest organ state aiming Canada good coach. Coach. Little little B re media. Re so what I just said which is everything else being equal I chilled about would be a bonus but but that first what you look for these. Actually coach figured in Canada. You know what is it about somebody's. From a different region there are some. The beverage of Tibet to partner in terms of opening the pipe what did you recording choke. All those things that are. How much can you pay the next coach. Although more. Bold at the I don't even know our salaries. Are constantly deal that would engagement is thought. By. Now get on eyewitness what I told. Who lived in all honesty you like it insist it's the what what happened with with putting the money back on the table I'm assuming that that is a huge advantage for you guys to be able to go out in afford to spend opts. Somewhere in that that three million dollar range which seems to be kind of the going rate for a pac twelve head coach. The it'd absolutely would you think about where we sit today were really have a wonderful opportunity. A clear path. Were worded. There we are dragging a bio weapons should process you're actually right. Rest reached that are suited up feature energized core calls for the next job galvanized that he'd been about we have a chance. The move forward and unfettered way it chips to. Yeah that would without strings attached to out opera without dragging the ball. The trade with a suite which had been we get pitched on short. You know some people and myself included will be artists wouldn't when Korey Hall was named a federal position stain that you hired at a quarter's coats and only the system for three years been seen. Kind of the personality and the fire it is that ultimately Weis he was. What was named interim coach simply because of the only maybe the energy he brings to a team that they've probably needed at this point. If it's exactly what about those about. That that energy as well as soon Tibet should trust and respect the theater or did it has positioned. The bat that obviously you. It was sent them to the top in the position at a party girl who's done an outstanding job which. This is already stated he's got Barnes now football wise does a coach's system matter offensive guy defensive guy we've talked a lot here about. The idea of running out like an option that type of offense like navy doesn't Georgia Tech does. What what are your thoughts on that. Well you know we think about the fan experience of about Roy you to recruit to all those things are. Part of the bench that reduces starts with beat. Bill Polian. Actually showed should be don't rule to elected a systems support but it's not a board or the the right. Leadership to. Out do the right all the other pieces we've discussed earlier double what we pick about this it took the world will see what facto allies would what I suggest to the big topic record bitter over because corporate. Potentially yes her coat over a opposite corner everything. Over an operative coordinator everything else being equal such. It but we want that we hospital wanna. Prepare ourselves decorum when we wanna keep. It open and fresh look. At every every opportunity and as we don't doubt. So you hired Kevin Stallings as basketball coach junior hit. Through that process and in other hiring process is what what did you learn about hiring a coach that may be you can apply here. You know wicket. There's a lot a lot of moves to be brave did you know. What expenses is as you go to. The process and other job open you've got to be ready to treat you to hear it to be. Really pull the trigger on arbitrage. It turns out that it. It's very via dynamic that bill let's stick it's very dynamic to boost per quickly. I'll be here double blind which got pretty good at to pull the trigger any given moment because there will be. Competition obviously the marketplace with the shops opening and it candidate so looking at various options. Do you have any kind of timeline for the higher examine I would imagine. And it's it's a little hard with the staff like you're going out recruiting but. Number one and I'm trying to be feared but there's a good chance and none of these guys will be back if the guy comes and and the new coach wants tires on staff so. Is is there hadn't you know at a time winner since the burden CB you wanna get this done sooner than later or is that after the bulls' season when does this occur. The old. Ultimately candidates are. Certainly what we think about is that December 20 straight which is we do early signing current football at different but it's not in. Albeit we had a beautiful about that as an epic damage to a of the earlier in the struggle to tout the better. Ultimately about a candidate and. What about facilities and though he had a big announcing yesterday and then there's you know the the weight room money was frozen and and all that can you just update as somewhere you're out with the weight room and then. What are you going to be doing move forward. Well I have no idea it would with a way to approach that there's a certain ability dot throws doubt well all I'll take you to edit them. Bet that he wrote you a completely. What we are look the added terms of facilities means is that step it did it better. Certainly. The west side is that a lot of tension we've got to understand. What we're doing there or it will forward. We've got to facilities master plan process started literally in the next two weeks. Battled it. Been. The last couple loan. 000. Oh sorry about your back you're back with daybreak you know a little bit. Sorry about that took bits with those master planning process it was a looked it up a ten year vision of across all our facilities but it could be that a priority projects. But the wool possibly rolled our institutions that update Arctic could be better look -- about it and obviously part of that deep doubt will be. Football centric projects. How important is that and in all honesty to the health of the program you look around the conference within the last what is that saying six years. Everyone has built new facilities you guys are kind of the last two to do do do really jump in the freight and go out this but it. Just in on this arms race how is important is it for when you guys you know recruit to be able to say that week in a week we are last in the conference. Well first while at the revolution are taught her what you should Wear the lap. Up it's what's best extent it's so we've we've just finished though over fifty billion dollars facility projects including. Obviously the valet football that are a true act refreshed with the graphics and the lighting package there. We're recruiting good facilities. As it is absolutely part of the of the veterans sometimes we get lost the the notion there's more reported to have a pulse Wessels of the actual. Facilities and deliver the service ministers to adapt we will experience though will be very mindful of those facilities producing be the outcomes that we want forested app but it certainly for the past experts who pork. Well Scott thanks for joining us I know it's hard feed understand that we do not make millions of and we politely. We alright I shop in them. Firfer plan Farc Sanders and Italy do you we we politely declined the job the job offered the thank you. Aren't well global corporate. All right guys a lot lot upon have a great week yet.