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Recruiting with Andrew Nemec
Thursday, February 22nd
Jevon Holland and Anthony Gould join the show, also is Oregon HS basketball broken and more

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This show is for college recruiting friends. It. Inside story on the ducks or beavers the national recruiting season and high school prospects across Oregon and southwest Washington. This is recruiting revenge and Emmitt origin lives in Oregon and recruiting expert players coaches and friends swallow pool we. Drew mimic God's detonated his friends. Hello and welk to recruit and Dan Drew Naymick contents of the fan. Good show today I'm excited about the show Javon Holland I'd promised to be on the show twice the organ for star athletes. It's gonna play safety Eugene who he grades out as a four star wide receiver forced our safety and a four star quarterback he's supposed to have been on the show twice. Once I had a family situation we actually had to cancel the show. And then another time I told both him and Tyler shot. In Twitter DMZ the same time you ever gets me up first it's to be on and Tyler beat him by like seconds. And so Jamal is like yeah I'm in I'm ready to go let's do this and then I did tell nevermind begin so he really truly is going to be on the show. And I think he's excited about he's been texting me today. I think he's fired up 2019 west Salem athlete entity Gould also. Will be on the show the party holds an offer from origins stay any one of the fastest kids in the country. He and Braden Lindsay from tiger are going to have an epic epic showdown. The organ high school track and field state championships and they're also obviously both big time football prospects. But first I wanna give you organ high school basket I get asked about it all the time. I get emails about an idea Twitter messages about and I even get it up on FaceBook about it. Or don't you cover organ high school basketball recruit it. And the answer is meat sort of and the reason for that is not because we're understaffed it's because there aren't any prospects in the state of Oregon I would love. I would love to cover organ high school basketball and blow it up the same way we blow up football top ten rankings top fifteen rankings top twenty rankings. Top teams everything I love it I love football I dye did all the time I actually kinda like basketball more. Throughout my childhood I enjoyed basketball more. But there are no prospects. As the PIL religion that is and and a good league. For urgent. Come help as a big time prospect Forestar power forty signed with Texas he's the nation's number 49 prost. He agrees originally from last Eric but he just got you there. He'd just got here. Marcus onus is a year younger at 20/20 kids keep may end up being the pac twelve kiddies right on the bubble be in like a pac twelve. Or mountain west tight and other than that there aren't any prospects in the state and I would love to cover I grew up for folks who don't know a little. About my docs from my my brother passed away actually when I was in the second great. And as part of a bonding thing for my dad and I and after that happened he'd he'd passed away in January. In March my dad took me out of school. For the organ high school basketball turn in it was kind of a cool exciting thing to for like two days three days. I got taken out of school to go to pretended I was sick the whole deal I thought we are getting away with some like really deep dive. Dating and I would I we would go watch the tournament. And then that became our tradition every year we would take two or three days off some years he can only take one day out he's a teacher and argue city. And we would go watch the organ high school basketball tourney and he would tighten the roster from. Really young take a roster from the and say I want to find the best prospect is in the first quarter. And my dad who played college football small college football and he coached some basketball and at and big time sports fan especially where I get from. Really early had me looking at I don't want to see who scored the most points. Who's the best rebounder who's the best passer he's the smartest basketball player who plays without the ball well. So I started really young in terms of looking for prospects that was dynamite day. So I love basketball and I love the state tournament. And it's not really worth going to chew anymore. I mean I I I hate saying I hate saying that because he used to beat every year I went to almost every first round game. And then I always went to the final four. Mike Dunleavy junior the harbor brought Kevin not Kyle Singler Terrence Jones Terrence Ross Maarty Leunen. And then more recently Silas melts and in patent rich. And it's just not there anymore it's not worth going to the teams aren't as good there aren't as many prospects. And part of it is the day you problem. You get you look at football and one football is a big deal now in origin. And also there's offseason trade and there are multi sport athletes who are great and they focus on football now more than they used to and then there's also now seven on sat. And in the time that I have worked your going in the 45 years of work to do or don't you have covered recruiting for about four of those BB three and a half of those. I've covered seven on seven and that has not really been an issue. I don't do with a lot of emails saying it's not fair that you're not covering Mike in or my program under threat to deal with. I tried I thought you all do my part all die Avian. JU basketball and try to cover and I wrote a couple of stories about the best eight Eugene and Portland. And to talk. And immediately. I got slammed. With emails about you covered the wrong team. This is political this is all fractured up you're covering a team that only has a couple kids Martinez three and this team has four and this team has to so you're gonna cover prospects you need to cover like seven AUT games. From all different directions it was in my FaceBook was on my Twitter it was all over the place I got phone calls from people I didn't have my number. You're not being fair you're not covering UT it's extremely. Political. And I think that's part of the problem in port I think that's part of the reason Portland basketball isn't where it should be looking at a problem across. The country are they into Israel isn't it just like a cesspool. Of yes really really bad people were trying to take advantage of these kids' mouth and I always should not always but but Seattle. Deeply deeply entrenched in basketball. And they've got people there did are kind of the the torch bearers for Jamal Crawford gives back to that community big talk. Brandon Roy coaches in that community now obviously his circumstances are very very unique he's young so we still very relatable to the players. He's an icon in that area and he's able to reach out since he's been coaching in that area they never lost. You look at Oakland. Damian Miller has a team in Oakland third the number one team in the nation for the eight great. It's doable on the West Coast but you need that kind of torch bearer to say this is my city. Let's make it special. And when you don't have that. The seventh and eighth graders from the area that dinner that should be on elite travel teams should be nationally ranked travel teams. And playing elite basketball aren't there all over the map. These guys right now in Portland the guy that's kind of in charge of the top AU team is Madonna Kang Suk and I like Madonna concert got no issue with that he's a football player. And I don't blame Damian Miller Damian Miller is giving back. To Oakland but I think part of the problem right now is it there is no torch bearer for fixing basketball Portland say we're gonna turn it into you. Team Drexler. And meet some notable name from Portland the says I'm gonna make this mine we're gonna make this special. It doesn't exist and it didn't need to have to do it didn't used to need to bedecked. It didn't used to but now does. Portland has a hard time when they go to national tournaments they have a national tournament. I the U ideal last year at Portland got one team involved which is fine they'll win one team really qualified and and get that honor to have all the best talent. And I don't know if they wanna gain they definitely in winning game the first week. Portland basketball is down there is no one that is bringing that talent together at a young age and because of that it's a really fractured community. I just covered seven on seven tournament for football. And team Willard. And and at times it was a little chippy but nowhere near. Nowhere near any anything negative I mean it was a great great opportunity for those kids to get some really good raps against content. And nobody said you're not covering me enough for you not covering this enough for ordered you know don't look at that team that team isn't worth your time that doesn't exist. It's about getting better as a community and that community is dying in Portland I I don't have a solution I know. I know the Portland needs a torch pair I know that they need a system and someone to say. Come under this umbrella were all gonna be on all the top talent in Portland needs to be here. And it doesn't exist right now. And when that top guy in the area is a football guy and I respect the dollar Cox who he is giving back its. Not his fault but he's a football. He's not a basketball who's a basketball guy. They can take Portland under his wing and say let's fix this because right now organ high school basketball especially given that it has six classifications. But talent is so fractured out. That the basketball's is not very quality. Maybe Terrence Jones who is slowly fading out of the NBA decides to come back and give back that he great maybe Debbie great. That be an end you know Jefferson has been good for a long time Jefferson still good but it's not consistent we're not having consistency anywhere else. You know Wesley has a very good program it and there are a little bit transfer lighten. Most of their talent outside that core group with patent Richards group that won four straight since then they've kind of been to transfer laid I would love to see Portland basketball. The worst and an organ bass organ high school basketball. Be worse. People's time going forward because right now it's not a very good product and the state tournament jumping all over hasn't helped the lack of elite superstar talent hasn't helped. It's just in needs to get better in DC get better one thing it doesn't need to get better is Javon hall. Beckett is dialed in ready to do is interview and he's ready to go sit my phone I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready so we gotta get him. So he's going to be on next we're pretty with Andrew naymick on Teddy if it from four. I like like candy get the ducks the beaver commits. On the show and this kid has twice committed to doing the show and I dropped the ball so I appreciate third time's a charm. Org and four star athlete Sonny's gonna play safety Eugene JaJuan Holland joins the show Javon thank you for finally be on the show me and. Hey man no problem gotten the years. OK so what. What are you most excited about as far as the next few months getting ready to get down to Eugene there's got to be some now he signed sealed delivered there's got to be some you're really looking forward to. Man. There's a lot of things I'm excited about but I think come the big thing I'm excited about is getting near game noble work. We get in there and engines take advantage of every team echoed over the course as the ball. You know fluorescent. No religion in the facilities and try to do my body to become you know the best they can be. Inept on my put a usually they're ready to work ma'am I'm from rated going down the balance. I've been rated there and works most of these same. I'm really glad he didn't say the girls in the parties that would have been not a good start. All right man so it really early and a lot like I mean there were coaching changes there was a lot of different things that went on. What your experience. Like during knack coaching switch did you consider any other options are. Did you feel like you wouldn't and Steve Stephens when you're close with were pretty solid organ a whole way. Ourselves pretty talk about the whole way at all though I did consider. UCLA. That they had the coaching change in our Italian. Dad and I really fond of coach Kelly when he was that organs so I was is considering UCLA and in. And actually park to skis. And to Thomas Graham. And didn't particularly him and I just you know all the separate occasions but I talked the last and I and I act like that would be take such. And I don't wanna leave our wanna play with Don they're in our little achieved that everybody up here and partygoers Hayward and he was like what's dukakis'. Depressed for it's. And this is this and were running growth. And in these what you would have committed in May if you work you were and are you sure about it he was right you know an apartment house he's like you were committed the school. And if anybody left in you knew that you have responded. Into the giant bear in the team and that's you know about this to us starches. About a day or two after. Coach tiger has leapt out to sit myself have seen a lot of credit of the ducks and attitude to the university. Puppet coach. There was no point me leaving negative fan base there they are already there are you know meet people out there. You know silicone and so while what a while when I leave a while we're going to Wear out there opposite so I just knew right in there doubt as to meet there was no question. In my mind coach Hayward was about as good a coaching recruiter is origin had this last recruiting cycle. He's a phenomenal recruiter and is going to be as long as he's in Eugene. What is his pitch what is what is it about him that is so magnetic drive school kids because not only does he pull big time recruits but they also have a lot of belief in his coaching ability. And as personality. If she's straightforward. He doesn't mean. Could a lot of coaches when they come first meet cute and ask you know what offers. Been. Or you're treated interest in the school the coach Avery asked the judge is currently. Not gonna offer you. Until I feel like. You know you want to offer. You're not just chasing offers. And a first. I was actually I was chasing. Just to keep offered compartment wrote in court houses I was ready to just get to offer now how org and our proposal quarter. You'll get all the hype and all the or look at all. But did not actually started to talk to demand. And I understood that he knew my position he knew became at that depth that that myself did you know. And my dad my dad he's active approach he's probably a lot of games or course nor my more than me. Didn't surprise me but it it is in I was expecting it but I was waiting for the right coached at a court they were and you look now when are you describe what should it. He's got a lot to be treated like any other scholarship as this partial scholarship because you wanted it. And I feel like you walked in and this is going to be deployed there you end up and so he talked more parent and talk and comedians. And then after that. I came out there on a visit about two months later and teaches. Stop being treated me like I was our policy is also an and that's how we treat you today that I can't find meetings which a call me like. She didn't she didn't tell me wanting fought signed the NAFTA that treat him comes. Strangers he should treat me trying amount. How would support people so he used to record dude he's a great guy great men better fathers he's awesome and. We're talking organ Forestar safety sign Egypt on the Holland and Javon. You were at one time kind of an under rated prospect and I know Brendan Hoffman deserves a tremendous amount of credit for pointing you are out of people. And I wanna give him shock as he does a phenomenal job you really seemed open semis at the opening pew said men to complete Corky complete safety he's a good receiver. How big. Is the circuit for recruits now as far as giving your name out there how important is that for people don't understand things like the opening things like the rival's camp. You know those types of things how big are those for for you as far as getting your name out there and maybe potentially leading to offers camera. Those calls were huge. Older peers are for meat puppet for partly for. But several seventeenth that traveled so I got to go to the big time but he can't have a look at the tournaments all the recruits were going to be out. And all the government of Libya so I knew that. Adding that time being there I was gonna get look at. And I knew how to dominate take advantage that our current anybody would buy it as an athlete. Let's give it to grow and and and place haven't answered that article helped you. Physically but it helps you mentally prepare how to interview how to take an interview and and how to approach is so popular because getting your name appears to be eight people don't know about you know he wore you'll never get enough. Because it's very hard couldn't figure they can't keep every kid at a little world. Don't say so for somebody to goes so to go to a place. Well there's gonna be a cool sounding like like the opening of the Bible camps older places where you need to be if you don't have. Innocent in height you don't saying and so for me to be up to seven offsetting. Brent entrapment did a phenomenal chocolate army from the beginning our Italian he would know and how far and so are dot com. Before they Likud where they would now leads or solid and tomorrow could put of course it's got a call all operate in. And what they've done an umbrella company great guy he peed on it looked out for me nothing bad about me. A lot of many awesome. Good product that the biggest that you have to get your name appeared have to be willing. These have to swallow if you. Whenever you see you'll on social media like getting exposed to anything like I'd have to swallow that gore been performed. Good want to step on the field you get in those troops the body it is gonna take over to muscle memory because you've done so much. So it just go up there and perform annually you can do results that you would of course. But I don't know of this is really not you hit my FAN today or recently I think it was this morning. They said he wanted to pair of your gloves you're sighing gloves if you can get re tweets. What's what's gentle thing about new is that an organ can't. You know ordered it's it's two young younger and that's from Florida he plays receiver or a car when he Warren. He's got tremendous deep I encourage anybody who execute like go to his Twitter page on the DO or to get it by he's got tremendous speed and I'd seen him talk to me before you give you for an artist are you know wanna buy them in a fan and I never really done before it can't come into his coat. I just say you know what what went you don't see them play the game and so. So let's yeah I retreats does he need to do it didn't get a signed an Obama says. So I think I didn't do anything crazy like you like 2000 and like that was and I says 200 leads yet. Situation retreat and wanna you know I'll wanted to go out and art like you know according to torture retreated to yet to act. Forget that he'll be also mean vacuuming account and it and saw what you would close. 200. I said are says the BO he's that I think October 2 that 110. So anybody who's on the mobile retreated garden party retreated garden retreat that we get the 200 but he I agree it is a bright future. From people listening wanna re tweet deck and checks you well what's your Twitter handle so they didn't they can jump on that Korea. Mark my Twitter handle is college of on HO at age oil indeed CEO in our room. Yeah that would go to America. All right. Page of on one last question who's a prospect in this class for origin. Other than yourself to you these got a chance to be really specials or anybody that you've you've seen all these kids are most sub certainly did jumps out to you think Mann act is going to be a star. Yes Adrian Jackson Justin Johnson and they swear. Chris Rwanda on go ski experience. Partly true. Brian McCann Roma can't meet tomorrow Eliot. Travis died. Our Carson battles. JJ. Who look look the whole list. Hold everybody to play amen to that everybody's playmaker. If you didn't ask someone about an acre we don't want Arctic I guarantee you gonna shockingly it or diminish our part twelve. Twelve between agent class in between seventeen class anybody that at org right now we have firepower when the council championship and so you right now. You're going to be surprised how we come out this year. Cosell had the game are that I haven't seen yet in my life so it's going to be scared. On unity you'd think that that if you think that organ is not going to be contender you're mistaking. Javon I was looking forward to this interview may and I knew I knew you would you would hit it on the part thanks so much for doing the show you Tilden and great interview. Thank you appreciate it. Javon on them throughout this year you know you get to know some kids some kids get to know better than others and Javon has been a leader this class and in a fantastic kid from the beginning. And I really light lynch. How excited he is to get to work so often you lose your kids were kind of ready to celebrate their one. They wanna hang out and celebrate the fact they signed with the big time school and they kind of thing they've crossed the finish line. And steering him talk about it getting ready to be a part in to view contributor. Next year or quickly. I really like hearing that from kids that's the kind of mentality you want in the leaders of your recruiting. He was the most mature interview you don't have any of the organ organ state commits in the last X about a month's. The most mature yeah and like the way he thought about the recruiting process in the way he told us about his thought process back then. Was. Awesome there's really kind of it was more. People love like to kill behind the curtain kind of thing I don't know if it occurred like it was a bad baseball player in high school of Soledad Soledad and I have no idea. So TT here in batting and hear his perspective was. The coach who coaches say to him was really really cool and I appreciate. Yeah he's he's a great kid and I like is advice TI and I'm all for multi sport athletes you look at the Super Bowl most of those guys are multi sport athletes and high school. But if you are not playing multiple sports and even if you mark. It's not the worst thing in the world to show up to those seven on seven events that showcase events. And lined up against the best players in your state in your region in your area. Because what you're doing is getting consistent raps against double all league Allstate. Joseph bonds advice is great if you're if you don't have that opportunity. Seven on seven and it and those types of camps present for you. I just phenomenal just absolutely killed. It did Gould a 2019. West Salem I think one of the fastest kids in the country got an offer from Morgan State he's gonna join us next on McRee with Andrew naymick. On Cheney a fan. Here's Mike was sports center. Featuring. Norris Jim lives in Oregon and recruiting expert Andrew. Remember on 1080 close friend. The class of 2018. Is in the books for me. That means it's time to turn the page to 20192021. In my early. Favorite kids in the entire state of origin is west Salem speedster he's an athlete receiver running neck and maybe defensive back into the school. If he thinks be on the show man. You've got responsibilities in track right now and seven on seven. How juggling all that obviously you're competing for it tracks state title maybe a couple state titles. And then you've got showcase events for seminal seventeen lower. The kind of Tokyo Golan practiced everyday after school and in. The pilot and on Wednesdays and then football Saturdays Sundays is into it yet we're Olivia I don't. I have to do it in Dodgers. Got here and compete they were announcing he's got to have fun. Realistically and I know I know you love football I know you love the seven on seven stuff I gotta think with his talented you are on the track. That that's your primary focus I mean is that fair to say that right now you're a little more focused on on track and field and you would be on non football. Yeah not come is that not then and is blind but it. I know at the end of day it's sort of silent. Track that my dad's big contract you know go go and retention of went eight Wednesday titled the one and two haven't done yet little. Check it more I'm not focused right now but that no candidate on us like another eight. You're gonna go up against tiger star Notre Dame sighing he Braden Lindsay and let's huge rivalry in terms of track and field what are your thoughts on him is a competitor and that match up obviously raises the bar for you. On you you're from Texas organ not quite as good in track and field as Texas but obviously bring Lindsay is quite a challenge. Again being the bad guy. Think it's sickening eight X here I'm correct. That dive in make me. Charters as you one and get the win in the one in two. Haven't been yet but I didn't popped into the known. Atkins is the ubiquity. I know again we talked contract being your main sport UN and competed in the MVP. Some of the top corners in the state Allstate all league level guys. Kept coming up to me and I'm able late kind of interact with guys not subtle little more than I am obviously in regular football to me and that it is I asked. Do you still feel like you're building a reputation it kind of seems like BN from Salem. Having moved from a different state seems like people still want quite aware of what you bring to the table we still feel like proving yourself. Yeah I mean gramatica much until. The all my life. You know he's just moving here and so we're kinda get happy and not do that I would get to recognition. Straight from the jumps. You know working hard. Is being that would compete gonna compete with the best diet she's doing what I do. You know the recognition. That I feel like and is there right now it still be it would work hard in though. Play that well known that I know I'll need to get my moderate nation sometime. Are you traveling team and a junior playing a team and 77 you gonna travel of their term as they got to Vegas coming up here this weekend. At all. What does that mean Tia and you've got the offer for more esteem we will deathly talk about it. But it feels like these are big opportunities potentially for you to showcase your talent. How geared up how excited you get a nose a trip to Vegas at the same time I imagine there's some serious business side what you gotta get. Yeah I'm eight. The talk line ready not to compete ready but their people. Diet eighteen Wheeler. I realized how big it is and how important until kids and and the offers from on and not an idol that he'd go out there in in marketing to. Get them get some more noted and we'll. Got the offer for origin Stacey are packed well prospect nobody can take that away from you obviously it's only building from there what are your thoughts early on Oregon State and you've been able to visit campus to be able to get to know the coaching staff. We think about already stay so far. Coach Reggie great relation with him to mark time because Schmidt had a date cosmetic. Cute and little bit and who didn't. Going to be going to be good team it how commitment towards a program around and I don't. Is that something you feel like the class of 2019 is watching maybe a little more closely than. In the 2018 group in terms of new coaching staff that Oregon State it seems like there's some belief right now. Dick Smith could be guided view the long term answer that can turn this thing around. Is that the kind of sense you get from talking the other 20192020. Kids that kids are watching organ stay here pretty closely the next let's say twelve months eighteen month. Yeah I mean. Now last year Qaeda and the rookie year coat walking out mid season solo. You know is great guy Washington Boston and programs. I think at Roland gonna be able to see it villagers had been you can get some wind and petrol here. Our identity now safe travels to Vegas show outlets and that offer sheet and a united Indian decent big things here in the next few months. Eight. The 2019 class does not have a ton of prospects but if you're looking for a guy that could jump up. And beat out four star guy into the school was certainly one of them right now already three star prospect like you mentioned an offer from Oregon State. He might be the number three prospect in the state right now with a chance decline. She's got a unique situation he isn't a leaked delete track guy in. That that goal of being number one in the one in the 200 in Oregon high school track and field is very realistic so he's training for that. And then on this side right now he's also trying to build his prospects stock because he moved from Texas. And is not a real well known kid in a state it's not a real well known football state so he's got a couple of different things and he's trying to juggle. I find it really interesting lynched. The key to this situation right now where he's got to compete for state titles. And also by the way make a name for himself on the football field that's a lot for 6070 OK it's a lot. But. It's also. What will get you. More looks because your multi sport athlete in you've got experience in other ways. If he is winning state titles then I think they'll help them as well and and I know we even mentioned earlier in the show you're kinda. Burden or a little bit that. Being multi sport athletes important that you also are focusing a bit I am all about being a multi sport athlete in terms of if you're trying to make it big in college and in professional sports if you hear any. Of the big time athletes in our in our world really. I guess separate soccer players because they focus from like four years old but they're soccer player not just I'm just kidding it it's our Portland. They all say multi sport they also I played everything I had a well rounded experience I didn't burn out right. That's one thing our PL reference myself as a crappy as will be as a player. IE did summer ends in fall ball for like two Sri years I burned out of baseball I looked baseball's whatever sport. So imagine doing that as a lead player and just doing it all the free can time. The risk of burn out so much higher so the fact that your do all that although might be a lot I think is really beneficial for you as a as a future athlete. And I don't I don't think people realize and an aside from being a multi sport athlete what these seven on seven athletes go attracting people think it's kind of like. So you mess around in these guys take multiple I mean Houston. Vegas Sacramento. Los Angeles. And then they got the opening regionals and that's a showcase event. Were you work out you try to get invited the opening finals which has a seven on seven tournament. And it as well as different coaching and things that goes on in the summer and those are in North Carolina and Texas and I mean they're all over the country. These kids have an insane travel scheduled to try to get exposure and JaJuan Colin talked about it in the equal talked about it a little bit. These kids I know for a lot of fans they think OK it's the off season it's over. For a lot of these kids this is as busy as they get especially if they're playing basketball running track. Because they've got that. And they're traveling all over the country right now trying to get exposure I just it's a unique thing and I wanted to bring bring it up because for me also I'm quite busy right now. We Darius practices with little or any force to get a look at the top two point 1920 when he gets. And also when I can't I like to try to go to these tournaments all over the country. I try to stay you know West Coast and and my adventures have been as far as Seattle's so. I kept things pretty much within driving distance there's been a couple tournaments in Portland I've been able to go to. But it's a big. It's a big and easy time for these prospects that a lot on their plate right now even though football's over still a lot going on. We come back out wanna talk a little bit. About the black intimately got a chance to see it. We also got a top prospects we will get some more recruiting. But I got a document the black intimate because I was blown away no spoilers. Next recruiting with Andrew naymick spontaneous camp. Snipes stars don't know frustrated. Normal for Morgan. This is returning with a hundred mimicked on tennis. I promise I promise. No spoilers. Nine I saw the black panther movie I loved it. I love all the attention it's getting. Fantastic film I love how strong and powerful and independent and just freaking awesome the women wearing them. Wonder Woman is kind of like in the Wonder Woman movie she's kind of like her and she's not even doesn't know she's doing. In this it was just strong women characters Qichen but I liked it I like to lock blocked. I don't like it any time meeting is celebrated now and articles are there has to be a backlash. And then there has to be that different little groups that say well I didn't like this so. Some people are mad all the sudden it's races agreement has been there. Well for some people Darrell other people who say they're mad that there isn't a gay character and openly gay character in the film and then. So then fine okay whatever viral I mean can't we see we can't check every box and every don't. Otherwise we're just constantly explaining. Oh and this is our character who happens to beat. Yeah I had a homosexual what are we can't have that of them and then sold and Peter Rabbit. Peter Rabbit is what he's innocent as it gets right apparently there's a scene in the film where Peter Rabbit. Throws blackberries and blueberries. At a farmer who's allergic to them so low. Parents of kids who have allergies some group that's like parents of kids and allergies where outraged. That. Kids with allergies were being mocked Hough was. In her and her kids with allergies pop pop up there. Just appreciate stuff to just a choice don't know we have anything that gets popular we have to have a backlash to any sports. You know sports is so can be so pure and wonderful and that we have to have clowns. Like Stephen A Smith. And skip painless and long so like not what's his name I don't know Lavar is Lamar as the dad yeah Lavar ball. All those people by the way blocked on my Twitter. Blocked I can't see anything to do with them if you mean if you tweet about a couple times I will block you are mute you I have no interest in it. I have no interest I don't wanna hear your hot take your negative take your pessimistic take. You're goofy take to get attention not interested and there's so much to be discussed in films and sports bids interest. Genuinely interesting I wanna hear your take tweet at me who's your favorite organ or organ state prospects and why do you like them what stands out on film. I like that kind of stuff that's real sports. I can talk real sports forever can he force Kiev and go to team will against I can go to the organ high school basketball tournament begrudgingly. And talk real sports x.s and those for hours and I love. What do we have Deb nonsense. You know my hot tickets are nonsense racially cabins to really attractive. Meachem. I follow OK okay let's say excuse me yeah. Mean girls wearing crash yet I am I got a book. She's there there's a trailer reach a challenge is your sugar mill. But I'd the trailer just came on ownership society and I was like Hoosier who issue like celebrity cried Elizabeth Banks. Listen to okay yay yeah I always been it's a weird one for the guy my age issues like forty. And I'm 28 all but yeah she's here ever since the the bathtub scene of four year old virgin okay. It has been wrapped. Up a third for my phantom and if I had to pick his second it would be Caylee quote go. AKA penny from the Big Bang theory. OK but I I was are watching her in a simple rules when I was a teenager camera showed John Ritter yeah. The OK button. Want my to my my old cement was always is not to completely blow your heartache edible. Hot take take out of the water quick transition effect at a Selma high I always big fan that's that's an easy one I know I can agree that as a kid it was like Tyra Banks and nylon or nylon from Fresh Prince of Bel Air with a short hair and don't care. And then nine yeah. So that most are those are mine we we got off track well I got to does that because I had a hot take. About race without. But zero point two original point ruins are and I'll go back to the okay statuary about it thank you we also talk about it all the time attractive women. You know wreaking ball all over the place on recruiting in June and the hippocampus a I think the problem too is that if you do you make a movie that checks all those boxes that you're talking about like everyone is included in the people are out they're going. So you just made this movie to include everybody but it has no substance or story right so there's that's not gonna say. No no one's ever gonna be happy anymore for whatever reason the culture cited to shift into everything is it has everything is a problem. Everyone has a problem with everything there's no more open conversations. There's no more respect for differing opinion. There's not not that it just. Loud noise so for me. I get from Morgan State fans you'll love origin because you said they had a top three recruiting class in the pac twelve you hate organ state because you're we were ranked twelfth in record. It's like the just the numbers folks like. I really genuinely I really like Wayne Segal I like coach Smith. I like a lot of the guys on Oregon State staff I went and covered their early signing period one time and we literally they came in the office there like joking about it like on a guy that hates Oregon State you're that guy and they just laugh about it like obviously don't. You know we got to do a little bit better job in recruiting and obviously a lot of staffs gone because in part they couldn't but. Probably organs if I like Oregon State it's fun when his state may determine a couple years ago I was tickled pink I senate tickled pink. I likely take I think he's a good man I like their baseball program I think they've done some phenomenal things I have some some issues with the way they're going about things currently on their roster. But I have no real issue Hillary I watched Oregon State win tuna from the college World Series I blew comic thing is weird I say baseball but I don't have enough time. To even get into it I it's so setting I honestly honestly I it's hard for me to not say I hope they lose every single game. This isn't a one time thing this wasn't a 11. Off type of deal. And the people say well you pass the lie detector test he passed a lie detector test when he was asked if anyone else and if in his family other than the victim that they knew about had been molested not. Did you. Did you I don't want it is just disturbing and it sucks. And it's a wonderful baseball program they're a wonderful story because they played a state it rains constantly that's a warm weather sport outdoors and somehow they built. Eight an elite caliber program exact should be the story but it's not. Because their soul. Eager to chase wins and stay on top. That they have somebody who pled guilty to being a child molester on the team and it's disgusting about the tangent again often those where I do not hot seat by the way that is just. In my strong opinion I strongly believe he should not be celebrated at university ID. You wonder what's gonna happen with mentally baseball went to the draft last year was untouched for obvious reasons I wonder after this year which you'll have a whole season as long as he's healthy. Pitching under his dollar estate. Top two team right now one of the best teams in the country he is a very very very talented pitcher. The C had a chance to mentally baseball or does this completely. And here and now. I hope he doesn't get a chance in baseball I I know people say one mistake it was one mistake. It happened multiple times over a very long period of time and yes for people would argue that a user pay as punishment. That was given to him right but. When you do something like that do you deserve to be put in the spotlight and honored. As any celebrated part of a community and when your star athlete not only are you prick not only GB com. Somebody that kids admire and kids look up to pitcher also somebody kids approach for autographs for pictures. And things like deck and into you wanna you wanna play it. Somebody who's been found guilty of that in the spotlight to be around those kids. I don't feel comfortable with it. I know I have a hard time we that I you know or his state this season in baseball OK I'm not going to be watching. I'm not to be watching and if you win the World Series great and I'm not gonna be happy for you. Don't care move let's move on authorities say baseball is the last time you ever you need documentary CBS fox couldn't care less at this point. Just I I just think it's disgusting. Back to recruiting. Mike Lynch got me on also. Tangent that was supposed to be about hot takes three went down ha we not hot hot tea and Luke I'm Lincoln and it just became hot to pads. That was not the point well you know what it was fox. Next week dollar fine but recruiting related under pretty with the Internet back on tentative fan based listening.