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Recruiting with Andrew Nemec
Thursday, January 11th
Talking to Michael Johnson Jr, chatting about Tua to Oregon, about Oregon State's recruiting class, and more!

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This you always are college recruiting friends. It. Inside story on the ducks or beavers the national recruiting scene and high school prospects across Oregon and southwest Washington. This is recruiting revenge and Emmitt. Jim lives in Oregon and recruiting expert players coaches and fans follow cool. Including then drew a mix dogs an eighty. Hello and welcome to recruiting with Andrew and connect on 1080 the fan. Oh Scott frost O Scott Russell Scott frost where to begin. If you watch the national championship game on Monday of course you saw to a tunnel by Noah that's they say at Alabama freshman to a tangle Ayala. Lead the Crimson Tide to a dramatic come from behind overtime win the why does that matter why you keep talking about to untangle my low well the reason. Back in December of 2004. G now bear with me here this needs some explanation. In December 2014. Marcus Murray and it was right in the midst of his big time Heisman run up it looked like he was sure fire thing at that point it was pretty much a done deal. So as a recording writer. I'm looking for something to tie you. And one of the things I'm looking to do is check in with Marcus is former coach. Cal lead over at Saint Louis school. And Lee tells me there's acute here and he's young but there's a kid here who has a chance to be just as good as markets Mario. So I watched the film. I did. Biden I lied to their very very very few kids in my career that I come out and say. This kid is ace future superstar center about just the Herbert. Believed it still feel like he's a first or second round NFL picked. Believe it about two to handle my low when he was just saw this kid is on the real I mean I believe I'm gonna write a story. So I write the story I interviewed Kidd does like to be true dream story Bernie reporter. Not only did to attend a bye Lola come from the same schools Marcus Mario did not only was he the next superstar. In college football out of the seat of a white also. He actually was man toward by markets Mario and at Saint Louis school in camps. Saint Louis school is a big school they they're not just a high school did you all the way through grade schools. Marcus had taken two under his wing. When he was in the fourth grade to go to McDonald's a few times give him rides home Todd and some things about football. And here is this dual threat quarterback. That's got a chance to beat a superstar. So I interview and he says you all got offers are ready now and 56 years all I've got offers RA for USC UCLA. I'm not really interest. Coach Steve search easy and it's been here in person. To talk to my coach or so on in the hall he wants me not really interested as soon as origin offers me I'm done. I believe that's a direct quote I think I had back luck. If Morgan offers me I am done. Origin knows about it talks to him and suddenly six months later they lose all contact. Stop talking and again. Now did he got offers from USC UCLA Texas Tech. Starting to get interest from Alabama everybody's on this kid everybody's honest and were in the spring. Of his sophomore year march helpers as the rule I don't like to offer gives until they're juniors. It's an old school philosophy doesn't work anymore kids don't do that anymore. No coach is doing that anymore it's the wrong way to go kids by then especially quarterbacks. Are pretty much get into a point of the end downed their finalist if there are big time quarterback. Sort it waits. And waits. And waits. And wait it gets Ryan Kelly a four star quarterback ESPN rings in the number one dual threat quarterback in the country what is filming I like him not as much to. Not as much as two I dot to a was special I Dottie was a specials what you saw Monday night. So. He commits to Alabama. And organs still waits and at this point is say I'm not interest ignored anymore I'm done I'm done with organ. If they don't talk to me I tried calling them they don't answer my phone I tried calling Scott frost. I. 78 in stand up to attend Obama. How different would this season beat. If they had to untangle why low life instead of Braxton Burmeister. National championship. You know I had a right good joke. But they want a couple more games. So fast forward to after the game. Scott crosses asked about two. Any sense quote it was a decision I don't know I would've been courageous enough to make that's the answer you wanna hear. The other answer is it was pretty obviously better. And they had twelve games to figure that out and didn't. Coach Saban is above criticism with everything he's accomplished so I don't mean it that way but I recruited two out of high school. And knew what he could do and it doesn't surprise me that he did what he did it. Scott frost never offered to attend a low. You want a friend or an offer he was Marcus stereo does disciple Marcus Mary Joseph has chosen you will be the next meet in college football. With the USC's in the Alabama's new ceiling is the world going after him she was the elite eleven MVP he went the opening finals for a 155 of the nation's best prospects he led his team to a championship he was named the MVP of the camp. Orton didn't offer until after Scott frost left Scott frost did that heck out of here man. Congratulations on winning coach of the year you're a fantastic coach and you're gonna do well Nebraska which shot up. You did not offer to and you can't even I knew what he was no you didn't he Q. You for an offer. I can do is all on Scott frost or is that on health for trade and on both of insulin both album but for France the high road it. Didn't actually ever end up offering and any of the time frost was there they waited until about six months after he was golf. So afraid to say we recruited him milk to Judah recruit. And you didn't recruit and I did just a it's a great quarterback I'm not saying if you were an organ that he would absolutely be the starter and Herbert socks and none of that none of but how disingenuous. Can Scott frost. I would've you know well we knew when he was and are now eighteen months to eighteen months. I did multiple stories it's on Oregon live there like eight stories about two like man I hope I get dot org and offer GS still haven't heard from Morgan. I keep calling it coaches and I don't hear anything. It's an embarrassment this will never happen again but this is the perfect storm. In modern recruiting which everyone says his home. Really happened in the last few years you offer kids especially quarterbacks as freshman. Too early. And mostly sophomores in the summer of their sophomore year you don't wait until junior or senior year for quarterbacks anymore that's not how works by the elite eleven camp. The camp for the top eighteen to nineteen quarterbacks in the country. Dick go to that happens every year between their junior and senior years for the last three or four years. All but two kids out of that group have been commit so no one ever weights don't late junior year and that's not that's not I think. On top of that. Health rich. Was an old school guy with Scott frost who as a group they decided to be old school and follow the Chip Kelly regime of organs too cool to chase you come to office. That doesn't work that dog don't clocked a two or did come to them. He said I want to I want to be in Oregon quarterback and they went. Right now which is where there again disingenuous right so on top of that. Origin now if this happened today if the Heisman winner to de Bakker mayfield had a star pupil. In Oklahoma or as he's from a different state so in taxes whatever that he meant port and he became a four star quarterback one of the nation's best quarterbacks. Oklahoma's coach. What is here from every one in the world in December of 2014. Was a big deal recordings did a big deal for but it's not like it is now. Where everyone falls this radio show wouldn't have existed and didn't exist in 2014. You didn't have people. Athletic directors hiring entire coaching staffs because of recruit it. Mario crystal ball isn't the head coach of organ if that job opens up to two dozen fourteen and I'm not saying because he wasn't experienced enough it was three years ago I mean save situation. Go back because recruiting is now a huge headline stealing deal someone would have set very high up there or again. Are you guys doing what you this is an absolute slam duck. Two wins his first national championship. It is true freshman season. He wanted to be a dock obviously he wasn't the sole reason Alabama won a national championship but ask yourself ducks fans. That wake of martial for just still there ask yourself would you rather ahead to a tangle my Lola Braxton Burmeister as the backup this year who have been more red. Because I'm telling you right now tell you right now back in December 2014 when he was a sophomore. I said he was the next great superstar quarterback. Said the same thing about just the Herbert a year later when he was in high school he's a future star. It wasn't hard to see folks. And health Richard frost Saturn their hands and then how and then frost had the audacity. Decline Lovett had the audacity to call on Nick Saban about it too cute too long to recognize how good to a was. And Scott frosted tipped you over a year and you never really actually did. Well do you think fat. Good grief to would've been there were having been the key here is this was just one half of football. It was great in a while the national championship. A dollar budget this and earlier talked you've got a note and you're gonna I'm I'm following the only fought the whole conversation around to lose based on right now is based on one half of football. The second half of an I disagree and ship where he. Took over for a completely anemic jailing her somewhat Alabama back to the title page and come back against Georgia. Well edited too have been has ready. And I am gonna try to says lasting Angela law no wood to have a dinner is ready. As. He wasn't Alabama if you was with the last year's organ coaching staff to take over for just harbor when he went down. Well multi year answer one. Markets Arroyo did not point Burmeister in a situation to succeed. They threw a lot of dump offs and screens they didn't throw over the middle there were a lot of reasons Burmeister and succeed by the way Burmeister still has a chance to be very. I still think Burmeister as a chance to be a solid quarterback I'm not trying to say to crap all of Iraq's Burmeister. Two looked polished anti illegal labs there's a reason he was the MVP there's a reason that he was the nation's number one quarterback in the end there's a reason. Any in the last few years there's been like three in the last five years or 45 star quarterbacks the last five years he was one. The others are Jacob Eason who got beat up by Jake from and by the way. I wrote about that when that was going on 'cause a song together and camp here as well we've got most likely keep it in a B you'd. They're paddling in different. From Jake from two jade Browning and then Jake sermon is gonna be there next year he signed c.'s gab it's the story of Jake's. Man the whole thing when Scott frost just. Buys me for first coach to come out and say. For a coach to come out and say you know we knew we knew what he was an organ. Its beach and biggest example I've ever had in my career of a staffer I felt like oh my gosh this is in your lap and Jesus died. And they didn't know and he tries to cited as the example of he would have known it just. It's ridiculous. From the past quarterback recruits to the future. Joining me next on recruiting which injured in the country to stand shoulder and four star quarterback Michael Johnson junior the nation's number three dual threat quarterback. In the class of two dozen detainees are ready. Been selected to play in the under armour all American game we will get his recruiting update again next on recruiting and genetic Teddy different. This is every. Turning revenge or memories. On ten navy friends. In the class of 2018 there were several big time Forestar prospects. There aren't that many in the class of two dozen nineties and I was terrified I was gonna lose this kid. Because his dad was maybe gonna go maybe gonna stays the wide receiver coach organ my Johnson joining me shelled enforced our quarterback the nation's number three dual threat quarterback. Michael Johnson junior how you doing man. I'm very good round. Nugget it's always a pleasure to talk to you you have some big news this week you announced something huge for yourself as far as an all star exhibition wanna tell our listeners about it. I I committed to. Under armour all American game at Orlando flipped out pretty exciting does this fund be able to get out and bewildered computer market Michael. What does that mean to you. Before your c.'s senior season even begins your RD pick to be in the under armour all American game I I can only imagine that the must feel in crap. What they've got going humbling afternoon on normal artwork up pretty concrete Metropolit with. In local option. Oh well this paid off about it into a home all the artwork. And we couldn't understand that you don't. And really only. The last month and a half probably a little bit stressful for you you just moved to shelled and I see you guys have a wonderful a huge opportunity here next year to win a state title. And then your dad's jobs in the area and not because he was gonna get fired because you have some opportunities. How stressful as a son of a coach and again your dad's the receiver coach Jordan how stressful is it to go through that what was going through your mind about me and I might leave shelled and again are you potentially excited about the chance to move. Are created. Apart pretty close my dad so whatever whatever we the other that. Not news editor any kind of violent. Different school took it straight choke it. Mean if you refuse I hope I can ask a question. Although in my heart my partner that we were welcomed when they what friends are. Children don't go to that it oh she really a goal Israel not really happy. We're talking under armour all American quarterback Michael Johnson junior the nation's number three dual threat quarterback on rivals. You've already got offers from minute and I'm not going to be able to get a mall but Alabama Florida Florida State Georgia I think LSU Ohio State Michigan or again. West Virginia. And TCU tennis I mean their you're just bombarded. How close are you don't need be start to cut things down or use still wide open where you stand in terms of your recruitment I know again year you're in your junior year. On different plans plan a hike headed down I'm trying to get it done in just back from arm. G right now I think that mark dropping out harder whatever change about. You don't go and all of us Obama would be this great. Are about to complete this spring I'm I'm gonna a couple of and I think that. I'm Margaret I'm a good idea mark outsider how hot or not. Org and obviously loves themselves a dual threat quarterback Dennis Dixon Marcus Murray yelled out obviously kind of headliners of that group. On how serious are you looking at Oregon and your dad's there for a why you'll early in the process she kind of said. You know origin was going to be tough to beat but at the same time you were gonna go through the whole process and that you were considering all your options. Where do you stand now with the ducks. Not sounded that definitely out that we are considering. Well and I think a great place created an environment being in black. Are right now I think or organs and fame and the lose lose you know I think right now organs another school long. I'm considering just like you're at a school in our vision pilot and it event. Also I think that on its biggest supporter that would it'll hurt or any other court Billick. Big time quarterbacks. Around this time Thomas frankly start to become celebrities anymore was social media digs like dad. You've got competition for the opening regionals I imagine coming up I imagine the illegal Levin is a major goal for you. What are you doing right now to gear route this spring for our run it make you some of those. Big time camps here in the next few months. I'm training mountain. Train pretty. Absolutely have outlived lifting. The Sunni and send them sent him a prediction. Look at that. Or don't regain. Wedding whenever I can so. Not that good turnout of the current myself. It's an like open. They let that chat about that afford. You're mostly a full blog guy are you do any seven on seven you planned for anybody this this spring. Are built body nobody. Quite locally. Luckily. And he turned and particularly from the Bay Area lately prequel a critical which he. Kurt and not a static it. I don't you talk and I talked to just we we we chopped it up yesterday we talked to yesterday a coach. Including Naji Harris who was the nation's number one recruit last year. Running back in Alabama. Yeah you're gonna go out there apparently got. These chemicals. Are fat. Client. You're a big time athlete obviously a runner I think. If anything right now. You need to hone your mechanics a little bit in and work on your actor see a little bit again not not being hyper critical but I would say that's the area where you're trying to make some strides. How you go about doing that what kind of steps do you take you further yourself as a quarterback because right now frankly in Oregon high school football. On as long as you're healthy it's it's fairly easy for. Well I think right now on our country and number on the guy. Name Brett Barnett. You BJ and I'm really really helped me about the mechanics. Typically have much more accurate I'm trying to. It better I got to act like apple does it take care now about an athlete. You or that these these I think that. He's helping the black faux war they'll form all the things about it that's gonna help me so when the future. Shells gossip series dudes here in the next couple years one of them is 20194 star tied in defense of and Patrick Herbert. What is it like to have him as a teammate and targeted Sheldon. I get definitely. Like why you're gonna Margaret EU works her lead by example. I'm home he just he literally got pink I think if you got nothing against in the day I don't think anyone can. BM got sick aren't there right now out. I'm. Thinking of your uncle your current. One of the things that really impresses me about show Michael is your knowledge of the game we went to a game in and you actually came out watched a game with me. And you were explaining kind of priest now what the coverages what works what to look for. How has that developed does that develop through your dad. Is that something you took upon yourself. How would you become such a student of the game where again you're breaking down plays and what the reads are what the routes probably are even before they happen. Followed I'll get that we give 100 of the credit my dad. He's very you know Michael could be a big time on court record day and he knew it 606. Earned income on the chalkboard. On a pretty. Play now might. Think like not been without the cut up I think as a C. You had to be had to gain not many. Not many core happy that we quarterback. I'm one I have a dad knows what was taken those steps to get there. He's Michael Johnson junior he's the nation's number three dual threat quarterback he is already. The most heavily recruited quarterback in the history of the state of origin Michael thank you very much for joining him. I have one more question so. And I decided that Marlins could be negative I don't ownership. Think you got a man on this come on the show a couple of Kiger let's join you at his studio. Okay come in Syria will set it up off the end Michael a job you sentinel last year but yeah definitely come in and cut your list on the air we'll do a top five disparate. Odd days and crop. Michael Johnson junior if he saved mighty mite 2019 class. Without him get organized Patrick Herbert and 84 star talent he's a very talented tidbit that was kinda it. There isn't a whole lot of talent in origin in the class of two dollars and nineteen. I was so why not coaching decision because. I wanna to have some big names to cover. He is the biggest. The most big time quarterback in history of Morgan in terms of his crew and I'm really excited to cover him and apparently is. Liz she's cut his list here on the show a few and a few weeks yet you didn't know my name when he said that's a he's ardea. Well figured out both figured out there both figured out all right. Next summer pretty good and Drew Naymick on attending a fan. Who's visiting Oregon State and you know you don't wanna step on announcements he definitely don't wanna step on commitments and we come. Can you step on a leak an official visit announcement. We'll talk about. Featuring origin lies in Oregonian returning expert Andrew mimicked on CNN the exam. The Oregon State Beavers are halfway. Through that she doesn't eighteen recruiting class eleven more spots. The dead period is almost over old everybody realizes just how much things bogged down during the dead period there's a reason these all American games are all going on here in the. Past two weeks coaches are not allowed to have any face to face contact. Good luck getting the kid to commit. Via Twitter. It won't happen a lot so he's finally back in gear after a couple weeks of just again a dead period. Tomorrow and for Oregon State. That means some visitors. And the beavers could have quite and it's only three guys. This weekend but one problem is very very talented and very very special force star wide receiver Isaiah Crocker. From TMP elite if you listen the last segment Michael Johnson junior the nation's number three dual threat quarterback gonna play in some tournaments for TNT elite TMP a leak. Is one of the best seven on seven programs on the West Coast they get kids from all over and when they probably tournament. You can get a kid from Morgan Michael Johnson junior to come to your quarterback. Crocker is visiting Oregon State this weekend. Why does that matter well. Apparently. Unbeknownst to me Mike Lynch. That visit was supposed to be double super secret. Probation. Visit Rick I wasn't. I found out from another recruit. I didn't it was a big deal reached out to property in here from the -- not that rare with a big time recruit some you don't hit or miss sometimes get a hold them if they're not an organ kidney organ kids I know well enough but that's not hard. Out of state kids little tougher. And hear from and you know wrote a story. And then it got a ton of attention as IE and including his coach two weeks since hashed it out were all good he said he overreacted I set like a triangle situation better. Key sad. That I that I blew his visit that it was a surprise. And that he wanted between himself now I am all full I am all for. Kids announcing their commitments themselves tell no longer assigned with USC during yearly signing here. She asked USC keep that a secret he wanted to announce on his birthday December 28. I knew about the I help him with his recruitment video if you listen to his recruitment video I near the thing so I I did got a couple weeks before I knew where it was golf. But I didn't tell anybody and I didn't make a big prediction peace and say you know I now predicts. I change my prediction it's now or USC II you know I didn't do any of that because this. You build trust with these kits. And that's how you build trust and that's how you build faith and I just talked at ten McCormick's mom on FaceBook the tide in from Morgan she told me about his commitment he told me about his commitment a week before he made. And I just you just don't you don't break that trust. A Twitter account found out about tell no longer has commitment again sign during the early signing period December 20 through 23. But wanted to wait until December when he to announce it. And tweeted out. He wants to wait until birth date to announce that he's committed inside with USC which totally ruined it for. And then all the news is out there's no big deal we wrote our story sources say you commit. And that was the candidate. That same tale of secrecy. Tends to not. Come over official visits as well. Because you find out about official visits a number of ways including you know parents know when you've got an emblem it's not like your final decision by the officials hope that's our five official visits basically unlimited on officials a lot of kids take ten visits. Fifteen visits. They take five officials. I just. I was baffled I was truly baffled that it was likely he stepped on and I thought you know people are gonna take you know there's going to be Twitter Charles that's fine. Then the coach Gundy not apparently became was upset about it. I did feel bad I didn't know supposed to be super secret I didn't know super double secret probation animal house level stuff. Izod it was it is anyway. He's visiting. He's very talented and now a TV hit and it. And now it's officially an official visit right and I'm officially allowed to officially announce his official visit her double lead. Non probation super out in the open and no firewall logs say that and origins in on him to. Organ in Oregon State are both recruiting Isiah property went to the opening finals not us not burners from the Bay Area from the Bay Area not a burner. But a really good possession receiver great hands knows how to find space in in in the open field those had to sit a hole in a zone and catch a ball. Really liked him. Morgan State he told me a couple weeks ago on record again not breaking any secret. Organ state was his slight favorite UCLA USC and Oregon are also involved Fries Ian Crocker. So it's gonna be about. But that's a big dip for job for Jonathan Smith and miss recruited the heck out of AT&T credit Torre say over the last couple years Jerry and. It hasn't done a lot of things didn't do a lot of things right or to stay in terms a worker he just didn't pay you know I liked it I get genuine and he's good man. But not a great recruiter one of the things he did do well at his build a pipeline to TM peak GMT kids wanna join other team and he gets. They're they're like a little. Elite force. Out of talents across the country. It'll in the click if you'd like. You got to click I was thinking more like like a a black ops type like super like that. And a leak caused a secret apparently to our parents like a secretive elite force got you in in high school football they're extremely talented. And Dave did they've done a good job OT and they also desperately need a quarterback the beavers have. Under Houston Willard for those who don't know Houston Millard Dini and Willard is older brother runs a seven on seven program I'm going to check other practiced. This Saturday in Madison high school in the morning they always have a lot of leak can't I like watching team will look practices. Houston Willard working Jakob Karr he rose up the rankings from you know basically a baseball prospect and we'll see maybe a big sky guy to a legit. Pac twelve quarterback Oregon State needs to. And they lost Spencer Petrie is the nation's number twelve pro style quarterback just a couple weeks ago to tell Iowa. And most of the good quarterbacks the country are commit. I think all the one of the nation's top thirty pro pro style quarterbacks are committed all but one or two of the nation's top thirty dual threat quarterbacks are committed. So they're having to search for a diamond in the rough and I I gotta tell yeah. One of the guys they're circling in on Brock heard the he also won an award as the best player in Arizona high school football regardless of a each not just seniors aged. Class. It any position. Phenomenal talent issue after for 4400. Yards. 57 touchdowns that's pretty good right also ran for 8000 yards. Yeah a monster season on monsters sees it he does not visiting this weekend or status sending Brian Lindgren. Two he is so high school on Tuesday next week to visit with. Expect an offer to cop now not a guarantee. But there's a good shot and offer comes if it does properties got a good chance to visit Oregon State I think Oregon State has a good chance to win and he said his goal. Is to be a power five quarter. He's taking visits to Boise State and central floor. That was done on the docket right now. He's got the February 2 through February 4 date open three days before signing day he said a Morgan State offers humane is it three days before signing day. Talk about fallen into a kid and and credit again to Jonathan Smith for identifying these can reset on the show a couple weeks ago. Jonathan Smith is good at identifying quarterback talent he just this. He got a good job at Washington he's got a. Legitimately. So I was like man he's gonna have to really work to find a guy here dirty okay that's what's so let's see what this hideous. Let's see what this kid can deal watches video and a Mike. May and he's checked. Our needs to fall in enacted after all these kids are committed to go and then there's just nobody left on the West Coast this is brutal. And dirty falls in their laps he's Carol. That's a didn't. Oh that would be the it would almost be a saving grace for the ask storm at the recruiting has been notorious April last year so I mean it's been. Nothing but negative it's been there one of the lowest teams and all the rankings even below teams like rice and Texas San Antonio and all those guys and then. You're like well all the guys are gone he got a new coach a late in the cycle and once committed he don't have anybody is interested and well. Well maybe got somebody whose interest. It would be an unreal hall and nice to meet Timmy he's up there. With Peter Spencer Pietrus who they lost to was a force are kidney go man that's gonna be tough to replace holy cow Johnson Smith. Brian Lindgren. Screwed us. Good work now with duel with more than one person doing whatever it but the legit and I mean like realistically you look at this kid and it's like okay. Yes he's good but what what is he gonna have to work with him what does he what is he going to do. Because he's coming into an organ state situation where they haven't been great has he been surrounded by talent his high school had never been to a state fine. I asked him about yesterday he says you know. I believe if you're good enough in your leader enough you can build any programs to a winner so Oregon State can't swear it right. But not only does he say he does. He leads his high school at their first ever state title game. Property I named to watch if he gets that visit if he gets an offer next week and Oregon State lands him. Again I set a couple weeks ago John dean Smith and his staff are going to be able to find some quarterbacks. I think he would be the best quarterback recruit they've gotten in the time I've covered recruiting. 45 years and it's kind of film of their lap. Kudos Oregon State next when we come back wrap up the week what else going on other recruiting trail for the ducks there for for the top fifteen. Uncommitted prospects in the nation we'll talk about it next the agreement Internet on tanning the fan. The Oregon Ducks still. In position may. Maybe not not likely but may be. For the best class in program history wrote an article on Dorgan live organ like dot com backs last recruiting you check out there. Or is still in it for four of the nation's top fifteen uncommitted prospects now some long shots. But three of them got a legit shot. Jill waddle who I think is the best slot receiver in the country I said after six months eight months and four up the US army all American game. Just freaky sort of forced our TDs like the fifteenth best receiver in the country. Which is a joke he's a top five plays a five star recruit the other you reminds me a lot of Christian Kirk. Who again another forced arcade unit and a beat a superstar in college they're also very much in it for Forestar offensive linemen out NAC well. He is down due Alabama or again. USC and Utah or can I thought land during the early signing period on a few committee was supposed to commit a sign if you would of I think it would have been organ. As this plays out I think Alabama's nick removed US sees very much in there as well obviously Utah's Carlos did dark horse underdog. Chris fantastic recruiter meaning you really and I think. His particular brand is offensive lineman they've already got four offensive lineman who averaged tight wait. Is like 65 and a half three and thirty pounds. Big bowl it's. That's so opposite of what organs would go after one after meat and potatoes guys man they really are. And and Sewell adds to that that would be huge five star wide receiver Davone Williams. I'd pretty comedian Dante or you know I I still feel pretty good about he named organ is leader. There was an accidental tweet yesterday he's visiting US cedar coming up this weekend. There's an exit dealt tweet last night committed to Alabama it was not a formal announcement there was no photo wishing it. On a lot of times when big time profile kids commit there's a video there's an explanation or something this just said committed Alabama he immediately erased it said it was a prank. Think it might of Dan Alabama still though in the mix for him as well as USC and origin. I think he's an AJ green Julio Jones clone I I know that's lofty praise our son at the opening he was freaking Dominique I mean just. 84 as good as dominant a deep ball receiver as I've seen in the last couple gears there there also went for Jalen all Gyllenhaal is a five star receiver. I US army all American. I selection a couple years ago or a year and a half ago. He didn't end up playing in the US army all American game he is good enough he was still selected he's drop down north Forestar prospects still huge potentially a Los Angeles can't. ID or use the heavy favorite for him if they take him he's got some stuff going on behind the scenes if he's good and go to college and all that. Any Gordon gives him sort of still in the mix. For a lot of good talent lynch it's weird that. You bring back crystal ball. Because of the recruiting. If you're able to keep most of the staff together. Almost all the really good recruiters. And right immediately when it happened you had some momentum guys were steadily lost about 45 recruits as well instantly who were. The haggard guys the Florida guys. And then all of a sudden they're Bowman didn't seem to just kind of stop it. If felt like is this is great they kept the recruiting guy and then we stopped hearing a lot of good organ recruiting news is true why. It's a good point couple thinks. The guys that were a 100% solid signed during the early signing period I dot org and had a very very strong showing. Again they signed the nation's number one recruiting class. Among. Teens that experience he had coaching change. So of all the teams that experienced turn over they did the very best in terms of signing guys I think that matters. The other piece is this dead here. And and the question that you ask is a good one this thing I still can't answer I don't know Mike Johnson is now staying wide receiver cut. The offensive coordinators now staying crystal ball the other co offensive coordinator is now staying all five of organs for star wide receivers deep committed. And there is a scenario. It none of the five come back to origin even though they kept the receiver coach and both opposite corners that's in play is it likely. Michael Izzy came. You know may be organ may be Arizona State miles battle these attacks is can't the end of the Texas CNN Canadian summer yet he could he could still end up in origin tip. But they didn't get chased go to and you and he was not committed to he Jozy Selig Braden lands sign when Notre Dame. There's a scenario tree Shaun Harrison visiting Utah this week. Interest in Florida State he might not it in depth in the class and to me I don't care what the ranking sake Trish on Harrison was the basket in this class. And I I don't put down again I don't like to put big time tags on kids all the time I don't duel with everybody I often don't do what you were duplicates. I hedge my bets a little trick shot Harrison is pretty special man Garfield high school Seattle Washington works and reg Jones. He's big time he's big time. I don't know if he comes back in the fold so it's a good question for all of it for all the guys that they retained. Why weren't they able to re add those receivers and I as of right now I don't have a good answer I think it's something. I know it's something that if those guys don't come back on cover 'cause I know those kids all reach out and say what was why did you come back. Because the whole point keep in this group together was to keep this in out of the group coach to get it was to keep this Gerber creeds together they did it. And that the reason the receiver said they weren't necessarily coming back in the fold was that coach the receiver coach Mike Johnson may or may not be gone. Will she stayed and it didn't change anything. So I'm curious to see if it all shakes out they don't end up with the needles five. I I have to do a story on what happened is they. They had the arguably the best receiving nucleus in the country for the class when he eighteen and right now they have no. It just may maybe they're just waiting in seeing what other offers are out there because they've given me opportunity to do it may work. Locked an organ anymore so it goes you know grass is always greener Ciba the other girl is like elements and they'll have a little break by. Did is we are that they all just kind of relate to Yucca by. The dead period are in the dead period Aaron there's no doubt maybe Hillary am in the next few weeks but it's not a slam dunk people thought. I I want it I'll ask you nuts does that mean an attacker was there were main recruiter then no he wasn't so well for a lot of them. And yet that's the thing I guess that's the wrong question does that mean that tiger was the guy who sold them on org I think our Chad Michael Johnson or whoever tiger was a big influence I think he was a big personality. He's a big personnel. Over watch leak. Jeannie started. Position transition ice wanted to ask you guys are able I've been wanting to ask you you you are not like. Epic gamers not like an ultimate gamer but she you are game yes the Oprah watch leagues started it all watched. Recruiting becomes a thing. You have to move to Korea. We'll have to we'll help me NAND can buy. I don't think I can get in a video game recruiting if if a school are actually offering scholarships I don't and it got college tournaments now from those those teams how big is the audience that for real if if a kid it. Is a five star schemer. Committed origin and the and I and if I wrote a story about it. Would it be good antenna and would that audience understand if I can't do it was like. You know Jon Stewart the five star gamer from Utah commits organ organs dashed they recruit. Sense. You know whoever Trace John Harris and best records of the people be able to follow that or are boasts such separate groups some in big trouble and you might be a big trouble. He's Cindy Anthony Thomas. I feel I'm over lunch gaming folks in the small amount I know about super Gruber recruiting fans. I don't think they particularly care about over okay and or other games. You'll have a mix for sure OK maybe you can enter a new audience. Back. Gets gets a gamer guys in their blood the did you analyze good overall player heck no I'd I'd I'd ask you how that's what I do and if I don't know offensive line or do you Leonard ever find someone that knows and ask him to teton and questions until I kind of feel like I have and understand I feel identities that I'm way too good an over watch tonight for more verb. Better an over watch and I really am but we're gonna film nominee do breakdown of your daily x.s and I was of your over twelve still okay. No more overwrought stock next week not over watch recruited we will cover real recruiting me I'm gonna if you want I am going to try to get property auction a couple of I. We're done with your overall excellence he talked about how did you wrestlers NN. Now. No more no more different and I'm trying to trying to exit the show man you're watching. Next week Brock I I'm gonna try to get property I'm saying he's on the show next because Morgan State offers I didn't I promise I'll talk to him. About Oregon State also breakdown who's visiting Oregon again next week on recruiting with the injury Nanette until you fan thanks again. And also bounced back stop what. Stop over watch we gotta get up banks quite.