Raiders Insider Scott Bair with Dusty & Cam 4-26-18

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, April 26th
Raiders Insider Scott Bair joins Dusty and Cam to discuss the Raiders' 10th overall pick in the draft, Jon Gruden's arrival and how he's working with GM Reggie McKenzie, plus how a coin flip with their regional rival could have a huge impact on Oakland.

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Let's head back down the Bay Area and yesterday we spoke with Matt Mayo coat and NBC sports Bay Area. Later this hour a Bob can go to the Seattle times or Seahawks preview but now. Raiders perspective. As Scott Bair joins us from NBC sports California he covers the Oakland Raiders kimonos Scott Edelman. Here doing wonderful you guy it's a busy week because you had Jon Gruden back on the field where he looked like a kid in the candy store. Coaching guys again in in some of the work outs and now I got to draft coming up today. Immediate needs for this Oakland Raiders team let's just get to it who Laird to the raiders need to improve the most heading into today's draft. Every freaking level of that defense. They need interior pat esser think you can hit a like it will linebacker that your. Outside corner David slot corner. They need a lot of help open air I think a good supporting Craig probably a major one of the major reasons why checkers here. Is that the the it would saint last year kill. And they try to pick and it happened eat pet sort of band and a albatross that and I feel that. And make it very well pick a topic to tackle the never can't excel. The raiders have a lot of work to do acting ultimately John drew who is. Who's in. Has the final say in a lot of these personnel decisions switch over reject a realist here and it was the general manager. I don't junker and I think it is very clear that he thinks this roster was closer to restrict content record last year that the twelve or record of the year before. Yeah Scott that you just mentioned it to and I don't think a lot of people understand how influential junger now is what's the relationship like with Reggie McKenzie moved from because this is that's a change with somebody comes in and says. I'm the final say your general manager Reggie McKenzie you've done it before house they're working relationship going right now in your opinion. I think you have a great benefit that that Reggie is. And incredibly laid back easy going guy who adjust to change where shrug while. He had you know like everybody in that business does it but ultimately etching. He understands. And he. There they're both sort of collaborative effort everybody's working together to create vacant estate together but they're two seconds left on the clock. It is it. Boy that they're going to be less secure actually Redknapp who retiring now it directly to conquer tactic ready yet and let it. Pretty well. I think he was happy that they didn't. Bring in order John Kerr who trust the personal bankers sit right next to a so I think that was a positive. And order arc it is it is Reid told Lee how old are these guys were gathered for the long term average yet you're not that it contract and you guys out. I don't curtain ten years and a hundred billion dollars last suck it. All right I think that ultimately decide three sit on the totem pole that I can't yet. I think it's creepy. A trial. Balloon for Reggie if he goes low this year working relationship goes well this year. This partnership could hit it long term. It's not a Jon Gruden doesn't like tacos or doesn't like the results. Of what he got from the yet are they could look at a different direction. Scott there's our guests from NBC sports California covers the Oakland Raiders for them. Now over beauty mixer is MacKenzie Reggie McKenzie has done a fantastic job though with handling the contract situation. And getting them out of though a weird spot that there aren't any took over there's a big overhaul that he had to deal. Very good evening you mentioned like the working together in the collaborative effort. Is there is there any sense though that. His neck may be on the line if they don't get her right in the next year. I think that I I I I think that's absolutely parent with a full acknowledgment that the raiders only got right they only got pregnant. Because of what their general manager did after. Al Davis passed there's so much work to get right with the capital and an attached to take action and let's not forget the back in 2014. He actually did one of the best draft classes. Of the last decade no matter what team you're talking about we're talking about it decrypt the clarity here with the first pick. Franchise quarterback with the second a a scant doubt cart with a third that. They actually recite their fourth round pick their seventh round pick it's got thirty billion dollars up from the browns. But it call quality and what or what have you got for me lately right if you look at it. Putting fourteen was a long time ago I really had they selected a RE Cooper number. Four overall and 2050. I challenge anyone to find a true legitimate. Impact player on that. But team there's a couple starters but that's about it over the last three draft classes the raiders haven't been at aspect that's all they act and there GAAP suffers as a result we start paying your car. A 125 billion mark and you would you will pay colonial back. 120 billion dollars with tectonic theory he idea that there are either. They trapped injured wife like to keep your debt collect what you pay two guys so much money so we all that said. It is sort of a way to eat out for me lately. And Reggie hasn't done it off lately. I'd John has been very critical of the last three draft classes think that they absolutely eat or for those guys or they cut recently. It that she is with the development that this is coach pat. That's good for Reggie. Those draft class as bail out there are eighty at immediate impact guys coming up. I think BP. Next January we could be talking about a possible change of the guard at each yet. Office knowing full well. Jon Gruden could be pretty comfortable yet. He's got away with coach Curran moving in so quickly and and now it's can now you get a chance to see him on the field with come of the personnel on the guys what's the feedback now with his. His mentality with some of the veterans I know you're gonna have Marshawn Lynch who looked back guises. As is much is Marshall list fills a busy on his style what he was able to deal are no Jack Dario seemed to give my long lease Derek Karr gonna have to study different what have you noticed right away from the veterans on the team. And what he's brought in coach screamed brings his attitude. The roster. Yeah I think they gig at right now sorting out for the public interest seeing onto your bank. You like how accurately and skip any you don't eat. A microphone here and from across the field you know there he is very text you eat as local election year although you are IPO. I heated in Balkan gauge of the bunch of different but it took her respect of course a Torii brings up. Okay thank you get that one basically he would do that everyday. Till December how is that possible. I'll put that actually is. A point that you are exactly right that is that. He had to be a bit of a task master and it first practice about that everybody side into currently used. They're getting hit harder there and give it more intensity it'd be more critical. Kind extra large groups of those types of state that are Jon Gruden. You know kind of coaching. Personality traits. Those things are are going to happen I think is pleasantly surprised that each try. To catch their car and a pickle he tried to screw them up on Tuesday you know this two day mini camp. And he couldn't do it. He he wanted to test its quarterback who he will be hardest part is the are you at the playbook for two weeks would have liked Brooke how pathetically talked about what kind. And Derek is Smart enough to respond to that well he studious. Adapt to have gone over that type of cereal and Johnson that he can be hit creative self with a guy like you put that much time it. So quick in regards to our chocolate Hewitt six. At bat I. He's his own drummer you guys at the agri northwest know about that. Play for everything I've heard is that Gionta and are shy kinda weird kinship that go on they're getting along well. To this point of course that could be better match than people thought. That has buddy cop. Does it come Renault air here are clear and create our RA dukes got their NBC sports California covering their raiders are what did they do you then they'll tenth pick overall. Are they gonna go with roe content Smith are they gonna go beat Avaya and finished in May be fills an interior defense of line needs where do you think. Oakland goes here. Yes I think it is true constant active on the board at tent and I. I think they take and I don't think it took a very long can think that's collection. Do I think he's going to be on the board at that point even even at four quarterbacks though probably not I. I think there's up. Probably I don't know roughly 50% chance that they trade out it depends how the quarterback shake out. Give you a lot of variables Somalia where what Rebecca black. Is broke on that they take up I think they like because it's Patrick. The defense to back out of Alabama and act consult a lot of other issues that the secondary. But keep on offense tackle. There isn't that they want that they consensus top fifteen pick the ticket out of Notre Dame I got liquid cheeks. It needs start to pop up today so. I would say of those three guys keep it on how bad. But the greatest trade down to fifteen still get their guy went back. Wish he would tackle on they would do that. You know and that's the crazy where target outer layers that with the rumor that baker mayfield could go number one. There could be Iran on quarterbacks. Four of them in the top five picks which means that. You've got some really good talent that slides down the NT that 910 range at the niners and raiders traded. They've got to be really happy that there at the rumor is mayfield goes number one overall is that you have to Arnold Rosen. Alan all being off the board and that leaves a lot of good players there for that. Yes I passed Ed at that gasoline day hoping it's weird beat because of forty niners raiders are are. You know obviously in the Bay Area are tied together a true that we you guys talked about and a good buddy mind a lot of the ethernet he told you gotta account. About and it's weird because this. Percent reasons shall not. Outlawed television that the comp buying Cory let you do it to break. Tie it doesn't get the ninth and tenth pick the so. Overblown and ridiculous on the bench press area with all the powers that be there like at. I jacket endeavor that he took it pretty critical now right the head of the expenditure that Patrick in their. I sure apple yet done which at the 49ers could easily take one guy whether those puke or how it. That the raiders cut it because they're eight are similar. I can sail the raiders when a tree down maybe there's one quarterback that doesn't go at the top and it will guess who else might want is that the 49ers thirty exact same boat they have. To reap both quarterback. With these make it talk about it they don't eat that they ESP eclipse the count so weird that. To achieve better about a 45 minute drive away from each other. Kind of had similar interest at distracted or can only. Because Reggie and the kidney curtail. And it turned out to the head. That actually Beckham work against them defeat. It's always been kids in answer. There Taylor felt that I know I mean that's being. I miss out there NBC sports California covers greater sakes man we really appreciate resume that's got. All right thank yet.