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They solicit the primetime with ice chicken suit I'm Isaak the cool wind in. Mind. This is our podcasts that welcome to our pod and is now the specialist rob them but if doing the right things since 1952. Making teams it's our children. Up you know up to you where the incident moon does go well with the chicken. And why are you tell us itself. Most pretty self explanatory. And the alive is because I thought we were leaving at six. Go over well. I didn't play his time as we've. It's. All right it's Monday club folks that's what's. There's thousands of prime time. She announced they got some clarity about those demons and Twitter research yeah so they tumble year the cowboys came out and all knelt before the end and then they stood for the anthem. And the entire staff included cheerleaders. All locked arms during the anthem look at them put their hand over there. Does trump said locking arms is okay yet so that was the offense with a cap was officially so they know before the end them and then decided to Stanford. So obviously that's Al explain my Jerry who is against them kneeling for the end them. Now with them before yes I think he stood with them. Dear you've got an entire cowboys organization was out there everybody would be great. Like nice that's good that's great lacy stood up. And respected the hand them but at the same time they showed that hey work we're. About this cause. Or causes. Too insular Daniel before the love. Did listen this is pretty well played Dallas countless now. On to do. On to them trying to be yours and cards yet they. Okay so the first quarter just ended their runs and students this cardinals ran 21 plays for a 141 yards. And held the ball for thirteen of the fifteen minutes through hoops cowboys' three plays three yards two minutes. And can't seem to get anything going on their defense not dallas' defense is not him. On May now yank it off the field down seven and another element and do much either but they do they miss appealable. But that is missed then give him a she. Stupid cards eight I notice something about football Clinton recently about the U. Blue line with this given an assistant knelt by the way can I say replace this is the equivalent of like a year or two ago I learned. That there's a little arrow on your gas gauge that tells you which side the gas take as long. Did you. You did you know in my journal. No it is there it is there's a little arrow that points in the direction of your guest to talk to mean believe my eyes like Lennar. Brightly if you look on your gasket to do work in their own there's a little error right. Right there by the little sign middle of the gas users of a symbol of the little gas tank alone right yeah there's an arrow on the right of the way no kidding and that is Woodside it's yeah. Heidi just need my game so I had eight. I love that I didn't know that and you and I did you tell me. I isn't there anyone that I was the only dumb as that none. Anyway it was a couple years ago as it were like three or four and I was down in Vegas of my buddy and we rented a car. And I had to do we I had rented car and so I pulled in you unifil to them if we take you back and I was like damn about what side is on what god does is look at the dashboard. And I literally turned to him like W talking about he's a genius because there's a little arrow and I'm like there's not. Any point it be voided right at a goes it's on every car every Karstens went. I don't know but it's on every I've never seen a car now in every car there it's your car has I think your car's new enough to have my in no way I drive and a wage guarantee hearing T guarantee. Are there that's when you do it and it blew my mind gives us. I drove in 97 Camry for when I was on there had a on the death of this this changes everything about how my injury gas station it's right there and so happy. And so this but it actually could you should know where your cast and some not just in my wife's car just just this weekend's united China's inner comic. I can't remember on the side and this one. Because I've money. I have the directed a drive the my kids have a car the dig deep split between them. And every now and then after I had to drive that ends the same thing if I need to get gas I never know and now you just look down at the aero a mentally when I noticed because this was that same when you look at this I felt the same way he pulled his what I learned about the little aero. And again EDT this little net. When you watch football than the NS but let me exit question accident got gas yesterday after blowing up an ailing confronts the attention. And I pulled over in no Wilson bill and needs gas right. When you are presented with the scenario what do you do you seen how most gas stations not most but. Well most. They have the only threat like the they they they try to organize its in the it's it's not cars everywhere facing different direction yet disease the is legally technically if if you if you semi I think at figured out that the casting was on the left so I need to enter from the left. Not among them slip so there are two pumps. Choo pumps. The car. On the furthest pump. So he gives me two pumps the car on the fridge not good timing Mike. The confined. OK so I'm I'm pulling in right. There's at the pump that's the furthest away from mean there's the pump that's closest to me and I'm gonna wait behind those two cars understand. The car on the pump that's the furthest exits they they're gases over. The car that just went ahead and meet only just now started getting gas so now I am waiting behind a car. When there is no hole neither open talk open pump. In in front down. He doesn't pull up because he already has the gasping in his castle understand. So. Do you pull up to the front 10 yes yes. You get in close you. Peter why would you need to wait there for the first five minutes while the attendance to other stuff seanez you know it's been dining I don't pull up their home yeah I'll tell you why just go around and just you know background and and no I I don't do that. In 91. Because I think that it screws up the flow. Because he's gonna be done before medium so he's now gonna have to back out how does he backed out of somebody's behind him. He what did to meet the protocol is. If he doesn't have the gas. Started yet. He should pull out if the car ahead of him grappled and corrective that this guy already had to gas in there. So I was just like well that's sucks and I missed the timing of it. We're gonna keep the flow here wow see now but here's that's an idea in in most gas stations. There's enough room to go over the years ago there was this to go into the middle when someone's in front viewing dispute out there there wasn't this institution that there were cars in the other sites you it was like. I would've had to go all the way around back in like Mike said it's like that. I would've been even if you go and face the wrong way most gas pumps now does the holes will go to the other side your car even if you're on the wrong side. I see you at a truck it'll go over the backe those signs are. I still think most of them can rebel or. Christie this when I go into a gas station is open again for itself really gets you know I I followed the rule and I try to keep now did this because I'm sure that's annoying you know these people like you come in there digging in against right now it's no ma'am big student I'm going to get my gas and plus I don't go to your bastard guess these severe I go to watched him where we pump our own again and again every man for himself you know wonder if that would change you to carry your stuff on the take care of my stuff I'm getting my gas well where I can get this did coming your own gas thing is interesting because if this seems scenario occurred in Washington. I may be more inclined to jump up there. And the reason being is it some people take forever to pump her gas yes whereas in Oregon it's supposed to be orderly rightly think there's the dying he normally doesn't sit there it's like to. 34 minutes I even comes I don't know about that convincingly and he's got I mean there are other people had to be it's not all about you. Look when I asked to handle this an improper manner what do I think it is yours as. It's NASCAR style BP then I did in and I get out I got no you know for daily doubt you know what I may be wrong about this in people may not do this I think your jerk for doing that. So there until I hear gesture look what you write off to him again I. I will say this the worst experience they have and that was out in Pendleton. It was the only gas station off the highway in the head one attendant working. And everybody on 84 was getting off to use Beckett there was likes fifteen cars in the lot and there was one gas ten. If you or getting pissed people from other states like why can I just pump oil gas pumps can for Martina can you entity so put forecasts of his. I noticed on the NFL games now. I just noticed this yesterday. And I don't know how long it's been like this may be to new feature this year and so on an island and and eighteen night irons I miss this for ten years I don't. I wish I could help yeah but I did notice it until you sit them but when you watch the NF LM. Pretty sure it's most networks. The down and distance like for example right now it's yours on a second and seven yeah that down and distance. Is in the color of the teen who has the ball you. I see here they can hide your children whatever of course side. You know it is that it I mean a lot of sports to this rule change the color based on what team has so I never knew that in I was watching the raiders Redskins. Last night. In house IK so they come back in the and a screen shot a score in minutes says 35 rule it out well I'm Michael who has the ball. Because they're shown some announces that the announces timing would have a little. It's silver and black eyed Machida raiders have the ball so then I watched it and sure enough they switched the colors. Based on who has the ball. Hadn't. Yep same thing mine Malone you told me that and when I looked up as I was the cardinals I'm not gonna lie I didn't really believe you. It was like whatever and they're real link then when the cowboys had to turn to blew him it was just like the little gas Cerro. I had its existing vibe in this race is the beginning of football and I knew I had no idea I also believe the little extra light on top of the cardinals logo means there possession. But the little shiny again top I think that also means they have to gain an hour that I knew I was here is that you were talking about when a scrimmage line. As you know the do the first line I thought you melt down and distance. Down and distance. So into. Let's see what the first down line and went instruments that's the best thing to happen to people in twenty years. Denies it did that they put them in that's a good bit how wide it taken so I don't know but it's best if you're watching the bulls on the doesn't really watch it and they ask you how they do that in the field okay. Yes there was no that's just on TV guess what is next I guess we don't get to him John LC. Did not shoot 38. Lord did. This is the club hour on the thing. All right so low we talked about this on top of the show because well you know it's the lead story. I got a hole in one on Saturday. Think he's real quick he says that every time. That I look up with a football game I'm now just intensity. Down this marker in the coaches teach. Really focus on if like the next three weeks to welcome. She's my life yes he did Ebenezer there was the yes. It was Lee's story to show today it was on the sixth hole that line of farms and if you know that hole it is doubled home. He's short but very difficult flexible capable and and Holtz. And I hit a the flag was 103. I hit 506310. Spun it right back in like the president did it was money they tried to me that that's the best way to get a hole in one. Is with the backs then yeah. It's it's well I did it on for now I I I'm not bragging but I'm you are OK let me grab our brilliant a low one UK I've never even come close of brown anyway I did that on purpose that is eggs I hit dish. Pull out all the ones are different. Sometimes you just get lucky enough. This was a good damn shot and he didn't exactly like it wants you. And it landed right where about where I wanted it and then the luck part happens we're just happened to roll into the hole but I didn't want it to spin back and it did. And I've seen that that is the best Hulu when you get to meet its cool when you get like the one hopper and goes in. But Beckett a golf ball up I think is the coolest thing you can do it makes you feel like your actual growth. And a backup role and one like that Bravo to you I think another key to great home one as you have to be able to see it go in the hole yes you don't want to needed you don't wanna. Wanna walk up a mile bullets in the home yeah you know we did and guys from the other team it's that there's an elevated tee just left of hole six there. In those guys were able to see it drop as well so everybody kind of there's eight guys at all yeah Olympic them. I got played added oaks on Sunday ends like number eight there it's it's a longer one it's like a 190 bit. Don't even know if you're on the greens it's an elevated greens when you hit it. You know whether or not you're on the green you have no idea where it is I had and the US if you had a hole in one there you walk up to be like hey where's my ball and then you find it. You pressure got to see you back up a wake him way better. Then the tells me it was great got drunk. But bench guys some Beers. 125 bucks solid and it's that's how much I got out their forms great battle my life I've met aside my present tense night with Texas or she's like oh god how much as the bill. And she said she was thinking thousands. I'm like why is hardly feels like a 125 heats I am I gonna lie though I was surprised I don't the bill would have been well I'm I'm coded on three bills yet. There wasn't that many guys are like you said we were the last groups in and so everybody had kind of gone and you see a lot of guys were turning down the Friedrich well they work turning them down they were just polite they were like now you don't have to buy any treatment no I wanna buy you would drink and I would be debated you drink and I would Abacha want to. I makes them in my expert engaged. So there's like a piece let's get to the Kim Jung a design brings so much you know it's not it's to pat myself on the back. But it was a kid in Pennsylvanian who got two holes and one last week yeah. The ace the second hole and many got another ace on the sixth match in math it's ridiculous. But this it's that we're one and 67 million. Which you have much longer that's that's like it okay so to put that in perspective being killed by a falling. Air airplane parts and one in ten. That's only one in ten million. That's more like these they only want him to completely know it happens more than you think is matter of fact you have an equal chance of dying in a plane crash. Verses. Being killed by falling airplane parts yes I am surprised that number is not much much higher who killed the airplane like part. Like a wrench falls off like a wheel comes off and it gets you what a crappy way to die. Maybe it's quick so then I told you about the guy in Virginia who had. Three aces in one round two of them are on par fours yeah he was a plus for handicapping his clinic courses only 6000 yards. And he says he had. Like 22 previous holes in one so that they're saying that's like the greatest round never while then comes Kim Jong ill. He fathered two deep down North Korean leader Kim Jung un Dickey little rocket and Kim John ill. Allegedly shot a 38 under is the only time he played golf first and only time that he want to leave the game having quote master yeah 38 under. Round of 34 and that included five aces which we all know there's no way that happened right you think after you issued that you really do you like what's the big deal about the skin. They kick left. Think if someone were to do that the first time out. I can totally see why so and would quizzes ignoring the waste my time too easy but it could deter some notes so. There was golf writer named Josh sens who traveled North Korea and he was invited to a golf tournament there's I guess he fudged some facts on his visa application. And he said that he was a golf tour operator. And he got to play in the North Korean open. Say before you serve the story why so many people think. Would you want to go play in the North Korean open wheel he wanted to check it out to experience what a Korea's like ancient mystery why. Want to go do it there's people that they go over there they can try to DK I'm. What you don't know vacation if in this scenario I would absolutely well yeah charge you interest to know. When you're dumb ass does something that you end up getting held there could have won that has sympathy for your done well look they invited me. I'm I made this officer because they can't possibly go back on bat. I'm just look when I went easy on your take and it did but it's not. Just ask anyone it's not to simulate what it is is journalists and what they wanna do is they wanted it's the same reason they let bison there. Two with Dennis Rodman is they're not get a detained advice what they're doing is they want to get there. That's their message out and they do that from times under our journalists are allowed into North Korea there have been people. That have written about going there and it's fascinating if I were in that scenario. You better believe I would go on not played in the North Korean open I'm not played in the Afghan invitational and I'm not played in the Iraqi like whatever. The Iraqi masters thanks but no thanks I went over there in the first few days. He was over there they toured like they tour and around like show and all of these grand landmarks we have in this is amazed seen in. Then there is like this government official who is within at all times so he's like man this is really freaking weird all the data turn it. They bus some thirty miles to the golf course where the ill Kim Jung Il allegedly allegedly got his 38. There are no pushed his 38 under his famed 34. So he's he says he's passing fields. And like rural areas and there's workers laboring under the watch of armed guards like just totally bizarre world we get the course and the club manager comes on he's on deck to the nines. And he agrees to answer few questions. Well he had he he. He wouldn't say if he'd witnessed Kim Jong Il's 34 X is what this guy's questioning. Was like hey this is the course where I humbly shot to 34 did you witness it and he said he would not he did say. That Kim Jong-Il was a staggering golf talent. And that's it. Well that was the first question he said I'm not anti if my side I will tell you that he is. Remarkably difficult there of course we nose is not he has to say that because Kim Jong-Il reportedly only played one round. So even he even this club manager admitted that Kim Jung Il did not shoot it 34. He told the writer did the score keeper that gay. Used a different scoring system. So he marked zero for par. One for bogey. And two for double bogey. So the state news at the time didn't know crap about golf or golf scoring so they read the bogeys. Number he wrote one for bogeys please stay read those as holes and want. So and in and in their saying the chances are even the bogeys were lies. Because he had never played golf so he probably didn't even bogey all the may be he did these five bogeys first time playing golf. Yes I'm fine now. So. Anyway they're saying that's why the state news. Ran with the story in and in north creating correct in that it's like. A great job and big there is as great as there ever been a retraction in the history of North Korean near this. But I don't feel like their run on the lot of those that he said he couldn't believe he said he said it was total bizarre world over there. This guy that this writer he deserves it was freaking weird that we know if they if we use that square's system what they're claiming he shot. No I didn't say in the article that is lesson is that if they actually have that if they knew we could actually figure out. What he shot they don't well they probably don't want you know shot. That's true so they they're not going to to the only TV so much information that this guy said the writers say he couldn't believe how. How human an honest the club manager was in an otherwise. Absolutely alternative bizarre O world universe called and that is the story of Kim Jong Il's. Well 34. Can we. We can take you guessed right we can probably so if you have five holes and ones that's five bogeys which means you thirteen holes to shoot at 33. Right it was 38 I was scoring. He shot 83034. For 38 under we're at 34 so he had. Thirteen holes to shoot 34. You could do the math on that and find out. We're about over party nominates during the break ominous if I can take out a pen and pad in and try to give your rough idea. To see what their what their claim on the scoring system the shop and I think we can ballpark. All right. As some bad news for what's that much it's good news for you. Much is it is very. And leading chip report quotes about damn time for two days. We've got time previous to that we knew he had to Brady's ex news. No the bridges the reason for news. Alia says that but again I will talk about suddenly want to get to hear the Brady six no there isn't any I was thinking that a team it. I here's Mike with sports center. Okay. So it is our determination and Kim Jung Il's son 106 yes because people have correctly pointed out that we were trying to make this way more complex than at the beach. Shocking if zero is far more complex people. And they were giving him one for bogey to then whatever he shot in the 34 or. He had 34 point is 34 points that B 34 over par incidents of apart so yes it said that our city to. Kim Jong-Il shoddy 106 do you believe that no no I don't. I do not believe. That that really polio he went out his first time ever picking up the golf club. They shot a 106 early polio and yet like them. No way that she now what is the scene someone that's never picked up a golf club. To try to go out will totally I was gonna ask what do you think of that but at the best round first round of golf Everest I think there's some people that are just naturally talented. Given what do you think the build a fence around a golf. Having never picked up the club know you just walk out yet. I don't think you could ever accurately. Do that because I don't believe anyone would keep score. There'd be a foot wedge there would be. Just go out play have fun or be mulling dunes off the tee I don't know of anyone has ever actually. Done it where you go out and you keep an accurate school. Well they have big in every week I told you but as they did this on the got him where they'd run in the world would be the country's. Worst golfers. And you had to submit and you're entry to be in the field. And you had to play more than Mike I think there's like 5060 rounds per year and yet to document that you do have you with your handicap. And then on. You had to say why you believe you're the country's worst regular golf re had to play a line. And they had four guys they picked four guys and they took him out to sawgrass. That's the of course with India with the seventeenth green it's an island. And they played in the I think the winning in the rules and everything every rule you know. Rules officials were there that's like legitimate round of golf it count everything and I think that guy who was the worst. I wanna say he shot. 200 something really yell at me looking up. Because. He they brought him back because he he got like he could not get it onto the green at seventeen. It's only about a 120 our shot he just it's an island it's surrounded by water he could not get it on to skip Duncan he kept dunking in ducky ducky finally. One of the one of the the his caddie told them he said dude you're running on a golf balls. And you can't I mean that's DQ yeah this thing it does go yeah yeah playing by the rules so he suggested that he putts. Up the cart path up up the walk path to the green. And so he he putted the ball all the way up the walking pat Tilley gone on the green and made it and I and I think that. I want us Iman who built in all the facts on this I wanna say he took seventy some shots just on that hole but I'm looking up. OK so reality he probably shot closer to 13140. Uses that hole and these guys yet alone but that's that's golf like yeah. I told you this weekend I took 38 this. And also had three birdies we'll what does that you know crappy we'll put those are guys that play all the time it just exactly their eco personal matter. That is even at a better point because these guys should be immediate they play they know how to. Mean you think ideally be seven days me that he played that much so that there is society than just revealed an athletic and I was. Have you played fifty rounds I would think it would be almost impossible to beat that passed a gay made a 66 on the seventeenth green. And he who shot while. It's. Yankees users in 66 he had to putt up the walkway. Like do we think like I don't feed it I'm just an idea to hamper you did you think that you could get a comment seventeen currency rockaholic it. Is there could. I don't know how I'd USC or not they're going to be golfers so like when England play now I took some lessons and when I'm when I'm in I usually play nine holes a good round for me is little forts. And so I mean I don't I beer really played eighteen holes because. I don't like people so like that's that that goes mid eighties is is good for me I don't it would not take me. Thirty shots to you know on the ET on so remember. That the worst of the four scores is the country's worst avid golfer right yeah so three the other guy shot better than this on sawgrass. His score that day was 257. We've achieved by the rules he shot a 257. And the guy could not have been any cooler about it he's this he's a guy who's accustomed to time collegiate he's just loves to golf is like I know I sucked. But I love to play. And I you as I do it all over again and so they brought him back. Two adult like twenty years later he still plays and he's still sucks. And they brought him back there and putting on just the seventh podium place on rest again but he put in just on the seventeenth hole and deceive TT BD 66. And he got me. Sound. Do you think the key is if the I've always we've had this scarcely give one of us played the US open or opposite ten times better golfer than I am. What are you like six or something and three. Hopefully bulls who robs the three this year I was trying to work it down Mike goes to get into the low teens that's my goal and I think right now I'm sitting like a seventy. The crop is way dead so we've always had this debate of if you went out played like the US open. But what would you shoot if it was set up like that and I guess this is this I guess a bit of I was plain something like that like the TPC. I don't think I would hit driver I don't see would just take like a six and a seven iron and I would hit that every time and just go down the course. If I was trying to issue my best score. That would be the way I would go about it I would not take out a driver I would not take out would. I would just take out something that I thought they can consistently hit you can hit a six iron. 18590. Yards and for the most part keep it in the fairway and I would just try to march down without way. And except the fact you're gonna shoot a high score and it would be a thousand times better than if you went out and SE tried to shoot a low score. And a please say TPC with a masters or US opens of course you get yourself and a world of trouble if you're not very good. Doing. I can't finally shot the second time that the second time he he did much better I think he was in like the thirty's. They Tennessee scorn after he still could get it on the green but he did hit one overweight left. And was able to chip it onto the green and ultimately. Fetus and the the guys harmless name's Angela spec if you wanna go watch the video it's pretty funny. And there is it's his worst avid golfer tournament 1985 Angela Spagnuolo. It's it's funny I'll. They are horrible. I that's that's going to me why you would continue to play if you were. That bat. He gets me in that used to enjoy kind of be you know nature it disturbs you go out and make you have or Barack regulate this gain time zones and now you're just done. There is a guy here locally acts in the CMOs. Next to the day's news. Really crappy. But he plays all the time. You know New York Mark Kirk. 645 we'll get John in here to wrap it up next on him. Therein is gunning. To let my ailing it's been thoroughly program. I think tenacious entry into. And yelling because I finally went back to the gym today. Really you know how that is your rigorous sisters unity and yeah. Just kind of funk funk that folks within. You know. I've I've become fascinated that you were guaranteed is that they real term that people use their influence. I've already told you that network that teams in I'm not lying about an outline. And don't lift. Massive amount of weights. I'd run for between thirty and 45 minutes and I do yoga. Says it did you yoga at the gym and when TO Malia updated via the classical music. Is there there do it is just you know but some leads. I'm it's mostly well there are other meals you know it's mostly olds because it's a marsh on this woman who each issue one since with shields. But my instructors delightful. I can't wonderful I can't rumors of ethnic group exercise class my. Never done it may just yeah I mean. A lot of people you know it's intimidating to me it's like you get in there you see me when I'm doing see those rules are like old Indy musicals I can't keep up. I don't like groups of people in general little known groups of people that are exercising and I don't like being told what's you. I think Garcia said the deal with like football followed instructions yet I don't is serious yeah I don't. I I could I would that I could never personal trainer I don't think I could go to and access class I'd just like doing. My own thing to think that's problem. I think it's the pride the healthiest thing ever in my life and we talked about this I just haven't issue with. Do you do anything but you've been told all the time. And I think a lot of it does stem from football as their apartments. And Britain and if indeed received billions on our top. It's youth leagues in the class and it's not enough. I just heard and I have never taken a group exercise left. I just think I hated like in football where you just. You're constantly being yelled that your cost would be told what to do and where to go he had to be there and what to Wear media realize that you're yoga instructor is not going to Hewlett. Ranked. But he's PT EST here. I don't wanna be too it's not Roger French I don't about yelling it's just about the fact that you're saying you do this you know in Ireland you know. We got again I'll do they have between whatever the hell I won't go to Petri I'm not saying I live like that. My time we're comes qualifier one never Lynch's one of those two I'm qualifying a little wrapped up in your cells and only care about heroes say you know. Plainly know John tonight he's the computer personal junior just hiring to babysit her creek. It's literally follows your your tires it would to file your round and tell you what to do. We know. Some people need to make you totally you better right. Why is that's this is fascinating I've never known as a really. Now you've got it figured this out after twelve plus years he didn't think that him being contrary and would tie in to him not wanting people to tell what to do you know I. No. She's wonderful she stands the front of the class and instructs you on how to feel better why would you not want to. First up on with the Unix he'd stretch and that would be perhaps the problem that would be point number one. But just I don't know their policy did the the notion of ego we did. To like a group exercise class and like rolling down my little mallet that what else has that's there. And you have to roll them. They just laying on the ground is that to not put down we have not rolled in just about to roll your words this is disgusting. They clean them soon. I don't think they do my ANC that's a little to do you pigs and I got to clean ourselves he added get a gig as ray with little paper towel and those little lines and get that weird a bullet strain on loser like yoga mat oh. When I go and exercise IE. The I'm really going to do what I wanted to not what's automated defense tells it well John's not here tonight because John is tripling them all down on them. I'm not. I can assure you that that should have been filled. But for some sort of documentary now why is that because my brother and my mom on the road together for like four straight days that is the Gong Show and asked. It's as though the interaction first you have to understand nosy I think you when your mom gong show and I am is that because you're gong show. John isn't John's a very. You should see the conversations that jobs and beating up and yet go to go to my Brothers Twitter and I don't think it's an adjacent panic it's funny yeah and just kinda similar to the time the highlights just random stuff yeah. Viciously commentary from the road is pretty funny. My brother and my like my 65 year old Swedish mom road trip and downed Utah back together. I'm surprised that that they've made it back and without the bad thing would have ended a day or two ago like I decided to ditch somewhere. He says traveling with my mom mom paid this I now looks just like the one back home need done done done. Yes that's sort of commentary you give them. Mancini other's iPods here in Utah. I think that's what they're doing that he could go to funerals my brother. He drove her down it's their interest in peace. Again. Uncle got a kind of raised. They grandfather figure of sorts. If you so I'm leaving. Yeah I love this kind of veto it again you're just. Too lazy days Jason I cannot. Tell you in now and how much I appreciate you. And how much this is not. Of my own doing I am being forced. To go to Sacramento again. And drink gamble and play golf finchem is one of our find clients. But anyhow I'm an immigrant it's like well it's not funny it's my fact I'm sure that's hurtful. And I'm sorry. But the rug just gets to extra vacation days and news. There's a reason. It's because well. And decent golfer. He liked to drink. And I dismissed which you and Irish music so. Look this is all onion is holding its worst lead. So I'm going down to Sacramento financial terms alternative for some reason they booked me on a 2:20 PM flight tomorrow their friends not just missed one shown institutions. And I'm sorry about that that's a that's get naked photos. No I don't. This is just how they operate around here for tomorrow beam me and I think Wilcox to become an incident with no good degree just what Oregon town working capital that's better show anyway if I discuss the ground the entire time and I think in chief and then on Wednesday at the Luke Anderson center in saint kind of sitting with his. Welcome you back maybe it will be up on Thursday those of the tells it to be some sort of prefer awful down there and you wolf I may be the flight vigilant. The plane Thursday morning dynamite bookings and if you look. Don't be bitter Jason if it. Nice too short to be submitted. To snow. And I wish you were there with there. All right we're back tomorrow well their bank tomorrow 37 on the fence. Right since. Okay. Yeah yeah.