Primetime 9.22.17 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, September 22nd

Hot 5 at 5, Setting your CFB DVR, and how Baylor continues to be completely messed up. 


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They are listening to the prime time and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 do you not cute. Yeah. So. 5 o'clock I'm. This is prime time on football Friday ten may be an event that we don't. This is over football Friday edition of primetime where the ice again soon driven by Gresham Chrysler dodge Jeep brand. Lowest prices on cars and trucks on the east side apartment visit dot depression dot com. He's ram and a short drive from anywhere. Until maybe okay. I just work for us. It's Friday and get a lot of car. We are what is such a college ball DVR for the last. Question. It does anything make Arizona State dangerous tomorrow night. There may be if he thinks. In the club I have that new fun game of real or fake who I love new fun and games also a famous home is for sale. Your home are you moving note the rock the state know. That's at with a historical landmarks that is yet know working on that though and one of those plaques up. What else do we have here while wanna get to my Kim Jong-Il story but you know look I'd. I just need the time there's some guy that was very pissed you announce that he didn't get to I'm thinking of that LT stuff and we'll ever get to vote. We are right we don't we just waiting on purpose I think that's a great point we do try. But sometimes. You know we get into something and it takes up too much time listen that they should not be there you don't hold the cities and yes you're right what do you expect teases to actually look like. Happens on the times. What path I'm offended the Sen I will study this now anything we ever tease I have this big document here. And if we don't get to it it's stays on there and I I'm not just get a bullet off we'll get to we'll get to. In its gonna be Jamie Burke one day Jamie Burke will be on this program and another non treatment interview are right now though the hot five at five. So sport are still opportunities that a million Steward always owned our ebitda and are there. It's time for the iPod hybrid club smoke pot yeah I'm private Bible. Isaac consumed. Refresh my chorus line when things get hot pink gloves with a frost brewed Coors Light colors look. Whatever your mountain climbing and number fly. Take care you gulf bros. Justin Thomas Paul Casey and Webb Simpson are all leading. At just seven under tightly they should say at the tour change it does is it is the top thirty players in the world a plane for a total purse. Of over twelve million dollars nuts she's she added outside an Atlanta there. Or maybe they're in Atlanta I'm not sure exactly where of course there's Atlanta Thomas Casey Webb Simpson seven under Patrick reed Justin Rose Gary Woodland John rom. I 600. A Jordan's because gets shot to win it he's the re under. Middle of the pack and then down way down there at the bottom for keep count seven over thanks. Guitar yeah. Number floor. And it. AL wildcard because. Of their two and a half. On the Rangers in the angels. From the mayors are just. Yeah I mean count everybody else out and I think he can probably count out. The Rangers and angels but you know you never know you get you know ten games at the Rangers are hot that one. A foreign wrote down the National League the Rockies are still pulling in just a one game lead for that second NL wild card spot over the brewers. And right now the brewers. Who have lost two in a row. Org or beating the cubs won enough singer Leon back. Still some injuries there but it looks like we'll get to new York and Minnesota. In the plane. In the NL maybe a little. All anyone outside of the city and you'll be rooting for the Yankees in the gamers with was not I can't root for the Yankees. But only one other baseball note I forgot to tell you the tigers depending on their manager Brad Ausmus. After the season yet so finish is that the remaining ten games. This this is there undergoing like an entire shift here right you're gonna the manager got rid of all the players. To burst around the knicks GM Scott Perry says he is going to be here who is he. Carmelo Anthony he's referring to mellow when training camp begins Monday he said they strongly consider dealing him. If something came up to suited both the team and Carmelo but it hasn't happened so. He says he spoke with Melo twice over the summer and he did discuss the possibility that he would be back with the Nixon mellow assured in the DiPietro about it. So that could be posturing for a for Perry to trying to get a deal done quickly. It can also be truth we don't know that the knicks open. Camp on on Monday. And you know I guess if your Carmelo. You don't want to end up somewhere you can serve you know the year in new York and then become a free agent after this number two. Numbered Jesse Portland fans though. I've paid attention to Twitter and see what happens because. A lot of whenever announced yet you never know and I don't think that's a that's a pines I think it's a real. The possibility vikings quarterback Sam Bradford is out again Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The dvd case Keenan showdown meanwhile reports out of Minnesota indicate Teddy Bridgewater should be ready by mid season in this is interesting to see what happens here you know there are some people thought if Bradford played well. That they would just move on from from Teddy Bridgewater. But never efforts experience and some swelling in that answers to repaired knee and I guess are gonna doctor James Andrews take a look at it but they're not seeing it's related to these tales the what's going in with their quarterback situation is weird I forgot about Bridgewater who I once declared. Then again I like him on this very program he cannot come off the IR weeks out but who knows and and so much. Who knows when you get paid leveraged. And have it yet bridge and iron Bradford if you're both healthy that's on that where you end up with all that are healthy. Greet you trade Bradford the Eagles with the facts. The what he's seen him he's seen him. He think it's Casey. This is his name really case that's gains that are very recruiting the best. Jason good reporting blazers RD down a man no bundling injured shoulder and a scrimmage into Walton this week. They will not have surgery but I could keep the mound for the first few weeks of the regular season. It's actually kind of abusive. Phone. Patriot and I about all through camp the first to reach. Opens perhaps some early playing time for exciting young rookie Caleb so one again Ed Davis Vizio Vizio Davis who has won again in May be back columns. Other NBA news league officials are gonna crack down on two things this season and I'm talking about. Ref reads they're gonna be looking for aggressive close outs that is the judge John. We have put your foot underneath some. Up and down and so what they can do is they can call off balance and they don't review it and see if they think it's flagrantly they can call click here. And then they are today crackdown and thank god for this to get a crack down on shooters creating contact to drop free through. I certainly hope so but I think it's just you know. How that gets called rightly that happens so often they James Harden does that so. When you get a guy and he guy in the air. If you lean towards him and all second because I'm just that's one obvious is he how they implement other knock in I just think you're gonna get less free throws they're gonna be they're gonna make sure it's a shooting now mixture of some serious contact and their does that give tartans whole game is based around this. By the hot five at five there's refresh by prosper in cores like Duncan beaver fans download the new course like XP app and earn points towards wanted to kind experiences and rewards even game tickets. A speech when he won or over let's such a college football DVR now it's a sneaky good week. That's according to me in college football. Because a lot of people are taken a giant hoop on this week but I. I'm John it it can be while there's halfway decent games in there that maybe not the marquee matchup that I think some people would definitely not marquee matchups but the reason I say can be wild is you have a lot of sort of on the radar but kind of off the radar upset potential. And it could be you know we can become a back Monday gone wallow in total shake look at all these teams are lost by thirteen on the fan. Where Pfizer consumer driven by fresh and frankly. He ran on 1080 both. He had just gotten word. A Dunn called me. Draft. And they said that that they're reopening 84 eastbound. Their egos of the rating. No doubt in the habit of fires or control good news there. Did you hear that kid by the way on. Recruiting with engine and a class thing yeah. Gina guided Tony Elizabeth of them will be cut it from ten to six cents a kid from crescent valleys in Corvallis and he's the nation's number one athlete is super impressive top fifteen reprieve amid an attempt to pronounce his name. Tell no roof who finger again I don't think it's finger from Fargo corner. Use on their depth in city attend schools on his listening cut it to six live on the air very dramatically I was like. It was a stand my car moment intimacy. But he. He bailed on Oregon State yet to come off the list took Oregon State for the Notre Dame went off this is final six was Utah you silly USC or in Michigan. Nebraska he took Alabama often Washington office well yeah. The Oregon State Alabama some income. We talked about it having a study was pretty diplomatic about it you just that the unity. Here's his brother had gone to Oregon State this that he wanted to see a different part of the country and yet get away from. I get that at the same time and it steams its is investing any other recruit like that write your own backyard and he's got the family connection. Look I. Can you fault the kid don't want no one's ever gonna do data just just things for Oregon State at least you know you would like to see imminent. In a final three year final or whatever but am I ever prediction I I heard so ingested but every one of the six that he kept yes what do you like about them. My prediction is and this is based on us literally nothing that instinct I'm just listening to him talk money to the schools. And please keep this on tape and now we can we can go back and see if I'm frank I think he's going to USC. Polamalu thing. And lay says cousin played there. Her plays there we just was talking about Tory Polamalu is it just was I just was listening to all his commentary and I thought. Now again even taken a taken he has taken a visit down in that. Just he gambling later bull's eye making a bold prediction. You know that's not even talk to beacon Flickr it's like when you said the Cleveland you can grade in the C plus the draft before the draft again in his right church. I'm gonna tell you right now he's continuously. Maybe you can become our marketing expert. Anders got this PM market cornered on these kids. Well and he loves that thank. And now he comes in hears us talking to Mike like 5 o'clock thank that's all that guy does so we've got two games tonight at Virginia Boise State you tied Arizona not banned. No that's what gives Bronco Mendenhall gone implant a Boise State. You also notice that the weird double Boise State in Virginia have two different logos without them it's. I did not notice yes of Boise is the Brooke on one side of the number of the other Virginia has their logos on one side in the number. Find it very distracted. You tires uninteresting you know we're gonna find out if Arizona still as the polls tonight I am intrigued by this what I wanna see you does office. Looked okay and looked a lot better against the juice crappy opponents they played they played BYU. Governments could do much of anything. I wanna see lawyers and as a good defense that's a pac twelve defense I would say Utah looks and you're right. Is it bears or has any sort of sin in their boots they they need to win this game. OK so looking at tomorrow the nine in games West Virginia Kansas is on again as he can get another look at nine. Chaos that was that was five or Kansas or you know the you know he plays Ohio State I think that's greatest 44. Gone. What all of this for that Tony wanted to hand. Other you know be I think Europe via seriously because honestly. They have played since illustrate no I don't think so they are going to malls the you know he and Al west Virginia's gonna score a lot of points on Kansas that's on he is and you. There's this game is take Houston 9 AM Houston's can. Texas and Houston. Well hand here right and then we've been AMR inside SEC game it at 9 AM on ESPN you know those the loser of that game. Coach Mike turf you things aren't going so well. And then you've got Florida State is finally playing again it feels like forever since they played. Zeta game canceled due to hurricane. We've only seen him once against Alabama they are playing NC state. At its nine on ESP NT or ABC. Okay moving along we have Alabama playing at Vanderbilt at 1230. Vanderbilt undefeated. Yet to see that they need it kind of called out Alabama after. Remove Vanderbilt whoever Vanderbilt beat last week at dozens are. Yeah they was that when I was was interviewed afterwards and it was kind of heat of the moment thing but he does say we expected to win no one else did we expected to win and Alabama's next. And then someone asked you that hurts about it while and I thought it was great persona as hurts about it nerds thought about it for a second when it well. We are technically we are there next I thought it was a nice. It was a nice little comeback on the part of sooners Clemson is number two they're good they're playing Boston College unease in Q let's put it there that's what I wanna see at 1230 is USC at count. That's going to be on ABC and I'm intrigued by well I am too except that I'm. I don't know sometimes. When you who come out of the gates in non conference and you sort of surprise team. Sometimes you get knocked back into reality when you get into your league and you know USC's big favorite and I came which I find interesting I wouldn't touch it in terms of the point spread because it's hard to know. Cal talent wise how they match up with USC cal certainly while coaching me he got to give just a little cuts a lot of credit so far but. The rubber may meet the road here we're gonna we're really gonna find out if if cal is really for real yeah. We'll find out on I assume like they've they've beaten them or tell the funeral miss beat them or talented team in North Carolina they're playing fundamentally sound football and USC. I hadn't looked that great other than the one game against him. Rutgers in Nebraska is on Big Ten network if my credit loses he may be fired. You here's that here's probably your game of the weekend it's still a it's also a 1230 game. And it'll be on ESPN it's TCU and Oklahoma State and does that number sixteen vs number six. That's a good matchup I mean Oklahoma State's offense not I don't know TCU can contain up on the State's offense. Traditionally under Gary Patterson may have really struggled with Oklahoma State's offense and Mason Rudolph. This guy's legit NFL talent he's the quarterback of the cowboys are light and that can any shoot out they have. They clean classic day at four receivers with more than a hundred yards receiving them. It's just the more I do what I wanna fast or too was Oklahoman Oklahoma State because they're. And that that that's the potentially you have two of the four best teams in the country and they may think twice this year because remember in the Big Ten now or not to be tempted to be twelve. The two best teams get to play and then the conference title game. We make it easier rematch rematch of that now this is I think it's a sneaky good week that Monday we may be looking around on one heck happened. Because nothing jumps off the page cheers like major upset potential. But yet. There is. You know. There are several sneaky beat Michigan effort to maybe several sneaky upset potential game tonight that is one and I'm looking at here. Michigan is ranked eighth but produce undefeated with Jeff Brohm. And they're at home the spreads ten that game will be at 1 o'clock on fox something to keep an eye on. You also have well. If he if the kids I'm not putting him in this category should lose to Nevada. But they are playing three on the actual network I think the bad as those for by the way there. That's a big spread. Mississippi State's playing Georgia a four on ESPN that's a good game we'll find out at Mississippi State. Think he could go on both of those teams are three you know seventeen verses eleven there of course the cities they come and dominating win over LSU and in four other games only tell you about. Actually more than that but before that fall into the category of you know you could get an upset here. One is Kentucky's feeling pretty good about themselves they're hosting Florida that's at 430 on the SEC network Kentucky's undefeated in that they've managed to knock off Florida with last time Kentucky was right. He and I don't know but it's icing there remember them have a good year not too long ago where they were pretty did this by the way Florida has beaten them thirty straight times. It's the fourth longest streak in college football history. What about Iowa hosting Penn State for thirty on ABC. You know nobody's gonna pick Iowa but you know they have the potential to defense and I was at that I was year any year out he's used the N 89 win team. Penn State's looking so good right now. Then you have or get it Arizona State no one will take Arizona State there's something about pac twelve after dark you know maybe funky things. This is the best offense that swollen face Brantley tag receiving eat he said this will be the most athletic the most talented team that they will face. Just look at Arizona State bears its name in stuff or particular more sacks than anyone in the pac twelve and the defense gives us a pretty big plays. I I'm hard pressed to think that this is going to be a close game and as you stated. Funky things can happen and last year they played a classic remember that one. And then FS one year of Colorado hosting Washington and no you don't think much of Colorado I'm thinking you've picked the Huskies in your picks earlier but. You know there there is a case be made that. The two stars of this game will be the defensive fronts for both teams this could be kind of a slugfest and do you remember the Colorado played Carnoustie it was like seventeen to three but. You don't has won five of the use of the last five it was a close last year in the title game. And no one has scored more than sixteen points on you dubbed this year so if if Colorado does. There is keep this close they're gonna have to find a way to play a low scoring game and at the nightcap. It's a big game for both schools and that's Stanford UCLA right Stanford's already lost twice. And then UCLA coming off that bad loss against Memphis whether about a coach on the hot seat if this goes out to members Jim Morse had a Stamford problem. Is entire time at UCLA. More could really have to see you go if Stanford comes out. And basically does what they do every time that please select one of the game you mentioned notre Dame's playing at Michigan State I find Notre Dame uninteresting that that game will be on it. Five on fox hills and a colander daily basis that he thinks Brian Kelly you're fired if you diseases Yahoo! on me you can definitely tell that there's them. It's a testy situation there if you watch any of his press conference stuff Kelly knows he knows the discount. So it seems that the good stuff tomorrow. I will be later in the day just FYI. I'm coming up next is Arizona State dangerous like get all. We'll talk about that. When we return on our broadcast then maybe some Kim Johnson talked at some point it's Kim Jong-Il but not in. And I don't know I don't know for a time. English. And you wanna hear about it but we also you know what else the men don't know yet it's you also need to hear what the Baylor the former Baylor president says mining gosh got to carve out a second then yeah this is unbelievable in the not. I'm okay 529 years Mike. This is a football Friday edition of primetime revise a consumer driven by fresh from Chrysler dodge Jeep brand. Spontaneity gross yeah I think this weekend while it doesn't. I'd jump up the PH TU I features a match at some college football contract there are no. Major marquee matchups. It could be a shocker kind of weekend because. They're just there are a lot of sneaky little games where you're looking like on well. That's not a gimme firm you know Penn State's not a gimme for Washington is not a gimme for. Even Alabama Mississippi State Georgia game one of them is gonna get taken seriously I mean. One of these will be in the top ten in in May be be considered a real threat to to Alabama in the SEC is right now right you look at it and norm believes in Florida no one's gonna believe in Tennessee Knoll believes and NM Knoll believes an LSU Auburn not so it's it's Alabama and oh. What's Alabama improbably Mississippi State or Georgia right and they played. You know they play and I know that George is on the other half of the SEC but I think that's a if you turn it about a game with big implications I think that's probably the biggest yet not. That while Oklahoma State TCU's other if you if you wanna talk about marquee match of those of the two when I'm talking about are these other sneaky little games where. Nobody really expects Michigan to lose but Michigan could lose nobody really expects USC to lose but USC could lose that's the kind of weak it is 'cause we never. Gonna come back here on Monday talking about all of that Mississippi State I Georgia game really shocked by that result now because he can go either way. I'm talking about these weird games where. We're gonna come back on Monday and I bet you. One of these teams has lost this is our poll question today if one of these ranked teams goes down this weekend witches and out right now. At 1080 defend outcome you guys say USC. Act out 27%. Followed by Oregon and Arizona State's 23% tied with Penn State and Iowa. I've been 20% Washington at Colorado 7% Michigan at Purdue and no one thinks Alabama lose at Vanderbilt. So I would lean towards the Michigan Purdue because I think Michigan's offense is pretty sketchy and to meet it gets it's the the archetype of the of an upset right is. If you play close games and you struggle a little bit offensively and I think Michigan doesn't really have a quarterback and they pound the ball on the play defense writes the same memo dad when Harbaugh was that stamper when he didn't have Andrew Luck but they're even when they did that look Islamic. Run the ball multiple tight end sets play good defense keep a close. I think leads to more well did you say that Alabama I mean Alabama offense same Vanderbilt has a defense like that could be a slugfest. Yeah I mean I suppose I just not sending a beat them but. And I only that damages doesn't lose I mean that the only time Alabama's been upset the last couple years been old myths. They just don't lose these sorts of games. About one doesn't that one doesn't scare me nearly as much in the USC cal what is it you're seeing. Because I think USC may be overlooking. In totality drugged him last year. Although I would I would make the argument after that Texas game I would assume that you're gonna get USC's best ever but. Also the one game against Stamford and we don't know a good Stanford is anymore in they've lost two in a row USC hasn't looked that good and callous already slain. Two teams that are more talented than they are and they play fundamentally sound football if they have two very good coordinators I think about what is a very interest in game I don't want. That is too because. It's calendar it is act now. And up that's a great home field advantage but it is on zero USC's coming off the Stanford and Texas games both huge games. And their next game is Friday at Washington State that's a big game it is kind of a sandwich game worked there a big favorite vacant Walton they're gone owl kicked Cal's ask as we. Mommy look at what they did against them last year I was like 45 did twenty years yeah they thumped us pretty good. Well you're right they can overlook him but anyway there's a lot of those little games this weekend and that that's what makes for surprise. Yemen like nobody thinks there's on the State's gonna be organ now I certainly don't I have a report that away from Tempe do you are you ready yeah. I was direct messaging. With RJ. Who is down in Tempe right now he's a duck fan RJ is one of our listeners you techies know. And he is down in Tempe the and there are just for this game yet they he and his buddies. And he won on all those guys go to go to one duck duck road game a year. Innate this year they went to Tempe and he says that it's starting to get awkward and all those groups Syrian designs at. Yes if they could date you know womanizer appear correctly attached but anyway he's down there and here's what he writes to me he says Arizona State fans are absolutely dejected. I just had a son double alarm give us his fifty yard line tickets just because he thought we were cool and appreciated that we came here for the game. Indian wanna witness that's beaten down. He said. He said we have gotten nothing but go ducks in our team is horrible from Arizona State fans. He yeah. He said there theme. So far is back out or black out meaning back out of the game or get black out drunk. A as great as that. Clearly. The Arizona State faithful believe in this is why by the way I think Todd Graham. Talked about this the worst thing we can have a new program is. When you Americans are no longer championships NATO would not when you're no longer a set your team's socks and you just kind of embrace it and you expected. And then did things have to champion and and it wouldn't shock me one bit if that is Todd Graham is shown the door at the end of this year let's talk about. That game though in in in this light. What if anything makes Arizona State interest they can make big plays on both sides of the ball because they play a very risky brand of offense and very risky brand of defense is the very aggressive style and and some big plays can be had they can score a lot in bunches and if you're sloppy and you're not dial bid and they can make big plays on defense that take a lot of chances they gamble a lot they bring a lot of pressure to me exotic pressured out leaves them open to the on the back candidate and they give up a lot of build a big plays and that's been the problem. Over the last couple years when Arizona State has been very good as they're given a couple of more big plays in their. The they're actually. You know creating but that's the one thing if you wanna talk about some that would scare you and athletically I do think I'm meeting include in the Nebraska in this. I think this will be the fastest and most aggressive team that you've played so far. He got in you know Oregon is and exactly putting teams away well you know hang around can you as a former player. Is it possible to explain what the hell goes on a night games a wider so wild. Well I think sometimes would night games. I was added that the players are creature of habit. Right eat just eat you go through routine and you used to it and when you play and a night games this if you used to practicing in the morning. And so you wake up on game day in let's say you're used to waking up because you got when he practiced usually in the 7730. And you wake up then and there is Almaty just sit around all day in studio right you don't you don't go home. You're stuck in a team hotel special when you're on the road like in an Arizona State. You seem more more teams he knows like they said they go to movies is up in the middle of the day summit about to sit around you kinda eat you don't that it carries up you watch some TV you lay around. Immediately had one of those Saturdays we you don't do anything right you just lay around and and all the sudden it like 7 or 8 o'clock to like I'm tired. They didn't do anything he's kind of lazy lethargic I think some of that kind of sets in and and funky things can happen when you play these late games. One other Elle mag game. And announce I don't know it's huge deal because I think that organ receivers really did. As gently touch and are concerned about snack yeah that guy that Charles Nelson is we and that's when I was gonna bring up is Charles Nelson hurt him and I think that. Indeed the health we getting Griffin back is the same kind of similar type player Griffin's. I think he is fascinating because every time I see him play I see the same thing. Why don't see him yeah he's been hurt I don't he's been banged up but it's is he's got one of those careers that just never has seemed to gain traction now and yet ever. Every time you simply seems like the fastest. And most athletic and explosive guy on the field and yet it's never really. It's not really clear I. I think it's common. I think he I think he is getting emerges a real weapon as long as he can stay healthy be did you write you watch him go good guide yeah and so now they've moved him from the back field and he's he's playing slot with Charles Nelson being out maybe he's a guy that gets more arrests but I would I would love to see the ball in his hands more. Okay and our final sports segment out wait till you hear. What David Garland former Baylor president it's unbelievable said in an email that has been revealed I will make the argument this is the worst thing that's ever been said in regards to a college football team and scandal I mean do you expect is for the city it's unreal why did you play that says that's what he said. I hope he helped me do I hope that whole school adjourns to the ground three F 543 on the. Edition of Primetime Live by as a consumer driven by freshman Greg Dobbs eat free on ten ADP. A Casey David good. PM. He was the interim president at Baylor before they hire this woman it is now they're president Linda Livingstone. So David Garland as he was interim president Andy Taylor engaged in by the radio guy was fired because of that when looking the other way at the yield. Why don't know thirty plus rapes. So it David Garland was on email on this has become public because of these lawsuits. That have been filed on behalf of the women who were sexually assaulted by Baylor athletes. On date they have made it seem now public and is now making the rounds in a read it to you this is David Garland the interim president Taylor. Talking to the big guy Kevin Jackson. Who has the school's vice president for student life so easy nine backward in David writes as I drove back yesterday from the big twelve meetings. I listen to ESPN rate the president over the coals. In my view justifiably for his blatantly obvious self serving attempt to protect himself and his reputation eight. That's pretty good yeah wait and it gets worse I then listened to fresh air on NPR in the interview with the author of the confession. In the interview with the Arthur of the confessional. Blackout. Which added another perspective for me. Of what is going on in the heads of some women who may. Seem willingly. To make themselves victims. It makes writing a commentary on Romans as I. As I am currently. And enslaving power in. Rom 1183 direct. So he's he's got Bible overs verses here or bringing god into this and his argument that the Christian faith outlined in chapter eight is the only answer to the cry in 724 but. Frankly that is another book. It occurred to me is I'm writing vests that Romans. Is outlined in much the same way. That the pepper Hamilton report. Findings of fact what happened why what went wrong and steps that must be taken to remedy the situation. The differences that god is the only one who took the steps to remedy the situation. On another note I would hope that we will still reais to your director according to the president. As you did years ago when we met on a regular basis signed David. So he goes on to also say that basically that this is God's punishment for these women being sexually promiscuous it's basically says whole point useless and that India I think in user account. Use that somehow enlightened that. These women could willingly make themselves victims by how much they too ranked yep and then also. The fact that again this is God's punishment that by a engaging in sit and as he calls it. And drinking and then maybe being willing to be victims as he likes to call them I just love that that they're willing victims. That somehow this is God's quote wrath are you. F fiend idiocy at night he'd originally meant. The terps know he's done about the girls this is God's wrath. On the girls. It's crazy man so if you drink meanest loony town and you got in your willing to have sex. Euro willing victim to rape. And the rape they use suffer at the hands of these athletes. That would be God's wrath upon you are you kidding me nice institution of the lore I holed up please burns to the ground. It's embarrassing I can't say I'm surprised sickening. You know I just isn't prized client you know I mean you can be shocked that rent I guess I am I 81 of the should be its dealer. But I just don't understand how views like this. It's fascinating read an article just today about its. And they were talking about how. Certain religious beliefs are viewed as delusional. But should they be based on you know based on the the idea. Of clinical like psychological terms and clinical terms. Should some of these views be delusional now treating this and it totally applies. To this guy like how is that. How is that guy the president. Of Baylor like that is to me that's insane. Like that to think how could a guy who has seemingly Smart seemingly. Very. Educated and end. In higher education. How can he think that like out why do we not call him crazy. Well I am now because as Alan and scale of blubber does that but not seem crazy. But he's crazy with what he's saying. Yeah social gullible people believe this stuff. Why do we let people believe this stuff and to say well that's the urban know he's insane he's delusional. Is he not know you're right I I get what I've never really thought about it then why don't we ever consider those types of opinions as literally. It is insane because it's the NC because too many people have them too many people have a that's scary it's a country you raised mean it's offensive. And who we are raised on the I know it's funny. And by the way that's not the Bible not that is dumb ass is interpretation of it right that's it but it's it's amazing to me the you can be in that position. Of religious institution and have that be European and a fake. That you think it's somehow that is God's will do you think that is the that that's that the justice that have the numbers for the loving god hands out. I also love how about the way it only goes towards women right does this do is can you think for 12 that if one of his football players god draw and then that full glare. Got raped by another guy would he think about some sort of righteous punishment. We think that player was asked import or is it. And they go for when women drink and that they're the ones they're gonna be sexually promiscuous that somehow that's God's punishment to those guys get the dead it's a man goes and raves yet he's funny how that line only works towards females are not mail. That it stunted thinking like he's not even he's those stories and thinking. Remotely logical lot lol I logically you're Smart at all he's not critically FEMA right in the and that sometimes that comes when. You just blindly follow a book. Right. Acts yet so I can't even say that does that to me isn't following a book well it that it is to him did to me which is why you asked backwards interpretation of something right there that's what hit that's what he's doing that and he's stopping there like he's not even thinking about. So it's funny you bring up that night say funny it's not funny it's. You brought up that's what happens when you just are taught something and you never. If you just believe something in you don't have to think for yourself so critical thinking involved well that's exactly what this article mentioned is they said that religious beliefs and it's not all religious beliefs. But the least like this guy aren't viewed as delusional because. They are simply. Tot yeah they are passed down day like people don't that's different than conjuring it up yourself right. Yeah like conjuring up some sort of Stephen King novel. Is is much different then being told it is true and you just believe it from the time you were very young your race with that and that's why they say. That it's in psychological terms these believes like this crazy whack job. Things that they believe are not delusional. I just even though they are eight inches you really. It bothers me so much. Did a clear a person in in in power houses he would then you sit there and you wonder how. Penn State happens how Baylor happens exactly any of these things happen that you realized that it I've got to be careful there is gonna swear. Guys like this are in charge and that's that's how these things happen. All right coming up next it is the club we have new find game of the real or fake. Several odd bits of news to talk about there including now audio the bit. Real quick you I don't know if you mention that but his exact quote. Further on was. Did these women would then immediately finer relevance in God's wrath upon them that is his quote. In there I saw I want people because a Bieber like will Wear that does is say it's a further on in that email he says and I quote. He would conclude that these young women made themselves willing victims of sexual assault. Quote and would then fine relevance in God's wrath upon them. Some that someone had mentioned how we interpret knew that wrong explaining you know it's my I'm supposed to interpret that when he says willing victims and then right after that. Relevance in God's wrath upon them if that's not sane that that god is somehow punishing them. By being raped by student athletes then it's beyond me. Are we also have a very famous house for sale in the club that's on the fan.