Primetime 9.22.17 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, September 22nd

CFB Picks against the spread, remembering Mike Gundy's rant, and Joel Klatt on NFL v CFB.


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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Primetime on football Friday. Tandy go for. Professional football and America is a special game the unique game. Lead nowhere else on it is a rare games. Make himself. This is a football Friday edition of primetime retires again soon. Given by crashing nicely done Steve Brandon. The lowest prices on cars and trucks on the east side of Clinton's visit dogs are pressing dot com Christian Chrysler dodge Jeep grand. A surprise for minivan. All right folks it's that time. It's a just after four on Friday. And that means. We drink. I mean we give our college football fixture. Like the group. Agricultural and hear the records for your any fear factor recovered twice. Last week you got back door I did get back to order she hit Danny get back to Tennessee and Florida and then. Freaking Arizona State you're getting blown out and you come back and cover that really just uncomfortable with the fact the Texas Tech game. So which don't gather up like nineteenth. I have used Jason. Let's see four into against the spread. Lynch is three in 3 and I am off to a rousing five and one start. So until pretty good and I got I mean on time items locks us up a pretty good about you think about all three of yeah I think I think college to me has been. It always seems to be much easier out of the gate and the NFL I would agree. Although I have hence my NFL records one night after night. He loves last. I was feeling so good like five minutes of playable those games in my head it's perfect week it happens you're an idiot you got wrong. Let's do better I better for the people I got your fans need you work hard. OK so ominous start. Because I don't want you guys to take this thing through because there is such a locked again and it's West Virginia minus 21 and go but yeah I had another month or find another one how. Because I watched KU last week. And there was some talk that K you was better and they got this you know they got the offensive coordinator from TCU that need Jim guy to their offense is opened up a little bit more. But they have what who could be the big twelve player of the year on defense. And they cannot. Get off the field on defense it is unbelievable they can do everything right. And still not get off the field on third down it it's a penalty here it's. It's a it's a blown coverage there there were I mean they are horrible and I will tell you this. West Virginia. Is averaging 605. Yards per game beat Kansas defense is ranked a 112. Last year West Virginia was up 31 to nothing at half. The spread is only 21 and a half upswing in the big hood to look I love my rock chalk jayhawk. But I'm going so hard against them this week and I would say this is how bad it is normally if you bet against Kansas I have a long tradition on this program that taking kids just to spite you. Not touch this one with a template can console is lost by 20 to central Michigan actually. 120 tool or puzzle Virginia now here's what here's the thing the over under on my game a semi one. Kansas can maybe score some you know it's one of those where I expected to be like 65 to thirty. Something is Kansas can put up some points of west Virginian may be. A few putts. There's just is no way Kansas house was GM as those who do you stopped itself aren't aren't. Gonna go with they young mountain west matchup here but it's a top 25 that's one of the teams is that San Diego State almost god. What if that's another one I think it's better defined its annuity that you get a jump on these early Mike Lynch. I like the Fed the city to say it is only lay in three years now air force is a good tee air force played Michigan tough they were on the road. They are lost 2913 member they had to go out to Michigan now they have to turn around they came back home. But senators say is already beat two teams that are more talented than air force they knocked out Stamford. They knocked off Arizona State I love the way sending states ran the ball against the best team in the mountain west annaly after only three here. Plus even a city or state did play against Stanford. They cities it's better equipped to play power five back to back is air force I think they're going to be a little hang over from play in the rough and tumble Michigan game. I like Cindy stayed here do was to win and I think they cover that three giving you a Diaz thanks. All right well. I guess what caught my third pick first and that's those are my favorite two picks Hillary he just picked right there. I'm gonna go UCLA plus seven against Stanford. Stanford is not expected to start here in despite the loss to Memphis I think UCL a might have a bit of revenge factor coming into the scheme early stage prove it factor coming into this game. Trying to make up for losing on the road to Memphis last week so. I don't play Stanford tough either way and even if they do lose the game should be closer and fairly low scoring title game and actually be used to lament when assaulted her and plus seven. I get you down for that. Kentucky hasn't beaten Florida in thirty years I was mind for thirty years. The last thirty games in Florida's record against Kentucky is thirty and oh by the way because this was one and I was gonna pick. That is the fourth longest. Streak in college football history without a break it. Florida is only lane. Three points out at Kentucky now Kentucky is three you know the other kind of feeling good about themselves down there but here's what's gonna happen in this game. You know Florida's offense is not good it ranks a 111 you know Kentucky's offense ranks. Now. 104 with that. All right so Florida's played Michigan and Tennessee much tougher competition. Florida's defense will score in this game they will get up early in their defense will suffocate. He Kentucky Wildcats not happening in a B 31 in a row. Florida only land three LT. The gators I like that one as well but I will bumped down to my third pick which one I like the most that is you'd go on the road. Only lane eleven and half against Colorado. And people to save that for a reason their decision to this talk of like this revenge game what revenge game. Colorado they've won the last five meetings in this one. They have by the way have won those by an average margin of well Linda double digits think it's like eighteen. I had no team this year scored more than sixteen on Washington Colorado by the way eked out a win against Colorado State. If they couldn't do much offensively and currency it is nowhere near the defensive team. They UW is they've given up eight sacks in three games and you Doug has a great pass rush. And they don't have to blitz behind the mortgages can move around the pocket a little bit the U dub can rush with Ford still get home while playing coverage. I don't think this is closest like it wasn't close in the pac twelve title game is not going to be closed now. You don't win this thing going away are easily laid to eleven and a half year you don't wins by two touchdowns. My next pick is going to be tonight's game and you talk to stay four point favorites over Arizona. I've really liked what I've seen from Utah's special return carry to their wide receiver just gives them a whole another. Way to win the game offensively were to somebody else we got really ever said about you talked I donors on his play a little bit better start here but I just don't trust them at all. I don't trust believes the quarterback situation there anything that really either the Arizona schools have gone on so I'll take you tough. Minus four tonight. Can make sure we get Mike down three youths. My final pick is you've been following along with them my picks so far as that against than meets the last two weeks in. Cash money. Because Missouri Sox they are a mess they lost at home to South Carolina in produced by combined score of 66 to sixteen. May I repeat to you and they lost at home. Choose South Carolina. And heard do. 66 to sixteen. Auburn is an eighteen and a half point favorite headed to the zoo Auburn's pissed off Jarrett still him is gonna carved them up and on the other side. You have a mismatch you have Auburn ranked number two in defense Missouri ranked number 100 in offense. In oh by the way only two teams have more turnovers in all of college football. In Missouri they are an absolute train wreck they are terrible I'm not sure why this line is so low Auburn will win this game 137. 27. That seems like a lot. It's a significant margin humbled. All right so I have the Florida game but since you picked yet I'm gonna go with a win here that he is more of despite pick. Because F Baylor that's why they just got there ask you might do if you missed it. One of the the guy that was I think is the if you see was the temporary president there. Basically said that the women in the Baylor rape scandal were asking Ford and that this was God's punishment. For them being sexually promiscuous. After Baylor F that tire program their ON three I think it's hilarious they're getting their askew by everyone. Oklahoma's were within their their way in 26 I hope Oklahoma wins by forty and just takes him out back. That's one is is despite picked for the Oklahoma covers this they went by third was reticent 24 and a half. Okay Mike your last. So this is right struggled there I found the other two. The other two games that I picked I did have moment lists I'm gonna go this one. TCU is a twelve and a half point underdog against Oklahoma State. Now I know Oklahoma State is top ten team right now they've been playing amazing on offense would. TC is also undefeated they're also putting up points and even if they lose this game I think they'll keep it close the over under 71. On the schemes that are expecting a high scoring game from both sides I think it could be something like 42 to 35. MLB TCU covering the spreads all take the horned frogs plus twelve. All right those are college football picks every. Friday at four we're gonna do a deep dive into the weakening college football coming up but we also Mike Gundy audio you know it's the tenth anniversary of among man I'm a man. I'm forty. If you notice too that his mullet is now fifty he's not change in that thing it just gets more powerful week by week we'll get to that anyone else I have forty Jason what do you I have OK so. I wanna teased this by saying you know we've talked about the Kim Jung ill round of 34 yes so are teams on news it was Kim Jong ill death of the delays the dad yeah. About great but delayed. Greatest golfer of all time he only played golf once and they said his first time out he had five holes and one. Any shot a 34 he was 38 under and he defeated the game of golf and never went back now we chocolate that because like so north creation of cute right in ninety blow to their probably believe it. Well I found today. This is not news. The explanation for that. Ha yeah it's not what you think it is. And I am going to bring it to you. This hour tickle me intrigued you should be intrigued by it passes this is so it's eight they are not claiming they Kim Jong-Il shot a 34. And that is that is not true I need this now I need its coming up right. Teased you know he did tickled you for fifteen on the fan. Talk to me that I'm okay I'm sure but not a lot. But yeah. Yeah yeah. Until players even more you know it's clearly a much attention here. I'm looking in the mirror dilute the these adult. Is such things slot that takes a few football title it's easy and stays there not. Please excuse my. I packet if not all that excuse me really upset you. Or at target let it brown. Yeah my kids games. Yeah normally the guys. We'll find a mutant dogs welcome to give a big kiss at the mouth if you report. Yeah. Susan and yeah Georgia mistakes that the Cuban planets and a confidence that. You all the room at Georgia southern days you. I don't think we got on the field that didn't play in the NFL and about 45 or more first round draft picks and a run do RS like. There were ten or man and we could not stop him. Could not stop and could not stop them I don't even know what to ask me but I just want to say. That's how I got good. We want to. This is a football Friday edition of primetime retires a consumer driven by Gresham Chrysler's dodge Jeep grand spontaneity both it and as for me is in you know understand why don't wanna. But people like hey buddy you're going to coaching. Jason if anybody understands that at feet you know its third. But I think when you need to look at us like we can get whistled in the short shorts socks like one of like the sun hats. Clicks something changes in your DNA the you to speak com naval I think that I think a lot of it is that we enable it. It's enabled yes think these guys are running amok like there the team. They're there the king they're they're the leader and they can say and do whatever they want as long as they went sometimes we need to I think that. Mean this would never happen because the kids have no power surges. College kids it's like. We need to check these guys more than we are able to deal I was led the wind if the players says anything back to a cloture Ayers somehow disobeyed the coach we get this one you can't do that your coach you have to have respect your coach that's just. That's inexcusable but a coach is allowed a mother asked. That kid up and down the sidelines for the next four years. But if if the kid responded to it at all somehow that's the worst kid possible like how dare he write. Just it's it's sold tilted in the image there's a god complex among coaches there really is. And that's the stuff by the way impress comps is that's a step you hear that sound you opened imagine what it's like behind closed doors about what it's like in meeting rooms. It's not always the head coach the position coaches are a thousand times worse from the head coaches. And yet this is to exist this world of football where this sort crap goes on. So those September 22 2007. I'm a man when Mike Gundy professed that he was a man. Because he was forty which you can say you're a man I unfortunately you're not only on the and ranked with. It chubby boy so Jenny Carlson who by the way went to college with me Kansas and in her eye she was the writer at the Oklahoman who. Published an article talking about a kid by the name of Bobby Reid used the former starting quarterback there. And she was kind of spit on as to why he might have been demoted to second string law. The coaching staff publicly supported read earlier in the year might gun injury Mike Gundy again drink. Might Kendry ultimately with my gun might gun Dreessen and Tanzania. I has related that he does not mind. Criticizing. His players on the on field performance that he does he says. I will be at. If they need to get better but he doesn't appreciate critiquing college athletes other acts. That's his thing OK so I don't mean to your point about. Being hypocrite that and subtle about C might goggles and some of them there. So then that these sports editor the Oklahoma sit by the story. What ever Gundy gets into his next press conference in Jenny Carlson is in there. And this was ten years ago today if he could letting go he could just have a press conference he had to address. Are. If anybody had rented car I don't read it that brought me land. Still. Think it's porphyry. And tell you all talk us aren't. Very forced this is an accurate. Pension. And and this oracle. Embarrasses me. To be involved and let it. An article. She handed in written by a person doesn't have child. And is never. Had a child. I'll say it. And added you know trial. When you got sick. And kick apartment when he spam. Here's all that he would be it. Go to class. He's respectful that may yeah. He's respectful and upon. He's not a professional athlete. And. Yet trial that. How. Did. Your child demonstrate. And so they make it because you brought up. Today. I'm glad I did mom. GM had. You and your child. Yours. If you don't care and happily. Athletes. You don't want them to the right now. Yeah shame because he does everything and not quite well at that and you let it it. And it's about. The credit garbage any error that let it. That's been an amateur athlete. We're doing everything lot. And then you wanna write articles about guys that don't do things right and downgrade the one that good night. Are you kidding me really end societies that. Okay. I'm at right. It hit right so than about me. For our content. Run you know that does everything right that's heartbroken. And then faded to cope just stayed scared. Decided that we made that decision comes Donovan was because he threatened to transfer. So get your facts for the then I'll send you had a child and somebody beat down right and indeed little fan and you have to. Look at an odd thing you know what it's okay. They are supposed to be fair hill. Yeah it. You can are reluctant child. Each team. People clap. The good these recent. Have a child can get that gets it. Yeah that's look we put their people I'll be Ricky Bobby he did a lot of fun things in their one. Is he went with the whisper yeah for a fact like Sergio did did does in his little egg cup Garth Brooks choice. Number when it SO did did his vote this that's the ESL. Yeah the NFL reporter Caspian we played as little bit or his. The Yankees team that you pos. And for facts Gundy did that multiple times. Well played he also these port you know so to speak I love the idea that it's a societal issue like where are we sat in the world today its its criticize in college football player so his big thing is. Don't criticize the kid for anything other than their on field performance but. This thing is you aren't criticizing him for his own people on field performance you got benched. And so they are right about why he may have gotten danced. And that's what he was pissed about is that someone was criticizing that his point is that the kid is a good kid he's not a very good college football player and so therefore you should criticize him. And my favorite part about this is I would love to have Mike Gundy might and all the wonderful ways that he encouraged that kid when he wasn't doing very well looks. You know this about football coaches but generally when you're not playing well no hold you off on the side it says he career. Mikey did you start playing a little bit better here you know peek at just tweak this or that they're using a lot of like what is your major at the malfunction. A lot of that but I'm sure Mike Gundy never ever yells and screams of the kid. Now now he's like hey you may suck but you're a great kid off the field so I'm not getting Yamaichi. All the hypocrisy and about all the people clapping at the end sanctimonious. Nature of college football coaches that you know what that's what makes BP is back to the clapping know them well then yeah. Now or when dabble with Sweeney says that the day you pay a player is the day he quits or goes and finds something else do you oh I'm sorry dabhol. I'm sure you're gonna go you're gonna get up your six million dollar salary because it would decides to pay kids that he shot up. I think that part of the problem that was nineteen to Liz is the enabling. And that is exactly the clapping yeah that's like. He wants out there with his chest they pop out like I yeah I just older showed that lady once and then everybody claps think what you expect his behavior to be you know I mean to. In number we had Mike Gundy come on the show wants. Oh comes that was planned somebody out I didn't Debian CU if I remember correctly Anna and their play we almost got him on the show and he canceled at the last minute. Is man. Yeah let the manly things will he's now fifty that was two years ago he sees the man he's fifty. I just that's my favorite part of coaches as they demand all the respect in the world yet they give it to nobody Bobby Knight. So little throwback for you we have audio of Jules class. From the morning show yes talking about like cultural pol greater than the NFL it for him. We're gonna play that. It's a good piece of year it. Now the jets I'd like to hear what he says it's a little gaudy make some good points and sort of played out for you and then I wanna tell you why Kim John news. Golf score of 34. In his one and only golf brown is not true. While as if I had to tell you that I had I had no idea but North Korea is my whole world is shattered North Korea even admits it is not tourist totally buy clothes I. But first Mike was put together. This is a football Friday edition of primetime revised consumer driven by Gresham Chrysler dodge Jeep brand on generating growth and all right and coming up in our next segment I'm gonna tell you like Kim Jung Il's record golf round. That included five holes in one. Making the story behind that my hope and in that it didn't there is one. There is a whole reality it's totally been shattered but Jill Clapp was on the morning show with dusty and cam. This morning he does a weekly within which is a great get yeah because Joseph Klein is an excellent. College football voice. And now on there and wanna play a little audio for him because son he was talking about why a college football as we talk but this tee times. I'm so far this season for the NFL. Except for last night last night was. With the rams and niners need CNET that was exciting and if the NFL had more games like that more offense like that. Blows tells the bottom water in my team has been a struggle so that the NFL is bad offensive line played bad quarterback play defense is. Are really good and it's just it makes for a crappy. You know. It's a crappy product a lot of people think that that's kind of Libya CC right it's the kind of a boring boring style of play and its ability of the fellows so here's Joseph clad talking about that. This morning. You know we are talking about this oh my god here in the weekend to. He added is it an iron in the fall anyways how many days do you did you venture to guess on any problems. But the coach. The we still. Or what it might play that. Each is Rick rolled. Not that. I thoroughly enjoyed that has stagnant for you head coach coach OK here's here's class. I promise though. It's ever going to be the senate bill. I can tell you that there are several factors of why I think that the NFL. Is that not anywhere close to the product the college football is. First and foremost. And yeah they agreed at the NFL earning a lot of people. Okay the fact that they have saturated themselves the one we've got a lot Thursday night and we've got a lot Monday night and we all this to. And I think that's bad I think the fact that. Wallop quality of football is probably better than college. The level of effort I don't believe there's anywhere year what is in college plus we don't see the passion I would also say that inherently. It's easier and more to be a college football and that it is an NFL fan let me explain. All of us understand. That we have a fox rush. That we lights you know like maybe you like on the chilly tale like Rome itself what inaugural or. Is it does so on and so. But no not cause or at least like if you do extreme people would say that are being refreshed. Is a chain rush. We would say at that place so we always go with our spam you know like she knows down on on that amazing laws La Nina. Or whatever because it all up colored fabric. Of who we York. And how we grew up all that's what college football uses it it has this amazing organic tribalism feel to it worked or part of it. And you played you know thought it for like three weeks preceding. I could say like yeah I was part of a Detroit Lions franchise but guess what. There are thousands of people that feel like they are our own beat Oregon duck is it went there it was just an order form of yours or better. They are adopt. Right anonymous sources there are Manama titan global Morocco. And professional franchise don't care what you give them your money. Referring college and I think that one of the biggest reason why you know were starting to see that ship the little bit and then. Finally like I just think that the product is stale and corporate. The other dues is look at Los Angeles last week. Government figures on job but we had 85000 people on that you'd like all of scampered USC game. The rams and chargers combined. Combined had 81000. People at their games I mean the chargers had barely a couple more thousand people in the LA galaxy. No one cares about belly well. In defense of the NFL there you know that was USC's first. Sellout and I've pierced yet had been. But he's right and it does he was back in his big game at Texas CN it's it's you know all of us thinks he said are right in those things that we brought up the of them are. About I'd take I take exception with a couple things. Once I think he brings up some valid points south and in I don't necessarily. Disagree with everything you said that I I think some of that is that he he's a college guy he's big in the drop. First off the effort that has forced the shut up stop that that their DE. Did that the quality of player that somehow the effort in the passion shut. You'd you don't have an idea of that don't. Don't tell me that when you go down and you in the you've been close to the NFL and you see. The level of freaks that are out there. And the effort that is being put out you don't don't give me that that know what that is that that's the cheesy like that did. The five foot nothing and white kid like plain middle linebacker for Toledo somehow terrorists more beaten stop. That's that's that's a ridiculous notion that's the biggest one that I have that I have a problem with where he says that that this somehow the effort the passion is better in college football. And that's like that their right to bully kids from hard knocks right. But that's we wanna hold up that kid as like this. This bastion of energy and he just plays so hard just what the guy to beat him how plays harder than he does or plays as hard he's a better player. The product in the NFL is better is just a different product the reason why the product in college football. And this is where I don't disagree disagree them I just don't like the way he worded. The product in college football can be more entertaining but it's worth retaining because it's bad play you get a wait with more you could be a crappy quarterback in college. And still make please. And art you know 95 to 90% of the quarterbacks in college sucked. But the defense is our good enough to expose him and the offenses are so simple that they are easy to pick up in you can have success and I'm. Sort of more entertaining thing but to save the quality of play is better that's horse crap too. Yeah Phyllis so much better at every turn. Every player in the NFL is an elite player and on any given Saturday he got a handful of guys if you're lucky even in marquee game he said that. He did say you know of the I think he it was kind of qualifier against it statement where he said you know the product is probably better on the NFL level. But Danny is like here's why college for a while like Kyle's apartment. That he did it mean he did admit I mean can't we don't. It is it's it's the it's the MBA college basketball thing. But I do think that he would that the poise that he was making a do you think the greed of the NFL and the saturation it has certainly played a huge let the NBA and the impact of of having kind of food the passion of your school. I think is is the giants. Factor in this and and then if you want to thank peak spirits are round. Carlos who bought you're going to a game. I think the NFL pails in comparison to actually going to watch a college game no question but the MBA cause that's nothing it's like how can you. If you watched bulls out how did you not think that the better. Product across the board is. Is not the NBA it's time the club is not even close now you may prefer college basketball which is I think what he's saying. A because the turning men and you know bill whatever you like defense seem like bad dolphins I don't. But down so it's the same thing it's like nobody denies that. The NFL has the superior talent it's it's unbelievable but it's almost like two superior right that they're too good my defense is they're too good and Donald waters down the product it's not. It's not as entertaining which is why last night. When the rams in the niners are playing and they're putting up what eighty points. Dude that. Was a blast in those are two those two teens aren't even greater it's really hard to play in the NFL and it's not really hard to playing college exactly can scheme around things the defense is aren't good enough and and there's not enough time to study in and there's just there's bad athletes every team even Alabama has bad players but whether you're watching Alabama you watch org went to Penn State. I can sit there with all the on the all 22 and went out a handful of guys that are flat out bad football players you can't do that in the NFL right in the Cleveland Browns or whoever there's not doubtful players workers testing he kind of reminds me something to do and ice the game. Is the over on 910 ran due to his name no is not. Mom don't be Alex and camp. -- coach. And a ST well anyway. Whatever that was Joseph Klein on the march. Valid points I think for most of it I just guessing is the NFL structures better. 'cause the ball is getting there with a college football playoff but. It is crazy how we bitch about in other sports like will likely be at who is three teams can win. Right now college football is got eight or nine. Talks but there's this notion that with some programs that. If you have an eight win season you go to ball game that's a successful season and there's the NFL if you're an NFL fan this structure is so that. It use EU. You can win it like it doesn't take much to turn around a franchise and make a run. And then imminent which is ultimately what it's all up. Yeah there is certainly more upheaval I think in the world of the NFL and upsets than there is in the world of cultural when so much about it is is because more parity is more parity. College football has the least amount of security of any sport that we want guy but the nice. Part about it is is their seemingly a sense of even though there's not much drama in college football from week to week for the top teams every game matters worse in the NFL. Lose a couple of games not a big deal you know you key go 1011 you know when you win 1011 games in the playoffs in college football every single game matters but for the elite teams. You're only probably only played three games a year that really do matter because those on the only three teams that are cable of Beattie late breaking Kim Jung illness. Right now down next. We were bent over to. On the fan so I'm revising consumer driven by grants from Chrysler dodge and Jeep ram on 1088 Australian. I cannot in good conscience starts he Kim Jung ill. Story. There's been calling me names. Because they thought I mean can John. Please understand the storied and I'm going to present he's about Kim Jung ill it's the former. Supreme leader of North Korea so who's the you know what now. Yeah well I still think your horse's ass but in this case mean right they are so let's look there's a list of reasons Lam an idiot tit for tat sort of thing this one not one of them. So Malayan snow cock we're gonna have to I get to that later I'll push it off because I needed big juicy full segment to explain as he. So I'm going to read if you tax about our last conversation regarding Joseph well claps yes. One tax and again the Bridgeport bees text line can be reached at 553051. Says at least the NFL is equal opportunity in much better odds of winning a championship as an Oregon State and would I ever expect to be the best. It's a valid point you said we always complain about parity right and and the lack thereof the UEUEU said there is no sport that has less parity. Then college football. Called gospel has way more than it can be it's not even close in this person says college football is on just as many nights is the NFL. Well I kind is well you get Thursday Friday Saturday. But there's so many different games that this and that it's like the cultural ball. There isn't a sense of of EU only halves. The two of 32 teams in the NFL right in college football like a lot of times when those games are on Thursday night that's like a Mac action whatever you don't care it's not even on your radar. Where is it seems like NFL they try to make like every game out to be some sort of big kind of marquee things yeah. Why. Allow me to at least eight even though Thursday at the ball generally sucks. Except for last night. I like having games on Monday and Thursday nights it enhances my evenings all I do every night when I go home from the show. Is gone home eat dinner and with the family and then flip and that in the TV's always on you as a win there's a football game on I think that's great. So this whole idea of greed I mean they're there is an audience for Monday Night Football their rice has been my god when they start that it's. He's just not the audience that he used to be in the and so what people do is and look I don't. I think there's little for using ends up being crappy. But many isn't as Libya crabby gimmicks so I just turn it off and on up to why it's like having that option but when you get a good game it's you know it's there and people are watching they're just not watching in the of the same sort of numbers in those used to see you Ennis Texas last night's game was the best NFL game of the year but it was sloppy like college. Yeah there's an element that and that's true but it was entertaining to say best it's it's semantics it's it's you know what term are using. It was just freaking good for entertainment value. And that's really what college football the best college football games every week are and that's the argument I'll make use the college product is the reason why it's entertaining is because it is bad football and believe it or not bad football leads to more exciting plays like 'cause there's blown coverages list. Let's tackle isn't in more often have more often targeted eight innings and that's true it's like they're almost too good on the NFL level because you just. It's so predictable like they're all really did so there's only a few things that again inside game whereas college. So much can happen like for example this guy says the disparity of telling college allows you appreciate the town of players yes. Right it's a everybody in the NFL looks good because they are good well and I do think that it's not just the quarterback play I think. One of the biggest factors if not the biggest of why the NFL to some people has become Boehringer dole. It is the be effective offensive linemen coming out of college now these spreads were not teaching offered sublime into play. And I think the athletic freaks that exists on the defense of line you're trading on block double players. I'm rice say that Eric Donald is on block double JJ watt when healthy is unblock doubled Michael Bennet is unblock able. But you can they don't make every play. Right you could shut them out of a hole biggest little bit you can run away from them but if you watched that game there is not an office of Lyman in San Cisco they can block your adult. And and I I think that has brought the NFL at times to a screeching halt because defense is it's not just defensive schemes. It is just simply be athletic freaks who does that exist on the defense aside the ball. Combined with offensive linemen and I think your worst than ever so I think you have the best ever played at one position going against I think the worst that the NFL has ever seen you put cards together like that you end up with net product they could be as symbols is as good defense Eackles bad football bad defense equals good football. Dan element of that argument next is the hot five at five the top five sports stories today including the blazers are ready men now. I don't know whatever we do for the first two weeks of the season and only into some hot college football chatter on next hour on the San.