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They solicit the primetime with Isaak in suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that this is our podcasts that welcome to our pod milestone the prescilla shrub the for the doing the right thing since 1952. The football fraud issue and as soon written by Gretchen Chrysler dodge Jeep ram and eighty. In making. Games for children. But go up to you where the incident moon does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk at 60 yeah. Those free itself. Explanatory. And the alive is because I thought we were leaving at six. Go to black. I didn't play his time as we've. So Tucson. I think it's a Himalayan snow how. Don't go bare there are gonna be good you can do. Since. You gotta have the tight banking. And it. All right well we've got some high school football coming up. Free again is. Can it be great year union titans correct. The eyes and it is yeah well that's what's going on right now over on 910 and they've planned a more Tom. Can't. You mighty Tom waters. But do truths which I still stand by saying is one of the more uncomfortable town names I could think of I want to home water. Their coach may genius in your charity give me to come live with but it. Yet they came in pitched my parents line notably he wanted to do and they're yet. Jurisdictions so that he he could play for him yeah a set down like in my living room like immediately to mind but it's. Is an obvious fellows that he wanted me to come live in his basement. So find a little weird you think you want to sleep for the I don't know I'd spent a little weird that a grown man possessed me to come live in his basement. He wants to do it we said do it. It can't if they were really good LAM only mention his kids played just came across my hand on this happened today. You know that campus sexual assault guidelines that Alabama put in place yeah trump and Betsy device. Repeal this yeses or as a guard Nelson now what they can. There's scraps to listen now you can use either but now it's kind of convoluted that you can use. When determining. Evidence for a case that happened on campus sexual assault you can use either standard. Of and with the word is but either standard of standard of evidence. Like the preponderance. Standard of civil look we don't need to talk about this for you your steering me like at five and it's hard to explain. It's just that. Some people not all some people believe that progress was made. To protect victims. On campus and that is now being. Unwound. There are others who believe that that is not unwinding it is only fair to both parties because there are. False accusations I do not know enough about the issues they can't comment on it. I might even on the shut my hole we'll know that's the first time because inevitably some evil come guild but heard about it and commanding. Give every broke. Me but it's just liberal snowflake who were so sensitive to art I'm so tired of your liberal snowflake so ripple way. We've seen that for years right the other birdies Baylor has. Hey OK so listen I got a couple of things three gets you ready for this I am I've got real or fake now did you read this story out of Mexico City and had a big earthquake yes. There are report did you did you read anything about free to Sofia. Because of she'll be about answering leaves okay. So there are reports from Mexico City that there was a school that collapsed. In the earthquake get. And so these reports from Mexico City were discussing free to Safina who was supposedly a young girl. Who was buried in the rubble. And she. Some of the effective shook her hand popped up out of the rubble she wiggles her fingers. And said her name and said. Please save me in there are other people down here so I do that when I saw was is that they were. They knew some people were alive beneath the rubble and was raised to try to get him I saw some of so she became kind of a symbol of of hope in the entire country. Was glued. Chewed the coverage of this and it was coming from one news outlet is there was only one news outlet that was allowed in to cover all these other journalists were held at David there's this one TV station that was covering them when they get an idea where this is doing so. There were reports of them I'd trying to to reach her. Late into the night in they would interview like they would interviews some of the rescuers that were coming out there like completely. Fired up like with the adrenaline like we're getting getter in in on the stuff that they couldn't reach her apparently. This is my first thing if you could see your hand well OK so. All of a sudden all these donations are coming in like they're like people are donating cranes are donating power tools like when every need. The country's captive let's let's rescue these people sick it right they would Baby Jessica right she filled out that well Jessica McClure instinct they turn into like fifth. Full on rallying cries even though you can't save whatever the couple hundred people who died think. If you can save one life and can kind of be assembled people rally around I totally get so the rescue workers said they couldn't see her but could hear her. They said that. But many of them weren't sleeping. Like you were working around the clock in to try to find people. And the truth is do you believe this is really think Dallas is going to be Jake is take you mean no windows. It was absolutely. Not true. And now everyone's pissed because this they're like all this took away a lot of sources and resources and time and energy people. People's eyeballs on on the real rescues that were going on. There was no girl ever at that school named free to Sophia and there were no relatives they can be reached. And so they said that the reason this became a theme is because it did sort of motivate the rescuers whether it was true or not. And so everybody started phone of the the other journalists couldn't follow up on it because they weren't allowed into the into the scene and started. He sort of left it where did there was that there was somebody put on social media. What they believe to be picture. Remains of the event it was a picture of her raising her I end up with a finger to sank. And is just so where was were and so everybody nobody double nobody double check where the rescuers in this world know they work in on it they. What they're saying is this happens in there was this thought that this girl was. It was under there because they sought on social media but nobody bothered to. 21 to check if if the video or the photo whatever was whose real nobody bothered to these rescue nobody could find anyone named free Sophia. But the rescuers and the people on the scene did worse they believed it because they were so. Yeah I guess because they wanted to they wanted to they just thought people were down there doesn't announce people that were digging and figure they return to save the through girl yes in the whole time yes there was a window and that's exactly right. It's out there and now well now the idea of Nolan being down there they don't know that you know like there could be people. Their kids that are still under there that are alive maybe but hey it's the point of it was fate but. It motivated them to keep telling. Fascinates me is that Arab League 9/11 right there are a bunch of stories like this thing came out this new year like Google. You know six days after there was a guy that was found in the rubble and an immediate pastor on FaceBook whatever you know. No there wasn't. I've never is human he added it's a very real human think I'm I'm I'm fascinated at how that got started whether it was. Someone tried to like played joke whether someone that wanted to leave where the sun was just delusional like that. I've read about stories like this where people become so enamored in their own lives to even the first myth that. That starts July believes. Thank you for whatever reason they started and they buy into it and it becomes the truth to them and in this case. Yeah I am I hope that no one else lost their life because you were dedicated on these resources to admit maybe just in the Debian. And to beat a motivated thing and it's still raise money to go to some wells but I'd seen it didn't really heard anyone down. But it did it. Prompt a lot of resources that came to that school that maybe could be used elsewhere there are people that are really just. I mean I. Own wants to be made of food right almost made it count fish so it's weird all the time in these sort of disasters how. I guess the human nature we still can end up with really bad people that take advantage apparently. So whether it's Katrina whether it's Harvey. Who we ought to believe that all the money they got raised from hurricane RB is going to do it to the people but you don't think there's someone out there right now. Trying to profit off that culture right to profit off this are trying to do money. Or come up some shortage some sort of shady scheme to make a quick. Buck. Against two more really takes. One. Is an apocalyptic. Message that aired on TV California. This woman's period. And the second one DNA would mean. Air on a scene from my of the beach which is a child a children's show it yet children's do we get a wean globally that. Some bombs somewhere believes that we did you better believe she is gonna raise a ruckus. Or maybe we didn't is gonna be like that Janet Jackson who did the general public was ready to handle. I don't know all right that's next 613 on the fan. And his attention he says FaceBook has a great story. This week for the first time in 666. Years Halloween will be on Friday the thirteenth. Think about it. But people are buying people buy it you. Into the theaters and 6666. Years Halloween will be on Friday the thirteenth and people who left. The dead nice try it good to gamble we'll I think. Well I think you're missing an effect yes how Lena obviously has fallen on Friday I get it. It is not fun for his thirteenth it's also on the 31. I've got you to learn early on that one a hollowing cannot be on the thirty EDB on a Friday Friday it cannot be young and eager to. Yeah here at FaceBook to rule that if it could but that's all you are like it is no way they treat diseases that you routed through my one of the I'd have to actually look at the odds of like of course it's gonna happen in front of thirteen I missed the the thirteen part. None Jason button in a sharpen up that brain now no it. OK so hey we've got some breaking sports news. As it. It's only gets you need to bring your attention the devil let's go to Mike. This is a wounded bomb and he is saying bad stroke broke the knicks have told the Carmelo Anthony Betty rockets trade will not happen. So in the last ten days. Carl Anthony in his raps have come up with a list of at least two more teams that he is willing to be traded to. The only team that wooed noses on that list is Cleveland. So it's. And the report does one other team there's at least one other team and he's told him that he would waive his no trade clause four yes okay so evidently is the cavs we don't know the other they could be Portland. Floor it may not be put it it appears the rockets are officially out so we know. Not much more than we knew yesterday well we didn't really wanna go Cleveland and we did what we did he what he also says it. Oh yeah yeah it was originally it was Houston or Cleveland but then they traded carrying he's like yeah nobody. A lot can I thought it was just teased. Now arisen as Cleveland but then everyone kind of assumed because we're constantly Ron's gonna leave that he wouldn't wanna go their reason to be there for a year and it's. This is this a one year deal he could interpret that as OK we're gonna send you the blazers and I was like no and here two more teams. Or he could just say. Portland he did tell them okay out of Portland or also the nuclear physicist to be this notion that Portland has all the stuff that your Swanson that this deal was done well. The NASDAQ has Camilla mr. agreed to it. I don't know for the resonating that the knicks want. Well I think the idea behind that is the mix just in to take any making get because Melo is gonna power can be angry for playing their whatever. So maybe the blazers can get away with treating a couple of crappy players grow or lower level players together to get on the famous hours. Some breaking news to me like a heartless and lately is the only treated. Google's numbers don't have to match like it's frequently after two million dollars should exempts them like that correct current look that's an sports with the help. We don't know this is Catania all right to the devils' side. None so hate real or fake. The double secret code and they think about them. A done deal worth an audio link in an. OK so. This was down in them. Orange county and this actually aired on local television there. I don't know what time of day analysts but. This study in this like sort of emergency alert and cutting into their program mean and here's what it sounded like if anyone by. This is not a real emergency alert this is just the sound from the TV. About birdie. The world in the that's what there. Did the older anyone thought oh I'm sure somebody people who are established and people freak out after a lot of people you can do that by the way anymore. What makes you can't do everything used to like April fool's jokes that they too were the world and all that acute care run into a unloaded Peter yell fire anymore. Grain here and being trailed yet you can't go on the radio. And this was TV yeah loans seems to be reading your whatever we can't come on here and be like everybody. I think you know that something terrible is happening just kidding. You you can't do that that's got to put it that that's a known. It's inside of okay core rights so that is obviously fake depth at other famous like the end line. Heard an interview that it's a call it's so that's what you remember Art Bell. He'll Art Bell show he did that. It was called the coast to coast AM and a conspiracy that was called him down Art Bell as the host that we'll get is that he's kind of who's one of them any news he's he's Canada's. This guy here. Number we had on Max ninth and we had a guy. Oh Clyde Lewis yes a ten trails in yay area super kind of bruised and all that illegal squats and yet it's like apparel and it's a paranormal. I know yeah themes comment broadcast it will we have a local that it goes on death penalty still on the ground zero I think it was yet. He was here that crosses the way it named choice now in the and you made fun of them and they all got mad at you they did is on the Rick Emerson chip Diego has today. Is him in the gal ended in light native Mike Lowell who does. So Art Bell is like the national. Coasts he's the national like paranormal things you know what he'd he'd been on the I don't know if our bills still on all of his life. But that call is one of the famous. More famous phone calls that came in from a listener to his show. It's of that here and so they played it on beat somebody hacked into the Orange County television. Programming. Something or other and played it at unprecedented negative like me is shot at home in a he she is an and just. Big is gonna go grab the 44 or you know maybe the locker in barricade the door. I guarantee I a lot of people didn't know I only know that because of metal music because multiple medal songs have that in it because it's creepy. But I wouldn't have known otherwise if I didn't hear those songs. Let's make you gonna get pros drive and in my car and you heard that and I heard that I was stupid I would think it was it was a like almost like a news station and they cut CN. Think about think about listen to this stupid program them. I'm not doubt but it's like this was like cage when it was in the classic rock it was in the news station and not that way because that sounded some cheesy. But if someone cut it and I got the little resume broadcasting and that it was some dudes like panicky. I probably flip over to another station to be like we don't go this well maybe it did to Twitter. And let me do it another point Evan my brother supplement for when you're playing this earlier today what is you've really. Had. Like a tale like this to tell you really bad was going on and you were the whistle blower. And we'll take you serious would that be how you sound. Wooden shoes sound that hysterical I would think so. But if you saw something that was really. Like hey this is this is gonna change the way we view things like that the space matter here and we're all left back like bad. There's no way for you to say that without sounding like crackpot. Is no way the end but I mean I think that if you had that information you're not calling into the art Bell's show with him. You may be going to authorities such we'll give us. I still I've brought it down to the local police station to be like as you need cheap we'll somebody's got to check it down and I think do they really. I surely we. Presentation didn't tell them that the aliens have landed from area 51 there in my backyard their probate assault. I'm sure they're going to be again this is get really get right on that we need a TD and Alex young I don't know. You go without that's kind of let it into the bottom of the if you actually had real evidence and you like case something bad is going down. All of a parent normal sort of they. Or you know aliens or whatever there's really no. A way to get that information. Throughout my presided fighters arrived at my dumb ass I go about my day. There's still investigating this estimate Texans that it is against NCE FCC law the candidates hit air something as any AS test yeah you got to take those seriously so they've. Delivered a dead being picked up. But I think if I heard it and they're like. That can't be real hoot who is that yeah you know I'm I didn't hold the metal song that I know of has bitten if your interest of both of. Some death metal not a let's say would you like to hear the death metal makers definitely it's the same basis played behind some rock yes there's just rock music behind that that guys. Or call. And don't think any gears but translated text in the band sounds like I'll get a tee if you want to have it. Like that is clearly you wouldn't but what if it was someone that was a little it was a little less. Oh yeah a little less hokey. Yeah. Yeah I mean it was an emergency broadcast he why it played out like if you're gonna do that you're gonna go all that way go to to scare people in Orange County why it played that. I tablet do it like you to your point do something more believable and you're gonna get people freaking out we're. Amid the whole point was not to cause mass hysteria about we just to be really really creepy head towards for bill. Again trying to in my mind I'm trying to pitcher like Joseph Donnelly and delivery meet in the news Sunday. But what if we turn on the evening news tonight in his stood on the insane breaking news you'll meet here on dates at the details. You know any any game. Can you deliberate that report this whole school. Yes I mean he's he's as a noted newsman. Of course he can deliver that report I would want nobody else delivering network but would anyone find it yet comes from Kenya absolutely. When it comes from you'd like him. For your backyard like you're saying India and nobody's going to be easy but it's egregious don't get that then I think what you get the views yet that you had them. We think evidence is enough you have to don't like it to the photo we're seeing it. Yes I bring you a photo of my neighbor beam purple that's I think if it had a unlike last night I went out of my way around my balcony alien you know. Let's check out of my neighbors who do have from time diamond ides I saw this proving that I saw the ship and I've got my little iPhone video yet like that's B and there's no way you I just our policy think we're at that point now where there's no evidence. That would be enough for the mass people to believe that that's real and any. A Wiener air on the scene. Of my at the went. On to an eighty of them can't. OK final bit real or fake. Did eighteen to air on the scene of mind to beat now this is a this is a children (%expletive) I do and I'm not familiar with my it to be. Well it's a sick kid in many kids quickly by the B kind of sounds like your column in my of them which. Unknown to be she's she's a bumblebee. Home in it to gauge it to be shipped I think here's how about the Lugar like what is your catcher called Miami the B this is a bit much. The only you know using it to me hey you know that mine had to be here I'd be and I place. Your real last like look it's my it do we know there are always rumors. Of fakes of you know like sexually explicit material that airs on like on kids' shows like look like all the Disney ones suppose yeah like The Little Mermaid right. The peeing on the the castle. Yeah yeah that the one of the most instances the rescuers seat when that first came out as in the seventies. But they're kids if you have an original. And original. Copy of the of the the the first set of home movies they put out. Not in the theater but on home video. Of the rescuers there is a scene with a pair of business with its just flashes in the N actually there's two frames that the dudes on there think about it I've I've always said this I assume that every animated. Feature has some sort of a sexual overtone is that you ever seen the people that are driving that. Every isn't the innovators like in a dark room draw I mean. Like female characters like six month at a time you don't there's weapons of that in there from time to time well this one. Because a lot of these are not true like people just. Bacon and put him on the Internet. The rescuers one is true this on on my TV is true there was yeah I mean there was a Wiener. It aired season one episode 35 there indeed is a phallic symbol drawn on a Long Beach. Some in fight club it's it's and Linas. Like a drawn by like a kid like it's behalf like you would draw lean like on a map liquor over the Internet but it's like that I'll get you are doing like a fight that thing where it takes place in the lake there's like that single half second. Now you know now somebody drew it on there and it's still on their so if you wanna go see see for yourself my need to be season one episode 35. You'll get a kick out of the we submitted exudes do you think that a parent somewhere freaked out about though of course guaranteed loan. Won't someone please think of the children right McCain can't possibly see a body part that they may actually have bill. Your parents so paranoid about having him have that discussion and I like the European model. Europeans are linked to there balanced and we are. We got this material as they tool like Stephen A Smith that Michael Beasley scandal where Michael Beasley was a pissed because he had to explain his kids will lead was. Just. I could ease your Michael Beasley got into Stephen A Smith. It's long story might be easy was this is supposed these kids were asking them like what marijuana laws. And their likes and that's because of Stephen A Smith Stephen A Smith said that Michael Beasley needs to get off the leader need to get tested for the need. And Ike isn't that isn't that big a deal to explain your kid play. Marijuana is what a penis is orchard kids she's like a blue. Thank you yes and that's the brass wind you grow up to think they're the greatest thing ever worry yes I mean that's abreast when did you grow up and found them. Because that's such an awful conversation to have your kid it's but there's like this sense it's like anything yet to mostly used in May be outwards you. Quit your kids outwardly you're asking me I don't wanna hear that's so true. The conversations I've had he just kind of talent in the kids like can't. He's got rid convenient scapegoat Michael Cusick. Is what happens when you do it. Sit down over Roger vigilant nerds at work on them champ car rides hi scuba bunt the man next we're back Monday at three on the big night but you. Everybody's. Shoots. OK okay.