Primetime 9.20.17 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, September 20th

Hot 5 at 5, and looking at Dwight Howard and Eddie Lacy and why they are hated and how they react to the hate. 


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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Find my blood diamond club won the I don't want to. Now this is prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news yours source for the best in local regional and national sports. Classically mediocrity deserves applause Isaac Brock miserable I had to get up at 2 o'clock this morning Jason's a candidate would do. May not do. Do prime time on ten AB CEO of serum. All right sport grows. Robin the zoo on a wild. Weather Wednesday at oh hey yeah. Right in the little bit. Is revered thunderstorm earlier yeah I was so kind of shaken to build a little bit my kids got all fired up about it that half. And a half days of school so they were all standing out on the deck. Embracing the the thunder and lightning there. Suppose he better tomorrow I think Morris was below what creeping into the seventies again bloom and then nice to have the entire weekend this is perfect. Mean because it rolled in on a Sunday night helped with the fires a little bit we needed it. You know waters are long saves ours is our water bill you know doing ending Monday Tuesday Wednesday anyway out of work. Now we get Thursday started drinking a little bit moves through the weekend a little off and party. Yeah and the question man. So coming up India club tonight is being rich hard. Also I'd like try and science. Says these five things. Prove your Smart. Who won aren't that did you did you test yourself oh I did you know 01. I have more than you think and it is stunning news I now how about that actually one of them is being left handed. It. In my left in his literally useless. And gotten you can train at the gut no no I can't a guy like permanent damage to liberty it is stranger with. No that's right out by. My Lipton is literally useless I've got nerve damage and it. And my pinkie doesn't work at all that I tore the tendon in my middle finger. And so it's on its way of not working at the I'm gonna cut it off and just keep your cool robot hand in your hands I will say can't report something to death on good about your hands. Would he shake with my right hand in what is their most of it has but it but. So I don't know if you left hands a worse way it works OK not even close so you know who is. This bill Murray's character in a kingpin. Oh Ernie McCracken a learn how does he have like their nose at Woody Harrelson has been tireless. That's what your hands and took the I have terrible brittle hands so if you all can picture Woody Harrelson its hand in fake hand. In 1910. Now that's why it shaking Jason's gimmicks and it's like it's fascinating and I don't like to shake hands in the a lot of times that we'll do the I'll apologize LC forgive me for not sheet we ended knocks I do the number I hate that X I feel stupid do it. I just politely declined to some and come with time endo yet multnomah it's a major thing everyone wants to give me the super tough guy handshake. Believe in my hands legitimately hurt. I may think I have broken probably seven great fingers and that fractures in both my hands there's ligament damage it is nerve damage in my left. In every time we meet someone they wanna do like the super tough guys squeeze and it hurts. I don't like to shake hands I just giving him pain and mental picture people we are now. Like cabbage and is bogus he threw another epic now. In my brother's been giving you god Dijjer bro is huge to that went all the time. Okay so come up here at 515 what happened Dwight Howard. What haven't Eddie lacy and we're gonna play the sympathy again. Which one do you have more for that. Or none or none and EU and sure we're gonna get the tax these guys may Golan millionaire did you sort of showed. EEE. These days you if you play professional sports known can add and he's rightfully you're not human you out can't you can't be going through normal should be happy the blood money do you to prestige just not be depressed. Suite that in our next segment right now the hot side to side. I jumped out of billions we thought I don't participate and are there. It's time for the odd hybrid club med pot yeah I'm private Bible. Isaac consumed. Very. Refresh my chorus line when things get hot and cool off with a frost brewed Coors Light colors look. Whatever your name climb and zero. No murder plot its growth through probe. The knicks media day is Monday and Carmelo Anthony's camp cautiously optimistic. He'll be treated by then I so want him to have to show for media day imagine eight how many people they're gonna be there and B how awkward it's gonna be when he rolls in they had trading down. Don't you think unless the knicks but if there is an organization that would just run him out there wouldn't it be could be nearer to fix. And I expect everything out yeah like now you show up in the media obligations why are you averaging the same number of assists as chairman and understand its Q rolled out there. Houston is still seems to be the only place he's willing to waive his no trade clause four. One other rockets note. As ratings say they almost got country would ala yeah I saw that in free agency and there's a story out today about how Golden State convince him to stay at the eleventh hour. One person in 92 dollars camp call the Houston pitched the best recruiting presentation of all times that and yet you still couldn't. Be pulled out of Golden State because they're gonna win like three more titles and broke. Cam Newton's dad disagrees with. We'll sober 40000 they want. He don't like to learn to keep granderson. What they want to Mississippi State supposedly in the as more than that they ask for a big chunk contagion as soon as they wouldn't do it and then magically he ended up at all. The timbers to get to begin construction on Providence park at the conclusion of this season they say they'll be done by April of 2019. They're dropping that fifty million into at 4000 new seats three new levels and a large cover on the east side to make sure the rich people or else satisfied privately funded by the way no public money. Yasser that we didn't really know what is gonna start they have confirmed that it will start at the conclusion of the season also adjacent pocket from Seattle get your little. Portland news today as the steps backward to hand you your baseball pants little tight. While he was intervene rob Manfred Major League Baseball. Commissioner get used to work here at the fans not KG are at their Stanford's up in Seattle and he is Puckett asked him point blank. Is Portland on the list for Major League Baseball expansion short list and for Major League Baseball expansion if he settled the case and raise issues and rob Manfred said yes he said one team a will have to be outlets. And you dig out west mean there's not. A whole lot of options as Mike said Vancouver BC exclusive if you gonna include absent in the west Vegas possibly but you know with manager on the NFL. Maybe they be Portland isn't as farfetched as you think. Except that whole stadium thing down again. Prices are also want to buy you. Jake LaMont and the inspiration for raising goal he has passed away at the age of 95. I he'd be dead Sugar Ray Robinson he reigned as middleweight champ now when boxing was at the height of its popularity and had a really tough life really ugly. He also famously once threw a fight because they told him that if he did it promise and shot at the title and Roberta de Niro reverted to you know. You've heard of Roberta and delivered a very good program. Right now converted the era Robert pinheiro did you reverted to rein in the near you just kind of combine them I did yes. Alberto pinheiro. Has issued a statement saying rest in peace champ he obviously played take the money in free agent what a great movie made Oscar nom expensive tickets. They haven't seen reasonable each much. NFL injury update Sam Bradford practicing but he's limited says he's feeling better he is in need treatment. I could be game time decision against Tampa may have this will supposedly has gone down and he's saying it's not related to some of the past. Andrew Luck will not return to practice this week for the colts thanks Danny Amendola is back at practice with the patriots gather as he's cleared concussion protocol in the fifth colts to shut down and the twenty deeply shut it down and get the number one overall pick some we'll give you five picks and revamp your roster that way. In this good of the picks at the top three picks in this years draft we're gonna be really valuable. It's a good team that has a quarterback already you could seriously. Recharge your youth team in one offseason in this year's draft you benefits Colston out. Before you start now. Number one right. Number Warren. And the millennia Major League Baseball races are he not hear the Yankees swept the twins beat him eleven to three today. Have been three heroes and now the twins only have one game lead on the angels for the second wildcard spot the American League the angels playing the indians' night. And then you have the brewers who are within a half game. Of the Iraqis for the second day ale NL wild cards by the brewers right now are losing in the bottom of the third of the pirates. Three to to use the Rockies got shut out by the giants. We're dissent in this of those kind of surprised it went how long has it been since we've been at its didn't lose the Diamondbacks and Iraqis. Seemingly forever. I'll send their comes you know the Milwaukee Brewers also sad note today in the Yankee. A little toddler. My old disagree you know it's just a toddler. And when they showed her being carried away it's news won't kid you not talking about a three or four year old news small. Todd Frazier hit went into the stands in aid to hit a little girl in the face and while they didn't show. On camera neither broadcast either yes or I think it was on fox sports one showed it. They were big players in the field crime scene Todd Frazier was immediately after it happened wedge to a knee and and it was was in tears and remember who was on second for the Yankees Matt Holliday got Matt Holliday and he was he was distraught. Mean everyone I just I haven't seen a reaction like that. From a group guys and the twins meet it face up game for five minutes. And Bessie they'd they'd they took her away and I haven't seen any updates on on the come on her condition but a scary moment today ever seen anyone get drilled album I don't know like Batman I've seen some people get hit it. I caught a foul balls and old lady's face at guilty and so you have seen some industrial film lol because we're sitting underneath like the like the mezzanine and like a deck until the ball went up hit and then fell. Down in the hitter like in the side of the head but it wasn't like coming faster just like someone dropped a ball on her face there was no marker or anything like that Susan okay. Yes she is fine she wanted to giver of the baseball. Lou yeah hurled. Follow up I seen her sixties. And not old enough and her kid that was there who was probably in his twenties or thirties. He turned around thirty yelling in my family that I should give her the base. Did you give the ball no if he had any yelled would you given her the ball I was like yeah. Oh yeah we're ten. Wasn't giving up that baseball now a picture holders and I'd like ten years old is that the old kingdom. Any kid. Yet kids always get the ball not even you know ladies like I'd give it if you get drilled in the face like a line drive but this is when we got hit in the upper day our thoughts and cheers and fell back down. Get a ball for a adult males though you know. You gotta give it up. Or you give it to a kid but you're ten years don't let that all's mind the older she is the more likely she is to get the ball. From from the adult male that's true because in the sixties. Counts like 2000 battle as a title chase spry. She was certainly spread have to pay attention and not get hit with the ball I think he got to be like you got to appear way older. Should have any time or north as are you gonna Dyson let me walker out visible and that I think for the kid I think like twelve year old this kind of cut off a leader. Yeah I go north and added some punk thirteen year old kid can bite me Mike given the ball but a ten year gap but he's not upon thirteen year old Jesus to cool thirteen all thirteen year old or punks. Am stress in that situation. Some thirty year old kid turns to me is like hey I want that ball Mike tell. Like a nine aggregate bid for that yeah like year up thirteen fourteen yeah now that blew me. That's why I think wealth I think if you appear to clearly be in high school. All bets are off but that middle school again you're still in middle school you look you've gone through a lot of changes that are really funny if you lose asked the kid elderly. Don't you kid McGrady the eighth grade certain. Is there a it's a weird time he got to help amounts at like bad acne can be right now feel bad form my guy right here kitchen attends a just community gamble but. You know I'm gone through collect your you got passed it over here there. Only foul ball America. The hot cited five is refreshed by frost brewed Coors Light Duncan Bieber fans download the new course like XP happen earn points towards wanted to kind experiences and rewards. Eating game two against a speech when he won or over. Let's play the new fun game of who do you have more sympathy for. Two white Howard or Eddie lacy herbal also will loved a couple of interesting features on both of those guys this week 516 on the fan. Would buy tickets to an opportunity bills. Well behind every athlete can lunch on TV. Coach. Personality. There's a story. I think sometimes it's easy to just you view this very kinda two dimensional characters and you forget that. You know of their their people in us on their their messed up people yet they have insecurities or come from from tough backgrounds. Line doesn't. You know exclude them from criticism or just being a fan and saying you know what I'm gorilla like that guy. But no one even though I don't know in my generally like LeBron James like I just don't like LeBron did has only Qaeda is about his business. Totally unfair. Right but that's that's kind of how we roll in sports like we do forget that there just we don't want our athletes to be human beings we expect them to be superhuman and that's where I sit com a two dimensional object nine vote. Win well I think we kinda do want them to be human. And then when they are wanting to be like the way we want them yeah right now. He shouldn't be that way. Yet he did you know you securely this I want you to take this loss this certain way are well like Dwight Howard great feature on Dwight Howard in Sports Illustrated. Andy in that part of the peace they're talking about how hate you need to beam when he goes lakers. You need to be more like Kobe EG you need to care more like lycopene DE EU killer instinct you know people are sand all you need to be more like Jack. The dish packages dominate people and then he realized well one and I'm not Shaq I'm not as big as Shaq. Into I'm not totally not wired like oh right so we do it's like for some of these guys. You wonder why they pay attention to any of that because we it's it's like an impossible task in nine there is this fantasy land element of being a fan watching sports is the site. They're not humanness. And it really care what's going on their personal lives its with its entertainment for me I'm not connected to them that way. It's like is is your read to the piece I encourage everyone to go do it SI dot com right Tweety down to go to Twitter big underscore suit. Dwight Howard came into the league I had no idea he was super religious. Right are particularly got a high school he was an eighteen year old virgin. That talk to teammates when he first got there that one of his goals is to get the MBA to put the cross. In their logo he was serious about that. And then he gets to the NBA where he's at what do you say is pastor told him that is. His work. Yes he news on in life is to do it is is to do God's work in the NBA and he got me MB to eighteen years old and a lot of his teammates started throwing strip clubs in women. And all that stuff that him and it sounds like Dwight Howard from the time you're to the MBA never really knew who we was or what he was supposed to beat and really really struggled with his identity well he he unfortunately is not unique tale now. But it is in steam because he's such a high profile guy. So in 2008 they're tied 92008 he had more endorsement deals and the Bryan chance yes that they didn't. You think about that like LeBron James is viewed as just this global superstar Wii U Dwight Howard is a bomb. It wasn't that long ago the Dwight Howard was the most marketable star in the NBA he added NBA record three point one million all star votes was to this they still stands. That year he got more votes than any player in the in history here that he was Superman hair and they said they did a GM survey. If you had to start a team this is in 2008 who would you pick LeBron James was number one. Dwight Howard was number two and how quickly. All of that has been erased. Has been replaced with this view of Dwight Howard as the selfish well that no one war. One he was in Orlando. Into he never won a title now so. I can see why it's like we would forget I forgot like cal. Good and how popular he really was he is young he was very young you very dominant to the other six year run that was one of the best in the NBA history will now he has no title he's 31 years old he has five kids with five different women. He's lost millions of dollars to hangers on in his family and people that have bilked him out of money. And he's been with five teams in seven years now his version of this of this is. He did get into the NBA is a man of god in very sheltered and very. Just nigh eve. Q that's what that's like to be eighteen years old to be a virgin. To be you know the EUU pastors like your best friend in your supposed to be doing God's work and you get thrown into Florida. You get thrown in with with older teammates in the women come and matches and in blues and all that stuff that you've never been exposed any of that. I think it's amazing that he was successful was he was early in his career yeah you can look at it that way I you know. Some of the piece was painted as the big bad evil MBA now. And you know he goes in there and there's only strippers and he didn't like blues he's never liked blues but he does he saw he saw the leak this is how the veterans and they go out drinking and they go to strip clubs is women. He liked this part but he loves the adulation of the women like the strippers and everywhere got a nice yes so he also. Didn't pay any lick of attention to his money no like at all and again not unique tale. Just did not have anybody around him who is looking out. For that portion of it any and he said and then in any doesn't has a bunch of kids with a bunch different women. And there's alimony payments in his court cases and he said he just got really freaking complicate his life just got complicated and got all these people with their hand out saying Amy's money. And down he finally realized likes it took him six years before he realized you know what. All the stuff off the court is affecting me on the court this is why I have kind of eroded at. Now they beat him down no question in and I do have sympathy for that I do not think that would be easy at all. And in like this and it's just there's a lot of guys that just work prepared. However at some point in any of this and maybe it's now because that the end of this has not been written. Because the end of this Sports Illustrated article talks about how Michael Jordan has taken a chance on him. And Dwight kind of finally now is getting it and he is doing literally everything he can. You. To improve as a player and make a resurgence. You know I think a lot of people would roll their eyes at that go alone. You know we've watched a white Howard operate enough there's not going to be much of a resurgence here. But you know may be things have changed he says he's getting ready to may be Fossum lawsuits against people who who took money from him. He's. He's got his he he's he's looking to meet someone who we can settle down when it sounds like he's not whirled around in his own skin. But I don't think he is Iggy he's he seems like is a guy who's never known who relies. So just when I read it it's like it's a pretty. There's no question you should have sympathy for him if you have a heart because that's heart. At the same time at what point is their personal responsibility. 56 years and where do. You know you they don't document their all. How many people. Were telling him the right things. That he ignored right but his age and his agent he fired an agent in the agent is RG Goodman yeah. And he said that all along he was telling the truth Dwight Howard said this thing back I was tell me did you and I ignored. And I. Hunted him and I went with somebody else well now he's getting back with argument is you know you he realizes that it guy gets good I was telling the truth all all along. So it's like. At what point is it on him to have ignored. The V. Then the olive branches. That may have been extended whether it's an age inner a family friend or. A team he's now five teens you tell me they all didn't wanna. Get him turnaround after their own benefit that. I just I just wonder where this self a young kind of personal responsibility comes in as opposed to all owes me this big daddy the league. I took me down because I was ready for it. You know there's also stuff and their two I just I. I came whether it would more stability than you did. I got it would indicate when he went to LA. You know I guess he yet there a torn Lieberman his shoulder and yet to be you know he had had a back surgery that he probably should have been played through. And yet he went and he guided it out in LA because he you know he wanted to be loved he wanted to be like he wanted DB approval. Ends it never came in he still got criticized for it almost got the sense that the harder he tried. The worse it got and I I felt sympathy for that too. Didn't really not know who you are any tribe eight is as hard as you can to kind of dig yourself out of the hole and how that whole keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. CIA I Ifill for that I I like is that I have some of the form to where I don't think the peace is telling the whole truth is that he has tried everything he can't dig out of it. I think it was it was a pretty one sided look it here's what Dwight Howard thinks in some of that is I got screwed up and you know at some point. You know it's not everybody's out to screw you in May be the point is now the key city he's younger than LeBron James. Yeah these are 31 years old may be no one at all helped. Helped us you know to try to get hand in helping guys trying to help the guy maybe not but at some point I just think it's like. Either a lot they're there are a lot of guys in a dentist. And it handled it a lot better one. I mean would did they have little more self awareness where did they have little bit more guidance in a different up where were his parents he he talks about his Fam you know parents have been. They didn't teach him any of this stuff or work around that the parents are more of a problem well. I got the sense that he wasn't listening he wasn't listening to anyone he was. Big bad Dwight Howard and he fell into that trap and again that it's it's not an easy thing I just think at some point. And maybe that is now and hopefully he he would not root against him in terms of some sort of resurrection and I think that would be cool to see him come back and finally get it. In you know get it back on the court makes more money in. Smart horse and deals but. I just think at some point there's personal responsibility on that and it sounds like he looked turned away at every every opportunity had to get better and him. Of it's made me think about whether it's Carmelo Anthony or whether it's Dwight Howard are trying to think of other people that have this reputation maybe TO. Some ahead guys are considered. You know malcontents or that just just have a real bad. Them reputation in the in in their professional sports league whatever it is and it's a scary kind of made me wonder. Are their Leo what are the backs or is that that led you to there is not ever you know us guys are just bad human beings but I think Laura Steelers about humanity. And when I read the story about Dwight Howard. I don't think Dwight Howard is a bad he remote and definitely Dwight Howard was a loss geared kid yea it's stumbled his way through. I don't I think the vast majority of them are bad I think only Terrell loans are bad guy. Who else did you mention odd that they car rental revenues when the comes up. Yeah I don't know much about I mean I Baghdad I know it is about how wise I was an existing peace and it kind of the making of Dwight Howard and why he is the way yeah I think that if you got a piece and all the guys that are viewed this way out if you got a piece on every single one of them. From their point of view which does this one as. There would be a lot of I got screwed here I got screwed there I got screwed did it's it's it's definitely more complicated than we see out here but at the same time. You know where is the there are going to be better than I can't fond of that trap I guess diplomas and I think that the common denominator with a lot of those guys is a lack of awareness. And I I don't. I think some never get. They never get it they continue to make excuses and continue to screw up and continued his grew up in containers throughout and we're looking and gone did. But with the white power figure it out when you're in the midst of having this phenomenal sixty year round this is good is is anybody weeks in the last thirty years in the NBA. Why would you ever figure it out. It's only when it kind of falls apart do you realize that way you do it is is sustainable. Well I think you would figured out because people are telling you. Yeah you can't be doing these these guys are bilking you out of millions you're losing your endorsements you're not look at your stature statute. At some point get to go wait a minute yet but not when you're the three time defensive player of the year in a row and a but you gotta have that awareness if you wanna be better now here's the question. The question is. Do you feel more sympathy for Eddie lacy. A feature on him which will tell you about his back story. Next animal compare notes that. Erratic I like them. Here's my card in any of its okay so that's of the delight how are dead from Sports Illustrated now Eddie lacy had a features used in the nags. And here is again this is all from his point of view but here's what Eddie lacy thing. And of course ideally see you know goes the Seahawks. And lose his way they they want him to lose weight. He does but he's still not very good. To the point where he was night inactive last week the these men and some people are talking about that the damage that is he's probably done yet but he did lose the weight that. You know that they wanted him to write like I think there's this maybe this notion floating out to the Eddie lacy eighty self oddly no he didn't. He just not as good as he once was even when he lost weight. So his story. Is that Hurricane Katrina destroyed his family home he lived in Louisiana. And you lived with a Stanley there ended up ended his whole family name is to. Well they they way they got out there went to Texas move came back to check on the house house was destroyed and most of their stuff was looted. They. Set up shop in Texas only alive. But ran out of money. They lived with that would they say like ten. There were ten people living in a three bedroom two bath house. Certainly crammed in there as family relatives and in religious Connell who they were out of money so they ended up settling in in a trailer while so he is he now this is through his you know seniors out. So. I he says that it's taken him years to recover from that it was a complete uprooting. Of his everything that he can't Dingell and some of the emotional trauma that he had he talks about that Yunus and the them any money so what he learned growing up was. We have to eat together the cheapest thing possible to feed everyone in that was crap. This is doing nothing but but junk food well this is one thing we didn't mention with Dwight Howard but Dwight Howard did talk about this and ideally sounds like to Wear. Their mechanism. Internally for dealing with the stuff was to shut down there and he did not want counseling even those parent is eighty leasing on tuchman. His parents knew that he he should probably go see somebody. But he just didn't wanna do it into my Howard does seem wage is kind of shut himself often make a lot of friends and only in the snapped well. Yak in Louisiana you know Louisiana has the biggest obesity problem in the country yeah in one of the reasons for that as you mention is that he's the bad food is cheaper. Another reason for that as more people live furthest from care in that state then anywhere else me as a lot of rural. Living. So. He goes. Well Woolley says what made him feel comfortable. Build the one thing that made him feel comfortable through all of that. Drama. Was home cooking from his mom now. In the trailer. Well he goes off Taliban. And they and they say that Cassini played at Alabama is really get an Alabama and they say that he was just possessed he was he just wanted to change. The lifestyle he he was on his team's on a mission. Seek to get them out of this trailer and in him. Give him a better life he goes to Alabama he's on a mission. Obviously was really get there they did and they said basically be like a dog and they just. What was expected of them there was because in fact he mentions when he first gets in the NFL they go through your practice I think that's the biggest thing yeah. The biggest thing is he goes to Green Bay news like. This is easy now because this is that this is an art all Alabama they just worked him. And worked him and worked him in and you didn't have another choice so that was to me a huge thing is that he gets the NFL he's made it he's got money. And he's I did. This is not that he comes and has two really good year he had a couple good years out of any starting don't sound he was eating music because it breezy and I got a made while McCarthy calls amount he has a promise McCarthy. And at splitting in in Green Bay and I came back looking good in 2016. But they got hurt yours ankle. What happens when you got your foot up for three months since thirty pounds yes so that's his story in and then in Seattle he says he lost as he lost the ladies download what was asked of them. But he still isn't any says the jokes about him being a fat guy in the means everything even down he says they keep common and no matter what he can't shake it he just has to take it be diseases that you can't respond to all these people. And he said that sunk in that he it was interesting that all of the social media comments and stuff and then all the means in the fat jokes. It sounds like it kind of rips him apart. Mean as I was even incident just nothing he can do guys is that what you want but he goes seamless to contact Carolina daggers that I. It and he said he was really embarrassed he thought that the way eons in Seattle we're gonna be pride bit. And he said he was mortified when those things became public he said it became a spectacle to where he didn't he didn't even care about the money just wanted to stay quiet. So it's not like thank you heat he's a guy that sun. Into the bits basically be ashamed. And just lives under a microscope and in his miserable and then and then all the little constant and kind of you know people you know Holler and sat at sat him. Really does Scott heard him do his core and and that's same sort of thing I kind of felt bad for the guys I read through that Jack still worse for him. Then I do delight our I think that that. You know that's an interest Steen. Back story and who would've thought that you don't year. Can NFL running backs feelings or be hurt by someone calling them fat. But it sounds like Freddie lacy it kind of makes it shut down and makes them wanna eat even more. And you know if if you told that story to someone at work says hey there's there's a lady in my office and this is a little heavy and everyone makes fun of her and make the you know they they caller names behind her back for two in this case to her face. She goes home and she eats more that's a very sympathetic tale the Lotta people would be horrified to unity here man that's awful. You put that in the mail you put in in the NFL. And knowing gives over again when things it's Larry's that's kind of his point of these people to say this to me Eagles what do they get ahead. As well what is stranger get out of just randomly calling me a fat mother blue anchor. Because I just I don't understand it yeah is well a bit of sensitive cat loans those Dwight Howard out so. I don't know I just I think it. Stages in the bulk of those athletes were willing to sit down and do it piece. I get me why Dwight Howard Stern and Eddie Macy's was a little different in the at the begin of peace they said that Eddie lacy. Doesn't like to do interviews he's really nervous. And Lisa Wetzel who sweats a lot these cities of costs about to this when he brought like a rag with him. Because he didn't wanna be viewed as fat he doesn't wanna be viewed as a fat sweaty guys we brought it out of the interview. So that he would look better when their when they're taken his pitcher. And I thought of this in the both of those athletes kind of sat down and allow would. May be a look at the inner. Person. To kind of come out of ludicrous for a lot of people. This is gonna be a feel good story for a lot of people it's going to be. This is going to be more fuel to the fire to kind of makes fun of them McCollum softer. You take more criticism. Us a text. The bridge for Beers tech sign 553 of my own people care about that kind of stuff like the backs or is buying these guys. I think a fascinating. But the good piece is go read them aside and ESPN's crumble for they are but I I just feel like Alec is funny he read that stuff and you do you get a sense like I get a sense Eddie lacy is a good dude now and I think at that was a genuine explanation of here's what I have gone through. I got the feeling that Dwight Howard while not a bad guy he's he's a nice guy. Was making excuses was it there was a lot of like well it's this guy's on a sack guys on second and maybe try to. An image rehab where is it really try and more just kind of be laid bare yeah I think getting you Macy's is here's who I am now and down so you can. You know you can decide for yourself but there's a story behind every athlete like that yeah and I don't think many people think about it now I would I think a lot of people who die hard kind of able fans don't care. Used to commodity. You're gonna Helmer yearning uniform go our performance he don't ask you but any bases is a pretty unique situation he seems like it a unique guy and I Howard's. Rule was but it wasn't in that likes amity Texan said you know give any. Young eighteen to 21 year old person that scenario see how they handle well. They do like Roger every all the whole league and these guys are all the same age and you don't have. You have far more success stories and guys channeling it just fine. Then guys like Dwight Howard who are the pinnacle of the sport and then flame out but disease so appreciation for how well a guy like LeBron has handled all last Dolly records and not just LeBron it's well LeBron definitely because he's so in the spotlight. Let's all these guys like there are guys that. We just named random blazer. Yeah well. In guiding came in the league like somebody who gathered in my column it's different those guys yet they went to college area fight we'll have a Kevin Garnett yeah. He's he's one sending eighteen years old he came in straight from high school handled it just find Kobe Bryant. So you know at some point it's not just on everybody would fun of that trap no. And so that's why don't have as much sympathy for herbal reads and tax on this by 5305548. On the surveillance and yeah. All right here's some tax bringing. Average workers to actually went back through fine Dwight Howard annually. In their back stories. I fight it every day I have sympathy for Eddie lacy more than Dwight Howard is there's because Howard has dozens of cautionary cautionary tales to look at in his own sport. Much less solid pro sports in America that's Jeremy it was a air force veteran. The waiting isn't just seem because so many people. Battle with with weight I mean right the good our little our country and yet. If an athletes start to lose weight member Mike Williams kind of aid is way out of the leaguer. I'm you know refrigerator Perry had his problems if it's an after the struggles with his way we just keep it. And that the venom in the things come out. I think the first. Thought there is well lot of people think well you're not doing the work you just lazy you know any talks about there. Well we just explain to you kinda how it is manifests itself with him now and it's a very deep thing. And I I think for some people who are overweight. There's nothing like that it's just. As fast if he's put download Wendy's but I think that's so people just immediately as soon. Yeah but even that mentality just put down the Wendy's. I think sometimes is it's a dangerous thing in these and they kind of the spiral that did that happens there and we just don't think you get happened professional athletes and so to read through a guy like eighty Lacey is tired about some of that emotional struggle is going to with food. That we can that we have sympathy for bruise we have sympathy for cocaine. And they like Napoli comes to food our sympathy for our athletes are really anyone else when it comes them out yeah like for example some labor agreement film yeah. You know. Was he just lazy. Didian didn't admit that he was just lazy in the offseason and that's why he was a little overweight didn't perform brick you know I mean maybe there's a back story there mule radius in peace about him and have more sympathy that. On surfaces like did. The only how much money we just one out we want all of our athletes to look like it's LeBron or we want him to look like you know Bryce Harper something and again there's human beings inside those bodies and other tech says I feel for lacy and particularly sounds like an introvert who was driven to help his family went to more than nine net night more than 99% in December well. In sum he was done in spotlight for trolls to come after. And that is to somebody else brought up to. Did they ever talk about in there and I don't think they did that article why he's even on social media now known. Oh put it down but he says that he when he just walks around he gets it or people and you know does he said people come up to me just kind of yell at him. And he goes he doesn't understand it just sounds like he's kind of it's funny with with Howard and Macey people kind of seemed very on May be in a way in that your. Very childlike. I think in some ways and this one says social media is literally destroying lives Eddie lacy is going to the same thing as high school kids bullied on social media Linda. Thanks aside for a moment that then you get the inevitable wanna you just get a social media. Blood does seem like logical now. I've always wondered that myself logical thing I mean Charles Barkley talks why he's not on their he's he he admits Charles Barkley is not on any social media yeah. And he admits that the reason he's not on her is because the people like the people calling Andy Lacey that patrols. Drive him crazy yeah. Is it equal I'm not gonna subject myself to eight know likes being called fat no place being called a piece of laughs you know man and no one likes that so if you're a guy like that you're a public figures are secure controversial one like Charles Barkley. Imagine what that's like to get the thousands of of you don't tweets or something that day 80 when your personally am not kidding hunt them down if not thousands of people just coming matches with Howard a lot of people bringing a five kids in five different women out. It's like men you know ice at what point do you learn to throw a condom on will point to Steve's accusing learned to put all of them. Everyone's got one man. Whether it's you know whether you're your vices that you worked out ten hours a day with you drink where do you take pills or whether you find it in in someone's legs yet when Scotland but if he's. True but if cease occasion saying. Well now Pollack and that's why did X lines he had and that's one thing. Dwight Howard is saying Ayala had this and I had five kids with five women in the and I had this problem and in these people scrutiny. It's it's a little different it it's like you present it like hey I had a problem in here was my problem. Take you to lead he's it's it to to a lot of people that to sound like excuses and not only that. But it's like five kids by women yes it may be your vice. But for God's sakes learn from the first floor and get snipped right it's like dude at some point you have to be. You have to shake yourself awake at the Derrick guys they go through this. All the time and do just fine handle it so much better so. Doesn't that person eventually ask how did they do that it's that stuff until you have seventeen. Children. Well Yang and should probably regarding your idea of net gain to newcomers and Travis Henry Borger yet we can't nine. OK coming up next is the club. What are we gonna discuss tonight. Soon. I had a couple things hold on you have one or two stories as well science says these five things prove you're Smart yes I wanting volunteer at the years left handed things well left handed is in there. That's gonna find how does that prove your Smart well we'll talk you're left handed this is science of course you probably can conclude our little group do. This thing because it's not gonna flighty and this eastern European I feel like designer on board is speaking of group who rented out Forbes more fund whose stories. No I do not have a we don't have to follow up to the to the Colorado Springs woman at the end the mad group the men either we don't have followed that. Still. Trying to figure that announced oh I have a good drinking story for that's what I. Oh really yes because soldier gets or that particularly enjoy did you get drunk last night no anointed non. Nat issues is it about youth and no this is this is not about me and it okay the club next on the fan.