Primetime 9.20.17 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, September 20th

Talking the MLB playoff situation, as well as how coaches deal with criticism. 


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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. If you can find that time yeah. You can find the time to student yeah tools. Primetime revise against you for your home what they'll all journalists and all clubs. Think yeah. This is prime time. I didn't. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here our eyes and brought in Jason singer Janet quit prime time I'm Jan ADP. I enjoyed this text message on the bridge or Beers excellent. In this person says thank you asked those techsters. Dino Gary Anderson doesn't value anything they think. That the that was and I know lots of people are gonna tell you that you suck. When you're not very doing very good and then when your you know you when the civil war one tell easier than. The best thing since sliced bread. So if you miss Gary Anderson. 1080 defend a com podcast brought to Baylor should not be confined our shows on there it's all back up and running down forbid that time I appreciate. The fact that that he comes on and answers questions that I think gives you honest answers and there's a this is the ability to its and I don't own. Dusting camera talking this morning charming kids of school and I was listening as they always do. To dusty I am in the morning DT yeah absolutely ends camp brought us and in that I thought was pretty senior in regards to ball Todd Graham. And Jim Mora junior vs the guy in and now I'm just gonna make this comparison due to a guy like Terry Anderson has had never forget that's. Coach coach. OK so I knew that I am out there they've they were talking about Todd Graham and Jim Mora junior and I don't know how they got into this and I flipped on the were in the middle of conversation and vantage point. And I was thinking about by Gary Anderson and one of the reasons I appreciate. Gary is that there is a it's. It's it's not it's not bipolar you don't know when when you talk about in interviews on the sidelines. Todd Graham and Jim Mora junior are freaking bipolar all of their defenses you never know what you're going to get and it's just like this one minute they're your best friend and the next minute or do you just a raging eight hole this. And assists is up and down and aren't really and I really enjoyed talking with both coach Graham and more over the years. When they are when things are going well. But at the first out of trouble both of those guys just started to read Jean. Raging deep bags. Are and I appreciate the fact that with with Gary Anderson there is a level love. Of column in instability. And whether it's really good there or whether it's really bad and I do think that you. Not that it's the end all be all but I do think that one of the reasons that UCLA and Arizona State both have a little bit of the kind of Jekyll and Hyde I think you're in this was can't point your you're coach can set the tone. For the personality of your team and when you know what you're gonna get week to week day to day hour hour with your coach. I do think that bleeds over and both those teams are more talented than what their record indicates. And end their I've been very inconsistent over the years and I think there's an element to when you have a coach that's a little bipolar like that. I'm the guy can bleed over to your team that is a good point down on the I'll give credit and I think it was cam that was that was making that point this morning instrument through that. I was kind of like you know what that I've never really thought about that that's of solid point mrs. America. We're about winning championships. Measurably Graham yeah lake there there's times were when I would walk away from from dealing with the with the with Todd Graham and I'd love to go play for that guy. And then there's others were on my each one out let let's seems hell's going on there he's. In self serving to me out like he's just all about Todd Graham and I think more is Andy's got the gift of he he canceling the BS is a little snake oil salesman in. And and then and they have to have that I talked to people that have been dealt with a more and they said that covering him is one of the more frustrating to not because it's Jacqueline he's all over the depth. Yeah but I think that's just a I don't know if it's a personality disorder but it's that's his personnel Tim. But down yet as far as that while I'm I'm trying to think youth you know others. Teams. Who don't. Really take that kind of don't really take on the the persona are the biggest the personality of their coach. Am actually a as thousands of people they are talking about this when I don't know what led to that conversations is that when I tuned in. They were in the middle of making that point in heaven and the like but I like I never thought of that like this Kevin Durant thing you know he's getting all defensive line because there's some truth to what these people are saying. So when you get Todd Graham and Jim Mora. Bingo they're not stupid they day they know there's some truth to. The fact they suck and they may be on the hot seat and I don't wanna talk about it whereas other people could deal David Shaw as as obviously having a rough go there right now at Stanford and I just. Well I think it's a good way he conducts himself yet Gary is a good example but I think that those are people that are just more confident now in their jobs right like they. These guys none of them are stupid they. All know what they're what they're you know when they sign on the dotted line the only fat money did now. You know they know that millions of Dane know what comes of that nobody wants to win more than them so that it probably gets little frustrating. Getting all these people out here to tell you all the stuff about you know how much soccer what you should do like they wanna win Jim Mora. So what you will about him you know be that great of a coach but he wants to be. He's working on it in I think that the only difference that we're talking about here is is they all go to their ups and downs not everybody's freaking Nick Saban and Urban Meyer. Is you've got some guys who were little bit more insecure and they win you know we need to get him right Joseph we knew right he's an absolutely when he hit him with some truth. They give little bristling out and then their other guys who are just wired who are just more confident and Gary Anderson David shot as I mean they're more successful out. In the long run there's a lot of it more to it the map but they're just more. They just have thicker skin their more confident in their own skin Kevin Durant is going through this right now there are other players in the NBA. Who who would have if you put him in the same shoes is Kevin Durant and have that whole Twitter think they would of responded because they have thicker skin their more confident. But when you start to kind of poke the bear in you get a little tinge of truth in there that's when he really get somebody who flips out because they know it's true. It's it's right it's the same sort of thing the person they can hurt you the most is the person that loves them most because they as they know how to do they know where to get to yeah. You know it's one thing like he you know you're on the street or whatever and you know it's. You keep your ball there you're you're overweight you got bad tee to whatever it is I'm sure used to eat your you've heard that a like a lot but. You know if you if if you're with someone that knows what really is sensitive they know those a little fleshy areas. There there are the ones they can can really do again except that sometimes some of the stuff that gets these guys fired up like for example Kevin Durant was just some random guy and I went down. And Jim Mora could be just some reporter who isn't. But it does that great of a reporter but when someone gets like that to me that means they've hit a kernel of truth you never dawn saying yeah you never get angrier. Where you never get more upset then when someone has signed that you feel about your yeah I mean that's my point it's just it making come from someone who's just observe it now it doesn't have to be someone to do that beef from your wife for years. Your. Mistress or you know. You're very observance football mistress. Awkward but. If the football mistress some young I'm sure some of these guys are. Get laid on the side bug between you probably do and written in the girls like tea you've thought about reminisce or you're 34 defense and how crappy that is my life would never say that any. You know tower. That's. I just read books do you want to know from experience. Now I'm not so bulk of the radio mistresses nobody wants to sleep the mean my own mind does it typically. So okay listen let's get back on track here we've got a little baseball just a nugget in and we're gonna get to this to light Howard article one has gone on until like Howard and is it possible. That there is a resurgence is only 31. Two white Howard is not dead yet yeah. That's a very it's of this giant it's it's a young age to kind of be washed up and over the hill in the the NBA and there is a Major League Baseball team I do retirement races yesterday. There's a scene of sun is make him of yeah see this I did see this that'll be next for fourteen on the fans. The about it because we are high enough level. Thin skin thing. And is suddenly you know eat these times we'll talk about this ties into the Dwight Howard Eddie lacy stuff it's like. We do forget sports entertainment but we forget you know. Human emotion Geathers actually human beings here and seeing this moments they're all different and all these coaches have different personalities and personality traits and I do think it's done speaking about Durant and you know guys with thin skin my Moreira Gelb grizzly tied game. And I just think it's a learned thing. I think it's human nature that. You know if somebody comes at you with criticism. On in you're not prepared to handle it. I just don't think there's anybody that. Just naturally handles that well right I think you have to experience it some. Both for. You learn the process to to let it roll off your back and I just think that. Guys like Gary Anderson Davey Johnson's those guys who talk about. I think that they have. Handled it better in and kind of worked through that process better probably internally then some other guys have like Jim Morin Todd Graham. Well I think it's hard to in sports because there is. There's a real definitive. Standing there right like he can you say why I think you guys suck like to the radio show in Illinois. Your opinion like some people like at some people don't. But I guess every means and and things like that but. In in sports when someone says you suck and you just if you're like three and eight and you'll lose every game by forty points. In abeyance if you kinda decided you suck it's and so I think a lot of times of the coaches there's bad knee jerk well. We have anything to ebony stats that did try to back up my viewpoint so. You get back into court or you just yell right I think that habeas thing that happens Hollande arguments is that when you know that you're wrong. Well you know the don't have anything else just you raise your voice you kind of screamed and yelled like little kid behavior. In editing a lot of coaches Gaza and you're just there there immature. I think there's them they they never really grew up Friday. You coach a game don't have to your right now they they just there did they always have people yes people around it. And they're they're kind of the de BMO seen in most cases and so they've never really had to allowing you never I'm not gonna say that's not a real job. I'm mean clearly it's it's the very good job rides millions of dollars and one of these coaches make split. You've never had the live outside of the world the sports. In the world sportsman jobs that are in that are much different then. Other aspects of life and military is like this do. I seen a guidance that spent thirty years in the military. Is different than anyone else because in some ways he didn't grow up it's a very. Sports and Indian military earlier whether it's a cop it's a very. The very unique worlds very isolated world. And you know whether you grew up way as a coach is caters certain you were a player. Yeah and you didn't really have to develop sometime make a lot of the skills that you you're forced to. To develop when you live out in court the real world well I think there's an element to. And as we'll talk about when we talk about Dwight Howard and Eddie lacy. A day bolts have a traits that I think is common with a lot of people on that when they were criticized our criticized. They shut down they don't work on and they don't internally. I say okay well you know how can I handle this that the ages is like if they had done poorly and and that's you know I think that's natural it just goes back to like. These are basic things that to mean. Should be tot like I think that this is why can't you. In sums curriculum somewhere in in high schools. Have they handling criticism. Week seriously I mean it's like you know it's because I think what happens is. You know we live in these school bubbles in college even need it out in the real world in depending on what kind of job you have you are then confronted with. Your first real. Experience like these and their hard to handle them in nobody's prepared for me especially when your super young we see it with athletes all the time but. Don't think this applies just to athletes and just to coaches and you mention our show I had to learn how to handle. Our people to come that at mean here they come out to show it and it's been a process the first so I don't understand why we can't. At younger ages the matter entity can be bride isn't meant to be specific to two that. A vocation or anything why can't we just start talking to kids about hey did you know these are some things that you may run into and here's how how to best handle. Well it's one of them whenever we've we've had a new show whether it was dusting camera whether it was curtains Prager you know even Mike when he does the Sunday show my first piece of advice to anyone they get this job is don't read feedback. It's like his doormat yeah you'll eat that good with the goods too good in blue blow your ego and that will make you feel terrible and you'll say that it's not gonna bother you but it'll seep in human nature it's human nature that to me is still I also think and sports dude that the criticism you get is very unhealthy. And you learn to deal with unhealthy criticism and unhealthy way on everybody's got an opinion out and and they apparently qualified in the opinion is usually hate dumb. The right pitcher believe Getty Lee on now you know going social media honestly it really easy thing. Line Kevin Durant Kevin Durant they were bold kind of crippled by social media each other thin skinned thing I think it's a real problem. Mean look at president. Now regardless of what you think of politics you know he does not and he is yes and so it's like. I think that enables and I think it's that I'm glad we had this comes as I think that's a very. Under. Valued skills that you do you have to learn as a human being. And I think it's it's prevalent in today's society we're seeing it more more ticker when you see Dolly with the present the United States is always on TV. So I think it's something we need to address that people need to get thicker skin and how we do that. We'll talk I we worked on but today we sue people and we blame others than we try to change the we try to change. On the platform right we. We we we yell and scary about people on Seau do you have the leader of the free world. Handling things that way. That's a bad it's it's just a bit of bad beaten. Used to be and look at it it's a dull acerbic sling in some ways the fact that we're addressing bullying and all that stuff but that's a good thing and I'm not saying that it's not. But it's it's it's weird that I feel like you were forced to deal with the more. And now when someone says something to you were criticizes you the first thing that usually happens is that person gets in trouble Ford we want. That person to get in trouble for it so it's back on the criticize or yeah I mean you know there's there's only policies that. It's like he used to be in some ways like the sticks and stones right break in on break my bones Rosen never heard me. While I can't feel like in in in some ways we've really lost sight of that and there are some things that we should be done you shouldn't just be allowed to go mountain. You know mother asked everyone in in that criticism can be just absolute garbage and I am I'm glad we've taken steps but. I do think in trying to move forward and indeed more progressive about that we've also done some damage. Two kids and young people that are developing the skill set to to handle criticism as you get older because inevitably it's gonna come in every walk of life whether it's. Your girlfriend criticizing your wife your boss strangers on on the Internet. It's just it's criticisms gonna gonna happen and we and textures there's. I called that parenting when I grew up and that's right now unfortunately a lot of people don't have. Quality parents and us on saying is like why can't this little bit they deserve to be much. I can't some of the stuff feed into. Curriculums and everybody has to like for example somebody said down conflict in negotiation class you know not that hard now. But it's it's not viewed as the is a necessary thing when in reality skinned about our thin skinned that they don't. Thome thome that we don't have it did so in reality T scan you just Miami is let's fight right now Deborah. Regular baseball. Do we talk about like how he. Maybe okay entities into an African. You care idea and yesterday. The answer is good it's great in roads and the daily story kind of ties in what we've scheduled time and for you know will be off a dinner and and it's the show's over Mexican. So it's NBC more sports stuff coming up after the break ES now here's. It caught us. Here's Mike he has sports and here is so some. Here's some commercials on the transport. Soon god insanity program. All right I'm there is a team making a move in baseball. Worth noting and Jason hello I'm aware it's you're. Not mind the really want K do you like neighbors I was kind of starting today I think I guess I hadn't paid much attention to a but I was. Was thousand inducted in the Rockies game. And they mentioned a close look what he was might have been one of Mike's updates and I kind of was like holy two mikes for you know my hikes is it his whole job. In there is to inform the people. A sports news and a half game. Their half game and their winning one nothing now so there's Iraqis lost today I didn't rehearse alliance. Number deployment parent. Yeah they lost of them lowly giant bird a case I look at that of the brewers. And the OK so the way it works to see now. The wild card game is is two teams and it's just a one game yeah. Plain and I think. I so it's clearly gonna be the Yankees the Red Sox in the AL in one of the wild card spots. Probably the Yankees but the next spot is the twins. And they only lead because they just got swept by the Yankees the only angels play game so it's probably gonna be the Yankees twins beat the angels are right there. In the nationally it's Arizona by a mile but the angels appoint me Indians are. Right so it's Arizona by a mile. And then it was the Rockies all year it's been Arizona and Colorado with clearly two best records they're probably gonna meet in the locker game because nobody's catching the Dodgers in that division well. The Rockies have slipped in the brewers have gotten behind the brewers are only half game back so it could be the Diamondbacks and brewers now if it is the twins in the brewers'. In their respective wild card games. Do you know what the pre season win total over under was for those two teams can you guess. For bulls. All go like. I know people thought the twins are going to be one of the worst teams in baseball the people were bashing the twins. Milwaukee at least are not high WGC increases aren't did did we knew the Phillies are gonna be all right yeah. OK I quote pre season of terrorism the reds were two of the lowest. What rated teams yes him holy that's right debate got the brewers are gonna be worse in the twins the twins are built like this. Somewhere and like maybe six. Mid mid fifties and sees the team at the lowest over under win total this is back in favor of for the season was the Padres. A bit actually a little better than expected they can against young guys the White Sox were next at 68 and a half. Brewers 69 and and a wins ha so they're okay is Jose ran hundred losses. NASA reds ease. And Phillies in in the twins at 74 to have so these two teams that could make their wild card games. 123456. Both in the bottom seven. In terms of expected win totals are in baseball. And nobody expected any reminder don't small market. Milwaukee had the well visited the got a got off to good to torts are hitting home runs and error payments get higher claims. The out of that we can again find Nero household name. For the brewers the Minnesota still hasn't Bauer and you've got Ervin Santana but it's kind of bunch of no names. CC Cologne took that pitch today if a whole bigger part of the Clooney plays the twins. Yeah he pays any he had a 30 lead in the third and he got rocked Padilla he's old he's not he likes what easy for the. He's 44. And that's that's the age that they print on there that that may be a little. Maybe a little south of the border did you know that he when he started pitching in Major League Baseball. Ryan Sandberg. Any Marion Pete Rose were all still in the game the great. Our two local Bartolo Colon was pitching when Pete Rose Eddie Murray and Ryan Stamberg were still playing. I have to go back and find it but I think you're gone the day he got to that showed chopped by the Braves the Illinois play for the Mets last year the day they'll let him go the Braves signed him to a actually have a decent deal. And that is terrible and they designated for Simon known for two months we've got that was the end of Bartolo clone you were gone. But it's. The eye I saw like someone at some opening on Twitter they had the the age range. Of public the year is that someone was born that he pitched against and it was it was insane because you missed some comic Eddie Murray your Pete Rose. They're about the year they were born person someone in the major leagues right now. So when that's nineteen or twenty years old and in what they were born and some of the timeframe was his. Just ridiculous and say what you want about big fat Bartolo Cologne. He has had a hell of a baseball career has spanned two decades you know I'm so that when I read that today. I was I was looking at. Actually this started because Jim Abbott turned fifty yesterday you know. And he still does have his other arm meddling. You'd think after like the fourth time the UT's announcement that something happened did you method that I missed this. Leslie it was guided his for the angels the Yankees and yet and yet not yet one hint and you'd switch yeah glove. Mean it is dams thing you ever seen him pitch got one right after he would throw. You know then he would do to stop these swap written and he would field the ball and he taught the glove and it is arming grab it and threw to first. Well he's still alive and still has a nub now as far as I know and he's he turned fifty and I thought oh my god. Bartolo cool months 44. He's not that much younger than Jim Jim Abbott. Jim Abbott you do you remember I remembered how old you I mean remember him at delta did all right so then I looked up so that got me is likely Matt. When virtual clone was pitching who was still only freaking Ryan Sandberg I think the does that make you feel old Pete Rose one does cause Pete Rose Pete Rose like at. Chubby old degenerate now. That's the one that gets me is complete it's called duplicate his own tires set so then and when looked at Tom Brady. And I can Winona will noted Tom Brady played against him Kazan fell you know and as long careers. So Brady's forty. You know that Tom Brady played against Reggie White the late great. Averaging one does that make you feel old or does that make him seem all. Like he he Clinton's Reggie White and you know who else is in the league when Tom Brady was was Lawrence Taylor stumble around no Thurman Thomas. Really. Thurman Thomas was in the division and tuchman Tom Brady it's like it's his mind blowing down. This is those guys that did out religious outlive everyone else they're just two rounds. The baseball one to me is a little more shock in the Tom Brady veto me which one stands out more. The threat to to put against Andy Murray Ryan Samberg and Pete Rose that. That's like one of those holy hell. Just Roscoe is like god I miss just Roscoe does that. I think roster appears when he was like 4647. It was a reminder that you mentioned Diego I am gonna go look at Jamie Moyer now tossed salad there. And an imminent tell you who was in the league when he was a rookie our sip I can find. To the kind of the year born thing because it was it was crazy he played against someone. Bartolo Colon played against some of the was like born. I wanna say they were like born in like 1950 something and then he played against someone that was born in 2000. We remember all but colonial yeah I'm buccaneer until the Negro League got the you had on. In the old yet. Show famous guy great to use just old baseball did buy colonial so did. He he was calm he he was on the field with neighbor it's I know I remember that the united interviewed him now and I just. I think about that from time Hamlin on my god he played again this guy was he can tell me what Babe Ruth was what was really you know in a lot of people that. Dick good that are still alive I'm just saying he was on the field with him now it's trip. To think about than you like well I've gotten I think about your life I can tell you about George Brett the they've got Steve Sachs as formative years does this Steve sax player wants a cut a foul ball off a pat Kelly. Did you ever go to. Steve sax. Cocaine in mere nine. Now can't say Arizona. And it was a game in and be fun though him and then who's that dodger pitcher that was all blow it out. On your pitcher you get a said anyone in your house Steve. Yes devalued Saxon Steve how these to hand out little bags of cocaine and Mears your name play. Steve Howe got busted like 34 different times with coach he was met Dwight Gooden plants people left cocaine because they do all right delight our next on the tenth. Prime time revising and sue god 1080 Bo van. OK so looking at you know Jamie Moyer played forever. Yup in in the baseball's. He was in the league when Reggie Jackson was flying back Z could've pitched against projects yeah Abbott he did. Also brought it up on trying to confirm this because I remember. The boot this stat I don't know fits. If it's this number but someone on the tech's program said that they remember seeing that Jamie Moyer. Had faced 19% of all the hitters in Major League Baseball history. And I remember. And a number like that I don't remember if it was nineteen or if it was lower than that. But there is something ridiculous like that where he is faced a certain percentage. Of every hitter and in Major League history and it's it's fairly high. Ed George Frazier was still in the only. And I he pitched against. Ron say. Steve Garvey. And Jamie Moyer and he still like a couple years remember you should make it come back again. And we tried to pinch. You just meaning Steve Trachsel style. Well any land. Only need to destroyed our story here so is that when it was his last year due Jamie mortar. You mean as first here you know what was his last year like when did you when was he finished. And I found on our replied that the guy had it during a 90% and I thought that that was it was hi I found an article from 2012. Where at that point Jamie Moyer had faced 9% of M of all Major League hitters ever really pitch from 1986 to 2012. Okay so that was that's not nineteen its nine I guide Addai is one. To Jamie Moyer faced 9% that's. Free hitter to ever come through the Major League said he think yeah we Willie Keeler added that he could. In ministry that you have that went ahead it could is gonna be ged couldn't quite quick trot out how do you think. We. What's a guy named we Willie Keeler. We Willie Keeler yeah I think in my BQ picked the name. Wooded and against him as the little blue little silly as they brought in the little kink in it right they brought in the dwarf united did. Remember that I had only add the next thing yeah that's right in the vertigo. Zuma to vertigo after the when diverted what's. Yeah what's that doesn't know what his name was but it brought in there's there's I great photo of them any Baywatch month forestry pitches. They by the guy that was like three foot tall and no strikes on. Eddie Goodell. Now there's a rule out here you can't put it. You know they did there's food there's there's a provision in there where you can't do that I get a big moment you can't bring in like burned truck. And run him out there. You ever seen him in person yes. It's is alarming Shockey and how small and you see in the mean there's an I think any little people is the appropriate nomenclature now right. Now we've column. Two more of them hell I'm proud he's pissed off like a whole bunch of I'm sorry I'm trying to say it properly we're big on them if there. Think yes I become quite large. But ye see them but then they burn true here is the guy new universe terriers he's mini me from the Austin power movies. It is. It's it's shocking just how small he really is it is definitely and you feel about them because you can't really walk around anymore listed. This go around a little scooter peace to feed eight. This in every isn't that said that one reason drawn to and he's really mean wouldn't you be here that's all I think it's probably been a tough life but remember when he was on that that's a real house that HBO want as a realized Israel Lebanese fielder VH one. And you get BellSouth to my. But you know so to cease occasion that's true it happens some doesn't do what Vern you you project that strict a lot in order to. You know be inebriated you just did you Xenia the did you watch the falcons at all and CC circuit and they showed him on there yeah yeah let's get. Will hopefully he has a mean well knowing you can tell you look he looks so much healthier relic he is he saw him on there. It's just like well that's the psyche Asian look at people as he looks younger he's thinner he's younger he's thinner skins in better shape it's it's like. Is that those big bulging notes bags under his office it's amazing exhibit where his words may do to get enough of pills and dues can do for you. Well maybe just pills we'll start doing the news. May be for him. Alcohol causes more deaths from the NFL super. Shrew she knew it would boost no it doesn't. To be taken fake news and the misuse and disseminating it to people. Yeah Stanford is now the dues alcohol as a gets a bad wrap nonalcoholic Stevie is about all. Why you laughing it's true. It is it's. May be a subject for another time what else Lena outlaw. What we tried it once didn't take. Dim right. Judge gentlemen talk about an uprising tread that amendment thing in the people really never own not so much as we try that again so that works out and a mean. It's a good. And why. People his uncle's glorious like porn sunshine on your brain. I will running into the two inheriting beaches while we're out of time. And you're not but I'm not starting it now. Now we'll push it up the next hour one of these days we'll get to Dwight Howard. And I announce it'll be next our about that. Yeah so I come out of big talk at you we got that. I've got some college football notes. Oh quick baseball nuggets need Jason pocket up in Seattle king JR yeah. He yeah descended does this he attended rob Manfred press conference today rob Manfred is in Seattle doing some sort of stated union sort of thing and pocket. Doesn't have the audio or is senator says Cindy get. But down key putt it himself asked rob Manfred if Portland. Would be on the short list for expansion. If baseball figures out its situation with the rays. NBA's. And Manfred said yes. It would be on the short list. I have no idea that's something we should be excited about it not. But I suppose it's better to be nominated. The commissioner said that the city is simply a matter of politics that's a good thing what he he followed up by saying. Well because we talked about it Manfred was talking about expansion recently because of the all star break out and he does in his state of the union. And he didn't put oil on their you know Montreal and Mexico City writes yeah officials of the to assure her that another one in the midlands area. So Portland was left off from my gambling. So I think he probably felt obligated oh. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Portland because he didn't have Puckett didn't ask him what are the cities he asked him if port Orleans and he said yes yeah but he said that I guess we're both of their big it is McCain isn't my baby cute. Yeah after I had this year at the horrible acts he beta that's been. Around. He's he did follow up when he said that if they expanded. There would have to be one team on the West Coast. So I mean alert what other city. On the west I mean it's not gonna be Vegas Vegas is RD tap and out right with the NHL and NFL I would think so so one other west coasts. City you will get days. Mean as the Vancouver BC that's the that's the first when the popped into my mind is if you China find something has made BBC and another one in there and in Canada but. You know they're ready that there's such a big following with the bridges that's a national team Salt Lake City I don't know how well that would do you know I guess maybe solid. Well they have a ballpark figure UB could be converted he may be taught economics the city yet maybe their their target a here's our cities out west done amazing baseball now so if he wants on outlast. A baby look over here it's nice to have to at least be kind of included may be so doesn't it feel little disingenuous bit. I would've thought a lot better had someone asked about expansion he would've said oh yeah Portland. As opposed to you know is where he had he knows he's in Seattle I mean he's talking to the to Seattle bats and that's this is in this out of bring that up to Seattle's always been the ones supposedly is CE bloc in Portland they don't want the mayor's don't wanna team important weeks they drop. Some of did depending on the year they draw between what is its like nine and like 70% their families could care from south as Washington and in Portland yeah I just don't mean let's settle territorial rights thing you I get tablet in there's there are legal he's got a few but you know the Orioles didn't want to NASA the exposed Modano and Erica I don't want but it happened in their doing fine. Sweet that's him. That that he would say that in Seattle. In some well but he wouldn't say and he was asked it true. And then of course what's he supposed to say I he's knots and guessing he's not stupid. No I do not know. Isabel yet she Seattle people hate Portland no way that's because it gives you a second team before we give those guys one about to hear about two now on our team. And you get a team unity everyone before I had the hot fighter five his command Max we'll get into look. If Dwight Howard can now have a resurgence pretty interesting article on Sports Illustrated and that's unconscionable amounts so much to come here on the fan.