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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, September 20th

Gary Andersen joins the show, Ducks 2nd half woes, and more!


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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. On an expert players coaches and fans follow. Thursdays at seven on 1080 votes. The right now welcome prime time which buys it consumes what is going on. Her peers they never momentum and unbiased. Just short of the tournament on compromise sports talk without booze sugar coat or wrapping the he links Netherlands licensing war things thanks Isaac dropping Jason's a candidate courage. And not be doing my job the best in sports coverage. This is prime time revising consumed on 1080 I love. A move. Not anybody in for NASDAQ eating grapes are inferred it you know I just read OK so I told you yesterday at had a bit of sports not radio news for you guys yeah. And I didn't know this. But I'm sure that there are other people that were involved. That may have heard it they'll listen that that did know but the fan this radio station is the third. Longest running all sports station. In the country in New York one Los Angeles to and then known San Diego San Diego to that's right yet and then a little old us it's I read that article. There's an article by carriers done in 2005 I didn't see it at the time but. Our boss somehow captain and I was reading through it it's got some funny little bits in there about what the panels like in the beginning in 1990. In what we just talking about was I gonna tell you Tomas for NASA is for NASCAR product. Now it's gonna tell you something and I forgot what this season. So I'd I've been doing this exact show that same time slot for fourteen years added to it for NASA and now I've done it for twelve with fuel. And here we are. That is a and alone in that. The thing. Well you get old what is the matter with me we talked about they went this whiskey you're forty your fallen apart as soon and little boos and the move was easel. Doozy news in the cup. Who can't hide the drug. It was something about. The fans staff laid back when but now I don't remember what it is. No because that's how we were just to kind of taught him about the duration of in the fact that we've been doing for hours for now this this many years we start over. He just read beset everything can I don't know. You're getting old but again I've been in the head about so I have an excuse for those years and am one. Some of those wonderful senior moments. Well anyway and it's weird because when I have them I always wonder if I'm just having. People have moments like that or that it's is its anemic sinister like looming over your head. Some stuff like freaks me out is like you can you can get a little bit of that fear mongering thing because the bald information that's coming out now. You do you know let you read the big headline. Deadliest weekend intelligible history is this release that he had to be bold ideas to people died in those horrible because of well one with a neck injury and the other gadgets that he wasn't feeling well don't you think that's a little. Yeah fear mongering and that's cut ten points and I don't ever want a fear mongers like we had this comes as yesterday about the study came out about. Being hadn't played football before the age of twelve and never wanna do you fear mongering thing but there is all that information out there is so when I have moments. A graph the with the worst ones are for me in on the little embarrassed by it. Like I forget where I'm driving and sometimes. I called SP. I'll be going and I'll pass my exit by like three or four miles tried to pull over and kind of take stock a worm tournament where the hell was I driving. And I'm in the back of mine is there's always this thought of images you just get old and you know you're forgetful and and things happen every one has. Kind of those moments like he just had right there like I was just thinking of something. But then on the back in my mind I'm like how I hope it's not. I hope it's not some teen. Else I can and I wish you the precursor to that. I'll diagnosed yeah your media let's do let's think the idiot factor I certainly you know the so it's just the idiot factor their moments ago I had something we are talking about for Nassau the air. And I remembered something from that story that I thought would be good for the listeners and now I don't. McHale it is I just I'm hoping it's the idiot factor but if he'd been hit in the head a bunch. I got I laugh sometimes leaked it just at how absurd was. We do at knocked unconscious today. You get you get the stretcher right like with what would happen which it now he ended up with he had that it's got to. And fracture in his back but they put him on the board because he got knocked out you get knocked unconscious they strapped to a board that take up your face mask it taken the hospital. Knocked unconscious twice. Like out cold I finished both of those games but did he back in the game and it doesn't seem that. Didn't seem that long ago and this is like in the late nineties Laker leeway yeah late 92000. Where this was the critically you could get knocked unconscious. You've taken over the sidelines they wake up with a big game is and smelling salt and back in the game it him. Like that's it's it's amazing to me how far we've come yes the game can never truly be you know a safe but. Well wishers a hell of lot better than what used to be insulate those. The spots kind of dancer in my head and in if you played. I don't know how old. You don't have some kind of concern I don't let it control me as like I sit around and I know I'm terrified of it but it's certainly is in the back of my mind. Because lord knows how many of of why no I got knocked out at least twice. I'm sure I had. You know half a dozen others that would be considered actual real you know. Full on concussions that today would pull you on the game and then. The old teacher bell rung the UC star is your little wobbly for a minute like those those are countless I don't know how many of those that work. All right well listen I'm owners can tell you but now let's get it on the skeptical when I am a sports. I nugget for you before we start start with you have a lot of nuggets lately BMY saw this in an on little islands on people when asked he has Steve Nash and asks the way. So I saw that they added 250 words to the dictionary yeah they did this every year there's every words like that yet. And there are some stuff on there and down a lot of it is like and you'd think trendy stuff through hackers stuff to text messages he had to become it has to be counting the definition is it has just become like a part of this you know each everyday vocabulary lexicon would you call it. And there's a sports word that has been added and this year to the Webster's. Dictionary it is Alan reads is it Jewish canoe. No but that it's only matter time and we're trying to think were put that out there it's like the secret really mad out in the world and Wellesley that comes back I did think we started that. Because I hear at some. Yeah I do here I feel like we over I don't know if we like the F word right now whatever knows where that came from but there's so no I definitely started that there are some origin story is behind it. I feel like if that if dish canoe does make it in the dictionary one day I feel like we will be partially be responsible for a site co authors of that so. There's sports where the did that it and I have never heard the Smart. They usually read English I doubt gangs who they're putting out of there now this word is called it into the word is Bonnie. Like puck bunny. I've heard of that you mean like hockey's let's yeah there's puck bunnies and there's buckle but he's those the road you opens. Part of that he does know that by any means as a sports term on the I thought it was something like and text 55305. And elegant easy shot yeah yeah that's what it is. I have never heard anyone again I mean I don't yet golf in basketball bounce like it's like a lay up only. Just not a lay up but just like an easy shot to gimme a bunny really. Never heard what bunny slopes are easy yeah funny I never heard it once seized ever I'm on board with this I have never heard you know I think almost 39 years on the planet that's the very first time I've ever heard the term bunny used. For that Dana. I wonder where that's coming from me. We just see brought my I heard it thought obviously and but I hear it I'm in a broadcast somewhere announcer says. Those they care you know Kobe Bryant takes about scores the bunny and but he said the martyred says. He says bunny. Well I mean that's the court if you can believe this techsters. I am 503964. I have no reason to I would go about that number -- avenue Ortiz used to eight for minor I have no reason to not believe in solid go with that and I've I've never that I inherited either but that's and now officially a word and I'm gonna try to gated in his office I can't. Well now yeah mark it's like when Maria skip these because that's not just I would like you to mark that. This is gonna be like we have the Don welcome onto off how many times we can work bunny into the conversation. Yet this guy says. Usually hear it. If they miss they miss the money mr. bunny. The blue with hello Mike well I think he just immediate it's possible and I am too. Let's go sometimes I go to the games is drinking involved so. Yeah you know it's like. Well I'd. Maybe this is why you and I don't sit down and watch your average Indian broadcast know like we're paying attention to football broadcasts college pro. MBA like if we get the hornets and then. Yeah I'm not watching or whomever is on I'm on Wednesday night and two. Only if like sums training and you flip over its fourth quarter and so good skill and are you watched the blazes they'll go home and I'll flip on the blazes that have just adjusting game you stick around for it may be that's like that. Yeah I use that and other sports as well. You know I don't think if you just swing like a little sideline pass throwing out the back little flair right now and say that he threw a bunny I think I've only heard it basketball. So we give me in golf could I say that but he I mean entry could be in this bunny. Because he's a shot that was my first I was like if it's it's an easy shot as I like golf in gothic kind of quality gimme yeah let's give me he missed two gimme a sort of feel like a foot away. And they Cano and and a U a W out my duties are all and he and then yeah this kid a little wider taken on pocketed it is there. This guy says he played college ships hit the bunnies he goes back to the eighties that's that hasn't Walton like shadows thanks Ken Landon. All right and coming up I you know what I'm into Opel question to hell and nuclear multiply your clearly nominee game I'm not today. You got the break and come out well I will level and I promise you. That I have on fresh he deserves. Yes incident you did you listeners fresh double life dot com but. I don't know why do the drug goes you know doing Haggan think I think you did a marijuana before the show people what cocaine again this. The only thing I didn't think that's in my little my eyes a little bit he's so when I started today was my PT for money. Head trap all for your verdict again. Interest in I just did it and it's messing with me maybe don't do that. Well I have to do it three times today. Now in Miami I am interest in doing it because I want this to go why are you doing the weird like concoction stretches where your head is now upside down and now you know lengthy articles gym to show you an idea I'm guessing you're just sticking to restrict drug regiment to do your dogs and unity. Count me in and I chose now to hold something out in front in my eyes and focus on the words mean and move my head like this. It's it's funky well maybe that's what's missing you because vertigo. No felony would be really dizzying you know they say if it does you have to fight through it like that you treat your retrain mean. Your inner here. You have to retrain your inner ear and that's undoing. Maybe Aslan is your new year to stop being a key word not in sucked it up let's do this to go home guys did this and that and rob stunt has David. Now all right so we poll question I'll get that Gary Anderson at 330. You know and I'll ask him today. On ask him what his wife says. You know because sometimes the answer lies with the woman. Interest in I wonder if that's Italian discussed or is it like you go home and that one and all that like off limits aided them. Bush then. Oh pretty good. It's a bit better. There have been accused sometimes they're did you sometimes Telluride to spilling. Aspect even known. It wasn't yeah he's on top is like I don't know about your life the whenever I got the how was your day it was to jumping off platform to tell you about their right. And allowances and asked that she just doesn't she tell me now my wife was pledge not to give me the how is your today. No matter what I said it was quickly gonna be followed up with let me tell you about my ID. You don't bank. Well this is where to give generic answers you know announcer entitlement they retirement Dwight Howard story in Sports Illustrated just yet you've put and others and other income like this about Eddie lacy and yes. There isn't an angle about that why guys are doing well OK so Dwight Howard. And Eddie lacy bowl features one is in Sports Illustrated gathers news in the magazine yeah I'd write Howard's in Sports Illustrated the leases in he has. Dorian Acxiom. He had more sympathy for 'cause for me. It's clearly one of the other road yet as they both you know take a lot of heat and a similar to me so I had a lot about college football notes I mean a lot. Retirement Saxton. Who the hotel sax seemed Eric Carr's new man now. Goes for one it'll. I.s for the education employees credit union mobile. Local commercials it's kid when local athlete commercials are special round. You know to most of baseball yankees money into the terrible scene though it's you again we'll keep getting it with a ball hobble I don't know if seen players react quite like that. So it got a lot of sports attack and now we're gonna start their poll question which is yet to be determined is not fun that's coming up surprise we'll all be surprised and a 315 on the fan. All right. Poll question time he really did not know it really good job. You'll. Thank you. Everyone's. Fresh she offers delicious meals from quality ingredients to energize people on the go at the route vertical hole question. This full quiz you brats you buy it Robson vertigo. In his inner ear training. FR EE SH double I dot com did you enter retrain your hair and when this happens now I did not know that we told us about that there's a crystals and theirs on computers and I don't very little about vertigo yen Li you know line. No but I lingered like to make fun of it I feel like it's along with out. It's a serious condition but it's fun to make fun. So I here's an actor out there and you know let. We got to give credit to the to the guy who. Was asking about this on the bridge for Beers tax on my ego. Because it inspired this fresh GO question that you incorporating all kinds of things I'm fresh sheet of Bridgeport Beers to your vertigo. Is. Are you worried about a 1080 and outcome. Are you worried about Oregon's inability to score in the second half of games. Yes it's a problem or know. They're taking care of business. You give me no middle ground there so you always go the minute nine never give you middle ground because your fence sitter I hate to overreact you always go on the middle not pick one I try to be irrational even Julian likes sports talk host guy like who's got hot cakes. And. Yeah no I try to have rational takes. But if you make you guys who think it's a concern so I think there is something the fat they've struggled in the second half of these games I don't think it's like something to freak out over. And I don't think it's conservative play calling. I don't mean fact the you look at it you go back and watch those games they do try to go back and and and watch I wish I had did the coaches like guilt when he too. But when you sit there and watch it's not like a lot is changing there. I don't execute as well and I do think there is an element to defense is catching up to one. They do it is a very simple often it's there's not a lot of bells and whistles too but they don't run allowed to formations is not much different ships. It's it's of the you know temple is a big deal for them. And you know they're not just physical Mahler I do like this offensive line but it's it's not like they just physically overwhelm people and I do think there's an element to. Teams adjusted to the best I can describe it is you know you get a starting pitcher right the first two times in the lineup. The guys blow smoke he's throwing 9697. It's hard to catch up. Yeah to that third fourth time around in and you've got your time in a little bit and there's an element that I think there's an element a year up forty student handing you take your foot off. Off the gap that Tony is the biggest thing I Teradyne cured they've they kicked their ass of those teams and it's like. Now we have another have to play it's a big it's easy. It's easy to let up it's easy to idle down and I think that's what they've done the crappy part against Nebraska those you couldn't jump start. And we talk that's the question is when you get into a game and they will where they need it. Can they do you. That he did horrific play of of Nebraska's quarterback immediate mediocre quarterback for you lose that game. I am so I think there's some questions there. It it's not something that I am and I'm freaking out about it I promise you that against Sears on state Willie Taggart is going to have an emphasis on finishing this. Whether it's a blowout or whether it's a close game. I guarantee you they have spent time in practice. Trying to finish this and kind of developed. For lack of better term it's kind of cliche but like I killer instinct. But you got a team down to take it out back and shoot it. Don't don't let it have a life don't let it breathe into it. You know just finish the damn thing well is it a sign like for example this text says Taggart will get better but he's clearly giddiness out adjusted at halftime. All again I don't know if it's necessarily out adjusted. Ian what kind of adjustments do you wanna make when your 4210 and this this may be an element to the coaching staff as well when everything's working. You don't really need to make a lot of tweaks in my way halftime adjustments I've said it under the most overblown thing and all football they're really off. It there's there's so much you can do it at halftime to go in my cap damage just maybe go in in my office my coaches take what's working. You know hey the counters looking good the era of the on this kind of look at us and we go to three wide there just in this we think there's some things we can work in the second half. Some guys a specialized and usage. Jim Fisher at will receive always gets a lot of credit but I think. Like this this halftime adjustment thing get this it's an hour long year we you sit down and agree sport and come up with a bunch of stuff it's it's subtle tweaks here and there are so. I think that's that's a little rushing to judgment there if you saying that they're getting out adjusted who calls or plays Willie Taggart staggered us yeah because place. And Taggart is said that he isn't calling any other kind of different schemes or whatever and and I went back and looked at that the Wyoming games a little bit if yes I begin Nebraska that's crap I did get Nebraska date they did get a little conservative and they tried to run the ball a little bit more but one of the big things is they're not converting on third doubts. If you go back and and and look at those games. Pick a lot of that is they're just not extending drives and you look at meg the first half of Wyoming with three times in an early in the game where they had third and ten plus in the convertible of those. Like that offense has put themselves into some holes and they've been in Everett to dig out of them in the first half. In the second half for whatever reason they're not really converting on third down there not sustaining drives. And then on the other side of it the defense didn't do a great job against Nebraska necessarily getting off the field where they have been great on third down in the first half nuggets well but it wasn't much of the problem because. The defense didn't allow women to do much. But it adds it's such it's such a small sample really the only game that I put any sort of stock in his Nebraska. The whammy game was never in doubt the Nebraska one is the one that's a bit concerning because. Yi Yi tried to give that game away and against the better team you lose that game. And and that is a concern but it's it's it's one game and I refused to draw conclusions. Or make any sort of sweeping statement off of basically one half awful. All right vote 1080 depend dot com brought you by. Cash. In on the fresh he analyze something tells me you'll get a much better effort in the second half Morgan against her Wednesday. Well and I think we say that he is slamming. And it. Sending happen death. And again I think that this I'm just gonna I'm only day they were they will play good half day and second these ain't chip Kelly's ducks. Frank well he's saying. They Dorgan fans been spoiled and they used to like. When and then Nebraska game 65 to thirty time instead of 42 to thirty times. And it's it's funny that. How we view wins. Too kindly to your point of view being explosive you going to Arizona State and you win by fourteen points how many people negative view that is is there something wrong when you went on the road in the pac twelve and you won by two touchdowns. But there is this almost a sense of organ and if you don't beat lesser teams by forty points that something is somehow wrong with you. Alabama has willed this right. A yeah Alabama can be a team by thirty and and and pull away late and people like what the hell's wrong with Alabama with a one by thirty yeah that it didn't look as dominant as we wanted to. And I I think with a with a organ fanned there's there's a little bit of that can never satisfied in an army stuff I mean unless you just Wear unless you discretion people. All right coming up next Gary Anderson Oregon State football coach they're on a lie. They willow loses I think that's it's a it's a good thing that the Iran abide by a tone in Washington on the other candidate out so much here's Mike. With sports center. Against Tennessee. All right we're about due for our weekly. Chats fireside chats. Quiz worried in state. Football coach Gary Andersen company and it's not as allowances Ian. So Wally wade his college yet this storm the blowing today it was freaking insane amount yeah I was driving on the and the tools five there and just like I got it with the wall water and right when I did that when cut in front of me and hit their breaks. And I just went Oman and I was wait for the two bloom. I couldn't see a damn thing it was this is pretty sketch yet there. And by the way maybe not a great idea to cut someone off. With food aid he does anyone there is to say and slow down a bit so this a couple people ask this idea think or against second half issues are damn hole I mean. Back it was an against Nebraska I mean I. Like people you know they asked the question like blow up the Dallas yet stuff they don't wanna show at all because of you know these games can now you know. I don't the other teams idyllic I don't there's an element of that and we they're holding back a super secret offense and they're gonna unleash when they clears things theater now. Big organs offences is what it is like it's pretty simple 'cause there's not a lot of window dressing it's executed real well and second half they haven't done it. All right 335 here on the stand here's Gary Anderson how you hold up down there. Well I got there you can get at the end of the super value 1970. And my question is. Does your wife have pot takes about what she sees. On the football field yeah. You never know though. I don't know emotional. Very candid bush bush on Thursday and I get old Leo. Thought I'd much football so greatly like equivalent. That hula. Yes no doubt like Google doing big bankers like with failed to folks. You simple. Dogs that he is they're great gains rate. Got one great day last lost one bird who bought. A boxer I. And a boxer for thirteen years Apollo creed that was a hell of a dog. Apollo creed it's quality they'd elect. Yeah I would see you gotta I am assuming your boxer has a boxer's name I hope. Now doesn't that though does not at all I attended her name is Paula and they've been informed of that came from. Well. That should show world war zone like that occurred because Obama chose to open I don't bought clothes told sub normal life and how that happened I have no I didn't answer it. Moses Jesus females I guess that I can forgive that if you mailbox during you don't name at a boxer named. It's your your your wasted the opportunity there. Yes. But mailbox or who they it was a Rudy. So kind of Bruschi greets a little mentally yes. Like a normal people names for dogs 65 narrowed at. Yo G a perfect the peso how helpful is a by at this point three guys. That's good you know bicycle Monaco and this was can have a chance to do doubt you'll buy it never coached those who think they have believed that and you get. Tobacco fundamentals and techniques we can do if we used to work better in the it'll jump start on court reporter of the Washington. The kid who chairs the commission brought will be so world that it's a good it's a good spot for us. That did you feel like going back in union you look at the final score of human squash and stayed some people say boy you can't take any out of dampened. The first half. You guys are playing your best ball of the year and then the the fumble there and in kind of the way the did the the half ended seemed like a killer but. For the majority of that first half. We you at least close at least I think happy with with three guys played I thought it was a good effort. Well we're in the game there's no doubt about it director's most key stake in the kind of we occurring. Situation force that would happen again in the game you know that that law third down after violence. That we can scored downward. It's manageable that point lead to big third down. A conversion Carol Wilson matter and we come down. Well pull off public relations. Nobles who those huge huge. Momentum swings and both leading the points in the week for the rest will produce good things in the and they convert on late delve into the drive and so will serve. That's where we are situation we've got to deal with their you know there was some there was some good things you know obviously not nearly enough good things could final score final score at the end of whether it's indicative of the game went along so well whether or not that spells score. Do you find some stuffing the run game that says that there may be uses it again some some positive sign going forward. The other also positive things there you know a year ago we put Washington State Rios who jumped out to the early lead and one of our nemesis was effective as we were able on the ball effectively it. Just those possibly could see right giggle it the we have constructive change as far as dealing with their front which was positive. You know it's convenient it. He's got a field of Cooper told tries to score but we did definitely on the ball more effectively than we have been. And this is argue states Gary Anderson so you see a guy go out on a stretcher and handles everything. You handle that you know that's going to be hard on his teammates and then how it affects the team you still have a game to play at says it's scary moment. What what goes through your mind and how do you handle with the team. Well Jerry goes in my first of that curve ball more and that's the everybody that to a some are sort of in their silent on the crowd watched TV isn't a novel concerns for the kids and that was a we'll gently scary thought that was a long period timing of the album the turtle thought our staff is tremendous job. But Washington's DP world's awful forums getting in the security needed down there but it it's. You know it's definitely something good. You don't like Seattle's prepared to people who smoke that's for sure about the kid Carroll with as good as it possibly could them you know picture there. The thoughts were different. Jacob they continue through that that football game and it will be as he continues to get himself back the boulevard bullets and not cover kids. Triple battled triple play and after that took place split. Includes typical position to be in as a coach of forcible on the spot a couple times unlawful. Yeah it's really hard at its members of player did to jump start after that we were we are playing air force and a kid is like a half hour and when he got carted off sending the city couldn't deal was eaten. Not like half hour goes by you're just sitting there and that's all you can think about minutes like hey by the way we we gotta finish this meets. In nature it's by nature it's it's a violent game and I just remember how difficult it was sued. The biggest kinda get the juices flowing again get a kick start after seeing something like that because maybe your own kind of mortality gets stuck in your head. Data that think that probably global sidelined Google's kids who have. Obviously Washington State say they were very concerned that. Panel very classy and blows. You know there's some. And his policy I think it's kind of bond together and that all the book themselves well coached and they are athletes can compete against each other than go see that happen in this I was never at that spot as a player. Coach it's it's taxing you worry about your kids' regular update. They came back and Belichick was able to Connecticut will build on. Will be a great deal to physical Jerusalem. If you had you know reduce. Acknowledgment. Of the school that Seoul's policy. So what's your understanding of of his injury and kind of what he's going to be going through now. Well it's you know right now at all and talks hand. He's just going to go to recovery process took about role. Model how they real time frame on him at all that all of doctor Bachmann and the medical staff here as far as where he is one. Let's talk to him and Jacobs. Is. Seems to be. Ready to. Did better could have broke in excess going to be able to process pictures and goes through the he's handled with. Very well. He's a fighter who go back to battle through this thing. This is still the country we'd you know and I don't I have no idea what that is now that would be choked in the stock have to answer. Thomas is the author and change if at all now with with ten being inserted there. Well there'll you know there'll. Have the ability coats who were a little bit more girls almost called pocket obviously so you have to. Use his leg is accosted and we have to understand that it'll drop back as many times we drop back in the the past least pocket can't be exactly the same pork barrel consistently so there'll be some tweaks changes that there. You know yeah we go to tumbled more flow to back asking that times are at least to back almost feels different ways of so there's some ways we can adjust they used Jerrells the year kind of equal helpless. India in the overall picture which is just that they're going to be tweaks there's not going to be a massive regressive change the world of there'll be it was two weeks and and had a little magic in the and we continue to we can tweak what works for us since we want to score more points. He spent time in the mountain west in years you stopped two years in the Big Ten now third year in the pectoral. What is I played big you got to ask this question do you see a difference. In the Big Ten and the pac twelve when new now that you're in the pac twelve for the third year. You know that's true that's very very good question and I guess previously from the answers. You obviously. Was called when we were in a a spot we had a very. Mature team when we got there and they've had so successful great success copiers for them they had to go to the Rose Bowl oh. One book summary gives you full adopters of this achievement was used to winning and usually having a chance they'll play at a high level. When you commit in the team has had much success so want such kind of over the top if you will on the other side you can turn this you beat yourself up for the get to catch those guys I'll. Which is difficult. And in this powerful Arab League field do that's so there's similar definitely there's good football players on both sides. I'm my personal opinion is that this skill set in the packed world to all brawl agency. Here's what skills definitely. It's a notch above week in and week out others the leakage obviously the big Cavendish of team in the big pivot don't really care that much about you know all that skill that one of the big push you around without her children running backs so great players both league as competitive. Both weeks want to although more wide open with the scheme. Fox while some teams but it's Stanford at Washington nor power your council that was similar but they just a little more. Freakish athletes. Overall problem. Yeah we're talking about that because there seems to the sentiment early that you know some of these leagues including the pack of the Big Ten have caught up to the SEC. And it is and she mentioned on the athletes out west did you notice trends. In players are similarities. When recruiting in the midwest verses. Recruiting Al west maybe there are more athletes out dissuade vs the more you know size is the size and in the midwest. Well there it's. I would say that we we look for what we were looking for Wisconsin so yeah we wanted to obviously very talented receivers looked great Jews kill all of these McCain what about our numbers were were different or can we are trying to carried in 06 items at least almost all of the all the roster the approval good players and play your numbers are a little bit skewed they're really good players all over the country usually fast guys usually big guys over the country. You know in the mid westerners. In the world won't we won't vote with cops and you work has the ability to attract. Really any offer to climate in the country and have a shot that because of what. What's going on in the past them all the great running teams in Compton did so again that's I would say this is great players all over the country Reynolds wolf there's. The skills that this is OK there's more scope for kids here ruling that would mean more bigger kids and that of course the country but it really because what you recruited to act schoolteacher. Yeah and that brings up that and one more for it because it does is how to make as your title at that so. It is is a broader topic that we talk about here and is when your opinion on this as a head coaching college football can you ever. Have the thoughts of the next level the NFL. When trying to make an offensive lineman or or a skilled guys or whomever you quarterback. When you're trying to make these guys better as football players do you ever consider. The National Football League and what they may be asked to do on that level. All the other really good question. I don't think you know you always what if you believe you have a kid with less skills that that could potentially get it into the league but let's just Syria. I'm moving kind of connect. I know for us if you would like to know the position to make plays a lot to be leveraged social college player which in turn make. I hope it fit into that wherever he's going to be in the lead. Think it was an MB cap structure you know forgetting the clash lecturer you put into the B get all the time and and he just in Nevada to a tackle and after Google have to yard that's probably not the best in the world but if you wanted to not space like that you have got to make palatial. It's hard to figure scheme. But if that's scheme fit that can cook skillful at that would allow him in the course of the next level. I think this will be that creates do you have actually. Yeah because I would think it would help you mean add it would I would think that you're talking to a kid who has NFL aspirations whether he makes it or not. You know it's part of the recording pages I came cannot I'm gonna I'm not just gonna make you good football player organ state and then just. Seal later I wanna help you then I was hours hadn't helped Wisconsin with the office Lyme Disease crank them out. Yeah it does and it and it helps where every rapid and it also if you have a password to their good players in the country ethical play. It absolutely helps you win in recruiting children. I'll regardless situation. It's not running back wide receiver of government be so there it is part of the recruiting process every kid has. As a trainee was still out of opted to go of the NFL. Kids and our program like talked kids in the program about though Paula because what they're doing the best of strikes to get to that next level of the NFL and truly doing their best and they're doing the best hope of football team too because there is so there's still excited to. Football in the way everybody wants to make the most tackles couple connections have vulture of Russia and that's the competitive nature some more try to put the best foreign workers forgot to when you recruited it will be good opportunity. JB's interest in the last one here on this is you know there's been a lot of talk obviously over the the years that the college game is in preparing quarterbacks in the NFL now shifted to offensive lineman. You know I've I've played at a school that may be where you were that's when we put. My men in the league and in my see year four of the five of us all when on the got a chance to play I look at the office of mine gave no coach I'd. Recognize it I don't recognize half the techniques. That are that are there to be Todd and I'm not trying to be the old curmudgeon is just I don't recognize it. You visit is little defensive guy is that something that you've seen in and how much of a shift up close has their bid and in the way that position is caught in and played. And who who we let it would be below you took coach French plant through. Roger France's newly I had running. At Wachovia told the great script. That you do not very very well obviously. I'll. It you know it it's definitely I've heard that I really about I hear that drew the grapevine I haven't had a scout committed sit down talk of books about greatness that. You know there also blockers and they are not doing that the power stuff that they used to. We try to. You know use the power run game obviously with our inside zone since. Well not much of a gap scheme which locals NFL teams all via Tokyo principles these days have the the power of the gap schemes that are out there we have a few of those employees that it's it's different you know there Cornell pace and their role in the field in the rubber soles schemes and but probably not that he beat above offensive guy that would have matched those that he leads communication that need to take place priests snap all the time when you're. Playing the trap so that is getting out running on tracks themselves and you're taking those steps to get to the next level would take whatever comes their way and what you look at a picture was much different would fuel drum track all the things that you guys can random some major communication that took place which you have to have that you know little. All right good stuff into the bye week in and we'll talk to actually think scary. I appreciate it we. The week. Yeah. It's open coming up them by Rico. Anibal Getty's human nucleus and how. Just mixed against Washington the US and now it's it's hard you know to serve as he's been eagerly wants you get a bye week you're hoping to come off feeling refreshed charged and maybe come on give your best effort and and then you're your face and arguably really not arguably by the two best teams in the conference. Our I text the Bridgeport buyers' tax on reaction do you Gary they're 55305. There are few coming in that are interest in we'll get to you in nimble and move on to a guy. Who pitched today. Who. Was in the league when Tony Gwynn won a batting title and at that she just harassed crystal throw. A 351 on the tent. Some reaction here. And Gary can announce the other on the experience and sons got to command of the burden they're struggling. And I'm and guess seen. If their ducks fans Italians think. The civil war last year no. As they gives when. Or when he was at Wisconsin. Or Utah State when he was hired never went university went holy hell the guy Gary Anderson and a screen either. But another thing that I just it's again it's on you go like on the other old roller coaster ride that dip you kind of dispute you get your stomach just right. A viewer at the the top there at the end of the season last year and they keep you thought that may be the the really bad part was over right you'd climbed out of the muck in the mire and and things were good in and you know the bottom kind of fell out for you hear these first couple weeks and so I get why people are are skeptical it and either it said that. But the guy's not going anywhere he's gonna be here for the next probably at least two if not three or four years regardless of what happens though. You gotta put your faith in him that ended the guys build the program before he's been successful everywhere he's gone. And done in the that they'll get this economy just take a little bit longer than. The what you're hoping for so many US said asked Anderson if he knows he sucks. Yes. And then there's asked Anderson if Oregon State is back to celebrating moral victories. Well I mean at this point I think you're looking for positive signs you know when you when you lose like that that. What you want people to do when I been a part of games like that had been a part of seasons like this and you lose and it's a blowout. You don't just buried the film you don't pretend that it didn't happen. You have to find things that work it's it's how you climb up from the bottom. He served finding things that work is our finding things that you can take and hopefully build upon and let's be honest that these next two weeks are going to be pretty. You know when you get Washington you'd get USC you're probably gonna get your ass kicked here it's probably units more than likely that's what's gonna happen. And see you have to go win with some sort of attitude that you have to find some things that you can. That you can't praise to you can find little more victories and then later on in the year built off those and they did this last year. You know you look at the start of the season and won a lot of w.s on the board there and as the season moron you when you started playing closer games in the margin of victory started going down and you were in ball games in the third fourth quarter net the end of the year you pulled out some Winston. You know you thought yes and the to build opponents forced the commissar back from square one now. Can someone remind Gary Anderson over the last decade organs say was the top five program in the pac twelve and now we look like a should reminded in my your mind and now they Gary did you know at one point now I think he's aware. All right are coming up next Anderson gets up on YouTube in those people would say that while discusses carries on sat. And in the key senate said I think it's that's the toughest it's a tough road that he's on right now. Com did come off into my coach when the great ones and Roger French yes who he wasn't hated Roger I think he's one of the worst human beings I've ever encountered but still it is job he's really good job we put guys in the NFL on the offensive line he was created that he just is a miserable. And quite frankly I think it terribly human in other Texas how can you not love Mecca during under Iowa's enjoy our conversations with GAAP I think he's on us. All right coming up next let's take a look that. Do white Howard. Shelley yes when the hell's going on with delight Howard and maybe Eddie lacy Altai that in Q it's 4 o'clock on the fan.