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Tuesday, September 12th

Hot 5 at 5, Sergio Dipp audio, and more!


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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1950 to expect them. To be prime time hours and hours. The best in local regional and national sports. Mediocrity deserves applause Isaac rob miserable and get up at 2 o'clock this morning Jason's again and my unit who has. Do prime time on 1080. And and we are back to more. Hours of radio before we can drink again radio excellence. Or something to that effect well we'll try we only strive for you so. So rarely do we hit the mark but. You know who knows may be in our eighteen year. We'll strangled and the like and just keep plugging away or read that rules bulls runner on the corner and take a look at what I have. On medalist for the club tonight Tom a couple of bits of audio in Jim Carrey. Yeah we didn't get today yesterday and when anymore czar and obviously can't tell if he is being serious or not. In he's one of those scans and little off. Also an iPhone news again the big the end of the iPhone revealed today many years and hookers than. Right Seattle. On Ted Cruz likes porn we have audio of Irma. But then again who does a spit through his legs and by the end in no way here you being facetious with that now Ted crews indeed. Liked born at least for a brief moment that's ranked the literal neither one it was best and masturbation to. Not that now wasn't that. Huckabee. Wrong but the given so confused. So it was trying to speak out about it these days and that's tankers against sex toys. Well Ali that's what that one's Huckabee was against just you know your hand and what not think the cruiser is against the toys. Earth could anyone be against masturbation a terrible existence. Can anyway. We have audio of an Erma reporter. Who gets pumped. Sort of them. Yeah and I have I have a hot Kermit take intrigued. It might get me punished again now boy you have to politics is well maybe one of the wonders who does you've ever had to apologize. Well listen I am I just feel like feminists say some things that a lot of people think yes well so encourage those opinions are shared by eyes grow up and not this program and I will distance myself from the microphone. So the club is from six to seven this hour we'll hear from Sergio did dvd near him last night no bully. Yeah India. Review web had a good time with him. In them little like getting into the real problem in the National Football League. I mean you know arm don't that don't have resigned now the bad quarterback split time at the O line play him and now. Cash a Sports Illustrated and engaged in peace on it and up. We've talked about that until we talked about it a little bit over the years that it does. We are not doing it can't protect the quarterback in the elite now. The league colleges is that the problem they have with quarterbacks not being prepared it's it's now come full circle that's that's on the offensive line. But right now Jason. The hot five at five those. Extra. Opinions. I. And it's a very confusing kind of including me hybrid. It's let us know 7% to eyes and say let's let the six if two things reflects that slide when things. For us Coors Light winds blew is that I just I don't know much longer excellence and 720 now. Early in. Its claim on your mountain Juliet. And find whatever mountain you're looking cool. Let's climb on and also declined. We're doing pay MLB you listen to us as schedules for next season have been released in all thirty teams will open on the same day Thursday march 29 is opening day in Major League is it's about damn time and I feel like that should be a national holiday. So maybe now for us because we have to go to a sports broadcasts but. I feel like give me if Margaret March Madness at the start of the March Madness tournament and opening date date should be nationalist is going to be paying attention to work. Stop the tail off this will be the first time all the teams open on the same day since 1968. And it is the earliest opening day every element of the season yet trying to get out and about whether. Well why would they really that's ninth. Toys that are moving it. Earlier and now. Early part of a move that up to try to avoid some of the bad weather in the post season I think what they're doing is they've moved it to that they moved the starting earlier. So to give teams more arrests. Not as many out there look at admitted back to backs but sometimes in the post seasons of people complaining about. You know getting too deep into the season and the weather turns although people complain about the start of the season obviously Detroit it's no doubt. Stupid warriors they win at everything they've struck a Jersey patch deal that is the most lucrative in the NBA's may affect I know I've been with the team. But the team that had the record. Again his ads now on jerseys are legal and by the way there's not not all the teams have jury heard it even adds it's individual teams do its employees as of yet so there's release of yet tell us that. The previous record was ten million per season. The warriors are getting twenty million for season three years sixteen million. Most lucrative in the league it's with a Japanese tech company named. Reputed and I guess they spent a esque kind of money to outfitted European soccer team I don't know. Which when it was Barcelona the Barcelona yeah I guess so there's this this company's been in the 300 million dollars to put their name on these two jerseys. And now you know them. They sell. What that meant it just. If you can't we just doing those random buzzwords now. What do you do I import export you know a little bit of this a bit of that business recoup computers. And model lakers who retired Kobe Bryant's Jersey before the warriors game and Ayala. Jerseys jerseys true Monday December 18 and they disabled people number 8 AM advertising. This was like a huge deal there of its people sending normally do she tweets like this is how you get to new Jersey's retired and he should to be working now be cute to jerseys retired by changing jerseys. They give give Michael Jordan it shades of step with 45 he'd have both retired it in Dick Allen with it sure. But I'd like Kobe did something special to have both of these years retired just. He looked at everything and then decided let's go for a fresh start in a donuts colts RD considering starting to Kobe percent. Procedures traded for him ten days ago that they don't care. And their next two games against the cardinals and browns I secretly taken out on the put this out there I don't begin an expert. This is the conspiracy theory. Withstand Arnold and in all that they Josh Rosen in this quarterback class the colts are gonna suck on purpose looks not gonna play they're gonna get the number one all the overall pick. It's been treated like nine draft picks like an RG three hall and rebuild their team with a it is official airs on a running back David Johnson out two to three months to go with Andre Ellington added resigning Chris Johnson. Thursday's game is Bengals Texans. A coach Marvin Lewis of the singles says he expects John want to start however. A bill O'Brien. Is saying. Could be game time decision Watson was seen taking a first team reps at practice either on sent back out I just love the Tom savage lasted all of like court. Rick that's. That's that's our real slick ploy their its average is our guide to the corner into the season than your guns John wanted anybody more physical than bill right now. I mean he's always which. A motherly hurricane Irma will not affect the box home opener they'll play as scheduled against the bears on Sunday. And number two city of Seattle announces it will partner with the LA based oak view group. I headed by timlin leaky. Of funny 600 million dollar renovation of Key Arena. Let's is a bunch of the money that's gonna going to try to sell some of the traffic problems and flees from when I've read this this this is this is they privately funded think including the construction projects to alleviate traffic for parking rooms. Yet they helped because I October 2000 toying with the idea of wearing little puzzled the NBA and NHL. Two Key Arena in Seattle. And never once sets Collins upgraded to probable or Washington's. For they beast in its Washington State. Corner is going to be a bit of a problem for the thieves. Xavier trafford and Dwayne Williams are out doing in south of the season. I'd JD grant is doubtful. In other it is Thomas Tyner is doubtful the beavers RE three. Touchdown underdog. So you've got a completely revamped secondary here in the faux coming in. In in the three games we've looked focused and against Oregon State is thrown from a seventeen and yards and sixteen touchdowns. This this may be really really bad for. Oregon State and by the way if you wanna slow down Washington's day you get the quarterback problem with that is we think does have a sack in their first game shameless set plug Gary Anderson will be on the show. Tomorrow meanwhile were again. Never gonna roll over to guilt crest today of practice. In some elevation that. Willie Taggart changed his mind elevation over their 4600 feet Montana's stadium since it. Up 7200. Wyoming. I'm sorry yeah Wyoming Montana the kick out of that game will be 4 o'clock. Pacific standard time on Saturday I have played their stadium and it is you can notices mean it's. I can say that it's it's like crippling. But certainly when you when you go play Wyoming you can feel the elevation change but it. I I doubt that that is going to play a huge factor in this game for for the ducks won beavers baseball notes. Drew Rasmussen their pitcher star pitcher. For pat Casey's crew undergoing Tommy John surgery again he is out the entire 2018 season that's a bomber. I CC again that a second one. Dean is Jason. It is his second B hunt cited five measure fresh by frost brewed Coors Light. Duck and Bieber fans download the new course like XP app and earn points towards one of the kind experiences and rewards. Even game tickets SP 21 or over. Let's listen to Sergio dip. Make his NFL debut it was not pretty and then if you haven't heard in the audio of his son. Post game reaction to the reaction. He got little offensive. 514 on the fan. Prime time where advise against duke got a 1080 bill France. OK last night was a little football Monday Night Football teams the second game. I'd be broadcast as a drawn by the higher today. We talked about it earlier that was the first woman to call an NFL game. Since. 1987. In the first to do it nationally ever which also quite defeat. In other issues get I think a lot of people. Were little unknown laid by her voice she was kind of come. With a college week well here we collect chin dropping. The businesses shed units are. Some veterans that item buried there is down the sandman. For. Aaron sits down and listen to sound weird they didn't sound like you're in the same blue. It worked it was odd maybe they have had to sequester Rex. Back in the back can control himself over little Tutsis are Rex Ryan was not dead. But the guy who took the cake was the sideline guy it just all kind of culminated in in. Old mr. dip here on the sidelines and you wonder how much. Criticism the broadcast would be taking if you know they have like to Pam Oliver down there yeah you know that's in this part the bothered me the most is so is its that. Was a first name. That's a death Mo in the end they did it up moans and I said I didn't think she was strictly great ending she was terrible. Kind of forgot after while the she was there but. It bothers me that they didn't give per. And a list class thank you know old going into that that there is gonna be street nick said the knuckle dragging male public. Is gonna come out we know that able exists like if you don't have a penis you can't possibly understand football know what really do they call him my game do. Voodoo god football is those drone we knew that was gonna come out and the fact you put her whiff. Rex Ryan who's not a pro at that he's still learning how to do it and then you throw like someone's nephew just like on the sidelines like here's a migrant you do aside and report. Texas at center up for sale and that everything was going to be critical of the broadcast. Beaten just because of the the other components tuna big it was just easy to crap on the whole thing two things one I thought she was good I mean. Well I'd I I think the second thing is it's not really. A male female thing it's I don't think ESPN. Has anyone could look for the there's just scrape in the bottom of the Barents Sea ice what got everybody eighty SP announce they fired. So many people out. Any kept a few who make it each million dollars like the end shelters of the world. I think everyone else's like on an hourly wage that you couldn't go far mainly Chris Collins worked to get him to do another game like. Went with Tony Romo was are now this kid Jim Nance Writely you had a seasoned vet kind of hold your hand to go there it is NBC I know you know what I mean like geez someone like that find and establish professional I was just throwing out calls were because I think Chris is that the best in the game and but my point is find someone. That you can lean on find someone that's going to help prop up the broadcast as opposed to we have a woman doing this for the first time. Let's take a controversial figure that has never done this and throw him in their welfare but isn't that sort of I mean isn't that sort of. That's not sexist but it's like she doesn't need help she's good. Right like she she used to mean she stood out above everyone else is like why because she's a woman. Do we have to prop her up she's fine she did a good job she's called college games and and I think she's gonna be a fine on the NFL. Just didn't I thought they didn't do her any favors by throwing old Sergio dip and Rex Ryan on the net net broadcast first all the guys name is debt. DI PQ may be just may be thing about change and that's like Kapono were something's a little. Strange. Turn right. But he didn't give the guy's name is amber and Omar. But you're gonna be in show business maybe change up a little bit but he was the sideline guy and they went to him in the first quarter in the first quarter only this was his only bet I'd like to think that they pulled the shoot quickly after he was well dressed up some handsome thing is a handsome fellow. And I look like he's about twelve yes he's young he East Point nine but he looks he looks young and when they went down to them I. I thought it was that fielding Yates guy or whatever now you know that guy and he's and he's a handsome Delhi. Like college football stuff so they went on this guy and here was his report. Bad note that the you guys here on the view of remote to love just watching. Both events tells the from here. You watch him now on the screen. This diversity in the background it's helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado defensive back in the NFL. If tech coaching debut. I you know. It doesn't sound has added does as well I watched it the first time Kate can I think it does he I'm with my guns I don't think it does he really I'm not sit know once saying it's not bad when I first watched it. My jaw hit the floor okay now can I be honest with you know I do this this I did not realize that he. Was that and it it was a ESL to lose an English he yet secondly you need to know do you know couple things about him which we'll get to but the first thing news. He is a he speaks Spanish yes and he isn't he's Bennett ESPN for awhile. He covers soccer and if you look at his social media. It's all in Spanish as Ricky has been to ports so English is his second language that's important because now that I listen to a couple different times. Then that puts a different context to when I first listened to it yesterday I sat down to watch the game and I got that. It did not sound like DSL it's like there was a disability. It sounded okay so I can see why you would say that don't listen to it again and it just. I know I I I conceal a Isa and everybody flipped down on social media but if I actually had the five that he was. Hispanic reporter I I I heard it was like because I'm with you eve EE kind of like who bullied as a strange isn't what is that wait a minute now on this guy. It looks like maybe this guy. Is is a deport taste guy when Iranians it turns out he he was and I think you can hear that a little bit but you're right it's it's puzzling at first abroad trying to wrap our heads around because this summer Thaddeus. It's only gets its if you have an accent who cares right don't Spiegel an accident but it's like he's trying to not have an answer. And air leads him to speak like this. Have you ever visit. Let's my home in May my wife rest in peace but whenever we would travel she was one of these people. Where if we went to a foreign country her solution. To not speak the language was to speak lower and louder. To stay this is. Due to. Understand what I am saying honey if she speaks Spanish he doesn't speak really slow English but that's I feel like that's what he was trying to do and I don't know what are you sure these have been bad time not his. Live out. I let he had super deer and had no idea he was really just got he freaked out really nervous if you see the video he is scared -- I think that's why the videos worse from here on it to me because the U conceded is that when you watch the video you're with like a scene from scanners that these heads about to blow your electric. He is waiting for opted to go down you mean bin goes development boom goes the dynamite by it. What he was to mean what is worse. The other language barrier thing. That's one thing we all get it took me. Still though that made no sense like he's taught him. He is talking about the news justice diversity dancers of by the way you know he's black. And he's the coach of the Broncos so this was his first at brains using game as the coach the first retired university and I thought always gonna bring up is is African American background. They so you know he was I think he was trying to say his diversity in that he was a quarterback and then Ed. TB and now a coach and that's I don't know I don't understand what he was only knows this he's. That's why I love this guy that's the other thing is what was funny about that video if you go launch it is right when they show Vance Joseph he's having designers like in the show him. He is indeed not having the type of the he looks like game miserable Hitler Barca get rid of murders somebody so look it was a terrible report. Okay the kit the poor kid he's 29 and brotherly they never went back to you know and I don't know whether they pulled the plug on him of course they did Winslow. That's Chinese us either reported that did one report and do they pulled the chute because RT what I stuck around watching that game even after I thought it was kind of over because I did not wanna miss. Another dip report and it never came and I thought around the third quarter of like the suns because she is they pulled the plug socket so it was like a short of so wondered if that was bath. Because a lot of times you know the producer will tell you in your head saying hey go down the does sooner she bangs she's like oh no not doing it or if that was the producer all the hot. Our topic but lucky was bad and the kids 29. But he does have a history with DSP and deported so yeah he's been like you said he has got out like a 130000 this pro Twitter followers he is a professional he's not as wasn't his first times is his first time. On that state was some kid this is wander into the stadium that I can aid kit here's in my front to a new report on the unknown is just so and now social media hammered him for them and I ate quite frankly I've I feel kind of bad I think that's. I think that's course bleed but that's the way social media works it's just it eat there's no hiding. You're NE SP ended it was a bad report now and there's just no well if there is just no hiding for that CO take your medicine son he responded. To that now now this is where I start to have a bit of a problem with Sergio dip. In your gonna hear that next here's my. Isaac and new opportunity. Never tell you that last night's performance from Sergio did. They stole the show. Believe. We may or may not hear from ever again I don't know if this go one of two days. But Bob Lee came on you know he has in long time ESPN nine journalists who came on Amazon complete support them and Iggy you know there there is this helmet before we go on Mott is so. Is online weird. Apology thing. You know JR says it best on the bridge appears excellent at 55305. A financial areas had a bunch of folks out there who barely have a grasp but their first language are crapping on a guy due to report any second language. You know and that's right think about it the right EU. Dylan. A British report yeah on the sidelines of of a big guy soccer game over there you know look they it's not easy. In the guy is young. But he wasn't clearly wasn't ready for the moment known and so this is a matter of making some of making fun of someone struggling to speak a second language look when you're on a Monday Night Football broadcast. You're there to do a job indeed you can't do did you screw up your job you're gonna get made fun it was appoint you it was a horrible bits of good to me this has nothing to do with him speak in a second language. No but people do need to realize how hard that can be. But it is more about how. Yes she is so horrible in your hired to do a job well I think too though that. You know I think a lot of times we just service. Expectations as he used PM and I do this is big time gain guess of being a professional ins and zoo char broadcast I think some of that was just the shock of we're not used to that. Bad. Of broadcasting on on that at at that level UB word that maybe were just not given enough credit to all the size and reporters knew that was it harder job won't realize how pissed off is Pam Oliver now like she got I don't know she's doing silent again I would assume she is I've I've lost track of her. Just text me wrong but she got a booted for Erin Andrews in camps like this is totally ageism. Which it probably in this probably was and sees this as like really she's now she's seen in this gag on the hill what can I am white and I have the job outlook Sergio did comic god a little self awareness here. He takes to social media to respond to the criticism that was just. Flooded in last night in my eyes is had a part did in the Aegean. I think I did today this broadcast can get a workers Sergio hold my beer at it one of those fans seem OK so he goes into his hotel room. And he's clearly prepared this now on paper or an iPad but this is a video that he goes it's about two minutes. And here's his response to all of the eight. It's bin. Couple of hours trying to digest what just happened to me. 29 year old Mexican. Guy. It's nine left and I'm in Denver Colorado. And this is yet felt. Monday Night Football game between. The Broncos and chargers. The biggest. State possible. One she's I was playing my century school. September 11 2001. Because Mexico. California. Born in. Mexico. And California. Mexico. But growing up in the American environment. As a minority. A minority. Like head coaches. Vance Joseph nothing. So what I wanted to do was to show some respect. Making my debut as a minority. On America on national T. The biggest. Stage that. Under the most heartfelt day. In this great country made up. By immigrants. And oh god saves when he's down. It always gone. But I truly meant no disrespect. Because. All I wonder do. Let's show some love too it's too. Historical. And coat. Hopefully I'll have another chance. And be sure. Only the most and. First off storm put the Garth Brooks voice our rates lately mean gonna that's to win it really gets that reference case so eat people do this but Garth Brooks is the master of the intern girl Burris wants to sound like he's really been sincere because the Garth -- voice like to be sought in the audience. Yes you know it's one of the dumbest. Seat it's just heard whispered so are you just newscasters do on the timing Julius page. You know on. Yeah as easily and I'm pretty. It's just. I was packs like we kids. Gonna do what do you give a crappy road toward stop but that was worse than the report itself. In the house. This to mean an homage to storm co coaches. Sudden nothing that you would you being born in Mexico had nothing to do at 9/11 and having doing minority coaches. Just. Hurt you some dumb ass and people made fun of you for it. Had you been had you've been a white guy from New York people would have made funny you for that it was an awful report that they did you would your background. It sure is old and having due at 9/11 and they shrug Rick Pitino. And you know don't give I was eleven and I was very emotional as. That's why give some sort of rambling report that made no sense whatsoever and if he just give me another chance swing. He makes enough it but maybe next time you can just lose the whisper voice. If he made it political. Immigration. 9/11. And the whole thing which is totally unnecessary like has this to me is peak. OK so we do sports for a living and you folks out there listen to us and want to speak as your sports fans were all of sports on sand. We have. One of the things that drives me insane about sports. Is the self importance of people in it exactly. And this poor guy. I mean talk about a complete lack of awareness. Of the situation and you know kind of Howell. He's viewed like this to him. That two minutes I guarantee that took him about eight hours. To prepare well now is after the game so it took him. Three hours to prepare them seriously did this guy. Thinks this is the biggest thing. Of all time into everyone else it was an Internet means to everyone else he's just been let it was it was a bad sign lined it. Stop being so self righteous that you making it about. 9/11 and in an immigration like dude it's not known known now so look I feel bad for the guy. I did that that's not in a lot of people on the tech scientists like and use pins should not with a dude on their at bats that's pretty weak to hang him out to dry it out or they thought usually get. And he's been really good in the past and he just claimed out which very easily do it in the case. But holy crap spare all that garbage dude get over yourself. Just I don't think he needed to address it they get back out there and do your job it's freaking sports now calm down. Cod man that's stuff. Is it just it drives me insane he is I'm a minority like the coaches it's. Hey can. That is sounds like is Vance Joseph gonna go out there and you give some heartfelt emotional speech 'cause he lost and then invoked the fact that he's black. Insists. Under the goal just a football game is yet after the out the bubbly and move on you were part of the football game you were on the sidelines doing the report from 45 seconds. On a Monday night game. It's grim but it's not just Tim Foley or an interesting never aired Andrew's guy now in her book she said the less miles called the incident and futile comeback. What's the point. Yes Aaron because if you're not on the sidelines what's the point of us playing college football. That's sort of self importance is what you're talking about and he's taken a page right from the Aaron Andrews playbook it's been brought up Levitt twenty nines little tool to be starting elementary school on 9/11 2001 and carcass. Insisting let's go and I intend. Also like to point out that you can't invoke being 29 you can't try. Just like you can't hit you shouldn't invoke your heritage you know or 9/11. Or you use your immigration 129 which means you're less than twelve months we've been thirty and you can't go on there'd be like you know what I'm only thirty. But at what point you're 29 I didn't feel like eighteen year nineteen. May give you twenty possibly 21 you can't drop I'm only 29 years old got I think is just learning my craft shop. Yet it's just extra razors of that a bomb drop in the same rapidly thirty rights before. We orient just 38 is pretty notes. I do think of them as young at 29 when he but he has been a broadcast of glitz and you know just. And looming get over yourself to you to. The Rick Pitino playbook drives me crazy way to drop a 9/11 is really cool you know what he did. That the one thing that he did was great is right after everybody started bashing him he went on Twitter any Google would indeed do he Google. Oh how to handle fame all original fame and then he put the crying the end of like they're laughing you know GM now. Kind of funny he tweeted that out Mikey he was saying and I'm seeing all this criticism. He should just left it at that as like that what a great way to handle that in a very I screwed up if they didn't go find the boom goes the dynamite clip lake re tweet that's only needed to do. That give his heartfelt emotional 9/11 whisper now I root against the experts so man sure he's a nice and a suit. Is that the development the self awareness of media members yeah out strongest exactly. All right what's next. How we've run at a time to type anything else is our to have public USC. Trolling Texas. Hope I don't know Fresenius. Will ultimately our next. On a fan. Iowa tomorrow we'll talk about the an ability to pass better protect the passer in the NFL. Major problem at Cleveland's cornerbacks but look at look at eighty don't look at Cincinnati right. Did the dangles get shut out and don't throws four picks everybody's doing and their own stuff that him what you realize that Cincinnati. Not only didn't invest in their offensive line. They let Stewart I think maybe even three of them three other starters go in the Osce we will Werth who's one of the best in the league what do you think is gonna happen Mangini don't comes out that often. Especially when you have and you take an average quarterback linking any doll you played behind a bad offensive line in in this is what you get. But the problem is is there just isn't a lot of these guys out there and there are some NFL teams see Seattle there just are willing to invest in Ireland to address. Invest top draft picks or money in free agency in the problem is that even if you invest. And high draft picks on more and more these are these are turning out to be busts it used to be right when you draft a linemen you Celek in the first round that was a pretty safe pick. It's kinda get to that the quarterback thing now where it's 5050. And about just off topic had how many alignment you can think about in the top. You don't fifteen over the last handful of years have been told a bus by Luis C Seattle Joseph cool. Who was the number two or three overall pick that washed out now is being left guard and Seattle. So it's that tomorrow. US seen. Has made headline no I mean. I guess it's kind of funny with this. But the other point Texas yeah they're trying to bill it is like a a rematch for the national title game way back when when Vince Young got those 2005. And Allen's. Yeah Vince Young Reggie Bush Matt liner great game still can't figure out USC lost that game. And so. Is the first time they've played since I came. And in USC's official game notes which. Amazing that people read those that. Someone does every school puts those out every weekend descend into like or are things send to us ever wants on his Campbell good nuggets in there he'll like it too deep on there you Gilligan major point out that the writers like out. But. In there USC. Caused a bit of liquor thoughtful because they listed their all time record against Texas is borne out who they redacted it. The national Jim Jim game yet because it was vacated duty NCA penalty as the Reggie Bush answer I ever bush had to give back his ties been in they rejected its though. Ten of the USC has never lost its ethnic group lost to Texas. Well played USC well played according to USC sports information director Tim tests a Loney. Who does look like Tim tussle loaning out like you a teensy is that he does. We see him attack the media beer's been there for years yet he's a rock star he is a rock star. The program was instructed in 2010 by Jim Wright in the NCAA directors to six not to include participation in any games that year as part of its official records that EDT included the royal couple. And now he is having to prove that he has documentation in the letter that the NCAA but just for a stupid game note textile my fault they swear he's a guy have it that have the letter they sent me they told me not to do so were for now let's say that's the dumbest thing that the NCAA does is that they eliminate victories. The double game never happened like we didn't see Reggie Bush with a lateral we didn't see Vince Young go nuts when the national so if USC didn't lose the game. But Texas want it did Texas when it yes because Texas doesn't have to vacated in texas'. Who'd they peaked and texas' program they have a W two. Let me conclude. Now what the best would be is that Texas and the Guinea puns Kazaa I assure you. The Texas was cheating as much if not more than USC. So the net Texas esta vacated then I guess no one. With the national championship that year. I'm I'm telling you if you if you made me take a bet. On which team was dirty year Texas was dirtier than USC. Yes so surely they could drum up something on Vince Young ranked U. Well I've played in Chris Simms. Has come out and talked about this so I don't feel bad kind of thrown him under the bus. But he's come out and talked about all the hundred dollar handshakes and an album went on mute as Chris Simms was the quarterback. And accuse the quarterback right after me believes right before the Vince Young. And really he was in Tampa Bay with me he used to joke all the time because he was a rich kid right Phil since kid and he's always laughing goes I. The worst carve anyone on the team. He goes did give a Roy Williams like those guys Eagles the ultra nice accords the Eagles Richards. He used to joke about it all the time. And talk about how dirty. That program was during those days you really care about hundred dollar handshakes now. No only justices decided you care about 100000 dollar cars though. Oh yeah I'm Anderson I. If there is confident huddle hinted at. Is this in that goes on any help that probably goes on its hands it's in their terrible and I'm just saying about that like. You know of the cam Newton's staff now. Is kind of the high like this. Oh what's the word like to make that peak point lead it would they say like 250 grand or something I'm doing that the grants what he wanted to Mississippi State see that's the stuff that people think is going on the audience he's whatever of course like Bush's hand I think it was two and change the despair on the token in cash and goods. But. In a house what lesson they kind of goes along with it they'd be he was pain in the mortgage on the house I think the grand total ended up in a 200 some thousand that. So Louis Wrigley mechanic wanted out of a good. It's just it's just ice always laugh about that because Simms would make fun of all the time about USC's struggles and he would laugh about what they had going on down detects this and just. How it was a total free for all and how all these guys were just live in the highlight their cell. USC had a vacated by the Texas Texas is on the up and there is nothing shady going on in their national championship I can assure you. But they let Tom Herman can burst onto the scene with a win this game. This is a big one yeah some tells me yes I can happen but it certainly would put Texas back on the map. I commend next it's the club our will start at my god we have so many things to do. There's talk about the there is a lot to get to so much things so much things Seattle mayor iphones. We have audio and Irma reporter we have Jim Carey audio we have Ted Cruz pornography. Like teen porn what do we do with the club this next on the fan.