Primetime 9.12.17 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, September 12th

Pac-12 Jambaroo, the Dodgers losing streak is nuts, as is the Indians winning streak, and more!


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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Yeah. And you can find the time and spin you actually yeah right time would advise against is yeah. Your home what they'll all they are all in all clubs. This is primetime so yeah I do. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here our eyes are brought in Jason's agenda quit prime time I'm Jane ADP. CNN. Price for a five on the stand we'll get back to Sergio idea. He's the topic. A little bit later. We're gonna check in with baseball. So that'd be cool talk about the dodgers' losing yet again. I'd rather talk about the Indians are winning it again they want eleven to nothing last night. Yeah on the Dodgers lost the next in Italy 2:30 in the morning losing dwarf the adjusting and that winning cannot I don't know man the Indians won nineteen in a row. Nineteen in a row. The Dodgers and think of last eleven and wrote in the that he is at sixty to 7015 sixteenth the Micah. We'll get to that we embody those some other stuff Seahawks you know we don't ends up. But don't let sect cue the music there on my show because we have team. Jim Reeves gets its Tuesday at four. The laughter. For issues OK it's Finley of the pac twelve schedule. Arizona's playing Utah on Friday. Deceptively. Not after seeing Arizona last week. There's some serious. There's some hot seat and Arizona he was their problem and it decent no defense against will be out last year they got tours with the injuries. But this into two kind of Rich Rodriguez hasn't it define any sort of stability there. Haven't really been able to settle on a quarterback and yet they've had serious defense of problems. Put it there is always to be years ago when the yes of so and I. I wonder if worth we're expected to move too much for errors and there's policy to be consistent they've they've both had good years they just in little bit of the downswing a caiso. But anytime your team that's supposedly cut on the edge you lose to a a mountain west team you've listed to a lower level team. But the fans get a little get little route is the idea of Arizona. Fans wanting to fire retried akin to Morgan State fans wanted to tired hearing Anderson yeah I think there's no. Think he you know they're good coaches. But. Perhaps the longer good coaches don't have success at the schools. You you look at the school not coach I think there's an element to value not not that the coach doesn't. You know deserve. Ridicule and scorn Rich Rodriguez has won at Arizona and he's he's he's had good years I I think there's this assumption that. Rich Rodriguez should go into Arizona and make them. A perennial contender that they should be winning the pac twelve they should be playing in BC as apple gets on the assumption and I don't know how realistic that assumption that I exhibition went people never can recognize. Then at certain schools. Did dips are greater than in others and I think we expect Arizona Oregon State to be. You know. Like the big boys just consistently get it just isn't the case now with Arizona it's his restaurant is a really good coach who doesn't think he's a good coach. Well Michigan doesn't they fired him. Yeah he didn't have much excessive eating butts this thing is that it missed any kind of had a point in the right direction in the name. They fired him and moved in there's a lot of stuff on there look I think Arizona I think has. But I think Arizona is fortunate to have Rich Rodriguez he might not fire Rich Rodriguez ran as a even though it's you know it's bad yet again this year stuff stink when and now sometimes it's not just. The coach but can't sell out the cease Saturday the first game off as UCLA playing at Memphis. Now Mike said Jim Mora idealists of that today that we don't have any place. He's just he was done this is what I'm talking on anything relevant. Northern Colorado plays at Colorado. On the bus some pretty nicely defense end game yet you now to be fair they have played well you know anybody yet but. Everyone thought Colorado by some that it's a huge step backwards and it looked good so far. We'll do whatever they get the conference play that maybe Colorado was kind of gotten a shut out two to all the people who thought they were going to be one of the worst teams in the south. Or again taking on Wyoming going to be at 4 o'clock kick. Let's listen to Willie Taggart tuchman Josh Allen now if you haven't heard Josh Allen though Wyoming yes BY owning quarterback. May be the number one pick in the NFL draft. And a big deal. He's NFL quarterback you XP you'll. Do you like the kid through falling through this so effortless in the end he can make that the road to anywhere on the football field and well you I feel for him is like he's throwing a tennis ball or baseball. And is very impressive the way comes. He did he's done a great doubles working on this fundamentals and give the bright future ahead of really really good or males. I wanted to tell you don't give ever told tennis you know he was talking about how Josh Allen. He was they liken him to throw like and a scholar based on an episode about me when I played quarterback but it's like he's done a bowling ball at the that was that was the the downside and it's switched positions not necessarily a positive thing nobody thing about this game for me Jason is Josh sounds really ged. But it's Wyoming crazy this is not a talent level there to compete with right that's kind of what is that okay this'll be cool to watch this quarterback. Glad it's Wyoming he doesn't it. Credible is the guy that won national titles in north could say he took over that thing and he's trying to build something there but it. They're they're so far away from. From being in his team like organs leveled it. I'm sure Allen have his moments but you saw what he did when they they played Iowa to start the season and they could do a damn thing. If he can't protect if you don't ever run game you know the defense they can hold up. You may keep it close for a little bit but this gamble break an organ Linda when he. They're just trying to pull like a Lou Holtz and end. You know prop up the fifth and the midshipman at follow my early stages and in this kid gays good you're you're not be ignored. We'll update their world calls football team and simply play well a lot of unity unless things dramatically here. They're really sound and it really good missed them form and but again they played hard utilities cities they've they do the job of coaching in this. And now we're gonna build our a game because. Since. Don't be loud it's gonna be exciting new area. They say they. Seattle quarterback. In this valet. Anything can happen and and they've been playing well on defense so. Missed the bit jealous of our guys on the world for the first permanent skin we got to go out and then try to play our best ball game. Love these cliches that that you could take that and cut out there Allan park right there always is mr. Allen's cut that out. And you can insert that for any opponent they'll play all year and it will fit perfectly bad fill it and that's because there's there's no one that stands out on film did did your doctor to single out there receiver. He just it's it's there's 31000 people at the stadium it's not going to be. Live there there are rowdy fan bunch but it's it's not going to be a big crowd I think that link coaches. Don't have anything that stands out to them in terms of talent or speed or. Size or play hard Julio they go to the go to those four he's the mention all of Florida wrote that is rare. He said energy enough. They're sounds. They play hard. And they're well coached that's that's that's all four of all four cliches smashed into Helen at deserting him in this game it was organ doesn't come managed to turn the ball over six times they'd be role in this game. Alleged to be fair in the two games women's defense has played pretty well they held I would down and think I was where was it 26 or something against themselves. Maybe there's some resistance there maybe this thing is within two scores that they have but they're not gonna hang for four. Pilots get to the beavers in tubes. And kick off next segment looked down. Let's go to yes David duke falcons played against Oregon State the last three years he has almost 17100 yards and sixteen touchdowns. Yet and does it matter that Oregon State will be without their. Two best corners now it's my dad to me you factors may or a player rule. This may be. Does this may be ugly. Navy already. And we'll start there and they shocked the world. Next on the chance. Revise it can sue god 1080 Beltran. Or this is normally where we would jam through we hear from coaches but in the stunning development rob does not back. And I don't have the ability to play the audio for all I can put the audio if you want me well. The rest of the here before we do that I'll get to this because. Also an on going for it. But the fact that. Welcome back. So and make this point is we're talking in last segment about Rich Rodriguez and and Todd Graham and I do think this applies to Gary Anderson and you had mentioned coven knowing who you are in trying to stay in the course it's I was I was kind of Iraqi my head about a school that his bin. Really good about this. And you know what kind of pop demand and and when I went back and looked at it I do you know we got right now. Iowa Iowa. Yet it did sits right date they signed her fans big big money yearly yes he's been up. He's been down the State's athletic Kirk's parents you look at his his had been there since 1999. Price and look I don't is never going to be Ohio State. And I will realize is that and they have a very good coach that more or not is gonna win you games digital book game. He went one in 10397. And five. And was anyone Michael hell what you know what it's all hills breaking news know they they'd they'd look we believe occurred Thursday when eleven and 210 and 310 into. Seven at 56 and 76 and 69 and 411 into. 857648857612. And 285. That that should be harnessing 90% of the programs in the country that's sort of production right there and by the way in that in that run. He's been to a bowl game every year but wound. 2344. Years that a bowl game. And three of those years since 1999 they've been to BCS game. Never in the hunt for a national championship but it on top ten and learn a couple years ago they were undefeated though they had a shot better shot than they they lost and they lost again they ended up twelve into. But you know he's put together three really good years and handful of other ones these sets of down years where they don't go 500. But that's sort of consistency. Should be the model for almost every program in the country not named. USC Ohio State Texas places like that. But I think most people look at that. And at some point during that run they get all. Hot and bothered in the get their panties in a bunch of like well we should be better than this when in reality no no you shouldn't. And I think Iowa has done the best job of that of realizing we have very good coach we're lucky to have them and he's really good for us here now. And while I think it's managing expectations gasoline went in. OK orient stay wants to states because it's three touchdown favorites and Deepak to network game. It will be at at 230 on Saturday Gary Anderson sticking with Luke and here's why. But if they could DOJ Kiev to go to nickel throw so competitive competition quarterbacks we'll go with different. In their skill set with some of ram bettors but through better public schools. You know were were here of their books we're lucky to have a couple poor veteran of the plate back poking their own object pull them. Feel good about those two kids as we continue to move forward but Jake has the ability as a big tall can control all we really felt we need to drastically improve prove or throw payment that is still doesn't work in progress of the state. But. And we just hope he gives us up to appeal to that. Garretson can't be the Circuit Court. And won't be in L I honestly don't think it really matters. Like what he does I think he he can't. Because it in this why it's it's a Nazi he didn't have indeed he's not a change of pace or whatever but the reality of the situation is. No one respects or is his ability for the football no one in so you are getting everyone that is loading the box and daring you to throw and you can't do their right now Luton and Garretson. Is the more athletic guy can move around a little bit that he cannot throw the ball downfield and so the problem the outdoor is here right now as. In order to free up your run game you've got to get some people that back out of this. And respect your ability to throw and going to be kids. That can't really throw the ball downfield all that does is take your profits and put more inside the box. And that's your face right now at these defense isn't so it almost by inserting Garretson. You're just exacerbating the problem biplane and a phone Booth. And you've got to find a way to stretch the steel ball vertically and and sideline to sideline right now and so. I just don't think they've Garretson Odyssey is a real consideration for this point other than little spot packages. Examining Gary Anderson a staff look at this again as we have to be a blues the subway throw. On the ball close at Collins has been upgraded he is probable for the kids scheme the problem is she mentioned Luke talks ability to carve up Oregon State. In the last three years zeevi Crawford in doing Williams are both out leaves out the year ago. And there's a corners and in nineteen grandest doubtful. Is so I don't know is this is this is an abuse and get really bad and then you know the one Kryptonite that that washes that is had over the years is if you can rush the quarterback. And Oregon State doesn't have a second in three games at least on paper this. This doesn't bode well for the b.'s here's Anderson on the few weeks. Their total to. Very very. Athletic which you guys they move around because a lot of disruption and I mean a lot of issues there's so I don't know I think they have a tremendous job. My in my time in the the next three years I've watched these guys right now. Get better better defensively judge players continue to get better you know I. Some kind of the transition defense. Period into watching them inclusion players got better than it. Obviously got voters football programs hole but I like to ski and I think that they're well coached. I think abnormal and he's impossible so we'll. Those who can't be commended for this done in my mind from one coast to another coach welcome to the guys are great players they. Let's play avenue when a game of blood that was in the back I picked it. He was playing really some. Rumors accuse they turned organized decent game. Somebody's typewriter from them from the reporter the I thought it sounded like it drier. You know when he puts them in the drier air like olive look at these teenagers who again are you that you felt in the air something or someone around and really clear it. Who lives here with. Because. You wanna hear Mike Leach yell about his offensive line. This I say I really like Mike Leach. He's one of my favorite coaches that have recovered. But stuff like this really bothers me that that he does crap like this it's the fast victim that it just kind of gets underneath my skin. Okay so like if you work if you were to. You were if you're ever gonna fight to handicap you know. Waiting for any one of our offensive linemen so pick whoever you think our best stuff into the room. OK if there was a fight in the death and you're clean up this room. And there are no rules whatsoever to do you plug it achieved a pick out whoever happens to be your favorite. Things. That whoever softness. But that Bush's state you are. You bring him it. Okay and all it's going to be left of our offensive lineman is agree spot in the end. Okay good that Boise State the linemen who smoke or offensive line so. Don't be embarrassed. And you don't believe me just turn on that team. The other night you'll see exactly what I'm talking. Wow yeah that. I just he's just trying to motivate his guys I guess. Then it's just I just don't think there's a place for that and I think it's crappy I know it's his style. It is just a phenomenal Lyman on the group and I'm playing my ass off. In those this is that tied to be there there's a lot better ways to motivate kids. And I think that's that's a horse BP doesn't on does little lost the one part about it it really does bother me the other part about this that the Mets have two watches. Where is its offensive line is really can struggle Washington State's front. Watch has taken place defense. They got active linebackers they have a good defensive line. And they maybe have no it's the best but maybe the most disruptive. Defense of linemen in the pac twelve in Hercules much to offer. It's Hercules they've circulates numbers fifty and he's he's undersized. He's got a little bit of air Donald in them. In that he's not the biggest guy jurors hear Donald when he played Pitt yet he's not the biggest guy and he's he's were slightly built the dollar of those little bit more fire plug that you couldn't block him. He's twenty he is going to give Oregon State absolute fits in the interior of that office. I was an iron Donald he wanted to pick a club at the OK so let's get you just cuddly and games and in low move on but so we got Texas to USC. That interest you at all. I had a year as he's gonna blood to the BC it's the first sellout at the coliseum and once it's like since 2003. Mile it appears that clamp. Chain and Sam are very similar quarterbacks can go both can spin and both of them have been a split decision to move the chains can do is create so you're looking at very similar quarterbacks in that aspect on the obviously. You know win. They bring gear didn't it's and more run oriented with him almost swallowed tradition that still has the ability to to throw the ball also. But in the case which you mentioning their pretty pretty similar. A source if you are seeking DO consistent with weekend and week out because we've seen what you a season best is now and that that vestiges. Scary give top three in the country good. It's wanna see against the lesser opponent. I Texas even though it's in it's it's a name. Texas is an on on the level of USC right now is let's see if they can show up in consistently performer. They played out the competition series title of the quarterbacks or did they thirty benching Michelle yeah I think they've they've got well. I don't think they've benched him but I think there's sub packages where they'll they're going to the other kid to two run around a little bit. Under his hydration levels not championship that was due out on it was not championship level. Tonight well like game it'll keep the planet it's one of those she kinda keep an INE proudly expect he proceeded to beat him pretty handily but because in my because you never now. There bill it is a rematch ESPN on the producers and he is thinks that keeps in purses and their their their Billy did as payback for the national title game in young beat him. Those kids were wet but for whatever it is I. So little little ways ago. And I don't think Matt Leinart Reggie Bush convince younger Roland I don't know that feel gave Fresno state played Alabama last week it and listening to Ronald they play Washington. And see similar results this Peterson you know we kind of talk about rebuilding every year you know community. We lost a lot of guys out of that secondary you know three topics. We want them you know those seniors in there as well were key players for us. So. You know we try to rebuild every year play that style of defense we know that if you don't play elite defense shield both played big time ball game or feel a college football player. Yeah all right San Jose State's playing Utah on. Count against Ole miss that'll be on ESPN Derrick can cal go three you know I mean they're thirty. Everyone thought this is gonna be an ass kicked in the we thought North Carolina has got to be nasty kid in the and they go Wilcox did count and here's the difference in the triggered because we've safety. I think it's probably just the way to games played out they're very capable. Obviously on offense but they're there they got good running back got a good O line and tight end H back so. There are more than capable of beating. Good running team. But we do we know physically and run lines we know physically that old mrs. is going to be that much better than cal played North Carolina was more talented than in cow. But I think it says something about that the coaching staff and kind of believe they haven't and I sit cal can keep this one close because. In theory omission BO just line up and bludgeon them and just and be even more physical team but. May be Wilcox company have something down their oath and cal. Tell me a little some for some teams this year and another late when Stanford at San Diego State's Indian state just beat Arizona State you know so oh at united engineers that city is a by the way a lot of people think with Boise State that the class of not less so. You don't think they got a really good running back there that wants child that I mentioned Arizona State at Texas Tech you did not yet they play there and it's between protecting. On the road yet Kudlow Todd Graham got all his seat after the that lost you I think he's feeling shocking ease feel a little bit of pressure let's check in a Major League Baseball next year's Mike. My company. Vote for mom color Collie and as soon follow out. Is the M easily baseball season area that would be no I wanted to be no we always go. Yeah we do have ways to go and I just feel like. Were ready and I like there's no races. Wildcard I mean but again there's not a lot of races. And we know that teens are. Let's play ball. Just choppered right now let's tip it off. Who would be the wild cards right now would beaded twinkies in the in the Yankees right the ship and the Diamondbacks and Rockies yeah which it's been me. Twins and the Yankees for quite some time now and it's been the Diamondbacks and Rockies all year it yeah that's true differently Vincent teams from around but it it's it's gonna end probably in a pianist who aren't like I can go with his post season's going to be entry. It will because the doctors seem like such a shoo in right but that was like the one constant that we knew it was like the Dodgers are the best team in baseball the dodges the best team ever. Another bus sixteen out of 1711. In a row. And cleat which was a little bit of an afterthought through much of the year. He knows more like Houston and whoever wins the east and now Cleveland has won what seventy and growing can't lose. Yet it's crazy how things have changed but even with those two. And I mean I don't know what to think the Dodgers gone in the post season now it's RJ bell said that's so they've lost 110. If you start in the by the way they've been a favorite in every one of those hits he said to someone had taken a hundred dollars and gone back those eleven games and just bet. Every single game for the Dodgers to lose and keep letting it ride you would have made nine point one million dollars off this eleven economics now I think really. He scheme led their odd. On on his on the eleventh on the eleventh straight if you would have bet against the Dodgers the last eleven games and just let it ride on a hundred dollar bet. Nine million dollar how far did you get before you pulled the plug on the I what I've looked at the little breakdown it'd be like around game. -- be about game seven that you wrote their where was like and six figures that you would have folded in and and probably want to weigh you wouldn't of kept. Letting it ride yet but I don't even think. It looked like Tebow he's like Saudi graphic U I and yet. Or even less than that I think will cause you to think the Dodgers are good right now easily lose three you're like Al Blum who cashed in. You know he knew I think they're gonna lose eleven in around nine million dollars if he does better against them for the last eleven games he always post stuff like that hello stuff like that it's it's interesting the numbers but nobody ever bets like that now. Know you there isn't. Who has the balls a he continued to bet that like like for example. They've lost eleven era and and he said that you you you had made nine million dollars and I'm glad you now have oil window nine point one million sitting in your account. You've been in on them tonight are Clayton current justice latter it. Eighteen million no chance to be pretty kickass if you did. Many Indians won nineteen you really dumb if you. If that's what they would've said for the last eight games and yet you keep. Then there's. I golf on Sunday is a lot about it at a row looks of the body mind he's a member there and there is. These two guys that show up every now and then and they've talked about if we do what ever get like a professional gambler on the show. These guys both live in Vegas as the one guy lives in Vegas and then splits time here as a home over Vancouver the other guy just lives in Vegas and they RT cheap and it's. And both of them have. Have have placed at the World Series of poker multiple times I mean these are serious gamblers. And as I've got a normal little bit date they sports gambling city yeah we play poker and and you know that's. Obviously that's that's a big deal because we we spend most of our time on sports gambling and hearing some of their stories. And about kind of who just. Throw in money here thrown money their whims like this it's phenomenal. Degenerate professional gamblers do things like this relative to be degenerates because they're able to generous and their offs and that's probably not gonna go very fired. Ohno they calling them on the they call themselves degenerate gamblers. It's not like they're there they're shy about this may get a mention money gambling yet they make it won't mean Seattle think that as the degenerate gambler I think of that is the professional again they are the professional like let's say this there are degenerates. But they gamble very successfully but if you go out your liver is gonna take you Beattie if you hang out with them they they liked party. With two bars have a good time down and makes. Late got a lot of good teams out. Analysts think the Dodgers now. A but there's still can't. Is there an element to rather get in this out of their system now Leo maybe I don't know I don't know what I mean what the hell he expect from them better now than at the end of the month how to make some type of thing and all of a sudden decide to not be gifts. Well this is I mean if doesn't show you how unpredictable. And just kind of crazy and weird became a baseball as it's the dentist thing I can remember it if this doesn't show you that. I'm not sure what will like you can't. Just apply conventional. Wisdom to add to this season it's too long it's too weird to be a bit of a game. Any can be so easy to play for so long like the doctors were 91 in the 36 or something like ninety and there is. It can be so easy. In his crews on the Denny can also when you get in Iraq like this seeking peace soul. Heart of the question is what dodger team shows up in the policies and now they're probably grip. He had this problem they're probably Griffin's got to find a way to relax and the nice part is he less sixteen to seventeen and the 279 game lead in your division. Yeah but so they're not worried about that they're just worried about like trying to play better baseball. Going into the postseason and get the pitches that's healthy but you know there's you know like would you rather be them. Going to the post season where you're you know you you've partied into the long losing streak in you may be hopefully these next twenty inches of the get out it. And an eagle on policies like OK finally whatever system we can relax and play well dressed to the Indians who are just freaking unbeatable and I'm rather be in its. I I would rather be the hot team as opposed the team that plus sixteen X sixteen to seventeen other numbers show the hot team the other eight they do this every year they're always talking about the hot team. In the numbers show that it all recalibrate its once the policies ours is just totally different animal and on dissent I would rather be playing well going to. An anomaly Malia Dodgers won I'm assuming I'm saying that they balance it out yen that look at let's say that say that they balance this out the Dodgers let's say they go. They got roughly twenty games left to retaliate like. Save big goal 146. Yes not we're not seen anything bad about the Dutch I then again right you asked me what I who I would take in the post season I'm still taking the docs it's a better roster than the Indians. The Dodgers are the best team in baseball. So as long existing balances out there's no reason for me to bet on anyone other than the Dodgers yes of the Dodgers have time to make is forget and yes they really do the right now it seems like old boy what the hell well you see it's like every night right they're finding new and creative ways to lose games were at the start the year didn't seem like no matter what. The lead was the use just knew the Dodgers were gonna come back the Dodgers wanted to find a way now and now it's the exact topics we've never seen a team. That good for so long -- this bad for this long now it's never happened it's weird it be like the 2001 management watch that team and sixteen red team never lost like they would get it it would it would go to the bottom of the ninth he can be down seven to three. And you just knew they were gonna win that was a magical sees it the Dodgers had a but imagine the Mariners that team all of a sudden losing sixteen out of seventeen UK or lose in. First and currencies and await that did an awesome singer on topic that that was the first mounted because they played the Yankees in the ALCS they meet the Indians on the past. But in your face if I apologize mayors and I want nervous and a long time because the Dodgers have struggled so much for the Diamondbacks and Rockies. Yet the nationals and only three games worse than them. So Philippine nationals get to number one seed in the Dodgers play the cubs beat the greatest. Emitter I have to play Arizona or Colorado on the first round the beating greatest troll of all spell potato wanna play the cubs. With the way Arizona Colorado amid the Dodgers lately I don't know if there or play those two teams. New element to that. But the Indians. 111 to nothing last. Eleven nothing but they're not even teams and sniffing that stump and people they've won ninety hero and they're they've outscored their opponents by a hundred. In those games yeah hundred rounds 132 to 32. New guy. I hadn't seen that I took today yesterday. My Vegas I wasn't paying attention that is in the hunt cited time could award winning time is it but then they want eleven outlook toward is that. Well you know I can. The radio or some sort of Peabody he wasn't yeah keep it but. Those guys the Astros the nationals the Dodgers. The Diamondbacks. A lot of good teen beat can't count the cubs now. Other Red Sox. I mean I'm not even mentioning their marginal teams like the Yankees. Rockies like to be the twins now right the twin girls Santana Pitts is the twins to the World Series it's not strange things have happened. A little one year that. Did cardinals went bad I the only one like 8687. Games. When asked backwards into the post season and that have beaten the Mets who have been like a 95 win season and cardinals in the subway tunnels that I thought that was the year the Mets collapsed. In September in the cardinals wanna. Passing them you know after that no they are you team collapse effort to reform laws on the Mets have classed as well Vicki may be talking about the time that I think it was the Phillies that surpassed them. When the Mets have like an eleven game lead with like a month to play and it's statistically is the greatest choke job in the history of baseball no one has given up that kind of lead in that short period amount of that time I was matters that says that came back in my in the division of their records knowing the Mets have the greatest collapse that year and I'm. I'm trying to remember what year one does them in my millions a from somewhere in there and they gave up the biggest lead in the shortest amount of time he see where the so two year granted on how opening day is not really opening day yeah. In baseball they change that that connection anybody release schedules for next year. And all thirty teams are playing. On the same. Opening day good because that's opening day that's the way opening and he should be march 29 it's a Thursday in a Monday daytime baseball they're going early this year I love it. Opening day should be at called our national holiday. In the Mariners play the Indians. So I've done the math. And there is a chance. That for that game revealed the opening day of 2018. The Indians will have won 38. Straight based on games what's the mission in LA so I forty. Eight straight based on games other to point out that and I don't trust any of the numbers the aegis came up. I feel like in no look either you don't even certain. Ira don't yet 48 game win streak OK if the Indians they've already won nineteen Arab doubt if they win the rest of the regular season games in speed to post season. It will be an unprecedented 48 game when cheek that the Mariner's. We'll have to face what is the record for mountain at once well it's 21 in the American League BA's habit. From 2000 to use of the Indians went ninety tidy and ale I have not seen the overall. They get a record. Cool Cleveland. Not a pretty awesome. I got nothing against the Indians. I'll be yankees and we have the Yankees and when they do an oral. We'd all be pissed off can't be mad at the Indians at the Yankees exactly what Isaac and Aron judge listen they had some sort of horse crap. How -- judgments what would you say elected true outcome truly true outcome Triple Crown is home run strikeouts walks so non fielder related just anything that you do yourself and he is. In the league that this year and it would be like the fifth player all time to do that. Them and the others were Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle and I'm over him are at big names were over and judge. A prediction media so the Indians will win 48 era. The bold prediction and they will go into the start of the season and play the Mariners. But the Mariners will sign Bartolo Cologne. And Bartolo Cologne will beat the Indians on opening day. At the age of 73 episode virtually Cologne will somehow find a way to beat out all the mayor's staff or will all winners staff get hurt in spring training. No no disdain her. No one comes back arms or fallen off team discus move to the bullpen and no Bartolo Colon comes out of retirement. Hey can we talk about tennis football for a moment sure. Great now public fundamentalist. Again will do that any short segment next in the we'll get to the hot five at five on the fan. I chicken soup god ten. I can and the next hour Sergio dip and talking. Tuchman C console there. Maybe. If you left. In the crash did you. Flickr shown. Rose red vines I don't want to kind of spur of the moment decision on knocked online instantly regrets. Yeah I don't know what you do there I don't know either the bush league that doesn't Koreans to read those allude to the homicide B notes. And so my ended up on red vines I've had two bomb. Bush league. Barrels partied on the air because they're Julian and it stuck in your tee and announced a terrible idea all around mistakes were made I apologize. Hey you've got to live that we don't care and don't delete some over the break so. They sell. And so we you might clinch when you look at Mike Stern adamant that guys wishing he had some red vines right now. Now. While that allow a spot in front line. But some like eyeball on them we obviously Madcast. No city as that guy dies ya Mike works hard did to to be svelte Mike but deep down. Mikey yearns to be about 450 need as much as he possibly can handle it every meal you know I run four days a week because Alec deal now. Mice got that into effect I think you need to add the fifth day and I got a we'll see now that's allow us what action shots fired there I'm just saying that your dad bod taken shots. Now be prepared when you turn forty acres south. You gotta be prepared man it's psyche you can run the same amount. All these years he'll be fine and you'll hit forty and you run the same amount and you'll be 400 pound might seem to be done his wife will get knocked out here in a matter of like. Six months or something. And then Mike we'll gain the husband pregnancy thirty. Thank your wife again like 4050 Euro gained 25 or thirty because it'll be like midnight and you have to be like I feel like I'd go belly like a bureaucrat. That happens Mike. Like I kind I like eggs and quite true is a part of that. 'cause like this in the late king yeah it's a very real thing is part of that they. There's no guilt that I was. Always guilt based I was married for sixteen years or as with my wife read team the happy is two years of our marriage. Was the two years that she was pregnant it was a magical magical time why is that because my it was like five footer weighed 95 house. And when she was pregnant she wanted to eat everything and it was Phnom policy could be like a fat count. Yeah so I would later in the end and she'd be like at 1130 Billick I really can go over some beans some like you serious don't diss you want your pizza. But we just had dinner at eight now I want to pizza right. I guess Solarz of Pete's I don't want to but I'll order it yeah mission Beckel I don't wanna eat alone well OK I suppose if you want to be half of this pizza I'll be right there. Magical time. It was simply wonderful. Then she had to go after she was thank had kids commit penal skinny and hot and the like will damage you can order pizza at 1130 anymore. We can and should under pregnant more often I would add more kids and who wants that's a good. I just want the as one of the sympathy pregnancy weight so that's a good look at my keynotes. When the wind when Chelsea gets pregnant Mike will gain bare minimum twenty pounds minimum. Well I better get down lower than I am now that's going to be you know start work Natalie dangerous when he comes from me because when the Hulk appears you are on body bags CU will be do with some serious Seton. So big suit. Now singles in a date nothing to pregnant it's that. Interest. Interest in Theres some written. He hadn't thought about that before in anything is dump them for the kid comes out like in half and I'm not respond in a matter is that my kitten he finally. Just keep moving on. If only did it for me. Yes Seattle. Humbly and I. Snow bland it's right out the pros of being a large man that likes like skinny fitness girls is it's it's not necessarily reciprocal it's a bit tough that way yet to feel like you because you big big Teddy built new and see what happens we couldn't. Squeezed them tight and make them feel. While. We weren't. And that's what it is squeezed them tight that was yeah and that's what they want. Big rob wants me to squeeze inside the egg wraps yearning for some good he wants to squeeze you. Nine saying you wanna skis and he's six archetype there there's a certain baggage architect at loves big suits your camera and these women all they love is the size. I'm sorry. It's true they want EU. You. You make a pretty protect them yet and he'll smile make him feel small that's that's what that is I'm sorry to break the news T I think you probably already knew that it is assess what it is and there's type of so he'll wave Amanda stain your leg hit the and I will we didn't get to any instance the popular now but who cares it's a try to say just a fantasy Garden City and it is a thousand degrees in this studio right now don't yours can you call Jiri see people ligament but he sounds on Centre for another working on Larry see out here I'm I don't know what time it is sweltering in I think it's back on so should be working there now besides I was I was yesterday. Yesterday it was with the show must go on Jason's uncomfortable ever let him c.s so Matt Millen sweaty right now in your head still looks good but it's very shiny right now because it's moist. All right the hot five at five is coming up next then we'll hear from Sergio dip on the sand and you gotta get.