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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, September 12th

Wearing makeup when on TV?...MNF games, the broadcast booth, and more NFL talk. 


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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. Consume. Compromise sports. Vision of thanks. Again. And he. It. As. Soon. We wanted to do well on. I have a name that in just a good Tuesday in the world of sports do you rationally she gave your dome I did it looks good yeah that's a little polish to Hannah and a massage today and so they do the in the video ahead as well you're head is is like he had visited his machine yeah that comes off its perfection yeah. So when I do TV I they I wanna do like ducks post game live. They yell at me if I shave that the day because it gets the shiny. Am yeah it's not good for TV do you Wear make up on there. No I know TV people sometimes though the lake effect if if it's the shiny they have to like powder it down because of the glow. It's like I've got to halo on top of the head it gets quite shine so. They got put in one of those bully Bob why wax or things. Blatt the bowling ball boxers you know acute uh oh yeah as those machines and get houses up your ball looks dead slows any year bowl afternoon on your head. Now do you did the other people on that show. The media that Charlotte Jordan Jordan can't see bald now he's got hair not necessarily him that is certainly great to hear. I think he's on his way around on his hair he's a handsome man. He deserves to be ball he's been given everything else some ideas on where urged him to and getting he's. Yeah well he's a handsome man and I don't think he's got everything going for Doug nine jobs again lost in his eyes for a second and he's not even hear the is gorgeous. Any couldn't be a nicer guy yet he's nice. And it's it's it's a weird thing because they were would you in years our posts every day yeah and then to go in there and work with him it's it's a bit ought. And I think I make him uncomfortable at times to. Stunning death so dizzy rank up yet he wears Emeka. Does he need to Wear make SE OK this is my question because I've done some TD yeah since fired that's that's I'm integrated RIP my TV you're out. But I always thought of testing who. Wore makeup and who didn't even. And I don't really understand why some people do and some people don't I have make up and there are times it does go on is simply a vanity thing like the guys who are wearing it. Just wanna look better. Well yeah I mean that's I mean that's a solid is that's would have closed down into so you're going on their leg kick in the summertime is those bags actually have some sort of color to me because they tanned belly during the winter. And I get super white. Are more apt to put it on or sometimes you'll like a big we're consider something you don't wanna go on the bat and a does that did that ought really to make giant foreheads hit the LA for that they have like a little like he wears make up make. A key he puts them out like a brush. I have like a little like a stick. That you can use to conceal like a spot or something if concealer yeah concealer it's a little thick a little lip looks like lipstick. Is kind of turn it you can my dad that if you've got something weird going on there you know we all of HDTV rate at 1 o'clock but did you get a little Dicey it's been horrible for anyone who's on TV yeah now the NBC cameras it's it makes a lot more sense so. I have irritation and stuff for the top of the head and my little lipstick consider it. I'd like some guys go full law and Mike. They do you like to make a chair like put the thing in the color and then you know brush or Diana. Now. I did not want and I'm not a TV guy and two I don't think there's an expectation for me you don't look beautiful. I when Jordan can't goes on the air look there's. The debt that's the sizzle of the show you can't have Jordan not looking perfect I think you look over a mile again. It's the difference like he is a finely tuned race car right he's a Ferrari you have to have that thing waxed him polished. Little T five blazer G wax that they just kind of roll it out of the garage and beat the hell out of I would like to see dead. The side by side like watch. The program Mina when someone is wearing makeup and when they are not mean to compare BK is. I really don't notices. I guess I'm just watching ESPN or something you know. I I can never I don't I'm sure there are all wearing I'm sure there all worn me at at the ESP on the line there is makeup people. All right let Kazaa and make them you think yeah 'cause when I did when CSN doesn't begins why. Odd it's more just your personal choice budgets you know now. I don't think there's no room in the budget for for a massive amount a concealer will before a I was a two unceremoniously. Dumped from AM northwest memories to fill in for them and win the of the late great Israelis do it they always did you have like a little there was a makeup person you would sit down and you did that guides you and Helen grant didian Helen and I don't know who doesn't out is that she's still on the yet they passed away and then. Super nice guy bit ice to fill in for them before we had the Gene Simmons incident. And they always had there there was always need a make up chair that there is little room and everything you sat down and so Holland and Switzerland now is infected I've seen that show sea duty and honor I always turn on the news in the morning Allan didn't you call let's do this. The issue is on the calendar rather and don't know I think Helen. Likes being so. I don't like some help eight Dave was rampant Helen style. You know she was very nice I enjoyed it seasonally yet matter once and where were we I met her. We did a wow bill. I'm kidding of those redhead she could not as a nicer now she's talented too she's kind of she's funny she is funny and and I made her laugh but I believe the determines that my AM. But personality was a bit much for their audience because in the morning and it's it's all the old ladies. And then there audiences one inning and it's you know it's just not the right and I don't really know why they put you on there in the first place for whoever puts you under should be typed a what the first did that they loved it is they invited me back and I was like wow yet it's only a matter of time this I mean I could until they should call via. And I could appeasing queues for awhile. But then there's only one man from this radio station who is fit for that game. You know buddhists. And the olds love. They love them. May be the fan and yeah ST here is there any he would not ruffle any non threatening easy zillion of them in he'd do it on there is like her grandson exactly yeah exactly might ended when I made for the Gene Simmons and he hung up during the interview. And then a lady was talking about personal grameen and I may have mentioned a slice of New York pizza. And that kinda I believe that's the one that's a great seal the deal. Was in tears she could not continue the segment and Helen's great yeah she was laughing but that I looked over at the producer. After I made the comment about the slice of pizza in the degree of mean and she. Now and ever what everybody is there it was Friday as they do a live audience. And it was there wasn't a lady in there under I'm not exaggerating 65. It was 65 and above and the look from the crowd was. Was horrified it's funny how I realized at that point I'd probably crossed the line. Yeah well you know you never know until you. The push and I and I was not invited back out and eat over the line I did I knew where the line once it's it is funny how uncomfortable people get. I mean it's you know I can feel like through these microphones and a and sometimes none of you this sometimes I'll see things just to make people really uncomfortable out. And it's like 81 by the when you heard we are talking about your adult entertainment I may have mentioned someone tied an. They've sort of I -- same OK yeah so that was one that was one of those that was a purpose pitch to try to see if I could take you to crack you did not lynch on the other hand lasted. Just cranked up yet. Comfortable level can't you feel it out there when people animal gets attacks you know the guys like McCain did he sit out never listen again I got lighten. They give you ever watched the show where somebody who you know did something that you didn't like right Alex let's say. Hey there's lose a guy Peter goma's there's Pedro Gomez what is Pedro Gomez dropped eighteen Joseph there you like God's little inappropriate. I know I'm writing them any any email and I'm writing them a letter and ominous text their tax line and I'm going to tell them that I will never watch are never again. Because he thought it. Best Philippine joke. Will that happen you did you know I mean will just like last week might be able gets so upset I don't know Michael dude it was a two Fridays ago you were done or was it last Friday. When Lehman Brothers to Friday's two Fridays ago we are doing the seeks a hazard and I brought up my little my part keeping them to do it in my gym. While parking next to the really nice car to see if I can enraged that did there was a guy. That text to the end and challenged me to fight will he heard it yet you heard the card I heard it no no this a different guy. This is some random guy that heard it. And thought I was being a bully any chance he wanted to they challenged me to a fight stigma on you know he goes you try doing that means see what happens my I was like oh hole is scary ball in order to fight because I'm. Thirteen next to someone. Well I made fun of him on the air for that that I wrote a letter to Mike followed that guy that guy he's only guy you originally penned in. They're like yeah it doesn't him it wasn't no idle another guy who's sit tight you're being bullied or that guy yeah. Among and by the way he wrote the Bosnian you wrote you look like the big boss man yeah I can make hi -- corporate stuff and said that he was like boycotting the show and he was some demanded a public apology yep only that's not gonna help give it wait a minute can I can I drop a line of a demarcation here juggle four. That got personal. Right I can IQ you did make fun of him on the radio I did make fun in it for challenging mile fight for parking and someone else's car it was specifically. You know all the way to our GM I mean cheeses and relaxed he would. But I'm talking about dislike. And in passing comment. Like that's. You know like you said on AM northwest and old man is is this live. I can't like I just let it go like we all do we hear things that we don't like. You meet not everything you're going alike you know I mean they just let fascinates me we don't upset people get the. Old wait around for like seven years on this planet to wait for those moments to be outraged at something it's what you do I think that's how you failure to this week Ford and at have you noticed though were no longer. As a general. Population letting things go no no I don't getting so angry over every you can't let anything go you gotta take it to the next level. Like we re doing it all wrong. Highlighting things all the time report but no I think we're well ahead of the curve now and I think that we are a beacon of light in me. World of darkness of people gas or relax immediately. Well they did it ever worry about things that you can control does it take it very personally yen and a bit if you tells over the lighten up that will (%expletive) them off. Blake faster than than anything hey lighten up the cooling up originally thought. Yeah. If you. I took my kids to this exit another example of it I took my kids to the the public company over the weekend there was a comic con is comic con. And there's so many comic do dishes that are my kids love them so that the kids going to give us as the guys who took the kids. And after ones around for a little bit I'd had enough and I says that you guys just go off to your own thing and Auld just text me when your done in and I'll be here so I wanted to sit down and you couldn't they just that is the million people there is freaking insane. There's no seats anywhere it's writes what does that I went and sat down like on the stairs. You know they get the conventions that are there's you know there's the time now yeah I took a little timeout and I may have had a beverage to cycle plant my ass on the steps when old security guard lady. Comes over and tells me. I can't sit on the steps. This is predict I need to move out of the way she needs this area clear yeah and I kind of sat there and I looked around and you know there's. Like fog stares like five rows of stairs and is is one man sitting in the middle. I don't feel like I'm a piece of cholesterol clogging the stairwell artery you can go around me and I'd just kinda happened that to save that as the one I'm not really blocking any and and her response to me was to yell at me and tell me that she'd just take my badge and I can go home. I went. While we. The threat we ratcheted that up a little bit and that's when I told her that she should lighten up long that did not go over well aid and understand and others and a job is all and that's what it says that you take jobs seriously much and she was quite pissed and she got on the old Joaquin talky and I believe was. Collins and sort of supervisory if I did not shoot immediately alum looked. She read him and if you that you that searchers diction I guess you were violating an all I said was that now what what area in my blocking who know. This crank it up a notch and you she couldn't let it go. And I think as I got up to move and that should have been the candidate noon now she was she wanted to escalate that situation. People man. It's almost get the last word you want him in and you want to exert your authority over someone I might theory is that. I think people are starting to think that they have less and less control over their lives. And so anything that you can control use squeezed the life out. I think there's an element of that to Leah insert a news flash here yeah you don't have control from beneath the hole and never had and you never will. Right so you're just deterred floating along in the complex lives going down to turns I don't. Since it lets all drink but it went just wants to grab on to that of the fun things you can control by all means take them very serious but the other stuff and you gotta literal laughter back and a glacier in your home dealing with a year kids that's really about the only thing that you. Are going to control. I would we should probably. Sports and sports. Now I have both amendment warning just Obama be read better. Listen. We have the room even for. If Mike Leach audio again. We must talk about them. Sergio yet deployed. He dominated Ab broadcast last night speaking of taking things too seriously I've felt bad that entire crew they. Though some media was not kind I have. Who is it ever. What was is Tony Romo wasn't not last night to the Second Amendment that she could poke around so she median fines and Tony remote jokes. It was still lose interest in last night so I have any Enid and what's the word who what when where an exorbitant Sharon let's go to. Did know I think the word I'm looking for is disproportionate amount of notes from from last night's games and just off the broadcast team. Now just everything that things that I was thinking of them make you wanna talk about. But we've got four hours we analyze this a little too much for too. Mundane a week one NFL games but. You know I'm just warning you. That early on here I might be bringing a lot of things up from last night let's stir the pot a little bit last night in football but there were only two games in and they weren't. Ray they were the good chargers game given a blocked field goal. I got to push good finish that's the plan is for three quarters is like Denver was in complete control we got a little Asian kicker that was threw me for a loop. Yes he's out on their. Now 08 should've been the highlight of my I was like what's. What's happening here erode the South Korean kid totally blew me away to yeah and then my daughter started telling my son that he too can be an NFL. That would around around in my house leaving again good solid twenty minutes he has and he has your DNA that and my son did walked out and goes while Asians played football and look at evidence they. I can now. Taken over women's golf and now here comes the tickers so just warning you little bit about that multiple question pertains gearing Anderson. We have miles we have all. Little baseball news today. Well good dodger news. When they do it losing him they lost a lot of time but he talks to and I saw RJ bell used to come on the program until he thought wiser a bit. He he tweets out fun little like kind of gambling nuggets and I thought he had a great one concerning this Dodgers losing streak that if you could go back in and lay a solid buck down. On the the Dodgers eleven game lose losing streak you would you'd be amazed at how much money you can image I bullets it's gone here 317 on the fan. Primetime with eyes against duke got a 1080 Beltran. RA were already behind schedule here but that never happens. At 1080 the fan dot com. It's the F freshening poll question Christie offers delicious meals from quality ingredients to energize people on the go FR ES age. Double I dot com mentally this one up. And down. Let you all marinate. It's it's amount of votes the juices flowing a little bit of fuel because I'm I'm fascinated by this question. And where the general public stance where is the divide the question today is is Oregon State in good hands with Gary Anderson. Of course let's all breathe or not so sure anymore. I log on and vote at 1080 the fan dot com in what I wanna do is leave that up for their two and see what happens. I still him. I would lean towards our I think Gary Anderson's a good coach and I think that that's the right guy I think you were lucky to get him. And I do think that he will bring stability to the program but I certainly get why people would. The question. In a year three to come out like this. And if the season goes the way it's certainly looking right now. Totally see where. We're people would would be a bit skeptical and there's a difference to be skeptical. And wanted to make a change in wanted to make a change right now is foolish. But skeptical and understand. All right so last night you're tying Sam Bradford there yeah. Really good game he did the matter of fact. They're saying that that's is a scheme ever. Yet you look great on the looked confident yadda helmet to fit the first time in his career and that's the ticket. Yeah he had a jury is good fit and how many did look like he was where Mike is dads. His dad uniform one of those little hutch helmets. He he completed 85% of his passes and I came. And almost eleven yards per pass yeah witches I mean that's and he was going and it dipped in the had a clean pocket in the end wasn't getting roughed up when he was playing against the New Orleans defense which. Over the last several years has been one of the worst in the NFL and nothing has been a dumpster fire so. A guy like Minnesota I think Minnesota's defense is really good things got a chance to be a top three unit on it has been you know a tough three top five unit over the last couple seasons. Ends you know if you worked out the offensive line that's been an issue and injuries over the last couple years but they've revamped that little bit you drafted cook and in you gotta get got some weapons in the outside give a very good tight end and and Sam Bradford if if he can stay healthy for the entire season. I totally get why Minnesota for a lot of people is is a sexy pick you talking about that division. You know every once it's gonna say that ended its is that it's it's again to give me and I don't think it is I think Minnesota is is legit team. Of the media something to say about that. Course they're legit like they were legit. Last year down under they're good Mike Zimmer is a little cut in before bridge like I heard that was is kind of a sexy super pulpit well that's what I was kind of getting at is that. They you know they should be giving credit. For getting Sam Bradford after Bridgewater got hurt now in nobody ever talks about that because Bradford. Is viewed as kind of this scrappy guy but he's stop gap sort of thing he's really not like he vigor in look he's not elite. But he's pretty freaking dead and he was not having a lot of success in Philly. And for them you know it's big a blind sided by the bridge I think totally blind side but how many teams. If stabilized bear. What they think is their franchise quarterback. Could fill. That avoid. This well I mean obviously New England thinks they have a guy. Who else I mean they're just this is not many know I mean it was Dallas with Romo and end Dak. But they were able they were able to go on finding you know you don't on a Sewell who that would be right now. Although it may not after we won it. So let's take for example let's save the Steelers right. Let's say Roethlisberger isn't the gets folded ninety degrees the wrong way and thanks for comment. That would kind of be the equivalent of I think Alex Smith was it was it was is better than Sam Bradford was but that would be what it was as you got a guy like Patrick Holmes or Philadelphia edges Jeff did Carson weds. They were high on whence they knew that he was the future there already came Bradford of the whatever fifteen mill ends. Was it one or two that took him. They they've got a one for him to get him out there so you could go in theory you could go to a team like cans see the distracted the homes. And say all right here's a one and a two we need Alex Smith because we think we can win a Super Bowl next couple years with him. That's kinda what Minnesota did and it was a ball he moved last year until the end of the year Minnesota was good and then this year some people think the Minnesota could be able. He had a pretty if you look at his numbers spread it here be agreed here but. What I'm saying is Bradford was not views viewed as Alex Smith last year Bradford Bradford was largely views a joke who who got lumped into all these other. All these other scrap heap guys who are garbage just like this wrote. Half the league has a rotating carousel of donkeys and quarterback just accounts of the world and Tom savages who have the lawyers the ballots and looked. Sam Bradford who was viewed as one of those guys not everyone but but by a lot of people because he was not having success in Philly. At least. That's a year. And give Minnesota credit for fining it right because a lot of people passed on him a lot of people. Were trashing him and he's you know what maybe it's just that they paired him with announcements and cornyn I was good fit. Hello but whatever reason Sam Bradford looks a lot better there than he did before. And I think they deserve some credit for finding that when my a lot of other teams passed over hammerhead gap TV he was out there you could've gotten him yet. And look at all the teams that are garbage hot. Steaming. Who filled with garbage at quarterback and Minnesota. Just got blind side about losing their guy. And they fill the gap quite nicely I just don't think a lot of teams would be able to do that. And there's a chance that if Bradford has a very good season I don't think Minnesota just moves on from Teddy Bridgewater notices thanks but I had no question he has we're gonna he has made you forget about that we're gonna roll with Bradford and it's interesting because there's a handful of teams that are in this kind of done. In this limbo because there's bad teams. Did it like if on the jets or five in the brown I don't want Sam sword. It and you don't need him I don't need to pan am innocent aren't gonna sock in it's better for me to Saucony try to find my franchise quarterback he's not gonna I can do in the form. But there's other teams out there that. Like Cincinnati the last couple of years with a Andy Dalton. I said I don't Cincinnati honestly had a Super Bowl team. There was a couple years the one year that that Palmer got hurt against Pittsburgh. And a couple others why the Cincinnati had eighteen capable of winning the Super Bowl minus Andy Dalton. Or that you know it's like a team like Minnesota I'm trying to think of it of another one that's that's Houston it is a prime example right number one defense the NFL last year. Made the playoffs and and you were a rotating cast of of really crappy quarterbacks. The so the that and then you have a team like Minnesota where you get your guy the that he gets hurt or like this year right if Derek Carr gets hurt for the raiders. And he goes down or something like that. That's where you. A guy like Sam Bradford has a tremendous amount of value. To a team like that because he Sam Bradford can win a Super Bowl beat a game manager. He can win noticeable not been a great player but being a good player or he can still win. For a team that was a Super Bowl contender loses their quarterback he can be that stopgap form so it's. That this weird. Range of teams and and what you're looking for the only bad teams don't have a need for a guy like that. But there are others that do and and an injury occurs and you really need a guy like that yet but the key is recognizing. That Sam Bradford can be that guy is a lot of people didn't think he hit. He's pretty good man in I was trying he was only in Philly the one year speaking user for Cuba. He kind of had a tailored to it was the second year that this started is like you're that they got rid of him right. Because they know they don't form in the in the the very start of the season I think in the offseason Mike during blunt PGA's when when Bridgewater blood is near is that training camp and now he didn't play a doormat Minnesota affiliate in in Philadelphia humidity is only there one year I know but it was. He played the entire year and then it was going to the next season where Bridgewater got hurt. And they went out and made the deal for Sam Bradford I think in the pre season and yet to go get him in and bring him in but he didn't play in fourteen now because he was hurt Jeff insane really had a wonderful year Phillip I'm member him being. It was just kind of a tale of two halves of that season and yet when I was thinking in his second season get the second half and that's what got to lose Kelly fired right. And I think Bradford here I think Bradford was there when chip got Waco. Are listen on seeing as he's he's pretty get. And they deserve credit for for filling that gap they dated a lot better than some other teams to do it up your right. BB may be that guy this time around is Alex Smith. But he asked the question who's the next. Sam Bradford out there that that could fill that gap that's if somebody goes down and Lee guy goes down and maybe it is Alex Smith but they're not out to mean they're few and far between. Well without Smith keys for in this way it'll keep my homes on the bench for another year. All right OK next question from last night is Sean Payton overrated. Who. By the group going to break it. We can merit it owes it was a tease gazans teaser radio teased us myself. But who ask yourself that cushion nude with that chew on that day I got an answer for. So I'm. And it's a beautiful. And here's Michael sports owner. Prime time where advise against duke on sanity program. Julia NFL games last night via vikings beat the saints 2919. And the Broncos held on to be charged when he fourth and one. And let I warned you I just have way too much Allentown but from those games we should probably move on to college football which we'll do at four but. Question Sean Payton overrated. He's Jon Gruden to me I think she needs a fresh start I think the messages become stale. I think he stuck in a franchise that cannot help but now. Sean Payton is not gonna do his defense any favors and I don't think they've had to have a winning record and in four or five years. Warriors who have four years on 79 each of the last three year is last three years so you know before that mean I know there is there's 1112 win seasons in their lives to the Super Bowl in his third or fourth year. Sean Payton to me is a very very bright offensive mind. But I think Sean Payton could stand a change of scenery I think that that message has become quite stale so not overrated. No I think Sean Payton is a is a good coach but I I think. Yeah I I I just think it's it's time for something different what he is is doing in New Orleans is not working his stout cannot win. With this lack of talent and some that's not jumping asphalt that organization and we talked about this. This is the first year that they've really been at a salary cap purgatory there is some of these these seven and and ninth season they've had you as they've had over 25%. Of their salary cap gone dead money. This means is in a league where salary cap is king right it's it's all we talked about it your best chance to noticeable as well when you have a quarterback rookie deal right. Because you don't have to pay once you start having to pay court directly Bosnian dollars that it affects weakened DC Seattle in fact they can't build a profitable and and then when New Orleans is dedicating 25 to 30% of their teen and two guys that are Derek anymore you're just not gonna build good teams. So. Would wish Sean Payton he's got some sort of magician that he's gonna magically wave a wand and fix what's wrong with the world ends. But I think if you is in the right place with eight where they better gym that could build him a roster Intel's Sean pain to stick it at times. I think he's the mettler. I think he's a guy that doesn't see the whole picture at times when it comes into putting together a complete team. Ends I think I can be I can be a detriment so I think he needs to go to a place that's got not a heavy handed GM. A guy that's willing to to tell him no and can build. Build something long term and and build a much. More balanced roster than what he has done and or cowboys. That was be better with Sean Payton and Jason Garrett. It's interesting because I wonder if his personality wouldn't. Wouldn't cause problems in Dallas. Now on the say no I think I'd rather stick with what Dallas has been doing that would not make a change at this point. Well other songs that I don't think you need him to. As much in that game last night on man what does that guy done since that symbol and of course you know you win a symbol and that. I mean that by June it seems like in the NFL alleges by age you've praised in perpetuity and there's not many active quote coach is that once approvals. Needs right now originally it puts an elite class of course. It. You know Ron Rivera just coached and one count him in London is Ron Rivera and a league guy. Look at that leads us they've won the super well I can tell you. So all the other thing too is he's had an elite quarterback he's had Drew Brees Drew Brees has been a top three or four quarterback in this league for a long time after a different decades has has another frank in egg and it's not all launch on patent but as another franchise or coach. Done less with the game. With an elite quarterback I mean we're starting to get Indianapolis is challenging them it's Angela San Diego certainly wasted Philip Rivers prime. The other rivers was conduct once they got to my nose is still might be never been to a super divot they got to AFC title game 11. Blow. Peyton. Has only been to the NFC title game twice that and the one year they won a symbol in the they lost. He has been the NFC title game since 2009 it's been eight years and he's had an elite quarterback it's like man. House watching him go on. And I wonder if this guy. Just I've said all along I said this maybe two years ago that if New Orleans wanted to to do something to to. To change the course of that franchise issued a traded Sean Payton initiative treated your injuries. You could've gotten a pastime for Drew Brees a couple of years ago instead of signing Drew Brees to these monster contracts that he insists upon. And handcuffing your team that's already handcuffed because you're in salary cap mess. Hands you could've dealt Sean Payton you can dealt some pain for a couple of high round picks. And it would've changed the course of your friends and wanted John patent busting wanna Sean Payton fat Dallas Cowboys would have ponied up for Sean Payton is anybody on now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers opposing rich and Sean Payton a couple of years ago. John McCain's name but I think has has lost a little bit of its luster but a couple of years ago when this was concerned to go south you should've seen this coming. Those. And bulls were both still very high commodities now patent that did the shine is Kamal from Brees is so old. That I don't know what you can get out of the but I policy of the last two years I've simply I've went blank Astra Dilfer should they treat Drew Brees. And endo for countries like ally to. Yeah I mean they used. It's tough to to say it but yet you have to deal him if you're worried about your team long term use should have dealt him. And so when you look at it a prime example of like the Pittsburgh Steelers the Baltimore Ravens the the hazards are and that the patriots as is good franchises and what they've done after success and the you look at what New Orleans is done. It was like New Orleans might say they lucked into one. But. They kind of backed ass backwards and that's Super Bowl and got the defense got a little hot they managed to win one and how to handle their success. And it really has kind of been a mess of an organization for a long time. They just kind of caught lightning in the bottle and Sean Payton took NFL by stormy a lot of a big ideals and in Drew Brees and and they cut a little the world but I think sometimes. I was in the NFL it's a copycat league other pupils or do what you do and and I think the league has caught up to him a little bit as well it's not as unique any shiny as it once was but he finality Jim Peterson was saying to him a call them an a hole. And he wanted more carries. So that's mean I would what was said specifically but you can clearly see that's pretty blunt you can clearly ECU. A double less would come and out of his mound he has point are now. Well you know and this this this is pretty good on a couple of those rounds he had what six carries and for eighteen yards and they play out of the shotgun they throw the ball their backs. This this to me all the stuff we just got to talking about New Orleans this is why New Orleans Sox this is why doors will not be good as he did that they signed Adrian Peterson. It and that there why. It makes sense so it's we stunned that he Jim Peterson is already manage Sean Payton dollar no one half I would I would I have been wrong about a 100000 things over the templates used to do in this program. But every now and then I'm right about something and I was right about housed in Oklahoma and I was right about Peter Peterson. As of when he signed with New Orleans I said this is going to be an awful fit and it won't last he doesn't fit the offense he's old Sean Payton doesn't. Bowed down to two to players Sean Payton is one of those if you Bill Parcells disciples. This thing will become ugly I'm telling you it will disintegrate and he won't last the year. Not only do you you're you're gonna put back up to Mark Ingram but you drafted the kid who is that the more Kennedy in the third round. Figure splitting carries three ways in this is it gonna sit well with the Adrian Peterson and can't play out of the backfield. He's not going to be comfortable playing out there shocked when they have to throw the ball forty times and by the way they will throw it 45 times a game because they're gonna be trailing because their defense stinks. Adrian Peterson has to play in a certain system like Jacksonville. If you wanna display carries he should've gone to Jacksonville and split carries with that group down there. Or some of them wants to do three yards and a cloud of dust and just pound the rock and slander senator. Couldn't find a worse place for him in New Orleans and it's no shock at all of this thing is blown up after two quarters. All right now let's get to the broadcast. From last night was not kind. It was a whole thing social media was not was not card it's at 346 on the fan. And prime time where Isaac can sue guns NAV those fans. The last night we had done. It was a depth that Marlins. History was made it was never sees the placenta first ever she's the first in thirty years. To call the NFL on TV. But I thought she was the first ever know there's a woman who called CX game in the eighties. Am not money to blow she was the first ever on national TV. Maybe yeah I saw like I thought they were saying that this was this is an historic night in this and never again on the and for those who were. I'm sure she has called football before it's called college football before. And Michael what god she's such rookie. Now not its body just found wounded in that they went to the sideline reporter and we're like hey you wanna do some football always has done did seem like it to this island reporter sure it understands that that would add to that later. This woman yet use your eyes or regionally televised game between the cheese to see ox in 1987. And it was gay old name is Gail Syrians. And she never called another game and cut though the last night was best moments. And she called Vietnam. Monday night. The Denver. San Diego is that this was the first national broadcast so yeah. Carlos vignali Iowa how slowly and she did a good job you get job pushes OK I think it was it was tough circumstances that I think they. I think they didn't do her any favors by putting Rex Ryan in the Booth with. You think it in your favor by putting Sergio did on the sidelines were true that's. They try to bother me a little bit that that's the truth that she got. Yeah it was a pretty ragtag when you're you're gonna get some scrutiny right you you know that you're gonna you gonna take some flak. And and people are gonna be watching and and we we know that the mail knuckle drag is gonna come out the window called football. In bad you know it's. There's this old boys network right did somehow if you don't have a penis and testicles the you can't understand football as if like Bob Costas ever played football mean forensics Al Michaels is an out their plane football last time I checked they do a pretty good job calling games. So we already knew that there is gonna be a little bit of that knuckle dragging thing and so detecting gives her. Rex Ryan who really struggled and would never done this before and then deployed dip on the sidelines there holy geez. Like settled a big a's couldn't get any worse than Rex Ryan pulled my beer while I walk out there. Thoughts with kids as wandered into the broadcaster Mike grabbed a microphone like dogs adorable policy would use C we begin to Iraq's. I was they're thing about Rex gunmen did this guy we we just talked about this yesterday because we played Tony Romo audio. It Tony Romo got rave reviews for his first game out he did the raiders titans. And analysts are going to know that we just talked about this on the show that. One reason romo's so good is that he studied all these teams like as. Is as. Resent as last year nightly geek he is. Just removed from the league Phil Simms last was in the league in 1980 whatever whatever. While Rex Ryan is that too he's just removed from the league he knows these big egos the personnel he knows coaches he knows the he's prepared to these teams. And so I thought that Tony Romo did a good job largely because one I think all the elite quarterbacks in this league would be really good in the Booth. They're just Smart guys who who haven't down they figured it out that's part of wider elite. And two because it was so recent but does the latter is not true because Rex Ryan. Was just in the league and he hit enough for much of. Anything quality was really uncomfortable and he didn't know you rented to jump in when to back off he wasn't well spoken it was very choppy at all the dead air is as it was it was bad and there's an element to think you have to be able to it obviously know. What you're looking at noon but there's it is depressing knowing what you're looking out. You'd be able to convey that to fans and being able to do it in a method that comes across as professional and sharpen the you know we should do when Europe they're gone. And. Yet some sort of like Schwarzenegger Jim Tom Sula thing happening there with with Rex Ryan. It's just that it there was no chemistry there was don't feel too and I just thought that was unfair to put her with a rookie as opposed to finding someone. It's either us on the she's worked with before or someone vets had done a bunch of color before. It's usually if you if you get thrown into the into a situation that's uncomfortable. And you've got some when next viewed its content partnering with you like they buoy you up a little bit you know it's. Kind of that you treat leans on a tree I don't do that for fifteen years and drop in my ass. And but what about Jim Nance did it with Tony Romo little bit now. It was great import Romo got to work with Jimmy chance. So I don't know who you can go far did you color who was and it really experienced guy. But you have to have some people on your payroll there that you could say hey it's a one off thing. Marty go do you color with her and just kind of helped make this thing smoothing get a real sideline reporter there and have publicly professional broadcasters. What happens is everyone hates ranks. We got dip on the sidelines there and and that everyone becomes like super sleuth trying to take everything apart and I think she took a laudable but the the brunt of it. I'm simply because everyone want to trash the entire broad well I don't think we should probably take all the social media stuff with the grants. Like I mean dip was bad I am house launch in line Ali was Tom Mann that was painful boom goes the dynamite by you know. And all over the Ben I know I'm not seeing wasn't I just don't think we need to be so hard on the guys like sometimes you just got to take the social media stuff with a grain of salt and agree sane at the open of the show worry about what you can control. He. Kennedy has PM for a long time English as a second language by the way he's got like a 125000. Foot of dollars mean to guide. You know I mean he's got a following so handsome lad but it's just I don't know it's sometimes it's like who cares why it social media says I get the date eight. You know you need to pay some attention to he need to have polls on what people are Sam but. At the same time it's like let's not overreact to one game I just was surprised maybe it's just that Tony Romo. Well was that good right out of the gate but I was surprised at the lack. Of inside insight from from Rex Ryan maybe he was holding back I don't know just nervous I don't know maybe he'll get better don't know that either just. Well I was stunned by in his. Performance yet remember the second on the net football game is almost always a throw away for them. Chris Berman was calling the games and Chris Berman was bad as the play by play guy for those schemes are Chris Berman was super talented NFL primetime and all that kind of stuff. Forever but. It was. Impossible to watch those games when he was doing I just so they just throw whatever they can't let a yeah. Like you it's me it's one thing you like you don't need a problem Chris Berman I feel like she deserved better. I feel like when year when year crossing those kind of boundaries. And easy. They did senator up for success as Iowa and that bothered me I don't think it's a female. Thing I don't think that's a sexist thing I think that ESPN at this point has fired. Everybody that was making any money. I'm not kidding like there was a group they don't have that many good people left. Because they fireball there may be there's so anybody that's left. You kinda get what you pay for. And legal who also they have in their stable that that could have called back. Yeah I don't know misses since I think they're just kind of run a bare bones of this it's possible you know when I try and you end up with food. Would dip Ol play you Sergio dips. How weird that it had tyra is life will play his debts he'd elated one thing on the sideline. And it was pretty painful at the first quarter. The and then they cut I don't know they pulled the plug on MR I showed Karen bit of cash and I think he went down the yellow brick road and tried to find like a heart or solar something because that dude was skiing and so he he did the one thing and then. Again I'd I don't know whether the decision that we're not drawn back to him or if that was the only thing that he had the FTs do but it's about thirty seconds of play that. But what you really need to hear is him taking to social media. Late into the eve dean after he had just been. A vicious if you have clobbered. On Twitter and whenever social. Whatever their social media users FaceBook kids all those wonderful I daylight at some mouse so we'll have that later but up next let's keep back to college football it is our Jim Peru. Willie Taggart. And Gary Anderson coo Mike Leach all next on the fan.