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They solicit the primetime with Isaac can sue I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that. This is our podcasts that there are welcome to our pod as well as regular job though you're up. Doing the right things since 1952. Good following Joseph mentioned Dana gulfstream is not suitable for a children's health. But you know up. Where the incident moon and it does go well with the chicken. And why are you don't sit so. Well look how close pretty self explanatory. And alive is because I thought we were leaving at 6 AM tomorrow. I know flattened Glen his time his sleeve and. Look at them. The hole and pain. This this. You. Jason I. Like they extended the Peta told. Hamburger polls show. The folks and welcome to our broadcast it is me. Big suit I regret to inform you it's on us now here we are sorry the last hour it's big it's mediate. 20 blockage speaking of thinking media did they're pulled out of that London fight. Let just like some of business systems and londoners still pretty antiquated that they're not up to snuff says that this is a Victorian. Aaron sewage pipe. And they are removing 8250. Meter blockage of quote. Fat hair net peace and conduct and spoke. And it would case. At what it's for twelve tons. And it's is that said that's about it couldn't have eleven double Decker buses we're a big hole. In the paper. Matt beats new big net Beazer diapers were square what is encouraging. Below. I think that's a bit when I. Lived over in Scotland now these were die out there would you would know better than nine I wouldn't bet that these may be two of the Bieber is well but it's I was thinking of like a nickname for napkins are. It's that's is that with a note I just add those aged in the that's at the described it was fat. Here you have peace and it didn't content for a pitcher and the damned thing weighs twelve college seen the photo that it is stunning. About it so it's 250 meters. Weighs twelve tons and and I guess this is been sitting in their parents and they've got a whole crew down there that's working to kind of chisel the earth we could through this. I go yeah and not think about that. And good luck trying to get that out and I don't really wanna see that either you know with let's not talk about this steer fine. Terrifying. Imagine being the one having to go down there and deal with that. But look what arsenal are you get those things backed up its own good. Well they have this problem in. College dorms yeah with people. Showers and in what about your father yeah and it did and delay it can G Wilson. He said condoms. It was the in the trash. But generally generally yes him and literally put that down there clearly the people of that's she's out of luck. Apparently the people of London are going all flesh to flesh. Are they flexible they're supposed to be pushed. Apparently not because apparently it's gone along with hair fat now Pisa treated twelve on blockage. Yeah. Didn't like had to clean out like you're like a pipe in your house accumulated during stock yet discussed it's the most terrific thing ever. They can just imagine the size holes so that is now imagine the size and scope with something twelve tons worth of that mountain city down there for again god knows how thank you. Teenage mutant ninja turtles from the craft that was living down there in the speech to brighter news these Seattle mayor is resigning. Yeah they're supposed to press conference today to announce the these stadium deal biggest brand new stadium deal beginner. Reefer Kia read it in. There to cancel because the mayor. Is not the mayor anymore he wanted to take questions. At this thing. Because there are five allegations. Of sexual abuse. Dating back decades against him hoops he went to questions on some athletes think you know it this won't cancel imagine that you just there's outside of the stadium in. You fire and now I can you do today. But you talk about the outside about stadium insure that would have gone real real well Francine heated 9/11. That to be an Indian Madrid estimate on nationality only I'm only 29 years old and put a month. After 9/11 and then finally able to keep charitable lead the allegations against me yes I think that's an owner wanted to go like. Is for not enough. Com to step down at me apparently this fifth one shouldn't one be enough. No because this is a line that people can dismiss that a way Buick has just it's one you know road thing. Two year to year raise an eyebrow nearly one rogue think sexual abuse of well I think it's. Children right is that kids. I did see that problem Regis yeah carefully that Jim. Jim. Announces Reggie resignation Tuesday following allegations of sexual abuse dating back decades of the most recent accusations coming from a cousin five man and all have accused me of wrong doing. So it doesn't love kids. It did yes that he is talking about when they were kids in its cousin that kind of lead to believe that maybe there's yeah thirteen so Joseph dire institute for now. Was thirteen. In the guy who is 62 now. It was in his early twenties at the time. Will apparently we now know that if you're mayor you can survive for accusations that the fifth. That's when the preacher back. It is kind of amazing that it's seriously like once. Is this I I assume I haven't followed this enough tonight isn't this the first I've heard that today China perhaps these all came out now but I I was an impression that. He had been accused in the past and everything. Days and now there's a fifth has no. But no no. Five is blind husband Michael Jackson right how many did get to get to before were like all right Michael but in the whipping about Michael is there was so many. That then we kind of went back to not carry but he wasn't. But the the only public confidence. Know who accused King of Pop up that's kind of a public officer. Yen they you don't have to step down from being King of Pop but people loved him. Seriously people of the world all week on him and then you're cutting people's Cuba internationally to Michael Jackson's popularity never waned. Now he's big deal international at the Jersey what is weird because that's like the worst thing ever rightly been abusing kids. So it at first we went into denial relied bill away notes there's no way Michael did it. And they gave it feels weird interviews you're like here now boy you tell us milk. Don't know who could keep any talk that way BBB dangled it out and eat it up at the balcony and we got a little more of sedated him with that I want I never got to said. And then like around the third one were like all right throw his ass in prison like Michael is discussing. But then by the time at the fifth unrolled the round ever it was like gas whenever a little bubble they keep me thriller but she. The storm NET came back around to people began. And now no cameras they viewed as they do is great icon and he's dead don't review is imperative like views of misery as a double file anymore. Did this big he's dead. Bullet went 'cause. He's dead but we won't but when we found one who romanticize 'cause he would do that guy it was awful well. Some listed bank it's all come out later this line like he's you know we're only just now finding out he should it die it's him. Total but it would have been right. They've got the Mike Tyson is the full circle of outrage like denial outrage acceptance and then back to like humorous that this. Think the biggest show. He was accused by multiple people of sexually assaulting kids. And millions of people go to a show in Vegas. And watch a hologram of Michael bids of around and we all look. No one seems to dinner. It's it's amazing and he's got victims yeah this is victims now that he's paid off millions upon millions of dollars to keep these canned talking in testified against him. And then again lift my index used in anything I could name Michael Jackson's complicated figure. Eric the president isn't Jon Lester. Alleged yet but it's counties. It's all accounts but then this thing people are funny OK so. One of the thing that is what is it with mayors. This. I don't think a lot of mayors. Now politicians in general now mayors. Well many politicians that here's my thing is this my theory in times of mayors. They keep you think of the Mitchell who mayor and then. You either meet one yup or use read about he does things like this you know kind Mears are kind of screw is my theory on meters. Bombings now mayors the same beloved beer cans that she was great this is why I think mayors. The most it leads to maybe this the sort of thing more often than than you would help me out. If you're a guy who is the guy before we. None Baghdad about Sam Adams yes Sam Adam's yeah. Yes I gagged in his 76 of the that the guy he's a wall where it's ninety it was eighteen dad's accident but a extremely or just gay and lesbian friends I went to his birthday as I swear it's on the up and up. See that's crap job right they B Mayer sucks it's not like gas it's not a lot of pay gesture and assumed premise of the parliament make. This mediocre sound look at up insurance public until hundred and don't know maybe the 22550. Perhaps. So like this says Ted in the reported household income 2.2 million in 2012 but that is yet you and is that why you may Debian mayor right which is well a lot of rich people go and do you know he was so wealthy but my point is it's a crappy job. Right there's yeah yelled out. Long hours there's not a lot of fanfare in its. And so I think you abuse the perks I think there's a certain diverse that wants to do you mayor. And you wanna be mayor because you get to had your hand them a lot upon price you get to it's it's like it's a control thing and you get off on. The power the authority of it and I think when you have that power and authority I think the type of person that wants that's. Is there's a certain DNA there that leads you to maybe. Abusing that power I think it's a position that is easily abuse and the people that want it are naturally prone to that they like to would you do you wanna be the mayor of Portland. Want that job no chance but if you're a guy that wants to wield the big stake in McConnell wants to throw his weight around and make people subordinate that people kiss your ass. You want that job and that usually leads to you taken advantage. And kind of leaned out your own little weird. Twisted fantasy this doesn't say when he makes. Did you make that Obama just talks more about he's added a news. He gets money I didn't know that yet that. Mayor makes me who's got some. He ones out there that would. There's no way he's making like half a million bucks. I don't think so I don't your probably right Pelosi giving him. And time. Top secret which means millions at the just roll you wanna be wrong but let's do this way about politicians in general right lake. We wouldn't I know it's a weird linemen and you did you get to the congress to become a senator whatever you're not make any good Jillian bucks. But you have a ton of influence in your round a lot of rich people don't wanna give you things and wanna do things for you yeah a lot of secretaries and in interns that wanted to. You don't pull the electorate so to speak and I think it just leads to. Everyone kiss your ass this feeling of power and I can do whatever I want you taken advantage of it and I just think there's a lot of lot of pitfalls that come along with those types of jobs. Forty say there's certain. Type of person that wants that there tidbit and I said that to John Cougar once I regret saying this to him. Because we had him in here several times for interviews you rate is the former attorney general he's now that the dean Reed College or something. No that's exactly what he has I didn't know what the position was a nose over read it in what did that title office so he got around them. Politics politics. The Rory hearing there it's there working on the ECU. Now it's like what is that that's the backe soccer Odeon right now I think mega maid is in the hallway of system vacuum that. And to the cleaners. OK so who was a thing about its future about it Kruger ice said that to him months and the look on his face. Was like man. You know you're and they hope. But I can also ask that you are being groomed to be fair that I can also see the wheels turn in Mike. You know like almost like. He was ready to hear that yet in my might comment was I think I mean I think I said our best and brightest. In this country do not run for you did say I remember that quote and he is like. Eight could Jillian times smarter than Oliver he's embedded Canadian and cohesive together he's amazing. Read his book it's good but convictions about being a federal prosecutor go and after the mob in New York. And he that is great and he's very interest team. But. He was a rare I thought it was rare to see you guys that. Not Smart on his cancer really Smart just to see a guy that. Just wired that way that. Really truly did wanna serve the public relic that's what he. He eat. You know he believes in the greater good news and attorneys to gain so we became attorney general running as in enough for the little guy in the system beats those guys down totally Indies out of it well too. I would love to give him Shuster now. We're friends on FaceBook. Beleaguered but typically haven't seen him and we were gonna meet them for lunch not to ongoing news that filter it didn't quite work out he's out there and I look I think he I think he's great I think he did a great job. But he's out of politics in I just wonder. You know do as politics eventually. Get a guy like that because he's too he's. He's like to goodies to ease better than that I know a lot of people go in with good intentions and I think that those positions. I think they teach you think the longer you spend the net I think you'd be Chia. 131000. In 2014. To be the mayor of Theo. Not to that's out there you go that's not like you know announcing that's that's not a bad salary by any stretch of the imagination but it. The point is you're not rich but you're next to a lot of rich people you have a lot of things at your disposal. And I think it's easy did take your hand and put in a jar I'm a little more cynical I think those people are all ages ego maniac blow hards you know that doesn't want there with power. In view of the cameras on Manila you know not well liked it neither seems like pretty reasonable time that you know. Some album it's just. So weird it's weird dynamic we have. With politics in this country I think that we about a lot of jobs being honest and I'd IE. Think that there are several positions in the United States that I I wonder why people go into them. According to salary expert dot com New Year's salary in Portland Oregon 42223. Dollars base. The announcements and but that's. That's even worse getting conflicting reports. This is but the difference meals as a 110. This is that the differences they 75 o'clock. AM. They. And you know Mike's looking disgusted Addison there and also said children. So. Maybe. Maybe we bring. Rob Portman for him to do smoking crack him like that some near the just have a hard time reconciling the all of this I don't disagree with you but I take Danny Green buried ice spread that again tracked to Menino guy in Boston yeah twice dark. Ms. Berry was yeah got busted for the crack in the he came back to Italy and again and he gave a politician that Baghdad right there is the epitome when I'm done. But I think that way about is politicians in general and players as I mean now that's been saying that the whole thing is don't say that to the attorney general lord knows not Willie's in here. Your more awkward moments mighty. A top five awkward run its business it wasn't that out it was pretty but I can see it wasn't when US misty made as a trainer the volatile update it. But she made the policy does slap you. Well sometimes you get a list that question is intensively Tony yeah she did not missing as she did not like it nor did she find it to folks here in music. And now. Notice she has been back in here it's a the machine has not been invited her back. Does terribly choose the view though. Always just break Mike. And I really wanted to Christmas it. Run rule. Or are we now nearly there now all right let's see if we have to regroup and come back here after the break in. Talk some more about some stuff. About this iPhone ha. And rent. So and it's kind of cool when you have kids. Is now and this is some and all these years and here's a cool part of it okay I've been waiting for that. Went from one of my kids like ruby ridge is successful and I can find the sturdy young some reward the N. One of the things about raising a kid that I think is kinda cool to observe. Is. When. You know like that is the best thing company you know when the time to think that you'll last compete what did you think of that movie we just yet but in like it's okay. Because everything's great the last thing they have no way of being critical. About the movie because it blew out there just a kid and I don't really there's again no I did you ask a thirteen year old what their favorite movie is it would be the last movie that they've seen. The court to let it if you. I'd remove these grave he's sort transformers that is the best we have received and then you go see like the new matrix maybe it is the best movie you've ever seen and so on and so so as they get older. At least I observed. The the the the critical thinking he had the ability did to just really. Dionne hill read like they just this this is my opinion about this. And I'm going to die on the cell and I believe this strongly I think that's cool to see there. See what they care about him what he'd done what they just the peace you want it's called growing into a human. As opposed to stupid kid yes kind of time. So my kids senior and cut spending enough ice has. And he has chosen hill. Just last night he has this hell I'm intrigued now. Aria yeah I'm I'm interested in this and he is adamant. Because a lot of times they feel the you choose to die on is stupid one but is it like eighteen I don't you don't know any better strategies that at this is the dummy eighteen year old want. Or is this is like a legit kinda adults. Sort of the it's not and build issued policy is to thing that he thinks he can I rule. Let you decide where do you think it's easy easy rider on. He. Bill it's not a matter by the way of whether he's right or wrong it's wield his opinion change simply by getting older. Right my MT ignite this it's not deep this is not a deep subtle take senate with a lot of kids right they the kids want like three everything but it's the Bernie Sanders approach I don't bits that some people really like Purdue the old ones but. But if you're engaged like what like free health care free college or pre text ads and then you know like well I don't have paid for that when you get older and you little money in your like whoa whoa. Let's don't have to pay for all and again and that's suited me think there's a you will and some people will nationally grew out of ideas as they move on you geek kids you pay taxes closed when you're eighteen. For seventeen years old that's that's what images they years. Whether this is one of those now this is. Then you look at this well I'll keep you abreast of some of those things yeah as we go through ninth perhaps together even on radio show that I. We're not there on unity. Being the subdued. We're not there analyze that Steffi at you know. I'm sure he has opinions that last night he was downright pissed. In a never seen him really like get. It was super jacked about something is opinions when he. We'll. Go to his gracing the apple sucks. Like apple products apple products from sheets that he's like man. Here's all I know I am now he's about tourney team is that all I know is these stepping things crap about. At every single turn. And now he reads about his death iPhone next thing came out today will the iPhone aid and the iPhone X which is the iPhone in ten what will happen given him. Stop asking questions won't say there's an iPhone eight and then there's the iPhone addicts and that's gonna be the Roman numeral ten. You can't just skipped iPhone nine. Looked a little so he is just he's like beside himself they're gonna charge thousand dollars for the news for the stock and I'm sure they will. Well no they aren't 2005000 body tells ideas it's a thousand dollars god and he is so pissed about that he's liking what I want for Christmas. Is that's when his contract's up on this conflict is a columnists and in Sam's. It sounds like you know what. I im loving your passion or not I don't know if he's right down but it does seem like I've like the ice he's talking in the that is iPhone enthusiasm. Apple Computer is a laptop that's slams like. But he he he. It's like this thing never. Freaking works but the and it's true it's like those things always break. I am convinced that they design them poorly to break every couple years that you really need another one and now they're charging a thousand dollars for that thing my little word. I I did not know I just saw their combined well I Ayers the price tag on I just wanted like I applaud his passion and he has chosen this hill and he has climbed up in years. Going to defend its. With all his night we stood to applaud him because I feel like brand loyalty is. I kind of wish him it's it's just marketing bids any event that's maybe that's what it is may be euthanized. I just am proud of him that he's like you know what he's all this stuff that everybody loves it everybody has to have. He's like now. Not avenue that is. Like that when you can cut through that stuff you widely expected I think that is who don't let you won't end computing. I think that's a that's a proud moment as a as a parent I. You're very endurance on the back for that because I think a lot of kids and adults by the way they just get swept up. And it's easy to kind of follow the crowd and as someone that says it. To my detriment. Does not. Even when I probably should. Think that's great that he's he's made that's Danny's not just made that statement because he heard from bunch kids at school is experience is told he's not he's really did I've been thinking about every iPhone at pace had to iphones I think you know he's like Pakistan sock on and isn't the new one gonna have a glass back to it sowed now you can break the front and the back up. We put a case. And what does it matter if he over the demise include the glass has some people think it looks I don't know a whole phone thing is crazy to me. And trying to win it I'm kind of with me I've never cared. About what to release and what's on it like yeah I have an iPhone but it's because I needed a new found. Like I kinda looks awesome iPhone four than Barack with a cracked screen the G and iPhone Purdue. Indian used to know a bit because my kids who did visit these are my kids old phones I have never purchased. For myself. And I thought. Now to be fair I have Bob my kids because they ask form like my son for his birthday that's what he wanted. And tried to you how stupid I am now out of the at a touch. I went into we have T-Mobile and I went into volume that an iPhone and I got him. Think it's six. And I doubt craft my pants that it was like 550. Dollars. Like to meet that was I was at the F. But they've really had no contract until 650 dollars yet this one is. The thousand is a thousand do it to the exes didn't tell my kids when they ask for the iPhone next to go to hell. The X is like. You know like it. It's an anniversary founded in their gonna DD 89 is once again all kinds. But it is it is ready to assume he's probably gonna be Wallach 600 photographer you like the other ones are usually 599 if you have a contract year you do an upgrade. It's like 20000. In in the past on the you know that via the rest the expense monthly it's just it does seem like a total anything ripped off yet. We need phones right yet or do we kind of we kind of do but you know the iPhone to meet is. I mean I think the interface is super simple and cool like I. I don't think I I agree with him on like the the structure of the structural nature of them they're pieces of crap they can be way more durable it sounds like Samsung czar. But as far as like just the way the iPhone were ages could not be any easier it and I think it's super into it it's easy to. It's easy to have to really get it hooked on it I get made fun of all the time because when anyone sees my thoughtful. They they instantly go why don't you have a better one and I always the answer wolf why should I get a new one and don't have that no one ever has an answer for me other than. It's the new. But I don't know what capabilities. The this six or the seven has that this one doesn't. And if it does have the capabilities. I'm not missing them but sometimes you Michael you can take panoramic photos from a panel that he take photos. It there's just. I don't know I've never felt the need to have. The new phone and if my kids all got him involved and I would you have a sense of film because I would just keep their hand me down. There's just we're all have this thing there's things that we spend money on in this things that we spend money on infamy phones are just never won those things and I'm willing to pay my own money. That's me seems like a silly purchase but if like for kids out there. Have a little life or you get made fun of that is making a full on status symbol and that by the way is Apple's periods come out. Apple probably as cool technology but so does everyone else Apple's biggest accomplishment is is it is cool to have an iPhone. You made fun of if you don't. Marketing company RJ says the majority of the punk has millennial he works with their loyal android users you know. Tennesseans and to let people bring it up it catches on fire. There's that set of problems who you know I do remember that maybe it's just this and then they also. In leading you gotta have ones at that point I don't and it's amazing that's not against it and that's the cost of do you want to do you upgrade your total bunch you know you mean I still have the what's this month. Prospects. Tonight I have the signature Zeke I have the success. In the long before this was the forest so I was like three generations later I got a new phone so yeah I usually wait like I'm way we're gonna have lately and I think on. Yeah I think in my six. So I didn't even use a seven and son grow up now the 89 in the ten instead pregame it's up to ten. Panic and I go back to find an extra grand burned a hole in your pocket Alba and leather bag at the and on comes back to the bag dead. Wow well done they do not a thousand worlds all right we got to go here's Mike was Ford Center. And there. So kids who were gonna talk about hurricane Irma. But. We're out of time but clearly when a bit over. I'd like to talk about hurricane Irma dead pitch tomorrow. It's funny. Weekend Emilia or more hours and military and talked about in we have some hurricane Irma audio. Well. A live report is that do you go out in the middle of the storms and. Why are we still do that but why do we need to report from the middle of the hurricane delegates give. Barrow and whenever that happens and anyone that's rooting against the reporter. Think if you're out there in my cue each year you get out your card it's like 150 mile an hour winds in your duty to get the scoop whatever happens to you Hubble came. That's a tragedy. I'm not saying I'm actively rooting for something bad happened but it did does. And maybe shouldn't have gone out and stood in the middle of the 150 mile an hour hurricane winds he's doing it for you don't know he's not he's doing it for himself. Gray zone you he's doing it. To show you what is happening housing you do it again at the thickness and it's. Some of that stuff just amazes me into the reporters. They I think and then the you can see see them happy. And that's the part of this little disturbing and sometimes you get like a behind the scenes clips with a guy is actually excited about being growth reporting on a murder. Horn hurricane or whatever you like keep you're happy to be doing this because it drives ratings. Yeah. Philip what began. As some people's lives no big deal. Don't my nose look into. That now we have time for nothing. What did we have time for well I was gonna play the Jim Carrey interview is he responded to it the leader does CN diverted that fashion. Yang he's issued a response like people are like oh he's retorted if you. Well it says it made the rounds step in its weird and he's beard and everything foothills of the Jim Carey. Well they asked him about it. The next game I have not listen in the retort now and he has and responded and his responses. About as weird as the original interview that. I'm policy does think it I think he's gone off the defense hello it's certainly sounds like he is headed that way well I think he's not already there I signed into view once. Say maybe is maybe a year or two ago he was on with the Howard Stern. And I think isn't like Iowa Oscar in its like native American do you lean in and stuff like that like he goes of to sweat lodges and a lot of people aren't that's. I think he's in the like that halting of the season to the alternate reality though those so those looks of things. Like Beagle that acid trips yeah he's saying I think there's a lot of that going on with alone will play that tomorrow. We'll talk about the hurricane tomorrow. And listen to stuff on the show to mark the what not of this. May have been. This segment with the least amount of substance we've ever had. That's a bold statement because it's so that is a bold bold statement right there just throw that at their lately but every once in Ali have a segment. Where. It's we only have time for like in prize bribery teaser some them but at least you're giving them the way we did he do that here. We gave be nothing no literally nothing tease. You he's tomorrow's the end that's it and so tune in tomorrow. Many. User. Wants. Supports both. Here is so some yours seems missed them into. We need John in here. And we gonna wrap this up right. All right this is gonna be a big. Juicy. Segment and a home game coming up next. With John. OK okay now let's let's let's take a lesson going to the time of the. It's time for a Seahawks report on the show and inside story on Seahawks would bolt brought to you by gainers automotive. We protected much better as the game on. Just the shoes she just. Missed a couple opportunities to do things medical mistakes medical errors and that we have. Itself and in that also give it is. Density of people that football game and he gave us problems. You do Google felt it. There's all PD again in the period the rest of the Packers mind you can't save he made a couple mistakes we didn't block it he went on to. Think that's a couple mistake eighties to pull Michael each with it to start calling never went out. This stressful and it's it's one of the worst lines in the week this Seahawks report Reggie by gainers on a motive. They camp here for gainers automotive what would you do if your car broke down in the middle of the night like media blown water pump well that's what happened in my family gainers took care of us immediately they let us drop it off and night goddess in the next day and we are back on the road in no time if you're like my family your vehicle means everything so trusting the people that take your view is number one finding gainers near you at gainers dot com that's GAY. And ORS dot com but tasked to do with your vehicle you've got to go to gainers. One. Criticism in and we did Johns academic opportunity for them on a wet. Emails amazed at the advertising Arabic nightmare. Yeah like she still all over our station in east east team on TV people love them. And we know he's doing is. As you have a job piecing now. And plus my zone my prayers life. I would buy them and from my spirit just confused at duke. Yeah I would do you think until trustworthy in a very true very true yeah he's dead by and I commend you on the about rights. No chance that that but the I'll go the other direction. What are you doing tonight. I am I have one eye on media. Seattle Mariners rolling the Texas Rangers right now and I help and I. I'm calling out the Indians I want them to bring the unbeaten streak to the mayor's house in a week and a half because. I told I mean to you earlier today op. There was the Indians I want them to fully roll off like it they come to Seattle have a lot to be like 27 gave up. And I'm predicting the Mariners will be mathematically eliminated the night before Cleveland you're here and then in the most spirited move the ball time the bears will. We Union College right now. What's the score they winning them out of the Indians. Yet to Europe and often they're Hooper you're ready to go. Complete game shutout and got the earth type when he game would street and they have been. Vegas police sold herbal and so I mean. They got rid of Martina is the era of Verlander. But didn't mean it did it's everybody not Cabrera is that making the guys that he's denying it anymore. Don't you guys take it to the base hit and Indians don't lose and they come to Seattle in and out and they have like 27 in Cairo the bare dirt we'll industry guarantee he probably we. Are you still harboring any hope and all deep down inside. What's frustrating is that I told him that night they got rolled last night and I kind of thought that was the death like. I internally I came to grips that OK we probably need to sweep this series to keep have a chance. And so I thought the law that I figured that would fit they've roll over in dispute the rest of the series. Finally ended. It's it was 71 before even got home deny their role in it right now so. They just they refuse to be good or bad thing just. He's being averages they're gonna drag this thing out for a while acting. Indians just one name on Tony and around Hoover went complete game shut out. You know that's a lot of gave zero. They grieve. You know what I'm pro Cleveland Indians dissidents in. I don't think we need the third straight year the American League to be represented in the World Series by the American League central. It would make you feel good. I was rooting I was pretty good in the last general street I ought to coach Dooley and I was broke the curse of the Billy goats I wanted to. You know what I was thinking my dad didn't make have you ever. Do you ever go back and watch old sports clips and sometimes there are moments ago I eat some for some reason I went back and wants the Raja Davis. Home run from game seven. All my god that was excite hawk down like you get you get hit good like he wants that in just give I love the crowd abuse Chapman right. Pete nothing jamming the heated and I think in this. Z a 78. I knew down the line correct yet as heat gain is low liner in left line well I mean they're they're. Wall's time it was a line drive like chuck. Tied the game 77 just placed goes. Need to. Believe I mean just so cool to go back and watch it announced they can make if the cubs. We all know I have a cousin of when he regained them in the series in the in this championship but if if that's. If if the unions go on to win. How famous is that Russia Davis and Bill Carter ask that no one ever remembers now it's cute. But Joseph Carter well that was in the world's museum that you have parkinson's it's in his walk in there wasn't any news it was a game seven that's. There was in game seven but he hit it through the walk off two in the World Series and it's it's one of the most more famous home run to right drop that that brought you David Cameron was huge. And outside of Indians fans it's really not gonna be remembered very. Announced he won't he'll just be kind of lost in the shuffle that. If you go back in my sedan I was like OK I want to look at how this compares to deal Kirk Gibson home run in the famous woman against the Dodgers host the game it begins CA's. Yes you're. Cricket it was a game that we don't think I swear at people think that won the series and his game in the that was it was more than moments like these Pleasanton and I think he wasn't playing in he was hurt -- -- problem up there like Roy I mean it was that legend is like you could hear him under the stadium taken grunting daddy track bank AG that's more what that was all about sort of yet he didn't have that perspective you look at that I'm running a while that's cool book is game. Do you watch the fan reaction neat it's neat but I'm Tony is exactly that Raja Davis home run. In the fan reaction in just him going crazy Eagles on the day's fastest in the dugout is she just. A ball to launch lost to history though. And then there's also that Alex Gordon home run. And remember just as memorable. You're damn right it was. You ought to remember it well have you tell me all about it about the Mets blowing a lead in every single one of those games that was in the and those on the ninth. Finley was on. Game one Mets got him in the win Alex freaking Gordon just pops one to dead center and they would go on again to load every single. So you know. Did you guys ever winners in the playoff record had to go that was off the back in the game. Semiconductor river that was on about half an apathetic they're talking about that. News. Many isn't it enough that the thing I'm innocent and I don't blame you. Yeah wildlife and security in the other case and women murdered last lap and there. I'm servants that have a good night thug amounts. Our eyes builder. Things that happened in his life. Yeah that is BC wasn't line in the junk and you've got to see it the happy. All right tomorrow's show Gary Anderson beyond here. Sunni and that's about it. Any notes on the glove hurricanes not Jim Carrey time suddenly a lot to get to you live. Two police reluctantly. It. Now ranked. Syrians. OK okay. Do the sodden.