Primetime 8.21.17 (HR 3)

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Monday, August 21st

Hot 5 @ 5, as the season gets closer, is Oregon's hype justified? Preview some of the Oregon State and Colorado State this weekend, and some Playoff talk


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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Why they fly private club wants. Know. This is prime time mod sports radio and Eagles fan we expect. The best sport practically excellent dean here primetime news yours swords for the best and local regional and national sports. And I. Mediocrity deserves applause I think rob miserable and get a quick o'clock this morning Jason's a candidate and made it through this guy. Do prime time on 1080. And I welcome back. Is that just after 5 PM on eclipse day Monday so suited to their study aids her before. What way isn't this a great day it is great to economic rose were I guess it's getting a little bad out there now in some places. We'll it's Russia in the city but coming in today it was freaking fantastic there is no year it would left commander in the club we will. Discuss. Today's events in the sky. And if you missed it. He knows some great but on the another 99 years or whatever it is and you could see another one jackass and some and I'll talk about the clips saying in the club we also Chucky cheese news. I hear this hour Oregon football starting to get some love. Should they be and is beholden ill. Paint keep hanky before she sports. Is that really a thing. Because of Floyd Mayweather saying he's not going to do engage in and pinky and that would be the difference in the fight Hampshire before the big night yeah. So that's coming up out right now though let's get to the hot by the time. Odd topics and opinions. We thought they aren't aren't that day and there. It's time for the iPod hybrid club smoke pot and private vibe. Isaac consumed. Refresh light Coors Light when things get hot pink gloves with a frost brewed Coors Light colors look. Whatever your name climb and the I. Number flying. Two bit seven in BA news at the request of the pacers the NBA is investigating the lakers for tampering regarding Paul George. But the way this happens and every team in the league can be tampering is of the little mostly university accepted but. If there is proof that there was an actual side deal that occurred. Between the lakers and Paul George they could face serious repercussions including las draft picks and the inability to sign or trade for Paul to work. Elsewhere there's a chance that the GM bro Neil Shay was angling for this job. Oh that is so. He's not gonna get at the clippers are offering their general manager position. To thunder assistant Michael Winger who is not to be confused. With kip Winger. That wouldn't that be sucked it if kip Winger at. Lead singer of the greedy eighties band Winger would get that job quite a shake up with the clips you know they hired Jerry West as a consultant Doc Rivers is now only coach he's been stripped of his GM title. In Lawrence Frank is head of basketball ops but they have needed a GM this whole time. Any thought including myself that Neil you want that. Thank you LA. And or he is look like he's not to get its gonna be kiplinger's. And remember dockers is happy at all certainly Chris Paul has gone curiously the office he's always want the right. Bit of a surprise from Kyle winning him a Utah today everyone expected senior Troy Williams to be the starting quarterback for the utes. If not him it would be Alabama transfer Cooper Bateman but it's neither. Willingham tab sophomore Tyler Huntley as his starting. Quarterback it's it's funny ads like this wasn't. Really an open competition mean I guess winning him it's said that you know all positions are up for battle but. I got a really good talking to a guy know that that covers the team down there this that this was really kind of stunning he'd have those close to the program that everyone believed that this was more of they were gonna light a fire under the incumbent waves by saying the young guy who's gonna push him but this is not a move for the future this is a one of those. We're giving up on the season they feel that the young filly gives them the best chance to to win remember Troy Williams was a was voted team captain this year. Is that going to be a sitting. Sit on the bench to this how. A guy he's athletic 61190s. There easily from Florida he played sparingly last year Utah opens the season against North Dakota. And then in week two they played viewing you. Reg gale close to a new five year deal to remain NFL excuse me NFL commissioner through 2024. In an effort to make you all collectively puke at the same time please understand that Roger Goodell has made 212. Point five million dollars over the first ten years of his deal. And at one point we knew that he made at least forty million dollars of one season before being forced to pay cut. The mid thirties some people are saying this five year deal to be north of 300 million dollars while at the NFL is not going to release his salary. Which leads many to believe that that number is is which really offend you. If I got out how much she was making you know it's not a bad salary for guys who publicly lets voters on the girls. Is it no and can't pronounce it would remain in seem to be botch is every discipline case that the the past. Two other things. The Denver Broncos have chosen Trevor Simien as a starting quarterback he gets the job over Paxton lynch he'll have the first crack at losing that gig it sounds like this was less about Trevor Sammy in winning the job than Paxton is just not been ready to go in the Xerox made a trade today with the Eagles Philadelphia against the Seahawks fifth round pick in 2018. A Seattle drops down to a seventh. But also gets tackle Matt Tobin was not a starter for Philadelphia he started him from the games over his career but the guys the plug and play kind of backed up. But Seattle area that did that off with the wind is is a major concern in camp was a guy that they were counting on it tore his ACL in the game. And I don't know if they're done making deals to meet abuse Seattle I think you have to go on finding true starting tackle but the problem is that this time of the year. Sort easy to find and who knows Seattle's willing to pay the freight or they can fight. Thank gag Tobin was undrafted out of Iowa 21 starts in 42 games in nearly any news. Can make about 850000. Dollars base salary for 2017. And he's tackles that you got tackles now both these guys can it if confetti with the job of the rights that he's an awful. Yeah so far the pre season you've got issues and can't did you say that standard and with that they COM and CO chair I think since. It's easy to clear the yes. Let's see. Good thing got a mobile quarterback isn't even running for his life. It's as gonna sneak into baseball there Billy Bennett times so if you wanna check in on the deal wild card race sometime this hour we'll get to that. The number one is that the AP top 25 to college football is out or again. Receives 21 votes. This is of course the first AP top point five so technically the ducks are ranked 33. Between Pittsburgh and Houston number one is Alabama. Followed by Ohio State's. Florida State USC is for all receiving first place votes by the well 'cause they got three or receive for USC team for instance. Plans in his fifth Washington checks in at number eight Stanford number fourteen. Washington State. Indy pre season topped a five day air 24 other schools receiving votes Utah Boise State. A Colorado and UCLA the ducks take on Nebraska September 9 the Huskers Mike Riley's through ranked forty. And both of those have tune up games Nebraska plays. Some slap yep I'm trying to remember how my head it's no one of consequence and an organ the same way so. When they play the winner of that game probably. So a chance for for one of these teams to make it appears the top 25 early in the year. And that's not cited five its refreshed by frost brewed Coors Light when things get hot who company frost brewed Coors Light Coors Light. Whatever your mountain. Climb on and by the way speaking of of early season games you know September 2 week get number one Alabama. Vs number three Florida State that's not this weekend and actually yeah they'd daily Labor Day weekends I. It's not the first week of college football this week is your organs they kicks off on Saturday we got Stanford rice. To officially kick it off down and in and Austria that kind of the first big week and where everyone's playing. Alabama Florida State. Yet it didn't get much better now that you can answer better no pre season game. Monster right there or early season game. I need to open my and it reminds many open my betting account affect your five dimes ready we'll these games are starting Thursday wrapped so they're instituting a bird rice is from Australia Thursday. I let's come back talk a little college football or is starting to get some love but should day 512 on the fan. Where Isaac can sue got. And any okay. Guess organs getting out kind of a love all of a sudden no they weren't in the top 25 does that AP top 25 just release the ducks. 33. Received votes but it does feel like. You know momentum is gaining that people are expecting a lot out of them this year yeah I know Lilly won four games last year. So they could very well be out of sight out of mind but they're they're kind not any a lot of people is tiny toddler then disease is is unity 62 species in preview shows in. Of these guys are doing their homework in every skeleton Gordon going you know let. This team should probably win eight or nine games EA EU look at Lleyton you know that there is there's talent. But I think it's also being at a lot of positions. Ends and that. To me that the hype around organ I don't know hype is the right word let's think it's excitement I think Taggart has really. And a great job of change in the culture there is brought in the staff they can recruit but we don't know whether or not. These guys can coach and whether that the people on the field are actually gonna be able to. You don't play with the show up on Saturday so I think organ is a bit of a question mark but certainly there are more talented team than four wins. But I also think that if people think that organ is gonna be a a title contender in the in the in the north during the pac twelve. I think that's going to get far I still think this is a razor thin. Team at a couple different positions that year potentially. Could be running out three to four true freshmen or redshirt freshman. Along the starting defense which was the worst I've seen in in all my years of covering the pac twelve last year that's up magically going to improve it just like become. North Topper unit I would hope under Levitt that it's a more disciplined team and then and then certainly it's better than the worst defense in the country last year but I don't think that there is the horse is on defense to really be an upper Echelon Dina defense. And I know they're there offensively they're gonna be good I think this office and one has the makings to be something really special. But you don't have anything if something happens Herbert again you're you got a potential to play guy that hasn't played receiver since his junior high school. That had to move over from DBE this year because your results and it receiver. So I think there are some bug a boos here on this team especially if you get bit with the injury marker when you look at a team like Stanford the good team like UW could team like USC. Even Washington State. They just don't have the question marks and some of the debt concerns that org and pass so. I think gore gained can be a top 25 team if things break their way are bled. To tend to think that organ is is gonna be the surprise team that I think just wows people. I think that's getting caught up in the excitement of what Willie Taggart has brought him what is building for the future and what we may see this year on the field I. It is don't like this this is is that their prime example of why do is disliked pre season rankings right. Because we have already. We've already started in narrative of what they should do the reality is there're so many unknowns about them this is a book I mean everything is new down yes every thing. So I think they're basically all we're doing is we're looking at them or gone well they have talent. Right and good quarterback. And if talent because well they won all those games for so many years they can't be as bad blow. Yeah maybe they are maybe they are in May be may be Willie Taggart. Is is not that great a league nobody knows rights of Camille Little play a couple of games before we. Before we keep them with all these expectations because. It and I'm saying in this about. Willie tag likely Taggart I like. The buzz that he's built to clean retreating. And I want him to do well down there I think it's its own way more interesting for us in our listeners win or again is is good agree. But. How on earth does anybody know how he's gonna do. Derek there's so many unknowns they Martina is gonna be on this week we're gonna be out of pumpkin ridge for the Portland open and when they hired pretty OK in your music on creep higher heat that's not everybody but you know. In part two was the one guy came on I was like Whitman. This charity guy who's never been a defensive courted this is going to be disaster that dude called that out and it got worse that it was under Don come nobody could have possibly they. You can't predict that right. No wait that was it was so battered on column that you look at this gone if I'd told you before the season. A debt debt Brady Hoke took over the defense that they were gonna be worse defensively than 300 on on you laughed at me. I had in yet that any idea how much worse so it. I just I hate that we all of a sudden build these narratives based on really nothing except for prior reputation as having a lot of talent that should be able to win eight or nine games at least right that's all this is based on. Without absolute without knowing damn thing now about how this task and do you write it and that's the one thing I would say is I think or you know Willie Taggart has built. A wonderful staff like that. If I'm a duck fan I feel good about. Did crew that he spoke to get it is there at the payment their recruiting. But if they win five games if they only win six games. I hope we're not jumping down Willie Taggart throat you know. Because of this stupid pre season IE yeah we're all a sudden we've just made Horry get into a nine win deep they only won four games. And there's been there all new coaches. Those the only thing I'll say about it is that team should have been better than what they were last year they they were in games that they found ways to lose and I think that's where some of this comes from his is that notion of it it if they just play better if they don't make the same mistakes that should lead to a couple more wins. Under a good coach and every good coach but Willie Taggart has not and that's doesn't sit up RT barge is coming on I'm from. Pumpkin this week so Hillary to get his thoughts but. I'm heat we talk to about tiger before he think did. He has not been that great as a head coach Joseph he's he's taking a good record taken over bad programs and he's built them but as soon as he's built them into having a good season he's. So we don't know whether or not that's sustainable we we don't know he's a good recruiters and Dave says that when he goes up against and that's album matrix thing doesn't. When he goes up against coaches. I'm with lesser talent he has slipped up. Multiple times so we'll see what happens that the only group I I guess it's it it's groups the element of organ that I feel. The only one I feel confident about is I think they will be able to run the ball. I think this will be a very good offensive line and Herbert. I think has the makings of of B gave a very very good quarterback in this league but outside of that. I don't think you can say anything about this any of these other groups. Editing on the defense side of the ball and certainly at the receiver position that you feel cost about what organ all of those are giant question marks but. This old line and Herbert and the running backs they have they should be able to run the ball in play action pass with this group. I think you're going to be really surprised and impressed. With the way organ runs the ball with temple in these guys I for a when's the last time Oregon would did not have a good options yes that'll mean they always have a good offense there there -- thing is. When they can put together top fifty defense or tops you know in nineteen into the top 66 by defenses. That's when you start talking about organ getting up into it and you know nine and there isn't the only way to save this defense no way that they were so bad Lester now they're gonna be. They're gonna be more disciplined on defense there's no request would hope so last year they blew so would I have assignments that we were on believe they were awful they're gonna be more disciplined but. I just I think you gonna give a lot of offense and Tina can't stop anybody willing you can get that hat on saying about my whole point thomas' if that happens let's not jump down Willie Taggart throat because expectations. Have now become so astronomical and organ. Slowdown and I think a lot of dot fans actually do you have this perspective because they know what it was like before they were good. And so but that there are the new fans that debt that expected to be right back to Chip Kelly because of all this recruiting item talent man that'll work that I. Get the fourth best team in the north. It's a Washington and Stanford at Washington State and then it's organ you're the fourth best it. And why it. I think that that is a fair assessment of what of what you have coming back delete is so tough to it is and that's such a basic thing to say. But it really notice of meeting you look at the quarterbacks an coaches in this league if if or didn't. Gets it together in the coming years right let's let's say the next two to three years they recruit this way that the cupboard gets restock and and in organ becomes. A a legitimate. You don't legitimate top fifteen team began the way they've been year in year out and the other schools in north keep this going and organs they continue to get better you've got a chance. To be one of the toughest divisions in all of college football you're still gonna have the SEC east obviously with Alabama and LSU and then what miss again and I in Wisconsin and Ohio State and in what they're doing up there. That's a meat grinder. But did pac twelve north has a chance in the coming years. To be right back in that mixed on the Washington's gone anywhere Stanford's Doug or anywhere. I like what Mike Leach is building and if organ can kinda get back on solid footing. With the rise and Igor is State's gonna become a solid program that Boris is gonna be comer Freddie noble team coming would you tie is The Who knows what cal is happening. It's like getting any easier so that hold Chip Kelly king I still say that was right place right time right guy. To have those levels and expectations. Regardless of where this is too were five years down the road I hope everyone realizes that that is not. That should not be the standard by which anyone's judge that's like say someone comes in takes over for Nick Saban. And you're supposed to win four national titles and eight years otherwise your bomb says that's. You you need to to temper those a little glide they going to be. Harris and see how people react through the first five games for Oregon because. But he said this is so much unknown we just don't know so you watch for five Teamsters who they played at the southern Utah. They play Nebraska. In the they have road games at Wyoming and at Arizona State and they come home to host cal. Now that's to be a good start for well should be. But you don't knowledge it's that's insane about this is like I think a lot of duck fans all but a lot of people are looking attack on we'll find no. You know just instantly by the no way. The if I don't think they're gonna be five and a little after all I think that. You know when you go Nebraska even the Wyoming game and Arizona State that games on the road that's going to be tough so they're two and three. You know is it. We are a Greek army crying about. The higher in. I don't now we're starting to get whispers of all they should net. They should know. Just completely revamp the whole program that was built over a long period of time and now here we go at it either not but. With southern Utah Nebraska oil and Arizona State and Cao. To meet. That's with with the talent you have coming back. And with Herbert there and the Arizona State game that's on the road. Nebraska's home Wyoming's on the road. That that that to mean. Realistic expectations I think its foreign one and I think you need to get off to a good start because your schedule gets a lot harder after that but Ford 13 into you. Yeah I think if it's two and three I think you're severely disappointed that they're three and he's. I think you're thrilled with the but I don't think that that's out of the over that's out of the realm of possibilities like that against Africa they get up in Boston suffered Washington State Stanford. UCLA Utah on Washington that could be a tough stretch I mean if things don't go right there to be a lot of ills in their lives as well I think when when you're playing a soft start your schedule and it is a soft start. You have to make your hey you've got to put some you got to put some wins up on the board so I don't think it's it's. If I'm an organ fan and I'm I'm tempering my expectations. I still have high expectations coming out of the gate because you are more talented and every team. Maybe decide the Nebraska which may be your little more on par with but that's still at home you should be winning the vast majority of these games against lesser you know the team army. In citi's Selig barge he says we talked to him. This week but are they more talented than Nebraska and Arizona State. I've learned at this point either more talented there's a state Nebraska would be interesting to see what he has to say but that Nebraska thing. Yeah message tight game lasted there is looking at that teen nearly kid that new quarterback they have done there. It's alum him at all. He's not great in the grass is gonna have to run the ball I I think that should be a good game but then. As one of our techsters points out average four Beers Tex I'm 55 until five. As an honest and realistic duck fan I'm a rebel Wyoming on the road in the altitude early in the year against a good quarterback. I I would say this that one that's a tough place to go play it is it's not a big east they played their way I played there and it it is it is tough it's it's like playing in Denver than there is a factor. Bill and I tell you that right when you watch in this stadium elevation is right there's has welcomed the whatever thousand feet it is. And it can be a little bit of a rowdy environment nice pars are played the start of the year where it's not bad weather you go play there in November. Even worse. But you do have a guy this supposed to be one of the top reef top 34 quarterbacks in the country. And that ought to be a nice test for what I think it's from a secondary sample it was the most undisciplined secondary in the in the country last year and it'll be a nice test to see how they response and saying you got a kid. And you know could anybody. I mean you could envision that in big time shoot up right yeah. So that's no that's no gimme either in elderly farmer Jones and organ it's meters no excuse for going on the road losing to Wyoming. Seventh 7000. 215 feet yet his aura that it has posted all over the place that I to remind you about it and try to get in your kitchen with that thought easy place to go play but it's it's Wyoming. You you well and you're organ there's no excuse for going in they're losing like if they beat Nebraska. And they start to announce. The height train's gonna start. In I would stable place. That if it's not the type season that organ fanned once let's not throw the baby out the vast well bath water let's give this staff and Taggart and everybody time. Let's not over hyped and yet and then if it fit it starts the city do start trying to care focus on your hands down yes. It's washes states they are for use in a Utah wash is a hell of a lot different then at southern Utah Nebraska oil mean issuing cow. That's what would it micro there was say I think we're playing the varsity. After those first five games this schedule gets significantly. Harder. OK I saw enough about them a little bit more on Oregon State mentally I was wrong so that there are no games on Thursday but that there are games this week on Thursday there or not I thought Stanford. And now. That's Saturday okay it's Saturday night so the first game of the college football season is Oregon State's game against Colorado State post up one demonstrated their planet host a common was early for summary it was one year it was callon. The countless you know remember cal played minor clashes that that was the the first game. But it's not this year Oregon State Colorado State's the first game at 1130 on Saturday then Portland State BYU. At noon on Saturday cloning sit talkies for scheme as the head coach Buick you former. Beaver defense navigator in the at Stamford rice Saturday night in in the first Thursday game is an Intel. Next week broke the 31. Our rights Alomar college football and is no hanky pinky before sports I think a definitive study is coming up here is Joseph sports that are. I was checking on the AL wildcard race. What happened and we can. And our next segment before we get to the club. I did text pleased by the way please type the second year be right. The million. Unity he was not organs it last time. Our legacy collar state the first football game on Saturday in and we did check with Mike Lynch even though is off today he still checking his messages and that we are gonna get to gear bear on this week so you'll hear from the beavers coach yet he text me back Wednesday 335 wins it 33 guys and. A slot odd and off that will be normal that's at least this week so by the way the beads get in three and a half yeah they Colorado State I'm you have to. Meaning but that I'd have to be my first bed of the year now ID CNN homer I come liquid or as it's got going on right to be tough. I think go down there and W but what do you know about current state very little this is the scene that's timeouts like. We just don't know there's the Betsy and somehow right here right let's get this guy and this is going to be a major play you but to begin the Drudge jabs you know yeah fifty bucks here even just a hunch is he's got on hunch that they're just look at that in. You know Jesse what happens around Mike Bobo might have his team ready to go on the Saturday at. Their 76 the last two years. I just let what's special about that. Well yeah little better bring it he's gonna begins deer bear I'm I have until the gear bear bobbing about latest sub like on the beach keeps Downey and like is it for college or is that. Color display call needs in our own guys as gorgeous Vieques air force is down their tuna has given us two Q do you think maybe Gary will say hey a drop the next 300 on time for me. May be off the year I don't think he's glad to comment on those was threatened or seen on on their Familia Bakes not a new one of these now hypothetically gear bear it if I was a thing about Leena see note down on yeah. To be well within my my rights to do so well there is. There is one thing that you know we see all the time and how's the ball where you have a new coach who takes in time for him to build. Something I mean these you know he had to get some well you know players and such but. Dare they do have a tendency to just popped right like they just. Thank you don't sleep on and on a coach like Gary Anderson because when it turns it's gonna turn anybody write it might be right out of the gate. This season mean big get some good or it may not be for another year you know they could they could actually dipped a schedule. You know they could disappoint us for another year you know it's quite possible that Oregon State the over under on wins you know there are for under total us for a half five arena happy. If it's possible that it's just not quite there yet. But it's gonna happen I I think we all have faith in Gary Anderson a big beaver fans excited that eventually. This thing is gonna pop and they're gonna be a really. Really tough out hell and look at that there's congress is loaded with juniors and seniors could end a three year starter at quarterback. Miami did was is nano and nick Stephens. A look at Hewitt nick Stephens is bringing to the table it's like a tool. For Betty it looks like Jimmy Clausen. Now. Clearly I can't bet on them you go big go beads. Finally made a game X. That Saturday the first coach a game of the year. And see here as you schooling them in in the first story that pops up. C issue football is quickly learning coach Mike Bobo is a fierce competitor. What that means the love I love America is like I'm down I just can't get there it can't bet against that now too scared of the fierce competitiveness. Of Bobo and the rams let's look at. Stephen stats are crypt before we move before you move on. Now the good. Yeah. Although OK on his stats from the Colorado game last year. Sure they opened the season at Colorado and Colorado kicked their ass yeah six of time money for 31 yards. And two picks and I get three and a half I get three plus the hook Dobie is all right I'm back on the beavers but then you get into a conference play oh boy. And he starts slain fools like he has. Not nine to 112 other newborns. Up twenty touchdowns and one pick I don't back off the mom off for the beavers now though not touching it Dag gum. Yet when seen a C nineteen dissatisfied picks last year. And a him completed 64% of his passes. I'd say he's okay for perfect so what we much like they're intact and determined on this program is who the hell knows how to bet this game in Colorado State and their quarterback OK okay Eric all right I'm gonna. Now he's gonna crash here and that's the C I'll take the points I'll just say this they're all right. Look they're not gonna. Lowered and stayed Al and you get the look there it's three and I'll take the hook that's right I'm just take the points that on the pac twelve talent bet on the bet on the more physical team obese. Okay quick note here on Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor. Yeah that debacles coming up on Saturday. It is yes Harriet sneak up on us. Until probably hear a lot about it this week I'm guessing the other mile high behind it I think it's I mean it's it's selling well but it hasn't sold out oh really no I think they're still tickets available if you want to buy me in the arena but there really expensive. Am I think it's. Still expected to do amazingly well I just don't know if it's gonna break every paper view record that they that some people were expected to. Well the odds are quite puzzling in the email others. Minus 400. Up until it's up to the man Mike. The more more casual guys I talked to you there are a lot of people that are betting on economy Gregor and why it blows me away got a guy that if they go for the on Sunday that that a hundred bucks just straight up. He he gave me just why I I am knowing what's his problem that he they just they they think that may grit their lot and guys watch him I made in our big boxing guys and they're just by his limited their bite into the height and then there's is the date there's a lot of people that really honestly believe that karma Gregory is going to knock out Floyd Mayweather. Experience as you want alternating does not just hundred bucks is much you wanna bet I'm like I'll only do hundreds I feel bad about taking your money. They keep that he was more than happy to lay it down Mayweather is gonna win I I think Mayweather is gonna knock now. So I think he's gonna embarrass him I think he's gonna make him look silly he's gonna on him. And he won't pick him apart and I. His face will look rearranged by the time this the deadliest mining and like a real fighter not a gimmick yes so listen. Mayweather says he's not gonna have any relations with the ladies. Or the guys on our own reasons and that's still think it is not a thing I was I wanted to tell you don't do a forward this on T guys. Because you know. Knowledge is power absolutely appreciate you would say knowing is half the battle. Or he could go with the more you know I am with a little with a star and star thing. So if you wanna get your freak on before. A high level athletic competition. A new study has proven. That there is no robust scientific evidence to indicate that sexual activity has a negative effect upon athletic results why would it. Why would that have a negative effect on well it's kind of like deals when. Thing you know fifth and that will be scheduled swim. And before the big baseball tournament if you clean person didn't do they can do whatever it. And get in the pool time. It's I think they just think you just you know you're tired. They Q year year give you free gun you know who don't who knows how long that takes really. Well I don't know get worn out from that testosterone levels broke yet and they want you kinda on edge I think your testosterone levels would go up Willie Warren well. After that revenue in your ear you may be tired and you may be like. Like. Again caged animal really you can Jeanne Gainey that that's what it is I don't know and spit on your. But this is coming to us from frontiers in physiology. They claim that there is no evidence they studied this is the biggest study done on sex before athletic competition ever let that someone actually funded this improperly spent millions of dollars are now it's probably like frat bros I glisan IA. It all these sports I had sex with like 26 before. Knows grade on it every three guys grade is awesome. Yes so. Researchers reported their find means after sifting through hundreds of studies in whittling down the list of the nine most reliable studies that examined impact on. Show actual activity on performance. In the new study points out that male athletes have been more frequently investigated and females and there are no comparisons. A defects across genders they take away the findings mean athletes can go back to wearing dirty clothes. Talking to inanimate objects in all the other weird superstitions dirty doing anyway but at least. They can get to Freetown. Look before all of us not having sex made you better at the Buick you would have the greatest sports teams known to man. But that's not one that's not the case is to get points somehow the guys out of Florida State I think their get a little more action in their doing just fine. So maybe we didn't need a study maybe some common sense would have prevailed here or else they're saying is that unless you have relations. Less than two hours before the big game or whatever you're doing yeah. The evidence actually suggests sexual activity may be beneficial effect on sports that's closer particular testosterone levels like a spike in endorsing it. I gotta get the blood flow and I would think that's it's a good thing and then I'd. So because guys particularly famers before games currently trying to get everything move it around and there disclaimer to Baylor. Of football players. That. Your partner must be conscious and willing. I'd say that's cheap shot bellows it's really not he's not a cheap shot I know I could have gone way lower. And also disclaimer TUE sports players the research does suggest that sex does have to involve another person. And I enjoy that one thank you I guys guys. Tip of the cap life because there really enjoy that are coming up next let's chicken on baseball on the fifth. Thanks to the clips talk. Could see happen today. You know listen if will type a that sixth at the chicken based on the. Because you know sometimes you know he gone that we can get stuff going on and you. You you lose track of what the hell happened while the Mariner's. Those angels of tough the Mariner's end a royals are a team and a half back of the second bailout card spot currently. It is the angels. Because the twins' loss in the first game of doubleheader against the White Sox and twins are actually half game back the angels when you last ten. So as now the Yankees have the first dale Lockhart in the angels had a second. Twins are half game back in in the royals and m.'s game and have to act you. Thought that you go back a couple months the angels were left for dead and now vigil for terrible. Yeah well they have Trout in a bunch of guys who. For some reason arc. Terrible well in Coney Island. Even as a team like Seattle how many times we've written off Seattle allowed by the way you should write them off because they have no pitching staff but they're only a game and have back to. A lot of people that are crammed together in that wild card race is a thing about it if you the gives you hope with your marriage and is yet you're you have a lot of issues to name his starting rotation. But only seems like ABC needle starting rotation. No I don't know their rotation is it's a bunch of four and five starters cast offs from other teams. So everybody has errors or is Tripoli Tacoma at this point oh whatever I'm just saying none of those teams are great brand like you you don't have to be scared of the twins are genes not everyone is the Dodgers is what you're say exactly. And so you know I think to us on Madison John while you're away. Last week and I think when Felix comes back they should really look at throwing him in the bullpen I think they should move him up migrated a starter anymore anyway. And they need bullpen how I think they can get Paxson LT I think they should float. Felix in the bullpen kind of like Indian student Andrew Miller but could you do it. He did there's no other starting pitchers I mean it's one thing if you've got we have Miranda. Seats in the C don't have to use new beginnings as you going to class if they get to the locker game you'd you don't have to use five star yeah right so. So you probably go Paxson Miranda. In yet you I mean Felix is is probably on his top three way Garrett. Oh for heaven's sakes may be I mean if I thought I don't know. That's I looked good that's the vote of confidence game may. Rob a guy arrows on the Orioles last year. Yeah he's garbage that's not that you want and he's probably their best starter right now. He's the only guy he's the only guy right now off of the starting rotation was in some deserted a year that's that's still throw they're not. Gates of the royals won a World Series without great starting pitching. Yes James Paxson is a race in aerial Miranda you feel. Like he can go out there and at least keep you any game right. I think you can build a case that your bullpen you're not gonna go anywhere without without its short interval so. If they get into a series catalog are games into the series I think he can make the case that Felix helps you more. In the bullpen and he as a rotation even though your third guy in the rotation is gonna be mean you can patch were guys. Like this this is guys prison tonight he hasn't been bad and he knocked in RBIs the night so watch him swing in the stick him also. Now. Is it worth a look the guy art look at pitched three innings this guy to pitched three innings and he got. You can float Felix as the got to be huge advantage for their bullpen that really needs help because when Diaz can those guys come in it's like oh yeah just hold your breath. And a while and it's gaz review at this point you hold your breath and Felix comes back that in that is that his arm is a gonna follow part you just wonder if Felix will ever. Well he's never gonna be the same do you wonder if you scan every just give back to be you know a company that while Claire the you can run or is this really he fell off the cliff and Indian well that's the are coming back is it. Why not put him in the if you think he he's not agreed to starter anymore now perhaps he would be a lot more effective. From the bullpen because he gets fewer looks at him smoltz did. Absolutely he did it and I think you kid and he still got great stuff any gamer but that's a guy I want. Look if it's between Edwin Diaz. And David Phelps in a key moment in the eighth inning yeah you want all take Felix that is in his current stay out there over those guys I'll that is a valid point. Just scares me and I do it's got service ticket that's been the ball he has moved by the way that you could you could do to save this pitching staff. Does indeed it takes in the rotation we're gonna move to the pen. Well and I'm very good Penn now so what it really be that ball Z let's just say they just don't have a very good staff and leave it at that and hated Dodgers. Quick note on the Dodgers you know they've only lost six times since you are celebrated their ridiculous there 87 and 35. And so they need to go thirty and ten the rest of the way to win a 117 games. And that would break obviously did regular 216 yet at the all time record and and the Dodgers did get a little bit better at least theoretically over the weekend they got Curtis Granderson. Open about this so Colorado is not bat right color does have an a diss your car as what sixty in 56. And they are twenty games back. Of the of the DOS sports. Dodgers are unreal and they end the by the way the Dodgers keep getting better they went and I Curtis Granderson did you zip for cash in a player to be named later I literally just so that. Oh when they get you missed a missed it I was busy limit in the fact that the Mets put another guy on the disabled list again at bats went on the the deal. And if anyone wants any of their players all you have to do is is give the Mets money and you can have mowing my Diamondbacks have slipped and they're not gonna blow us are saying it's possible if you look at the wild card. It's the Rockies and Diamondbacks and it's has been Iraqis and Amber's. That also in the brewers are going to have to act sneaking up on him well cardinals to write cards are only what three back 44. Back or back. Any new. Quick look at baseball let's give him some clips say it's not countries like that today it was like cool and then when the moon pass in front of the sun L wants to Africa to their own glasses together and then when try to take bleary crappy photos of this cute please stop sending those other club is next on the fan.