Primetime 8.21.17 (HR 2)

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Monday, August 21st

Roger Goddell gets paid a lot and just got a new contract extension, Stockwatch, Tiger Woods & Lindsey Vonn have nudes apparently, and some hot Cornhole talk.


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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm -- by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 do you not cute. If you can find it time. And you can find the time to spin when you actually yeah primetime retires against you yeah. You're home when they'll all journalists and Al clubs. Think yeah yeah this is prime time. I didn't. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here our eyes and Robin Jason's again a great primetime and on ten ADP. I welcome back it is CS second hour of our very special edition of primetime. With eyes can see you it's special because. Natives and eclipse and eclipse day so. Did you know that did. Did so cool heard something about it. We'll hey I cannot hear remember stock watch at 415. You know it is. Gamely. Yeah we get culture. Stanford is boots on the ground are ready either in Australia in thirty out there. In the ice against the pulling the beavers are opening Saturday night. So does that mean givers can on this week. I'm asking the wrong guy yet to question above my pay grade left a way to the great Mike Lynch comes back B I would assume that means that the gear there is coming and CT scan on growth on Obama names were set back in a city is gonna work on that he sees as it was and other things. Have a pretty good opening game I would. Out of the editors the pac twelve this and get. So much you don't spread as I do not know what the spread is on the need to be bothering the play caller stated you know. You don't know the AB we're taking it for granted Colorado State's opening a new. Stadium to. Republican here. Played down there and plus three and a half beads beads now. Not a syllable I don't know what congress it has you know coming back he'll gonna hook they are pretty good with with mat point but obviously he left but that's not the easiest place to go and and play for colds was was tough although I played there it was in the winner's car out of state last year seven and six kept. And I don't even who their coaches. I don't know who had. Don't know who's who's coaching them either predicted score on odds shark. 301019. In favor of the rams slew new dads love no love for the beavers beat like the beads plus three and a half what's next start I think it's him I said it's that I think if Morgan State. Is gonna get to a ball game I think the upstart three now. I think these these first three games are all must wins yet at Colorado State your home against Portland State and give Minnesota and I know last year was was a close game I thought they should have thank you Minnesota. But profits was just so poor they couldn't protect. But I I think three you know bare minimum to win one but I think three you know with what org is it's gonna need to get to a bowl game to get significantly harder after that. You're at Washington State your home against Washington and at USC. Those are probably three losses in a row. So it's it's it's a huge start for them and this would be a nice feather in the cap to go down and beat. Does a pretty good programming cholera say that's a good mountain west school lets rob some bottom feeder there they're coach is Mike Bobo I don't know Michael. He came from Georgia use the opposite corner Georgia for many years a Casey came in after medical wing took over the Florida job. None and now but and tackle Wayne was at Colorado State and then took the Florida job so I was wondering did he not she did was he there with Mac away staffer did he just come on after us down this says use it Georgia he he had he rolled in Tennessee issued he was DOC Georgia in the got a nicotine. John occurrence it yeah. So he's been there for two these two seasons in his record is fourteen tallest on seven and six apple I'm guessing he would have taken over that right when when Mack went left makes sense and I. A second Saturday in any news. We've gas minutes on the news today before we guitar stopwatch here. Our Roger Goodell is getting big fat. Extension. The commissioner of the NFL team effort every kindred of the dreams to be you know Ezekiel Elliott editor Tom Brady note you should grow up to want to be Roger Goodell. Every kid should grow up with a student died in a lose sense of morals and say now oh. I wanna be Roger Goodell because bat in the big gaffe I think that you should dream to be an NFL owner. Is that that's a pretty good gig but you know what those can be tough to come by accidentally shoot a little bit lower go like forty mil year beating commissioner that really doesn't have to do much of anything it's incredible. I try to screw up every situation that he's involvement yet as an. Her the reason it doesn't matters because the owners are making money hand over fist yes and as long as Roger Goodell keeps making the money and the professed they don't care about. Morals or. Ethics how bad you stripper overreach of power of the loss is the get into it doesn't matter and care he's pissed off Jerry Jones is to stuff Robert Kraft Kraft. One thing that Roger Goodell has handled over the last five years that people. But even like 51%. Below would look at gig you don't let her really handled that well. A. Yeah I can't name one other than the it doesn't matter what we think it matters that the owners think in the owners had a great to see BA. Right and that's why Roger Goodell. Is gonna get an extension. And you know you are you mentioned the 49 dollar thing that's not a joke no I don't know how many people know this Roger Goodell. Makes over or at least. OK so his his salary is no longer public the NFL doesn't have to make it public anymore and I think their tickets and he fourth and like shorts. Keep quiet they used to have to you is somebody. Went seeking how much they paid the commission they did have stepped say in in 2000 I think it was thirteen or fourteen. They donate 44 million dollars yen a year and a fourth. Danny took a take had a big fat paycheck down to like 359. Or some ridiculous that they don't know what he makes you had kids defeat maybe a dozen is gonna harvest about does he have kids. Don't know what he's got to go you know life is he. Human but he is he seems like a robot his deal that he had the last what was the six or seven year deal it was 300 million dollars yet they say well denim belt treated today. Dad's in the ten years that we know love his salary. He made 212 million dollars to keep commissioner of the leak. 200 trauma the what I read was from this is from the daily news. And they have it at 300 million so giver giver take it what's eighty million dollars between friends so another five year deal the signs into 2000. I 24 exit of more years so you're looking at seven more years of let's say conservatively thirty million year or is looking at close to another 300 million. For doing whatever it is that he do you think is just hard now do you think he finds his job hard no. I don't I think he acts in the key eats he's got a little low Vladimir put it in him right. Nobody no one opposes him but there there's no talk of of a replacing him or whatever and he just. He even has gone. Against the two most powerful people lead and it still doesn't matter and by the way he went against him with flimsy evidence at best and it still didn't matter. It's what I wanna see is when that is the CB is up in what was it 20/20 I think when it's up in between between one. And DeMaurice Smith and in the NF LP is already said basically hey there's gonna be a lockout or strike now that did the heels are gonna get dug in over this and one of the things that they're gonna do you get about is Roger Ailes power. How to see what this looks like. I the next collective bargaining deal and and what did the PA is is gonna do because I think that. The owners love him and I think the players I think he's become one of the most vilified in Haiti people of all sports when you talk about the early. Ship with the players. Well I think it's it's interesting. That because so many text in the urged workers to sign his iPod through time and so well. He is CEO of the NFL so he might actually be underpaid relative to deny you the company Iran's. Which EUU kid yeah and I bet she you to get on paper make that argument. By you know most of don't know how the commissioners paid there's a committee. That used to be seven owners now it's like three and I think Arthur Blank is one of them that are the contents. And they basically just decide in a room what Roger Goodell is an array of the order signed off on. Yes they just they K you guys have the authority to go deal with this year on the committee said they do our homework in the only homered did you mean they say that. They say this in general that the market for CEO salaries is basically a mythical market it's it's. It's it's just sat by. Did did top sports or entertainment companies and whatever the hell they wanna pay there CEO that's what they're gonna pay there CEO and then other companies just. I like okay will they pay that guy eleven million. We we should pay fifteen named because we think this is a better job or were worth more than they are a young so it's really not. Set on any thing. Remotely like concrete. It's mythical they'll just make it up and they try to. Just you know they just match. Other CEO salaries. And I don't think Roger is complaining mean you're you're you're making thirty these dates and behind the scenes that you want I just this is ridiculous get paid enough to these guys are such cheap skates. Amy Ford for nine year. Jerks. You know I'm even in someone did point out that many don't find another 44 million dollar a year job. Wonder if he lost his job if they've what else he would go do indeed retire withers is their legs is like that Johnson & Johnson wind iron like AT&T Gionta and I didn't get out sixty and now. No obvious he looks pretty good. You know for our ruled he has says 5850. Someone else did point out to that and I think I would love to know maybe Roger Goodell is a Savard and we just don't know may be behind closed doors he's the smartest man alive. It insists it seems like. Ed maybe this is the beauty of it is it just seems like he boggles his way through and it ends have been fine for the NFL. Like I concussion thing that could've taken down the NFL and they settled I think for less. Then what DirecTV pays them for one year now but the biggest health crisis. That any sport his face in modern times. And the NFL got off with fit for one year. Of DirecTV did they do that. I don't know man that dislike the into our phone in big time attorneys is it just. Ian contest that they and their attorneys in honor of the thing that I read and. It was dead did there was a sense that the added that the players needed the money now because they're older and they didn't want to drag this thing out because the NFL was gonna drag it out and out and out and it was like we need help for these guys and we need help right now. Does a lot of the guys that are are really going to need to be suffering the effects of this these are guys that played in the sixties and seventies. It in the eighties that didn't make a lot of money it's okay we need help immediately and so there was a sense that the players basically just. I say took in the shorts but they just kind of agreed to a fairly low settlement in order to help those guys out immediately in the NFL was happy to do it. He's married to a newscaster Fox News former Fox News newscaster guess she's retired down. In only she works Jane Skinner the I would work either of my wife made. Forty million dollars but if there is a woman that wants to make that makes forty million that wants a a kind of a crappy X options lime in the layer. Give it call them on the just didn't picking up that phone. Well Elaine are Roger Goodell is gonna get big fat five year contract extension to remain NFL commissioner on up next. We ever primetime stock watch prepared today not by Michael lynch. But Nigel and Joseph Fisher. And that is what were buying and selling from the weekend in sports next on the fan. Its prime time stuck ones you want to solve and yeah. Verizon consumer YNN oracle and the Arizona loading it fast. That's only led together a couple of buddies. News the hype guy curator a bunch of high gas. Before you buy herself listen close. It's easy it's premiership now expanded and you've got the stock market based but the plan was why I know this from ahead of its. Bloody shorts not too tight this week. Prioritized our volunteers brought to you by one of hundreds of forwards when you need to take stock of your right it's 1800 divorce is on your son call 1800 DI VO RCT today. Okay Mike Lynch is out today he normally prepares the stopwatch so in his place. Whoever fills then has to do the stopwatch it's not NBC is no. It's not going to be mean I'm not qualified. No it's above my pager its high level training. We knew when you first get hired his laws you know we. Which do a lot of things the nuances that you have to lesbians out of that yeah it's very difficult test pass to sit we're just sits. He has passed it and therefore he has put together. Today's a stopwatch or buying selling and we can sports Joseph. It's been apparent to anybody who has watched that teen friendly to time this summer. Assertions are starting quarterback was to make it official he's earned the job do is play time he's earned it in practice he's out performed actually excellence is not ready yet. Now vanish after on it Trevor Ximian being announced as the starting quarterback officially. For the Broncos they went eight and six last season. When he started in games he missed two games last year. So buyers cell Trevor sent in with the help from the defense because I know that's a big part of that broken esteem can lead the Broncos to a ten win season. Yeah I think they can have a ten win season I don't think Denver's. A Super Bowl contender with whichever Ximian. You've seen you know Ryan Fitzpatrick has won ten games in this league. Like Alex Smith is is better than Trevor Ximian bit. No we've seen court of quote game managers. And that's the thing is one of those guys and he's Bryce you compete what do right around 60% of his passes. He had eighteen touchdowns interceptions you're gonna try to run the ball not have him lose games for you. He's not gonna win you a bunch key and by the way he's a stopgap did didn't wanna announce him as the starting quarterback they gave which every chance to win the job just couldn't. This is less about Trevor Ximian being able to win the job. Then didn't. Paxton is basically lose in the job but yes they can win nine to ten games. With see me in with a dominant defense and and hopefully right so is this an indictment on Paxton lynch I think it's an indictment on tax them. Each minute we sweetheart is coming out when he came out of what Memphis. There were taught that of all the quarterbacks he was thinking he's NFL ready. That he was going to take the most time to develop and look into years he's not the god doesn't mean that he can't be down the road. But yes this is an indictment on and on his ability to it to be ready to play something about like Aaron Rodgers innocent behind I'm branch out and different this and buying terms him exactly I'm just I'm just think team. Was Roger is not ready or was Rodgers ready it's just that they had Brett Favre. That's that's tough to know I will say after two years there was some talk that that Rodgers was. Was sub special. But he sit behind Favre to the point where they showed far out the door after what three years then and it's true but so while another is let's say Trevor Simien was the quarterbacking green mayor Roger Roger is starting as a rookie yes. I think all these guys we've seen that the young guys drafted they would be starting in Denver ahead of it is OK so. I will and sell it in the reason I'll Seles won I don't think Trevor Ximian is any good. And two I think that division is really really tough. It is very hard to win ten games in this league particularly without a quarterback now if anybody can do it Denver would be one of the teams he sake could. But mine and I don't think they get their I think they're right in that eight. You know 78910. Win area of or window based on you know injuries and how things go but I I would not bet on a Trevor Ximian led team no matter how good defenses. Winning ten games in that division speak. That division I know it's early on but in and I've watched does that. About two quarters of it and that you you've been reading a lot about the people my own homes thank there're a watches highlights yeah it's I actually watched the game that he will be you know they they have Hmong and if a network and I went back let singles you looks it's pretty good looks pretty good outlet hell where did he come from because nobody ever talked about him. Whose text in the draw I know that as saying. How does it how is it today. Abuse the system guy. People just didn't respect him coming out of that system out of Texas that. Aren't yet he does look it he's got some wheels is yet more athletic than I thought they're saying Alex Smith may have some on travel on its hands down other Alex Smith has looked into debt as he went pro talking Holmes and spit out like eight of nine and that a touchdown drive that. You know Mickey maybe trade bait their key plays that well maybe try to get them for Alex Smith. The identity of this team regardless of what anybody says anybody ranked sure rate issues and we certainly appreciate the fact that people acknowledge. You know the program here. But this team's identity is based on what they do moving forward. I in the games that they have in the future. And that's what every player should be looking that relative to what they need to do to improve and that's what every unit and our team should be looking out and I hope that's what we're focused on. Master of coach speak Nick Saban right they're saying although their praise highly number one team in the eight people today. It rarely tell have an identity yet and they're playing at Florida State in two weeks old wires cell. Nick save in his full then Alabama wins by a touchdown. Florida State. Oh I think he's full of it I don't know if they Nestor they win by a sound forest Estandia. It's also that on the went by just has to be if Google game. You talked to people that there it is that there's in Florida State is loaded that this is a national championship level team before state and they got first place votes to. I think Alabama wins. But I I think Sabin is is full of it Saban doing though gosh shucks we don't have an identity BS you don't have an identity beer run the football you've got athletic has held quarterback your defense is gonna be nasty again. The Florida State is a damn good football team in the rock and roll over and die so. I buy that he's BS scene but also the fact all I say this is a field goal game. Nick Saban. Is not full of it he knows exactly what he's doing so I will sell this. And I do you think Alabama will beat Florida State although you know who knows it's just. On the Alabama offense. Is scurry late last year. But very good limited dealt with some get some some issues their coordinator to a so hopefully it's it's a little more settled zero C now. I think what gifts. Willow saarc in the he'd left. Certainly easily he's in Atlanta. For the case glass and hit. I'll have to look that up there you lieutenant I should note this too all right Jill. And it was kind of Jamie that the Astros we're gonna have the best record in the American League but it's what you look right now but Red Sox have definitely closed the job. A lot of us have to do with the fact that the Astros have been struggling since the trade deadline but as the Red Sox offense is loaded and if they didn't do you know I work for our series which they will throw Chris failing game one which your chances of winning game one are pretty clearly and stood no matter who you're playing. That was Pedro Gomez on ESPN radio looting of that the Red Sox might be the best team in the AL and since July 31 the Red Sox are fourteen in three. They just won the series against the eighties yesterday two games to one. Astros are eight and twelve since July 31. And no one wants to win the wildcard seemingly so fire sell the Red Sox will represent the American League in the World Series. Rule them this juicy little stock food. Gosh that's tough I like Boston. But you don't you know his team at least on an out. I Cleveland the other coming on in their like their catch in the end Astros and run differential. And of course they were. Well look when they stressed out the only 56 game lead down their division yeah let's be honest that's the greatest division in the history of earth are protecting kids too you know he's in the royals on the royals and back to back World Series and now. Clean last year Cleveland went last year so I wouldn't count out Cleveland but I do think in your I think basically the premises. The Red Sox may be a safer bet in the Astros I would actually agree with that I'm. You know the Astros. The day's peak too early in the got to get healthy. Yes and that's I think the hospitals up by who else stick with Houston and Houston again it's it's a health factor but based of a twelve game lead. Sometimes I wonder too if Houston is just kind of go through the dog days here because there's nothing to play for. There's no urgency but if if Houston does get healthiest of the accused and is the best roster top to bottom. Although it is a big concern in the Houston did nothing to the deadline to go I'd try to get better especially amongst the pitching staff that are still take Houston you know I'll trust their bullpen in there. And in that bullpen and shaky. That weird though that of all the teams they're the one that didn't go out. And it's it's I know they can they have the prospects in the person to go out and makes them lined up that they can take on a lot of contracts out payrolls and a no it's it's it's a fairly cheap payroll and their their front office said that they be willing to pay when the time was right. And there were players the doctors that our players to be had a huge is willing to take on contracts. Potentially. For the lakers if they were bound to be guilty of tampering if it could cost them potentially. Draft picks us money if it was proven that there was a side deal made with Paul George. It could cost them their ability to either sign. That player in free agency or our trade for him. Adrian was around ski on the reports of the lakers illegally tampering and trying to acquire Paul George as he just explained and if found guilty lakers could. Loosen draft picks money in it'd be kind of the second superstar that they miss out this time on their own fault first one being Chris Paul in that trade years ago. So buyers sell this is a huge deal for the lakers and a possible outcome of Paul George ending up in LA. Not that it's easier because they'll find nothing that went down here. Everyone tampers forensics that does to Portland TrailBlazer currently tampering with Carmelo Anthony. Activities. It's ridiculous unless there is some sort of concrete proof I can't play the lakers are dumb enough to try to puts on that in writing for all George that's a source ideal. Just speculation. But I think it did the whole league tempers are refuse to believe that there's a smoking gun in this so they have to dig it seriously there's been charges. They'll investigate or find out in a move on if they got caught. Could be huge deal because the Paul George consigned them and you could lose draft. Yes I was gonna ask you so to clarify loads is saying that. That it could cost the lakers. The ability to sign him yes so they they tampered you have everything from draft picks being taken away. Two you would not be allowed to sign Paul George Lou we're trade forum in free agency will then that is a huge deal but I'm with you that they probably I mean you know they're not going to be able to pin down on it but it hit the NBA. Tampering is everywhere but how it was a that they do not have. Evidence of tampering. When CJ McCollum literally hit social media picked fifth in the whole world knows I'm sure they're playing playing basketball with Carmelo Anthony tried to recruit and he says it. And yet. There's. An I don't understand now the whole they understand the entire is that is just that the knicks didn't column on it. Drew did the dream on dream like you'd think actively recruiting Kevin Durant and I go they've just been pretty open and about hey you know horrible clear some space was I think this. Tampering goes on at every single level in the NBA. They did nothing. Will be found it's all right it's a Monday stock watch its proxy by Goldberg Jones when it comes to divorce custody and child support issues just Colbert Jones to help 1800 divorce. Indeed your phone questions answered ads no charge. A couple of things we've yet to get used I champions. Of bags. We need to you champion bags and I love bags. That made him fun bags all kinds of bags and a Floyd Mayweather says that he is not having relations with the before the big fight this weekend with Connor McGregor. Is no sex before sports a thing. We have the definitive study. Coming up it smells very European economy. Now for thirty years GO. I'm revising and sue god sanity of all right scored 37. And on the damage is Monday. If you enjoyed the experts say even if you were not in the path of totality. Begin a little bit of breaking news here. Thanks to our the street team at the namely the listeners telling us sort Cisco is to us I love that. It's so funny to me. That well I mean that we're not journalists we just host shows so we have a great news or anything out nor do we have any sort of like real extent here. Users are familiar anyway then they'll go with rumor all day absolute Nikko and Brian it's so. Zell the fact attack sources close it's so I am. It's just funny to me what people forward onto SP gives you all out there and we love it. You all will will definitely. You know you think of us when you see stories annual Florida reminds us it's never like oh hey I heard this scoop about. A Willie tag it's gonna start this game that guarantees that never that it's things like this. And it is Tiger Woods nude to say yes so far this. This is the great. Tiger Woods got this went from breaking news Tiger Woods news exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point and that's not. Really the big story can do. That we do get to see Tiger Woods naked if that's what you. Want to see it it is now available on the Internet powerhouse to go along with that there is for the one now hi I've only heard this because heaven forbid no one on this program when Google bit and spent the entire break looking at it. There are maybe one naked photos of Tiger Woods but there's about twenty naked photos of Lindsay ball. Yes and they are explicit yes so and I've heard an ass after the ya know I just some beach told me that yes summons and their idea video with her as well but not the we've seen that either again it's. All rumor and speculation but if one were to do led. You could probably find you could sign yet and tiger's thirty lawyer that is not happy about yeah apparently telling everyone to take it down which no one way. And vine. I should say if you like some analysis of the of these and I will say. Tiger looks very awkward as you read as you would suspect it's hard not to is like look awkward when you're your take in I know. Yes I don't know means it's a weird situation leave it to him. But see I don't think it is because like you remember when Greg Oden did this yeah it's the same picture right it's like. He's standing in front of the mere any shoots the yeah he shoots himself naked in a hangs and gone and away you go you look at note in. Or or anybody that's ever done that venues like up okay and whatever but the U doesn't like no aura of like our ordinance. Comes that you. But when you look at the Tiger Woods won it does is it it's weird it's like dude. You just looks so weird you're just weird you are so weird tiger is weird. The very glad it's an uncomfortable. Uncomfortable situation give the on the other hand feels so very confident in front of the land yet. Other analysis I have for you in this is awful because these have been. Clearly leaked against their will and we should not be unions and so this is all second and I am not deeds I refuse to not look at the we have standards. However we are journalists. I just mentioned. After you really don't we just there and in this case when it comes nude pictures we are about us like a doctor about that very clinical approach that we take these sorts that you add that we don't get any pleasure and an well this is this is for your information. Lindsay bond. I did not give her enough credit it leads him on doing any okay up and it's get. Be proud she is great that's one of those sick I know they leaked in the and it's an invasion everything that he can be a lot worse. Oh what it works yeah yeah and gonna cause a good you'd get buzz good word of mouth opened it in other news. I have professed you that I really like Miley Cyrus I think she's great yeah in I think she has a great place and I think she's really talent. Nudes of her two yeah. Again cannot would have seen but if you wanna work Google and they go. It was a new there is new batch of celebs. Katherine mixed he does that. I think she's an actress she might have been like on American Idol. And Kristen Stewart the gal from twilight. Those out there as well. So apparently the the slept Packers ran against men. He's dangerous stuff. Look if I'm a celebrity I just. I just don't know why on earth you'd have stuff on your phone. It's it's tough is that this poor are gonna get it she don't let you really don't care as kids fat bastard I mean if you're embarrassed by Nader. Elevated to end anyone's career far from its nine year reign in the case of the card S in it launched the career it just in on the whole privacy thing that you write some people probably don't do whatever. But what Tommy Lee came out is like yeah I am right does it ever happened to Tommy me like hours drive in the gulf. Note so leg I think is if you have them you have to be somewhat prepared yes that they could find their way to the the inner CS so. If you're Lindsey Vonn and you're pissed about that like Jennifer Lawrence is just about a ranks as she really mad as she took it. I I don't see him of the best of anyone where she said I'm not embarrassed she goes I'm upset because it's an invasion of privacy united and someone violated that she goes I'm not embarrassed I took fees and a committed relationship with someone that I loved and she has we're having fun she was she's like I'm not ashamed of it might comfort you. Yeah I'm well as we continue to analyze these let's not overlook is weld the weird photo of tiger. On on a putting green yeah gas without his shirt on. Now he's not nude but he he does not have assured on and he's taking a self the I'm putting green yet and ended the key show in the wake of the start of something like the ants fiscal downwind though yeah a little weird did in the background of his nude photo is like the Tiger Woods had just like hanging back there. A K here's my logo existing case you didn't know was the yet as his face is not on the fifth but the Tiger Woods that is. Weird TW slowly got to get it pay brand placement product that is that is sure to OA's be put in the product out there right. Marketing 101 so there is folks Lindsey Vonn. Tiger Woods they've been hacked they are not happy about it and we are alive and I refused to look. I'm squarely in their corner there were on team lately team Von routine tigers were seen on clearly team bond team boss tiger when it. OK coming up next where were we don't know we got a real are you a champion of bags per per. Gonna talk about them Venus on TV attempt I do love bags and beat Baghdad now. It's a 444 on the sand. Would buy tickets to. Yes I was watching ESPN. Yesterday at some point yeah. Iverson I think Carter remember what time was. And that they have the corn hole championships on there I I saw this I wanna say that we could do ago. I don't was at the same one or is it's some sort of new program with a pregnant lady on there. There was a there was kind of a soccer mom yeah applicant moment which we're just a teacher I'd just like a burned seizure yet she's pregnant. And yet they are those I want to say that a week or two ago than they did it when they did did Puccio was well. I'm OK it's fascinating I got caught up on it it's like two or three Friday nights ago. I kind of like an hour watching the court no championships yet they called it the champions of bags business. Magellan. But it was weird they had. It you know did repute in I. I had to change it after awhile because well it's corn all I'm in Weytman when my doing. But. They have a play by play guy and a color analyst and everything the politically guy was hilarious that was my favorite part is given as the in depth strategy and then did you notice that he can't refer to the rockets crowd there with thirty people in the stands yet but they were they were fired at they were drinking at the I loved the bleachers had everybody had read silica. But the bleachers were only three deep it was like three rows of bleacher tickets corn hallways of the Vietnam like 20000 it was so weird guy with a is easy top beer that was always in the back of the shot I don't know what he was doing in. And no to have. Ed what that's our troops some one team wore uniforms were like Jersey is but the big gala her husband. Would art teacher Todd deputy captain Tony's teacher my Key West they just Iran and wet corn holed. So the data in the sun yes it was the one team they had heat jerseys and keyword jerseys. But don't and a husband and wife did not like you said how does the husband wife. Get so good at Cornel like like if I'm watching the corn hole championships. I mean I'm not picking and soccer mom is like the the the queen of quarrel I've taken like a couple of drug boroughs are always planned it out their backyard or something right. Yeah what did you notice and understand I gotta be careful here but did you EU did stick ready here in the interviews right. Now yeah so we watched. They did that that was like the mixed championship or whatever like the team GB chip and then I saw the the solar championships. And I gotta be careful about this 'cause I don't wanna be. Overly judgment here comes sexist comment though it's not beset its axis is just it's going to be profiling here. They all had a certain. Backwoods quality if you will about interviews. So you thought they were all like trash. And that would just man I I'm just saying and restore. There was a certain. Country NASCAR. Esque feel about all of the interview them through some Wal-Mart shoppers are. I I felt like they went and bought some of the the sticky bags along our life is that. Mean I just stands a reason to think I I kind of feel like you asked like what they've why it's the husband and wife team. I kind of pitching them out at a park somewhere possibly where they lift. I'm hoping. Maybe trailers involved and I just got a feeling they spend their days make babies haven't Toronto's end thrown portal bags ranked. You said he is due in line I just I I kind of feel like that so do you think it because she even said. And your interview. She's she pointed out that she hasn't played a whole lot since that time to practice with the babies and kids is she really only plays with their house. So a decent finish you like the Michael Jordan of this. He knew and I. Did you and I become world champion corn haulers if we practice I feel like if we dedicated our lives yes we could we could be counted anybody or is there adjusted mean I'm just so talented other activists say anyone but I think if you have a DF like two eyes was in depth perception. Some decent coordination and I'd like I don't think that one I geo is gonna be out there Cornel intent but it if you've got two eyes and some sort of coordination and a dedication. Yes I think you could become a Cornel champion plus it's a muscle memory yeah yeah the same thorough and make it literally every time I'd be oh we should say. If you don't know corn homeless. It's that game where you derby bags you took the bean bags. Into the hole. And ground hold its on Mike a little. Board. Initiated tailgating college football tailgating or whatever wait for it landed on the board than you get it's either 2.2 three points for Ginn and in the hole. Yeah you seem to tell gates it's kind of become like a popular backyard thing mark I also have do. I I have to reason. That your competition is it that. Great. Like they make the best in the world that this but there are doing because many people attempting to be addressed in the world the best in the world only because no one cares yes. It's like when you're. Wants liked is that would LeBron James do you like the most amazing on caller I would think so would it be like golf like I just said muscle memory guys that can. In a repeat of putting stroke over and over and over and over and over and over and over give or take either way. And Ben Crenshaw I think to be really good hey just out there like a professional bowler who's the got a tour is doing this thank web birdies it was two in the crotch shot. I Cornel and and by the way that the grand prize for when he was 3000 dollars. Does that there's a lot of time and energy that goes into winning. 3000 dollars so I think that's another reason why you don't see the best of the best. Out their due and it's like when you watched the these to have that Guinness book of world records show where they would show people breaking world records and so the world records are Mays right leg viewed like Michael Phelps breaks world records that's a whole thing. Then there's the people that decide to go to the weekend and one takes considerably more skilled and stiffer competition is all insane when it comes to the Cornel chips it chips yes discarded have a frame of reference wolf. That I posed the question is the rise of corn hole and bags the death of horse shoes because I feel like there is horseshoe pits all around parks you know certain parks area and their anti my dad used to play short for she's all the time in the back yeah. I guys are dangerous for no shoes Owens played or she's anymore sources that's sad sad I like pushes too but it's hard because you can't meet you. Well I just think cardinals easier to set up yeah it's easier. To transport and kids are going in the horseshoes at one another in those bushes in those things they for. My brother put in a horseshoe pit on the side of his house years ago. And I'm willing to guess that he's played horseshoes three times and now it's just an area where dogs and cats come to take it down. That's basically what it did this but it's still out there it is funny how can revive it with Cornel I just you know remove the steak and put the the the a week on the landing platforms down in court all the way they'll save these guys like if you watch him for a little bit. They make it every time the only time they don't make it. Is when they're the bags are like right in front of the holds him trying to strategically knock their other bags in there. He gets he gets a little complicated now here's one I did not know that there they were really ged I didn't know there were different sides the back. Different once sides to the back is a sticky side now there's news and in and I didn't know. So apparently you can you can throw ones that you want to land in my block or drag another bag in on you throughout this suicide it's slides mansi says that's I learned something watched the Cornel. And so zone accomplish some of your bags are sticky and some of them babies news. Aaron well it depends on how you want to you know prepare the bag a key big years in needs programming they had the corn hole championships on their. They've got me. Got me for an entire like it I'll miss a good 45 minutes. Recommend next it's the hot five at five we have a surprise. A quarterback. In the pac twelve which will tell you down. I sum up bits of NBA news Roger Goodell is back in the news. We also have a quarterback. Situations. Resolved in the NFL and the Seahawks can help for their offensive line we have so much of the college football. Eight people is out as well also a lot of news today in the tallest next on the fit.