Primetime 8.17.17 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, August 17th

Best Of Primetime...Gary Andersen from Pac-12 Media Days, Mike Yam w/ Suke, and more!


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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. I would fly private club wants. I don't want to. Now this is the prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news yours source for the best in local regional and national sports. Clap. Mediocrity deserves applause Isaak rob I'm miserable I had to get up at 10 o'clock this morning Jason sic Janice Harmon you may not do this problem. Do prime time on 1080. It's. For those of you just joining us this is their best of edition of primetime today Isaak Rafa has a case of vertigo and what the doctors today doctors so that should subside by tomorrow he's been back tomorrow. If not those soup we'll be back for sure from vacation he's got the coast all week and he'll be back tomorrow it's a short show. Until 5 o'clock as we lead you into the Seahawks vikings game tomorrow. Of a sold come on this best of edition of primetime dual duty Burke pressure famous interview here on the fan that's at the start of the club it's a two partner. We will also do you interview with Mikey M next segment from the pac told networks but here we will start. With Gary Anderson how pac twelve media day when the guys finally. Finally finally after many many many months decided to tell Gary Anderson about his nickname figure there. Actual football media day of course out Oregon State coach Gary Anderson a staple from our show we appreciate you coming on every weekend he is sat down with us. Again to kick it off and in this we got a we get topless before we we're where we get started look. I think it's time let them but I think is time we we feel good about our relationship with you you're great with us. Can we tell you what we call you when we don't talk to vote isn't the gear where they'll tell you ended here at the giver and make a teacher at the yeah it's good yes let's imagine the airfare static begin to prepare. Also that's our recruiting guys are Soviet big hits yeah we've we've been doing it now offer for a couple years so every time it was a dollar. I don't I just started college to get bears because you know you have this reputation does indeed kind of this like stern taskmaster. And then we bright you are on and you know we'd end up talking about chili cook offs are blades or whatever it would like he's soft. Guy and I think he's there. It's a everytime you come home we give people little texted or be like is this the day you call it like. I don't I don't I don't feel it over the opponent media Ian Perry he's yeah he's gonna do tonight yeah I'm against it yeah it is what it is Lola but I I want to jump to tell you. My nicknames for you guys. But the pin and no way to go to the pistons it's awful but at the path and limit that you securing great show. Arpaio does what is your deal we crossed fitting now live a discount ago. Little ultra competitive with tread on the waiver of a little bit this season and eating. I don't need anything fun. It's not a fun ruins. Like eating sawdust could agreement we shape this terrible we've both years decided that's the but I don't know why people do it it's hard to eat I mean. Even a potato chip that's like a great chip and stuff that's. If those final French Fries no litmus it and live your life if I had exactly merry. A year EC I think I tied to that is no matter what you do you do is get competitive about it. Yep that's doctor with a place so goes from ten miles on the treadmills and go go twenty miles a week in intervals and faster and whatever. Fessler collar together it was there was. If I was that good because everybody was like we used to go out jogged on the old Soviet youth so we're doing is now. In the last few four yard like race that's too. Right but it's every day your take their tournament win this thing today announces that but would argue it's myself we have got the same thing going up I think if there's a battle Royale of coaches. Do you see where the last Wednesday at the and then what have you is gonna have to kill the other is actually at the year that the convert we'll have a repeat golf now with which is absolutely amazing to me really. Is that he is getting old and as they have in the heavy golfer and and it but he was the guy. That would fight you on any golf term not not known as the stupid sport in the world but not a sport back laws is going off about it and now he's like. Hardcore it really he caught the bug hearts what golf does it is a stupid sport you are seen Robin Williams did on on. On golf and should exhibit until this body so it's really good it's really dumb sport but. He gets it he gets its hooks in yep played for four publishers what does not have a hooks in me yet thank confident mr. Clark a horrible but what is he gave thanks that student with a guy trust me it's simulate it in particular just days away WB elect look I wanna eat a burger not run on the treadmill let's go walk the golf course won't agree to that would be a lot of this via IXCL sadly but not walking on golf course when. The idea to have things on the golf course says Michael I'd played I played nine holes that I drink that's really my book but I'd like I I really specialize in the temple. I don't play AT OK I was only in the new head to the bar through the gulf should have been thirteen holes except I mean there's no question a clever but if you can not ever normal ever say I don't know shoot nineteen should have been thirteen maybe fourteen. This is Gary Anderson Oregon State that care bear the idea the football by the way you know let's talk a little okay. Limits on sit out at what it would as he had what does he bring to the table was a big tall kid quick release. I think he has a lot of intangibles he's played division one football games and it's good things in Idaho he went through junior calls of fun as we through the process to get reais today. Stills loves things were going you know we came with a C got sick he was their engines in summary was ready to go we had got a bug in could could we figured out you lost like 3040 pounds while what Bob but now that's history now we got to go get him into where he needs to be. He's a prototype six. 66. I'd say in two or four repel quarterback that can really spend it and if we're going to take strides football team we have to through ball and the club better if we do not do that then it'll be the same house. Remember you know we're talking about. This over the last couple years about seeing the offenses in this in this conference you've got to score points and yes maybe also it's a vault B are we going to see that this year with the the evolution of this offense that we were not hired Jason Phillips as a passing game coordinator and if he's been fantastic Vieira are goals the come in and basically be able to play with different pace so we really want you played the different paces that. Office is split maybe faster maybe outlook that may be local or scenarios I think that's going to be an important part of our offense he's allowed simple by the passing game. To a point where kids have a better understanding and so I think that will help us. So with that you that we if you look at us as a whole you sit back and say. Quarterback has got to be able to get rid of the football in this league as a fuel ball for over two seconds your iris to get drilled. And have a lot of bad things happen to you and if you do that consistently I don't think your quarterback the last few vehicles from five room. So. There's you the pass rushers to beat defenders you've got to learn have a system with the our receivers. Tight ends running backs quarterbacks. Ball ball block all need to get themselves in the same paged that trust in the juvenile think we've had that yet this offense opens to you can do it where did he come from Philips. The he was Kansas last. So you Lucy was a Kansas he grew up now easy bit. These kids need I don't Baylor he's been you know all the way through that that system back there and so it's then I think with what we tried to do this kind of try to match what we do and it's it's been it's been good on paper so it's been good on toll that was like air raid ten days of practice it is it's an array there's there's there's definitely be an air raid simplicity field to to the pass game notes that for sure. But it's also going to be with the way we play because we want to run the football physical going to be 6040. The of the day. And yet we give backs against look at it you got a guy like it all yet EP you know the additional Tom's diner yet to throw the ball but. Gotta love the way it's this way you guys ran the ball at the end of the year what 20/20 went straight runs the civil war you don't finish off the year. Yup and that's where we were a year ago and I don't think you can consistently play like that in this league and and and win games week in week out but. If you have to do with that we care of that too it's for the weather conditions wherever it may be I think you've got to have that in your toolbox appeal play that weigh in on that day it. Worked over will frost knows what those huge victory but there's times when you you've got to go out you might have to win 5251 in this league. Maybe where you'll get beat 2152. Certificates got to get to keep up with them on Sundays. Gary Anderson Oregon State how did that Thomas Tyner thing come about. You know Thomas was has good relationships with a lot of kids on our team. And he disclosed elm street and so. It was just the conversation that it had to come up that he reached out and no one potentially. Hey this may be one of played him in isles off for a he did what we ask him to do he did at the right way he went about the process he. That is schooling got that taking care of he's been with us and all summer and he's been really goodies. It's that the best thing I would say with almost loses this pharmacy can get an opportunity to ended on his terms whatever it is going to be he's going to tell the story. I hope it's really cool book and has fun and from the ending to a but he's he's a good leader for us he's plated some very very. The highest game there is booze business. College level for Russell's playing in the championship won championships two all things he's done. On the field knew of some great teams in the and he doesn't care that with a cocky this is a bit there have done that but he does carry that with the hey. This is that was how you have to work to get there and it's been working. You look at it. Last year some close games build on success and now looking forward. Is there any reason this team not to go global. No and I don't know if I would ever say that there is that a dedicated team that I coach but yelled this team is. Done a lot of things to to take strides with that they believe themselves. They take a walk out there and think they can compete in that the social over report put. I think he's coached a nice job recruiting it's a good it's a good coaching staff got some kids with some experience now. Prime much like the utes this year as we go through there is going to be the development of the young offensive lines will be gigantic for us. Will likely last year to you guys and you gave it some guys healthy. And move some guys inside and that office of mine kind of jelled yeah. Just meeting is such a huge difference you guys last it was a big. It was a big deal we got a young man and JC offensive lineman of the multiple on kid who just joined us. And he was that JC kid that we got the PS3 for three guys and you know we pride ourselves on being abnormal recruiting right and that's what we don't we do that you took for years didn't you tell status or abnormal recruit sure and really help execute as transfer safety gave us Toms tiger gave us the market on kid. You know Reagan snapper we're gonna your kicker is so those pieces of the puzzle important but we have to deal to. Play on the offensive line to allow us to deal to protect to throw the ball right way we've got to play in her life back position to stop the way on the right way in this league gives a chance if we do that. We'll get to a ball game for sure and if we don't we're not going to. It's it's when you when you took over and and I know you know it when your head coaching you gotta protect your players but the whatever your rebuild the program I saw this with with Colorado you know 45 years ago as those with Washington State and when when they went through their rebuilding phase. There is a sets especially up front that. When you first got there it just was hard for some your guys to physically compete week in week out. It just wasn't the depth there was the size and when you watched this team now. When I when I see it in spring when I see at the end of the year this physically looks like a different Oregon State team that it was a couple years ago we got and I think you'll continue to go. That way you know lame links links link click links in this league and a strength is important we got here there was. Basically three kids and there was a believable. We're strong 33 kids could squat fiber panels and mid 40s47. Ish somewhere around their necks when we've been really good enough say this is this is the recipe for winning too much football games must say that but I think it's important and we were really good you to a state we have fifty plus kids squad 500 pounds. That Wisconsin. When we were really good which is both years we have fifty kids squad of 500 pounds now the Wisconsin when we got there if there's one clever about aspects earth they're damn good. But we had to build that up to a state and we have to build that up Woodward's state I think that's just the mentality of of knowing that you can. Play in a football game and hope. Not hope that you can hang in there physically but you expect the other team to wilt as does date them. Some police said you got there in the were three guys think it's less than a hundred and now there's forty. There's forties yeah forties you know that's awesome. Evan Simon price say 4950 LC mid forties significant look at a couple guys that are straight it's Djokovic for Al picky about what does it would usher in a deep that was maybe a three quarters say it yet. But we've we've definitely got stronger and I emphasize that you know we're we we lifted 529014. More pounds we did last year Wi Max does that does that. That wins nonstop but it. The world that. The small lake gives a general's progress initials kid mica a work in the tail off to get stronger they get themselves in the spot to be. You know we play physical game at the end there we want to play physical brand of football. Fumbles as the football if you're gonna win in this league you have to decline gas since the big boy leak dizziness some of it is just a Tennessee Texas and those gyms just so that just Tim's intelligent it is you know mentally physically this league is. Frequently or anything else you'd like to talk about what if you look at the that I got a bit ago that the food if you're over there. I think I'm now a party we go for road if you want now don't know because you'll wanna be down. That's our job I I would I would crush you with. Everything that's a dry up doesn't come out you know I pregame right. You look at your opponents is the I feel pretty good that target conscious about the science I'm not I don't stand and bat and a negative shot but it might have something to do with the nickname among come up with big. I like OK let's all lift with the if you want but I don't go out there but if I'm not lived there. The again I know I can judge voted that he hi rap guy a day or prone to quality reps whatever he looks strong he's not that you. I obtained is them. I'll beat your ass golf collection I'd like to hear that you will like oh let's really be equitably. At least your shirt is your show it yet you you would crush your golf I'm so glad relative of segment. Us that this is two days ago we played in the gulf thing for the first the apprentice. And I had T three par writes for the Tito there. I hit the ball and the the piece of turf flew off and hit the ball Michael didn't include the miles that's that's how pitiful says that he she laughed yeah a cousin. That's actually the house doesn't happen I don't know the clothes fall yeah all right we cannot let this we need to do now between running lifting golf that was just address it. The suspect and this just bad that's something we can all agree that this is into the bar yeah and if he'd probably want them fetus there he's there. A lot of the committed its very thick it is thanks guys Ganassi I appreciate very much like you know it will it will talk to every week this Ulysses he'll look forward to expect a cake CoBiz appreciate you guys hearing. Love the gear bears so much is such a good interview and he's such a good sport after the parliament told him what his nickname ones are coming up next segment and an abusive did when he was solo with my game from the pac twelve now works is the best of edition of primetime here on the fan. Right time where the ice against duke on insanity though. Best of edition of primetime continues here. This is a long segments of don't be alarmed by a Davis of related to this when don't worry I forgot it figured out. Timing wise and if I don't well they'll figure it out later and the club soccer for hopefully have some shorter segments. How is her Gary Anderson there we will hear now from the actual numbers it was just suits all of this day. Interviewing Mike him. Balance the pac twelve. Why nod to Ed just talked a pac twelve general. But one of our own personal favorites the amber and Mike in the pac twelve network joins us might face or carved out a couple minutes force. Yeah absolutely Gatwick at best time of the year college football right around the corner what we just little less than a month away. Yeah it's kind of turned into one of those things are set to under the showed today and that's certainly an intended to be this way it just. Just ended up being college football I know the NFL hall of fame game here but side were about three weeks away from kickoff and tip my passion bucket for college football rose a little bit harder than it does for the NFL. You know I haven't heard. The term auction block is at work with a lot on our set so I guess you could happen pocket error and like that I mean this is this is great I mean because people obviously coming out and I think a bit. Scored at least on the West Coast getting some respect he Taft Hartley comes two months and then not aptly I think it was a little that they were even got there is a nationally that's not always one of those corporate -- love and coming up over. Of our immediate acceptance and you got now it's almost pride in speaking of polls that we're even out of first place to go on network division so at least some people in the media think it is a lot of open. Yeah a little surprised you talked to. Watch in the deformed and have a problem. With with USC being above wash and I don't USC at the end of the year was the best team in the pac twelve I still think it's gonna be EU dubbed it in US you know that's that's the easy way to go but. I think that the two best teams but. Washington State to me if I'm if I'm looking to team from the pac twelve they should have been in Washington stated before I did you talk to meet Todd their offense. With replace or rather a mime instilled to me don't have a quarterback that that I can believe in and the receiver issues I just there are some Utah on the scares me a little bit this year. I think that. Eight assessment I don't know I totally disagree with you but it came out at the last three years and college football playoff rankings every single week and it comes Utah's one of five teams in the country that's been every single one of those key I think for me respect standpoint I think people understand currently haven't been able to deal. I agree with yourself and on some of the question mark heading into this season he's got up at the end. A ticking what they got into office coordinator. That a story that I think we say every year east coordinator in the last nine seasons. Sure for how Willingham and I think that changes didn't issue formed a tapering Detroit Keller at eastern Washington it like to throw the football on the tokenism got you got today about that and I would be surprised me Darren Carrington. Being able to go get him I think actually helped their crop and and in such a huge I think you know and obviously in your neck of the woods understand activists he would character it would duke in ignored in uniform but your right Washington State to mean will build. Out and out. After after the first game that he's what you know sort of sounds weird but they obviously had an issue that's yes opponents. Are for whatever got Montana seat open up the heat and actually think there's really good chance they start the year while ago a Bennett at the road game against torture and see which one I'm not exactly sure we can expect from inducted this election scheduled lineup. Here well I think for for Washington State. On and we don't IndyCar on an apple cup at the end of the year I think you can tell have an opportunity to showcase why they're sort of that CNET hazard to be the top twenty at those two teams play in Salt Lake City at the end of the year to cut all options equal that you're it can't hurt. You and then Washington. A little bit like they're workers throughout the year. And and they have washed and on since I mean it's the they've got a dog yeah problem consents Chris Peterson has been there that is not been a competitive series of excellent people forget this. Washes to the last two years had they won the apple cup they win the new. Yeah yeah it's it's really wild I think once staying. That Mike Leach has not gotten credit for you look at laughing at and I think everyone thinks lead -- they'd tape went to the success but at a Texas Tech it would it would with the team has been able to watch it acute product that term care for it and it's completely accurate and it viable you'd see results to look all injuries why he's not conversation. And it game marks last year Craig apple has weapons outside but you look at the difference the last you know two seasons that team and we can actual network Alex arrangement in the most valuable position in the league. Opt for construction in the cabin he's done it at that used to coordinating such huge strides. The net defense and they immediately credit has to get maligned for not running the football and yet look at a trio of acts and year. And look and ammunition dump off but you look at the production do you get from axial and and to meet Osama criticism is not out there who want to look at been able to produce. You know like the cute they're there what are receivers but if but let's get Mike yeah imported used that you see you do about it it's too easy so let's let's assume that you know I don't know the Ebola Virus the falls both of those teams and and their out of the mix. Give me the B Mike yam power twelve title game minus USC minus Washington. It is. When Easter drop it like you bowl that is like you you got some dark dark issues let me let have to go on worked there. Where is good at it and Andromeda strain if you want. Shortly got an. Old school few years but your outlook it is locking up your short of the class air for as much count. Conversation that there is against or Washington State and people obviously talking about it it is which is so hard to me. We hear what you see Utah last ER one and one B and number Q when I'm on Stanford. You finding it easier to point airlines is founded on Christian and an arguable who do you mean defensively. Lack your outlook of the actual championship game got lucky Utah and Colorado and for as much as people want to talk about all that and I get it expects ENG grading was was up was six and I'd vote a year ago we'll talk about all of a wide receivers. Colorado both of those teams got in the championship game because they keep their secondary is where I look at the crooked and the party would be at the track and it's all the guys and secondary that's going to be playing on Sundays. And can beat scampered. I think you can make an argument a secondary in the country I look at a lot I'd honestly really don't want on the defense side of the ball. And I get a Christian cap freezing and a man and a loss. On you you can't deny. That the right club pretty damn good when you put in there on the captain is banged up. Right can play the dude can ball is he going to be Christian milk that you can't sit still. You know the numbers and the president McCaffery acts out there. A citizen and I knew you got an opportunity to talk to coaches around a week. Every year media day we get an opportunity talk their coaches on there and then we have conversations with them op there. And David shy is now. Our rob rob I've received expressions on the sidelines he's not gonna go over the top about anything and yet. When we talked about his team this year. You mentioned a couple guys trainer when we can be a great outlet receiver a year ago we will do it can come out that way couldn't it couldn't rapidly that we got. We've spoken you can be pretty good this year but shot start smiling and yeah I electric in the U I think we're gonna be pretty good and for him. Actually even go far out can be said that can't produce. It would ship and a gateway I mean it's kind of Insituform every single year I'll Alex and we're really is that it. You know behind Uga and he's sure bet that next year you'd. Another to go on record and just say that I have an official man crush on David Shaw I love. Keep in the crazy. Good coming the other like you've around the league it was played perhaps. Probably shouldn't say that a lot that we look at a game like what coach which you wanna go or being shot that was on that shortlist for the opposite Gary Anderson he is is right air. And then Chris Peterson is is also. I should probably purpose but they were protect well network and all of coaches love equally. Clearly clear that's what is you know every year we leave and I always leave blown away by by Shaw. I love Chris Peterson in fact if I had to goes because I'm too dumb to get into Stanford. Chris Peterson would have been my guy like Anderson abs abs trying to get to know Willie Taggart a dark horse that I always enjoyed argument that I kinda wanna run to a wall is talk program. I just I can't. I'll get fired up that would sit up our program right now is the one got you're gonna say it was Rick Rodriguez who got away is five bar. My favorite coach of all time the pocket he is legitimately one of the funniest guy ever. Oh and you and obviously Donnelly and I don't get exchange Christmas card. All right Jimmy eat it could oppose this to you though. Someone's gonna get fired at the end of the year I'll give you Jim. Todd Graham Rich Rodriguez. Supposedly all three of those guys may be a little heat of one of them. Has a terrible season ending and ends up getting fired most likely. While. You know I hate to go down that road just based stop for the fact that you know where couple seasons removed for war really. Arizona for example Rich Rodriguez I've read all the stories like you got a patent. Understand sort of the form of talk radio side and it's easy to say the struggle that they're gonna happen here if you hear that rich Rodriguez's throw it out there and yet I. I would argue Arizona's basketball school and just a couple years ago they just won the the actual output per driver yet there were top ten team that cannot or. They obviously had initially last year. Look I mean you've seen a lot to you good at more injuries than to try artery get so acted me first much people want to see if he does warm and I get that. Point to the result takes who's gonna be eight better your program at the upper Echelon and Arizona. Programme at the same thing about the job you got where offensively obviously it was a little bit of a different production more issues were on the defensive end they pack. I've read differently blocks massive amounts other coaching staff. To the head coaching ranks and I think that played a factor in some of their issues and you more options and things got frozen. Not hurt a year ago. You know maybe eight batters he he he just continues to. Crush every time. Signing day were even talking about he UCLA. Getting about class I think constructive change a little bit consideration begat that would tiger has continued to bring in. Is that the most politically. If your question hey you know I do about it. I don't think any of those guys be fired either is is agency would you read through these lists of course on the odd senior those three names but I gotta tell. I agree with that too upon any of those schools I don't pull the trigger on on on any of them. It's. Think a couple of years ago my gratitude that the conversation in order to stay right where right on the hot seat and we would say. On aren't that well who's going to be did not get a better and to be honest with you but not metal shop by Oregon state athletic department able to go get a guy like Gary Anderson who was even on the job that he had. At the top of the big home run camp but I would make it. And claims and will who's going to be better then that Mike Riley Patrick gonna go to get court now and in treat people like I think in big lake area Anderson about it. Never would've guessed that they would have got a guy like Gary Anderson and so that's caused me and I never thought that Mike Riley should go but towards the end it and it's and and I'll say this about whether it's easier there is Ono or or in any school Stanford USC. When apathy sets in. That's why sometimes you have to make a change just for the sake of change and I don't think that's happened on the Arizona schools are UCLA but I think some that was started to happen. And organ state I certainly think it happened in organ. And when that happens when the fan base stops caring. When the fan base no longer is passionate and that means that even the boo birds are trying to get sound and he just kind of gets this Malays over the program that's when you come in and that's when you need to make a change sometimes just even if you don't think you're gonna find someone that you're gonna pick we love sometimes you just need to make that change and I do think at that time in hindsight is for us it's easy to say probably happened organs they but I don't think there is a coach to me in this conference right now that's that's there which is why don't think there should be. Any sort of coaching change this year and I don't know when the last time you could say that the pac twelve I just think damn good conference right now would damn good coaches. I would make arguments from top to bottom that. That is the best collection of coaches in the country I mean I would make it is I had a debate with someone and and I understand what it would it would exceed it and and and Urban Meyer to meet Chris Peterson. Is there a guy that's one line. More than hand with Lex and two K in his third season a school like Washington at a college football playoff opener and resource about Washington at. Compared to a higher at eight compared to Alabama in that and that beating them. I mean I've been everywhere in Alabama you know typical person I've seen their facilities seem sort of the gap that those teams. The meat of my money and that type of guy that Chris Petersen who want to get on its campus. I'd make an argument that coach in the country. I mean. Look it's it's hard to argue with the results when you look at the NASCAR short but. I'm I'm I'm with you to me that is a strong case to be made and why USC white organ never came calling for Chris Peterson and didn't pull the trigger on that is beyond me is I do think that he is if you're talking as a safe for a for safety sakes if we're giving out the Olympic medals for coaches. Let's just say that I think the Chris Peterson's on the state. Well no doubt in my mind he is up there and I would love to unit like these you know its that sanity treated right where I would love it he wouldn't hurt a buyer or exceed him would view with the resources that. Chris Peterson where we're at I don't mean that it is disrespectful way to Washington I think they have. To meet at some of the best facilities in the opportunity to read about. Actually these police state and yes yes level what he was working with I mean. God they're here are probably doubled tripled the amount of corruption that Alabama has compared to any other school. In the actual conflict I mean it is why now this is that they acted like you know being that any. Not a public school where your go to you know a college where you're classes got an electrical entered it it's almost like on a private school there like one culture except our players it is like absurd amount resources that they had and it does make a difference especially on the recruiting. He's Mikey have you can find him on the pac twelve network does a wonderful job and we appreciated my skills because of a couple more times down the road. Yet he kind of got you need to be us. My gym their pac told networks in this best of edition of primetime coming up next three words. Gay Mount Everest first me and sports. We're advising didn't do god 1080. Near the end of our three here on the special edition of prime time and one final actual segment you're gonna have little wrap up ketchup coming up in the next on with this one of it was a fun piece of audio really old audio actually have a news story that droplet on the air. And I was title simply game and Everest you. I love this next little bit of audio. And there is an eleven news. It's Tuesday royalist. Again I love a love news clippers yeah those are always fun they're fun. He's literally drops the F bomber edges there's so many funny things out there like gagging get lost in a vortex of news bloopers for. You go to our YouTube he's had been like fails or news bloopers. Those are always fun for a it's gonna kill a segment or two now this one comes from I I don't know actually what. CD this is in but her name as the anchor's name is Cynthia easy Geary a Cynthia. And she's talking about a man to. Climbed Mount Everest. Take a listen after the break interview Eric Y hit mayor and who climbed the highest mountain in the world mountain Everest. But he's gay I mean gauge excuse me he's blind. It has been the break a look at this. Oh yeah out that what what do you suppose. She was thinking I don't know he'd he's gaining. Weight I mean I don't wait. This I think she said it's used as you know. The great interview Eric Y hit mayor who climbed the highest mountain in the wild mountain Everest but he's gay I mean game machines. A look at just did say it had the break Olympic. These gay wedding he's got me. So much questions but does she think all blind people or gay I don't know our baby is that is that a bigger deal of the gig crimes. The the blind because it's the mound I don't. I mean I don't know does it's not a story of these gay. Or how many gay people have climbed mount the story because he's bar and but if he's blind and room. Here animal. As a that was funny that is. That's that's a fund in the news we heard that mean she's got to feel terrible right like the shooting of fired Ernie thing now he shouldn't just about the worst I mean I've I've seen people where they drop like a Ollie and none on that stats and that was like. You know it's one of those it's it's kind of hard to gauge it's totally inadvertent machines but what was she thinking I don't know. Those are the dumb things gets on this program very weird to get your on your chewing clock for four hours day you're gonna see some stupid stuff of yet but they're all read enough like teleprompter until August sometime we say something it's his gives you miss. You know you've missed poker. You substitute one word for another gay blog aimed it right. Yeah yeah I know now doesn't really or may be she knows the she because they're saying she's an interview the guy she knew she say right lord in the back remind or tell Hersch he came across as gay now. You know like in her head I just. That that the gating is it should because we're we're kind of joke and I classic networking you the inevitable. Kit with you guys to get fired like that word to some people scale like just makes everyone really uncomfortable late tired of yeah. The lake. Anytime your discussion on race in Kenya and discussion on sexuality everywhere just like Parker's. There's just like. I assume because you're talking about race there's got to be something racist in excess. Because we're talking about Italian about the they gave the opener coming out that somehow that's recent sort of giant homophobic slant towards the whole thing. No it doesn't Tripoli to relax it's just like couple little we can talk about this stuff it's okay. Be nice if it's as if you could actually have an open conversation about some things could. It's just those two things especially just give people all sorts who all. You got what you now. Saying we're gonna be okay. I'll speak for yourself I'll be fired more. I think he should be turf for what you're what you were saying the government trying to get you fired for you speakers. And I'll tell you what if if all the things that we've said have a gun is fired know that on that last segment gonna do it and yes this person raises a decent question. If your blind yeah. Yeah. You climbing Mount Everest because it's there. Needs is to say they could you just put it on any mountain decade minute it's a good question you climb Mount Everest which would he really know accuse electors sure. And you really knows the housing will take you appeared in just the next thing you know he's. The crest like a short bill aimed at you didn't miss it can't be in the semi at some point make you can't climb up like on the roof would be like Mount Everest Nike's he's not dummies is blind. Menino is stay away I mean game and line BST your weight did you have him club my name. Like it any of the large peaks and tell him to give them pikes peak. Colorado but he did it but he rents climb Mount Hood. I think he would probably be able to help yes I donors and why the line guy wants to climb Mount Everest other than. You know what that probably helps you you know in the bars if you pick it up gals. I can that sort of community embassy in that. They bother him blind and I climbed Mount Everest. A guy that that probably is a pretty good opening in what what do you gardening is getting that. No I don't but I have a controversial take on Mount Everest and that's anyone who has climbed it is an idiot. So there. If I with the girl and he was hitting on me and like you're an idiot but it has to work because why else would you do it. I only do things in order to get late commits like 95% of any sort of motivation. You can't tell me that people haven't climbed that mountain and scored because that's the only reason the vast majority people it guaranteed. I'm just on the mind if the stupid island. A distinctive fasteners in my UConn did everywhere it says that I was in the movie Everest Idaho. Nicky let's not get this is this is my theory on Everest and really any other activity like. If I'd have to actively walk over dead people. That died doing the exact same thing that you attend team that means that I should not be doing said activity. I'll get added to cut that short because we're going super long hitters are coming up next on his best of edition of primetime I'll do a quick reset for those viewers joining us. That's why it's best and we'll get to the club are which includes. The famous the infamous Burt cry sure interview with DC exit has originals as Russian mob story it's hilarious if you haven't heard of before you do not want to miss and apparently the trap accused. Horrific out there are seal company analyst entered if you're stuck in your car. Also we have two other clubs segments in the hour so that's all coming up next here on this best of prime time on the fine. Where Isaac can sue god sanity. It's a quick reset segment here on this festive addition to prime time Michael insurance you often see holdouts in Iraq all the sickly he had a case of vertigo. I went to the doctor in doctor said he should feel better tomorrow so hopefully elect in tomorrow's you will for sure about tomorrow he's been. On vacation down the coast all week if you'll return tomorrow it is a short show. On Friday as there is a seahawk biking pre season game cover suspect 5 o'clock that. So will be on the air from three to five good tomorrow so that's the reset for why we're doing a best of today it was kind of a last minute. So I apologize for that Dave Barr two was supposed to be in today with prop. Ought to rescheduled out with him he will likely be with eyes to concede a pumpkin ridge next week one of the days they are there for the would go foods Portland open which is. Next week pasta coming up next hour in the club on this best like I mentioned it's gonna be the Burke pressure interviewer to to partner. If you haven't heard it is it is hilarious it is a must hear interview it was from years ago before I was on the show will whip both C brother's success hazard. Or two I've suits whatever you like to call it. Interview Burke pressured he tells us Russian mob. A story that when he was in Russia which is great that's coming up in the next two segments by the way later on in the club but we will do a segment where they discuss why. Prime time this show is played in strip clubs on TV and men in the final segment is the attempt that I may. At naming all of the states in under sixty seconds to nine. Almost did it but all alleged DC how dirty it is we get to the end of the close I thought coming up still on the best of edition of primetime. In the club our again drop sick today so expect tomorrow from vacation. And then next week should be a mostly normal week with us so coming up next Burke pressuring her view of don't miss it this is the best of prime time on tentative and.