Primetime 8.17.17 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, August 17th

Best Of Primetime...Mike Leach and Troy Dye from Pac-12 Media Days, and hot ice talk!


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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Your eyes are brought in Jason's again with Bryant I'm Janet. And bullets our two of this best of edition of primetime Mike Lynch here review rob is out sick today should be back tomorrow a simple back tomorrow from his vacation because so we are going through some of the best segments and interviews from last. Two months on the show this one here is our first. I trip back to pactel media day in Los Angeles this was there interview with Mike Leach Washington State head coach. And he inserted his own agenda into the interview it was actually pretty great so enjoy. Always a good to catch up with Washington State coach Mike Leach here in Los Angeles first of all what's the what's the likely Starbucks orders he at a Starbucks cup there. Well it varies. You know is it depends on how much octane in need that day like today it's coffee. And then that that it we go to T as we get later on Brinkley you know and so via. So which is sort of a steady trickle you like me go there I literally goes. He could either their own time you know. While I do I do a lot but I'm not totally partial to it there's a you know there's several really good places him in Washington's system this that little. The facilities you know like kind of make the rounds and changed up from time to time in the but you know this is a steady you know Richard kitten you know let's start you always orchard yeah I mean. You might be able think the place where you like it better. What you're always tortured get there and you know if you're on a road trip for so when you go random. You know it could be it could be better but there's good cheers could be worse it's definitely true I tell my kids that can sometimes be better you can always you were all Leah I'm Kia Kia and then and I don't. You know I don't go blow blow the first or second line of them and you mean my wife role. Kids that get all kinds of stuff with. With two producer open ice and everything that it's too much to keep track embargo on the decisions to make everything but if it is in that's not gonna be well and didn't go to Starbucks for years in my kids order I still couldn't tell you what it is like a skeleton every time I can't via and then they have to tell to me a couple of times sometimes it so it over or text it write it down. Did you get to eat a US this year yeah got to bungalow down there when. With the Key West and you know eat good food. Walk round like the rounded. Should go on an exercise routine and really didn't you know put then. So so went out how long can you get them there. And you go to each and every year the yell go go a couple times a year like spring break Sayer maybe after the poll. You know go to and there are couple weeks or summer July Ian knows. Is that is really. The official coach so. Month off. It's my favorite place of earth and I'm I'm one of these times I'm just gonna show up we're gonna hang on captain Tony's you need to accounting gets tool in there that retired. Forty some stools and then went. My book swing your sword went on the that New York Times bestseller lists that use tools those nice of them but two it's a great place kept Sony's. You can conceal walk by and it's got a tree growing right the middle of it so. I've seen you've messed up deputy leader game lately yeah I have. Part of it was. But it is just you know. You know relatives of some of the laws it's it and in daughters explained to me how to do it. And in Corsica. You know I've got. Well that were I think for him good season in. You know I'm excited about our players our team in the opportunity to promote Washington State you know those first and foremost. And then the other thing that. Texas Tech still hasn't paid me for 2009. We won nine games that year and they have won nineteen cents. And and so I do feel like. They should pay me and in this entire country and most other OK so so sovereign immunity. Is where the states says okay where the state. And we don't have to abide by the law and typically applies to things like. You know if they need to open interstate uterus there are some disasters and they're not pay punitive damages. There's one state in the union. The exercises. It exercises that that gets contracts. And can emergency contract with the government okayed. Though they consume you futile for failure. That you can't sue them and it's the only state coming 49 others. You can sue the government of they violated country. National sued the government they violated contract. Not taxes and that's such a great ideas and only Third World countries to a and so I want them exposed to the and you know it in I'm gonna. In oak talked about it expose that until it's changed and and coming up I'm gonna you know. Tweet stories about people who think scrutiny sovereign immunity and things like that. And you know. But I Evian I can't even fathom that you work a whole year. And then they don't pay you is your legal battle with them is that done well it that that that's the that's the other thing that's most disturbing the ball. I never even got my game port ID you know like my cases never been hurt I mean what happened we filed. They filed a motion that said. You can't sue us as we have sovereign immunity. The trial court says. That their behavior was so egregious. It didn't matter sovereign immunity in the appellate courts as well too bad they have sovereign immunity and then Texas you have to. Go to legislature to get a bill passed. In order to get permission to sue the government and they've never passage of bill of course and those pills don't get hurt. And I had the bill's sponsors the whole thing with whom ever heard. And and I mean it's it's it's it's ridiculous summits of the in the thing as most people are aware of it. And it's most ridiculous thing ever you ask yourself OK what do we say the pledge of allegiance okay like we have the Boston Tea Party. Okay what we. The American revolution just that we can evolve to Somalia I mean it's the greatest thing ever acknowledge his Texas and I do I do love that if the hell out and they talked about freedom. That they talked about it out eight you know shaking guys they have looked him in the you don't need a contract will not only. Did they do all that I had a contract at a site signatures on the whole thing. And then. And then it in a source of news that the chancellor there he just lights. Just lies reneges on a things in in steals like contract and so both I'm fully prepared to exploit expose delegate how much they leave. Two point six million for. 2009. And that doesn't even count the four years that left on the contract. If they paid me for 2009. College could put. You know and I play into. Expose it make sure but he knows about it than. Do whatever I care and to make him uncomfortable and make it look like the frauds in the thieves that they real war. Love it's in between China with a pack to a title you're gonna it's awfully state government. That's busy bee is slightly this year as well to a plea to weigh on the Twitter Agassi with an advocate at the in mall stirred up Olympic IV you know would you like to live and extort. A guy that's that's corrupt you know. You know we mice will love call for what it is and and and you know and he it and you know they don't like being called crooks and the exempt fully prepared to prove that they all our water and apple. Logo looks looks you know what's going over the important and the little streak things and some details Mike Leach Washington State so is this possibly the best team you've had there. Thanks so you know it's a little deeper than some. We are freshmen and sophomores last year alone these guys play. I mean each show's season presents its challenges and you go to. You know stay focused and let it unfold there Campion says factions going to be constant. Stayed steady improvement but you know we're optimistic and looking forward for. The opportunity to play they're just one game away last into the upper cook didn't do you want the year before so yeah I mean you you've been right there knocking on the doors well. What's what's that next step with the next albums. We just gotta get a little better you know get the for an get a little better as we've kind of been one layered defense that we that we need to be you know little a little deeper a little better in them. You know there's. You know some really good teams in this conference and fight through that so always a challenge. But you know as the evolution goes the defense what 26 point two game last year that you go quietly built a real rugged physical defense at their especially. You know plane that that the style of offense you play. And then it'll run the ball it has been kind of new events or does kind of feel like the team. Is developing just from a kind of traditional and hate. They're gonna throw the ball sixty times it's where sixty points to a team they can run the ball and it to a team that the complacency. Well our running backs for the most productive in the conference's towards it your ads and then. And we've got a good group there that. Some guys coming back some young guys that are emerging into a lot of good things and then. You know and that's the thing has it become a more complete team and then we go take a step on defense again you know and I think we. You know we we you know we play real Horton. And then you know and part of it is is that should get the young guys in there and they get better shape and then. And everybody to work just a little bit harder and they think they can end and then. You know should start to pushing the envelope there are discovering know what you're able to do it elevating your play from there I mean you give Federer Federer. These guys have had some funky hiccups at the start the last couple seasons you evaluate anything you can't for the preparation but it. To try to rectify that or is it the case of eight you know we are at any given Saturday. Well like expecting some of it so I think some of which you as a means as the biggest thing we need to you know if you're young team you gotta come together quicken. In. In play together its biggest challenges to play together well earlier I mean in the course. As we go through cities in America that we come together it's really good team but you know we have a lot of guys out there that never play college football before of course we've played really good opponent that arguably. Vote could've should've won the national championship when. In one noble idea and then. You know then bunch seniors we get what you youngsters and we got it just. Go out there and and adjust quicker you know and like you know we'd look what we've practiced and also move like school wants for schema. There's a certain amount trying to make too much yeah Brendan you know motivated but a little over motivated you know not even keel so I was like to ask you which you're reading. I got to start a new book actually and I'm looking for some than. Got a couple candidates sit there. One I'm thinking about start news there's a turn things off but anyways it's basically a biography of hunter Thompson. Got a pretty good. Seemingly biographies sit there and thinking about Reid and I'll tell you a book I've always wanted to read that I never hang out. But it him so big so intimidating looks like phone book is the rise and fall of the third write your waves of residences it's awesome. You know because in it's that different book than. I thought was otsuka it was right there firsthand knowledge of you know it's. It is you know that whole. Nazi regime twisted off in just you know. How. You know started out and just that turn flat out evil you know. In their tips to destroy the world discus a sit there and knows characters involved firsthand you know so. But I don't know ought to set the opposite that somewhere. Read five papers that Ayers that it's you know actually petty details from one of the time in August with. Pearson that take a look at just finished up the summer it was in the garden of beast and it's the a biography of the US ambassador to Germany at the start of of World War II so it takes a back when Hitler isn't. In power yet and it talks about his relationship between him for the first time yet at going all the way through where he has to bail he's got a spam the over there and Olivia so it follows up about the first. Four years before World War II it's called in the garden of the beast it is amazing to watch a firsthand account. About seen the rise of it and you know he's his first account of Hillary thinks surprised. The how the country in the culture Morse and all that and then because this Gary could that wrote the book from what I understand again I ever read the book. Was a journalist there the whole time you know. It in the midst of all of us. You know it Sodom fold them. You know met these people rights impressions I've ever read and I've never Reno and I am ready for the night I when you said that I've. I'm Mitch is and that's at two in my my daughter red apple to give it to be the summer and I read it NHS. It blew me away one of the best read that I've had eight years what what's it called in the garden of beasts. In the garden of these it's Eric Larson road and that sort of beast yet but it's just it's his because it takes all the documents from the sky that was the US ambassador there all these different counts of that. Piecing it together and it's his life story the way that. The rise of the Third Reich threw the the eyes of its ambassador. Need need to put that in my list of what I've got to word you know Eustace. Get a search around for stuff for not up by a book telescope re you know I got holes definitely had to keep an ism just and you know so that's right they're grab that mean all gravity but it's right there in case I need to enough to shop around for I'll bring you copy down would be that the captain and yes that sounds good that sounds good great not to be at our great talk view. Are this is a best of the. The primetime here Mike Lynch with you that was Mike Leach is not my clinch from pac twelve media days in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. A lot also have Troy dive for tactical media days coming up in two segments from now but coming up next. I business segment referencing how or what kind of fun they had drinking wise wink wink nudge nudge. I doubt Los Angeles and else talk about the Michael Phelps vs the shark shark week episode that happens that's next here on this best of edition of primetime. On ten need to stay. This very best still. Primetime Isaac gives you spoke out today Isaak a sick suit returning from his trip through coast tomorrow drop hopefully back to back tomorrow so. He missed the start of the show us what's happening today were supposed to Dave or to. His studio today able have to reschedule that he's might be there next week when they go to from Goodrich that they would go through sport and opened. End up breaking down the entire college. Fall season but are still to come on this test done today. In the 5 o'clock hour we'll have Gary Andersen from I told me today we'll have six conversation with Mikey M which happened. Two weeks ago now talking about the pac twelve. And I'll just say this game on Everest gained on Everest is coming up in the 5 o'clock hours well. But sheer in this segment these guys are briefly referenced before on the they had de Los Angeles man talk about the Michael Phelps verses the shark episode. It happened during shark week this year. We tied one on out there and Allen yeah it was shut down the bar the first night there even on. You tried to elderly. I did try. I had the thought we always do it's like you sit there like okay this needs to be the last one and then it didn't happen someone mentions another when I got the if you're about four more after you try to call. In the last I can handle of the three. At four the fourth oblivion with top. Hook it turns red big time in long weeks lot of work so. Yeah. Point being we don't really wanna work right now different regions so that's where Friday random scams and now these are things that have been in my notes all week that we never got to one is. A Phelps vs shark yeah we didn't get to this which was the dumbest thing ever. It was done and can I explain why because the easy you watch the guessing yes I did. So did I. I happen to be on account when it was airing in those account that's on people were tweeting about am I OK I am going to watch. So watched and I actually found myself if they're interested in it it's a. The Fed they gave in the big fin. Yep that was stupid about if you didn't see you Michael Phelps didn't just swim they even. To give pick flip gave him every advantage vacant yes. And long story short he loses to the shark the great white. By two seconds the holographic. Group of eye chart which is just stupid because. Here's my stupid. But I was interested in house wants and the whole thing like you were flip around. I'm right this argument because I was watching an episode of be Bobby Flay me on the Food Network which the Davey obviously no no the Malaysian do you got beat by Bobby Flay and LT one it was fast and you know they're doing some sort of Q skews things that show is so soul crushing because that's bad shots its best dish. And like 90% of the time obviously win this is my favorite thing ever weights and that again so it does Bobby Flay you don't have those super chef obviously the most famous chef. Border I can't hurt them to do what's in the Food Network it's fans has really you know nobody knew what does he raised insurance. Well he's known for trying to states these these meat on influence OK so they go on there and they get to answer the compete against each other and then whoever wins that gets to go take on Bobby Flay and heat and that person that sheath. It's decode their signature dish. Whatever it is at your pastry ship you can go pastries if you're known for Steve figures seafood. And so he's like what's your signature dish and then Bobby Flay just on the right. Pass to try to come up with a better version of whatever your cookie and comfort nice grilled cheese you have an ego types. Would you grilled cheese on their before you do whatever you. So it is time put all the ocean's 45 minutes. And it is the mood right Mike is right is the most so crushing date when someone has been working and reds beat her whole life and obviously it's like I've never took this before and makes up some sort of weird incarnation. And still wins yeah it's awesome. So you'll so what was that 90% thing. Obviously wins 90% of diamonds most of them howdy does whose judge you bring in three professional judges and they do a blind taste has. And more often not obviously wins and zone and he crushes the other show Bobby Flay is that good yet or are they going on a bunch of putts I know he obviously is that these people like run big time kitchens all around the United States. It's a great show all of my favorite is Jefferson care and he's the best for our personal. So and I aside I missed part of I kept going back and forth between the the Phelps thing and involved obviously it was on. It was was wayward just in the Phelps thing which I could tell from the get go was gonna be stupid but the not exhibited wrote in a little bit. Yeah it earache you there's no question that was going to be done particularly when in the very first the very for Deo the very opening segment edit. Michael Phelps when it is first lines was I'm more competitive than the shark yes. Thanks Michael. So that's the case the pitcher balls you know on the line and let's get in the water with some babies the old chum and swim against it time. What it's about being competitive like what would that have anything to do he wants more than assured. He wants it more than this year. You think that's a factor do you recruit. Let's get hungry shark could see what happens so what they did date so that they did it was a case of sharks don't swim in straight lines yes. And sometimes they have bursts of speed of the times it just kinda kind of just cruise. So they're like oh how we gonna figure out. You know how fast the shark will go for this length of this blink I got an idea. Oh baby seal behind Michael Phelps CO tested and they tell it a little baby behind. Boat house. Eddie no you're right it was this time it was a baby. And the shark would chase it. So they can get measurements and times and they have scientists that are paid to put all that data together and what they determined was really stupid because they determined. That. The shark would basically lolly gag for about three quarters of the race. But because shark skin can turn on the jets at any given time in my account like cats and that way. Then the shark at that for the last three quarters of the race we just turn on the jets and beat Michael Phelps by two seconds yes which is the dumbest thing ever yeah and because there's there's no like how did they determined that it basically determined that that's the way the shark would race. Because they wanted to make it close but then they knew that Phelps couldn't beat the shark because that's ridiculous so therefore let's. Make it only to second. And then they put Michael Phelps and his stupid fear and that he could kick. And then they didn't even use a real sharp they took all that data that they big guy from the towing of the seal and they put that in the computer model and they had a hologram shark. It was so freaking stupid it. Idea and then they I killed four by the way elevation and so should he I don't know how much he got for that. But holy crap felt I certainly hope a lot of money I. Sometimes Denis Leary in the desert between an actor he got a movie co operation dumbo drop once and I saw a monitor because you know what he was I bought a house in Malibu with that will be seeking it's my. He was open about it. Because yes I know that movie is as you should see that house that I bought with it so what do you want from me and I can appreciate that sort of honestly don't see the movie to see the house that I'm with the money from the some folks just needs to come out and show me the car or the house or something yeah in my college bad week this is my college fund for my debut whatever just be honest about why you did this on the best users a story about how these people were upset once they turned on they found out that he wasn't racing the real shark. Hoping that they were gonna do some sort of like. Maybe like protective net heater or something I think they we do hologram shark you know Sharkey bites netting right now. Unnecessarily. See in the years to swim side by side I think is where the you can put a shark next to someone went and not have him die but don't forget the sharks have very competitive and so what if the shark does is like. And wanna run today. Well then just like doesn't move dollars is floating matter they just shot the sheriff. Cattle prod them to reduce the Kerry drop like a little cherry bombers of the down there as it is the shark as the shard dive off the end of the boat like Phelps did. Again what a sweet there was something behind and we CEO you know sure if by some chance they were able to do that yes that's shark would be Michael Phelps by I. I would watch Blake if you told me that there was gonna be man Racine animal and anything I would do that what you did. I know but then it does jokes on new. It wasn't that bad you with any it was dumb but it was. By the end of a you're ready you're a guy. See what happens here but it just began this is horrible because. Who's already they have are no explanation on why the shark swims the race the way the shark swims the race and then get of their psyche beat him by two seconds whatever will now know how do you know that. So one way to do this. Dump Michael Shawn or Michael delves into the water with sharks let's do this puts which government is under bridges and let's do this again. It was pretty recent dudes they used to Wear and then throw a bunch each minute in the wake us. That would be even cruelest thing to ever teed off a shark week show ever are coming up next on his best of edition of primetime we'll go back to pack told media days. In here from Oregon linebacker Troy die he was a really really really interesting interview much better than I thought it was going to be. So that'll be next to the first me. Sports prime time where Isaac can zuccotti 1080. Because he did his best of edition of primetime. Mike clincher with you until 7 o'clock tonight with another interview from pac twelve. Media day is this more and from me or conduct linebacker his name's Droid guy. He was probably the best defender on the team last year and he was a really really interesting interviews invest doc interview. App pac twelve media days so if you missed it's here is some mr. guy. Or again said defense is actually or its entire team gets an overhaul of Ali's new coaches but on defense Jim Leavitt is looking to improve this year with this key guy at the Helm. We are joined by a ducks linebacker a straight guy. What's the biggest difference with the U staff for you so far. I think just energy they bring into the building and they all love to be did you know excited to this upcoming season. When you see that as a player that that causes there's time to do then they're happy either and blessed to be there as losers I mean. He had nothing to do but work hard for them fight them on the field so. I mean everything of course tiger in the whole staff from preaching this whole offseason has been to work hard strain of Pfeiffer and some that's the team's been doing in the workout room. In the weight room on and off the fumes are determined to succeed in the classroom and on the few. You know he said that though one of the things he said that you guys got to let each other and when the when he got there no with Hank and rank as we have the best facilities that Americans know when there. What are some of the things he done to try to eat tight ties that kind of Foster unity some of the things that you guys have done that to maybe try to to come closer to the team. I'm he's he always has team's offense first plan I mean we had a Madden tournament like it was a big turn in the room Madden and fifa. Two K we had ping pong we have pool on a whole term for the day the whole team had to come we will play have fun had a great time. Oh for like people sometimes local. We took this from the political we school throughout the whole pool complex to the whole team. How water polo volleyball stuff like that is how to a glass of the team I mean we'd get it together as a team in the coaching staff comes to we Monday Tuesday Thursday. Thursday's feminist cause and bring their families and those quotas he. Coaches fans around BC that they bring their kids around you mean that special that there wouldn't be bought into the whole family aspect you have to read by and as well through it to know everybody I mean his core that. I've talked cost Packers aren't really tutoring is cool to have this. With accused. To see you have just to know that it's a real family just unit and on and off the fear that they always have your back. Yes he he definitely lit a spark into basements in that what who won the does the best game and look at video games I believe the matter internally within either Thomas Graham we're short on Scott I think we're with a fresh and came on the top one that. Ping pong probably going to take to prevent the tide and who was this opening games and their ms. Hoffman and that I don't know who went to care fifa. I don't right. They might give Matta I say the wrong names on the wanna say the wrong and he didn't pull for the victory on don't know nor does Nadal holding my house playing pool just from the games pull all of a couple games they're being honest are playing if someone older veteran dooms it to had a little problem in their good. Was it that was hard to come in last future freshmen you're the best player on that lets you won't say it also. Was it awkward. It's trying to be a leader that that defense struggled to to be a freshman to kinda have that voice when you know you've only played him from game. I mean it was difficult at times but I mean I just went out there I kind of tough to say much and return to boss people around them out of boss are just so. But by example I can lead by examples are when out there and just trying to play become like my last. Eight is shown at the end of the season when from the stance came out that. I want to do tomorrow on can we hope to my teammates do the same for me is here. We come together as a unit and as we worked together at eleven guys his own despondent small means on the whole defense itself because it in the day. That defense wins championships not just one individual and so if I can give the other ten guys around to buying in the come body and really start to chip Roland from start to go. It has to make a difference though with with with Herbert and use last year kind of be in the the key cogs that holds true freshman at it it's very rare that that happens and now be an elder statesman is it a little bit easier in the locker room to it. To have your leaders have some experience and ready to go. You know it definitely is a mean even guys that or as amiga had him onto the scene you've got Royce Freeman was some guys who then. Previously years before that had the experience who have announced chevys of ground who have this stuff on the bill. They I mean is good to hear that their experiences and I mean her overstepped stepping up like a tremendously and he's. Become more vocal leader more of a big time quarterback clear that we really need tickets and that smoke is neither a strong quarterback to take it to the next level. Announced a timely to gave us by example of Suton chime in here and there but it. I'll try to leave ten month due to lose his defense that means his senior year. And I want him to run because at the end of the day as seniors have to run the show because it's their last you know what they're prepared to receive a that it matches as much from here. I don't couldn't do the same for me. Taught us how to quote him we don't do. I tried diet the ducks here so it sounds like one of the big differences with you coaching staff has been in the weight room and in a course yet some bad press they were a couple guys on the house which is serious deal. Do you have anything to say about what the workouts were like. Mama club I think closed higher in the restive South Korea that perfectly over over when they when it originally came out. We're just 2% citizen up down so I feel like over time in his cop to some of the people some. Some guys might have been actually close tired and covered her tremendously well. And I his backup with exit. Do you feel like you're in the dish if you like are really do I mean these mistakes that came in and they are put on weight they have to look the other guys are gone strong growth on fashion I'm in the best of my life I'm hearing catches all the time. I mean well really and I think the whole team through the improv everybody improve on max's filed by a lot like I'm Littlejohn was a big jump. Our own guys out there weren't at times it was his stuff down. I think is going to be really confused because erosion of the body into the weight program and the weeklies have done a tremendous job. I do in this altogether and taking caused her philosophy and him and installing into the weight. This is it is because tag it seems like the most laid back guy in the world and you've got left limit new. Let's just say laid back wouldn't be the word I would use the. Definitely it is just I mean there's there's there's definitely opt to me but they both of the game four point you can definitely tell me when you have talked with each of whom. Are close that it brings a different at different pass to the game. You definitely have to match went on to cause he treated today like it's a suitable Hugo six they worked us she's out there running around yelling and you. Hitler just woke up and give him a break and I sick but just imagine or is or use or get annoyed with the Soviets throughout their match in the senate in emulate him and decided his work park as you know he really cares about us as individuals. And he and he's expressed that several times with. And some go out there fight Foreman is really we've gone too far. Ken Carrington. Gonna Dotson is here in New Guinea metro light him up right. A motive it's is just another zero on the the teams were we hope the best for them was in the best of what took the call is that this would look at it. Who was nothing but success for him but you know we come back thoughts in that every term we hoped that ham that defense. Been invented solely. And have. Go up there but I really important hoping he has a great season and was the best form. You know when you guys were on top for so long I think a lot of people. Reveled in the end come the fall from grace. Some of the bad losses you had so let's go stick in the back of the mind maybe you don't come and indeed your house and in late seventy kind of some game circled this year for some some some payback. All all losses he had in the pac twelve or our circle and in the weight staff has been ms. topic of every score. That we lost behind they had to have that sentence one point some lost we lost to U they have the 5527. Loss to have to stamp which wants to stay with the same amount amount you like the template lost or it is always posted on TV's you know our group as a reminder while we're in there working while we got to do better. While it to keep this mix tomorrow because there's teams out there trying to feed their retirement tickets to the curve in trying to take over. It through the pac twelve that we have to re re establish our dominance really give back the top. You mentioned Henry Leo they'll buy you know spreading we know that guys in the guys on defense but. Through your eyes give us a couple of breakout guys a couple of guys that are oppressing you guys now that nobody that aren't household names yet. Short on Scott is going to be hostile and in the years to Thomas Graham. Do you commodore. He's incoming freshmen in his country he's a great corner I mean. All the incoming freshmen are great Jews and they really want c'mon compete Sampson knew it from send you a freshman linebacker. Agent Hoskins a senior middle linebacker he's started for us I mean. Great athlete for the Lincecum beyond I think just the whole Teamsters who's gonna break out and nervous and I noticed a lot of confidence he last year. I got a task. We're Nike you'd hear this has got all the Jordan in the world. Rock event that's what's most what's the deal with the forty of its businesses. It just keeps you grounded is just not rock come from don't always work and then. As success without like that for me I can't let that Jordan Smith co beside family friends that helped me you know back when our eyes to that with other programs that. Your program to give you stuff so I help my Brothers document residents accuse stuff like that. Talk collateral with the new you know really wears them zone to allow so I don't really like the that you weren't a metal and warm and never had a pair told you so. I've ever been in the huddle how aware are gonna go a half out of a forum at us like that as simple basic black pants or black man's shoes keep the basics and uncles that. I don't I tell my boy that don't have my son wears nothing but Vance and its you can Wear vans and they'll never glad stops and the never go to thing with the came in the fifties soon. Still assaulted a lot of fans if and there are cheat that's that's not like about before you get two pairs for ninety's but. Well pretty have a lot in common with Willie's oldest. He said the same thing about his oldest key city of mr. caskets as I talk to him since think oldest kids fifteen no interest in the 90s10 year old loves at all. Yeah. It's going to be that little detail you're you always on the city or Iraq. I actually caused tiger's daughter she's fat she's vowed that if it is a big if you buy you have a she runs a rush from room to sit. He says she can be fast as she really does Arafat's of these season really energetic little do you like every other team relax or. So together with your name they give the guy on the team that's the figure head that with some news comes out he's got it is just roll with the there's a couple guys like that he got. Lobo who was a big one much pro retiree. The cup and others calmly and some flak. Non down there are known averages bonuses they have it next time tell us about that it's just a company that you can get a Mary wise not gonna bother me having my I have Brothers that anything you say in these times. So there. I'm into at all so I mean. But I mean those guys are relate that the key here is and they really. The brand stuffs like that I mean is cooler means that some of those guys have like us who collection never even dreamed of diseases. These numbers I was you know some times and is really cool to see how guys really -- is how different perspectives are the other black and white checkered vans though this lippold it's no I used to like yeah he's got to get there I got ya gotta love you to read part of but I had a apparently classic skates though the with a with a line yet you know had to Wear a pair those. Got all black version. To some dissent is some more casual listen nicer ones you know Wear out everything. Sixty senators to promote and vans he didn't talk to each of you so much to look. Thank you thank. I'm social and I thought it was awesome in an interview from Pak told me he added this is again at a best of edition of primetime last second notice drop is out sick today and six on vacation coming up next our Gary Anderson from Pak told media day we'll also hear received interview my GM talking about the power Talbot coming up next. Literally build this segment is much more production rather then hot ice box. Yeah I thought how nice a nice talk of them makes me cents. That's next year on the special edition of primetime on the point where I chicken soup on sanity. Best of edition of primetime today Michael insurance until 7 o'clock tonight as I tease last segment. Not really sure what else to say other than hot ice taught him well there is. Down as it pertains to the ice game. Because. Ice has really evolved. For your cocktails yeah. He I'd prefer the ice ball yes Willits. So leaders adjective like Scotch yeah Andrea won those Scotch. Neat Scott is neat for me. I do like it. And I kind of like it somewhat chilled but I usually done because I know that. Well you know I just got back from Scotland and I can't I can't put ice I think you know and over there that you make sure where you've been over there yeah you were principle of every you know they give you. Just so. It's all need which means no lies always and not children thing. And straight room temperature rigidly at their beards do. Sometimes again there's some some Beers they don't guy found that confusing but I anyway do they hand you a little thing of found. Water feeding does eat just awesome little water if you like to open it up but you'll be shamed in made fun of he had that he that's usually what the ladies did exactly. Not us. Burrows you gotta be gotta be a manly man and just let it bird but with the whisky is you know they have those little stone. Once that he tried those whiskey stones know like they're not you dispute is put him in the freezer. And so it's it's like they're just reusable eavesdrop amend their Nate and so they. Chillier drink without watering anything down the problem is yet they just don't they don't get it cold enough. I've found. The whiskey ball if you drinking whiskey. Is wonderful because it does now but it takes a long time yeah. And so that it doesn't watered down too much any key and it's big so they keep your drink. The coldest of any of these option. And dare I say it just looks cool when you have the big is there and someone has pointed out that you can do this they have the death star ones now over the I think they Baldwin now they're committed different shapes. I guess with little of the different patterns on the there fiato that you can make it almost ran the scheme has stepped up now I'm not talking cocktails the Ravitch her eyes as you like to call it or Sunday would column popcorn eyes. That is my choice re talking crushed ice yet but not to criticize thirds its editor editor's note little shirts and read me the raptors are very easy to buy it and yes that is my favorite ice. Period. If I had to pick one nice for everything I'm going with that you know and if it's hard to get that nice. You know but I mean like for a business yeah he's just seen I don't know. Has no bull when you do indeed you do find that someone hasn't you're all excited like yeah this is this is huge you know who hasn't sonic point you yes certainly did you notice on it for late night as solutions and when I am white they haven't and no one else to I don't know but I feel like it's a game change we go to sonic and you gaelic when they're frozen Miami with a registered ice game changer I. I'm I am a guy who likes to chew BI's post shrink a little bit like eureka if so it anyhow smartest. The little three pronged icicles that have the little like wedges you can bite into. Necessary. Because you can nibble off each piece and not heavy giant cue vice hurting your chiefly by down. Agreed. Well I'm glad we talked about the post can't tell lies to you do because you're respected your it. But command you like body I can do you do that on the eyes after you're done. There are times does that you don't happen one of the dvds because when you breakaway Russian the ice holds a lot of flavor to it and I do enjoyed Shu lien. The ice and and to Mike's point if it's big cubes of ice it kinda ruins the whole thing. It prevents me from getting a good good post drink Qiyue. I and that's no good I like that I like the ice to be a little bit smaller little more managers made need to be another day but do we need to move the author of the white Russian. No do we need to grow you a little bit eyeballs it's not gonna happen well can we just be happy that he is drinking. Look see unanswered is the studio space and I will I will have other beverages but I will always returned to the dark master always. Did you surgery and it just because of the big baskets no it was the first time though I was like he'd like nineteen or twenty. Illegal when that when that movie came out and I'd never heard of that before in seriously the first thing you do is like well let's go after island and seen. They're in here we are all these years later it still might notice that Ronnie did who's out there yes there is. But amicable with Ella and I will explore the studio space and as I will wander around but I always return to my one true love some people marry a high school sweetheart buddy. And wouldn't and we she's got. That a mistake to think that in the enigma and it's possible. It's possible that I get a point that I was pretty busy treats me well right she treats me well it's time it seemed like he didn't click OK well there's hot. I stuck seeing how guys talk at a Berlin and also described it it was a full conversation about. Ice. Because that's a prime time does. Are coming up next hour in this best of edition of primetime will hear from Gary Anderson pactel media day. Mikey impact told networks and more plus in the club today will put divert pressure interview but also. We will replace disable or tried to name all fifty states in under sixty seconds and we'll see if I did that. Well or not. I'm plus a segment on prime time being on TVMR clubs and a pencil succumbing to clubs and that's all coming up here in this best of edition of primetime on 1080 Buffett.