Primetime 8.17.17 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, August 17th

Best Of Primetime...Suke is late for the 1st segment, bathroom stories from Pac-12 Media Day, and more!


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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaac concede podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. Prime time is against him. The. Unbiased just try to picture on compromised port stuck without booze sugar coat or wrapping links and everyone's life in war things is dropping Jason's mechanic. And best in sports coverage. This is prime time with my second suit on 1080. Well there is no eyes again there is no suit today superstar he's scheduled to be out Isaak last seconds. Are called in sick today went to the doctor. The case of vertigo he says the doctor says you should be okay to come back in tomorrow when he and simple reunite. And a short show but it is just me here on a best of edition of primetime. That is basically from the last two months from July on to get some pac twelve media day interviews and discussion plus plenty of funds segments of the guys have done over the last two months now my usual routine with these best of shows. Is the first segment will always be a first segment of the show in this one. Was a classic for reasons that are usually not the case. Suk was late to the show putt. He was here to start to show that makes any sense also there's some hop soccer talk America so it's a pretty long first segment and metals were we will begin on this special edition of primetime today. Yeah and let's but it is a wonderful. Beautiful. Portland Oregon Friday. You know does know a whole way. You check the phones though. Well I don't I'm all right let you do leave. I'm thirty your. Right now but as they want. It few minutes and twenty minute commute. I don't know what happened accident. I think it's just that and Portland on a Friday what I can tell I think there's two wrecks caught my eyes. There and I haven't seen anything about 84 have been here for over an hour and he going to practically one mile an hour. So your Blair then whip wind and I expect yet so I care about. And in Tehran right. Well let's take a look at CPR. Waves keep up 88 a it's way to get there that cute birdies and it is now in that would get their sixteenth. But keep interpret that the situation. And it's mechanic but look it while I have you. Let's see if anybody is listening to you what are you driving. I am driving machine it would be like copper colored four and fifty. And I'm sure. They get on the them market bridge here where it's spoke up on Monday. Well well you're right there OK so if you're right there honk your Marty TC suit on your. There are well. It. Sort of covered face staying there. It looked up from nightmares though it is. It has been up and they scored twice to try to find background in the put it back on it there is there is no good way to get around for right now. This is a typical Friday for you know. You know that that the cup part of a bigger solid power before it normally leave. Twelve Boyd Friday traffic air. I am going to be twenty minutes late. Mike said though Morrison bridge is close at may have some to do that today. Yes it is big last year blank and gargantuan purport button and try to get on the phone and break yet they've driving law. Because if it was built on and I think it's there's Rex. All direction and I thought about the motives that are out there pushing every day before but not the arm. I have not gone over five mile an hour well over an hour. They they hung via. Now about it I mean so far of people because you look at each other people angry right now. I don't necessarily I don't really blame them it's. And it's cat bit frustrating that twenty minute drive is taking an hour and a half. Well further proof that no one listens to us Nolan notice there. I am all. Get off your phone again here when he channels seem we can. Of your body of airing. Q on about at least we got no you know. Yet none that's the people needed there oval on Friday that's I was that we you know on did did you tailor in LA. How did I go yes yes I did now sewage is down their potential media day. And them to eighteen Lugar we had three Cooper trips. 12 in from the airport to tune from the airport and then there was a third and headed over to my buddy's place to let go up to that soccer game. Which you are now bloodied soccer fan which I could not be more TS on the I'm abiding Europeans good Europeans under and volley that's a real in my guys they're limb and guess sterling jeers Manchester City. I think do you remember his first name that I told you his first name. Let's see nine heads on to my tongue his first name is. Mean do do in DTD in to do and. Your doctor archer who opens on his first name. And Merrill. Dick hoops sterling Rahim yes loved him Rahim sterling who runs like of run strange is arms flop in the Errol funny yet it knows that. They all kind of mean. They all kind of ran strange Williams early runs extra strange and anal areas well I I. The DS image as a city played Real Madrid out there in LA we went I thought you know let that be cool to go check out. 'cause app I will never gets any yoga analysis over in England over the winner and that we are right by Stamford Bridge Chelsea stadium and they were playing they played somebody. And I looked at the tickets for just a kid nine. There's over 250. Pounds or something per ticket here a signal iso this and I resumes on TV over there are so tell me what it is is a prime. Tickets and again I wanna see a game over there but a figure this is my best chance 130 but still pricey but I did see two of the best teams in the world and I was really just curious to kind of watched you know you watch again. NBA game. It's it's unbelievable like he eerie experience changes. If you sit let's say if you sit. Midway up the first. Level and then on up. If you say midway down or even Mike first ten rows let's say in an NBA game just be safe. It changes the experience being up close to the speed of the game and just the size of the guys is just John driving the same thing has been on the sideline at a football game. And so in this instance I just wanted to see the best soccer players in the world life because I've seen in the last I seen my kid's soccer games or so I have some frame of reference. I just you know I'm a Wichita wings' senior the Irish with showings will give you revealed. In my SL to major indoor soccer league yes actually it may still exist but. When I was a kid they played in Wichita which tell wings and they did those games were bananas. We go down there and Erik Rasmussen and Kim rug instead and it was a fun game because as of much much much much smaller. Field and others a lot of scoring is very exciting. But I wanted to see the best players in the world and I wanted to see if I could you know just. Just be blown away by them and of course Iowa. It's all they're two of the best teams in the world and the players who rolled out in Plano Malia but the players who play on those teams and in Europe on the top teams all our. In seemingly good and I wanna say it like. 100000 times better than analysts play yet I mean it's so noticeable and again I'd I don't like to bash in the MLS I like soccer. My big problem with the MLS is. It's not the best in the world it's like is getting better but it's not again the best these guys holy crap the way to control the ball. Just just. The ball never sort of leaves the ground it's it's our new league and if it does they bring it down with their. Chester there. Interests. There was means you know they can use of queens he's that but it was you know in the in the eight. Literally as it is in the initiative and I put. It was a lastly. Every ten seconds one of the guys does something that. Is like you you look at your Franco how did he do the liquidate their really it's it was awesome so I I I would I would. Be cautious in saying that I would like to watch more European soccer well I'll tell you this because it's Saturday mornings right yep right when you get out. There's also Friday games sometimes which are at 11:45 AM. I'll read it for our schedule but there's also Monday games some tires at the same time. So the first game of the season Friday August 11 11:45 AM arsenal hours Leicester city. You can watch. I'm going to watch that we get to know it needs of the teams need to Lehman via soccer expert but added to my resonate just like hockey yeah. If you were to hear your hot soccer takes and I didn't cheat the sport for the good is Andy great well I think that's doctors only ninety minutes. In like those games go pretty fast though commercials and yes it's like if a following for hours sometimes you know. So that matters but anyway when it was insane is this week we were just down in LA we took to the tubes. Three times and each time and then we were drive so then we got in that car pool with some friends and their kids. We all went to the soccer games and looks doesn't traffic five times in LA. And it is just a million times worse that your rightly we bitch about it traffic it's getting more crowded. We you know like we get it it's sucks by. Go to LA LA has it what's Orleans per side and it feels good blocker it's unbelievable. It took us 45 minutes. To get out of the parking garage just the parking. Not a very large parking garage either maybe five stories we were on the second story. 45 minutes just to back out into the line and then get down to the bottom to exit onto the street imagine if your on the fourth or fifth fourth. As crazy. But anyway I traffic there's so ecstatic here sets look traffic sucks this is why. You know this is why the midwest is great. Another reason unit and want to know their guys and felony a couple of advantages one not a lot of traffic to build. They'll deliver virtually give you land to build on. Out there also wide open space is to build roads and you know it's sort of it's all congested vehemently Kansas City you'll be amazed it's it's much more spread out obviously in Portland but. I you can get anywhere in twenty minutes and it's it's a big city ending result is insists. It's his spread out. But even gain in twenty minutes is every freeway is like. Five planes six point seven lane dateline's and there's nobody like where's the traffic. Are you actually aliens preside. 25 greens per side while the C toll highway four lanes per side maybe okay India is depending on Oreo biscuit. Via that's a good size that's how many we need here matching dollars for a traffic would be Orleans ever noticed in Portland that he noticed this where they have. I've noticed a couple of them here just right on. I fives. As you're going north up towards. Like swan island went a little signs that tell you longer no date they have little. In my dairy has everybody Jason's botanic gives them a house. And he beats. Waves. He did it yes they were clearing a maximum. Mark Sullivan's death once they got that will mean I don't think that's the only thing that's cause and if yes there was a wreck. On the market mania once the to a tribe got away then everything went along there had been some wrong yeah. Men don't traffic's bad and all here but it shouldn't take an hour have to get from. No house so I was chip ways before I leave for work that's kind of become you have to now. So I checked and about 130 and has Michael traffic's kind of bad. So I left with an original ETA of about 220. Set aside that's legit gives me plenty of time. And then between the time I left that went from 222316. So something was going on. Not only was to have a bad but he kept getting worse on and on because it had me kicking off and in trying to go downs and the net of put me back on 84 and try to get me off again. Further down and I just kept going and 84 and slugging through so. It was positioning commute to say the least and it doesn't sound like it's better anywhere else welcome to your show yet I was looking around I guess it's it's back to Baldwin like from the coast like 99 the whole way so basically I think if you drive an important today just to let you know your best. You're not going anywhere. What is I'm all have you noticed those little. On the freeways they have it's almost like they were gonna build the freeway. In a different direction. But they stock. And then they fence it off if you notice that like a little. It's like below median has reared half triangles you went yet it has its churn as if it's going to as if they were headed toward to build it. Left or right an easy as you know yes or all of I don't know what it is I don't either I want a traffic Broder of the growth helped me out. I'm so so it looks like they almost just like stop him a blow we got to turn this thing to the right so it is fence it off and they blocked off the cement blockade. And then it just stops it's like the religious stops and you can just fall right on the good of the community into the abyss to the ocean into the traffic abyss if you will I don't know what those are. Hopefully I described as well enough that people know. You speak but look for those folks are out there driving right now watch they're there on that I know specifically where one is it's on. I five. Coming in south. Right as you a break up to maybe go to 405. So you come in south from Vancouver yeah right after you break off. Continued in east and I find it right after the for a five split. Staying on I five Hedo down. This is just kind of Donald and there it's it's radical left right there I don't know what that is there's another one up. Towards the Markham. Dumb ass yet there's just a little it's a little offshoot. It's it's the bridge that goes nowhere except this would be the on ramp the goes nowhere. Does finding if you sit in traffic today and you're going to be just look around and see how unattended people are and it's going slow you think people don't pay attention just driving they normally. Which she get in traffic I was noticing that today as I was going one mile an hour. It's any sort of activity other than driving going on in cars is that there's there's the sense of well I'm not going barely has and there are four I can't hit an LC in India had no one's paying attention and I am on Jackson email no one is driving in there it's just say masters until this point. To see hopefully you look up in time the you can see the person. That's that's inching towards that you were so close to wrecks when you're in that kind of stop and go traffic because people are inching forward but they don't pay attention. So must of seen at least a dozen times or someone came within six inches of getting the car in front of bad. But it would have been a bumper tap and then they do you like dad had the big day ahead jerks up may slam on the brakes and with the sudden stop nasty looking your rear view mirror and you see their head is down down. You IKEA they're gonna and I had that today because some guy in. For me was turning right and kind of a weird little streets is not normally traffic would slow right there but he wanted to take that little off road you know so he slows down in course people. It's turned so I think slow. Turn. Is this you. Why are you not agreeing with me as people turn US slowed turner real quickly slow they turn sells low YE. They want any money needs a break to zero miles an hour as an ex cuter tricked into thinking need to do don't turn slow. And when you get to the on ramp of the freeway speed objects flow flow of traffic. Haven't December keeping his habit is a bugaboo of so I slowdown. NM. My time to turn dude. We'll violet my review here and here comes on Jeep Maryland avenue this guy's got his head down and like all your column you patriotism painful and just like he says he he lifted up and hit the brakes just slams I was that was kind of my how I entertain myself driving into the it was just look at all of you near collisions. Convivial even if you get a light bumper tap that only makes it worse because the got a bulls get out of the car and his causes war the problem. Are we should probably good morning here a sports the people are Chiming in the traffic grows I have let us know what those little. Basil. Sort of closed off parts of freeways are. Well get to it next opened and that is I don't know if the right and it's been reported picture and then now I'm Los Angeles. Pac twelve media day recap segment prepared. I'll hop a couple of things that gets talked about all blacks agreed on their for three days in Los Angeles. What did I say it well we were down there with the media days was too but we had three big days you know. Don't just discount that third day in our mandate known as important as an hour. Let's get to gardeners and you broke up the next he's not an agreement and now we have rob just dismissing had a beautiful evening together I thought the men's and did I thought it was special and rob just lost his right over it. See how you are slow to see how you are. Ours again if you miss that if you're just joining us now rob is out sick today simply back tomorrow for his vacation so this is the best of edition of primetime. We yours truly Mike Lynch coming up on the show today you'll hear. Mike Leach at 4 o'clock from Pak told media day Troy die from pacs oh media day at 4:30 Gary Anderson 5 o'clock. I Mikey M as well that was a super couple weeks they're just talking the pac told 515. You'll also hear Burke pressure was on the the six of hazards years ago telling his Russian mob. Story at the 6 o'clock hour lots of other funny stuff coming up including next. A resolution to go out by the way while approval spin off some highway are plus bathrooms stories from Pak told media day. This is a best of edition of primetime on 1080 nothing. Primetime with highs against duke on obscenity though fans they might lynching here with you today on a best of edition of prime time limit. We just played a opening segment from the show a couple of weeks ago ensued was a late because of traffic and they were talking about. Proposal turn off some highway are they got the answer in this segment as well. As sharing a funny bathroom story and more from actual media day when they were down in Los Angeles so. In junk. But yes I was gonna tell you the end ex police now. We're all over this freeway ramp things yeah like the little portions that just sort of and it was wondered what those are well. It's it's the old mountain hood freeway and I think it was the early seventies but I'm not positive they were gonna connect. To the southeast freeway where. Like Randall on pollen and head out to Mount Hood and then it died. And so the S and they died they have the the beginnings of a lonely death the ruins if you will yes that's those are. Not much money we wish that on that go along with that would be spent 600 million dollars on planning the new life I've crossing. Only to have that go nowhere really yeah. We spent over half a billion dollars spent on on planning and different architectural firms that do that and then. Put. It doesn't is that the one dollar. Or against blaming Washington Austin's going organ yes sounds like like realism is ultimately killed Al Basra and we talked organ one at Washington's I know you bring your criminals over years knew it was whole thing. Now stoop let you know when are criminals that Powell. As if like somehow by the way people levens at your current if you light I guess what you. Criminals over there so we'd be on the quality up there and picked up a myth and pandemic do you have criminals stealing we do. It's the dumbest thing in the world that we couldn't come to an agreement on that for heaven's sakes. KM OK so. I'm walking down the media market here. Down today elevator and I'm coming down the elevator to lobby of our beautiful hotel in Los Angeles as we are getting ready to hop on a plane and end up flying to Portland yesterday. And down in the lobby our two teams getting ready to do the same thing. Arizona. In Washington State. Now not that teens has two representatives that at that immediate yeah and so. Rich Rodriguez. And Mike Leach were both there now what's interesting is Rich Rodriguez Mike Leach and myself. All had to pee at the same time you cycle together and it happened so like I walk out of the the elevator in there's there's there's one bathroom down. And it's close it's closed for cleaning and there's the yellow did the guy puts the yellow tape across the doors and 11 little guilty to get constant and it's as close to close the thing I go I'd turn the corner to go in there and so why walk out thinking maybe he's he'll be done Sandra. So I'm just kind of lean green waiting to see if the guy will be finished since about the Canada Russia and here comes Rich Rodriguez does the same thing I did. Turns a corner. What does he do and what is likely stupid that we'll tell you as they teased one of them. Ducked under the taping mused about the. It's funny you miss this I have not heard this story before right now. And I did not know what to teens it was you know the very first guy. Who came to mind it was gonna blow through that caution tape Rich Rodriguez. Swear to god. Not only the very first name that popped into my head. They're Rich Rod wasn't gonna start pretty yellow gosh did I might like bleach my first thought was Jim Mora but I am I gonna be so happy if my first hunch was correct to Mara. Well he's not taken any of the seven and nine BS that is the tape across or is going right through us a figure Todd Graham would blow right through it as well. Well I would think a lot of tight game like. Big success of about coaches would blow right through the because look they got to go an entire in this is the only bathroom yeah exactly go to. I will tell you that the coach who ducked under the tape and winning impede. Likely to end it. So close Mike Leach and the guy big guy was even ninety right at the door. You think he's just feeling it. Really I'm from at least she's blue right dime. Rich got much more respectful and myself as the average drive was gonna be the type it's just he did that I'm pretty that nonsense. Bigger guy maybe swing it around a little bit. Cousin got some work to do. So too did the deep cleaning people here. They come into the bathroom wall you're in there and they respect you and it's a woman yes a one and she does not care just isn't. Now they also come into the studio and Redlands idea yet I don't care either I don't honestly I don't care either now but it just like surprising and like. Hello the first time it happens and the leading Indians the door in when your working. If she just that decides to come in and and do it every light weight and I'd just say some. We're trying to get to anything we want to this segment but good news is we have knows where this entire show in several hours and OK Anthony you've brought up a couple of things. 01 can we get over. The idea. That standing in Kenya the year at all. Would somehow be just like the worst thing ever for woman to see you mean. We need I don't care she locks and she changes the this but she does she didn't Giles is towels and videos up if she can even see around the corner to the Euro now. So Michael it's kind of weird teaches her stride and she doesn't like say hey coming in but whatever. It's not that big a deal to appreciate the baldness it took a little bit to get used to but now. You think you're like all right you got work to do you console weird yeah OK so here's something happens that in his stage frighten the that's how you train that's certain public bathrooms in the right that that's poll. For some people it's a very weird thing you get very a pretty about that sort of thing that he had a will there's like I mean. People are very particular and uncomfortable about that and gate fields and herbal and. Okay one on one of the and his role in there guns up and down an imminent Duma business in guiana. You haven't been replaced it's got toilets with no stalls. Mentally your annals toilets just. Well military style. He mean O like that yeah. Not often did you know he announced it it. Out to eat a gimmick everything's cope ascetic like a trough the most receptions toilet it's just delighted toilets and there's no bearing your reach me you know what do they have that I've had him info plus innings before. Where it's just lay out what stadium it's just well at Nebraska these to have that. John my brother tells that story and I didn't know if I fully believe dim but Texas El Paso had that. And where is it is Fresno state had this where there is no stalls between it and mine. Yeah the didn't hassles it was his military style modes and LT what there was a lot of guys like big tough dudes that were totally intimidated. By any no stalls. Okay well I mean maybe I would be to let. I don't know that I would I don't. Ever talks again until you sit there and do your PC that up. We're just you've you've taken this up to not a number I live in well in the these only go to ten I'm only talking about women Mike. Acts like accidentally there's a woman yeah facies with their kid or something in the little boy has been about the resilient. At the I had had a doesn't. This Huckabee with the edge loses his ruling is just about its gross whatever. Rob trying to do our best to just keep our head. Straight ahead and India does and wash your hands can I. I just tell right now though that you're thinking about it. Did you would be comfortable trust style was part well that goes wouldn't in my first showing us. But if I had to go in many times I do you have to go I would have no problem with that whatsoever if that debt at that point just seeing a toilet a lot to him in Mexico is is like. Psychic gift from the gods had a buddy of. I'm that would Sitka is not out of the add to his side by side but it won the place that too is that faced each other. An out of body that would go to sit down in front of people just to make them feel uncomfortable because if you ever wanted to if you wanna be dominated by another man. You realize you had a steering contest eyeball to eyeball silence it writer friend you've taken a squatter. I didn't someone's gonna break someone's get a break and be dominated. Here's another thing that happened in Ireland taiba. Along these same lines. We are out it's was sealed school over in southeast it's now a bunch of bars and scope that rooftop bar at dinner whenever schooled at east the it's it's cool schools. Over there eating get some drinks and some food. You're standing in his little dog park and there so there's this too there's this woman with her two little dog east. And we walk out to go to dinner or walking out of the joint. Looking at the dog park and there is a woman standing there was no pants. She had a top on but no pants she's Porky Pig that. Yes don't duck it if you saw her little clearly tale either either way and look what he is that the does the column was party. Don't revolutionary may be perhaps the accident that but anyway. Who's the kind of the doorman dude is talking to Ehrlich now deceased she needs to Levy or put on pants. Couple of options but damn this woman grabs her she freaks that not the woman with no pants she's obviously. I don't know what she was on that you know that is so he's going to let him exit so this other woman who is that the dot grabs her to drugs and she does to Wales. So. Does. She was so. Completely offended and was blown away by the woman and she wasn't even went to one of the naked woman or the bottom also and she wasn't. She just wasted or something she was really acting up this. This other almost two dogs freaked out grabs her dogs runs inside the building because they won't know dogs in the village. She flipped her. And I was like man out of my life just like kind of because you saw some lady does this yeah and her lady business you know I mean it wasn't. There and then all of offensive spark an inch and say see we go with that I'm dissing. It wasn't like hello is just a naked woman. Can hide it is happy it can't not even Foley is not to have the year norm these two seen what is it with whom we did he ever squeamish in this country. It's Harold and Kumar go to Guantanamo Bay is the movie where there's a bottomless party it's Harold and Kumar to. And there they show but his house and the guys is having a bottomless party and every guy girl assist no no bottoms on. Now it's pretty I would like to profess that I don't understand that because if you are. As yet pants or shorts and no shirt there are scenarios where that's acceptable and even. I'm will be the word encouraged. It's just it's okay it's like you can't you get why someone is like season was jogging around tracking. Their Slaton and do whatever they take up this what do. There is no scenario. Where you use should not have bottoms on but still have a top. I know there is lot of under house is flooding in the waters up to just exactly what if there is a feature Whitfield in the seats while we take surely if there's new seat and there is a there's this village and what do you mean and it hasn't hoops hero if he can surprise. Us so when does windows gambler rolls snake eyes. And if he would sits on eligible will and you just gotta you gotta do with it what do you do able can't you just go commando and yeah hopefully save face one if it's so what if it's get ready underwear and pants if it's ruined everything. What if it's migrated down you know that may be if you're wearing do you tied around analyst wait wait wait and that's a terrible scenario what do flap back. If that would if that would happen over the he would not take off your pants. Even dug its worst having no pants is yeah us. You have to try to do what you have to do you see in that scenario which you probably do is take up your shirt again another scenario where it's better to have pants no shirt. Eating every shirt wrapping around so the people conceded that out of the taking off your aunt. As you sit there is no scenario we should Porky Pig Vietnam it's always be there is why when there's a flood would you take your shirt off and on your pants. Well because of the floodwaters are rising. You lease you lose the price got a valid point very rarely that you're gonna outcome of an extreme circumstance where your answer off you sure disease does have failed twice now. Perhaps we for the rest the show can try to come up with. Scenario is a scenario where it's okay where it's except. What is the word among a scenario where it is better. Two to have top line. Bottoms off you know. Don't be like and think of is that if you have a full on blow. I use it like when babies right word just. The whole thing gets blown out and your undies cannot contain it it may grow in the pants to the point where ya know I have no choice do you walk around naked and nobody's going to. That's stupid well you take your pants off in May be. Maybe you just walk around at that point do you like and that's has been having blown out pants again what you try to do is cover the blowout you can turn now. Look I'm just trying to come up with so often are item a brainstorm and I'm thinking you're here at the. And we continue all of this best of edition of prime time we will have another opening segment next to this one when that John and it was ripped drop and he attempted his first addition. Of his own version of a hallway and were really sure what to also that's next but first here is me let's quarter. Prime time where Isaac can sue god Tennessee bill. The best of edition of primetime that is likely to if you until 7 o'clock we'll have a special best of club our including the group pressuring her view which everybody loves him to try to do once or twice a year in this best of shows also Mike Leach coming up in the next hour hearing Anderson might give Detroit dialed them enough. A related pac twelve media day but in this segment is another opening serve military news in the first hour is out of suitors for the primetime specimens this is the one for a couple weeks ago. I might have been lashing out. Can remember it was when rob was with Joseph on. And for the first time John tried his own addition of a whole way you know suits don't use the committee says when drop goes what do do you isn't. Up to decide whether or not it works here is that's. They wanted to let's get right name tell. Really does that work though. Don't count as real force they also has. Stated that the lesson I've. Understand the list I don't listeners understand the power. Of the every day on the radio today via the way. Oh wait you're sitting here face the basic idea what it do I feel like I have to respond in kind and I don't have a signature. Replied that and amused because I I went tally ho you hesitated well. And all the timing you know a timing takes time right by the college timing right. Because it takes him so they say so this is a big John canning kinder gentler brother Jason welcome IQ thanks for having me. Let me ask your question yes little streak considering. Well I mentioned this on the way in today's that I kind of felt like. Again what do demands a response. And so I wasn't really sugar began to sing a wasn't really sure what to do so I was doing I was gonna kind of talk about it. And maybe maybe the listeners out there can come up with a suggestion for me and to be honest with yeah. The reason that I even thought of that is I had last year when we are in Austin we hired one of those tour guides that dresses up like a colonial. Person and take you around the city of Boston given that you know it's pretty cool so the guy dressed up like a columnist like that tennis that would then Scotland doubts that he was. You know Scottish it was really cool aunt or kills over this guy's got to share it this guy dressed up I don't like him in the period cost him and he took us around the Freedom Trail and we've got to learn about The Boston Massacre in the Tea Party and all that stuff and his little thing. Was every time we would cross the street he would look at the group about single tally. Images and it was fun and I think that's so that means go I mean yeah it's like a call it's a it's from me either. It's it's back from the English days when they would hunt. When they would probably boxes with the dogs a heated David tell the dog yeah if they said telling of the dogs and I guess that's a call to the dogs that they on the fox in the dogs coast so. We were standing around the streets of Boston and it meant follow me we're going across the street. And he had kind of a cool accent and it just the power of what to do compelled me and I went tally also a fed doesn't work I'm open while so I'm open to other suggestions. When you mentioned this my first thought was a whole way. Is kind of parity right so you could have done it another pirate theme statement but not haven't been wholly. Are there other one's on me you couldn't Donnelly are give a vast. Vast. A vast U me T. That's a cheesy yeah I don't think I can do you could what you could've done is he could have pulled Suk. Your brother. And said a whole way. And tried to fool people and see how long it would take before people notice and that it wasn't him right. Teaches people have come to expect the boy. Yet they have so I would imagine had I given them the whole way and then not said anything about the Mariners or said anything stupid. We could have rattled a ruse over the great listeners all you would have had to do is say all day. In in what does he say is a chip or Adidas bore hole and and ports would shoot. Well as boys. And then what you have to do is talk about eighteen right NET did people you like they would know the difference. Otherwise this is like and I tweeted this out earlier this otherwise an inlet site fool people this is like when a TV show changes actors and they just pretend. Nothing happened and expect you not to notice right right that's what I'm do it is Isaac consumed today will deceive anybody notices or cares you know right. I gotta say I think it'd be like people that wouldn't. That would let you listen close enough the docket fool some people to get it yeah yeah yeah they would probably be pretty down. But that's okay. Well maybe the next time now TVs in ruin everything beaches they DIC year mug bears in the barely fits me cameramen out yet that big old dude I've got to come back so this is the thing about this candy browsers that Jason. Who is called big suit and we love dearly yes. Is really not as being as John correct which is you you are actually big suit. He is not nearly as Biggio in a way yes that's correct. He is big Suk. Yeah if you're talking about physically dean who's bigger events and bigs not even close. What happened to him I don't know. In what way he always and everywhere always he's piece of work so much ways he's given us. I'm surprised. That you guys have. And I mean royally you guys. Everybody have learned to co exist with them because most people like him. Well I don't like him right but. I have learned how to navigate these waters here over the years their perilous yet it wasn't I mean I got. As it goes your workers now my notes and I know it's not in from the boat multiple times but. Nine I love you brother but he has you know he has something he really is I wonder if you had been given the opportunity when he did to host. Way back in. Who's like those three Euro four. I NT 25 with Ian six. Are you here and he's not. And he selling cars in years each year here with me I don't know I think I think you might be others a chance but I think that would also do a disservice. How good he is he really is good it does is pretty good so. To material wealth for me to just say yeah I can do it meant. I don't know this Kenny Brothers are natural slump I appreciate that you both natural I appreciate it he's been added for a long time he had us. So if you had that seem. Experience possible. We should put you on the air that you want to show you. On taken. We just irritable and he made their comeback. He might we do need to worry about that it. Yeah I would love feet slide in others Mike Hewitt advisories might like issue showed my. Political leaders show have been Jon. We get any slots open and intuitive everybody else important has showed here I know we did a lot of shows. Current ratios and now you now on to close them. I I don't know how I felt about tally you know I feel like a lot of listeners like to but I was not in love with the tally held myself just because a little awkward and he kind of set the warmup I opted instead pay. Tally though. It was his weird to me but it is the best of edition of primetime coming up next it's a really short segment soldiers what you guys know what's going on. On the rest of the show Moroccans who car and all that kind of fun stuff coming up next here on best of prime time on the pin. Advise against Dukakis in eighty. Michael this year as the best of edition of primetime this just a quick recess segment here Isaak. I've got commuters so let us know that he was suffering a about a verdict goes what he's going it went to the doctor suggest that he. I'd lay in bed today hopefully we'll go away tomorrow so hopefully he will be back tomorrow. If not soon will be back tomorrow for sure. As the years returning from a the coast it's a source or tomorrow anyway till 5 o'clock is leading you into DC docs vikings. Pre season games are still to come on today's best of edition of primetime next hour. We'll have Mike Leach from Pak told media day that's coming up in the next segment we will have Troy die from pac told we needed for a thirty will also have hot ice talked. Don't don't know what that means what you wanna hear that segment as it's typical prime time stupidity and fun at the same time and then later on we'll have the Burke pressured her view. However many years ago where is John and big soup talking to him about his Russian mobster or loss of Gary Anderson in the 5 o'clock hour. And other farm club segments in the rest of the clubs I thought coming up next. I am for the rest of the show here in this best of edition of primetime again drop is out sick. So you can still on vacation so it is just me in my clincher at you until 7 o'clock tonight and the next will be Mike Leach from pac twelve media days here on the fan.